but just look at him omfg

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Could you do a headcanon where you take Sam to do a photo shoot but he’s all shy and insecure and you have to reassure him??

Don’t make me cry omfg :’)

-you were a starting out actress
-this was your first real photoshoot that you and your bf sam holland we’re doing together
-sam isn’t usually one for photos and fan girls
-he’s a big introvert
-so you decide to have a little change up today at a scheduled photo shoot
-they took your separate pics first
-then moved in to sams
-he would shuffle slowly in fron if the cameras and just go blank
-Staring back at the people behind them looking towards you
-you could see the nervous and scared look in his eyes
-he would just stand their all shy and once the photographer started to ask him to pose or turn
-he would shyly smile or turn
-you could tell he felt insecure and scared
-so you told the photographer to stop and you ran up to him grabbing his hand and running off to the nearest empty room
-the second the door locked sam would start to wince and tear
-“sam what’s wrong”
-“I’m sorry I’m just shy and it’s so annoying and I’m wasting everyone’s time and I-“
-you wounding just hold him
-make him feel safe
-show him it’s okay to be insecure
-“I’m not the best at photos like tom,or,harry,or haz”
-“you are perfect just being you”
-“shy cute sam holland”
-“it’s okay to be shy sam or insecure we all are”
-“I know- but this is my first real photo shoot and I’m ,nervous I won’t be that great”
-“but you are doing just amazing doing your own thing not like tom or harry or anyone”
-at that you grabbed a now smiling sam walking out the room to go back to the photoshoot
-holding your bf hand
-“Just being you”

I think I’m crying idk:’)💞

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

more soft things: 

  • dan not even being able to state that he’s better at gaming than phil is, choosing to basically drag himself instead and say that he’s just nerdier and lamer than phil is … like why …. idk shit about gaming but dan seems objectively better at p much everything they play so whY DID HE EVEN NEED To DO THAT he couldve just said “i’m better” and moved tf on!!!!
  • dan greeting phil with “oh, hello. the rat emerges” omfg. im thinking about how he named his rattata pokemon ‘phil’ last year and him saying ‘shut up rat’ in his quizzes about myself video … im loving that this is just a recurring nickname for phil at this point why is it so fuckin cute
  • phil leaning into dan’s space repeatedly to look at the phone and play w the filters: 
  • their 30 second ‘documentary’ about fire and how enthralled dan was at phil sharing his nerdy ‘science’ facts about fire being alive
  • dan not-so-subtly staring at phil when he fiddles w his top button and then immediately saying the stream will need to be flagged
  • the fact that they couldnt even let their differing opinions on fargo stand and had to talk out a middle ground for their viewpoints right then and there
  • rock paper scissors and phil nudging dan’s hand softly w his fist when he wins
  • phil sticking his socked foot in dan’s face and instead of being offended dan mostly just sounds enthralled by the fact that phil’s socks have corgis on
  • so! much! smiling! what the fuckksdjfskdfsdf!!!!!!!!

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Okay okay okay so what if you’re like a punk chick and haz wants to impress you at your next school dance and so he has Tom help dye his hair and wears ripped jeans and when he gets to the dance you’ve taken off all your Emo makeup and are looking good for him and like you look nice and not scary for once and just imagine dancing with punk Harrison


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Yuuri won gold on the next GPF Victor silver Yurio bronze. They were on the podium when the commentator suddenly plays a pre-recorded voice of Victor telling him how much he loves him and wants to spend the rest of his life with him. The crowd cheers chanting "SAY YES!" Yuuri is looking at them crying then slowly turns his head to look at Victor who is already on his knee with a bouquet & gold ring. Yurio's tossing petals in the air "omfg just say yes already I'm not paid enough to do this!" lol

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oh my kids would have so much fun

- bev would get everyone all dolled up for the occasion because they NEED to go all out

- she’d make all the boys put glitter on their cheeks and paint their nails different colours

- each of the losers would be a different colour so they were all a rainbow when they stood next to each other

- bev would wear this amazing bright yellow dress with a sunflower crown in her hair and those cute heart shaped sunglasses

- bill would be red and wear bright red jeans trousers and a white shirt with a big red heart sewn on (thanks to his little brother’s help) and he’d even get his mother to spray his hair red

- richie would be orange and he’d be that one fucker that wears jeans and suspenders and thats it, both neon orange and so blinding it hurts

- eddie’s pink (of course) and wears little pink shorts and a matching crop top and pink converse and he’s just adorable in it

- mike is purple and went shirtless for the occasion with some shorts but got ben to write ‘LOVE’ on his chest and back in purple paint

- ben went green and wore a fucking wreath in his hair and let bev put green streaks through his hair and he looks like AMAZING in his little green suit

- and stan the man went all blue and allowed bev to put blue eyeshadow on him that matched his checked shirt and he felt so powerful

- they would all have banners and rainbow flags with little love quotes on and they’d all be sparkly 

- they’d all hold hands walking with the crowd, not wanting to lose any of them

- richie convinced eddie to get on his shoulders at one point and eddie was freaking out because of how tall he was

- “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” is all he’d be shouting from up high and richie would be beaming

- stan and bill would holding hands and grinning at each other because they were so comfortable around all these strangers??

- bev got so many comments on her boys looking cute together and she was so proud of them

- mike and ben would hype the crowd up and run around singing ‘we r who we r’ by KESHA and everyone would fucking love it

- eddie and richie had their first kiss on a float in the middle of the pride parade in front of everyone when eddie was looking at richie and realising he had never felt this happy before and just kissed him because fuck it

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Jensen's princess waist

i’m so pISSED, list e n

this son of a bitch is built like a gotdamn brick shithouse, but his waist?? is so teeny tiny??? like wtf the fu k bro

[x] if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to wrap your greedy lil arms around this guy, you’d reach around him and be like “wait, that’s it?? where’s the rest of you???” bC HE SO SMOL!!!

[x] look how fucking teeny, it’s infuriating.

like he’s got these massive fucking shoulders and giant arms that could kill you, but his waist and his hips are so smol and tiny and his legs are so skinny but also muscular???

[x] this dude has everything okay, just listen to me. he’s all huge and dense and muscular as fuhhhhk but he’s also soft around the edges and has a layer of pudge with lil belly rolls and chin chub and love handles. but then he’s also super thin and lookin’ skinny with his itty bitty waist and tiny hips and long longs??? boi ho w

[x] like idek what to tell you, the guy is a physical enigma of beauty

[x] his shoulder-to-waist ratio??? it’s insulting.

[x] look at him move around with he tiny lil self, omfg


like just look how his shirt strains over his massive freakin’ arms and then lays so nicely over his tiny lil waist. imma cri Real Life Jesus Tears, fam

[x] and here we have,,,,,,this. you can see his ribs poking out with his dorito-shaped lookin’ ass. he’s out here tryna be chris evans. y’all I’m done.


I didn’t mess up, right?

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I saw you were writing a FanFiction, what I do is read other ones to get inspired. A few good ones are "you'll never know the psychopath sitting next to you", "drink responsively" and who can forget "dirty laundry" which is a great classic. I'd love to see lance talking in group chat about FanFiction. Net and like pidge searches him up and finds out he's written docs about Keith and him under different names but like they are super obvious??

lmao i read other fics to get inspired too!! i’ve read dirty laundry of course but omg i looked up the other two and omfg i’m adding them to my reading list :D

(anyway, i hope this fits your request the way you wanted lmao 💜)

now pidge just randomly comes into the chat at all hours of the day and spams their favorite quotes from lance’s fanfic and he’s just like ,,,,,,,,,, w h y 


Let me bless your dash really quick with some pictures of one of the most precious people on this earth. The Wang and only (see what i did there ;) ), my King, Jackson Wang. Grab a water bottle and take a seat because you’re going to need to quench that thirst soon. 

Are you ready? Ok, LET’S GO Im not ready myself

Jackson with glasses + suspenders combo OMFG kick me pls

My cute King ♥

Why does he look like Jonghyun from SHINee in this pic below? lol

Look at how smol he is!!!!! Puppy King

Jackson well fed is also my aesthetic

Brown hair + glasses + smile = ♥♥♥♥

Are you still alive? …No? Me neither! :D


In the first gif, you can see Emma Stone (left) looking for Andrew Garfield (right). In the second gif, you can see her blowing Andrew a kiss. At first, Andrew waves at her, until he realizes she is blowing him a kiss. So he clasps his hands to catch her kiss. And holds it.

☀️ I feel hella cute today so I’m sharing that cute with all of you ☀️

i feel like everyone should see this official art i saw on facebook (i think it’s from one of the dvds???? but don’t quote me on that) because i have a lot of things to say about the second banner:
• first of all, seungchuchu is canon
• otabek’s half shirt is adorable
• guang hong and phichit’s oversized shirts
• (i bet that’s leo’s shirt guang is wearing)
• emil just has suspenders to cover his nips i love him
• mickey looks way saltier than he should be
• also i like how you can see the body type differences between yuuri, viktor, and yuri in particular
• yuuri is still a little chubby and cute, viktor is more lean but muscular, and yuri is a fuckin lithe twig
• i just adore this little banner thing and i wanna hang it on every wall ever

edit: ive been informed that these are rolls of washi tape! i still want like 70 of them to put everywhere lol


Look at Dean’s face. Look at Dean’s FACE. LOOK AT DEAN’S FACE!

No more anger. No more denial. Just pain. So much pain. And yes, they are most definitively burning Cas, my peeps. Just chatting about this with @tinkdw and as @margarittet pointed out when the sneak peek come out, it looks like it’s dusk, plus Jack is with them, so this must be the end of 13x01, which makes everything just click together beautifully timeline wise for me. (I always had such trouble with the thought of them doing anything to Cas in the first five minutes of the episode and THEN hunting down Jack) (anyway)

I wonder if the angels appear - when Cas is lying on that table - as response to Dean praying and they tell him that there is nothing that can be done.

Oh speculation, thou art a friend in times of tribulation.

But omfg look at Dean’s face.

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