but just look at his hips and tummy and thighs and he's on his tip toes and his back is all arched like that

Grind. PT 2 (A Harry Styles Blurb)

If you haven’t read the first part, I suggest doing that before reading this one. Find it on here.

Happy reading, L xx

“Go on, gorgeous, cum for me, please.”

Harry cries out, squeezing his eyes shut. He’s so close. His muscles are burning under his skin and his breaths become heavier and hotter against you. His raspberry lips fall agape as his orgasm starts at the tip of his toes and travels through his entire body, but settles where his cum steadily starts to spurt from his matching sensitive raspberry tip. It’s weak little spurts at first, before it really hits him, making his thighs tremble and him nuzzle himself against your dripping wet core to try and cancel out his moans, but for nothing.

“Come here, baby.” you tell Harry, but he just looks up to you for a while, his lashes fluttering and brows together. You motion him towards you and he powerlessly slumps over your body and wraps his arms around your torso. His skin feels hot and sticky from sweat as he presses himself on you, still whimpering as he hides his face in your neck. 

“You did so well for me..” you coo at him, lightly scratching down his back, doing little circles on his skin. You kiss his shoulder ever so lovingly and he lifts his head up to look at you, eyes half-lidded and his hair over his face in a tangled up mess.

“Did.. did yeh-” Harry starts off, swallowing loudly, “Did yeh cum?” he asks uncertainly, his mind all dizzy and unable to put anything together. You shake your head at him with a smile and tuck a curl behind his ear. “No, but I-”

Harry cuts you off breathlessly, “Need to.. need to make yeh cum.”

“No, Harry you really don’t have to.”

“Shh, let me.”

First sinking down your body, kissing every piece of your soft skin he can, wrapping his lips around your nipple and sucking eagerly, Harry settles his head right between your thighs, puts your legs resting on his shoulders and licks a bold stripe down your core, tracing his tongue on your slick folds. Your hand rests at the back of his neck, keeping him still and close to you. He flats out his tongue on your clit and starts to add pressure as his eyes are locked with yours, his ones getting back at the pretty emerald green they always are, but yours just keep getting darker.

All of a sudden, he starts to flick his tongue quickly, making your body jolt and your breath hitch. Back arching, you push yourself more against his mouth and grind your hips along him, “Fuck, just like that.” and bite your lip between your teeth. The burning tension that you lost a few minutes ago is now back, lingering in your lower tummy, wanting to be released. Harry hums against you as he softly suckles on your clit, loving the sweet taste. 

“Let’s ge’ this fuckin’ off.” he curses under his breath as he takes your leg off of his shoulder, letting it fall down on his side. Sliding in a finger, knuckle deep so you can feel the coldness of his rings he left on for the night, too lazy to take them off. You let out a choked up whimper and Harry can feel you clenching around him. He slides his finger out, leaving you begging for the warmth of him, adds another finger, and curls them up, as his lips get to your clit again, but now, you’re more sensitive than ever.

“C’mon, now yeh cum fo’ m’, angel.” Harry mumbles and you can feel yourself sinking into the mattress, your breaths getting more frequent and shallow. Your shaky hands creep into his hair, and then it hits you. You go completely silent for a moment, hastily trying to get some air in your lungs. The hitting pleasure fills you up, getting into every little crevice of your body. Harry puts his thumb on your clit and starts to do quick circles, as you’re still so sensitive and over the moon from your orgasm. Your whole body jolts and your legs start shaking around his head, almost squeezing him.

“You fucking bi-” 

“Cut it, love. Or how do yeh say, huh?” 

fool (m)

member: kim taehyung (ceo!tae)

genre: smut 

sent in & written by, al-sof (penname)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

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Perfect girl (BTS Namjoon x Reader) (Smut/fluff)

Requested by anon! I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it ❤


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

 You were going through your morning routine as always, but this time you couldn’t do it peacefully. Namjoon woke himself up just to whine and beg you to stay home. You were even running late! This morning he was unusually clingy, and it was kind of adorable. “Joonie, I’m going to the gym.” You pinched his cheek before taking a bite of your banana. Unexpectedly it was taken out of your hand and replaced with a poptart. You softly sighed and set it down, looking at your loving boyfriend with soft eyes. “Why are you doing this?" 

 "Why are you trying to lose weight?” He quickly responded to you, leaning on the kitchen counter and staring at you intently. 

 "Joonie…“ you smiled softly and looked down at yourself. You felt disgusted every time you saw yourself, and you thought Namjoon might feel the same way. You sighed and grabbed your duffle bag as well as your water bottle. "I’ll be home in a bit.” Just as you put your finger tips on the door handle, you were grabbed by your shoulder, turned around, and pinned to the door in one swift motion. You were a little surprised by the intensity in your boyfriend’s eyes. You wrapped your fingertips around his wrists gently but didn’t try to push him off. Instead, you listened to what he had to say. 

 He was staring back and forth between your eyes, and he looked so sad and lonely. “You go everyday. You don’t come back for 2 hours and when you do come back, I’m already gone. I never see you.” He leaned in and kissed your lips, pressing his body to yours. 

 "I need to lose weigh-“ 

 "Sh.” He looked at you as if he’d just been insulted. “Need to? No. You don’t need to lose anything baby.” He cupped your cheeks and kissed you once more. “You’re so perfect.” He whispered and sighed softly. “I fucking love everything about you so why would you try to change?” He sounded so sad. 

“Joonie I don’t like my body.” You began to get choked up because you knew how sincere he was. It made you feel better about yourself but at the same time you just wanted to lose weight and look better for him. You wanted to impress him. 

 "But I do baby…“ he grabbed onto your hips and rested his forehead against yours. "Must I prove it to you..?” He whispered. “I could give you the best workout of your life right here.” He was getting a little fired up. You two haven’t had sex since you started working out a couple months ago. Your heart jumped in excitement at his sudden attitude change. You looked in his eyes, smiling sweetly. 

“You’re fucking amazing.” You said before wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. 

 "I love you (Y/n), please don’t go.“ He whispered against your lips, squishing your cheeks together and staring into your eyes with hope. He slowly started to walk with you, backing you up until the back of your legs hit the couch. He pushed you on your butt and leaned down over you, putting his hands on either side of your head. He licked his lips and watched as you got all flustered. It made him chuckle. He stood up straight and pulled his black shirt off. 

"Joonie don’t you need to leave soon?” You asked breathily as you watched him. He shrugged and got on his knees in front of you, helping you take your clothes off. 

 "I have more important business here.“ He said I’m a husky voice. He got a little irritated when you tried covering your body. "Don’t hide things that belong to me.” He grabbed your hands and intertwined your fingers. “Look at me.” He demanded and squeezed your hands to grab your attention. You looked down at him, chewing on your lip. His stare gave you chills all throughout your body. 

“Joonie I just-" 

 "I love your curves.” He started off, moving his hands down your sides to your thighs and squeezing gently. “I love watching you walk and showing you off to everyone. You’re stunning and anyone would agree.” He smiled and laid his head on your thigh. “Plus I have the perfect pillow.” You giggled softly at his silliness and ran your fingers through his hair. 

“Thank you…” you lifted his head and ruffled his already messy hair. He scrunched his nose and laid you down, crawling on top of you. The aura slowly became hotter, and it was very exciting. You haven’t felt so carefree in the longest time. The look in his eyes yelled danger but you felt so safe. 

 "Lets have a day all to ourselves.“ He whispered hotly against your skin before gently planted his lips on your neck, trailing down to you chest and occasionally sucking. Soft moans escaped your lips and encouraged Namjoon to go further. His thumbs hooked onto the waistband of your panties and pulled them down slowly to build onto your anticipation. 

 You grabbed onto the back of his neck and pressed your bare chest against his, moaning as his hand grabbed your ass. "Joonie…” you breathed out, missing his touch. You closed your eyes and bit your lip softly as his hands touched your body and sent you to the sky. He reached down and pulled his cock out of his boxers, too impatient to take them off. You watched him with lust filled eyes and felt all tingly. “Baby you’re being slow…” you grabbed onto his jaw and looked in his eyes. He grunted softly and gave you a daring look before pushing himself in without warning. You gasped and moaned, closing your eyes tightly. 

 "I missed this so much.“ He tipped his head back and groaned. "I’ve missed you… so so much.” He spread your legs as far as they could go and squeezed your thighs roughly. He looked at you again to check on how you were doing, and your facial expressions drove him absolutely crazy. You drug your nails into the linen love-seat and bit your lip, closing your eyes tightly.

 "Mm~“ you curled your toes, gasping when his tip hit your cervix. "Oh fuck Namjoon” you arched your back and ran your fingers through your hair. The feeling was indescribably magical. Sex with him has always been amazing but it’s when all the sexual tension built up that it felt the best. 

 "You like that baby?“ He spoke smoothly, making butterflies go wild in your tummy. He kept one hand on your thigh firmly and brought his other one to one of your hands. Intertwining your fingers, he thrusted his hips at a faster pace. 

"More Joonie..~” you moaned and tipped your head back, squeezing his hand tightly. He smirked softly and rubbed your thigh, bucking his hips when he was deep inside you to hit your g-spot. “Oh~” you inhaled sharply and heavily sighed in relief. He loved the faces you made, and the way you squirmed as he pleasured you. He felt lucky to be the only one able to make you feel this way. He leaned down to kiss you, pressing his body against yours as he roughly fucked you. 

The skin-ship threw you over the edge. You loudly moaned against his lips as you orgasm, squeezing his hand tightly. As you came down from your high, you suddenly felt empty. You opened your eyes and watched as Namjoon planted kisses all over your body. Especially over the areas you were most insecure about. You smiled and hugged his head, giggling softly. 

 "Joonie you’re so good to me.“ You said in a tired voice. He laid his head on your shoulder and closed his eyes, rubbing your sides slowly and gently.

 "That’s because I love you baby. Everything about you…” he kissed your shoulder blade and across your chest to your other shoulder. “Don’t try to change…” He hovered over you again and kissed you once more. “Because I don’t want my beautiful baby girl to change.”

Title: Let Him Hear

Character: Henry Delarue

Movie: The Salvation

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Birthday gift for @magikat409

Ashley Collins was the woman Henry Delarue was destined to be with, but some just didn’t seem to understand that.

He wasn’t one to get overly jealous, but when another man couldn’t take the hint; well, that just fried his eggs and bacon.

Jotting down a quick note, he whistled at one of the kids that was playing outside.

The little boy ran up to him, “Mr. Delarue!”

“Shhh,” Henry handed the boy the note, “Now, I want you to take this to Miss Ashley, but don’t tell her it was from me, okay?”

The little boy nodded, taking the paper and running off. Delarue slowly walked to the barn that was across the way from the school.
“Miss Ashley! Miss Ashley!” The little boy shouted.

Ashley needed the distraction, ready to get away from the young Mr. Jansen.

“Mr. Jansen-”

“Kyle,” he interupted, a smile on his face.

Ohhh boy, this man must’ve had a death wish.

“Kyle- I need to get back to my students, please excuse me,”

He bowed his head, “Yes. See you around Miss Collins.”

Ashley sighed when he left, shuddering at the thought of him.

The Jansen’s were well known trouble makers in town. So much trouble, that even Henry, Ashley’s fiancée, had problems keeping them in line.

“Clancy, what’s the matter?” Ashley asked the child.

“This is for you! Bye!”

“Um, alright then.” Ashley opened the letter, scanning over it.

She giggled, folding the paper back up, “Delarue, you Ox.”

With only an hour left class, Ashley found herself anxious, continuously looking out the window while trying to catch a glimpse of her fiancée.

The kids wrote their ABC’s and drew in relative silence. Finally, it was time to send the children on their way.

Everyone hugged Miss Ashley and ran to their homes. Once everything was cleaned up, Ashley went out to the barn.

“Henry?” She called out, letting the door shut behind her.

The hissing strike of a match made her jump. Spinning around, she watched as Henry lit his cigar, the tip of it burning as he took a long drag from it.

“Why are you hiding in the dark Henry?” Ashley asked, laughter in her voice.

Delarue stayed in the shadows, knowing that making her wait and listen to his voice was bound to soak her knickers.

He exhaled, sending a cloud of smoke from his lungs, “Kyle Jansen called on you,” he stated.

Ashley crossed her arms underneath her breasts.

‘Well played’, Delarue thought. She knew that her bosom was a turn on for him.

“Yes, and I sent him on his way.”

Henry took another pull of his cigar.

“Are you jealous because there’s no need to be, Henry.”

He crept from the shadows, stubbing out his cigar and lighting a lantern. The soft amber glow from the flame added just enough light.

“I’ve been watching him; the way he looks at you.” Henry circled Ashley, running the pads of his fingers across the back of her neck.

The stray curls that fell from her loose bun tickled, making her gasp, “Henry, honestly.”

“Who do you belong to, baby girl?” He whispered in her ear.

Ashley gasped, biting her lip, “You, Henry.”

“I believe you, Darlin’, but I think we need to explore some diffrent methods. When another man comes callin’, despite knowin’ that you’re mine,”

Henry paused, unbuttoning the back of Ashley’s dress, “I want you to think about how well I take care of you,”

Ashley stood still, too in the moment to even bat an eye, “Because I take damn good care of you, don’t I baby girl?”

The feel of his mustache and lips against her ear made her gulp.

Taking his fingers, he ran them down her spine, stopping at the waist of her dress, “You can speak, Darlin’. No need to be afraid.”

A shiver ran through her, “N-not afraid. I just…”

Henry kissed the base of her neck, “Just what Ashley?”

“I just don’t want you to stop,”

He chuckled, the puff of air smelling like the sweet scented cigar, “No intentions of that happening, baby girl… None at all.”

Henry gently pushed the top of Ashley’s dress down, her bare breasts freed from the confinement of the suffocating cloth.

She couldn’t help the sigh of relief that left her, “Thank you,”

He chuckled, pulling her back against his chest, “You’re welcome Darlin’.”

Carefully, Henry ran the palm of his hands over her sensitive nipples, the firm peeks hot to the touch.

Ashley always frowned upon her breasts, claiming that they were too small, but they were more than enough for him.

His fingers kneeded the soft flesh, making her back arch and an arm reach back and around his neck as she moaned softly.

As she played with the fine hairs at the nape of Henry’s neck, he laid soft, wet kisses to her pulse.

Giving her a firm nip, he turned her around to face him.

As usual, she bit her lip, wanting to hide her breasts.

“Don’t Darlin’. You know better.” His voice was low and deep.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her to him, kissing her so sensually that she could have came right then. Henry walked her backwards, the bottom of her voluptuous ass hitting a table.

With the aid of her fiancée’s skilled hands, he hoisted her up, her body still flush with his. Henry pecked her lips, giving little licks between his words, “I’m goin’ to taste you, Sweetheart.”

Ashley froze for a moment. They’d had sex before, yes, but oral sex was not something they’d had time for.

“Oh, okay.” She stuttered.

Henry started leaving a wet, kissing trail down her chest, lifting a breast and twirling his tounge around her nipple.

She moaned, holding his head and watching him as he looked up at her.

He switched between firm, slow licks to fast, hard sucks.

“Oh my god,” Ashley gasped.

He felt her rub her thighs together and was more than willing to remedy her.

Switching to her unattended breast, he gave sharp nips and soothing licks while running a hand up her smooth leg.

Carefully, he spread her legs, opening her up to him. Immediately the fresh scent of her womanhood filled his senses as her dress was dragged up to her thighs.

Henry’s eyes rolled, his fingers quickly dipping in between her swollen lower lips.

Ashley slammed her hands against the table, her mouth agape with a gasp.

Henry growled, her nipple slipping from his lips.

“Henry,” Ashley moaned, the need clear in her voice.

She leaned back as he bent at the waist, spreading her with his index and middle finger.

Her thighs quivered with anticipation; her eyes wild as she watched his tounge sneak out from mustache covered mouth.

Ashley found herself completely enthralled as Henry lapped at her wetness. With each pass of his tounge over her budded clit, her tummy spasmed, her moans almost to the point of whining.

Henry pulled her bottom closer to the edge and took off his hat. He wanted her to watch and he wanted to see the look of bliss on her face.

He knelt before her, his grin knowing.

“What are you- Ohmygod!” Ashley’s eyes rolled into the back of her head when Henry’s tounge entered her entrance.

He curved his tounge inside of her, then licked up her slit, lightly sucking on her clit.

With her legs over his shoulders, he held her ass in a firm grip as he went back to her entrance.

Straightening his tounge to tighten the muscle, he bobbed his head slowly between her legs, imitating what he planned on doing to her with his hard length.

He felt her toes curl against her back as she rolled her hips against his mouth.

“Hen- Henry, please!” She begged, needing him deep inside of her.

Slowly, he left wet, tounge-filled kisses on her wetness, giving her clit one last suck before moving up her body.

Her chest was heaving, a slight sheen from sweat coating her. Ashley’s bottom was placed back on the table, though Henry made sure to leave her legs spread.

“Touch yourself,” he growled, starting to undo the buttons of his britches.

With hesitant fingers, Ashley dipped them into herself, putting her head back as she drew them out of her entrance and over her slit, making sure that she was primed for her fiancée.

Finally, Henry’s hardness sprang from his long John underwear. He stroked himself, watching Ashley’s fingers circle her clit.

Not able to take it anymore, he approached her, coating the head of his shaft with her slickness.

She removed her hand, holding on to the table.

Henry teased her entrance, the head of him enveloped in her wet heat before he slowly pulled out and repeated the action over and over.

Ashley licked her lips, watching his shaft as he finally sunk into her, “God, yes.” She moaned.

“Yes Ma'am,” Henry growled.

He held her hips, moving in and out of her at a steady pace.

It wasn’t taking them long to come, Henry’s teasing having them at the brink already.

“Ashley! Miss Collins!” It was Kyle Jansen.

Henry’s growl was low and one of warning.

Ashley brought his ear to her mouth, her moans and gasping out of control, “Don’t you fucking stop Delarue.”

Henry thrusted, his own moan loud.

Ashley continued, “You make me scream your name,” she whimpered at the firm stroke of his hardness, “You make sure he hears me come for you,”

At that, Henry lost all sense of control. Gripping her breast firmly, he held on, his hips snapping against hers as he fucked her with near brute force.

She wanted to scream? Oh she was going to. That mother fucker would know who she belonged to.

He spoke dirty, his mouth so filthy that Ashley didn’t know what to make of it.

“This pussy is mine, baby girl, you hear me?”

She bit her lip, loving this side of him.

“I want to hear you say it. Who’s pussy is this baby girl?”


Ashley was too quiet for his liking. He pulled out, pushing in and hitting her spot, “Who’s?”

“Ahhh, your’s!” She cried out.

He repeated the same action, his strokes long and hard, “Again!”

“Fu- your’s Henry, your’s!”

His hand snaked over her thigh, rubbing her clit as he made his thrusts fast but gentle.

“Ohhh, god… don- don’t stop!” She mewled, her back arching.


Her scream sent him over the edge, spilling his seed as his thrusts lost rhythm.

He groaned, looking up at Kyle Jansen who stared wide eyed at the scene.

With a quickness that Kyle didn’t know that Henry had, he watched as Henry still fucked his fiancée. It was the cocking of the gun that he didn’t register.

“What are you lookin’ at boy?” Delarue asked, his hips stilling.

Ashley lay in heap, her arm covering her breasts as she continued to orgasm around Henry, voyeurs be damned.

“You best get boy and never say a word!” Henry warned.

Kyle held his hands up as Henry resumed thrusting in and out of Ashley.

“Now get the hell out!”

Kyle spun around, running off into the night.

The sounds of Ashley and Henry coming again echoed throughout the barn and even over the fields.

It was one hell of a night.


The kitten's awake | OtaYuri

A/N: Oh my, I am no senpai ^^;; I hope you enjoy this, dear 💕 I’m sorry if you find a few mistakes, I wrote this from my phone.

Summary: Otabek Altin didn’t want to do this.

Words: 1,387 (under the cut)

Otabek felt his cheeks burning as soon as he opened his eyes, Yuri’s face millimeters away from his face. He was still asleep, long eyelashes resting upon the softness of his slightly pink cheekbones and mouth slightly opened, letting out soft snores that sounded no more than kitten’s purrs.

Yuri scrunched his nose when a strand stray of hair tickled its tip and Otabek chuckled, using his fingers to carefully remove it, his fingertips tracing the side of Yuri’s face, from his forehead to his chin, making Yuri sigh and snuggle the side of his face deeper into his pillow.

Only when he started to move to get up from bed, Otabek noticed that his legs were messily tangled with Yuri’s, who groaned just a little when he felt his body being moved. Otabek let out a long sigh as he tried to get his legs back from the mess. He made it just after a few tries and about two or three whines from Yuri.

The tiles were just slightly cold under his bare feet as he walked to the bathroom, doing his needs, brushing his teeth and washing his face before leading to the kitchen where the first thing he did was put some water and coffee into the coffeemaker.

He stretched his arms up, his spine popping into place and the muscles of his legs hurting just a little bit after a little training with Yuri the previous day. Training that only consisted into a very giggly Yuri chasing Otabek around the ice because he stole a pirozhki from his lunch.

Otabek smiled at the memory, his cheeks only warming a little bit remembering Yuri’s smile as he poured some coffee in two cups. Taking a sip from his cup, he checked the clock up in the wall and letting out another sigh, he decided he needed to wake up Yuri now.

“Well look at you”, Otabek whispered, looking at a still sleeping Yuri who was laying on his back, blanket covering past his hips and down to his ankles. “Aren’t you the most comfy kitten in the house, Yuri?”

Otabek sat on the bed right beside Yuri and he chuckled when he noticed Yuri’s shirt all the way up to the bottom of his ribs, flashing his toned belly. Otabek smiled and leaned down to kiss the warm skin, Yuri hummed a little.

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Losing It

           Losing your virginity to Niall was mostly an accident. Well, it wasn’t planned for that night. It just…sort of happened. You didn’t mind.

           By this point in your four month relationship with Niall, you had done just about everything but lose your virginity. Something about Niall had you constantly on edge, in a good way. A simple touch of his hand on your arm had you burning inside, and, more importantly, wet between your legs. So you had made your way through some awkward, giggly blowjobs that improved with time, and Niall had devoured you on numerous occasions, those thick fingers of his often included.

           One night you wound up at his flat, sitting on his too-expensive couch and watching some sort of murder mystery off of Netflix. You weren’t really watching it, because your mind was otherwise occupied, and it was occupied with this: why hadn’t the two of you had sex? You had done everything else – not that you were bored of it, just ready. Was he waiting on you to verbally express that?

           You turn slightly, eyeing Niall’s profile. He’s watching the TV intently, absorbed in the murder show. You study him for a minute, watching as his eyes remain fixed on the television, tongue poking out at the corner of his lips to wet them every now and then.

           “Hey Ni?” You ask, and he hums in response, head slightly turning towards you but not entirely. Courage don’t fail you now. “Would you like to have sex with me?”

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anonymous asked:

could you do a nsfw scenario where dazai is giving a female reader oral under the table? (sorry your nsfw scenarios are jus so good >///<)

I live for that ;)

Pairing: Dazai x f! Reader
Genre: NSFW

Another boring meeting stood on the Agency’s doorstep. Things like payment, shifts and other issues would be discussed that day and like always, Dazai, also known as your lover, would skip that meeting. 
It wasn’t unusual for Dazai to skip important things happening in the Agency, everyone was already used to it.
You just finished cleaning the large, oval-shaped table everyone would gather at in a while. Already sitting down on your seat, a sigh escaped your pink lips; you definitively weren’t ready for another uninteresting session in your life, but some things had to be done even if they were equal to chores.
The brown-haired male seemed to have a sixth sense for you as he opened the door and his honeybrown eyes spotted your already exhausted body.

“Say, [Name]..” Dazai spoke in a devious voice, his hands being stuffed in the pockets of his trench coat. It already dawned on you; every time Dazai planned something, this kind of voice would reach your ears. 
The brunette detective flashed you a cheeky smile, went underneath the table and started caressing your calves, his eyes catching a shot of your [f/c] panties from underneath the skirt. 
“How about I keep you some company? But you have to be quiet!~” Dazai chirped in a happy-go-lucky tone and carefully pushed the chair you sat on closer to the table.

You probably shouldn’t have agreed on Dazai’s offer. But it was too late; Ranpo, Yosano, Kunikida, Tanizaki, Naomi and simply everyone was already in the meeting room sitting on their seats and greeting each other. 
“I think the Agency needs more candy.” Ranpo was the first to speak up with a bag of chips in his hand which was already half empty - or half full, in Ranpo’s opinion.
“You’d pay for that, right, Ranpo-san?” Yosano chuckled, already imagining how much Ranpo would pay just to get more candy than he already had.

Meanwhile, you were gulping down the lump in your throat as you felt chapped lips place kisses on your calves up to your inner thighs; each kiss was a bit wetter and sloppier. Long, slender fingers pushed your panties to the side. Even Dazai knew it’d be a bad idea to pull them down like he’d usually do.
A pleasant shiver rolled down the curves of your spine and lingered between your hips, your heartrate increased.
Dazai’s lips were adorned by a smirk as he cupped your womanhood with his hand, rubbing it very carefully and tenderly.
“I-I’m pretty sure we can delay this subject to l-later.” You chuckled sheepishly, trying to ignore Dazai’s company between your legs. “We have more important things to discuss, right?” [e/c]-tinted orbs darted over to Fukuzawa who nodded in agreement, grabbed a file and skimmed through its content.

There was little to nothing you could do to stop the slight throbbing between your legs. Breathing out a soft huff, the male between your legs knew exactly you’d struggle soon.
Dazai used his thumb to rub your clit in slow circles; your toes curled, legs tensed up as well as your spine. Oh, how much Dazai loved to gain that kind of reaction from you. 
The discussion above him was loud and heated. Perfect.
Grabbing your hips, you’re slowly pulled closer to Dazai’s face, his hot breath tickling your sensitive areas. 
Dazai removed his thumb from your clit and replaced the lack of touch with his tongue, dragging it through your moistened folds a few times. 
Pressing your lips together, you held in a moan and tried spreading your legs further apart. One silent glance towards your brown-eyed lover, one silent question to spread your legs..and it was denied.

“How about [Name]-san and I switch shifts?” Atsushi asked in a curious yet quiet manner. No one seemed to be against it, only your approval was missing. With your hazy mind, you weren’t able to completely focus on what was going on and only nodded your head, being afraid of moaning out loud if you opened your mouth to speak.
“Say, are you alright? You look like you’re having a fever.” Kunikida stopped scribbling in his notebook as he scrutinized your reddened cheeks and spotted a few sweat drops on your skin. 
It took all of your will not to make any sexual noise.
“I..I simply caught a c-cold..”
“Very well then.”

As a reward for such a plausible explanation, Dazai started happily sucking away on your clit as if it was his favorite candy. Giving it a few more kisses and kitten-like licks, Dazai pulls away to admire his work.
The sensitive bundle of nerves was already swollen and your arousal stained the chair you sat on. Placing his hands on your thighs, Dazai dipped his head back in, circled your entrance with the tip of his tongue and finally inserted his slippery muscle to thrust it at a pleasant pace.
In return, you gripped the table’s edge, small pants leaving your lips; to your luck, they were barely audible. Nails probably left light marks in the wooden table. 
Thanks to Dazai’s actions, you didn’t even notice that the meeting was close to coming to an end.

“Now we should discuss the payment.” Fukuzawa ended the previous discussion about switching shifts and carried on with everyone’s approval.
“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fine with what I get per month.” A gentle smile was placed on Tanizaki’s lips, his eyes looked like they were searching for any kind of disagreement.

Dazai lowly growled from deep within his chest, mumbling how sweet you were; his nose pressing up against the bundle of nerves.
He made sure to let his tongue explore every angle he could possibly reach, the taste of your arousal made him more eager, greedier. Brown locks tickled your thighs as Dazai pushed his head closer to your dripping pussy, simultaneously nipping on the sides of it. 
Each shiver that rolled down your spine brought you one step closer to your badly-wanted orgasm, each suck and nip made you wanna go crazy.

“..with this being said, I end the meeting.” 
Finally. Every Agency member stood up and left the room. Atsushi was about to leave, but ever since he knew you caught a cold, the light-haired teen was worried about your health. “[Name]-san? Do you need anything?” 
Damnit. You had to answer this question. “I..just..need a minute. G-go ahead, please..” 
Atsushi smiled in a kind way, believed your little excuse and left the room as well, closing the door behind him.

As soon as the door fell into the lock, your legs were thrown over the chair’s arm rests and Dazai kissed your glistening womanhood, letting his tongue prod the entrance just to see you shiver and squirm.
“Ngh~ Let me c-cum, pleasee~” You kept your voice down and yet it was just as needy and begging as it usually was when Dazai did certain things to you. Given the situation and how well you behaved, your lover didn’t deny your little request. 
Dazai’s tongue picked up the pace, his fingers pinching and rubbing your clit. You leaned your head back, put your palm over your mouth and squuezed your eyes shut. The familiar tight knot in your tummy threatened to explode and you weren’t wrong about that. 
A few flicks and thrusts later, you released your cum all over Dazai’s tongue. Groaning, Dazai accepted your sweet juices. You moaned into your palm to muffle the sexual sound, arched your back, let your eyes roll. “Damnit..D-Dazai..~”

“Hmm? Someone seems to have enjoyed herself~” Dazai pulled away from his place between your legs, repositioned your panties and skirt and shot you a sweet grin as if nothing happened.
“S-Shut it, i-idiot..” Slowly but surely, you came down from your high, took a deep breath and sat on the chair like you used to during the meeting.
The suicidal brunette offered you a hand.

“Let’s get you home. After all, I must nurse you back to health~”

Needy (Mark Tuan Smut)

Genre: Smut

Mark x Reader

It was nearly 1AM when you woke up from your sleep. You were so thirsty; a warm cup of tea sounded nice, especially since it was a chilly night. You got out of your bed and pulled on your boyfriend, Mark’s, dark red flannel that was hanging on the edge of the bed. It was quite cold since you only had on your lingerie, but the flannel helped. Not to mention, it made you feel happy on nights like these that you had to spend alone without Mark by your side. Mark had been practicing late with his friends and he had called you earlier to say that he was going to crash at his friend, Jackson’s, house. You understood completely, but nights without him by your side were absolutely restless; hopefully a nice cup of tea could help.

You headed towards the kitchen and grabbed a tea kettle out of the cabinet. You filled it with water and placed it on the stove to heat it up. Just as you finished doing so, you heard the sound of the backdoor near the kitchen unlocking. You were startled at first, but you calmed down after seeing who it was. It was Mark.

“Mark, what are you doing here?” You interrogated him in surprise. Afterall, he said he’d be gone until the morning.

“Hey, i do live here, you know.” Mark laughed at your blunt expression. His laughter turned into a state of shock when he realized what you were wearing. He thought you looked stunning even though you were casual.

“You told me you’d be at Jackson’s the whole night.” You answered him. Suddenly, the tea kettle began to whistle and you walked over to turn off the stove.

“Well, i wanted to come home to be with you. Jackson isn’t all that fun to cuddle with, not to mention he doesn’t smell as good either.” He leaned against the kitchen counter, crossing his arms and watching your every move as you continued to make your tea.

“Actually, Jackson smelled pretty good last time i was around him.” You laughed as you poured the steaming water into a mug. Mark didn’t respond, but you felt his eyes on you, scanning your body intensely, watching you as you ripped open the tea bag packet and plunged it into the hot water. After a long period of him not saying a word, you began to wonder what was up with him. Usually, he was so chatty and talkative especially with you. You looked up and him and asked, “You okay? Got something on your mind?”

He snapped out of his trance and locked his eyes with yours as he lowly mumbled, “I guess i have a thing or two on my mind.”

You took a sip from your mug and placed it back on the counter. Mark was leaning his back and the palm of his hands against the counter and you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was. He was only wearing tight jeans and a plain white t shirt that was tucked into them, but he somehow made something so casual look so inviting. His dark hair was pushed out of his face so you could see every single feature his face had to offer: his dark eyes, his sharp jawline, his red lips that were now parted a little, etc. You walked over to where he was leaning aginst the counter and wrapped your arms around his neck, making him lean back a little bit more.

“So, what’s on your mind, babe?” You glared at him and the minute your eyes met his, you knew exactly what was on his mind, but you wanted to hear his answer.

“Just how cute you look in that flannel. Where’d you get it?” He teased, a slight grin spreading across his lips, his hands gripping your hips.

“Oh, i got it from this guy, he’s pretty cute.” You teased back, fluttering your eyelashes in an innocent manner.

“Yeah? What does he look like?” He asked as his eyes fought the urge to fall down to your body where the flannel was open, exposing your bare skin featuring your black lingerie. His hands locked behind your back, pulling you in slightly closer to his warm body.

“Well, he has these pretty, dark eyes that i adore. He has this really nice chest that he only lets me see, maybe his friends too if they’re lucky.” You began to list off his perfections as you ran your fingers along the line that defined his bicep. “He also has these red lips…” You trailed off into a whisper while you took your bottom lip in between your teeth. You stood on the tips of your toes to bring your face closer to his. There were only inches between both of your faces, you could even feel his shaky breath hitting your top lip every so often.

Mark was the type who still got a powerful rush through his body whenever he was close to you or if the two of you were kissing, or any sort of touching for that matter. Even though the two of you had kissed, touched, and even had sex before, a simple touch could still excite him. He found you so beautiful, almost mesmerizing and he felt lucky to have someone like you to himself.

“…these red lips that could send chills through my body. I just want to kiss them so badly right now.” You continued, purposely licking your lips after you spoke because you knew he was watching.

“Maybe you should just do it.” He murmured in a deep voice that was now full of lust and hunger. You could tell by his tone that he was desperate and you had him right where you wanted him. Taking his suggestion, you slowly leaned in to mold your lips with his. Eagerly, he tightened his hold around your waist and returned the kiss, but it wasn’t as soft as you had started out. He kissed you deep as his tongue brushed pass your lips to graze over your tongue. His tongue wrestled with yours for dominance; of course, he won that dominance. His hands unlocked from each other to move down to your thighs, giving them a little squeeze to let you know to jump. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist as he held you up by your thighs. Effortlessly, still kissing you, he made his way back to your bedroom. It was dark with only a dim lamp illuminating the room, but without fail, he made his way towards the bed and sat you down on it. He pulled away from you to pull his shirt over his head and toss it to the side. He then hooked his arms under your arms and climbed on top of you, his bare chest pressing firmly against your clothed chest. He kissed a trail from your lips, to your jawline, and to your neck. He stopped at your neck to harshly, but lovingly suck on your weak spots. He tangled his fingers into your hair to lightly tug your head back only to reveal more of your neck to him. He loved giving your marks all over your body, it made him feel confident. It was a reminder that you were his and only his to him. As he kissed and sucked on your neck his hands moved from your thighs to your waist. Then, they began to creep up to your chest. He gave your clothed breasts a squeeze that won a soft moan out of you.

“You’re already moaning? I haven’t even touched you yet.” He smirked as he started to kiss further down your body. He pulled open your flannel to expose your almost naked body.

“Mark…please do something.” You begged, becoming needy. You wanted him to quit all the teasing and just love your entire body all ready.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” He looked up at you, making eye contact as he began kissing the tops of your boobs and in between them. He left long trails of kisses from the valley between your boobs to your belly button.

“Quit it, you know i hate begging and waiting like this.” You groaned at how painfully slow he was moving. Mark was the type who loved to hear you say exactly what you wanted him to do to you. It made his heart beat faster and his pants become tighter when he heard the dirty little things that could escape a pretty mouth like yours.

“I guess i’ll just have to go slower then.” He smirked against your tummy and that only made you squirm more. You hated the way he teased you so much. He moved down your body a little bit more until he was between your legs, his face leveled with where you were aching for him the most. He softly pecked at your inner thighs as he inched your black panties down your legs. He was going at an unbelievably slow pace, you couldn’t wait any longer. It was almost agonizing.

“Mark, please, all i want you to do is fuck me. Please just get on top of me already.” You whined which nearly made you cringe at how desperate you sounded. You hated begging, but you didn’t care. The only thing that was on your mind was Mark and the dampness between your legs.

“That’s my girl.” An accomplished grin spread across his face as he slid your panties completely off and tossed them to the side. He grabbed your hips to bring you closer to him and without warning he pressed his tongue between your wet folds. You let out a short moan at the sudden connection. His tongue lapped over your sensitive clit. He then slipped two fingers into you which made your back arch. He always knew the right pace to go and exactly where to touch you. It didn’t take him long to find the spot that could have you screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear. He picked up his pace and just as your first orgasm of the night was about to wash over you, he stopped completely, removing his fingers from you.

“Mark, what the hell?” You groaned at the unwanted emptiness between your legs. He returned back to his position on top of your body.

“I want you to save it all for me, i’m sorry, princess. You’ll be thanking me later.” He promised you as he tinderly kissed your lips again, giving you a taste of yourself. You flipped him over to change positions so you were now on top of him.

“It’s your turn now.” You smirked, ready to please him better than anyone else ever could. You straddled him and ran your hands against his smooth, fit chest and abs. He sat up for a moment to take your flannel and your bra off of you in which he placed beside him. You were now completely naked on top of him. You kissed his collarbones down to his defined abs, lightly sucking on his torso to create your own marks on him. You were now between his legs. You slid his jeans off of him as he watched your every move in anticipation. You pushed his discarded jeans off of the bed and began to work on his boxers. As you removed his boxers, his hard on slapped against his torso.

“Glad to know i’m not the only ‘eager’ one here.” You giggled as you dragged your fingers across his large length. The only response he gave you was a shiver from your touch. Now he was the one desperate for your touch. Mark was always the dominant one in bed but there were times like this where you had him bounded down, hungry for your touch. Unable to resist any longer, you licked him from the middle of his length to the tip. You sucked on his tip for awhile until you took all of him in at once. You bobbed your head, twirling your tongue around his soft tip. He began moaning and breathing unsteadily. He reached down to your head to form a makeshift ponytail as you sucked him off.

“Fuck, come ride me baby, i can’t wait any longer.” He demanded as he pulled you by the arm on top of him so you straddled him. “Wait, but put this on.” He grabbed the flannel you previously had on and tossed it over your shoulders.

“Why?” You questioned as you slipped yours arms back into the sleeves.

“Because i love fucking you while you’re wearing my clothes, it’s so damn hot.” He explained and he slowly pushed into you without a warning. You let a loud moan of pleasure at the feeling of him filling you up. You held him down by placing your palms against his chest. You began to bounce and grind down him, his hands gripping your hips hard to keep your motion going. You sped up a little which made a loud, deep moan escape from his parted lips. His head was now dipped back and you could tell he was close to finishing, so you slowed down because you wanted the moment to last longer. Unable to deal with your slower pace, he flipped you back over so you were beneath him once again.

“Only i can do the teasing, babe.” He said as he aggressively yanked your head back to kiss on your neck. As he did so, he bucked his hips into you with a steady, deep thrust. Each thrust almost made you bite down onto your lip hard enough to bleed.

“Go faster, please.” You begged him and he actually listened to you. He picked up his pace and slammed into you even faster than before, filling the room with the sound of skin slapping against skin and harmonized moans. When your moans became out of control, he returned his lips to yours to soothe you. It only worked a little. “I’m so close.” You said, out of breath.

“Cum for me then.” He whispered in your ear and that was all you needed to hear. The mixture of his voice and him hitting your weak spot made the tight knot in your core unravel as euphoria washed over the both of you. Moments after you came, he finished too, filling you up completely with his warm liquid. He moaned a line of profanities as he slowed his pace down to a stop and pulled out of you. He rolled off of you and pulled you into his sweaty chest, the two of you attempting to catch your breath.

“I’m glad i decided to come home.” He smiled an innocent smile. You looked up at him and he looked back at you, his dark lustful eyes were now replaced with soft, caring ones. It was amazing how he could be so aggressive one minute, but so innocent the next.

“I’m glad you came home too.” You cuddled closer to his body as his fingers ran over your shoulder and your arm. “Also, you shouldn’t lend this flannel to Yugyeom, Jackson, or anyone else anymore either.” You blushed.

“You’re probably right. They’d be so grossed out if they borrowed it and later found out i made love to my girlfriend in that.” He laughed against your cheek, giving it a few sweet kisses.

“And don’t you dare give them in it on purpose as a prank either.” You scolded him as if you could read his thoughts.

“I swear i won’t! Even though it’d be funny, i won’t.” He promised. Despite him being the oldest out of his friends, he sometimes made the most childish decisions, even if they were funny at times.

“Also, Mark?”


“I still want my tea.” You said which only made him giggle.

“Of course, i’ll go make a fresh cup for you okay? You want anything else, princess?” He asked. He was such a caring boyfriend, he took great care of you.

“No, i just want you and some tea.” You responded and he giggled against your forehead.

“No problem, i love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You responded and gave him one last kiss on his lips.

The perfect wake up call?Or The perfect dream?

Howdy! So this story is a little more dirtier than the other stories I’ve written so far. That meaning it has 18+ theme in it for the mention of tickling in private places and a small little sex scene. If you don’t like don’t read please! Anyway thank you and I hope you enjoy! ——————————————————————————–———————-

I feel a soft feathery touch on my feet, I try and kick it away. I then feel the touch again on my thighs, I squirm a little. I can then feel the touch of the feather on my nipples, I open my eyes. Darkness. That’s all I see, I squeeze my eyes shut and open them again, still dark. I try and move whatever is on my face off, I can’t. My hands are bound to the bed spreading my arms wide. I try my feet, they are bound to the bed to. By the way each tug on the restrains feel I would say I would be spread eagle. I struggle more and before I feel the feather touch move from nipple to nipple all the way down to my shaved pussy. I stop squirming and squeak loudly. I feel a heavy weight crawl in the bed and lay in top of me. “Good morning my sweetheart. You just looked so cute in your sleep, and when I went to wake you all I got were soft and quiet giggles. I thought this would be a perfect wake up call.” He whispers gently in my ear. I feel his fingers gently rub up and down my sides. That’s when I realize I was completely naked and at his mercy. I make a quiet whine, alerting him that I know what’s going to happen.

He kisses my cheek and then my lips before saying “if you beg enough I’ll remove the blind fold. But for now you’ll just have to be surprised. My little ticklish girl.” I’m about to make a sassy remark when I feel his finger tips run up and down my inner arms. I giggle and try and move my arms. He tickles my arms for minute or two before going to town on my shaved arm pits. Scratching his nail in them, I can’t help but Yelp and laugh loudly. “ Awwww look at my ticklish girl laugh and squirm!! Such ticklish armpits you have!! Tickle tickle tickle!!” I shake my head side to side and laugh harder. “ PLEASE!!!! NOHOHO TICKLEHEHEHE TALK!!!” I beg before I erupt in more giggles.

I feel him softly kiss each arm I can’t help but giggle. I can feel in smile and kiss my neck gently. While I was enjoying the kisses I forgot what his main goal was, until his fingers found my breast. “No no no please please hehehehe not my boobs hehehe it ticklesssss to much hehehe!” I beg and try and hold in my giggles. I feel his fingers tickling around my large breast tickling them on the sides, near my nipples, under my boobs. I stifle my giggles letting a few escape. Until he lets his fingers gently and softly brush over my hard sensitive nipples. I jump arching off the bed and giggling no holding back.

“Hehe nohoho hehe pleasehehehe!!!! mmmmmmmmhehehehehe!!!! Ahhh!!!” I couldn’t help the small moans that were escaping with the giggles. It tickled but also felt so pleasurable. I feel him lean over me agin fingers still at work when I hear his husky voice in my ear again this time switching form ear to ear. “ my my my! Someone’s getting turned on by having her nipples tickled! Such ticklish nipples. Oh how I love hearing your sweet moans mix with the sweetness of your laughter. My. Ticklish. Little. Girl.” His fingers switching between pinging one and ticking the other. I tried to make a sentence but it was no use all I could get out was “hehe you hehe hard hehe mean hehe.” Then I felt something soft yet hard and wet rub against my nipples, I moaned loudly, he had just added that evilly sexy mouth of his to my ticklish pleasure.

He sucked and nibbled on my hard nipples. “ mmmm please ahh please mmmmm I’m going to cum!” I moaned and grinned my hips against his covered bulge. By the way the fabric felt I could tell he was in his boxers. He sucked and pinched my nipples harder till I was about to cum. He stopes, before I can yell and complain I feel vibrating bristles on my nipples I scream with laughter and wiggle around doing nothing but giving new spots for the evil tools to tickle. “Oops did I forget to tell you I brought my toys out? Awww my bad my ticklish girl. I bet these feel ten times worse since you can’t see these electric tooth brushes buzz in your aching nipples. Tickle tickle tickle!” I wiggles and thrashed and laughed. “ PLEASE! At hehe least hahaha let me hehehehe seeheheheeeee!!!” I begged over and over not for him to stop, but for me to watch. I felt the toothbrush turn off and put down. I panted and took deep breaths.

“Close your eyes, I’m going to take the blind fold off but close your eyes first sweetheart.” I nodded and closed my eyes, I felt his fingers remove the blind fold. “ now slowly open your eyes.” I do just that. The faint glow from the bedside lamps are on and as I look at him I smile. He leans down and kisses me and smiles back. He then arranges me so I can see all the way down to my feet, with pillows propping me up. He lightly tickles my belly for a few minutes watching me wiggle and laugh, before kissing each nipple and kissing his way down my tummy and lightly kisses my soaking wet pussy, he keeps kissing down to my feet, kissing the soles and my toes. He places his hands under my knees and lightly tickles. “ tickle tickle tickle, what ticklish spot you have here! Tickles doesn’t it? Oh I’m sorry are my wiggling fingers tickling you?” He says as he tickles behind my knees and my knee caps. I shake my legs and watch his hands as he tickles me.

He stops and moves down to my feet, I try to pull my feet away but it was no use. He shows me three tickle toys that will drive me insane first a small hair brush, the second the electric tooth brush, and lastly two feathers. “ now my ticklish girl, were going to play a game.Pick a number 1-3. And that’s the tool I’ll tickle you with until I ask for you to pick a new number. Ok?” I giggle and wiggle my toes “hehe yes” I giggle as his fingers teasingly rub up and down my feet. “ 1,2,or3? My ticklish little sweetheart” I squirm and kick my feet knowing how badly this is going to tickle. “3” I say. He smiles and picks up the electric tooth brush. I whine and giggle as he starts with my left foot. As it came to life and touched under my toes I was gone.

“HAHAHA NOHOHO PLEASEEHEHE!!!! NOT UNDER HEHEHE THEHEHE TOESSSSHEHE!!” I did my best to kick as I laughed and watch him move the brush around my toes, the sole, and all over my foot. He then repeated the tickling on my right foot. “1 or 2?” He asks as he turns off the tooth brush. I pant and catch my breath as I try and think. “1” I say as I watch what he grabs next, the hair brush, of course just my luck. “My my, you must love having these brushes on your poor feet. Such a ticklish little girl, and look at how wet it’s made you naught little girl! Enjoying my tickling all over your naked body.” I try and close my legs and deny I was wet. Before I could make a remark on how the tent in his boxers was as big as a tree he pressed that brush into my feet and tickled them. “ hehehe please hehehe it tickles hehehe the arch hehe is hehe so sensitive hehehehe” I giggle and squirm as he tickles my feet.

I soon feel the brush being put away. I’m given time to catch my breath and he offers me some water. I nod my head and he places a straw to my lips as I drink the water. When I’m done he kisses my lips and palms my breast. “ I have a special treat that goes with number 2.” He tells me as he gets up and gets something out of a small bag it’s a small egg vibrator and tape. My eyes go wide and I try to close my legs. He crawls between my legs and tickles my thighs by lightly grabbing and pinching them. I laugh and spread them back open. He places the toy on my clit and tapes in place. He crawls back to my feet remote in hand, he turns the toy on the lowest setting and I arch off the bed and moan. I wiggle my hips as the buzzing toy teases me. I watch him waiting for the feathers, but he first enjoys the show of me wiggling and moaning. He’s stroking himself through his boxers. Watching him is making me wetter and closer to cumming, of course he knows and turns it off. Then I feel the feathers.

He slides the feathers between my toes and over my soles. “Ohohoho please! I was heheh so hahaha closeheheh! Please let me cum hehehe ahhhh hahahaha mmmmm hehehe” I beg and in the middle of my begging he turns the toy on to high. My hips are humping the air and the room is filled with my laughter and moans. “ Awww do you want to cum? Does my little tickle slut want to cum while having her ticklish soft feet tickles?” I laugh and get close again to cumming before he stops me. I groan and giggle as he keeps tickling my feet. “Yes! Please let your tickle slut cum! Hehehe tickle me anywhere with hehehehe anything! Just hehehe let me cum hehehe.” I begged. He stops tickling my feet and uncuffs them. He crawls over to me and takes off his boxers.

I moan and catch my breath before I feel his hard cock rub against my entrance. “Please fill me, fill your tickle slut please!” I beg and wrap my legs around him. He slides in as he moving he turns the toy back on and tickles my butt cheeks. I squeal and moan. Until we both finish and fall on the bed extremely tired. He carefully removes himself and the toy off my body. I quiver and moan softly. He then uncuffs my hands.He reaches for the water and offers me some. “ come on sweetheart drink some water for me please.” I take a few big sips of the water before he drinks some. He pulls me against him and I fall into a peaceful sleep. The last thing I heard him say was “ goodnight My. Ticklish. Little. Girl.”


I roll over and turn my alarm off. Man these dreams are feeling more and more real each night! I stand up and stretch when two things happens. One I was naked and remember being fully clothed before bed. And two somethings was stuck to my leg. I look down and see the little vibrator and feather taped to my leg. Was it a dream? Or was it real?

SCM - MC getting a full body massage from Partheno

It has been a month since you dating Partheno. To celebrate the one month anniversary, he said that he is going to pamper you for the day. He brought you to the Temple of beauty in heaven and you recall that day where you fall in love with Partheno. However, you are surprise that no one was around today.

“It is kind of quiet today.” You asked in surprise.

“Of course! I have reserve the whole place just for you.” Partheno smiles sweetly at you and lead you into the room. Feeling conscious that you are now alone with him, you can feel your heart beat faster and faster. Partheno gives you an eyes pad and ask you to put it on.

“This will let you relax even better while you have your massage. I need you to lie down on the bed, but this time naked.” Partheno smirked.

“What? Naked?” You flustered.

“Well, I will give you a disposable paper panties just like your human world. I will snap my fingers to undress you after you lie down with your tummy facing down.” Partheno assure you.

You followed his instruction, thinking that other goddesses will be coming in to service you soon. You soon hear the snapping sound and feel the cold air surrounding you. However, there is no sign that that you can hear that the Goddesses are walking in.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that I will be doing the massage myself this time.” Partheno whispered into your ear teasingly.

You wanted to get up but soon realized that if you do so, your breasts will be exposing. You are also worried to remove your eyes pad and face him, because you can feel your face burning hot with embarrassment. Partheno apply some body oil on his hands and immediately starts massaging your shoulders. You feel tense being touch by him but soon give in to his tenderness. Feeling his strong, delicate and soft hands on your shoulders, you can feel your muscle starts to relax. He moves his hands gently down to your upper back and give a feel rub before moving down to your lower back. You immediately relax further and you totally forget all your embarrassment you feel earlier. Partheno is just so good at this.

He moves his hands way up gently to your upper back and slips his hands to the side of your body, caressing your breasts for a while before and slowly moving down to your waist. Your body shiver for a while but you just can’t tear away from the relaxation that you are enjoying now. Partheno now moves his hands to your feet and gently massage your toes and slowly move up to your calf. You once again feel your muscles relax further but can also feel the urge for him getting more intense. The way he touches you is so gentle and you want him to do more to you. His hands now start massaging your inner thighs and your heart beat even faster as it gets closer to your sensitive area. You feel electric shock runs around your body as he gives your clitoris a few gentle strokes. You feel his hands now slip underneath your disposable paper panties and rub your butt with both his hands.

“I need to give you a whole body massage.” Partheno teases, seeming to know what you are thinking now. “Now turn over.” Partheno continue.

“What? I will be exposing.” You exclaimed a bit over excitedly.

“Aren’t you enjoying the massage? You need to feel it all to further relax.” Partheno teased and you turn around as he requested with your eyes pad still covering your eyes. You tried to cover your breast with both your hands but were pushed away by Partheno.

“Just relax.” Partheno whispered into your ear and starts massaging your shoulders and moving downward to your collarbone. He gropes your breasts with both his hands and you can feel him massaging your breasts and pulling your nipples occasionally. You are embarrassed but can’t deny the fact that it is feeling good, especially with his soft hands on your skin. It is so good that you actually let him have his way with you. His hands now moves down to your tummy, stroking and massaging making you shiver with excitement. Partheno suddenly spread your legs apart and start massaging your calf again and slowly works his way up to your inner thighs.

“Oh mine! You are so wet below that your disposable panties is soaking. Let’s just removes it.” Partheno smirked.

Partheno already tears away the panties before you can stop him. You are now totally naked in front of him. He continues to massage your thighs but you soon feel hot breathe in between your thighs. Your breathing gets ragged with excitement and you can hear your heart beat even faster than earlier. You wanted to remove your eyes pad but scare to do so at the same time. You feel his hot tongue starts licking your clitoris and you let out a seductive moan. You feel his tongue lick his way down and lick his way up again, repeating the process again and again, making you shiver and moan nonstop. Not only his hands are good but his tongue is equally good. He spreads your folds apart and slips his tongue inside you. You arched your back up in pleasure but he holds your body down with his hands. His tongue twists inside your walls and sucking you deep. You can feel yourself getting wetter and wetter, not sure if it from his saliva or from your love juice. Just when you are about to reach your climax, he removes his tongue from you.

“Not only your skin feels smooth and silky, but your taste is seductive as well.” Partheno smirked and lift your legs over his shoulders.

He once again starts massaging your thighs and slowly moving to your tummy, and eventually massaging your breasts again. You moaned and enjoy the feeling when you suddenly let out a loud gasp. Partheno had penetrated his hard member inside you. You are so engross in his massage that you did not even hear him undress himself. His member is so hard and big, fitting all the gaps inside you. It is like it fit in perfectly just for him. With your legs still over his shoulders and his hands still groping your breasts, he starts oscillating his hips against you.

He moves slowly in the beginning and slowly increases his pace. He pulls all the way out and thrust back in again, hitting all your sensitive spots inside. Your breathing and moaning filled the room and you can also hear him breathing hard, as he increases his pace. You soon hear squishing sound at your virginal area due to the overflowing of your love juice mixing with his pre cum. Partheno moves his hands to grip your butt, lifting it higher which allowing him to hit even deeper inside you. You can feel his tip kissing your womb and you grab the bedsheet to control your body from twisting. Partheno continue to thrust faster and deeper and you feel yourself reaching your limit but at the same time wanted more of him. Hot liquid soon shot deep inside you, filling up your womb until it is over flowing.

Partheno removes your eyes pad and he looks down at you tenderly, while stroking gently at your cheeks with his both his hands. You are still trying to catch your breath but can’t tear away from his beautiful eyes. You never feel so good before and whatever your embarrassment is long gone.

“How is the massage? This is just for you.” Partheno teases while still continue stroking your cheeks.

“What if I asked for a second?” You blushed.

“I am more than happier to provide you with more until you had enough.” Partheno smirked and lean down to give you passionately kiss, whiles his hands caresses your naked skin again. True to his word, he continues to give you his special massage which you never find it enough.


Genre: smut

Warnings: smut obviously! ;) 


With a hand on your phone, scrolling trough your Instagram feed - double tapping the posts that caught your eye, you were sat in front of the blonde haired man in the busy club. Nodding and giving distant oh yeah?s as he rambled about something. You honestly didn’t know what he was on about, you stopped listening thirty minutes ago. He was hot though, with his light hair pushed back, intense green eyes and light stubble. His shirt revealing chiselled muscles underneath the fabric. But he was incredibly uninteresting. You took a swig of your drink, feeling it burn as you swallowed. You’re gonna need a few of these to get trough the night. You just wanted to come home with him, straddle his hips, get on with it and never return his calls.

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anonymous asked:

40 + victuuri (yuuri is practicing constantly and victor has to do something to get him to relax and spend time with him? 🙏🏻🙏🏻)

A/N: Ah, finally. This is the last Christmas drabble *cries* I am so happy. I hope you like this, Anon. I’m sorry it took me forever. I really hope you enjoy this. Also, I am closing prompts because I still have a few things to write. So yeap, tho you can send headcanons and stuff ♥ Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this. Thank you!

40. “Not now. I’m busy” - Victuuri.

Words: 1,571 (under the cut)

Victor sighed, shaking his head in disapproval; he was kind of expecting that Yuuri wasn’t there, but, in fact, he was right there, jumping and twirling in the rink. His black and thick hair pressed against his sweaty forehead and neck (since it was longer), his cheeks glowing a bit red because of the cold and the fatigue.

Victor leaned against the walls protecting the ice, his chin resting on the palm of his hand and his eyes following each of Yuuri’s movements, relishing on each of his curves and elegance… and how he keeps screwing his rutine because of exhaustion.

After five minutes he had enough and cupped his hands around his mouth.

“Yuuri!”, Yuuri stopped, turning his head to look at Victor, his shoulders moving up and down and his belly inflating and deflating with each heavy breath. “Yuuri, that’s enough. Let’s go back home”, Victor gave him one of those smiles he only gives to him. “Let’s get some Katsudon, Yuuri. It’s cold, yeah?”

Yuuri saw how red the tip of Victor’s nose was , just like the tips and the lobes of his ears. A black scarf around his neck and his hands covered in matching gloves. He looked rediculously warm and Yuuri’s skin tingled, wanting to be pressed against Victor’s body, but instead…

Not now, Victor. I’m busy”, and he started to skate again, he didn’t have time to see the look on Victor’s face darkening. He hummed, crossing his arms over his chest, a hand lifting until his index finger was right on top of his lips.

“Ah, I see”, he says in a rather loud voice to Yuuri for him listen. “At least you could take a little time since you weren’t there most of the day for my birthday, were you?”

Yuuri failed one of his jumps when he heard that, his cheeks burning of embarrassment when he remembered Victor’s birthday. He knew Victor was mad at him for that, even if he said he was not, because, after all, it was their first Christmas and the first Victor’s birthday they’d spend toegether. He swallowed the feeling of guiltiness crawling up his throat and stopped his rutine again to look at his boyfriend.

“I am really sorry about that, Victor and I’ll probably be sorry all my life,“ he says, looking down at his feet, “but i want to be better. So so so much better… so I can’t go with you right now”, with an elegant jump he came back to practice.

Victor let his arms fall as he sighed once again, puckering his lips into a tiny pout. “But I want you now, Yuuri!”, he stomped his feet like a child. “You’ve been here forever and we’re having vacation!”, Yuuri ignored him.

Even more than that, it was like Yuuri was incapable to hear him. He pouted, Victor Nikiforov can’t be ignored, especially not by his lover. Just no.

Fine”, he says, his eyebrow twitching and his fingers combing back his bangs. “Fine, Yuuri”, he stepped inside of the rink without skates. “You want me to be rude? I’ll be rude”.

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anonymous asked:

could you write about Harry filming the two of you while you're having sex? Do you think he'd do it? lots of love xx

Harry was always adventurous in the bedroom.  He liked experimenting, finding what turned you on and then using it to drive you into oblivion.  You were never quite sure what you might walk into on any given night and considering the kinds of text messages he’d been sending you all day, tonight would be no different.

You closed the front door, glancing around the front rooms and noticing nothing was out of place.  You let out a sigh.  Well, nothing was happening in here at least.

“Baby?”  You called out, met with complete silence.  

You walked into the kitchen and set your purse on the counter.  You noticed the entire kitchen had been cleaned from top to bottom.  Everything was spotless and in it’s designated space.  Which was great, but clearly nothing was happening in here.

You turned around to see the bedroom light on through a sliver in the door that was just cracked.  You took a minute to gather yourself before taking the steps towards your bedroom.  You pushed the door open to see the room bathed in more light than usual.  He must have brought in a few lamps from the other rooms.

He was standing in front of the dresser, fiddling with a video camera.  You kept your hand on the doorknob, nothing else in the room seemed to be out of place.  You cleared your throat, causing him to look up suddenly.  He instantly smiled,

“Oh…didn’t hear you come in.  Sorry about that.”  He set the video camera down and walked over to you, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek, “How was your day, My Love?”

You shrugged,

“Long, boring…”  You gestured to the video camera, “But I think you’re about to spice it up a little.”

Harry smiled his trademark charismatic smile,

“I had an idea today…and I was hoping you’d go along with it.  Might be fun.”  He said, his hands running down your arms.  You raised your eyebrows, waiting for him to continue.  He glanced back at the camera and then looked back at you, “Thought we could record ourselves…see how it goes.”

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Servamp: Don’t Laugh at Me

Hey guys! This was the first prompt that I received from @crows-with-keys! Who requested number 45..I think…for the sloth pair! So, I really hope you like this Crows! Please enjoy! :D

Mahiru knew this would be a disaster, but to think that it would only take two minutes for the whole thing to go south was shocking. Feeling his eye twitch, Mahiru closed the door of his the shared apartment, and toed off his shoes. There were Christmas ornaments rolling all over the floor of the hallway, and just by looking at how most of them were going in the direction of where his lazy Servamp was, the brunet just knew that something irritating was going to greet him once he walked into the living room. Sighing, Mahiru stepped around the ornaments, and prepared himself to see the mess, but when he opened his hazel eyes, what he saw was not what he expected at all. Blinking, the Eve rubbed his eyes, and took in the sight again, wondering if he was dreaming.

“Don’t laugh at me…” Kuro groaned, lying face first on the ground. The Servamp somehow had managed to wrap himself in blinking Christmas light from head to toe, and he was tangled. Biting his lip, Mahiru put his hand over his mouth as his breath began to hitch from held back laughter. Kuro seemed to notice his struggle, because he sighed, and tried to wiggle out of the Christmas light trap. But when he only managed to tangle himself more, Mahiru could no longer hold in his laughter, and let it burst as his body shook from the intensity of it. “What a pain…I told you not to laugh…”

“S-sorry Kuro…” Mahiru giggled out, rubbing his teary eyes as he tried to get his breath back from laughing so hard. Taking a deep breath, the brunet tip toed around more rolling ornaments, and kneeled down to look at the tangled Servamp. Another round of giggles shook the Eve’s body as he hid his smile behind his hand. Kuro rolled his eyes, and let out a annoyed tsk. Mahiru swallowed the last of his giggles, and glanced around the lights. How did the Servamp even manage this? “So…how did this happen?”

Kuro groaned out something about trying to test the lights, before he tripped over the box full of the shiny ornaments, and falling at the string lights tied around his legs. Mahiru blinked, and when it finally registered that the Servamp’s clumsiness got him into this mess, he could only shake his head. Letting out a sigh, the brunet gently pulled at the lights, and noticed that they were actually badly tangled. Frowning, the Eve’s hazel eyes wondered over the lights, before noticing the end of them near Kuro’s shirt covered belly. Reaching for it, Mahiru gently weaved it through the tangles, however when his fingertips brushed against the strip of skin that Kuro’s shirt didn’t protect, the Servamp twitched, and let out a small yelp. Blinking, Mahiru stopped moving, and glanced at Kuro’s flushing face, confused.

“Are you okay?” he asked, still trying to untangle his Servamp from the lights. Kuro nodded, but every time one of Mahiru’s fingers touched the soft skin of his tummy, the vampire would squirm and let out little peeps and meeps. Furrowing his brows, the Eve pulled one of the lights free from Kuro’s body, and let them drag across the other’s body slowly. Feeling the lights gently scraping at his tummy, Kuro jerked, and sudden small giggles began to flood from his mouth. By the time the lights were off part of his body, Mahiru had a mischievious smirk that would challenge something Hyde would have on his face. Kuro swallowed nervously, and struggled in his bonds slightly. “Oh…I think I see now! You’re ticklish, aren’t you, Kuro?”

“U-uh…no?” Kuro responded, making it sound more like a question. Cursing himself, the Servamp watched as Mahiru’s face darkened in glee, and trembled when the Eve’s fingers began to flutter across his tummy. Shaking his head, Kuro clenched his teeth shut as he tried to contain the spastic giggles that were threatening to escape from his lips. Smirking at the internal struggle his Servamp was having, Mahiru slid his hands up more into Kuro’s shirt, squeezing his ribs. The bluenette let out a gasp, and arched, trying to free his arms and legs from the light bindings. Mahiru snickered when Kuro’s red eyes widened as he fought, but with no mercy, Mahiru leaned down, while still tickling his ribs, and blew the biggest raspberry he could, and Kuro finally blew. “M-MAHIRU! N-nohohohohohoho! Not that! A-anything b-bhuhuhuhhut thahahahahahahahahat!”

Hearing the childlike laughter spring from the usually monotone Servamp, Mahiru glanced up surprised, and found himself blushing. Kuro squirmed more as the brunet wiggled his fingers down his ribs, and into the drips of his hips. Arching his back again, more hysterical giggles bubbled out of the Servamp’s mouth as his face flushed tomato red, and a huge forced smile etched itself on his lips. Tears of laughter began to well in his red eyes, and when the Eve’s hands began to squeeze at his fleshy thighs, and scratch at the sensitive skin between them, Kuro’s giggles turned frantic as he struggled harder. Hearing the lights beginning to snap, Mahiru glanced behind him, and saw how much the bluenette was struggling to free himself. Looking back at the Servamp’s face, Mahiru memorized the way tickling could break someone as powerful as Kuro.

“Okay, okay, I’m done,” Mahiru snickered out, stopping the tickling when he decided the other had enough. Placing his hands on Kuro’s warm tummy, the Eve felt every quick breath the Servamp made as he fought to get his breathing back to normal. Still seeing the small smile on his lips, Mahiru leaned up, and rubbed his fingers through Kuro’s blue hair, smiling when the Servamp let out a lazy purring sound. Seeing the red eyes open, Mahiru’s smile turned soft, as he finally finished the job of untangling Kuro. Once his arms and hands were free, the Servamp helped his Eve untangle his legs, and after ten minutes passed, the bluenette could finally move, and stand. “Now that you’re untied, and all the lights work…how about we finish the tree and then I will make us some hot cocoa?”

Hearing the hot cocoa part, Kuro’s eyes lit up a little, which made Mahiru snicker. Nodding his head, Kuro lazily helped his Eve pick up all the ornaments and lights that he scattered, and lay them on the tree. Once they were done, the two took a step back, and examined the tree. The many colored ornaments shined beautifully as the rainbow lights flickered around them. Mahiru nodded, satisified, before handing Kuro a gold star tree topper. Kuro blinked, but took the item and placed it on the tree. Seeing a plug, Kuro turned the star on, and watched at his lit up as well with amazement. Smiling at the childlike curiousity on his Servamp’s face, Mahiru stretched, and walked towards the kitchen. Kuro watched him leave, most likely to make the cocoa, and stared at the tree.

“My first Christmas with an Eve…” Kuro muttered, watching the lights flicker around the tree. Feeling a shy smile rise on his face, the Servamp glanced back towards the kitchen, and decided to see if his Eve would need any help. So, giving the tree one last glance, Kuro hurried to the kitchen, hoping Mahiru would accept his help. After all, the holidays are for spending time with someone special, right? Nodding his head at his own question, Kuro felt really grateful that Mahiru found him that one day, and if it wasn’t for the teen, he would probably still be alone. “I’m so grateful…thanks…Mahiru.”

title: you are my universe

jikook, pg15 (not smut but really, really intimate touching and kissing) // no au, crossposted to ao3

a/n: [1/5 intimacy bingo; touching] firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your support because I just reached 269 followers <333 it’s not a very big number or anything but I’m happy enough ehe I love each and every one of you out there and thanks again!!

Originally posted by princeminmin

this was originally requested by an anon but look who blew it up into a full fic for my honey bun’s (aka @junkthekook ) birthday!!! basically, it’s insecure jimin being loved by jungkook hehe (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ but the prince of mochis is eating well though so let’s just all be healthy (◕ u ◕✿) on a side note, jimin being blonde is killing me omfg pls love my cute prince what about you guys? also, comments/follows and feedback are very much appreciated ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡

“hyung?” jungkook asks, creaking open the door and jimin yelps, startled, dropping the hem of his shirt from in between his tiny fingers instinctively.

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In Studio - Michael

Author’s Note: My first request. This could have gone so many different ways, and so I was a bit clueless at first as to what I wanted it to be like. In these cases I just write. And if I’m happy with it I keep it and tweak it. If not it gets trashed. I hope it’s up to your expectations. Don’t forget to like, reblog, follow, and comment likes/dislikes:) -xo

PS. His kink in this is rough overstimulation;)

PPS. I posted, despite not having read over it. I will edit once my brain has rested.

I slowly pushed open the heavy door leading to the isolation booth in the recording studio, “Mikey?” He had disappeared earlier from the boys lunch break only to text me to come find him in the recording studio. I left the room with the other three giving me odd looks.

“Michael?” I stepped into the small room, “You in here?” Looking around I saw that nothing was out of place. The guitars were in their stands or cases and the microphones exactly where they had left them earlier, but there was no sign of Michael. I heard the door shut behind me and the click of the lock. I whipped around expecting to see a stranger, but it was only Michael with that stupid grin on his face.

“Did I scare you?” He laughed giddily, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my forehead. I thumped his chest with my fist, “Don’t do that, you asshole.” I said it with as much anger as I could muster despite hiding my face in his chest and falling further into his embrace.

“I’m sorry, babe,” His chin came to rest on the top of my head, and we stood for a moment in silence just soaking in each other’s presence, “I’ve missed you.” He whispered into my hair. 

I bit my lip, “I’ve missed you too, Mikey,” and leaned forward onto my toes to kiss him. It was slow and teasing, but short. I pulled away and could tell that I had flustered him.

“You know,” His voice a notch lower than before, “this room is soundproof.” Michael’s hands gradually slide from around my waist to my ass. My heart jumped at what he was insinuating.

“Michael! The others are right down the hall!” I whispered frantically even though I knew no one but Michael could hear me.

“It doesn’t matter.” He began to kiss at my neck, “You can scream as loud as you want. No one will hear.” Before I could protest any further, his hand had slipped under my shirt. The brush of his fingers against my flesh left me tingling, and I gasped, immediately responding the way he wanted me to. Michael’s warm lips hummed behind my ear, amused, “I forgot how fucking sensitive you were.”

“Shut up.” I playfully swatted at his shoulder. Then out of no where, a switch flipped, and Michael’s hands were roughly pushing me against the wall. I squeaked as my back hit the glass window looking out into the control room.

“I know you like it rough, babe,” He growled as his hips met mine. I could feel his erection growing at an alarming rate as it pressed into my thigh. This side of Michael was alarming, but not one that I hadn’t seen before. My pulse surged at the thought of what was to come, my core wet in anticipation.

“I’m going to make you feel so good,” He promised me as his fingers pressed further into my skin. Huge hands groped at me through my top, gruffly grabbing my boobs and ass. I couldn’t help but arch into his touch, especially as the tips of his fingers ghosted over my breasts. It left me breathless. My shirt was soon thrown off to the side, a hindrance to Michael’s ministrations, and almost without my knowing as Michael’s lips never seemed to leave my skin. His mouth found my naked flesh, nipping and licking at the skin right under my bra, his hands roughy pushing my breasts up, thumbs rubbing over the lacy fabric. I couldn’t help but moan quietly, despite doing my best to control my voice. In turn, Michael ripped at my bra, tugging it down to give himself access to my breasts. His tongue flicked once over my nipple before his whole mouth covered me, suckling and leaving red marks wherever his lips met my skin for more than a couple of seconds. He pinched the other hard enough to make me cry out before mending it with his tongue and mouth, mixing pain and pleasure. My own fingers were tangled in his hair as I attempted to pull him closer to me. My center was throbbing now in need, and I couldn’t help but grind my hips against his. This small movement elicited more than I had anticipated. Suddenly my shorts were ripped away from my body, the buttons popping off in different directions and the rip of the stitching. But the thought of having to buy another pair of shorts was pushed aside when two long fingers quickly pushed deep inside of me. I screamed his name, throwing my head back against the thick glass. Immediately my hips began to move against him, a slew of curse words rolling off my tongue as he fucked me with his hand. His face was mere inches away from mine, watching my every reaction.

“I wanna hear you scream again,” Michael growled into my ear. I could only yelp in response as his fingers curled inside of me, touching a spot that sent sparks through out my body. He nibbled at my neck as a stretched and arched, feeling it all the way to my toes. His fingers slowly increasing sped, the knot in the bottom of my stomach growing simultaneously

“Mi-Mikey,” I whined, “I’m so close.” I began to move my hips harder against his hand. Michael, seeing that I was desperate to come, added a third finger, and I was coming undone before he had even pushed his fingers in me for the third time. Screaming and arching and writhing between him and the wall. He bit his lip as he watched my reaction, still pushing his fingers in and out of me, riding out the orgasm. As I was coming down from my high, I could vaguely hear Michael telling me, no commanding me.

“Two more. You’re going to cum for me two more times before I’m done.” He pulled his fingers out of me only to put them in his mouth. Watching me, watch him, he slowly pulled his fingers out of his mouth with a resounding pop and a smirk. 

With that, he was at it again. Hands held my hips firmly against the wall as he knelt down between my legs. I tried to stand farther apart to give him as much access to my core as possible but he simply threw one leg over his shoulder. My breathing was still harsh as I looked down at him. He watched my reaction again, as he blew cool air against my hot, wet core.

“Fuck Michael. Just eat me already.” I said through gritted teeth. He didn’t need me to tell him more than once. His mouth covered me entirely, just as it did earlier over my breasts, and he sucked hard twice. Before his tongue was inside of me, lapping at my juices that spilled so eagerly for him. The knot was again forming low in my tummy, and I couldn’t help but buck slightly into his mouth. He would moan and the vibrations would almost send me over the edge. He reached up with one hand to pinch my clit between his forefinger and thumb, rubbing at it furiously as his tongue continued to dance in and out of my folds. I was panting and rolling my hips into his mouth right before I came for the second time, and all over his mouth too. I was mortified, but Michael seemed unaffected by it and simply licked at his lips as he grinned up at you. Before the waves of pleasure had even left my body Michael had flipped me around, with my breasts pressed up against the cold glass, heightening my senses to an even greater degree. Damp fingers stroked the curve of my ass, and I could feel the tip of his member at my entrance.

“Michael, wh-” I cut myself off with a scream as Michael suddenly thrust into me. He pounded into me from behind, allowing me no time to adjust as my walls quickly tightened and rippled around his length, but I was already so wet that it didn’t matter. I pushed back, meeting him each time as his hips slapped my ass, moaning and crying out his name in broken syllables. He grabbed my right leg behind my knee and lifted it up, suddenly his tip was touching my back wall with each thrust and I was cursing again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Michael gritted with each thrust as he chased down my third orgasm, “Cum for me, Y/N.” As he reached around me to play with my clit again, I came. This last time being the hardest, and I shuddered as I felt his dick twitch inside of me before he fell over the edge as well. He did his best to ride out both of our orgasms, but after making me come three times he was tired. The sloppy sound of his thrusting, our ragged breathing, and the indisputable smell of sex were the only things thing that filled my senses. Finally we slid down to lean against the wall and each other, and Michael pulled out of me. He wrapped a lazy arm around me shoulder to hold me close.

“I recorded all that audio.” He admitted.

“What?!” I quickly pushed myself up to look him in the eye, hoping that he was joking. He wasn’t.

“It’s gonna sound so good when I play it back.”

What a tease ~ Part 2 (Luke Smut)

Pairing: Y/N|Luke Hemmings
Words: 1547
Warnings: Well…Smut, cursing, the usual?
Summary: You’ve always loved teasing boy’s. Resting your hand dangerously high on their thighs and pulling your skirt up when walking past a cute one were the more innocent thing you’d do. But what you’d do to your new neighbor would be such much more fun.

Part 1

You kept teasing Luke the following weeks, walking around your room in your underwear, sunbathing topless in your garden when your parents weren’t home and even leaving your window open a few nights while pleasing yourself, knowing that his window was open as well, moaning his name just loud enough for him to hear.

How could you know that a fucking kissing booth would change so much? Your mom’s really big on this whole “integrating into the neighborhood” thing and made you help out. You didn’t expect to be spending your afternoon at a kissing booth though, holding your cheek out for old men and pre-teen boy’s to kiss. You’re already counting down the minutes until you’re free when you spot him in line. Black skinny jeans, matching black tank top and shades with his blond hair hidden under a snapback, brightly grinning at you. You hurry up  to finish the people in front of him and just as he place his 25¢ in front of you Clarice, a girl from down your street, turns up. “Hey there Y/N! I’m here to free you!”-“ Thanks Clarice.” You answer with a bitter smile. “Just let me finish this one, he already paid after all.” Before turning back to Luke and pulling him down to lock your lips with his, pushing them open with your tongue. Your hands trace down his arm but you disconnect again before he can move to pull you closer,you wink at him and turning around to leave. “They’re all yours now.”

You’re just about to leave the fair when someone grabs your arm and pulls you back. It’s Luke, grinning cheekily at you “Didn’t know you could get kisses like that at a kissing booth. You’ve put Clarice in a quiet uncomfortable situation.” You shrug your arms without answering but Luke continues anyway “But I thought those few cents I paid weren’t justifying your service. So how about I invite you? Pick whatever your wanna right” Pointing at the several amusement rides behind him.
Now it’s your turn to grin at him as you step closer and get on your tip toes to whisper in his ear. “Too bad I’m just about to leave. But to be honest I’d rather ride you anyway.”
You turn around and make sure to slide your fingertips over his crotch while doing so. You take his hand and let him lead you to his car. During the whole drive home you let your fingers ghost over his thighs, letting them draw little promises of what he’ll expect once you’re home.

As soon as Luke closes his bedroom door behind him you’ve got your hand around his neck and pull him into a kiss. One that is nothing like the one earlier today. You make sure to let him feel your lust, sucking and biting, playing with his lip ring. You grin to yourself as you hear Luke quietly moan when you tug his hair. Displaying his pain kink this easily turns his cheek red,but you just start dragging your nails down his arm and digging them into the sensitive skin on his neck.
Pressed against the wall you slowly start grinding on his thigh between your legs, circeling your hips, the friction of the fabric making you soaking wet. Luke grabs you thighs, effortlessly picks you up and carries you to the bed, sitting down with you in his lap, you leg straddling his side’s. You pull up his tank top, throwing it on the floor, your shirt and bra following right away. Burying  your face in his hair to muffle your moans as he takes your nipple into his mouth, sucking and gently biting down while pinching the other. The wetness between your thighs almost makes you lose your mind. You lean back and hiss thankfully as Luke’s lips slowly wander down your chest to your tummy stopping right about your waistband. He hovers there for a few seconds before finally yanking your shorts and your panties down as far as your parted legs allow it. He takes his time, eyes fixed on your private parts until your squirm in his lap, rubbing yourself against his still restricted errection to get some kind of pleasure. “Fuck babe, your fucking beautiful!” Luck whispers before placing a kiss beneath your belly button, right above your clitoris and bringing his index and middle finger up to your mouth. His eyes are fixed on your lips around his fingers as you suck them while he starts rubbing your c-spot with his free hand.
You’re left breathless when he pulls his fingers out of your mouth again, but Luke is in no hurry to give you the pleasure your searching for. Lightly tracing his fingers over your vagina makes you arch back moaning “Luke, stop screwing around!” Grinning he lightly places the tip of his index finger on your clitoris while looking up at your face. Slowly sliding them down until he finally slips them inside you. Amused he watches your reaction as he curls them up and starts moving them. You bite your lips and pull Luke’s hair as you can feel your thighs shaking and know you can’t go for much longer. Stopping him by grabbing his arm with one hand and his chin with the other to make him look into your eyes. “You’ve been having the upper hand long enough now. I know you’re so fucking hard right now” you make sure to grind your hip in his lap, pressing it against his erection while saying that. “You want me to ride you, right? Just like I said earlier.” After dragging your fingers over his bulge you get off his lap and kick the shorts and panty, that are now dangling on your  ankles, aside before pushing Luke back into the matress and pulling off his skinny jeans along with his boxers as well.
You bite your lip at the sight Luke’s full erection, already throbbing with precum. “Damn babe” you whisper as you position yourself over his lap. “One rule, baby boy, you’re only allowed to come when I tell you. I want to hear you beg.” You take his hand hand put them your thighs before slowly lowering yourself onto him, biting down on your lips hard to swallow down the moans in your throat, forcing yourself to watch Luke tilting his head back and letting out a long soft moan at the feeling of you.His hands grab your thighs deeper as you slowly move on top of him, his dick filling you out, making your walls clench around him with every move. You’re rocking your hips while leaning back and steadying yourself on his thighs. Luke’s hand wander up your thighs to your hips, almost desperately trying to grab them to make you move faster but you just place one back on your thigh and one on your chest. “Tonight we’re gonna do it the way I want, got me? You gonna do exactly what I want.” You stop moving and lean forward until your lips almost touch “and I know you’re already so close but you’re gonna be a good boy right?” You can feel his hips buckle up. Leaning back smiling you feel his dick twitching inside you. He’s already a mess underneath you, whimpering more than moaning, begging you under his breath to move faster “Fuck y/n! Stop fucking teasing me! I can’t go on any longer!” - “You know what I want to hear, Luke!” - “Oh shit, please y/n! Please! I’m a good boy, please let me cum!” As an answer your raise your eyebrow but pick up the speed feeling yourself getting closer to your own orgasm as well. You pull Luke up so you sit in his lap, letting him wrap his arms around you while still riding him, finally allowing him do move his hips. As he starts violently thrusting inside you, meeting each of your movements by hitting your g-spot, his lips sucking at the sensitive skin above your collarbone, you dig your nails into his back and pull his hair with your other hand. You scream his name as he fucks you through your orgasm, him following almost simultaneously. Loudly moaning your name as well, one hand at the small of your back the other in your hair to press you close.
He let’s himself fall back onto the bed afterwards while you climb off of him. “Fuck Y/N, that was amazing. You….You are amazing” You give him a smile “right back at you, honey” as you start gathering your clothes. Luke leans up onto his elbow and watches you. “What are you doing?” You pull your shirt over your head and toss your bra at him before answering. “Going home? What else should I be doing? You can keep the bra as a souvenir.” When Luke’s face fills with disappointment you stoppen confused. “What? You want round 2 already?” He puts on his amazing cheeky smile “Actually I was just hoping to make you breakfast in the morning.” You laugh but take off your shirt again and crawl back into the bad, Luke’s arms wrapping around you while you bury your face in his chest.

string me up | [holiday au]

prompt: “person a seduces person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against a wall [”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there???”]”

give me two equally hot cuties getting it on under some mistletoe any day. this will completely negate killian dying and going to the underworld. 

i love the holidays. and fluff. but i hate eggnog.

Being a Dark One had been good for two things: scaring the living shit out of people and also being able to acquire such a huge house. 

Said house that is now being used to hang every kind of ornament and decoration imaginable. 

Emma never used to celebrate Christmas like the other kids; in the group homes, they usually had dinners around a fold out table – the meals consisting of stale and hard-as-a-rock bread and some gross deli cold cuts that they had on sale at the local grocery store – and in foster situations, she never felt like she belonged with any of the families to truly celebrate what is surprisingly her favourite time of year.

So, in a way, you can say she’s making up for lost time.

(It also helps that Killian also likes celebrating. Even though she heard him say it was because he liked the way her face lit up at Christmas music or the way her cheeks were reddened by the cold.)

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