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baby #3

request: can i have an imagine where your at the hospital giving birth to your like 3rd kid and shawns there with your other kids and it’s just really cute tyty


request (i’m writing today so please send some stuff in!)

“Daddy, when can I hold Hazel?” your 3 year old daughter, Jordan, asked your husband as you sat in the hospital.

“Probably a few more hours, baby,” Shawn said before placing a kiss on her forehead. He looked up and you and smiled before reaching over and squeezing your hand.

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Creepypasta #1145: The Devil Is In The Details

Length: Short

The thing about shape shifters is that they are easy to spot if you pay attention. Being mere copy cats of the forms they inhabit, they always get something wrong. It may be a small detail, but to the observant it is obvious. A mole is forgotten, a pierced body part over looked. No matter how good they are something is always forgotten.

That is why when he stumbled through the door a few hours later than normal, I knew he was not who he seemed. Gloria perked right up though, squealing as she ran to his legs. Something inside me told me to grab her and remove her from this monster pretending to be father. Yet I was so sure that if I moved to get her, he would that know his disguise had not worked and would begin devouring the family early. I needed time to deal with this, so I did nothing as she squeezed his calf with her tiny arms. 

Though I hate to admit it, this one’s acting was amazing. He quickly leaned down and picked up the giggling three year old and kissed her on the head. Nothing seemed amiss to her. You know what they say about ignorance.

From the kitchen, mom asked where he had been. She had been worried about him, but sometimes he had been late from work before. Dinner did not make itself, so she had busied herself with it to keep her mind off of her husband. 

“Business with a new client.” His voice was the exact same one I had heard this morning before he left for work. This one though, he got almost everything right. I had to admit I admired the attention to detail. 

Some of them were just so lazy. The salt and pepper black hair, a day’s worth of stubble on the chin. Hell, they even included the odd scaring on his right ear from where an earring in his youth had been torn out. But as always, one detail is off.

His eyes. This morning they had been a piercing blue but now were a dull grey. I doubted anyone else in the family would catch on before this creature managed to devour them all. This one must have known the eyes were the defect as he was careful not to directly look at anybody. I myself had to catch a few glimpses of his face to notice.

“Jordan, take your hat off and come to dinner.” Mom did not come into the room but raised her voice just loud enough for all of us in the room to hear. A clatter of plates and other cutlery was slightly muffled as she set the table.

“Ok, ok.” I took off the baseball cap and ran a hand through my light brown hair. It had become ruffled from the cap I had been wearing for a few days.

Dinner was uneventful, but the creature pretending to be the family man did not eat anything.

“Ate at work” was his excuse. Good one. He busied himself looking at his papers and kept any talk to a minimum.

“Jordan. Eat your food.” Mom frowned at me as she cleaned Gloria of the mess she had made with her dinner.

“Oh, sorry.” I muttered, pushing the food around. I was distracted by the creature stealing furtive glances at Gloria from behind his papers. He wanted her first, I just knew it. So young, so tender. Who could ever pass up a meal like that? I had to act first. The question was how. How indeed.

After dinner Gloria was put to bed, mom reading her a story before she would leave her for the night. I was in charge of the dishes but I left them to check on the creature parading in the skin of father. 

The shifter had taken up residence in the study, stating before he left the table that he had more work to do before bed. An excuse for sure. He would most likely wait until everyone was asleep and then slip into Gloria’s room and devour her before she could scream. Then he would make his way into each of our rooms. I shook my head, this one must be relatively young. The older ones know to settle into the family before you ate them all. Makes it easier to catch them off guard.

I was sneaking up to the door when I heard him call for me.

“Jordan, can you come here? I would like to show you something.” You could almost hear him salivating as he schemed how he was going to eat us all. Perhaps he had caught me staring at him. Or maybe he was more perceptive than I had given him credit for. Eat the one that does not trust you first. Smart.

“Sure thing, dad.” I grinned. It was a trap for sure but I would let him lure me in. There was no doubt in my mind that this thing was a shape shifter. No doubt at all.

After all, if this was really the man he was supposed to be, wouldn’t he have noticed this kid’s hair was supposed to be black?

Credits to: silissane

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“Let the arm of the Lord of the Dawn shelter us from the Dark, and the great sword of justice defend us. Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.”                                  (from Charal Drianaan te Calamon, The Cycle of the Dragon.                                                                           Author unknown, the Fourth Age)                                         


It’s everyone’s favourite unhinged flamey face, Ba’alzamon. I always enjoy repeat readings of The Eye of the World because of how obvious some reveals are in hindsight. He has a great speech in this chapter that makes his true nature quite evident if you know what to look for.

Also Rand’s “I suppose he looks good to women” is strangely hilarious to me, it’s ok to use your eyes Rand, just admit the guy is handsome.


I WiLL NoT kIsS YOu…I’ve been playing the hell out of that Cancer cover, it’s sooo good. Don’t worry, this fic has nothing to do with cancer and it won’t be sad in that way. Basically, Tyler confesses the feelings he has for Josh so it’s a little emo, but he’s pleasantly surprised. It gets pretty intense, actually. ;-) 


It has been 3 whole years that Tyler has denied his feelings for Josh, and it took a stupid game of truth or dare for him to figure out how insanely real they were. Tyler wanted to believe that he was straight, but always had a hunch that even if he were, he could always be a little gay for Josh. Of course he’d never admit that to him or ANYONE else. 

It always got a little boring on the bus. Usually, they went off and did their own thing. Josh got in his bunk on his laptop with his headphones watching God knows what. Doing God knows what. It’s why Tyler never used the hand towel in the bathroom, because it always mysteriously disappeared when he was in there.The other guys would play on their phones, talk to girlfriends, nap, or eat. And Tyler would write, check social media, or play video games. But when all that got boring, they’d resort to childish games. Mark suggested a game of truth or dare, for old times’ sake and everyone agreed because nostalgia. 

After Jordan was dared to lick a chair seat, Michael was dared to snort crushed up captain crunch cereal, Mark was forced to admit if he used the hand towel like Tyler suspected (he did), and Josh was dared to press his bare chest to the window for traffic to see, it was Josh’s turn to ask Tyler truth or dare. Tyler very stupidly chose dare, knowing he held too many secrets to pick truth. He figured Josh would probably go easy on him. Little did he know, dare would catch him anyway. 

“I dare you to…kiss me.” Josh finally said, grinning. Tyler gave him a look of surprise, jaw falling and everyone else laughed. Suddenly Tyler got paranoid, shifting uncomfortably. It shouldn’t be a big deal, they were friends and it was just a dumb dare. It didn’t mean anything. 

“Ok, um…like, how? Where?” Tyler asked, shuffling closer to sit next to Josh. He felt a bit awkward with everyone watching. 

“Just like, a regular peck you know? But on the mouth obviously, or it wouldn’t be much of a dare now would it?” Josh joked. Tyler could seriously kill him right now. 

“Dude, just do it. You’re the one making this awkward!” Mark laughed, making Tyler feel a little called out. Tyler just wanted it to be special, his first kiss with Josh. He felt himself tearing up a little, but he tried not to show it. 

“Ok, well here goes man, I’m gonna kiss you…” Tyler got ready, swallowing nervously. Josh held still and Tyler leaned in slowly, lips ghosting over Josh’s. Josh closed his eyes and when it still didn’t happen, he opened them. 

“Um, what are you…” Josh started, confused. 

“NO. I will NOT kiss you, not like this!!!” Tyler blurted. Then he got up and ran out of the room, stunning everyone. Josh looked at the other three, asking if they seen what the hell just happened. 

“I don’t know, maybe that was a bad dare?” Jordan wondered outloud. 

“Yeah, he he was crying. I seen actual tears.” Michael informed Josh. 

“Oh shit. Shit shit shit…I’m going to go talk to him then.” Josh said, and with that he got up and walked back to Tyler’s bunk where he was laying inside. Josh could hear the sobs before pulling the curtain back and cringed. He felt so bad for putting Tyler through whatever he was going through. 

“Dude…can you talk to me? Can I come in?” Josh asked quietly, knowing right now he had to be more sensitive. It obviously had to be serious. 

“Mmhm. Yeah. Sure.” Tyler mumbled, face pressed into his tear-stained pillow. 

Josh carefully slid in next to him in the cramped space and pulled back the curtain for privacy. He put his hand on Tyler’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. His heart really hurt for his friend because it had to be something difficult. 

“You can tell me, Tyler. Whatever it is. I won’t judge you, was it that I dared you to kiss me?” Josh asked softly. Tyler stayed quiet and just nodded. 

“Ok, well I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to get this kind of reaction out of you or anything. I thought it’d be funny. I didn’t mean to make you so uncomfortable.” Josh further apologized and explained his side, with Tyler listening and breathing calmly now. 

“Well, you did. Here’s the thing, Josh. I like you. More than just a friend. And if I was ever going to kiss you, I didn’t want it to be as a dare in front of our friends.” Tyler said, sighing as he felt that burden finally being lifted. Josh stayed silent, thinking about what Tyler had just told him. He felt butterflies building up in his chest and felt even worse for what he’d done. Then it all just came out. 

“Oh my God, Ty. That makes so much sense. See, here’s the thing with me. I like you too more than just a friend, but I’d always been afraid to tell you since I wasn’t sure you felt the same. You hid it so well. But I always wanted to kiss you, and I figured that was finally my chance to feel those perfect lips on mine. Even though others would be watching, I didn’t care because I figured that’d be my only chance. I love you, Ty.” Josh explained. 

Tyler felt like he was floating as he stared into Josh’s eyes, taking in what he just said. Josh’s hand on his shoulder being the only thing keeping him grounded. That hand slid down his arm to his waist, then Josh was leaning in so that his lips were ghosting over Tyler’s again. Tyler felt his warm breath for a second before leaning the rest of the way, closing the space and pressing their lips together for the first time. Fireworks exploded behind both their closed eyes as their lips began moving in unison, lips parting and tongues making a presence. It was so soft, and so sexual the way Josh’s tongue swirled around Tyler’s and he pulled Tyler closer by his hips. Tyler let out a soft moan he’d been holding in, and Josh brought his hand up to cup Tyler’s cheek, thumb softly grazing over his cheekbone. 

“You’re getting hard…” Josh breathed, gasping and unlatching from Tyler’s lips. Tyler ground his boner against Josh’s. 

“So are you.” Tyler noted, continuing to rub their dicks together and causing Josh to pant. He got on top of him and continued grinding down while finding the juncture of Tyler’s shoulder and neck, sucking and biting gently. Tyler breathed in deeply, letting out a long, low moan. 

“Fuck, baby. You’re so turned on. Are we doing this?” Josh pulled back up and asked. 

“Yes, yes Josh. Oh my God.” Tyler whined as Josh’s hand found its way to the front of his sweatpants, rubbing and palming where he needed it. Tyler whimpered and bucked up into his hand desperately. Josh gripped his firm dick through the fabric and squeezed, getting on his knees the best he could to slide his sweatpants and boxers off. He leaned over and attached his mouth to the head of Tyler’s cock to swirl his tongue around in the salty pre-cum, swallowing it. Tyler whimpered and moaned softly, breath erratic and obviously trying to suppress louder noises. 

“It feels so good, Josh. You’re so….ohh.” Tyler was cut off as Josh took him all in, to the back of his throat. It was so spontaneous, his hips jerked up and he gripped Josh’s hair, hissing and cursing from the sensitivity as Josh worked his tongue around him expertly. After moving up and down on his cock several times he sucked hard, sliding his lips up slowly and jerking him while looking at Ty’s current state. He was a mess, head back and hips rolling and thrusting up into his hand for more friction. 

“You’re so fucking sexy, Tyler. Look at you. You’re loving this.” Josh whispered, meeting his thrusts with his fist. Tyler responded with a helpless moan, staring at Josh and begging him with his eyes. 

“Josh. Will you fuck me?” Tyler asked. The way he said that was so innocent despite the vulgar language, Josh practically melted. He leaned down to place a soft kiss to Tyler’s lower abdomen. 

“Yes, baby. I’ll fuck you so good, you’ll feel me the next day.” Josh continued placing kisses on Tyler’s stomach and chest as he moved up, licking occasionally. Tyler squirmed underneath him, and got especially vocal when he sucked his nipple in his mouth, nibbling lightly. Josh straddled Tyler, pressing his hard dick into his stomach persistently. To quiet him, he brought a finger up to Tyler’s lips and Tyler granted him access, parting his lips and licking his fingers. Josh slid them in his mouth, allowing Tyler to suck and show off how skilled he was with his tongue, dipping between and swirling it around his fingers. Josh came up to his ear and whispered:

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to give you something else to suck.” causing Tyler to blush. 

“I’d like to.” Tyler answered, voiced doused in arousal.

“Maybe next time, sweetie. You want me to fuck you, remember?” When Josh pulled his fingers from the wetness of Tyler’s mouth, he reached down and found Tyler’s entrance, pressing one in. Tyler gasped, mouth falling open and Josh took advantage by licking into his mouth while sneaking a second finger in. Tyler began to relax, pulling his legs up and around Josh’s waist and arms around his neck. Josh continued penetrating him with his fingers while kissing and only getting more turned on, hips beginning to pump against nothing. 

“Alright.” Josh said sternly, pulling up and grabbing Tyler’s wrists to pin them down. Tyler stared at him hazily, a little shocked but turned on by Josh’s aggression and impatience. His heart leaped to his throat. Josh basically ripped his pants open, shoving them down and his hard, flushed, dripping cock sprang out. Tyler practically moaned at the site and how that was about to be inside him. His best friend, in all his glory. 

“Oh my god, Josh.” Tyler sighed, almost screaming at how Josh dove back in, attacking Tyler’s neck with love bites. He wanted to savor the feeling of Josh’s smooth skin sliding against his and just the weight of him on top. His energy, scent, and affection taking over all his senses. He tilted his head back, allowing Josh to reach every inch of him and whispered his name over and over. 

Josh brought Ty’s legs back up to wrap around his waist and brought the head of his cock to Ty’s entrance, pushing in slightly to stretch him. He hovered over Tyler, supporting himself with one hand and finding Tyler’s eyes. His eyes looked so trusting and love-struck, it made Josh feel amazing. 

“You ready for this, babe?” Josh whispered, giving a little thrust. Tyler’s eyes rolled back and he whimpered.

“God, yes yes yes.” Tyler answered, clinging on to Josh’s arms. Josh slowly guided his hips forward, enabling Tyler to encompass him with all his warmth and tightness. Tyler’s spit mixed with Josh’s pre-cum gave him just enough slickness to bottom out. Josh rested inside him, fighting the urge to start just pumping him hard and fast like he wanted. 

“How’s it feel, Ty?” Josh asked, rocking Tyler’s body up with his hips. 

“G-good, f-fuck Josh move.” Tyler moaned, rocking his hips down. Josh gave a little smirk and pulled his hips back, driving in full force. Tyler, not expecting it, full on yelled, gripping tighter onto Josh’s biceps. 

“Shhh…shh Ty, you gotta be quiet.” Josh said, laughing softly and resting his forehead on Tyler’s shoulder. 

“Joshie your cock is inside me, how do you expect me to be quiet when you do that???” Tyler whined. Josh placed soft kisses along Tyler’s shoulder and collarbone. 

“I know, baby. You ready?” Josh asked, waiting for Tyler’s nod before rocking his hips more gently this time. After five minutes, Josh was pumping his cock in and out of him at a steady pace causing Tyler to whimper after each thrust. He tried new angles and speeds, until he found one that caused Tyler to gasp. 

“Oh my…oh my God Josh, right there. Don’t stop.” Tyler was practically sobbing. 

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum so hard, Ty. Love fucking your hot little ass.” Josh cooed. He kept driving his cock right past Tyler’s prostate, making him moan deeply and tremble underneath him. He was super responsive to everything. Eventually, the feeling in his lower stomach just got to be too much and Tyler had to release. He tensed up, then all his muscles began pulsating, shooting his sperm out onto both their chests. Once Josh felt something warm and wet splash onto his skin and heard moans of pleasure, he watched Tyler’s pretty face as he came and felt him tensing around him. 

“Unf..fuck, that’s so hot.” Josh grunted, holding tighter onto Tyler’s legs and driving into him faster to speed up his own orgasm. Unmistakable sounds of skin slapping, but he didn’t care. He tensed his muscles and finally released, cumming inside Tyler with force. 

“That was good. So good.” Josh sighed, laying next to a tuckered out Tyler.

“Dude. Don’t you mean sick?” Tyler said sleepily, yawning right after. 

“Yeah, it was sick as frick.” Josh said after a few seconds of thinking. “We should probably wash off though.”

“Right now? How are we going to get to the shower though?” Tyler asked nervously. 

Josh peaked out of the curtain down to the other rooms. No one was paying attention.

“I’ll go in the bathroom first, then a few minutes later, meet me.” Josh said. He pulled on his pants and shirt before leaving the bunk, and a few minutes later Tyler followed. They spent the next several minutes taking turns washing off sweat and dried cum, helping each other with their backs. They spent another several minutes just making out.

“Man, we should shower like this every time, it saves water.” Tyler joked, causing Josh to playfully shove him. They made it back to their bunks using the same strategy as before. It became a regular thing. 

Masquerade Kiss | Jasper Jordan X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Jasper/fem!reader, Monty.

(E/C) stand for “Eye color”

Word Count: 2319 words.

(Y/N) could feel his eyes following her as she walked through the camp, just as it had the day before, and the day before that, Jasper’s eyes seemed to never leave her every time they were in the same place. She knew the reason for it, she hadn’t forgotten.

About a year before the 100 being sent to Earth, she and Jasper were what you might call ‘close friends’. Not as close as he and Monty, but still ‘close’. And, oh, that boy liked a good party. Back in the Ark, if there was a party, there was no doubt that Jasper and, potentially, Monty would be there, and sometimes (Y/N) would come over to say hello to them.

And then came the Masquerade Dance to commemorate Unity Day. She didn’t intend to go there, but she ended up getting bored at home, so she searched for a mask to wear and decided to go. It hadn’t been hard to find Jasper among the masked people, his goggles catching her attention in the crowd. (Y/N) walked toward him after drinking a drink to get in the mood, stopping beside the Jordan boy.

“Hey.” she called out, making him finally notice her there, a smile appearing on his face.


(Y/N) smiled back and looked around, noticing that Monty wasn’t there. Her (E/C) eyes stopped to watch all those excited young people jumping from side to side as they danced. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun.

“Wanna dance?” Jasper asked after noticing what she was looking at.

She had never been one of the best dancers, but no one there seemed to care about that, which led the girl to nod. “Let’s go.”

That was the first Unity Day in which (Y/N) had fun. Normally she’d get something lame to do; she was glad she hadn’t found anything to do, she was glad that Jasper had invited her to dance, she was happy to have spent the whole party laughing and jumping without caring if she was dancing well, Jasper wasn’t that good either.

The boy had a smile on his face as he slowed his movements, only moving lightly from side to side as he leaned forward so he could say something to her. (Y/N) also slowed down, a smile appearing on her lips, reflecting his.

“You know, I’m really glad you’re here today.”

The girl nodded, chuckling at his words. “I’m glad to be here.”

Jasper’s smile widened and he stopped dancing completely for a moment, before leaning quickly toward her, trying to get their lips together, but his goggles hit the girl’s mask, causing her to grunt.

“God, I’m so sorry.” he said in embarrassment. “I shouldn’t-”

“No, that’s ok.” she assured him, stopping to think about what had just happened. Or almost happened. (Y/N) felt her heart warm, she couldn’t deny that she had a crush on the Jordan boy for a while. And he, one of her closest friends, had tried to kiss her. He looked embarrassed, probably thinking he’d ruined things between them.

The girl felt confident, lifting Jasper’s goggles to his forehead and biting her lips before pressing hers against his. The boy seemed a little surprised at first, not expecting her to do this, but soon began to respond to the kiss excitedly, moving his lips against hers. (Y/N) felt her heart skip a beat, they were actually doing it.

A smile was also on Jasper’s face as they pulled away and he let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his neck. He was about to say something when the music suddenly stopped, catching everyone’s attention.

“Solar flare alert. An x-class solar flare has begun on the starboard side of The Ark-”(Y/N) grunted when she heard those words, of course this had to happen at that moment.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill.” another voice sounded through the crowd of teenagers. “Masks off. I.D. Chips out.”

The girl took her I.D. from her pocket and removed the mask from her face, hearing a gasp at her side. Jasper looked at her wide-eyed as his mouth closed and opened, trying to say something, but the only thing that came out was a “(Y/N)?”. He looked surprised, why did he look so surprised? “I thought you were staying home today.”

Jasper looked surprised. He didn’t expect her to be there. He didn’t know she was there. He had kissed her, yes, but not thinking it was her. He didn’t want to kiss her, he wanted to kiss the unknown girl he’d met that night. But she knew who he was when she kissed him, and he knew it.

The girl felt her cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Had she ruined their friendship? The only answer she could think of was yes as she saw Jasper’s cheeks turning red, he seemed to try to find something to say. Things wouldn’t be the same between them, she already knew.

(Y/N) felt the people around pushing her, trying to walk out of there. She took that cue and forced herself through the crowd, trying to walk as far as possible from the boy, hearing his voice calling for her.

From that day on she did her best to avoid Jasper, making sure she was late for classes so he couldn’t talk to her and ran out of the classroom as class was over. (Y/N) managed to avoid him even when he waited in front of where she lived.

She didn’t have to do this for long, however, shortly after she had received the news that he and Monty had been arrested. So when she was arrested and sent to Earth with the other delinquents, she wasn’t surprised to see him there. (Y/N) thought she would have to run away from him again, but he hadn’t tried to talk to her once, he just stared at her. Just like he was doing in that moment.

She didn’t exaclty have a place to go as she walked through the camp, and soon realized that if she didn’t decide to go somewhere soon, either she would have to turn around and go back to where she came from -as if she were walking in circles- or she would hit the wall. (Y/N) decided to go talk to the closest person she could find, as if it was what she meant all the time. As if fate was playing with her, she noticed right after touching the shoulder of the boy in front of her that he was Monty. Great.

He looked surprised, probably because she hadn’t talked to him since she’d stopped talking to his best friend. Monty gave a quick glance to Jasper, who should still be looking that way.

“Hey… (Y/N).” he shifted uncomfortably.

“Monty, hey.” she let out a humorless laugh, knowing what was probably waiting for her in the conversation. As if Monty thought the same thing, he went straight to the point.

“So, are we finally going to talk about that?”

“I don’t- I didn’t- I-” okay, maybe she wasn’t ready to talk about it.

The Green boy noticed her struggle, glancing at Jasper and taking the girl gently by her elbow, pulling her to a place where they wouldn’t be under Jasper’s supervision.

“It’s just so embarrassing.” (Y/N) murmured as they walked.

Monty let out a sigh. “I get it. Jasper gets it too, that’s why he’s been trying to talk to you since that night.”

(Y/N) scoffed. “For what? So that he could reject me in my face? No, thank you.”

“You’re really oblivious, aren’t you?” the boy asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Me? Oblivious? Come on Monty, what are you going to say? That he likes me?” she rolled her eyes, lowering her voice. “He kissed me without knowing who I was.”

“You know how Jasper is, (Y/N), he cares about anyone who cares about him.” he paused, looking around discreetly to see if Jasper could see them. "But he really cares a lot about you, more than he cares about anyone else.”

"He cares a lot about you.”

“It’s a different way of caring.” he gave her a pointed look, knowing she understood what he meant. “I’m sure if you hadn’t run away, he would have come all cheerful to tell me what had happened.” he took one last look at her before walking away. “You should talk to him.”

(Y/N) didn’t want his words to go through her head for the rest of the day, she didn’t want them to have affected her. But they did. The girl thought about the Jordan boy everytime she wasn’t busy with something. She should go talk to him. Monty said he wouldn’t turn her down, and even if he was lying, she was ready to hear whatever he was going to say.

And then she went to look for him when the sun began to set. (Y/N) felt her stomach flutter as she found him around the camp with Monty. The Green boy didn’t need any explanation, when he saw the girl approaching, he excuse himself and went elsewhere. (Y/N) took a deep breath, it’s now or never.

“Jasper?” she called him, making him freeze at the sound of her voice, it had been a long time since he’d heard that voice. He quietly turned to her.

A silence followed in the next few seconds –or even minutes-, neither knowing what to say. (Y/N) had only planned to go and talk to him, but she hadn’t thought about what to say; Jasper, who had been taken by surprise, didn’t want to say anything, afraid that it would make things worse with her.

“It’s been a while.” she muttered after a few more seconds, moving nervously.

“Yeah.” he muttered back. “I missed you.” he cleared his throat, embarrassed when his voice cracked, making the girl smile.

“I missed you too, just a little bit, though.” the playful tone in her voice was enough to make the boy smile back at her.

Jasper stared at her for a few seconds before speaking again. “Not that I’m complaining -because I’m totally not- but is there any reason you came to talk to me?”

(Y/N) bit her lower lip lightly, wondering if she should tell what she had heard and how it had affected her. “Monty told me.”

His brows furrowed, the smile still on his face. “He told you what?”

“Everything I needed to know.”

Those words appeared to have made him nervous, his smile fading and his eyes widening slightly with the realization that hit him. Jasper closed his eyes for a few seconds, a sigh leaving his mouth.

"Is it true, then? You like me?” the curiosity screaming inside her.

“Do I like you?” he chuckled. "You have no idea how in love I’m with you.” he gave her a small smile, clearly embarrassed. “I thought you’d never like me back, though. I still think so.” he mumbled lower that last part. "I thought maybe if I found someone else then I’d stop feeling what I feel.” Jasper finally met her gaze. "And then I find out that you were the other person I had met. I was nervous and I’m sorry if you thought I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted to and I would want it even more if I knew it was you.” his cheeks began to show signs of redness. "So yeah, I like you.” he lowered his gaze, his shoes becoming incredibly interesting at the moment.

So Monty was really telling the truth. (Y/N) didn’t know how to answer that, butterflies seemed to be in her stomach as she went over the fact that Jasper Jordan really liked her. She paused to think for a second if he had already shown signs of it before, but she couldn’t remember anything, maybe she really was too oblivious.

“I like you too.” she said quickly after realizing that she hadn’t spoken for quite a long time, taking a step toward him. Jasper’s eyes lifted to her, a soft smile on his face, he had waited to hear that words for a long time. “That day, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship… But I ended up ruining anyway after I started to avoid you.” the girl smiled a little, apologizing for that.

"Well… Now that we no longer have a friendship happening here, we could start something else.” a playful smile flashed across Jasper’s face, he also took a step toward her.

His smile reflected on her face as she took another step forward. "If you want something I think you’ll have to ask for it.”

“No problem.” one more step. “(Y/N), the grounders tried to take my heart, but they didn’t know it was already taken by y-”

“Wait.” she cut him off, frowning as she took another step. “Did they try to take your heart out?”

“Not really, I just needed something that sounded cliché to say.” his smile only widened at every step.

“Oh okay, go ahead.” she took the last step, now they were only a few inches apart.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)…” he paused dramatically, leaning his head a little toward her. “You would make me the happiest guy on Earth if you would agree to be my girlfriend.”

“Goggles…” she leaned toward him, too. “I think you’re a very happy guy, then.”

Jasper’s smile widened a little more before it disappeared from his lips as he broke the distance between their faces, kissing her lightly. (Y/N) put her hands on the Jordan boy’s shoulders, pressing her lips against his; Jasper placed his eager hands on her waist, caressing it as he moved his lips against hers. This time they both knew who they were kissing and being happy about it, so busy with what they were doing that they lost Monty doing a little victory dance.

Cupid Monty strikes again.



Well, I just killed off Daisuga in this AU…

Atlantis - Haikyuu AU SCENE 1


jasper jordan + being appreciated and loved by many, probably for the first time in his young life, for risking his own life to save maya


Alex Hogh Andersen | Vinyl Chick | For the lovely @creepycrystalwolf

It was 8:50 PM and almost the end of her shift at the vinyl shop, Rain was more then ready to head to her apartment and cuddle up with her furbaby Shatzi while reading a good book or watching some TV but first she had to wait for closing time. Her boss, Old man Frederik had said since it wasn’t busy today she could close early. Tapping her black vans against the ground to the beat of a song, as she wrote down some notes for her boss tomorrow reminding him that they needed to order more Ed Sheeran albums for the shop since they had sold the last one in stock this morning.


Looking up at the sound of bell signaling that someone had entered the shop, she was greeted by the sight of a man stepping inside. he was cladded in a black tight t-shirt, a leather jacket, dark blue jeans ,and boots. If she was honest with herself he looked like he was built by the gods and she couldn’t even get started on his jawline…actually now that she thought of it she could remember that jawline from anywhere. Resisting the urge to start fan girling, she got into her professional mode and greeted him. “Hello sir, how can i help you?” looking up at her from a record he had grabbed he looked as if he had just gotten struck by lightning. Clearing her throat, she repeated the question as he blinked as if he been knocked back into reality. A goofy grin came onto his face as he set the record down and walked up to the counter. “Would you like to go out on a date?”

“Excuse me?..” scrunching her nose up in confusion, she raised a eyebrow at how straight forward he was. she couldn’t help shaking her head. “Are you always this forward? And why should i go on a date with you? What’s so special about me?…”

“Because…I promise you won’t regret it.”


“I can’t believe I’m doing this..” she said, nervously fixing her hair as she looked into her vanity mirror. She had been rummaging through her closet for the last hour and a half in search of the perfect outfit to wear. “Don’t over think it Rain.” turning around she faced her friends, Bre and Riley, they were laying on the bed. Riley was playing with Shatzi’s paws while Bre was on her laptop playing music. “You guys should come with me i don’t think i can do this by myself!” looking at Rain, Riley sighed. “I get your nervous but he asked you on a date not all three so unless he’s bringing his friends it’s gonna be a bit awkward don’t you think?” Bre chipped in adding her own thoughts. “If your really nervous then just message him and say your turning it into a group date.” reaching for her phone, she pulled up the message he had sent her the other day.

(Text goes here)

“He said he it’s ok and he’s gonna bring his friends!”


Crouching down, Rain and Alex hide behind a wall, holding their guns tightly. She could hear the laughing of Riley and Marco as they teamed up against Jordan and Bre.

Hearing a buzzer go off signaling that someone had tagged, Rain looked up at Alex and silently raised a eyebrow in question before trying to peak out from around the corner.

“Fucking hell!” Yelping in surprise, she jumped back and fell on the ground laughing as she looked up at Bre, who peaked around the corner and grinned.


Walking behind their friends, Alex and Rain smiled as they conversed about multiple different topics weather it be music taste, hobbies, favorite colors, etc.

“Oh my gosh! You like them? I can’t talk to you this conversation is over!” Laughing, Rain playfully nudged Alex away as he wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled.

“Seriously though i had a really good time today..” she said, leaning back again him slightly. “Maybe we can try this again sometime?… but just the 2 of us?” she questioned.

“Yeah..yeah i would like that.” kissing her cheek, he smiled.

It's Just A Phone Number

Request: Can you do a request where the reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister and your on a hunt with them and a cop or someone asks for your name and phone number and they get like super protective? Thanks!!

Characters: Sam, Dean, sister!reader

Warnings: swearing

Word count: 864

You arrived at the victims house to ask her husband some questions, you hadn’t read much in the paper but your brothers wanted to check if it was your kinda thing. You flashed your badges and introduced yourselves. “Mother of 3 children-” officer Byers told you “-died while her husband was at work, he came home and found his wife pinned to the wall with her eyes gouged out” he explained.

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do you ever think about rein and brigitte just driving around in the justice van looking for wrongs to right and get a bit sad bc i know i do

(audiobook passage is from the gathering storm chapter 49, by robert jordan and brandon sanderson)

The 100 Preference: How You Knew That You Would Become Great Friends

You were outside your tent, taking in the scene when Bellamy had come up to you. “You hungry”, he says. You smile, “No, I’m fine”. He begins telling you about the rules and how they do everything. He stops talking, “How did you get here anyway”, he asks. Your smile falters, knowing that one day someone would find out. After telling him everything, he looks at you and smiles, “Just so you know, your not alone. If you need anyone to talk, I’m here”. You smiles, knowing that you weren’t alone. Maybe this was the begin of a new friendship.

You sat alone by the fire, watching everyone talking to each other. You had recently arrived and haven’t made any friends yet. While lost in your own thoughts, Finn sat next to you. You jumped, startled when he started talking, “Why are you sat alone?”. He chuckled when he saw your reaction. “Why are you sat with me Finn?”, you ask. His smile falls, “I saw you alone and wanted to sit with you”. You looked at him, smiling lightly, “Thank you”. He grinned, “Anytime. I mean it. Consider me your friend”. Your smile widened, at least I’m not alone anymore.

You saw him sitting by himself so you decided to talk so him seeing as none else was. When you sat down he looked at you suprised, not sure as to why you would sit next to him. He cleared his throat before talking, “Why are you sitting next to me?”, he asks. You smiled at him, “You looked like you could use a friend”. He continues to stare at you before asking, “How would you know that I need a friend?”. You continue to smile at him, “I know because I need a friend too and I thought we could help each other out”. He smiles slightly, “I hope you know what you are getting yourself into”. You laugh, happy that he was finally opening up to you.

It was lunch time and everything was getting their food. As you waited in line, Jasper bumped into you. “I am so sorry. I didn’t see you”, he says, flustered. You avoided looking him in the eye, “It’s fine”. You had finally grabbed your lunch and found somewhere to sit alone. Jasper had come up to you, “Why are you sat here, alone”. You looked at him, startled, “I don’t have any friends as I just got here”. He smiled, “Well, now you do”. You smile slightly, glad that you didn’t have to sit alone anymore.

You sat under a tree, watching everyone else do their own thing. You sighed, not sure what to do as you had only recently arrived. Monty had seen you by yourself so came to sit next to you. When he sat down, you jumped a little as you didn’t notice him. “What are you doing on your own”, he asks. You look at him, slightly shocked that he talked to you, “Nothing. I don’t know what to do. I only just got here”. He smiles, “How about you come with me and we can find you something to do?”. You smile, “Ok”, happy that someone was willing to help.

Requested By: Anonymous

The Beginning Of The End:Forgotten

Originally posted by raejennalfaro

Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @winchesterreid @december-sunrise @beaconhills17@helvonasche@fly-f0rever @kaitlynnlovegood

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Jordan and the rest of the pack

Pairing: Derek x Y/n

Word count: 1780

Warnings: Start of the angst. Worried reader

Summary: Y/n deals with losing his Derek

A/N: Angst, sort of happiness in the end. But beware for later


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

I woke up on the bed, faces surrounding me. 

Jordan, Isaac, Cora Allison Scott Lydia. 

Then there was him. 


Or what used to be Derek. 

This was the guy I saw around high school. The guy I never talked to. 

This wasn’t my Derek.

Jordan helped me sit up as everyone moved slightly away from me, allowing me to get some air.

They all had a concerned look on their faces.

“You ok?” Jordan asked. 

I turned to look at him, smiling weakly before responding. 

“Yea, I’m good. I don’t know what happened”.

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