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How about older Yosung Hcs? When MC is still a college student in her last year and Yoosung already graduate. He is so mature in the after end<3


  • as soon as Yoosung graduated his head ballooned right up
  • suddenly he feels like he is the worlds most smartest, most experienced boy
  • calls MC his “little college kid” (little college girl for fem!MC)
  • always giving advice like an old man
  • “back when i was in college…” “i remember in my college days…”
  • and MC is like,,,,,..Yoosung you graduated three months ago,,plS..,
  • if they dont live together already, Yoosung instantly asks MC to move in with him
  • he’s like i just took the next step in my life so now its time for the next step in our relationship
  • he is ready to show off how much he’s matured!!!!
  • wakes up to make breakfast for MC because if he doesnt they probably wont eat in the morning
  • starts calling himself a stay at home dad even though he’s not a father (??) what a nerd,
  • looking for work constantly, has an interview like 3 times a week
  • MC helps him pick out interview outfits because he is so lost when it comes to dressing like a real person
  • when he finally gets chosen for a job/internship he jumps up and down like a 5 year old and MC is just like classic Yoosung, actually 5 years old
  • and he’s like, super helpful because Yoosung is a Smart Boy™
  • also sometimes straight up does MC’s homework for them cause he is also a sucker for MC and can never say no
  • always picks on MC for all their bad habits which is funny because he had his fair share of shitty habits when he was in college
  • “MC, shouldnt you get some sleep? its already 2 am”
  • “Yoosung, i’m pretty sure your last semester in college you turned fully nocturnal”
  • “and i wont let you make the same mistakes”
  • “fine, but you have to turn off the game and sleep to”
  • Yoosung consideres MC’s conditions
  • “deal”
  • if you thought MC’s health was his #1 priority before, you should see him now
  • since Yoosung has a lot of free time when he isnt working he looks for possible internships/jobs for MC when they graduate
  • Yoosung will be sitting with his laptop, calling out job descriptions to MC as they study
  • MC will stand up and kiss Yoosung on the top of the head and say “you’re so helpful, do you know that?”
  • and he’ll smile warmly and say “anything for you!!”
  • tells MC everyday how proud he is of them
  • and MC tells Yoosung everyday how proud they are of him!!!
  • both so proud of each other!!!

that was so FUN TO WRITE THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME WRITE THAT  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ if u wanna talk about it more lmk

  • Victor: Yurio, I really know how it feels to think you can only find your strength on your own but believe me, one day you'll realise it's not enough and I just wanted to you to remember that no matter what Yuuri and I will always be there for you...
  • Yurio: geez, will you shut up I think I'll throw up
  • *five minutes later*
  • Otabek: hey, Yura, you know I'm always here for you, right?
  • Yurio: ...
  • Yurio: *almost crying* that's the most beautiful thing someone ever said to me

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I just want to say this: Dear OT5, thank you for everything. A new era begins today, but i will never forget how it all started with five girls: Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. No matter what the futures hold, no matter if someone will retire from the group, no matter if the group will be disbanded eventually, i will always remember how it all started. With five girls.

tell em anon 👏🏻

Dominic, maned wolf bby owo 

I just wanted to make a new character altogether but I remembered that I don’t have as many ideas as I used to (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ³ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥) Well, what I have for Dom so far is that he’s very tall and probably says a lot of dumb things cause he’s always excessively daydreaming, never really ‘there’ when around people. Still not sure about his coat yet… the colors need more work >:o but yeah. 

Also, his hair consists of ringlets. Those aren’t dreads >w> 


Silvia: Actually I have a surprise for you.

Danny: You’re going to cook something?

Silvia: Noo. It’s beneath these clothes. 

Danny: Oh you mean those lacy black things that you had laid out on the bed this morning?

Silvia: Wait, you saw?! 

Danny: Well you laid it out on the bed while you were in the shower. We do share the same room, remember. 

Silvia: Well can you forget that you saw them? 

Danny: No way. I made sure to look, so I can try to figure it out but I can always act surprised if it would help? 

Silvia: No… yes… maybe… just… I’m going to change. Be surprised! 

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Ok I'm starting to feel like I'm using you for your wonderful writing skills but your fics are always so PERFECT & I just cAN'T HELP MYSELF I'M SORRY plz send help; anyway, what about sterek + “i’m sorry i kicked you in my scared haze in the haunted house, can i do something to make it up to you?” au?

Sorry this took so long, but who doesn’t like Halloween fics in the middle of January? Also on ao3!

Stiles had no idea why he kept letting himself be dragged into these kinds of situations. Then he remembered that he and Scott had known each other for literally their entire lives and it made a little bit more sense. Not much, but enough.

Enough to remind him why he went along with Scott’s asinine attempts at wooing Allison and getting off the bench at lacrosse practice. Enough to remind him why once he got his driver’s license he played chauffeur for Scott and Allison on almost all of their dates.

But it didn’t make enough sense for him not to be suspicious when Scott came to him and asked for a ride to the high school’s annual haunted house.

For the past three years of their high school careers, Scott had never once shown any interest whatsoever in going to the haunted house. He always said it was too childish, that he would much rather stay home and watch Halloween specials.

Stiles had a feeling that Scott’s sudden desire to attend the Halloween tradition had something to do with Allison. And his dad had always taught him to trust his instincts.

Sure enough, when Stiles had pressed Scott about why exactly he wanted to go, the first word out of his mouth had been, Allison. Stiles didn’t even pretend to be surprised.

Apparently, Scott’s plan was to impress Allison by showing off how brave he was at the haunted house, all the students assured that this year it would be genuinely scary. Utilizing the same technique as people who took their dates to see horror movies in hopes of being the one their terrified date could cuddle up to, Scott planned to be the big, strong man whose arms Allison could fall into.

It was doomed to fail.

Because nevermind the fact that Allison was one of the most badass people Stiles had ever met, going on hunting trips with her dad every other weekend and starting an archery club at the school, that wasn’t why the plan was destined for failure. It was going to fail because Scott was one of the biggest scaredy cats the world had ever known.

Just last week, he had almost fainted when Stiles had gotten a paper cut in English class, the mere sight of a few droplets of blood nearly sending him right to the floor. A few days before that he had gotten woozy from seeing a particularly rare piece of rib eye, blanching at the sight of dinner Stiles had slaved over for hours, just picking at a baked potato instead.

Stiles had told Scott as much, detailing all the times, just that week, that he had been scared shitless by the most plebeian, unassuming everyday things. From the microwave beeping to a dog barking in the middle of the night, Stiles had listed them in order of occurrence, going on for several minutes before Scott finally cut him off.

Invoking the bro code, Scott pleaded for Stiles to just come along with them, desperately in need of a ride with his mom using the car for work and his dirt bike on the fritz. After a few minutes of deliberation, Stiles had finally agreed to drive them to the haunted house, figuring he might get a little bit of entertainment out of it if Scott did, in fact, make a fool of himself.

Now, walking through the fog filled main hallway of the school which had been decked out in orange and black Halloween decorations, all by himself, he was regretting his decision.

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How do you think David chooses his socks? Is it randomly reaching in the sock drawer and putting on whatever comes out first? Does he specifically choose a sock to clash or stand out with an outfit? Is there a pattern or is it random? What are your thoughts?

I’m sooo glad you asked. This is a GREAT subject of conversation!  There’s so much to go into!  In fact, I’m just going to go ahead and designate this post an official 

DT Style Rundown- The Socks

So I must admit my first instinct was to say that Georgia sat him down at some point and had a conversation with him about men’s fashion socks.  But having done some photo research I have to say, David’s always had a pretty tight sock game.  

So here he is back in 2009, and dressed really casually, but even though the socks aren’t really anything to write home about, they’re absolutely the correct socks for the outfit.  And remember, this is waaaayyy before the mens fashion sock trend.  But despite their banality, the socks above are perfect, they blend into the shoe, are the correct height and don’t draw too much attention to the trainwreck of those shorts!

Now to answer your question about how he chooses his socks I’d say there’s a few things going on.

Firstly given that we know he owns at least two pairs of Paul Frank socks, I’d say in general he tends to buy the socks for his public appearances in the same pre-junket bulk shopping spree with the express intention of matching them to his outfits.  

When choosing them, sometimes he picks socks in a pop color that coordinates rather than contrasts with elements of his outfit, like say this tie.

(I’m not going to talk about that suit. It’s a whole post in it’s own. So don’t try to tempt me in the comments.)

Sometimes the sock/tie matching works better than others.

In another strategy, David will  sometimes go with something with a little more visual appeal to jazz up a toned down outfit.  I’m guessing in the photoshoot below he got some direction from the photographer to go monochromatic, because the setting is quite busy visually.  It’s interesting that they aren’t dressing him for his shoots anymore, these are still obviously David’s clothes. The subtle pattern (it’s stripes, but they’re so thin that visually they blend) and golden tones of the socks work really well to compliment the setting and offer a nice visual pop to an otherwise pretty dull outfit.

Again not sure how much of this we can attribute to the photographer, but it’s consistent with David’s overall public style.

He tends to go for patterned socks with solid suits and solid socks with patterned suits.  Which considering the patterns of his patterned suits I think we can all agree is smart.

While he’s firmly ensconced in the happy sock trend at the moment, looking back vintage David very much stuck to blue or black socks.

Or did he after all?

Sometimes you just gotta pick a sock that helps you remember what day it is!

It may have made me forget, but it was just a lie. It was a band aid covering a gash where my heart was ripped out. It was just a feel good, the whiskey, the drugs, but they lied to me. The bitter truth always made me remember. Real life hits hard, and I’ve taken every fuckin punch.

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i knew i remembered that sirius xm host, he was hired for the "this is us" premiere in New York and interviewed all 5 with the other woman www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=Ahf5HGbB3mA the only good thing about that interview was the phone charger part & the boys just always making everything cute, but he's had ties with their team for a while i guess. matt edmondson was hired for that event too, because he has ties to their UK team, but he was great.

That’s interesting. So the guy that was part of one of the most iconic moments of intimate behavior between Harry & Louis was the one that pushed into uncomfortable territory when given the opportunity by accident or design (probably design).

I’m still honestly amazed that he cut out the part where Louis said he was uncomfortable and turned the whole segment into just Louis and talking about what he clearly said he didn’t want to talk about. Dan Wootton has US competition for the asshole of the year title.


replied to your post“I’m starting a game my first campaign as dm soon and I’ve dmed one…”

I’m pretty bad with backstories, myself - they’re usually just bullet points. “Hates religion but his dad’s a high priest of Pelor”, “So forgetful she doesn’t remember her real name; raven familiar memorizes stuff for her”, “daughter of a corp exec’s mistress; ended up on the streets when her mom died”, stuff like that.

That’s a totally valid - and awesome - way to do backstories. I absolutely always start with bullet points and flesh out my characters as I talk to other players and such. You don’t have to fill out a long questionnaire or anything. I really love DnD5e for this, because their backgrounds give you bullet points right there! Pick a trait or two, ideal, bond, and flaw and you have a really good skeleton for your character.

I understand where that Asker was coming from, though, because it’s frustrating to have characters who are just like ‘I’m an orc ranger and I wander a lot and my bond is that I like nature more than people’. There’s not a lot to go on! This is why I say sit down with the players and throw them a bone. Based on the description I just gave, I’d ask that player “Was he a hermit for most of his life? Who gave him his bow? What happened to his family?” That’s three easy questions that give you a place to start.

I usually ask my players to tell me at least one significant person from their character’s life (could be family, employer, enemy, etc), one goal that the character has for themself (could be as simple as wanting to learn a specific spell or as complex as killing their families’ murderer), and one goal for the character that they as a player have (I want him to find family since he lost his, or I want her to get knocked down a peg since she’s prideful, or I want a redemption arc).

Mostly I think people get hung up on the idea that a backstory has to be really involved, or that it needs to be tragic or have had a lot of significant events. The thing is, everyone’s backstory seems significant to themself because it was their life! Side by side, these are the backstories of two characters I’ve played:

  • He had a quiet family life until he was recruited into a magical knight order at age 10. He completed his training and was assigned to a squad.
  • She is an orphan of a nobleman and an orc. She faced her sadistic grandfather’s guards at age 7 because he was attempting to force her to do magic. After the trial, in which she did show her magic, she was denounced by her grandfather and met a mysterious boy in the garden who healed her wounds. She went back to her hometown to live with her father because her mother had been chased off by her grandfather’s assassins. Her father was ordered to go to war for a long detail when she was ten. Instead of going to live with their neighbor, she took to the streets and joined a child gang where she met her best friend. her father never returned. She spent the next seven years on the streets until she was supposed to be drafted into the military, at which time she ran away to the refuge of her uncle.

Neither of these is better or worse than the other but they are vastly different. Bullet points can totally work! That second character started with the bullet points “Orphan of orc and noble” and “Avoiding military draft”. And I filled in the rest with some chats with my GM and just some time on my own!

TL;DR zeconster rightfully pointed out that you don’t have to write a novel to have a decent backstory. More doesn’t equal better.

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I noticed a lot of people on Tumblr act like Hux is far more sane & level-headed than Kylo. Only by a little bit. Hux looked like he was going to go into a fit of rage every time he was on screen. Remember the speech before the genocide? Holy shit. Hux probably killed a guy with a lunch tray at some point. Just sayin'.

Also Hux shows like zero fear when Snoke is yelling at him, he just looks pissed off. Like, he always looks pissed off, but he looks really pissed off in that scene. Gives zero fucks.

And yes! I love the Starkiller speech scene, not because I’m like, “yay mass genocide of a planet” but because Domhnall Gleeson played it so well with this look of pure homicidal maniac in his eyes and it was super convincing and such a good show of acting, damn.

Headcanon accepted that Hux killed a guy with a lunch tray. That’s both hilarious and awesome and I love it. His biggest concern was probably that he got blood on his gloves, too, the pretentious shit.

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If Betsy DeVos does end up being appointed at the secretary of education, what do you suggest doing in order to ensure that the students are still receiving the best education possible and benefiting from the system as much as they can? I just graduated in December and I'll become a full time teacher next school year, but I'm concerned about what all of this could mean for me as a teacher as well as my students

The number one rule is always no matter what stands in you way: don’t stop advocating for your students.

2. I would say, that I am afraid that many teachers will leave the profession over the next four years because of the changes that will take place. I would suggest remembering why you became a teacher in the first place, and keeping that front of my mind.

3: Don’t let them squash your voice constantly speak out and let the community, state, national governments know what the realities of being a classroom teacher are.

4. Always love your students and remember that no matter what some people think it’s not the test score that matters. Did hey grow in your class? Emotionally, mentally, intellectually, socially? Then you did your job. Do they feel safer and more respected and valued each day in your class? Then you did your job.

5. If you are in a position to be able to work in an underperforming or a historically low income school district this is the time to do it. Those school districts are going to be hurting more than most for the next 4+ years and will be in desperate need of teachers who want to help those children succeed when the national and state governments are giving up on them.

I would be lying if I said it’s all going to be okay, but as educators we are constantly in a unique position of being able to protect and help children that most need our help. Don’t lose sight of that.

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I'm 26 and I've only slept with 2 men. I understand it's not that common but guys/some people are always so shocked and they think something is wrong. Haha is it that strange? I just don't have interest if there's no genuine connection.

No weird and not that uncommon man. Nothing to feel awks about either.

We live in a world were people get drunk/take drugs, fuck and then hardly remember what happened or with whom what happened. I mean its not very hard to bed or pickpocket a drunk person is it? xD

The guys who think ‘something is wrong’ are just inexperienced boys mate.

Keep up the genuine connection standard mate. Don’t settle for horny chumps just to rack up some experience. 

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I hate being ace coz when people ask are you straight it's always like well I'm romanticlly attracted to the opposite gender but in ace so I'm a little queer so idk how to answer that question also I always hate myself so much and get to the point of hurting myself coz I hate being ace and I just wanna be normal 😞

That sucks. Please try to remember that you are excellent, and deserve only good things. Once again, it’s awful that you can’t be yourself like you should be around other people.


Don’t you just love it in writing when things just click into place?

I’m preparing to take the pictures for The Quest, season two. For those that don’t remember/didn’t follow me early last year, it’s about aliens on a quest (duh). This season delves so much deeper into lore and characters and there’s a particular one that is only mentioned but will come into play in season three, which is only a vague idea right now.

I always knew this character had something big and important to reveal, a motive, a past, but I hadn’t quite got there. And it came to me in the shower (of course!) and it just works SO well and makes so much sense but will also hopefully be a big twist.

I just gotta figure out the rest of the story leading up to the reveal now…

Why Yuu and Shinoa can be an endgame?

I always dreamed to write a big yuunoa proof post. So here you go. Some things you hear many times, some things can be new. I will talk only about manga and novels cause anime and games are still for me nice (like the ring finger) but additional bonuses.  And please forgive me my grammar, I know some sentence sound very funny. :”) 

Let’s check the facts:

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5 by 5

I was tagged by @pollydoodles and apparently I’m not allowed to complain about it (see below)

Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY!❤

1. I can write. I think? 

2. My memory is pretty damn good, both in terms of how far back it goes (I can remember stuff from when I was two, just about) and how much I can remember. Not photographic/eidetic, but pretty damn useful.

3. I’m good at problem solving, and it’s my default mode, as some of you may have encountered. Come to me with a gripe? I’m going to be cycling through Plans A-Z of what to do about it, already thinking of the next solution while you poke holes in the previous one.

4. I’m honest. Some people might not always think this is a good thing, but I’m pretty straightforward in my opinions and how I go about things. 

5. I can bake. Let’s be real, this is the most important thing on this list, especially to me, because I get to eat the things I like.

I’m tagging : @octoberland @loveayeti @tokyotheglaive @adi-who-is-also-mou @absinthenoir @meleedamage @blueshoesandbluemountains @mementomakomori @hollyspacey

I will never cease to be floored by the delivery of “There are always men like you” from The Avengers

I wish they’d brought it back for when Loki was in his cell for however long, because honestly that’s not a throwaway line. That’s not just a clever quip. That’s the kind of remark that cuts straight down to the hard truth at the heart of a person, the kind of thing that makes you flinch when you remember it.

@norr-boo made oan updated intro and asked me to make one as well, so i’m gonna request that @lupemom & @gnarlie-gnasties make one too >:)

intro post, 3 years late

i’m shelby, i’m 22, and i’m an american living in europe till like 2017-18. i enjoy festival foodies and no, i don’t speak very much german. i am +8 NST. i’ve been neoblogging since summer 2014 and i kiss the tag and tuck it in every night.

i played neopets since 3rd grade. i remember when geraptiku was unveiled, and i ignored the sloth plot when it was ongoing (….fuk me right). my passion is and always has been collecting avatars, but now i’m just really into account improvement and battling! i wanna get into the beauty contest but then i remember oh yeah u gotta advertise. i can still draw fine, though! my fav neogames are faerie bubbles, web of vernax, and usul suspect. i love spinning the wheel of mediocrity!

other small thing about me: i am very anti-bully/harassment, i have a 3 y/o lab dog named bailey, and i have a tendency to talk to anyone i see havin’ a hard day.