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Sooo does Wes wear or not wear overalls?? In early works he dose but newer ones he doesn't.

Oh no he actually doesn’t! It’s just that, I have the bad habit of using fanart as reference when I first enter into a fandom…

…and MANY artists draw him with overalls… 

He looks good in them!  For a while even tho I noticed he doesnt wear them I drew him like that anyway!

But my Wes has a soft, top-heavy silhouette and I noticed overalls break the flow of the design, so I just stopped drawing those on him alltogether.

I still take some liberties tho, like the buttons on his pants and the scar on the eyebrow, but they’re just small details to fill up an otherwise VERY simple design that wouldnt fit too well with my style.

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Hey Lise, sorry to bug you, but could you talk a little more about your headcanons irt Loki and his headspace in The Dark World? Possibly?

oh my god Rosie I have so many headcanons about this, I feel like I have so many headcanon posts I should go looking for so I don’t just repeat myself but you know what, what the heck ever, it’s my blog I can repeat myself if I want to

so like. start of the movie, Loki goes back to Asgard and pretty clearly expects to die. his imprisonment - Odin burying him out of sight and out of mind, as he sees it - comes as a surprise and is kind of the worst thing that could happen to him - Loki on his own, in his own head, tends to go in circles and get obsessive and anxious and depressed, which leads to him getting aggressive and temperamental. 

but at the same time - he’s hurting. without the immediate action of attacking Earth, of having something to do, of lashing out physically and balancing himself against Thor, there’s nothing to do but think about what’s happened. (which is probably exactly the point, but Loki doesn’t do well with that. denial is what sustained Loki through a lot of his misery and despair both in and post-Thor, and without something else to occupy him it gets very hard to sustain that. 

(also a lot of touch starvation and isolated feelings from being alone except for Frigga projections, which are nice but probably also result in a lot of really defensive arguments because Loki feels like he needs to keep her at a “safe” distance.)

but then getting out - I’ve talked before about his almost manic energy there, the desperation for something to hold himself against to keep from falling over the edge - both that he’s been riding all along and now the new one after Frigga’s death. there’s a kind of edge to everything he does in the scene after the prison break, but it’s an edge with a kind of desperation behind it. 

and god, the scene on Svartalfheim: I feel like there’s so much familiarity, even in his and Thor’s arguments on the way there. “well, she wouldn’t exactly be shocked.” they have always argued. they have always fought. the tenor is different now, but it’s an echo of a memory of when things were better, when they worked together for the same goal. 

and then during the fight, when Loki finishes off his last opponent and turns to see Thor getting beat up by the Kursed, and you see this moment, very brief, of hesitation. and then he goes. 

I firmly believe and will always firmly believe that wasn’t a decision made with any plan in mind; that Loki didn’t act intending to fake his own death. he stabs the Kursed in the back, and when it turns around to look at him his expression is surprised. and scared. nothing about his behavior in that scene says that he’s doing anything but doing what he’s done many times before: saving Thor’s ass. but this time he cuts it too close, and while he does manage to finish the Kursed he knows he’s finished too. 

“see you in Hel, monster.” 

then that heartbreaking, heartbreaking scene with the two of them, Loki spilling apologies and Thor calling him a fool, visibly panicking, visibly hurting, because it was so brief that he almost had his brother back, and now he’s losing him again. one of the most significant things for me about Loki’s lines in this scene is that he’s apologizing, over and over - it’s impossible to say what for. for everything that’s happened? for dying? maybe both. 

but he cuts off when Thor brings up Odin, and that goddamn line: 

“I didn’t do it for him.”

which, like. I think about what that does to Thor. the guilt he must feel, how much it has to hurt. he failed to save Frigga, and Loki died saving him. 

I’ve written a lot, too, about what Loki feels in those moments when he’s looking up at Thor watching him die, the pain on his face. the fact that it’s the first time since Thor that someone has touched him without there being any aggression behind it - there’s twice in The Avengers I can think of that Thor also does, but it’s always either preceded by or followed by violence. (that Loki often instigates, but still.)

there’s a line in one of my fics, I forget which one, that’s Loki thinking something like “this is how I’m loved: as I die.”

or in “Wistful still, and still aspiring”:

Thor’s eyes shine, and Loki feels himself shudder, because it is so much love, there, and it is not his, it is the Loki-who-died, and he wishes he could be that Loki, if nothing else then for Thor’s sake.

it’s so much of what Loki wants. and it’s what he’s sure he can never have: not while living.

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How would the 2p!Allies react to an S/o who has a locked room and won't let anyone come in but the 2p!s secretly find out that she has dozens of paintings and they see that she's got a covered painting, they look and it turns out it's a portrait of them in black and white. How would they react?

Ah yes, my boys are very nosy… -Admin Jay

2p Canada: “Oh…wow that is kinda good…”
Matt doesn’t know how to compliment art. Matt doesn’t know much about art. What he does know is when something is good, so once his curiosity eventually got the best of him, or luck was on his side, he would poke around their art and realize how talented his s/o is. Upon finding the one of himself, Matt would just stop and stare. They painted him? Why? When did they do this? He would just cock his head and look at it before shrugging. Guess he did look pretty good…count him shocked. Then he would just lock the door behind him and go about his day. 

2p France: “Well…I guess I do look good…”
Francois would eventually muster up the energy to see what was behind the door, he would just look around and hum approvingly. Though once he found the one of himself he would stop and stare. It was him, but it looked good…better than he probably actually looked…He would stare at it for awhile before just sighing and covering it back up as he went to drink…but maybe…just maybe he would clean up for his s/o when they got home…

2p America: “Yo…this is some cool shit…”
Allen doesn’t know the first thing about art. But Allen is good at picking locks and he is notoriously nosy…so one thing would lead to another and he would get into the room just to see what they were hiding. He would look around and be speechless at the art his s/o made, but when he found the one of himself he would back up. It was him…but it looked…like it had it’s life together. It wouldn’t be how he saw himself at all..so he would be caught off guard. He would appreciate the gesture, but he wouldn’t know how to process it or even think about it. He would just cover it back up and go about his day, but it would always be on his mind. 

2p England: “Ohhhh this is marvelous!”
Oliver is horrible at keeping secrets and cannot lie to save his life. He would be gushing about his s/o’s amazing work and praising every detail they made. Though when he saw the one of himself he would be so happy. They made him look so good! He would be hugging them and gushing all night about their art and begging them to open up the room and paint whenever they felt like it! He would love to just sit by them and work on his own hobbies while they painted. 

2p China: “Duuuuuude, this is legit!”
Zhao can appreciate fine art, and this to him would be the best art. He would love to snoop through the room and look around. But when he found the one of himself, he would just blink and smirk before winking at the portrait of himself. Damn right, he is hot. He would love to tell his s/o about his thoughts on their art, but he would wait until they were ready to tell him, or he could subtlety talk to them about art. Whichever comes first. 

2p Russia: “I no longer regret snooping.”
Viktor would look around the room expecting to discover some earth-shattering secret, but upon finding the art he would be pleasantly surprised. He would look over every detail and piece with a critic’s eye but walk away from each one feeling very proud of his s/o and their accomplishments. Though once he found the one of himself, he would be a little flustered. He did not expect this. They painted him? And he looked so…regal…Viktor would feel the need to thank them, and to tell them to do their art wherever and whenever they pleased because he would want to hang it around the house and show it off. 

Do you ever see the old shirtless selfies of Andy without majority of his tattoos, let’s say from 2013-2015 and he looks really good, healthy, honestly looks alive and not looking like the live has been sucked out of him, oh! And he doesn’t have the Scientology tattoo. Because honestly, in my opinion, he looked better without that tattoo. I mean, yeah he still looks good, but if he didn’t have that tattoo (and a few others) he’d look extremely better and I wouldn’t want to knock sense into him to get it removed or covered up.

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“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” for your apprentice and whoever they kissin.

Trill wakes slowly and painfully, his entire skull a deep and persistent throb that makes it hard to even lift his head. Luckily for him, there is a cool hand slipping behind his neck, into his hair, cradling the back of his head and holding him steady as another hand eases him upright.

“There we are,” drawls a familiar voice, smooth and accented and touched with the faintest edge of concern. “Thought I’d have to rely on old fairy tales and start kissing you awake.”

Trill opens his eyes, squinting against the faint flickering candlelight coming from the bedside table and tries to take stock of his surroundings while still swimming in a muzzy fog. “Wh… Where…?” He jolts, fumbles to push himself upright, but the hand helping him pushing gently against his collarbone to stop him.

“Easy, now, don’t rush yourself.”

Trill looks up and blinks, and Julian’s hazy scarlet form starts to separate into something beyond fuzzy blobs of color and into concrete shapes, long and lean and just a bit gaunt, the bruise-colored circles beneath his eyes looking deeper and almost hollow in the shadows thrown by the puttering candle. “What happened?” Trill murmurs, bringing a hand to his clammy forehead.

“You fainted… straight into my arms,” Julian says, mouth kicking up in a teasing grin just a bit to wobbly to be properly roguish. “You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

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Forrest heads off into the crowds of people that are awaiting the bride and groom to come and greet them, leaving Eva looking around completely overwhelmed and not knowing where she should be going. She feels a tap on her shoulder and turns around to see Forrest’s father, Trey, beaming a reassuring smile at her. His smile is so infectious that she can’t help but smile back at him.

Trey: “You look just like I did on my wedding day - absolutely no clue where I’m meant to be, but glad to be here.”

Eva: “It’s like you can read my mind, Trey!”

Trey: “I think I can. And guess what, Eva?”

Eva: “Oh dear, I think I’m a little too old for the father-in-law advice, Trey.”

Trey: “You’re never too old to keep learning from life experiences, Eva. That’s not what I was going to say. You’re going to be ok, and welcome to the family.”

Eva can’t help but smile as Trey winks at her and walks away to do his own mingling. She takes a deep breath. Yes, he is right. It’s all going to be ok!

Oh~ I see I’ve found a human~ You wouldn’t mind if I drink your blood right? Nishishi juuuuust kidding! How do you like my halloween costume?

Here’s a shitty vampire!Ouma sprite edit I made! It’s my first time making one that isn’t just playing about copy and pasting stuff and I think he looks pretty good. If you wanna use him on your blog or for edits and what not please credit me!


You look wide eyed at the man before you “Oh come on.” you cry out annoyed. “What would you like me to come on exactly ?” Sehun says with a devilish smirk that would have stolen your heart if you had not interacted with him moments before.

Sehun opens his youth and begins to speak “seeing as how you ruined my favorite suit and you obviously are too poor to afford the dry cleaning or a new one how about you become my pet? Hm? Yea sound fair?” You scoff raising your face in disbelief “As if. You’re just a spoiled rotten brat who thinks he can talk to people anyway he chooses, but not me. I’d rather die then be your pet. Go back into that uppity club of yours and drink yourself into a gutter” His eyes narrow in your direction as he takes one small step closer to you “Watch your tongue kitten before I have to cut it out of your pretty little mouth. ”

“____ come on let’s just go home please.” Your friend begs You clutching tightly onto your arm. You pull away stepped face to face with Sehun “You won’t do shit you’re all bark no bite You stupid mangy mutt” you practically spit out in his face venom dripping from every word. Sehuns sneers and walks back into the club. You turn around and drag your friend away pracially pulling her all the way home. You arive at your door way your friend a sweat covered mess, “What the fuck ___? What happened” You explain to her the situation and you both sit there in silence for about 10 minutes just thinking about the events of tonight before she got up and walked silently out the door.

You get up as all the entergt from your body drains out. You kick your shoes somewhere in the dark , tearing your clothes dropping them on the floor before practically falling back over onto couch to drained make it to your bed. You contemplated your words today cursing to yourself hoping youll never have to see that man again. You fall into a deep peaceful sleep not dreaming a bout a single thing.

knock.knock.knock. You heard sharp taps door. Your head shot up confused at who would be here at this time of the day. “One second please!” you exclaimed. You open the door to see Sehun smelling of alcohol a small smile playing his lips, accompanied by men from last night. “MY pet there you are.” you quickly slam the door locking it. “Go away you fucking creep. how do where live” you scream through the door. You hear a chuckle “Actually it was quite easy considering dad owns most area.”

You stare peep hole as one of the men slam on the door making you fall back. “open it doggy. It will much easier then having to break it down.” You open up the door slowly peeking around the door frame to face Sehun when his 3 goonies barge in allowing the man to walk in. He waltz in as if he’s been there a million times kicking off his shoes and making himself at home. “Boys. Go wait outside I think I will stay and play with my puppy tonight.” One of the 3 men opens their mouth and begins to speak"Sir. I don’t think that’s a good idea. You know how you-“ “LEAVE!” Sehun barks in their direction.
You watch as the 3 huge men walk out of your apartment so quietly it’s as if they were ghosts. You look down at the picturesque man relaxing on your couch. He looks at you flashing you a winning smile with glazed over eyes “come. sit.” He gestures to the spot next to him. You sit down next to him on the edge of the seat he grabs you and pulls you close instantly attempting to move his hand up your shirt. “stop it” you say trying to shove him away. His lips attach themselves to your neck sucking hard as his hand forcefully massages your breast “S-STOP. GET O-” his free hand covers your mouth. You feel tears come to your eyes as he removes his hand from your chest to undo his belt buckle. You attempt to claw at his body hopefully getting him to move away. He removes his face from your neck growling into your ear. “Stop it. You are my dog. I play with you when I want to.” He shoves his pants down his waist his boxers quickly following along. He takes his hand away from your mouth and grabs both your wrists tieing them together with his belt. “Sehun p-please… please. Don’t do this.. p-please” you cry out as tears fall from your eyes. His eyes never looking at your face as he pulls your shorts down your waist. He puts one hand against your mouth as he positions himself at your entrance. You scream into his hand shaking your head wet hair flying everywhere with tears staining your face. He looks continues looking down as he forces himself into you “Fuck you shouldn’t of played hard to get” He groans out you let out a spine chilling muffled cry into his hands before laying completely limp as shock overtook you.

Sehun finally looks up up at you seeing the dead lifeless look in your puffy red eyes quickly ripping himself away his eyes instantly clearing up . He pulls his pants back up before carrying you back into your still steamy bathroom. He undresses you attempting to touch you a least as possible. “im sorry. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry” He silently whispers out hugging you close “i- i didn’t mean to do this.. I just blacked out.“ He pulled out his phone making a quick phone call the 3 men barging into your bathroom. “Young Master. I tried to tell you… You know how you get” The man who spoke earlier said. “GOD DAMNIT J I DON’T CARE RIGHT NOW. PLEASE. DO SOMETHING!” Sehun cries out.

You turn your head over to see Sehun with tears threatening to fall out as he looked at you. “I’m so sorry. I never meant to do that.” You opened your mouth to speak as one of the men lifted you up into a bath washing your body touching you as little as possible. Sehun looks at you one last time before getting up and walking out without saying a word. The 3 men finish up and J dresses you and places you back into bed placing a small note on your bedside table.

Sehun stands outside of your door jaw clenched so tight it’s as if only a crow bar could pry it open. He turns to look at J. “I fucked up. I royalty fucked up. I don’t think any amount of money or useless gifts could fix this” He drives his hand into the wall across from him breaking though the drywall. He storms out the building his anger ,at himself, welling up. Someone is going to get it tonight, someone is going to pay for HE did. He can, and he will make someone else pay the price.

He shows up to his overly lush and club like “hide out”. Storming in all of his followers standing up as he came in. A few shared knowing looks with one another noticing the aura he brought in with. Anger. Regret. Sadness. Frustration beyond belief. “where is Jackson’s group now?” He looks at one of his best friend Kyungsoo awaiting an answer. Kyungsoo shrugs unknowing what to say since Jackson’s group haven’t tried anything major for awhile. Sehun walks forward placing a solid blow on the jaw of his childhood friend, and follower. “What’s you’re problem man” Kyungsoo looks up at you angrily.

Kyungsoo takes a step back licking his bottom lip in annoyance “Just because YOU fucked up somehow LIKE ALWAYS and YOU are mad. Does NOT mean you can come in here expecting and answer for something that NONE OF US KNOW SEHUN. I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DO BUT THIS ISN’T GOING TO SOLVE SHIT. YOU ACT ALL BIG AND BAD BUT YOU’RE JUST A SAD LONELY BOY WHO IS TOO AFRAID TO FIX HIS OWN GOD DAMN PROBLEMS AND TAKES THEM OUT ON EVERYONE ELSE. shit. you’re such a fucking kid sometimes. You got this big ass group of men but don’t do anything but hide behind us for your problems.” Sehuns eyes blaze with rage he takes the gun that was hidden in J’s pocket and holds it against Kyungsoo’s temple. “I do not give a rats ass who you are. Don’t raise your damn voice with me. You don’t know what I did. So stop acting like a god damn know it all. Or.I.will.blow.your.brains.all.over.this.fucking.floor. Got that?” He pressed the gun hard against the boys temples and throws it against the wall.

Sehun storms past all the men leaving quickly out of the building as if he didnt set foot in there in the first place. He jumps into his car speeding down the roads not knowing or caring where he goes.

Soulmate AU. Whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmates.

“Oh she writes so cute!!~” He watched as his hand filled with your writing, apparently you had a test on Wednesday, same as him actually. And it was for the same class! He struggled not to hoot, but couldn’t hide it from Komi. “You look like you’re going to scream Bokuto.”

“My soulmate IS HERE!!”

The third years burst out laughing at his yell, the coach telling him to pipe down. Washio spoke up “just gotta find her.”

Koutarou practiced even better at the revelation, looking like a top 3 ace. He never really thought to write on his arm to his soulmate, generally being busy with volleyball and trying to get his grades up. But now he was going to do it! When he got home he immediately grabbed a pen and started writing. “Hey hey hey cutie! Name’s Koutarou, what’s yours?”

“What, Kou? Like the sound an owl makes?”

You were freaking out slightly, knowing that Koutarou was a really attractive guy. ‘And he’s my soulmate’ you squealed into your pillow.

He laughed at what you had written, writing a smiley face. You stopped squealing and wrote your name. “Y/n is my name owl.”

He wrote his phone number, you rapidly getting you phone out and saving it under “thicc owl”, sending a message. Koutarou hooted excitedly, saving you under “soulmate”.

You both decided to meet before his volleyball practice, after school. In the morning, you had a small drawing of an owl with a heart on your wrist, along with a “good morning!” You fought the urge to squeal, getting ready.


You passed Koutarou a lot during classes and on lunch, Kou always gushing to Keiji about the heart you had drawn in return that morning. You smiled every time you passed him, still not quite believing he was your soulmate. Koutarou was still in shock at having found you! He couldn’t wait until school ended and was antagonizing his fellow third years and Keiji with it.


Koutarou was fidgeting in front of the gym, as he waited for you to arrive. You had text him ahead of time saying you were going to be late as you finished up cleaning the classroom. Washio patted his back as he went into the gym, stressing Kou out further. He looked down on his phone before he heard footsteps, snapping his head up. There you were, avoiding his gaze and looking nervous.

“Sorry for being late Bokuto-san, I think I-”


“I… what?”

“Call me Koutarou, you’re my soulmate after all!”

You looked so cute blushing that Kou already knew he was a goner.


“Sakusa-san is very good.”


You laughed, kissing his pouting lips.

“You’re one of Tokyo’s representative anyway! You’ll get your revenge on Nationals!”

“You always know how to cheer me up babe~”

You squealed as he picked you up, the people turning to look at you both as he spinned you around.


“Oh no” you breathed, seeing Kou get into one of his dejected modes. You caught the eye of Keiji, nodding as he went to get him out of his funk. You fished a pen out of your pocket, always carrying one on your person. You wrote on your hand “you can do it my owl~ I love you! <3” Koutarou felt something on his hand, turning it to look. A grin surfaced, looking more like the ace. You breathed a sigh of relief, nodding to Keiji.

The next spike from Koutarou was a slam down the line, changing the pace of the game. You sagged against the railing, smiling. You cheered along everyone else as he made the last point, Koutarou looking for you and winking, before being called by his coach for a scolding. You laughed, having his bag with you and walking down to meet him at the edge of the court.

You had a bemused smile at the puppy being kicked expression he had, waving at Keiji and the other boys. After he was “done” his smile was back, walking over to you and taking his Jersey off; thicc owl indeed.

“Warn a girl next time. I feel like I’ll faint.” You teased, your eyes never leaving his very toned chest. He laughed, putting on the shirt he offered, which was the wisdom of the ace shirt. You find the jersey and putting it on the bag, which he took.

“You going to eat now? That was your last match owl~!”

He blushed at your nickname, pressing a kiss to the side of your head and taking your hand. “Yeah I’m a bit hungry~ let’s go!”


“Kou how many is that? I feel like we’re going to get kicked out!”

“It’s okay babe this is the last one promise.”

“You’ve been saying that four plates back.”

You looked at the tower of plates he had, you could hardly look at him because of it. You sighed, a wry smile on your face as you took out the pen you used during the match. You started drawing on your palm, making doodles of either Kou or owls. You didn’t notice when Koutarou stopped eating, looking at his in wonder.

Koutarou got both heart and tears in his eyes, getting emotional. You snapped out of it when you heard his hiccup, standing up and going over to Kou. “Hey what happened owl?” You embraced him, him standing up and making you squeal as he hugged you back.

“I’m so glad you’re my soulmate.” With his voice cracking, tightening the hug. “I’m so glad you are too.” Your voice being muffled on his neck, wavering.


“Your chibi kouhai hasn’t gotten taller since you graduated Kou.”

You were both up on the seats, leaning against the railings, watching the new Karasuno.

“Think you can beat them now Kou?”

“Of course I can! Daichi and Asahi are no longer there after all!”

“But Hinata jumps even higher now, he’ll block you~.”


You laughed, cuddling up into his side, his arm coming up to wrap around your shoulders. One of the good things about being soulmates is that you only had to pay for one tattoo, as Koutarou did, and only he received the pain. It was two wings down your backs, horned owl wings of course though Kou didn’t wear his hair like that anymore. He wore it on a bun most of the times, finally letting it grow out long enough to do it and more pepper than salt now.

The wings was his idea, and he couldn’t stop tracing them on your skin as his cured. Koutarou had another surprise for you, one you wouldn’t know until new years. A ring, to make you his wife.

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Rough sex with yoongi with A LOT of dirty talk and him calling me baby, encouraging me that i can cum just one more time (he says it several times lol) and him forcing me to look into his eyes everytime im cumming for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Come on, baby.. I know you can do it. Cum all over my cock.”


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I swore that I wouldn't fall for Bill skarsgård and then I started reading some of your writings about him on your blog when I was trying to find supernatural fics and I just got sucked in 😂

Oh if I only I had a dollar for every time I’ve sworn I wasn’t going to fall for a man, Bill included, I would be freaking rich by now! It’s impossible not to, darling! Just look at the man! Oh dear!

But it’s definitely my great pleasure to be the reason behind your new obsession! There are definitely going to be lots of him coming too ;)

Anti walked into the main room and saw everyone either on their phones or watching television. He sighed and walked in front of the television with a large smile on his face. “Anti, move you idiot”, Dark’s voice broke the silence making Infelix look up from his book.

“no I’m good”, Anti looked over at Infelix and a wicked smile spread across his face. “I want to do something..”, Wilford glared at Anti and looked at Dark.

“Anti just move you dumbass”, Anti glared at Infelix and walked toward him. He snatched Infelix’s book and walked back in front of the television. Infelix glared at Anti, “give me back my book you idiot.”

“oh this one?”, Anti smiled and threw the book in the fireplace making Infelix more angry then he already was. “oops”, Infelix stood up and attempted to grab Anti but Wilford grabbed him before he could.

“oops? I’ll show you oops when I rip your throat out with my own hands”, Infelix reached forward but Anti jumped backwards.

“can you two shut up? our shows back on”, Anti and Infelix glared at Dark and looked back at each other.

“you guys wanna go?”, Felix mumbled. Mark and Sean nodded, following him out of the room.

“guys! fucking move!”, Dark rubbed his temples and he let out a deep sigh. “you two are annoying as fuck”, Anti grabbed the remote out of Dark’s hand and threw it at the television so hard that the screen cracked and went black. “ANTI WHAT THE HELL?!?!”, Wilford frowned at the fact that Anti annoyed Dark and he let go of Infelix.

“oh Jeez..”, Infelix smiled at Anti’s comment and sprung forward.

Anti never bothered Infelix while he was reading again

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//Can we just talk about hoechlin’s hair in that video like oh my god I love it so much// I honestly think this is my favourite look for him ever. Evahhhhhh.

IT’s super cute, I wouldn’t want it everyday, but I like the switch up.  Hoechlin hair gone wild!

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I can 100% see doomsday trying to kill jon because he’s the actual heir not her... and all her stans would just be like ‘oh!!! Do you thing sweaty!1!! Kill him he deserves it for not telling you!1!2 he knew the whole time!1’

Oh my gods I KNOW and I swear the minute they do I just….

Look. How can you profess to love Jon Snow and want him with that chewed up piece of white bread?

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i just want to kiss yoongi's lips until my own lips hurt, kiss his shoulders, his collarbones, kiss his chest and his stomach and then just have him look at me like he really loved me. that would give me the biggest, fattest nut ngl

Oh God, same.. I would love to pepper Yoongi in kisses ahhh

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Wizard Emoji Review

neat, i love his star robes! 10/10

ooh i love his beard and he looks very comfy 10/10

woah! i love the detail 11/10!

oh he’s just…chilling 8)/10 (10/10)

i trust him with my f**king life 10/10

oooooooh his hat! i have one just like it! 10/10!

i got so inspired i drew my own! i like to think it’s 10/10!

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)


So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario