but just look at him omfg

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

  • Yoosung: Hey Seven, why does Zen look so depressed?
  • 707: Oh, he’s just heart broken because his other half left him.
  • Yoosung: Huh?? MC left him?! Why??
  • 707: No, the mirror in his room broke.

Okay, so we all know about the soulmate tattoo prompt, where if your soulmate writes something on their hands, arms, etc… you also get it, too, right? But just think about the tattoo having the mind of its own and only appears when it’s the right time to find your soulmate? Like suddenly, out of nowhere, “Get on your bike and go to the park” appears on your arm. And then just imagine the tattoo being piss bc you keep looking for the wrong person, like “OMFG, not him, you dumbass, the one to the left!!” “Wait, no, it’s not him!! Stoppp!!!” And how happy it is when you finally found them, like “ITS HIM, GET HIM” “Jeez, took you long enough!”

I am fascinated by how JJ views his rivals in the glimpse we get of them when he cracks under the pressure:

Yurio is front and centre. Yurio. Youngest of the finalists and the person JJ has belittled and patronised multiple times through the season and who has just blown the high score record to pieces.He looks dangerous and dominant here. The Russian Fairy is the one who shattered JJ’s confidence.

Second most significant is Otabek, which is understandable given that they had that moment before JJ got on the ice (no doubt Otabek has also heard plenty from Yurio about what an annoying git JJ has been to him). Plus Otabek is a proven badass and dark horse, which renders him the second biggest threat.

And then Yuuri. omfg. JJ, is that really how you see Yuuri? Someone was clearly at the banquet if they are focusing on the sexy, smug, smirking version. And significantly, he’s still shown as further forward than Chris and Phitchit, which suggests that there is a degree of wariness of Viktor’s protegee.

Chris and Phitchit themselves become sinister, shadowy figures behind the leading main trio, casually confident and mocking, looking down on him.

And yet, from everything we have all seen of all of these skaters, we know this is just JJ’s emotions overwhelming him and blowing his perceptions of them all out of proportion.

This is what a blessing looks like. 

Can we just talk about this face???  BC this is a face that Natsu had when looking at Lucy- when he thought she wasn’t going to go on a mission with him and Happy and go on a date instead.


I honestly don’t care what people say, this boy is in  L O V E


Re-watching BNHA and can we please just talk about kirishima’s VERY OBVIOUS CRUSH on bakugo ??

Like seriously, kirishima. Just tell him.

(also is bakugo actually SHY ?? because he looked away when he realized kirishima was talking about him/looking at him… because omfg)


“Bakugo’s always mad so he doesn’t seem like he’ll be popular though.”

says the guy looking at bakugo with such admiration/adoration.

fucking slay me.

and kirishima… #JustTellHim2k17

Mark Imagine - Stress Sex (Smut)

A/N - Requested by @frostbittemyheart! I haven’t written a smut in a while so I hope this one’s still good haha. Enjoy everyone~

Omfg i am in dire need of a Mark scenario where either him or the reader is having a very stressful day and stress sex is the cure :) please and thank you! (P.s. can there be a mention of eating out? Mark’s lips look like they could give some serious pleasure teehee~ #teamMark #teamGot7

Today had been a long day. A LONG day. The kind of day where nothing seemed to be going right and you just needed some time at home spent with your boyfriend, Mark. He was always the perfect cure to a bad day. No doubt he’d had a long week preparing for the next comeback and was also willing to just sit at home and do nothing with you. When you arrived at home and walked in, you checked your phone to see a missed call from Mark. Ringing him back, you went to sit of the sofa. 
“Hey, babe. I just got in and saw your missed call. What’s up?”
“Oh I was just going to ask if you wanted to come over to the dorm. I’ve had a pretty long day and can’t be bothered to move so was hoping you’d be willing to.”
“I’m more than happy to drive over just because your lazy ass doesn’t want to.”
“(Y/N) please don’t make me sound even worse than I am. You know I love you even though I’m tired.”
“I know, I’m only teasing you, Mark. Let me change out of my work stuff and I’ll head over to the dorm. See you soon.”
“See you soon, love.”

After hanging up the phone, you headed into your bedroom to change clothes. While your work uniform wasn’t too uncomfortable, you definitely didn’t want to visit your boyfriend and his friends wearing it. Not to mention it wasn’t the cutest of outfits either. You’d much rather be wearing a nice pair of leggings and one of Mark’s large sweaters you had ‘borrowed’ from him. Feeling nice and cosy, you pulled on some shoes and got in your car. The dorm was only a ten minute drive away so you were more than happy to go over there even after your stressful day. You knew it’d be worth it to spend time with him. When you arrived, Mark was the one to answer the door. Immediately, he hugged you and held you close to him. 
“I’m so glad you’re here, (Y/N). I needed your cuddles.”
“I’m happy to supply them for you, Mark,” you replied, keeping your arms wrapped tightly around his body.
“Want to go cuddle in my room?”
“As long as your members aren’t in there teasing us for cuddling.”
“Don’t worry, they’re all out except Youngjae who’s currently sleeping because he stayed up way too late last night on some new game he bought.”
“Good. There’s no chance of him coming in and being mean to us then,” you giggled as you walked off in the direction of Mark’s bedroom.

As soon as you walked into his room, you jumped onto the bed. The mattress was really comfortable and you loved just lying on it. The temptation to sleep was huge. Mark laughed and sat down beside you, his arms trying to find their way around your stomach. He rested his head in the crook of your shoulder and placed soft kisses to your skin. 
“I like kissing your neck,” he mumbled against your skin.
“Well then don’t stop doing it,” you responded, closing your eyes as you let him work his lips on your neck. His hands crawled up your body, no longer sitting on your stomach and you immediately reacted by shuffling your body closer to his. Mark’s hands continued to explore your body, now traveling down towards your waistband. He playfully teased you with his fingers, making you ache even more for him. 
“Maaark, stop teasing.”
“As you wish, baby.” His voice went deeper, more seductive and it had you desperate for his touches. Mark crawled from behind you, making you whimper at the loss of contact. To make up for it, Mark moved between your legs and let his hands trail slow circles on your upper thighs. You wriggled your hips, praying he’d take the hint and give you exactly what you wanted. Chuckling to himself, Mark removed the leggings you were wearing and tossed them elsewhere in the room 
“What a naughty girl we have here,” he said as he smirked up at you. “Completely bare under those leggings. It’s as if you were expecting this to happen.”
“Can’t blame a girl for wanting it to.”
“No, I think you deserve a treat for being so damn hot.”

Mark glided his tongue over you, the sudden contact taking you by surprise. You let out soft moans as his lips worked their magic on you, unable to get enough of the blissful pleasure he was supplying. Mark could feel you squirming beneath his mouth and raised one hand to keep your hips in place, wanting to have full control over your body. He was worked up and needed to let it all out. And your body was right there, the perfect place to unload all of his stresses. The other hand was tracing shapes on your thighs, edging closer and closer to your dripping core. Not wanting to tease you much more, he slid two fingers into you, curling them perfectly so you’d react in the best of ways. You arched your back involuntarily, absolutely loving how your boyfriend’s fingers and tongue made you felt. Feeling yourself edging closer and closer to release, your moans got higher and Mark quickened the pace, wanting you to climax right there and then. Pleasure washed over you and your release came, leaving you breathing heavily as you came down from your high. Mark got up on his knees and smirked at your state.
“Don’t worry, babe. We’re barely getting started.”


Complete Ares III Crew poster set 

biographies by the author @hawkeyesticks 

read the fic: Who Will Save You Now

Do you ever think Yuuri wakes up in Victor’s side and just stops and thinks he’s probably the most fortunate man in the world? Like he starts thinking about how surreal everything feels. He could look back in his life and remember himself having Victor in a pedestal, but now Victor’s no longer above him. No. Victor is sharing a bed with him. Yuuri could remember waking up when he was a teen and the first thing he’d see was Victor in the posters he had in his room. But now he wakes up and sees Victor sleeping on his side. Do you ever think Yuuri sometimes can’t help himself but think he’s still dreaming? So he stars touching Victor softly. His hair, his face, his hands. Hoping not to wake him up but trying to bring himself to believe that that is real and happening. So Yuuri starts thinking about how grateful he is for having Victor with him now. And how happy he is that now, he can finally return everything Victor has done for him, even before they met. All the inspiration and support. All the love. Do you ever think that in the middle of Yuuri’s thoughts Victor wakes up? So he carefully grabs Yuuri’s hand and kisses his knuckles, because he knows Yuuri and he can see what he’s thinking. So Victor smiles and says he can’t believe he’s so fortunate either. He says everything Yuuri was thinking. He says he’s so lucky to have Yuuri with him and so happy to think that they might spend the rest of their lives together. He says that he gets excited at the thought of them supporting each other. He says he can’t wait to be able to call Yuuri “husband”. He says he’s looking forward to loving Yuuri until they’re both old and even further. Do you ever think that after Victor marvelously says everything Yuuri was thinking, Yuuri leans to kiss him and hugs him tightly and goes back to sleep with Victor in his arms? But now Yuuri’s sure he’s the most fortunate man in the world.

I had the best idea I ever had omfg IT’S TIME TO A ‘’FAIRY AND HERO’’ AU

-Otabek going to Russia in a mission and entering one of those magical Russian forest 

-and there he finds a frozen lake

-and skating without skates is Yurio the fairy

-and Otabek can’t stop looking at him like omfg where did he came from he’s the most beautiful being that he ever saw????

-but then Yurio sees him and stops just looking directly at Otabek

-and they share one of those moments when the couple don’t say a thing and just stands there looking at each other

-but then Yurio runs away scared af

-and Otabek runs after him chasing him because he just wants to spend a little bit of time with the fairy who surprised him so much??

-but Yurio doesn’t stop

-until he meets the reason why Otabek the hero is there

-a fucking dragon

-Yurio did knew the dragon’s existence but he didn’t knew he was so fucking close to where he lived

-and Otabek arrived at the place like ‘’you didn’t had to run away from me I wasn’t going to hurt you’’

-but Yurio only points one finger towards the dragon and Otabek’s like

-oh fuck

-and Otabek just told Yurio to stand behind him while he fights but then the fucking Russian fairy joins him


-but surprisingly Yurio knows what to do 

-like he seems to had fought before??

-and while they’re fighting Otabek’s injured

-and Yurio has to give the coup de grace

-and he drags Otabek to his own tree trunk house to heal him

-like he’s all the trip complaining how stupid was the hero for wanting to fight alone against a fucking dragon

-but anyways he ends up taking care of the hero

-and Otabek founds the fairy’s house so cute

-like he can’t get fully up ‘cause he hits his head against the roof

-but he doesn’t really care 

-and while the hero is there he’s always like ‘’They’re gonna come here to search me and they’re gonna hurt you’’

-and Yurio’s like

-boi we’re in a fucking tree trunk  

-also who would be as stupid as you to came here when everybody thinks this forest’s cursed lmao

-anyways in the time he’s healing his wounds he asks Yurio why did he seemed like he knew how to fight

-but Yurio never says anything about it

-so Otabek decides that he’ll be there with the fairy until he knows everything about his past also bruh he liked the fairy


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Genre: Angst

Words: 1.1k 

Characters: You x Jungkook

Warning: Swearing

Summery: Jungkook doesn’t realise what he has until its gone.

A/N: I am so bad and endings omfg 😂😂

You looked down at the small bag in your hands , you smiled at it softly as your thoughts drifted to one person, Jungkook.  

You had known Jungkook for almost two years and it was safe to say you had a slight crush on him, and it was also safe to say that he knew about it, you weren’t great at keeping it a secret.

For the past two or three months you have been giving Jungkook gifts, they were nothing big usually just some food or vitamins, little things to show him you care and even though his attitude towards you has been cold and rude part of you knew he was grateful so you carried on giving them to him.

Currently, you were on your way to his groups practise room to deliver him and his some lunch so they don’t forget to eat, you have done this many times in the past and even though Jungkook ignored you the rest of his band thanked you eagerly for the food and promised you they would make sure he ate something.

Today, you thought, was no different. You slowly pushed open the door that lead to the practise room and saw the band lazily sitting on he floor, all breathing heavily and sweating from the dancing they were previously doing. They all looked towards your direction as the door closed behind you with a light clicking sound.

“Y/N!” You heard Jimin exclaim excitedly as he got up to greet you

“Hey guys,” You smiled at them as you placed the bag of food on the floor next to them, your eyes scanned around the room looking for a certain person. You smiled once again as you locked eyes with him, he sighed slightly and rolled his eyes before standing up and walking over to his bag in the corner of the room.

Your shoulders dropped slightly at his coldness towards you but quickly brushed it off and turned back to the other members.

“Jungkook, say thank you to Y/N for bringing us food,” Jin called out to Jungkook who was now sat playing on his phone. Jungkook looked up at all of you before once again rolling his eyes, ignoring Jin’s order.

“Jungkook,” Jin called out again, his tone more stern than last time “Don’t be so rude.”

Jungkook looked up once again, this time with annoyance evident in his eyes “What am I saying thank you for? Y/N does this because she wants to not because I’m asking her to. I’d actually prefer if she didn’t do it so I wouldn’t have to put up with her coming here every fucking day and annoying me by trying to talk to me. She has a weird little crush on me and it’s annoying as hell I wish she would just back off and leave me the fuck alone.”

A silence fell over the room and everyone was looking and Jungkook in shock. “Jungkoo-” Namjoon began

“No, It’s okay,” You cut him off, already feeling tears well up in your eyes “Don’t worry, I’ll -uh- I’ll leave you alone,”

“Y/N,” V says in a soft voice “Do-”

“No, It’s okay,” You repeat again. “Enjoy the food,”

You quickly walk out of the room feeling humiliated and hurt by Jungkook’s words but for some reason you couldn’t blame him for it.

You roughly wiped of the tears you didn’t know were falling until now with the sleeves of your jumper and hastily made your way home.

It had been two weeks since Jungkook last saw Y/N and he has realised a lot, as much as he hates to say it he missed her, he missed how she constantly worried about him, how she would always bring him something to eat just in case he forgot, he missed how hard she tried to talk to him and more than anything he regretted telling her to back off.

And most of all he realised that he likes her.  

Jungkook sighed as he slid down the mirrored wall on there practise room and sat on the floor, he was breathing heavily from practising. He rummaged through his bag which was next to him looking for his phone, his hand finally gripped the small object and he pulled it out of his bag. He switched it on, part of him was hoping that Y/N had texted him like she used to but ,sadly, she hadn’t.

He sighed and shoved his phone back in his bag, disappointed.

“What’s wrong with you now?” Yoongi asked before taking another swig from his water bottle

“Nothing,” Jungkook answered simply, not in the mood to talk.

Yoongi sighed as he screwed the lid back onto the bottle “Why don’t you stop being so stubborn and go apologise to Y/N,”

Jungkook didn’t reply,

“We can finish practise early, just go to Y/N,” Yoongi offered, leaning against the wall. Jungkook just nodded, he pushed himself up from the floor and pulled his bag onto his shoulder before walking out the door.

You groaned as a loud banging pulled you from your sleep, you sluggishly pulled yourself to a sitting position on the couch. Another loud banging echoed through the house and it took you a few seconds to realise someone was knocking on the door.

You let out another loud groan and pulled yourself to your feet as another loud bang came from the door.

“Hang on, I’m coming!” You yelled as you unlocked the door and pulled it open.

“Ye- Jungkook?” You exclaimed, shocked that he was standing in front of you.  

“Y/N, you have every right to shut this door in my face but please listen to me,” He begged

“What do you want, Jungkook?” You asked, leaning on the door frame and crossing your arms over your chest.

“I am so so sorry, Y/N. I had absolutely no right to talk to you like that, and I- I miss you. I didn’t realise how much a relied on you until you were gone. So please, Y/N, please forgive me.”

You stared at him for a few seconds, before sighing “And why should I, Jungkook. You humiliated me, you hurt me.”

“Because I like you, okay. I fucking like you Y/N. And I need you.”

“Wai-What?” you stuttered, not sure you heard him right.

“I like you, Y/N,” He repeated “So damn much. So please.”

“I - uh - okay,” You stuttered out.

“You forgive me?” He said, a smile forming on his face

“No,” You sighed “But - but it’s a start.”

“That’s good enough for me,” Jungkook grinned at you.


  • is shy
  • “do…I look good?”
  • couple pics
  • omfg


  • I MEAN
  • “MC! Take a picture of me!!!”


  • “MC? What are you doing?”
  • blushes when notices


  • This man
  • buys you the ultimate HD camera that just came out
  • “You didn’t have to”
  • “But I wanted to”
  • imma go cry  a bit


  • dorky pics
  • you’ll lend him your camera for 5 minutes
  • and come back to 342 derp pictures
  • “wat is dis”


  • yES
  • im crying
  • “We should do a trip togeter”


  • “I can’t understand why you want to take pictures of me”
  • he seems so photogenic
  • sexy pics
  • bless my soul




(his name is Dylan Forsberg and tbh i’m pretty sure that there has to be a million of posts about him)

The House of What’s Left

Summary: You had always loved Jungkook, but he never knew what he had until it was far too late. 


For the anon who requested this: “Angsty Jungkook scenario?? Maybe where he says he doesn’t love you anymore and you leave him, but then he feels his world is falling apart and you know?”

Writer’s note: I hate this. I hate this so much. OMFG I’m so sorry that I’m even posting this but oh well. 

For the past fifteen years, you’d loved a man named Jeon Jungkook.  For fifteen years, you were with a man you considered your soulmate. He was the one man that beat out all the rest for your affection, and in return, you were the one woman who captured his attention with just the power of your voice and the look in your eyes. You thought that he could make you happy, that one day you could have a house where children padded barefoot and squealed when you tried to give them baths.

For ten years, you’d spent your life with his ring adorning your finger. For ten years you’d kissed his cheek before work and again when you came home from your own job. For ten years you’d made dinner for him or picked it up on your way home from the office. For ten years you sat curled into his side on the couch while the two of you had your weekly movie night sessions. For ten years you wrestled with him when you decided you wanted the remote and he wasn’t willing to give it up. For ten years you laughed with him, dreamed with him, and held his hand while he cried from the emotional success of his career. For ten years, you clung to a man who had promised to love you forever and always.

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I like to believe that whenever Kuroo is taking Kenma out for dates, he doesn’t speak.. Instead he is content enough just staring at him. Which ofc makes Kenma uncomfortable af.

Literally all I want in this life is in the next book for the gang to come across this like super hot lady elf and Magnus is like hey Hearth you should make a move wink wink nudge nudge and Hearth gives him this really weird look and then Blitz is like kid…… you know we’re dating right and Magnus is like what??? No??????? And Sam is just like how can u be so oblivious and Jack is all dude even /I/ knew and I don’t have eyes

And Magnus is just like

That makes a lot of sense actually