but just look at how they gaze at each other

Keith and Lance are both very dense.

 Keith will stare at Lance for their whole dinner, grinning stupidly, and Lance is all like ‘he’ll never be mine’. The first time Keith put his hair in a ponytail, Lance ruined every training exercise because he couldn’t help but notice how bouncy it was. And if Keith shows any skin, Lance will hurt his neck because he keeps turning his head to see Keith, but then looks away because Keith’s too hot for him. But Keith is completely convinced that Lance hates him. So they just gaze at each other lovingly for months when they think the other isn’t looking, until Pidge and Hunk lock the both of them in a supply closet.

Notice how when Cas gets up, Dean is the first one he looks at and their gazes linger on each other. The relief and love that passed between them in those moments. And how their hands just hold on to each other a few seconds longer than Cas and Sam’s. Then Deans hand on Cas’ s back as if he was reassuring himself Cas is truly okay.

headcanon where abby bandages kane’s hand after he burned it crawling through the maintenance shaft to save her in 1.11

Camilla/George is a thing, right?  

Because I keep thinking about how like one day Camilla’s out getting coffee–she seriously needs a caffeine boost before her library study session, and she’s heading out of the cafe and looks across the street and just kind of sighs because uhg.  There’s Jack going for a run.  And it’s not like they dislike each other.  The breakup was amicable, but running into ex’s is always so awkward.

But then her gaze drifts to this goddess who is actually keeping up with him and oh my god she’s so gorgeous and she’s instant like Tantalus levels of thirsty.  And she’s watching as this gorgeous woman actually knocks over that cute kid from Jack’s hockey team that he’s always got heart-eyes for, and it’s pretty cute the way Jack is just staring, right?

But it’s even cuter this woman making small talk and getting everyone all blushy.

Anyway so Bittle–she thinks that’s his name–wanders off and before she can really stop herself she’s jogging across the street and Jack looks kind of startled to see her because she’s pretty much avoided him since the split.

But he smiles all friendly and he’s like, “Hey Camilla, nice to see you.  This is Georgia, she works with the Falconers.”

And Camilla holds out her hand and gives her the slow look and Georgia grins and Camilla is just…yeah.  Gone.  “That’s impressive.  Getting to hang out with NHL players all day.”

“I suppose, if that’s what does it for you,” Georgia says.

And Camillia nearly dies.  And she’s like, “Yeah I mean, I can see the appeal sometimes, but I’m partial to soft curves, and brown hair.”  Then she winks because it’s go big or go home at this point.

And Jack who is almost always Captain Oblivious is just like oh my god, but he of course likes Camilla so he’s like, “You know, Georgia and I have a dinner thing tonight, but you should come join us for drinks after.”

Camilla totally tries to play it cool, “Oh if I wouldn’t be in the way,” though inside she’s just !!!

George is just like, “You would absolutely be a welcome change from hockey talk all day.”

So they exchange numbers and Jack gives her a hug, and then she heads off to the library but not before she gets a text from Jack, ‘You seriously owe me.’ 

She laughs herself silly in the middle of the sidewalk and texts back, ‘Yeah you’ll be the first one to get a wedding invite ;)’

Mostly she means it as a chirp, but five years later, when Jack opens up his post box, he’s not at all surprised to see the white, lace-decorated wedding invite addressed to him and Eric.


For @youraveragespaceprincess…S/N mean’s significant other’s name. Enjoy!

You sniffled as you had just finished telling your superior your dilemma. You kept your gaze low, afraid for the worst. You looked up slightly when you heard him kneel in front of you, rubbing your hands over each other.

“How long ago was this?” Hux inquired.
You swallowed. “Just yesterday, when we stopped at my home planet.”
“And the child?”
“She’s in my quarters,” you told him before tearfully begging, “Please don’t make me send her back. S/N will only use her to get to me and I couldn’t bear it if she were hurt because of that monster.”
“Hush,” he cooed, using his thumb to wipe away your tears, “I wouldn’t think of putting your child in such a position. She’s welcome to stay here.”

You smiled weakly at him. You gripped the hand that had been resting on your shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Usually, Hux was very stern. You were one of the few to see his more, secret, compassionate side. With good reason, you figured.

“She’s welcome to stay with me,” he continued nervously, “If you’d like of course.”
Your eyebrows heightened. “What?”
The man blushed. “Well, raising a child is a full time duty. And I-I wouldn’t dream of leaving you to bear it all. Plus we are,” he paused to clear his throat, “together, are we not?”

Your face broke into a wide grin. You threw your arms around Hux’s neck. He smiled softly in the crook of your neck, fresh tears falling down your face. You pecked his cheek.

“I would love that,” you told him, “And I love you.”
The general returned the kiss. “I love you too.”

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Can I just say? I remember seeing these two shots consecutively in the teaser/promo video and joking about how that gentle look in their eyes and their positioning means they’re totally gazing lovingly at each other.

I DIDN’T ACTUALLY EXPECT TO BE RIGHT OMG. You don’t even need any context to know that they’re looking at each other. I mean, who else would they look at like that? Dialogue isn’t even necessary–you can feel all the love just from their eyes alone and I… I just can’t with these two.

One of my favorite Korrasami moments ever is this hug because of the way Korra keeps eye contact with Asami until she’s in her arms (compare that with the hug with Mako a few minutes later where she was looking to the side, and again with the moment in the finale where both Korra and Asami keep each other’s gaze as they walk into the Spirit Portal). Also, I love how Korra’s arms stretch out in anticipation, just waiting to enfold Asami, and how Asami just fits in Korra’s arms like she’s meant to be there. (Of course she is.)

but like why was isak even tying even’s tie? even knows how to tie a tie and he’s doing it (quite competently) in the bathroom, hair still dripping a little bit (sleeping over at isak’s, nothing new, moving on) when isak arrives bringing two beers for them and they make eye contact in the mirror and smile and give each other heart eyes and then isak’s gaze lowers to look at what even is doing and he just goes that’s not how you do it! isak makes him turn around and passes even the beers and grabs the tie, announcing, i’m the fucking master at this, i’ve won awards at tying ties and even is like ok show me how it’s done then in this really fond and amused tone and takes a sip of beer and isak does all the fancy flips and tucks and ends up messing it up and he still insists he’s the best and even just nods and pats isak’s (also still wet!!!) hair and thinks fuck he’s so cute and rolls his shoulders because he wants to kiss isak and isak says you have to stand still, baby and it’s the best fucking new year

little things I love about Kim Yugyeom
  • the little hairy happy trail on his tummy 
  • his passion for dancing
  • how hard he worked to get to where he is now (and how hard he still works to continue improving)
  • the way he smiles when he gets embarrassed 
  • the way he claps when he laughs
  • the mole under his right eye
  • how he ALWAYS rolls up the bottom of his jeans  so that you can see his white socks
  • the contrast between his cute voice and masculine appearance 
  • the fact that he watches dramas and gets excited over them
  • his random aegyo attacks
  • the way he gazes with his mouth slightly open when he is paying close attention to something
  • how much he cares about fans
  • that he is always willing to help people
  • his love for dogs and the way his face lights up when he sees one
  • that he is ALWAYS laughing and smiling and just being a positive ray of sunshine
  • his airport fashion
  • the pouty face he sometimes makes
  • his unique vocals and how beautiful they sound alongside the other vocals in GOT7
  • how easily he gets excited 
  • the amount of love that he has for each member which is obvious just from the way he looks at them and interacts with them
  • the speed at which he can switch from adorable squishy ball of fluff to hottest sex god on the planet
  • how good he looks in yellow

Flirty old western aesthetic eremin scribbles.~ cuz I love that snk is partially technically a western lmao

I just really wanna see them fall for each other at a folk dance<3

like- Eren gazing at Armin from across the room, cuz he looks wonderful that night, and then his eyes meet his, and then like something out of Armin’s dreams, Eren casually strolls over with that smile Armin adores, and tips his hat to him and Armin blushes and his eyes sparkle, and they exchange “Good Evening.”, “Evening…” to each other before Eren finally awkwardly asks him to dance (losing his cool in the midst because his heart’s all a flutter and he can’t hide how nervous he is), but when Armin says yes, they both lock eyes and never look away, lay their hats together on the table, and walk over to the dance floor hand in hand, preparing for the twangy up-beat music to drop and Eren finally admits in a low tone “Armin… I’ve never actually done this before, I don’t know what I’m doing…” but Armin happily looks at him with those eyes and says “Well, neither do I…” and his eyes bring that confident smile back out on Eren’s face and he says “Then what have we got to lose?” and they wow everyone with their chemistry alone as they learn to dance with each other, hot diggity~

Damons eyes during the letter recital...

When Bonnie started to cry after Damon’s ‘best friend’ line, Damon looked like he was in so much pain- he couldn’t even look her in the eye anymore once the first tear fell. And Bonnie couldn’t look him in the eye either, her entire heart was written out on her face- they were both hurting and couldn’t meet each others gaze. That is until he said ‘I wont leave you again’. Bonnie’s eyes as Damon swallowed thickly and finally stared straight into her beautiful eyes made my heart soar, especially when our favorite witch gave him the happiest smile I’ve ever seen. I love these two so much, and I know Damon will keep his promise- that’s just how much Bonnie means to him.

Snippet of the next chapter of Tiger’s Memoir (Kung Fu Panda)

Tigress laughed. While Po chuckled. However, he found it hard to concentrate on their conversation, his eyes were kept on straying to steal the glimpse of Tigress. Watching her chew her food. Observing her pour the tea. Looking at her fiery sunset eyes that widened and narrowed expressively. Taking note of the black marking that framed her pretty face. Listening to angelic tune that fell from her lips. It didn’t help that he knew how they tasted like. And sometimes, their gaze would accidentally fell on each other, causing his heart froze a few beats before speeding up uncontrollably.

Although his brain kept on telling him that Tigress was just a friend, her presence alone was enough to make it hard for Po struggled to breathe. And Po wasn’t even nervous when he faced the Spirit Warrior and his entire Jade army

Tigress, however, was confused with herself. Although overall she managed to act calm and composed around the panda, she noted how her guard suddenly dropped when she was around him. She was secretly pleased to know his eyes glued on her almost all the time, it made her heart swell unexplainably somehow. Not to mentioned when their gaze met by chance, a sudden bashfulness overwhelmed her, and she barely knew the guy! What’s wrong with her? She tried to focus on her tea to disguise the rising heat that crept up her neck.

screams into the abyss 

i need domesticated cooking at three in the morning because neither party can sleep. 

lazy afternoons on the couch; cuddled up together while one watches some tv show that they’ve become recently obsessed with and the other reading a book on something they enjoy, every so often looking over the rim of their glasses to see how the show has progressed and look up out of the corner of their eye to their partner with a fond loving smile.

early morning baking sessions. cupcakes, or sophisticated cakes. learning how to make fancy frosting, throwing flour at each other. one cracking an egg on their partners shoulder, which becomes an all out food war, but they manage to salvage enough to make a few of the original cakes.

late night love making. not sex, not fucking. just pure love between two people. sharing soft whispers and kind words, warm gazes. nothing crude about it but just pure love.

six in the morning walks in the snow because “wow new york looks beautiful right now” with the snow on the ground and covering essentially everything and the sun just poking through the white clouds to throw a few beams of magnificent colour through the skies.

i need domesticated coupley!things with no angst in sight.


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There’s just too many moments and small, meaningful gestures on the restaurant scene. I mean, just look at the way they gaze each other. And how they cracked up at each other’s joke. It always struck me every time I realize how much they enjoyed each other’s presence.


~They way they stare when the other isn’t looking.
~The way they hold their gaze as long as possible.
~The way the stare isn’t just staring, it’s the way they secretly share the years of undying love they hold for each other, how they tell each other good bye, hello, good luck, I’m here for you, and ‘I love you’,


I Love You, I Remember You - I.O.I

I feel like this would be the perfect song to play when So and Soo finally find each other in the modern world. =)))) Just imagine this song playing when So gives the handkerchief to crying Soo in the museum, and seeing the passion burning in their eyes when they recognize each other.

When he has finally found his Soo.

Your smile, even your scent
I’ve always waited, counting down with my fingers
No matter where I am, it’s only you

What I’ve dreamed of, what I hoped for
Do you know?
I only wished for you
I want to confess that I’ve been waiting for you

When I shout out that I love you every day
When I call out your name every day
I’ll always be standing here

Day by day, I can’t sleep at the thoughts of you
Day by day, it’s only you
Can you hear the sound of my trembling heart?
I love you, I love you, I love you

I love you, I love you, I love you

The song is reminiscent of their joy, hopes, and dreams in Goryeo. They are in love, and the mere fact that they are happy with each other is enough for them. It gives the two of them strength to power through the harsh life in the palace, because as long as they’re together, they can overcome anything. However, they were not meant to be in that lifetime even if they loved each other so so much and we are crying our eyes out.

Soo knows that she is not from that world, and she dreams of a time where she can be with him without anyone getting in their way. So, too, promised that he would find her, believing what Ji Mong said. Both of them are wishing, hoping, that when they find each other in a place without the lies and intrigues, a time devoid of the blood and hate between them, a world where they can freely love each other all they want – when that happens, they will never let go of each other, ever again.

A second chance for these two is all I need in life.


(credits to the maker of this video)

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yo I had a dream last night Lance and Keith met after being seperated for a long time and they looked all old and mature and they just couldn't beleive they were still alive and that they are there together. They were gazing at each other for a minute straight. Needless to say I was a wreck the rest of the day lmao

Oohhh,,,, my god 😫😫😫 how sweet 💙❤💙❤

Oblivious: Young!Remus Lupin

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I love your writing, I just read like all of your stories. (they are amazing) Can I request a Remus Lupin x Slytherin reader where they both like each other and everyone knows but them. (Requested) (Short but sweet)

 Part Two


“James, look how cute they are,” Lily squeals excitedly and James followed his girlfriend’s gaze towards where his sister and Remus were huddled together in the cold Autumn breeze. Even though the older lad wanted to ring his best friend’s neck for fancying his sister he rather it the sweet Remus than the unstable Sirius.

“They’re so oblivious to their feelings,” James replies, pulling Lily into his side and use his large trench coat to warm them both. Lily hummed in agreement and wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled his body closer into hers.

“Maybe we should try and get them together,” Lily suggested, James sighed knowing that he could never deny his future wife anything and nodded in approval before returning his gaze to the two that were now walking shoulder to shoulder.

“This is going to be hard,” James says, he knew his sister was stubborn and refused to acknowledged it when someone liked her; Remus was insecure about his condition and not having many friends before the Marauders he still had to get use to the ideas of someone liking him, even if it had been eight years since they all met.


Remus brushed a strand of dark curls from (Y/N)’s face and the younger Potter giggled softly before turning away from the bright red Gryffindor. They were huddled together in the library, (Y/N) had her head rested in Remus’s lap while he read from a muggle novel he had acquired over the break. They flirted without even realizing that they were doing it and acted as if they had been happily married for years, everyone but the two could see how they felt.

Remus finished the last paragraph in the book and looked down to see that (Y/N) had fallen asleep in his lap, her green robe draped over her uniform and her unruly black curls falling in her face. The werewolf sighed and once more moved the curl from her face and then leaned down to press a small chaste kiss to her forehead.

“They are so oblivious,” Sirius whispered to Peter and the shorter lad nodded his chubby cheeks before they both turned and left the library.

“I hope Lil and Prongs can get these two together, even though I don’t want to see the monster we will create. I can already see them snogging in the common room and acting like love sick dogs, ugh everyone and their icky hearts. Me and you Peter, bachelors for life!” Sirius rambled on and all Peter could do was agree with the handsome Casanova.


“Here they come!” Lily exclaims as she watches (Y/N) and Remus walk down the hallway. They both had books towering in their arms and on top of the stacks were freshly bought chocolate frogs and sweet tarts. They were both laughing about something the four friends couldn’t hear and both shared a blush on their cheeks.

Sirius was the one to cast the spell, nothing harmful just something that would make the two realize how mad they were for each other. After the charm was successfully casted they watched as the tower of books and chocolate tumble to the floor and (Y/N) trip but Remus was quick to catch her body before she could fall on the hard ground. He helped her stand up straight and they both laughed before bending down to pick up the scattered books.

“Watch the magic happen,” James mumbled and the other three smiled when (Y/N) and Remus’ hands brush against each other when they went to pick up the same book.

“Oh I’m sorry,” they both said at the same time and looked into each other’s eyes. It was like those romantic novels that Lily always had tucked into her nightstand, the two lovers would gaze into each other’s eyes and realize that they were meant to be together before attacking each other with passionate kisses.

This was not the case.

“So do you want to study later?” (Y/N) questions as she allows Remus to pick up the final book. They were still gazing at each other but there was definitely no kissing happening.

“Sure, I’ll bring the chocolate popcorn,” Remus mumbled back and they stood up and broke the gaze before continuing on towards Herbology.

James growled. Lily frowned in disappointment. Sirius sighed. Peter gazed down at his chewed nails.

Once again (Y/N) and Remus were Oblivious.

Finally, Erwin looks away from the outside scenery and looks at Levi’s face. Levi tilts his face up, looking up to the taller man.

you think this is from some fanfic, no it’s official material, holy fucking shit.

and that’s not all.

“Just like that, the two great men of the Survey Corps wait for the rain to stop. The wings of freedom on their backs are drenched, and appear to shine even brighter.”

how mcfucking long were these two gazing at each other. holy. fucking. shit.