but just look at jordan ok

baby #3

request: can i have an imagine where your at the hospital giving birth to your like 3rd kid and shawns there with your other kids and it’s just really cute tyty


request (i’m writing today so please send some stuff in!)

“Daddy, when can I hold Hazel?” your 3 year old daughter, Jordan, asked your husband as you sat in the hospital.

“Probably a few more hours, baby,” Shawn said before placing a kiss on her forehead. He looked up and you and smiled before reaching over and squeezing your hand.

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do you ever think about rein and brigitte just driving around in the justice van looking for wrongs to right and get a bit sad bc i know i do

(audiobook passage is from the gathering storm chapter 49, by robert jordan and brandon sanderson)

Ok, that Teen Wolf episode was just brilliant.

Stydia! Finally, I shipped them so hard.

And don’t get me started on Sciles! My babies,saving each other’s ass!

Malia calling Peter dad.

The pack looking good.
Theo and Peter defending them.

Peter trying to save Malia over and over again melts my heart.

Melissa and Argent!!!!

Sheriff protecting Lydia ^_^

Mason is just too pure for this world.

That Nazi douche finally getting the hell out of there.


I’ve never seen Lydia smile like that since Allison! 3 f*cking seasons.

Now I just need the other babies back. Derek, Isaac, Kira, Allison (it would be perfect).

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  1. Go Tell Aunt Rhody - Michael Levine & Jordan Reyne
  2. Anywhere But Here - SafetySuit
  3. Skinny Love - Birdy
  4. Wherever you are - ONE OK ROCK
  5. This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco
  6. Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects
  7. All of Me - Chester See
  8. If I Die Young - Julia Sheer
  9. Love Yourself vs F*CK Yourself - Yo Preston & Kelly Kiara
  10. Burn - Silence the City

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jasper jordan + being appreciated and loved by many, probably for the first time in his young life, for risking his own life to save maya

Ok but let’s talk about Parrish:

(gif by inderlander)

is it just me or does he look really sad? maybe even crying? (or is he just tired from blazing up a body at the nemeton?) and does he realize there’s still soot/ash on the side of his face?? does he finally realize what he’s doing? does he realize that something is up with him and that’s why he’s sad? or is he just deep in thought wondering what the fuck is going on with him? or did he remember his hallucination scene with lydia and feels guilty?

like what the fuck jeff you can’t just give me my sad son like this and not give me an explanation 

|| Christie & Lacey ((and the bbies))

Jordan: [is running to grab his football when he bumps into Soph, and falls onto the ground on his butt. after a second of shock, he begins to cry] 

Lacey: [was watching from a bench, but when she hears him crying her mommy instincts kick in and she’s up and over there in an instant] Jesus, Jordan. [sighs and helps him up, crouching to wipe his tears] C’mon little guy, you’re alright. No more tears, you’re a big boy. [looks to Christie] She okay..?

When I Like A Character.
  • Book: He wasn't much to look at.
  • Me: Ok, so he looks like Brad Pitt?
  • Book: He has a rough and scraggly beard.
  • Me: Oh, so he looks like Charlie Hunnam?
  • Book: His skin was dark.
  • Me: Oh, so like Chadwick Boseman?
  • Book: He was scary, big like a tank.
  • Me: Ohhh so like Idris Elba?
  • Book: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Book: Take a hint! He's ugly!
  • Me: hahaha, no he isn't. He looks just like Michael B. Jordan.
Our Greatest Glory

An alternate S9 fic, canon-divergent from 8.23. Chapter 3.

Read from chapter 1 on AO3

Jordan awakes to the sound of coughing. He pushes himself up, groaning and rubbing at his eyes.

“You ok?” he calls to Johnny, glancing over. Johnny is curled up on his side, facing away from Jordan. His coughs are powerful, shaking his whole body with wet, harsh sounds. Jordan feels a frission of worry.

“Johnny?” he says, getting up and walking quickly to Johnny’s bedside. Jordan kneels and puts a hand on Johnny’s shoulder. Johnny startles, jerking away from the touch and whirling to face Jordan.

Jordan holds up his hand, placating.

“Just me,” he says, worriedly noting how sick Johnny looks. His face is pale and drawn save two spots of color on his cheeks, eyes glazed over with fever. He’s sweating, hair matted down, but shivering, and that cough…

Johnny blinks slowly and seems to relax.

“Jordan,” he croaks. He puts a hand to his head as though dizzy. “I… don’t feel well.”

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