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Hunk, you big, gassy genius!


Lance has shown traits of Slytherin. Cunning, resourcefulness, ambition. Lance can exhibit aspects of Gryffindor, but I think that’s more Keith’s area: charging headlong into battle and such. At one point Lance had to hold him back from doing so, and inform him of a better plan, so as not to hurt the Balmera. We see Keith do this again in the last episode where he took on Zarkon even though Coran warned him not to, going so far as to switch off his comm so he couldn’t hear him. 

I think Keith is more a Gryffindor as he is very brave, courageous, daring and is known to be reckless.

We know that Lance is schemer, and I don’t mean that in a bad sort of way. Only that he tries to think things through before actually diving into the thick of things. We see examples of this also in the Balmera episode. He’s tactical, whereas Keith would prefer to charge in swinging his sword. 

NOT that you can’t exhibit more than one house traits. 

I’m not trying to shit on Keith, I love Keith almost as much as I love Lance. I’m not saying that these character traits make him a bad person or a bad character. Not in the slightest. I’m just saying. Lance is a Slytherin and Keith is a Gryffindor. 

it’s that time!!  😸 🍁 🎃

imagine us getting a conversation with even and vilde where they discuss bisexuality/pansexuality and vilde is pretty clueless and asks the wrong questions like “i thought you were gay?” “vilde i dated a girl for 4 years” “i know that i just…” “thought i was faking the whole time?” and we get a character thats attracted to multiple genders discussing what it means to him and not to mention its male representation!! (*whispers* and it’s a lead into vilde’s discovery that she like girls sshhh)

Dear Future Girlfriend

Dear future girlfriend,
Lemme say I’m sorry in advance for all the times we will fight because it will probably be my fault. And I’m really sorry for all the chances you will give me to kiss you or hold your hand and I don’t. I’m kinda slow with that sorta thing so just grab my hand or grab my shirt and pull me toward you. I’m sorry for all the times I should say ‘babe you look BEAUTIFUL’ and dont. I just want you to know that its because your beauty has left me speechless.
Dear future girlfriend,
When I say that I love you I mean it. In that one phrase I will have given you my heart. So please don’t break it. I know its a little torn and missing but its not your fault.You’re not the first girl I have trusted with it. So I’m sorry if it takes time for me to open up to you. When I do I promise it will be worth the wait.
Dear future girlfriend,
I love you and will always love you. I would give you the moon if I could. I promise I will be faithful to you and only you. I will never look at another girl the way I look at you. You are my world and I will give you everything I have.
Dear future girlfriend,
I can’t wait for you to be mine



And what a team it is.


i can never really it trust when someone that good-looking is into me. do you know what i mean? i just don’t get it. like, if they’re mediocre-looking, i can sort of appreciate why their standards are so low. when they’re that pretty, i’m just like, what are you hiding? you know?


You went to the bank and said, “You know that gigantic old haunted house on the moors? The one the dossers are too scared to doss in? The one the birds are too scared to fly over?” And then you said, “I’d like to buy it, please, with my money”?! Yes, I did, actually. That’s incredibly brave. 

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Every time I saw the no such green picture I always concentrated on re-confirming to myself that that's Louis' hand and only just now I let myself process that that's actually their hands next to each other and Louis' hand is so tiny omg *combusts*

I will never not believe that is not Louis’ hand, just saying… 

And I just really love it when their fingers touch…

..when you just know, without even seeing their faces, they are smiling like crazy just from that single touch of their hands 

…and sometimes that touch is like an electric spark making them both shudder and loose track of time because of its intensity. I almost stop breathing just from watching this… 

Or how about this…? 

So yeah, their hands is such a weakness of mine, especially when they are next to each other because then you can tell how perfectly they fit together, how nice it must feel to have their fingers intertwined, how safe and comforting. Harry’s strong bear paws completely engulfing Louis’ small and delicate hands. They just fit like puzzle pieces, really…  

  • [Carter is on the top deck watching the stars, waiting for Percy to meet him there. Percy appears behind him without announcing his arrival]
  • Carter: You've been avoiding me, Percy.
  • Percy: How do you do that, without turning around?
  • Carter: To be perfectly honest? The first couple of people I did that to were not you, but... here we are.

hey if youre single and you want a girlfriend but you think thats never gonna happen, just wait. i swear to you, someone’s gonna fall for you. i know that being sapphic makes it harder, but you will have a relationship, amd its gonna be cute and goals and youre gonna feel loved. thats gonna happen. i promise. you just have to be patient.

(also, if you dont want a gf rn or ever, thats fine, youre not “less” sapphic bc of that)

I know a lot of you don’t know since you’re new followers and I deleted all of my old posts, but this is my art from February of 2016:

This is from recently:

The first picture is a little embarrassing, but hey, it shows how I’ve improved. There’s still a lot I don’t know, but I’m proud of how much I’ve done in a year. 


Pitch 1.09 | Part of me wants you to leave for the same reason you want to leave.

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Enough with the suit already. It’s a badass suit, but I’m the one in the badass suit, so I should be the one to tell her.

You’re kissing me gently
The way I like it
And all I can think is,
“You’re so lovely,
And you’re so mine.”

I know a lot of things are just meant to be temporary.
Distance sometimes kills a long-time love
No matter how hard you fight it
And “I miss you” sometimes loses its meaning
No matter how much you try to mean it
But why should it matter, how long our love lasts?
With you, I always get lost in time.
We could be together for an eternity
And I still wouldn’t have enough.

You look at me inquisitively and smile.
I can’t help but smile back
Because my heart feels warm whenever you’re around
Like it’s a fountain of sunlight that’s spilling over the edges,
Drowning everyone in proximity with a loving light.

You smile
And I melt into sunlight.
Oh god, you’re lovely
And oh god, you’re mine.

—  A dedication to the light of my life

You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.