but just look at his face in the first he's so proud

A book

When James wakes up the first thing he sees is the bright sunshine – that and Thomas’ face hovering just inside his view.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” There is laughter rippling through Thomas’ voice – he has always found it terribly amusing that James tends to sleep a lot whenever he is back from his journeys. James yawns.

“How late is it?” he mumbles, sleep still clouding his voice.

“Not as late as you might think,” Thomas grins. “But definitely too late for you to do anything productive this morning.”

“You’re only saying that because you want to keep me tied to the bed,” James protests. Despite his words, however, he doesn’t move, just enjoys the feeling of clean linen on his skin and Thomas’ presence so close, with their legs still touching.

“Maybe I am.” A twinkle of mischief lights up in Thomas’ eyes now. He turns around and grabs something from the table next to him before dropping it on James’ stomach. “But for now, this should be enough to keep you here.”

“Another book?” James laughs, but his movements are careful and gentle as he fingers the little book bound in red leather that Thomas has given him. It’s beautiful; everything that comes from Thomas’ hands is, to him.

“Of course. What did you expect? Actual affection?” Thomas evades James’ elbow with a grin and bends down to plant a kiss on his forehead. “I’m sure you’re going to love this one.”

“Herodotus’ Histories?”

“A friend of mine translated it into English for me a few years ago and I had it bound. You could say it’s the rarest item I own.”

“And you are giving it to me?” James can feel awe entering this voice.

“Of course. Who else would I rather like to have my most precious possession?” Thomas kisses him again and this time his lips linger. James smiles into the kiss and for a while, the Histories lies forgotten on the sheets.  


Flint finds the book when he looks through the ruins of Miranda’s house. The Meditations he has kept safe somewhere else, the words on its first page far too valuable for him to ever let it out of his sight for long, especially now that Miranda and, with her, the last safe haven he had on Nassau are gone.

Most of the place has been ransacked and demolished, but a little chest with books has survived and Flint’s fingers travel over the worn red leather that encase the pages of the Histories. If he closes his eyes he thinks he can still smell Thomas when he brings it up to his face – that scent, once so common and surrounding him from every angle, has now become something so rare that he treasures every moment he finds it. Maybe it isn’t even Thomas’ scent at all, but a phantom that his mind cooked up.

Maybe he has already forgotten the real one.

Flint shudders when his brain shouts his greatest fears so casually. He wants to forget but also wants to remember - wants to forget the bad and remember the good, but they are so hopelessly intertwined that sometimes he wonders if it weren’t better if he could wipe his memory completely.

Pressing the little book to his chest and then carefully tucking it into his pockets he decides, however, that sometimes the pain from those memories can be a good thing – after all, it tells him that he is still alive.


He cannot remember when the last time was that he’s had a time so peaceful and silent to himself.  Of course, his current lodgings are far from comfortable – hostage or prisoner, the cell he is in remains the same although they haven’t bound him – but it all pales besides the quiet that is finally his.

Some might have used this time to think, others to sleep, but he uses it to let his mind wander, back to other times and further beyond. He knows he can trust Silver to carry out their plan, so now, for the first time, everyone’s fate is in hands other than his own. The sudden freedom leaves a strange taste on his tongue. He is so tired.

Patting his pockets, he finds the Histories hidden away in one of them and the echo of a smile dashes across his lips. He has to remember how to smile - it has been so long. He can still cite some of those sentences in his sleep, but their meaning is not important. What is important is the memory of Thomas’ voice they carry, of his fingers travelling up and down his back as he reads his favourite passages from it to James, of the faint tickling of his hair on Flint’s skin and softness in his gaze as he looks at him.

For the first time in a long while Flint allows himself to be carried away by them. Silver’s voice echoes in his head, about a place that unruly family members were spirited away to, but he doesn’t hope. He has gone too far for hope. But there is peace inside him now, a peace soft and brittle but gentle too, and it soothes his soul until he loses himself in the book in his lap.

Lilia Baranovskaya - Madame Mama

She’s so proud of her son.

Lilia Baranovskaya - the former Prima Ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet. 
When we are first introduced to her, she comes in with an imposing click-clack of her heels on the tiles, and an expression on her face that looks as if she is dissecting your every move.

She treats Yurio like a prize horse being sold to her by Yakov, and after being pleasantly surprised by his gumption, she works him with a stern and uncompromising hand - knowing that he can become something MORE. By the end of the episode we receive a glimpse of her being proud of who Yurio is becoming.

As a choreographer and co-coach to Yurio, her role is to make sure he is ready for his competitions - both physically and mentally.

We see her with Yakov trying to psych up Yurio before the Rostelecom SP, and we see her cry when Yurio pulls off that beautiful FS program. The Yurio she was teaching to deconstruct and reconstruct himself time and time again has just surpassed his limits and given the skate of his life. He didn’t only display strength (TES), he did it with beauty (PCS), and she couldn’t be more proud of him.

But of course, she’s still his co-coach. She follows him to the Kiss&Cry to receive his scores, and afterwards she needs to get him to talk to interviewers and cool down, so she puts on her serious face and ushers Yurio out of the arena and into the backstage halls.

This slip of a boy she met about 7 months ago, who has been living with her and who has respected her directions by continuously pushing himself to become MORE, has wormed his way into her heart. 

So when Yurio comes to her with a list of ingredients to make the pirozhki that his grandfather invented, she lets him use the kitchen.
( “How can I refuse him when he’s so excited to share something with us?”) 

And when he makes a batch of pirozhki and can’t even wait long enough to take off his apron before serving them, she of course will try it even if she’s a little wary of what strange concoction this katsudon-pirozhki is. 
(Notice the nervous sweat-drop on her jaw. The poor woman is befuddled.)

The awesome thing about Lilia isn’t just that she guided Yurio to surpass himself, or that she’s so proud of how far he’s come that she’s moved to tears. It’s that she cares about his wellbeing and happiness. Somewhere along the way, she’s become his caretaker as well, and darn it all if she won’t correct his language when he speaks to his fans!

(He may not listen to Yakov, but he does listen to Lilia – and that, if nothing else, shows the kind of respectful relationship he has with her.)

Draco Dad/Scorpius Son Headcanons

Draco trying to teach Scorpius his ABC’s because he could leave it to the house elves, but he wants to have an active part in his son’s development

Baby Scorpius playing with his dad’s long hair

Draco buying his son books that he couldn’t care less about (personally) but he knows his son will like

Draco looking awkwardly proud when his son takes his first step, but freaking out a little when his son proceeds to fall over 

Scorpius asking his Dad to tell him stories about Hogwarts and Draco racking his brain trying to think of nice, fun ones to tell that don’t involve Crabbe, Goyle, or the Death Eater environment he grew up in

Draco buying Scorpius an ice cream after visiting Ollivander’s

Scorpius saying that he loves his dad for the first time and Draco’s face just exploding into this rare exuberant smile before patting his son’s shoulder (then later on denying it because he’s embarrassed)

Draco not being able to sleep because he’s worried about his son being bullied

Scorpius holding his father gently when Draco breaks down after Astoria’s death

Draco immediately accepting that his son is friends with Albus Potter when Scorpius first breaks the news to him without so much as batting an eyelash, then asking if he wants to invite him over for tea

Draco agonizing over how to tell his young, sweet son why people look at him differently for being a Malfoy 

Draco holding his baby son’s hand for the first time and knowing that his life will never be the same 

Draco eating Fizzing Whizbees and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans with his young son

Scorpius being overly conscious that his father’s face isn’t on any Chocolate Frogs, but Harry Potter’s is 

Draco taking Scorpius to visit Astoria’s grave and telling him stories about his childhood he can barely remember, because being near Astoria makes him nostalgic

Draco shyly trying to pick out a teddy bear for his son 

Astoria insisting on keeping Scorpius’ old childhood drawings of them as a family and Draco looking through them alone while Scorpius is at Hogwarts after Astoria’s death

Draco showing his son the stars for the first time and pointing out the constellation that shares a name with his son

Draco threatening to hex anyone who says Scorpius is the son of Voldemort

Draco awkwardly giving his son dating advice and then bailing when it gets too uncomfortable (but still hoping it helped)

Scorpius bringing his favorite books to read to his father and Draco sitting through it and occasionally asking questions and showing interest

Draco reading parenting books and asking for advice on how to be a dad because he wants to be the best father in the world to Scorpius 

Draco painstakingly making his son a card one year because Astoria is sick of him just buying Scorpius cards for his birthday

Draco saying “My son deserves only the best” defensively when Astoria questions why he dotes on him

Draco bending down when Scorpius wants to talk to him because Scorpius is a young child and he isn’t tall enough to speak face to face with Draco yet

Draco feeling secretly proud of how much Scorpius looks like him  

Tsukishima Appreciation (Part 2)

[part 1 here] 

Oh my goodness I’m so proud of this kid. First of all:

Look at how pleased this asshole is to be annoying the other team with his blocks.

Look how determined he is, even in the fifth set when everyone is exhausted. 

He’s tall, and he’s got fast reflexes along with he quick-witted read blocking. Hinata even compares him to the Iron Wall of Dateko… 

And then of course there’s this block…

(Beware, super spoilers for episode 7 below…)

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It hurts, seeing him for the first time in what feels like centuries. He’s handling you so gently but there’s a storm of violence buried in his eyes. He grins at you, lip almost stained with blood. Blood that wasn’t there before, last you saw him, standing proud. Blood and pain that you know you caused. But hope blossoms in your chest and your hands stop shaking when you say his name.

It hurts, finding him again after you both ran. Losing yourselves in otherselves, other lovers, other leaders. His eyes are hard when they look at you and you can’t name the emotion in his face, it’s one you can’t recognize, one you’ve never seen before. He looks lost, like he’s on a long path in the forests and it’s dark and his one light just flickered out of existence. You want to cry, he should never look so horrified and broken.

It hurts, fighting with him, throwing your body and words into causing him pain. You know him like you know the back of your hand, like you know your mother’s laugh, you know him better than you know yourself most days. You know how to twist the knife, how to make him bleed, how to hurt him. But hurting him hurts you and he can’t bear to see you pain. So you win but’s a empty victory, you feel like you’ve lost more than you’ve won when he looks at you with such betrayal. 

It hurts, all of it. The way he wraps your injuries, the way he stands by your side, the way he believes in you. It’s a throb in your chest, an ache in your heart and when you say you trust him you know in your bones that nothing has ever been closer to the truth. 

You ask yourself, looking at him, is this love? Is love meant to hurt this bad? And when he turns to you and holds out his hand all you do is think, yes

I’m so proud of Isak. 

Seeing him growing up so much since the first season is just an incredible thing to witness. Do you ever think how much Isak craved attention? How bad he wanted someone by his side who can love him the way he dreams of? And I know how much that kind of feeling can you eat up when you’re just too shy or evasive or reserved to face it. And that was Isak at the beginning, a scared kid who didn’t know how to open up and communicate and who didn’t really have people to look up to in that sense. His father seems very reserved from what we’ve seen. Of course part of the reason is that they haven’t probably talked properly in months, that he knows his son is still hurt and angry. But he also seems like one of those parents who don’t have it in them to open up easily to their kids. Sometimes it happens. And then there’s Isak’s mum, to whom he was angry too for not being a ‘normal’ mum, a person who can only manage to speak to him through the Bible, because sometimes it’s difficult to explain, it’s difficult to make people understand, and you don’t really want to have that conversation with your kid, you don’t want to have him growing up just yet, even if the latter is already living on his own and even if he knows, to some extent, what you’re going through. 

And Isak is just a candid character. He’s very independent after all,  not just in terms of living on his own and all. He lives in his own bubble a bit, with a bit of awkwardness that is tender, and lots of thoughts in his head. A very sensible person, too, who listens to the others and he’s not scared to say thank you, sorry, I’ll tell you why.

It was a process, a slow process sometimes, but we got to the point he’s still full of doubts, he’s not sure Even’s feelings were real, he doesn’t really understand, he’s confused, anxious for Even, and maybe everything reminds a lot of his mum and dad and the life he had back home. Still, he started to research about Even’s illness, he took some time to himself but, with the help of his friends, he started to realise that maybe he was wrong, and that at least Even deserves to express himself. More than anything, he reached out to Even because he wanted to let him know he was there for him. That he wasn’t going to run away like his father did.

And you know, young people can be better than adults sometimes. Their heart is still not as corrupted, not as broken by life, a life that is too hard sometimes, it goes too fast and leaves people behind. And it’s not because they haven’t seen the ugly in the world - but because they are still hopeful that the beauty is out there and they still have all the time in the world to catch up on it.

Isak is sticking by Even’s side, it’s a decision he didn’t even have to make. And he’s going to understand his mother, maybe forgive his father, let all the hatred go.

In the process, he will understand himself more, too. And that is, honestly, the bravest thing someone could ever do.

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hi can you just talk about nylander a bit because i love happy rants and i love him and i'm so happy he scored tonight

(get ready for the most incoherent thing you have ever read)
okay okay my beautiful baby swede,, 

he always looks so good?? his hair is so silky and looks so soft

his cute ass smile, why is his face so nice and jaw so chiseled??

his relationship with his brother is so beautiful, they’re so supportive and proud of each other and I love that they are like down the road from each other and it just makes the Sabres/Leafs rivalry better

can you believe that his dads first goal was assisted by Brooks Laich and his first goal was too,

once I saw a meme that William Nylander is evolving like pokemon and its’ the best thing ever, he is buiLT, his arms,, just yesss 

Always wearing booty shorts

his bff Kapanen, I cant wait until he transitions into a centre and Kapanen is on his wing, THINK OF THIS ANON what a line

and his hockey?? is so good?? his vision on the ice, his speed, his ability to drive play and run a line and he’s only in his rookie season!!, HIS AWESOME SHOT, urgh I love so much that he is a Leaf

all praise Will Ny the Hockey Guy

So I decided to make an amv and I was looking through scenes of the anime and got to the part where Hakuei comes back and I just…I need to rant–


Putting under a  read more so as to not clutter your dashes <3

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Hogwarts AU update!

Poor Hinata feels so bad about where he got sorted, and who can blame him? Being a muggleborn and knowing nothing about Hogwarts, the first thing he hears about Slytherin is that it’s bad. Good thing Suga Mama is there to set things straight x3

VIXX: Leo asks a girl on a date

“Can I get a gif reaction of Leo when asking a girl out??? And how the other members would react? PLEASE ☺️❤️ thank you!!” -hiitsmeli 

(No problem~)

Leo would make sure he looked acceptable (but he always does so) before he walked up to her. He would be very straightforward with her, and wouldn’t skip any details.

“Since the first time I saw you, I knew I liked you. You just had this feeling about you. Almost like a spark. I’ve found myself thinking about you quite a bit. I now find myself asking if you would like to go on a date with me.”

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Hongbin: Hingbean Hongbin would watch with a large smile on his face, and it wouldn’t vanish for the rest of the day. Hongbin would be really proud.

Originally posted by saeno-e

Hyuk: Hyuk would kinda watch with a small bit of shock. He didn’t realize that his hyung liked that girl, nor did he guess that he would be so forward with it.

Originally posted by hyukson

Ken: Ken would watch quietly, smiling widely. When Leo finished and came back to the boys, he’d get really loud and tease Kwoon about it for a long time.

Originally posted by rockurbooty

N: N would be like Hongbin and Ken together. While it’s happening, N would watch proudly, smile on his face. However, when Leo came back, N would join Ken and tease him.

Originally posted by hyde-leo-from-n

Ravi: Ravi would probably imitate Leo while he did it. I’m sure that Ravi would have known that Leo liked the girl before Taekwoon asked her out. He’s probably already teased him, but he might still do it.

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Basically, this.

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Jon Snow Imagine

-Hi, so this is my first post I hope you’ll like it

Jon was standing there, his eyes went all over the throne room. Sit by his side, on the Iron Throne, was the Ice Queen, the Queen in the North, he was so proud of what they did, together. They were no doubts, she was from the North, her cold beauty, her icy blue eyes, her long blond curly hair, almost white, her delicate and thin face. Everything in her made Jon out of breath. Even after this bloody battle at Kings Landing, covered in blood, she was still gorgeous. She look at him with a ghost of a smile on her lips, they made it, together. Cersei was finally dead. She stabbed her multiple times, for Ned, Robb, Rickon, Catlyn, her family and a thousand of innocents Cersei killed. At the beginning, she was just a hight born. Now she was the Queen of The Seven Kingdoms. An Jon was her king. The fire king.

Ice and Fire rule side by side again, reunited after all this time…                        

It seems like a song to my ears, a Song Of Ice And Fire

ok we need more good dad Dio

i love seen Dio being an absolute failure of a parent to Giorno but i also love sing him be a good one too


Dio holding Giorno for the first time and being in awe of how small he is, how warm he is

Dio making a habit of holding a sleeping Giorno and just looking at his face. This goes on until he’s too big to carry

Dio being so proud when Giorno says his first word 

Dio reading to a baby Giono so he can sleep soundly, not minding the drool soaking into his clothes

Dio laughing with little Giorno while they dance to Michael Jackson tv concerts

Dio holding Giorno’s hands so he can practice walking on the top of his feet

Dio rocking baby Giorno to sleep when he cries

Dio staying awake all night with Giorno sleeping on his chest, terrified that he might stop breating

Dio loving Giorno with everything he has because no way in hell is he subjecting Giorno to what he went through as a child

Andrew Scott signed my art and I’m more than happy that he did!!! ❤️

At first I did not want him to see what I have drawn and the fees were high so I thought, yes, let’s not give my art to him.

But then he was so lovely and I thank the people who encouraged me to show my work to him.

He didn’t just sign it, he actually talked to me. Like proper small talk! :)

At first he looked at my art for really long time but then he looked up, his eyes damn huge, and he asked me if I had made it because it is “incredible”! He saw right away that it’s ink and watercolour, he asked me if I did this as a job and he talked to me about how much he likes the Tate Modern and their new exhibition.
He was really sweet and he seemed to be actually interested. And damn, I’ve talked to Andrew! I’m really happy about that (even if he already forgot me, who knows) because I often struggle with what I’m doing but he really seemed to like the art which sort of makes me proud.

Andrew, if you ever read this: I’m always up for a meeting at the Tate! x

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for the fanfic trope thing: coffeeshop au, fake dating au, annnnnnd...fuck or die.,

I’m assuming you wanted Megstiel, because ussually people who come to me want Megstiel xD So here:

Coffee Shop AU: Meg is just so proud of finally having her own coffee shop. She cooks all the pies and cakes and stuff and makes up ridiculously named beverages with all sort of syrups. So when Castiel keeps coming with a murderous look in his face first hour in the morning and orders his coffee black and bitter,she can’t help but to be a little offended he doesn’t appreciate all her hard work.

Fake Dating AU: Castiel didn’t really mean to lie to his family, but it was the only way to get them off his back. Now his sister Hannah is getting married and insisting he brings his girlfriend along. Castiel is too ashamed to admit he’ a work-aholic with no social life who lied to them, so he has no option but to rope his neighbor Meg into the ruse. Luckily for him, Meg will do anything for money.

Fuck or Die: To Meg the situation is a no-brainer: she likes being alive and she likes fucking, so really there isn’t any choice here and she was sure that if anyone else (Sam or even Dean, even though he hates her) was there with her, they would come around to seeing things her way. But of course, she had to get stuck with Angel of the Lord who is too nervous to perform and insisting this is not how he imagined their first time together would be like…

Send me a fic trope and pairing and I’ll tell you how I would write it!

lol luke’s face when he’d finally get out of bed and he’d go downstairs to meet you in the kitchen and he would have his finger poiting at his chest and that’s when you’d look closely at his chest to see a white heart with the first letter of your name in it, a pale red color all around your writting and you’d just smile and say something like “nice tan, luke” and i bet he’d have the cutest angry face and “when did you do this? this is so unfair!” and you’d think back at the day before when he was asleep at the beach and with a tiny bit of sunscreen you had drawn a heart with the first letter of your name. with a smile you’d reply “to be honest i didn’t think it’d work, but im actually really proud. now you always got me in your heart, how cute?” and he’d just ignore that and take the first shirt he sees and put it on. “i actually have a big sunburn on my back and it hurts,” he’d whine softly and i guess that’d be his way to get a nice morning cuddle from you because even when you’d upset him a bit, he’d still be a sucker for morning cuddles :)


This was the best moment of the con for me besides his auto. By this point we’d seen each other three times and instantly the moment I walked up to him he hugged me real tight, but I asked him to look at me like he was proud of me. First I didn’t think he heard (I was kinda mumbling) but then suddenly his hand was on my face (but I didn’t realise that until I saw the photo after!) And we were looking at each other. I really struggle with eye contact but somehow I managed to keep eye contact on the most part.
After it was taken he smiled at me and said “I AM proud of you.” Before hugging me again for my second photo. After it was done I squeaked “I love you”, and he smiled and said “love you back”.

It took me until I got back to my room before I ended up crying over it. He just made me feel so loved and special ❤

I have so many feelings about Rollo’s victory scene

a) He practically falls from his horse but he refuses help and gets to his feet alone. My proud baby!
b) He gets a true hero’s welcome. The cheers and hugs and falling rose petals (OMG THE LOOK ON HIS FACE). It’s almost as though he can’t believe it’s all for him.
c) HIS SMILE despite the bloodied face, swollen eyes and generally messed up appearance. I CRIED.
d) THE WAY GISLA LOOKS AT HIM AND RUSHES TO HIS SIDE. JESUS. AND THEN SHE KISSES HIM. BLOOD AND ALL. I SQUEALED! (Then I realised that it’s really the first time we see them kiss properly. Their first kiss was during the consummation, shrouded in darkness. The second was the peck she gives him when she tells him they can’t have sex.) It’s such a lovely moment between them and I’m just sorry we never had more.
e) I don’t care what anyone says, THESE TWO ADORE ONE ANOTHER. It’s love and it’s beautiful.
f) She’s pregnant and SHE’S HELPING TO HOLD HIM UP. *SOBS*
g) “Hail, Caesar!” - Literally Rollo’s crowing glory. I can’t even. It was perfect.

*edit* The one other kiss was in the pantry scene. Thanks for the reminder laryanstarsley!

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Soon!!! 😮🚨🆘 Fuck Em just picture Harry's face when his friends are listening to his music for the first time, Jeff looking smug and proud in the background when people lose their shit over it...I'm already dying and he hadn't even released anything yet, it's just all going so perfectly so far, I'm so hype

you know what hurts.. harry’s friends listening to the finished product.. but harry’s best friend(s, tommy and glenne are most def included in this tbh) having listened to the cuts along the way and seen how it’s progressed 😭🙌🏻 their BOY!!!!!

Dance for you (ft. Jimin)
  • Word count: 2091

I haven’t proofread it yet, I don’t think I have strength to :’)

You looked at your best friend with the most proud look that ever was presented on your face. Standing at the balcony, you had to squint your eyes to see him properly in the crowd of other students. You saw him eying the balcony probably searching for you too, so you waveyed your hand drawing his attention. You blew a kiss in his direction and laughed when he pretended to catch it in the air.

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