but just look at him oh my

he’s drunk and stumbly and his lips taste sharp like a lick of blue-raspberry vodka, but he’s soft and safe in even’s arms. warm. sleepy.

he’s a spoonful of melting sugar in even’s mouth.

“why’re we..” isak puffs out a tiger yawn, nuzzles even’s neck softly, where he’s tucked snug in against it. “… dancin’? m’tired. bed.”

even’s smile feels like a bundle of flowers blooming behind his ribs. he dusts a kiss to the top of isak’s head among his curls. breathes him in. says, so quiet in the blanket of moonlight-speckled dark of isak’s bedroom, “i like holding you, this close.”

isak’s laughter hiccups out of him, curls like smoke around even’s ear.

“you can hold me in bed?”

even can hear the smile twitching on isak’s lips - he’s pressing it flat, dipping his chin and brushing his pink, blushing cheek off even’s shoulder to hide it, but even knows.

“in a minute,” he whispers. “i just wanna hold you, like this.”

he’s waltzing them so, so slowly in a ring on the rug on the floor. their hands are threaded together, and he draws them in closer. listens with a sparkle in his smile to the hitch and tug of isak’s breath in his lungs as he presses a kiss to each of isak’s fingers - one by one.

they flutter beneath his touch, restless, until they’ve wound themselves free to tiptoe up along even’s jaw, cupping his cheek.  

isak coaxes him into a kiss like that, eyes like spilled honey in the moonlight, and even- he just holds him even tighter.

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You are so awesome. You are kind and funny, and talented. Thank you so much for the goody of The recent Richonne getting it on gifs! I was like all 👀 Did you notice that while Rick has his shirt off, Michonne still has on her clothes? Not only that, but Michonne is actually wearing a long sleeve top. In the other clip where Rick is pleading for more, Michonne is wearing a tank top with no sleeves. I think these are two separate occasions. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Blessings to you!

Oh wow, thank you so much! ❤And you’re quite welcome, although it is absolutely my pleasure to do it. 

And yes, I absolutely noticed Rick is just wearing his drawers and Michonne is fully clothed. I’m just imagining him greeting her at the back of the van like:

But yeah, this is definitely a different day than the car, and even the promo scene where they’re kissing in the school, so we’ve got a lot to look forward to. They’re about to get it in on this little road trip. I’m already imagining a wedding and honeymoon all in one. And there goes my heart exploding all over again. 

EXO Reaction to hearing Suho curse for the first time

This was requested by @supercaptainblog I hope you like it! Xo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Can’t believe it* “Did he just… did he…. oh my… Baek did you hear that?”


*Someone has to put back everything in order* “No bad words in this dorm!”


“This isn’t him… what did we do…. we won’t do this again Hyung… we’ll behave” *Look at those children*




“Do you remember that day when Suho cursed because of you? Never forget man!” *Jokes about it until he dies*


“Oh… lord…. things just got our of control…” *Minnie knows something’s not right*


*Loses all hope* “And I thought this day would never come… what did we do?”


*Doesn’t want to say a thing so Suho doesn’t get even angrier* “…”




“No.. no don’t make me go in there… let’s just leave… He’s.. pissed… go go!” *Even Soo is freaking out*


*Hard judging xD*


“I think I need vacations… go to somewhere I can clean my soul… go back to my old self… the in control self…”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I Miss Her

For @tinyturx about Vera Kane I hope you enjoy sweetie! 

Abby had noticed that Marcus seemed rather quiet that day. Oh, he gave her his usual smile when their eyes met and it was loving as always but his eyes looked sad, almost looking like he would cry. She felt concerned for him and catching up with Marcus around lunchtime, Abby asked. “Are you alright, Marcus?” Tucking her hand in his, her voice soft and intimate.
    “Have I been that obvious?” Marcus murmured, having not wanted to worry anyone with his troubles but he knew Abby would catch on as they shared so much together that she couldn’t have helped noticing.
    “Only a little,” causing him to smile briefly. “What’s going on?” Pressing a light kiss on his shoulder to encourage him.
“My mother,” he said quietly. And Abby felt a pang go through her heart. Of course, Vera. “You never talk about her,” she said. Marcus turned around to look at Abby, his brown eyes falling to the ground.
   "No-but I haven’t forgotten, I still wish I could-“ with a shuddering breath, "that I could take it back.” He finished, bravely and Abby caressed his cheek; feeling a tear threatening to spill down her face. Regret- how bitter it was and how often did Abby find herself wanting to erase the past, to start over. But they couldn’t, what had happened and all they could do now was turn the page.
  “She’d be proud of you,” Abby told him gently. Marcus smiled and laughed a little, exactly how he’d done when she had told him she wouldn’t have gotten caught by Pike, when the former had sentenced Marcus to death for treason. “I miss her, Abby.” He confessed, Abby drew him into her arms and held him. “I know.”

Suga / Min Yoongi as Your Boyfriend

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A/N: *exhales a long sigh* Wow I need a boyfriend.

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  • “swag” 
  • @ him: Shut up Infires // *throws pillow at you*
  • “Don’t hate me, just ‘cause you ain’t me”
  • @ him: What the hell, Min Yoongi, why do you have prettier looking legs than me? // Him: What can I say? I’m blessed.
  • “Rapping isn’t the only thing my mouth’s good at”
  • Blatantly checking you out
  • Endless amount of photos in your phone… of him of course
  • “Here are a million picks to stare at when I’m not around and you miss me”

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ok, hear me out: Kent Parson and Victor Nikiforov totally hooked up, took roughly 10,000 selfies, and griped about their lives over margaritas at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Topics of discussion included:

  • God it’s soooooo lonely being the One Supreme Player in my sport, I haven’t felt challenged in years
  • Come to think of it I haven’t felt anything in years
  • Look at these pictures of my pet! Isn’t he adorable? See, here she’s dressed in a tiny Team USA jacket to match mine!
    • Oh god my pet is the only being who will ever love me
  • Undiagnosed major depressive disorder? *readjusts Gucci sunglasses indoors* I don’t know her
  • Flying cross-country to hit up an old flame and offer to completely rearrange your life for him if he’ll just be with you again, please, you’ve never felt as alive as you do with him: good idea, great idea, or best idea ever?
  • Borderline personality disorder? 

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I've just realized that Robert was so deep into that hug that he didn't pay attention to Chas, Aaron had to squeeze his shoulder to make him let go.

you know it’s been a good week when you don’t even instantly know which hug is being spoken about, anon 😌😂

during the goodbye scene? I love the way they break apart from that hug. rob moves his hand and presses aaron even closer to him and aaron’s hand goes up to squeeze rob’s shoulder a bit and they just literally both look like if it were up to them they would never let go of one another. oh my god.

why 👏🏼 does 👏🏼 it 👏🏼 get 👏🏼 more 👏🏼 painful 👏🏼 with 👏🏼 every 👏🏼 rewatch 👏🏼



Y/N: Jyn! I have to ask you something.

Jyn: Sure, y/n, what do you need help with?

Y/N: It’s um… about what we were talking about yesterday… about my crush on Bodhi. I-I don’t know how to tell him that I like him.

Jyn: *smiling* You’re overthinking it, y/n, just go up and tell him! Look, he’s right behind me. *turning* Hey Bodhi! y/n has something to tell you!

Y/N: Oh my gosh, be quiet Jyn! *Jyn smiles* I’m not ready yet!



Richonne Party 7x12

The moment I ship Richonne.

The first moment comes from Season 4, episodes 1 and 2…when Michonne returns from her search for the Governor… and when she goes back out on episode 2, she has that conversation (about the hat) with Carl and Rick just smiles to himself. My first thought was: “Oh wow, he likes her…or at the very least, cares about her.”

The second moment was the night after the Claimers…the way Michonne look at Rick…again my thought was: “Oh wow, she likes him!” I mean, you would have thought she was going to pull him in those woods and go at it with some good lovin! LOL!!!

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Tbh I really love the trope where a couple is told they can't have kids but they keep trying & end up having at least one anyway like even though I'm a Bio major I enjoy it when Bio is wrong in negative situations anyway I think Peter could be diagnosed incorrectly as impetent & it would break his heart, but he'd still want to keep trying & just as you were about to consider/look into adoption, you found you were pregnant & now he's crying for an entirely different reason


i just got around to watching the new star vs the forces of evil episode, the season finally, and holy shit. that was awesome and completely heartbreaking. starco. starco was sort of confirmed. i mean, she had to leave before anything else was said, and marco looked so heartbroken when her room disappeared. and jackie. oh god i feel so bad for jackie. she genuinely likes marco and was basically pushed aside by him for star. then the ending. ad;sljfls;akahg;oearoejfoh i cant. i cant even comprehend that. oh my god her room disappearing and marcos face just hurt. there was no music in the ending screen. i just sat there, staring at my tv with my mouth oped shocked. my god. fucking cliffhanger. why does disney like to do this. every good disney show that ive watched had some sort of cliffhanger. even the shitty ones.   

*boy dramaaa*

So there’s this boy in my class
Named Spencer
Oh boy he’s fucking hot
His face is perfect
His hair is perfecter
And I cry
Because I will never look as good
It makes me so jealous
And he hasn’t any idea
So I’m here just depressed lmao
While I’m basically crying
He has a gf
So I know I should move on
But I just can’t get over him

Remeber Max? Well fuck him he’s actually an asshole
I’m over him

But Spencer?


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Hi I am the original anon and that promo was lowkey my inspiration!!! And I love the idea of Jug getting his face all inky. But like. Maybe not minding it? Cause it's kinda grunge and noir. And like maybe he'd like it till someone laughed. But by then he'd already posted it on his B&W tumblr. Also Archie googling how to get it off and helping him scrub his face with shampoo.

oh my god jughead with a b&w aesthetic blog is perfect, and also i could totally see him actually liking the #look and being totally unbothered but after a while archie’s like…..alright but how about we clean your face now you heathen are you really just gonna leave it

Got7 Reaction To Their S/O Being A Fashion Designer

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise stated ))

Requested by anon

Mark: *always the best dressed at any event because they always make sure he is dressed amazingly*

Jaebum: what do you mean I can’t just wear a white t-shirt and jeans? isn’t that stylish? *Wants to wear simple outfits but is basically forced to dress better*

Jackson: will you design me clothes? let’s date then. *jokes around about wanting specific clothes made just for him*

Jinyoung: isn’t this a little much? *just wants to go get a coffee not walk the runway*

Youngjae: I want matching outfits with this stuffy and this one… oh and can you make me a shirt with… *Constantly requesting clothing*

Bambam: *loves to let them play dress up with him and always loves being used as a reference chart as to how patterns will look on people*

Yugyeom: what do you think of my outfit today? *always skyping and making sure they approve of his outfit before he leaves the house*

We were playing Starbound and my friend got the achievement relating to Stardew Valley...

Friend 1: “Have you seen (My name)’s trash husband in Stardew Valley? Just look up Sebastian”

Friend 2: “Oh my god, I only know him because that’s all one of my other friend talks about”

What they don’t know is that I run this tumblr that was originally just for seb shit…

anonymous asked:

Yo can i just say how much i hate that everyone shits on people who have joseph as their favorite jojo? Dunno if its been brought up here before but hes the only one that was genuinely funny and combined jonathans clever use of the environment/materials in every fight and eventually the amazing use of a stand that turned out to be much more useful then many punching stands. And people look down on joseph lovers just cause hes in a "beginning" part. At least in my environment it is.

oh my god

im so so sick of people hating on people who have joseph as a fave, but this is the first time ive heard of people disliking him for being an early part protagonist? what the hell–

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andre meeting ur family ??? ily !!

oh god when u first told him ur parents wanted to met the boy you’d been sharing kisses with for the past month he would look at u like u were completely out of ur mind because he?!? and pARENTS?!?!? it just didn’t work out and he’d look u dead serious in the eye and go “y/n i’m not meeting ur parents” and you’d start whining and he’d let out a groan after many minutes of u trying to convince him and say soemthing like “okay i’ll do it but it’s not my fucking fault if i fuck everything up” because aw he’d really like u and didn’t want to fuck it all up but let’s skip to the night he’d actually meet ur parents and bOY!!! that boy would act all cool and stuff but in reality he’d be shitting his pants and before he’d knock on ur door he’d fix his cute ass bow tie and clear his throat before gently knocking at ur door while holding a bouquet of roses he decided to bring even tho that’s not him at all but he really wanted to make a good impression on ur parents (aw baby) and the moment u opened the door a big smile would appear on ur face as he gave u a small smile pulling u into a hug whispering “u look good” and you’d be like “u don’t look to bad urself kriegman” and he’d smirk at u before pressing a quick kiss against ur lips before the two of u would hear someone cough behind u making u pull away immediately and he would like give ur parents a big smile before shaking ur father’s hand and go like “so nice to finally meet u mr. y/l/n” and ur father would just nod and smile at him before he would give ur mom the roses (!!!) making her pull him into hug and say something along the lines of “oh my lord u did not have to do that!!” but he’d be like chuckling and you’d just stand there smiling as ur mother invited u in. anD GOD they would ask him so so so so many questions during the dinner and everytime they asked him about school he’d tense up because he wasn’t the best at school but you’d just place ur hand on top of his under the table making him relax and everything would go so well and ur parents would love him so much  and when he was about to leave and u two would be standing on ur porch he would pull u into a hug and say something like “that was the worst thing i’ve ever done in my entire life, you’re defiantly going to pay for making me do this” and you’d just giggle knowing he actually found the evening so nice aW

Oh my god though imagine Yoosung getting a bad test score and coming onto the messenger to complain and V being the only person online, so V sends him a picture of the sunglasses toast really proud of himself like “look Yoosung, it’s the toastest with the mostest” and Yoosung just


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