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First Time ~ Liam Dunbar smut

Description: Liam teaches the y/n certain things…

Warnings: Smut,swearing

Requested: @marthaor-943

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“Liam….c’mon. If you don’t hurry up with popcorn I’m starting the movie without you!”you yelled,throwing a cushion at him.”Babe we’ve watched The Outsiders like a hundred times already.” he replies,wrapping his arms around your waist.”We’ve been dating two years though, so we’re actually falling behind on this modern classic.”you smile, planting a kiss on his lips before you both make your way to the couch. 

“Oh my god young Rob Lowe was so beautiful in this movie.Look at that bone structure..” you breath. Liam huffed lightly beside you.”Babbbbeee don’t get jealous.I was just kidding.” you say as you turned to sit on his lap. “ Liam you know I love you.” you say as you take his face into your hands gazing into his eyes. “Really?”he replies resting his forehead against yours. You leaned slowly into a soft delicate kiss. Your hands tangling in Liams hairs as his hands rested on your lower back pulling you in close to him. 

Liam deepened the kiss as his hands lightly squeezed your ass.You slowly guided his hand to your breasts. You broke the kiss and pulled your shirt off to reveal a black lace bra. Liam looked at you like you were a four course meal. “Liam…I’m ready.”you whisper.”Y/N I don’t want you to feel presumed because I know it’s your first tim-” he rambles but you cut him off by pressing a rough kiss to his lips. Liam picked you up and brought you to the bedroom where you assumed the same position on the bed. “Y/N” Liam breathed ” If you feel uncomfortable just stop me okay?”.  You replied with a nod. Liam attacked you with rough,hungry kisses. You slowly began to grind on his thigh , desperate to get rid of the ache in your core. Liam smirked as he tore off your underwear. ”Liam! They were expensive!” you shriek as he threw you on the bed. Liam attacked your collarbones leaving dark purple bruises along the way. Liam pressed a thumb to your clit. He pushed two fingers in stretching you out as you gasped at the pleasure. His fingers curled inside you as a wave of pleasure washed through you.”Liam fuck…I’m not…not gonna…last.” you say writhing beneath him.He smirked seeing the mess you had become. He lifted off his shirt as you kissed your way down his chest. You nipped at his chest leaving purples bruises all over him as you felt a growl gather in his chest. You fingers slipped into the waistband of his under wear where you gripped his hard length as he let out a small pleasured groan. He removed his underwear in a swift movement. You lay back on the bed as he leans over you. “If it hurts stop me okay?.” “Okay Dunbar but please just fuck me already!”you giggle. He slowly pushed himself into you.You felt a slight pain but it was soon replaced with pleasure once you adjusted to his size. He thrusted slowly into you making sure you were okay. “Liam fuck yes….harder…” you say clawing at his back. His paced picked up as you devoured every inch of you. You felt a knot in your stomach,knowing you were near release. Your walls tightened around Liam as he moaned your name, thrusting out his high. You were sent over the edge as your hips bucked up. You screamed Liams name as you let out your sweet release. 

Liam got up and got you a shirt and some underwear as you came down from your high. “How was it?Was it okay?” he rambled. “ Liam it was perfect” you said nuzzling into him. “Wanna do it again?” he smirked. You jumped up off the bed. “Race you to the shower!”

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Maybe this is way overboard but.. If this is the explanation of the trailer: Sana sends the screenshots from Noora's email, which affects Vilde (becauSe they are about her) which affects Eva and Chris somehow, and this all leads back to it being Isak's conversation? Then the roles AREN'T REVERSED in the trailer. EXCEPT for isak and Even. Why would that be? Why is Even bleeding and getting hit while it actually happens to Isak, when the rest of the roles in the trailer aren't reversed?

Linnéa you have just blown my mind here oh my gosh

my answer is going to be way out there but I hope somehow it makes some sense but what if…

The nose bleed and the hitting in the face happened to Even instead of Isak in the trailer because… Even is Sana’s mirror after all and it happened to him because like a mirror…it is reflecting what actually happens to Isak…. who is always by his side like a mirror…(also in the trailer…Isak was looking right at him..meaning it could be him looking at the reflection of what it going to happen to him) 

Even is Sana’s mirror because what is happening with her right now happened to him and he ended up dealing with the isolation and confusion and all his feelings in a way that led to a lot of pain…just like Sana he ended up using social media in a not ideal way that led to more mess….I know it’s different because of his illness but I do think it mirrors this. 

Sana feels like she doesn’t belong and never will be able to fit in because she is different

Even felt the same way

Sana wants to take it in her own hands and fix it herself

which is how we know Even used to feel about things and he did try to do according to Yousef…tried to fix things.. :( 

but instead it’s just going to create that mess… 

so maybe Even was in the trailer because although it doesn’t have anything to do with him…it does because he is Sana’s mirror and his story connects to this which is why he literally reflected the events that happened to Isak

is this totally crazy? haha

that was such a wild guess oh my god

Have I ever told you about my brother? We’re not actually brothers, but I may as well have adopted him at this point and I will end anybody who makes him cry~ When we get back to Midgar, I should take you to meet him.

SOLDIER Erri, 1st class / custom weapon / favorite materia

(Ok sure he might still have the Buster Sword, but those kinds of weapons really aren’t Erri’s style. Prefers not to use it, but also will totally use it to kick your ass. As a side note, Erri really likes inflicting status ailments. Like a lot. Partial to poison.)

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not related to anything but i just wanted to say it somewhere - i saw the occasional gif of mark float by my dash for months, even years, before i ever watched a single video of his. I was not at all prepared for how deep his voice actually is... :O

Oh yeah, I can totally understand that. He looks like he’d have a higher pitched voice, right? but then you watch him and his voice is deeper than the pacific ocean


Requested, thank you

“Spike relax” you laughed softly. “I’m sorry” he breathed shaking his head lightly. “Look I know I’m a human and certainly no hunter, but I can handle myself” you assured him. Spike had grown very protective of you and though you understood why, sometimes he was overly watchful which you found amusing more than anything. “I’m just, not used to caring about someone else possibly getting hurt” he explained. “But I do care about you, so it’s just messing with my head and I’m reacting at the stupid things, like you getting a paper cut” he huffed, gesturing to your hand as that was what had just happened. “Oh God” he cursed realising how over dramatic he was being.

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I had a dream that i was in my basement which is weird in on its self but i was there and i had one of those crap flashlights you get in horror games and was walking through thinking my basement was bigger than it should be and i was like "this is to weird for me im going home " and I turned around to see fucky there holding a knife and we just stared at each other for a while before he just casually asked for my guts and i Just looked and him like "haha what no" the i woke up.....weird....

//oh god

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Oh boy- I really really like the fallen angel James and lust demon Thomas could I have more??

James sighed, feeling awkward in the new clothes, shifting as he walked. The clothes were comfortable, but they weren’t the same. He shifted from foot to foot, a sad smile on his face as he fiddled with his locket, a picture of Francis, Aaron, and him in it. He shook his head, focusing on the demon in front of him, the sad smile slowly transforming to a sneer.

“You look much cuter with a smile.” Thomas purred, strolling down to him, his hands in his pockets as he wrapped an arm around his waist, James frowning. 

“I’m an archangel, I am not cute” James hissed and Thomas chuckled.

“You were an archangel. Right now you’re just another one of my subjects, granted a favorite.”

“Oh gee, thanks.” James hissed, sarcasm dripping off his words and Thomas chuckled again, leading him to the dining hall.

“Lafayett, the demon of greed is coming to visit, and I would like you to meet him, preferably without being an asshole.” Thomas said calmly and James shrugged, spreading his wings out.

“Sign of respect?”
“More like, a don’t fuck with me, kinda thing.” 


They entered the dining room, a demon lounging on a chair, looking bored, dressed in fine silks, jewelry hanging around his neck. 

“So you brought your pet angel?” Lafayette asked with a smirk and James bit his lip to hold back a reply.

“So well trained. Shame, both you and Alexander got a little pet, and the rest of us got none. Is he any fun?” 

Thomas finally spoke  up. “He’s more to keep me company than what you’re thinking of.”

“Shame. When you get bored of him send him to me.” Lafayette asked, grinning, his teeth quite sharp and James took a step back, Thomas’ arm holding him in place. 

“Unlikely that I’ll get bored of him. He was the co captain of guard did you know? He came down here wearing the uniform after all.” Thomas said and Lafayette chuckled. 

“I missed you.” He said with a smirk and Thomas chuckled. 

“Doesn’t everybody?” 

“Don’t be so sure of yourself.” Lafayette said calmly. “Now, do you mind sending your little pet away? We have important business to attend to.” 

Thomas pulled his arm away and James quickly walked out of the room. 

((Okay random question: Would y’all rather me keep doing this through asks or actually write it out?)) 

Have You Seen The Remote?

Submitted by @impala-dreamer for my 500 follower gif Drabble with the item a remote  (p.s this is the 1st thing I’ve written in almost a month so I might be a little rusty) Thank you for participating and I hope you like it.

(Y/n) have you seen the remote?“ Dean’s muffled voice came from the other room.

“Ummm the last time I saw it you had it.” You yelled back as you made your way down the hall to help him look. Walking into the room you doubled over laughing. Dean had somehow got himself wedged between the table and the couch. The funniest part was the way he was sort of flailing his legs in an attempt to get up. “Oh my god Dean.” You gasped out as you continued to laugh.

“It’s not funny.” He grumbled. “Just come and help me out.”

Swallowing your laughter, you quickly walked to the end of the couch and moved it over so Dean could wiggle his way out.

Jumping up, he tried to pretend like you hadn’t just caught him in a hilarious situation. "Not a word to Sam.” He gave you the stink eye.

“Not a word.” You put your hands up in surrender. As he turned his back you rolled your eyes, of course you were gonna tell Sam. “Oh and Dean.” Dean turned and looked at you. “There’s the remote.” You pointed in between the couch cushions.

Dean just glared at the remote. Picking it up he tried to make his “I knew it was there the entire time” face while at the same time he made his classic “how did that get there” hand gesture. Laughing you snatched the remote out of his hand. “What would I do without you Dean?” You gave him a gentle kiss.

Dean rolled his eyes. “You can never say movie night isn’t an adventure, that’s for sure.”


Request by 3 annons:

Annon 1:
Imagine being Harry’s doppelgänger and finding out Barry likes Harrison Wells from earth-2 romantically so you end up giving him advice

Annon 2:
Imagine Barry having a really bad crush on Earth-2 Wells but Wells is not as smart in romantic approaches as he is in technology.

Annon 3:
Harrison’s female doublegänger tries to hint Harry from earth 2 that Barry probably likes him more than as a teacher!  (I love your choice of female Harrison!)

A/N: Thank you so much for your requests, I’m terrible sorry for my horrible english, that’s why I’m trying to make god gifs! lol, I really love Eva Green as Harry’s female doppelgänger, I just want you to know that this isn’t  part 4 of the miniseries,  let’s take this like a prequel.. or something like that! haha I love you guys <3 <3

Barry x Harry

-Oh Harry! LOOK AT YOU! – Says Harriet putting her hands on Harry’s cheeks – You are brilliant but you’re a fool! But don’t worry, you still tremendously handsome!  - Harry leaves the speedlab without saying a word, Harriet look at Barry who was watching them from the door – and what do you think? That he’s gonna realize by his own? – she asks

-what do you mean? –

-for God sake! I’m not an idiot Barry, maybe Harry is, but I’m not dear, and staying there, waiting for him to realize by his own it’s not a good idea.

Sighs as he sitting down on the floor and Harriet sits next to him – Am I too obvious?

-No – she confesses smiling at him – I’m very observant and well… one day Barry from my earth confesses that he had a crush on me before we met, so I assumed that some things never change – Barry looks at her -   Look Barry, Harry might be a genius and a jerk who says that doesn’t need anyone, but he’s a Wells, and this is how we are, we don’t like to ask for help and believe that we can do everything by ourself, but we’re always gonna need a friend that support us and make us explode the ideas that our crazy minds creates… sometimes we need someone who inspire us , you could be that friend… don’t screw up..

requests are open! (x)

HI these are my two Sonic characters :D

the dog’s name is Audrey and the fox’s name is Zeke. theyve been besties since childhood and now that they’re young adults, Audrey is big in the music scene and Zeke is looking to maybe be a soccer star. Audrey has a huge crush on Zeke but doesn’t know how to tell him, oh my gosh? He gave Zeke that scarf when they were teenagers and Zeke never takes it off. Audrey is always inviting Zeke out for parties and music shows and fun stuff like that, and of course Zeke goes, because he wants to be a part of whatever Audrey is a part of. Just like Zeke always invites Audrey to his soccer games! They’re super cose and more often than not, they’re together. Inseparable!

Audrey also hates shirts. They’re not very comfortable with that fluffy chest poof.

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how many times do people think your pewds? and the description literally says ronnie they should look before sending you a message/ask lmao

it says literally all throughout my blog who I am and that I’m not poods but oh well, I’m gonna bet my ass that someone is gonna ask me whether I’m actually him just to be troll

oh i forgot !!! my courier

i havent exactly decided on a design yet [bc i gave up on the cc] / im going into this game completely blind so i know nothing about them in canon so im just making up stuff

but my courier has amnesia after being shot in the face and doesnt remember his name. ever since he woke up though, everyones been calling him Lucky- so thats what he sticks with

[and obv i gave him high luck stats hahahha ,,,,,] [as well as speech and sneakiness]

-intent on finding that package/the men who shot him/the new vegas strip in hopes of answers. he needs them but isnt sure he wants them

-he has a really huge scar on the top left half of his face, spanning around his eye. from the face-shooting. thatll do that to you

-hes good natured and pretty smart with technical/scientific stuff, but isnt very good with common sense. has accidentally exploded his legs twelve times. there are so many fucking land mines with the powder gangers oh my g

-typically very polite and easy going and hates physical conflict. doesnt like to start gun fights but gets kinda weirdly excited/caught up in them when they happen. also a very big scaredy cat. really really really likes his laser rifle

-he likes to bully the ncr troops solely bc theyre kinda uptight and he just doesnt get it. he steals their ammo and replaces it with gecko meat

Flower Power

Requested by @meganwinchester1999 for my 500 follower gif Drabble with the item a flower crown. Thank you for participating and also thank you for the kind words.  

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“Sam? Sam where are you?” You called out in a singsong voice. “I made you a present.” You peaked your head around a tree in search of your boyfriend. “Sam!” You yelled a little louder, starting to feel concerned.

“BOO!” Sam jumped out from a tree behind you, pulling you into his arms.

“Oh my god! Sam!” You shrieked. “You scared the shit out of me.“ You gently scolded him as your heart returned to its normal pace.

Sam looked a little sheepish as he looked down at you. “I just couldn’t resist.” He dropped a swift kiss on your lips. “So what’s this present you made me?”

A huge smile filled your face. You couldn’t wait to see his face. Holding out your hand you offered Sam your creation.

He looked down at your hand with a perplexed look. “What is that?” You laughed as you watched him process what was in front of him. “No. I’m not wearing that!” He backed away.

“Oh come on. I made it just for you.” You pouted.

“It’s…. it’s a flower crown. If Dean sees me wearing that he’ll never let me forget.” He tried to plead with you.

You gave him puppy dog eyes. “Pretty please.”

“Fine.” He mumbled as he grabbed the crown out of you hands.

You clapped in glee as he placed it in his head. “You actually kind of look like Jesus, it’s weird.” Sam started laughing at your statement and you joined in. It was always like this with Sam, always so easy.

But that moment ended as dark clouds gathered on the horizon and wind of incredible force suddenly struck. Something was coming, a monster you were only all too familiar with.

Sam quickly pushed you behind him and pulled the colt out. "Stay behind me no matter what happens!” He shouted as the wind howled louder, bringing impending doom. 

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john imagine the gang has atem try the harry potter every flavor jelly beans and guess what flavor hes eating (probably filmed too LMAO)




YES. They don’t tell him the flavors of the beans, at all. Hell, he’s not even allowed to look at the packaging! They just give him the beans, one at a time. They know which ones are which, but Atemu is clueless, he’s going in completely blind on this, no preparation at all, no idea what the flavor choices could be. He’s never had a jelly bean before this event.

He makes a few faces, and keeps giving them looks while he tries to guess the flavor. He’s not familiar with a lot of the flavors, he’s still trying modern food, but oh god, he eats this one… and his face is priceless. It’s just the most unexpected face from him.

I’m not sure of the flavor, I’m leaving that to people’s imaginations, think of the worst flavor you’ve tasted of those beans, that’s the one he’s eaten.

He gets most of them right, but he doesn’t trust jelly beans after that (though he likes the buttered popcorn flavored ones, he’ll buy a bag of those and eat them, Yugi pretends not to know him when he does this)


Shiro is gonna be so Happy to have Matt Back, oh my goshh.