but just look at her cute lil face

You know how Fred and George could have easily been sorted to slytherin? Or neville to hufflepuff? Or hermione to ravenclaw ? But the sorting hat does not sort the people by their… “obvious qualities”
I have this headcanon of like two girls, one in hufflepuff and one in slytherin but like, it seems like their roles have been reversed. The hufflepuff girl is super badass, a bit grungy and scary looking. She will cut a bitch if you press the right buttons and she will hex the shit ouh of you if you insult one of her friends but to her closest friends she’s a cinnamon roll. The slytherin girl is super shy and ALWAYS EXTREMELY friendly. She’s the cute lil one with freckles all over her face and a innocent smile on her face. But when you get to know her more she’s really sarcastic and can be manipulative in like the nicest way. She just knows what to say to get the information she wants
And together they are just the perfect couple because they are so similar in such a different way.
I just love the idea of that


Sprites for the imaginary friend au,in which each kid’s patron troll is their “imaginary friend”

You don’t have to take the sprites as canon for the au, I just wanted to do this for fun.

Each of the kids signs is basically just a cuter version of their normal one, Rose has little pigtails, Jade puts stickers all over her face, Dave has a lot of bandages, John has lil kid braces. They’re all just around the age of 5 or 6, and they all love their “imaginary friends" a lot.

ok but do you know what I really want from the ghostbusters sequel???

Kevin’s mom goes out of town and he has to bring in Mike Hat to stay at the HQ and the team instantly falls for the big puppy. Like Patty, Abby, and Erin were all PUMPED when the pure-bred boarder collie stubbles through the door, (not unlike his owner) and immediately gallops over and starts licking their faces and asking for belly rubs, the whole nine yards ofc, and everyones happy and blinded by doggy cuteness all except Holtzmann who swears up and down that she’s 1000% a cat person and is incessant that Mike only stays for a week UNTIL the pupper himself pads over to her work station all by himself, looks her dead in the eye and puts his lil doggo face right in her lap and she just m e l t s. The dog has done it. He wore down Holtzmann of all people and by now she’s taught him to jump up on the chair and grab a tool from her disastrous work bench if she ever requires it and oops now she only calls him Dr. Hat and insists everyone to call him that and whenever they leave to kick some ghost ass she sets a special little alarm to remind Kevin to take him out every half-hour. (Kevin thinks it isn’t necessary but she still sets it every time they leave)

Basically Holtzmann/dogs

@angelandfaith replied to your post “how do u pick names for ur pets do u ever name them after fictional…”


i’m glad you approve!!! they were very much buffy and willow (as cats), too. buffy was cute but she fought everything. we had this mess of weeds in our backyard (we used to live in front of some woods) and that’s where she always was, just like, jumping around and scratching the shit out of random ass plants because i guess they looked at her funny. a true slayer. and then willow! oh my god. willow. a lil gray fluffy soft mess that rubbed her lil face on everything. she’d go fight weeds with buffy sometimes but mostly she’d sneak in our house and end up on our couch somehow to cuddle 

If S.Coups were a pocket sized companion that rode on you and went with you everywhere


“I don’t like him/her”

“Cheol he/she just wanted-”


him ruffling your hair with his smol hands

poking his dimples

him getting annoyed at you poking his dimples

“Yah! Y/N stop!”

“But it’s cute”

*pouts* “I’m not cute, I’m supposed to be handsome”

making faces at each other

him using your stomach as a bed

cheek kisses

“I’m the man of this house”

“No you’re not”

“But I’m 20”

“More like 20 centimeters”

him getting shy when you look stunning

“You look amazing today”

kissing your fingertips cause you’re his gentle giant

More versions:  Jeonghan/ Seungkwan/ Hoshi/ Woozi/ Jun/ Joshua/ Wonwoo/ Mingyu/ The8/ Vernon/

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imagine weiss trying to take selfies with yang bc she keeps seeing blake and ruby taking super cute couple selfies and weiss is a competitive little fuck and SHE MUST HAVE THE BEST COUPLE SELFIES

but whenever she tries to take selfies w/ yang either weiss only has the top of her ponytail in frame, or yang only has her frickin boobs in shot and not her face, or when they do get both their faces in shot it’s at weird and unflattering angles

so weiss just grabs all their textbooks and piles them together and stands on them and yang is like “um babe this seems a lil desperate” and weiss is like “sHUT UP I NEED TO ASSERT MY DOMINANCE”

and it turns out to be the best selfie a+ both of them look hella cute and the lighting is perf and it’s just

picture frame worthy

but all anybody can comment on is “lol weiss you fucking stood on a box so you could be as tall as yang didn’t you”

when we meet in the northern sky
Not returning to Arkadia means Clarke’s a traitor to her own people, and her recent actions will brand her a traitor to the people of Polis. She doesn’t belong anywhere anymore, except right here with Lexa.
By Organization for Transformative Works

pairing: clarke/lexa
chapter: 4/?
word count: 37,700+
chapter summary: The comment makes Lexa laugh unexpectedly, and Clarke’s completely shocked by the sound. It’s more of a light chuckle than anything else, but it’s still music to Clarke’s ears. She can’t even recall the last time she heard Lexa laugh.

The stunned look on her face makes a smile form on Lexa’s. “I know what you’re thinking,” she says, her voice low. “I don’t remember either.”