but just like EVERYONE is gay

What your favourite Daedric Prince says about you
  • Azura: You are that friend, the mom friend
  • Boethiah: angsty gay
  • Clavicus Vile: Your friends hate you
  • Hermaeus Mora: You bore everyone 2 death, pls stop
  • Hircine: People don't ignore you because they don't like you, people ignore you because you've always got your top off and you're always shouting the 'hunt is on' like jesus beth we're just going shopping not to the fucking safari
  • Jygallag: Everytime you go out you come back home and everything is out of place, like what the FUCK. no this goes there, that goes there. It's almost like someone came back in here just to mess it up a little
  • Malacath: you can squash melons with those thighs, like damn
  • Mehrunes Dagon: You never grew out of your teenage years, u probs still wear a cap backwards while skateboarding down the street nd your favourite song is 'breaking the law'
  • Mephala: You'd fuck a spider
  • Meridia: Everyone must be judged. everyone. bc they're probs lame and they need 2 know it
  • Molag Bal: You want people to hate you, don't you?
  • Namira: u say it's grunge but dude seriously it's been six weeks since you've washed, take better care of yourself buddy
  • Nocturnal: I know u think the darkness adds to 'ambience' or whatever but for fucks sake ur house is a death trap, can't walk an inch without trippin on some shit
  • Peryite: The flu is the only thing that visits you more than once, and that's probably because you've got the flu all the time and ewww, cooties
  • Sanguine: jesus, you want to fuck him, don't you? :/
  • Sheogorath: Ermagawdurso randoms! RAWR! *glomp* nom nom nom >:3
  • Vaermina: don't complain about people avoiding you, I mean maybe if you weren't into jump scares so much

so its nice people are recently protesting yaoi/yuri being used in fandom spaces because its loaded and homophobic/fetishizing, however I’m just glad I grew up before I became active in these spaces because man I dont think little 16 year old me could handle being publicly shamed. people assuming the absolute worst def doesn’t help.

 Way back when i was young and used the terms yaoi/yuri I did it because… that’s just what everyone else called it. I wasnt aware of yaoi culture, or what a fujoshi was, or what kind of people yuri was aimed at, that’s just what people called gay pairings. It was like leftovers from a darker time, it was the norm and I guess an easy way to say your pairing was a gay one. It wasnt until I became more involved in lgbt activism when i embraced the fact I wasnt straight like i thought i had to be that I learned how harmful it was, something i dont think a lot of people (mostly kids) will have the luxury of learning about.

basically i wished before people publicly drag someone (whos most likely a teenager) for it they’d explain first. why its bad, why it shouldn’t be said to describe gay people. because hey, not everyone knows these things, when i was young i really didnt. anyways i dont really know where i was going with this sorry

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Hcs about Marvin being awkward around his Totally Not Crush™ Whizzer Brown

-Marvin does his best to be the biggest fucking dick around Whizzer because “no one will notice,” right? Well, SUCKS FOR HIM because Whizzer’s favorite comeback is “suck my dick.”

-Example: “Can you please just shut the fuck up?” “Can you please just suck my dick?” 

-Marvin never has a response because his throat closes and his face turns really red and he looks like a beached whale.

-One time when that happens, Whizzer kind of laughs to himself and says “You know what? You’re kind of cute.” Marv’s response? “Oh.”

-Marvin’s still pretty much a dick to everyone except when Whizzer comes around–everyone makes fun of him for it. When Whizzer walks into a room, Trina or Charlotte just goes “AWE WHIZZER” prompting Marvin to mutter “I s2g I’m not gay”

-He audibly gasps every time Whizzer walks into the room, and you bet he fucking notices. And so he starts winking at Marv every time he sees him, and SHIT Marv nearly has a heart attack

coming out

I had a difficult conversation the other day and I just want to let everyone know that whether you are gay, bi, lesbian, asexual, pansexual, queer, or however you identify, you owe NO ONE anything. it doesn’t matter if you are out or not, you owe no one any part of your coming out “journey.” don’t let anyone tell you that it is a “lifestyle change,” because it’s not. it is simply WHO YOU ARE. whether you realized when you were 8, 14, 20, 40, or 60, it doesn’t matter and no one gets to make you feel bad for not sharing your feelings. they are YOUR feelings and whether you talk about them or not is completely up to you.

no one gets to make you feel bad for being you. not your family, not your friends, not anyone. you are perfect just how you and where you are in life. 

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I'm in this rp community and everyone makes their characters like Demiromantic Asexual or Biromantic fucking Sapiosexual but never just, like, gay?? And they're all straight, I'm the only gay (I'm a lesbian). Am I being irrational by getting annoyed by this?? I feel like they're patting themselves on the back for LGBT brownie points but rarely actually make LGBT characters. Maybe I'm being picky but I just get bad vibes.

nah that’s definitely what false “progressivity” has come to and i wouldnt have the nerves to stay around those people

I mean ultimately the only actors that actually like filming gay sex scenes are ones who have a ton of lgbt spec about them like Charlize Theron and Andrew Garfield…everyone else kind of treats them like a regular sex scene like both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis said it was just awkward filming black swan…and most non-lgbt actresses look visibly uncomfortable when filming gay scenes

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Hello!! Thoughts on each ship? I'm really feelin jikook lately. For some reason I feel like there's at LEAST one gay/bi member in bts haha

I mean come on
Us gays are everywhere

Someone in Bangtan is s*cking d*ck

Y'all know I’m a huge Yoonmin shipper but to quote the great Brendon Urie “I just think everyone wants to see everyone naked.” - Alex

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Bitch we're the same age and both gay yet you have hoegate stories and I have 0!! Hook a bitch uppp!!!

sis my tips to find a man at this age is to really just be social!! it’s very obvious i’m gay so when i immediately meet someone they know. straight guys around this age are almost always curious so literally every guy i’ve hooked up with has been a closeted guy/curious guy. going to parties is also really helpful because you meet a lot of people (especially if you drink, you’re more sociable) and it’s so easy to get everyone’s snaps. all the guys i’ve done shit with started off slowly talking to me like starting a streak with me and then talking more!! just meeting people is really my best advice to find guys.

*Felix, steaming PUBG*

*reads the chat*

Felix: Jack is gay, two dollars.
Felix: I agree.

*concentrates on the game*

Felix: We were hanging out with Jack yesterday and he gets recognized all the fucking time because of his stupid green hair.

*a short pause*

Felix: I hope you’re listening Jack, I hope you are.

Felix: Wear a hat next time.

*continues playing*

Felix: He’s so nice.

Felix: Always approaching everyone “Top of the morning to ya, you want a picture? Let me take a picture with you, I would love- it would be my honor..”

Felix: and I’m like “i’m just gonna go here right now…..”

the signs as john mulaney quotes
  • aries: hi, I'm very gay, and I'd like a few dollars
  • taurus: I don't look older, I just look worse. honestly, when I'm walking down the street, no one's ever like "hey! look at that man!" I think they're just like "woah, that tall child looks terrible! get some rest, tall child! you can't keep burning the candle at both ends!"
  • gemini: I'm really sorry about last night, it’s just that I'm mean and loud. it probably will happen again
  • cancer: I have had a very long day. I am very small... and I have no money... so you can imagine the kind of stress I am under
  • leo: some babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
  • virgo: when I was a little boy, I was more like a 67-year-old gay man that's kind of over it sexually
  • libra: everyone get out of my way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds
  • scorpio: I'll keep my emotions right here, and then one day, I'll die
  • sagittarius: sometimes, he will watch a movie on TV, even though he already owns that movie on DVD. pointing this out to him confuses and upsets him
  • capricorn: cars were pulling up and looking over to see who just did that piece of shit move, expecting to see a 100-year-old blind dog who’s texting while driving and drinking a smoothie. instead they see a 28-year-old healthy man, trying his best
  • aquarius: I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating saltines for like, 28 years, and then I walked right out here
  • pisces: in terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroine

don’t worry, the (bi)gang is here!!

some people turn being gay into their entire personality and straight people can never understand it. they don’t understand why it’s so important to us to be proud and why some of us never shut up about how gay we are, how much we love boys, how much we love girls. to them, most everyone else is straight just like them, so they don’t get why anyone gives a fuck. but 2 us it matters, 2 us it’s important, because a lot of the time gay people feel very alone in the world, and that on top of the constant abuse hurled at us by most of the world is absolutely crushing. a lot of straight people say “why would you be proud of a sexuality?” we’re not proud of our own personal sexuality, we’re proud of ourselves for still fucking being alive, for living through their bullshit, for being free and loud and proud and metaphorically (or literally! up to you) spitting at their feet. we’re proud of the lgbt community and we’re proud of everything we’ve achieved and we’re proud of each other for surviving, day after day after day. so yeah, some people like to blast “I’M GAY” out of every pore


CLASSICS (you’ve probably watched these already):

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion : depression, adolescence & mecha: the anime
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : depression, adolescence & mecha: the remake
  • Kill La Kill: see above, but with a commentary on fanservice and the anime industry. also main female characters
  • Death Note : morally ambiguous main character kills people, eats potato chips. everyone loses their shit
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood) : 2 brothers fuck shit up, also save the world through alchemy.
  • Cowboy Bebop : guns in space
  • Every Goddamn Ghibli Movie : do it, you weakling. watch them all theyre all good
  • Ghost In The Shell : theres more than just the first movie. watch the other ones. also the tv series. do it. its about being human
  • Yu-Gi-Oh : believe in the power of the fucking cards karen

CLASSICS II (you probably haven’t watched these and it makes me sad):

  • Perfect Blue : the movie black swan tried (and failed) to rip off properly
  • Future Boy Conan : because miyazaki also does tv series
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena : sword lesbian, a lesbian with a sword
  • Oban Star Racers : racing, but in space. half french
  • Mushishi : spirits, in all their contemplative beauty
  • Black Jack (the OVAs are the best but you can watch the rest as well): the original Dr House, with more money and assholery
  • Koi Kaze : quite possibly the only redeemable anime about incest
  • Sherlock Hound: did i mention miyazaki doing great tv series yet

SHONEN (young boys fuck shit up):

  • My Hero Academia : crybaby protagonist turns out to be most loveable character of all time. becomes a cool hero. love him
  • Mob Psycho 100 : a show about a boy who just wants to be good. ONE manifests in your house to physically punch shonen tropes in the face. breathtaking animation. read the manga before tho. trust me
  • Avatar The Last Airbender (& Avatar The Legend Of Korra) : fuck you its anime because i fucking said so. watch it. the story is great and culturally diverse and also cool shit happens
  • Naruto & Naruto Shippuden : whatever you say some arcs were fucking legendary so whenever you want just watch some cool, non-filler shit. every thing after the Pain arc doesnt matter dont watch it
  • Soul Eater: i have no goddamn clue whats going on but it looks cool.
    also spirit vore
  • Hunter x Hunter : young boy adopts new adults in his family, gets killer best friend. literally
  • Keroro Gunsou : alien frogs try to take over the world. it,,,,, doesnt work very well. featuring otaku frog, angry frog, gay fanboy frog, gay nerd frog, alone frog as well as many other things. the humans are also good
  • Wakfu : its. basically french anime. fantasy stuff, it has great animation (especially in the later episodes) and the main villains are fucking incredible. its on netflix and by all that is holy watch it in french with english subs else i will physically manifest in your house and punch you.
  • One Punch Man : ONE tries to mock shonen manga, does it too well
  • Shaman King : the french OP is in my head and I CANT GET IT OUT
  • Black Rock Shooter (OVA + series) : this times its girls fucking shit up, and theyre also crying. it looks amazing

SPORTS ANIME (i dont give a shit about sports but goddamn i love these):

  • Baby Steps : the most realistic and likeable sports anime ever. weak art but great story telling and pacing
  • Haikyuu!! : what even is volleyball. i care about these characters and the animation is fucking phenomenal. the soundtrack is so good. watch it
  • Ping Pong - The Animation : weird-ass art in the best way, great story & characters. cant fucking believe this was achieved on flash
  • Welcome To The Ballroom : n e c k s
  • Hajime No Ippo : punching people and your own FEELINGS
  • Yuri On Ice!!! : gay ice skating. everyone loves quadruples. very nice and sweet. you will care about dogs
  • Akagi: lets just pretend playing mah-jong while using your blood to bet is an actual sport. also known as ‘wow thats a peculiar art style - the anime’

OTHER SHIT I’M TOO LAZY TO CATEGORIZE (but watch them theyre good i promise):

  • Fume Wo Amu : autistic man discovers how to make dictionaries and friends. some sad happens
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu : like a greek tragedy, except sadder and directed by gods. incredible animation as well. gr8 storytelling
  • Doukyuusei : a short, sweet love story. the animation style is stunning i fucking love it with all my heart
  • Steins;Gate : time travel bullshit. great direction
  • Journey To Agartha : a movie i tried to get people to watch back when they didnt know who makoto shinkai was yet. pls watch its good
  • Usagi Drop : aka “dont read the manga - the anime”. the fluffiest piece of animation you will ever encounter. a dad dadding his life away
  • Psycho-Pass : great thriller/action show. makes you question morality
  • Uchuu Patrol Luluco : fuck you and your feelings im more important
  • Monster : naoki urasawa Does It Again™
  • Kiznaiver : a deconstruction of drama anime in general, with godlike animation and art. the OP makes me want to cry because its so good
  • Wandering Son : a touching anime about trans kids. read the manga
  • Akagi : just makin sure you watch that one. while youre ahead read the manga too
  • Nichijou : slice of life anime presented in the most hilarious way
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica : magical girls but with a twist. dont fuckin trust that piece of shit plushie
  • Lupin III : arsène lupin except hes more of a piece of shit than usual
  • Parasyte : i am scarred for life by the things i have seen
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: whatever the fuck is going on here

thats it for now, i will probably update this in the future when i think of it. these are my opinions and my opinions only im not some kind of anime guru kthx

in need of (mostly) trans wlwoc voice actresses/writers/coders/artists

hey! its pretty official now that im making a dating sim, and i could use a lot of help! as the title implies, i need a large amount of trans wlw to help. i need people from other demographics, but about half of the romnceable women will be trans women, and all of them will be wlw (half of the trans women being specifically lesbians, so around 4-5) and i want to give trans women a platform to share their skills in a field dominated by cis men.

 im not going to lie, i plan on there being a whole lot of romanceable characters, a lot of endings, and  a lot of work so i need help with the coding, writing, and art in addition to the voice acting. and i need poc to help because, well, i plan on having ¾ of the cast be non-white.

keep in mind that im just one college student so i cannot provide much in the way of money, but when we get to the later stages of development, i plan on starting a kickstarter (like once we have character refs and an actual demo and everything), and at least ¾ of that money will go to funding my team, if not more of it

if everyone could signal boost this, that would be great! as it stands, i need:

  • 4-5 trans lesbian voice actresses
  • 4-5 trans wlw voice actresses
  • 4-5 cis lesbian voice actresses
  • 4-5 cis wlw voice actresses
  • 4-5 trans gay men voice actors
  • 4-5 trans mlm voice actors
  • 4-5 cis gay men voice actors
  • 4-5 cis mlm voice actors
  • at least 2 more coders
  • at least 2 more artists
  • at least 2 more writers

the link to the application is here, and thank you all so much for your support!

funny / weird warrior cat fandom things from 2008 - 2013
  • when wolfquest was huge and a bunch of ppl started to make the warrior…..cat…characters as wolves on wolfquest and every caption was like “i spent like hours trying to make it look more catlike”
  • my littlest pet shop warrior cat videos aka where ppl tried to recreate into the wild but w/ my littlest pet shop toys
  • when u went onto the official warrior cats website and u KNEw u were In It when the cat faces came together and went “mRRROOWW” and u either were pumped af or scared as shit
  • EVERY TIME WE TOUCH WARRIOR CAT AMVS to every….single…..couple
  • sims warrior cat videos which were basically the same as the my littlest pet shop ones except ppl tried 2 recreate into the wild w/ the sims
  • that era where everyone was scrambling to find an anime intro that fit into the wild enough so they could make an amv to it and a “warrior cats intro” video
  • that weird art shift where everyone simultaneously began to hate cat fringes / cat bangs and forced them out of their art??? like i swear there was an era where everyone just Stopped for a bit and if u did cat bangs u were considered False
  • warrior cats fanfiction was at it’s Peak and everyone was scrambling to find good warrior cats fics
  • Create A Cat warrior cat fanfiction where the author would make a story but ask u to create the characters for them and then they usually never made the story / the story wasn’t enjoyable for the author bc these werent even their characters lol
  • when gay warrior cat content was so rare that everyone just sorta had to dig deep to find ANY good content for it
  • ashfur / scourge or REVENGESHIPPING
  • brightheart / daisy peaked at this time too and then randomly…..dropped….like seriously everyone loved it in this time period and then everyone forgot about it
  • the top warriors amvs at this time were bluestar amvs, brightheart & swiftpaw amvs, scourge amvs, and ashfur amvs. if u found another one during this time period u were Lucky.
  • roleplaying warrior cats on freewebs dot com or blogspot dot com bc it was fun to make an oc on one of those websites and it gave a lot of ppl a headstart on web design actually it was p cool
  • search ashclan.freewebs.com or shadeclan.freewebs.com or ANYTHING like that and i bet you’re gonna find someones super old rp clan
  • that weird time frame where ppl either Really hated hollyleaf or rly loved her???? like there was this big frame of time where no one knew which to hate
Little Cool Studyblr Things

•Everyone is supportive of everyone’s studies
•I’ve never seen anything anti-lgbt cause no one really cares about if your gay just, damn man them midliners
•Languages are a pain in the ass but full of passion
•Japanese and Korean things are the shit man!
•Complete support for male studyblrs
•13-15 year olds got their life together
•a e s t h e t i c
•support for studyblrs with mental illness
•everyone wants good jobs like lawyers, doctors, artists, architects, teachers, etc
•A+ recommendations
@emmastudies everyone knows who this is lmao
•advice to the max
•Anime is not shitted on
•What beautiful stationary

Lance and Matt becoming great friends??
  • Sleepovers in Lance’s room
    • face masks (how tf do you think Matt looks so young he didn’t even break his skincare routine while in Galra captivity smh)
    • Lance yawning before training because they’d been up all night binge watching some reality show Matt won’t admit he loves
    • Matt falls asleep really quickly at first because he hasn’t had a proper bed to sleep on for so long and he’s just so comfortable and safe and relaxed
    • One of those nights Lance just drones on without noticing Matt’s not even awake until he asks a question like twenty minutes later
    • Lance showing Matt his favourite musicals and songs (he’s a major fan of In the Heights) and Matt really getting into Be More Chill
      • Jamming out for weeks on one soundtrack
      • Lance is a lot more into it than Matt is but Matt thinks its sweet how passionate Lance gets
      • Psychoanalyzing characters for three hours straight while they just stare at the ceiling
    • Random urges to train at one in the morning
    • Matt waking Lance up at random times by pulling back his sleep mask and letting it ping back onto Lance’s face
  • They both loVE to talk
    • Long pining talks about their Brogane crushes
    • Matt reminiscing about his garrison days because he hasn’t had anyone to talk to since forever and Lance is one of the few who will listen to his long winded rants
    • Lance talking about his home and his family and how they immigrated and his siblings and nieces and nephews
    • Mutual admiration of dead memes that only they remember
      • Using them out loud in conversation at the dinner table and the other one cracking up while everyone else is just confused
      • ’Snarkon (snail Zarkon)’
    • Talking about the best times with their best friends
      • They both used to sneak out with their friends and zoom around in the desert
      • Lance and Hunk used a lot of the same secret passages Shiro and Matt used to
    • Them both just mentioning their gay crushes casually because it’s just so easy to talk and they trust each other
  • Lance telling Matt about all of Pidge’s accomplishments
    • Matt cries because his little Katie went through so much for him
    • Lance really making Pidge seem like a badass because hell that’s one of his best friends and they ARE
      • “And then Pidge just BLEW IT UP it was AMAZING you’d have loved it”
      • “Pidge was like really distant at first and Hunk and I were like ‘yo, what’s up with this dude’ but we never thought it was because they were a GIRL in DISGUISE tracking down her MISSING OLDER BROTHER in OUTER SPACE”
      • “And they reprogrammed one of the droids to be on our side??? Amazing?? What a talented kid??”
    • Matt taking a while to get used to Pidge’s name and pronouns and Lance being there to support him when he feels guilty for three days, because he’s trying and that’s what matters and Pidge appreciates it
  • Matt letting Lance in on Shiro’s secrets
    • Matt confirming Lance’s theory that Shiro is not a human god, but a human disaster
    • snickers whenever Shiro says ‘specifically’ because until he was 18 he said ‘pacifically’. Matt called him out in their senior year at the garrison and wouldn’t let him live it down
    • Shiro used to use eyebrow stencils and made Matt hold the mirror every morning until Matt finally superglued one to the wall of their dorm. They had to pay like twenty bucks when they graduated to pay for the damage.
  • Comforting each other on rough nights
    • Lance knocking on Matt’s door when Hunk is asleep with his pillow in hand and Matt just opening the door and letting Lance sit on his bed with him and platonic cuddles and reassurance
    • Matt going to Lance when he has a nightmare because Lance will listen and won’t panic because he’s been there and he knows how it feels
    • Lance getting really tired at dinner and he gives Matt a signal and Matt will know that Lance is starting to get overwhelmed and he’ll come up with an excuse for Lance to leave
    • Matt talking and talking about how worried he used to get about Shiro after they were first captured
    • Matt missing his dad and Lance sitting next to his friend and reminding him how proud his dad would have been
  • Them both taking comfort in the other’s presence
    • Lance finally glad not to be the seventh wheel anymore
      • Hunk and Pidge are getting closer with every passing day and he was really worried he would be alone
      • But Matt came in and made him feel welcome and wanted and appreciated
      • And they just click together and it is just what Lance needed
      • Matt doesn’t even know how much he helped Lance just by showing up
    • Matt feeling useless because they’d been fine without him for however long or feeling like a burden because Pidge/Shiro went through so much for him
      • Lance going out of his way to make Matt feel worthy of care
        • “Of course Matt, anything for you buddy!“
        • “No need to worry about it, dude!”
        • “Here man, did you want some?”
        • “I saw this and I thought of you.”
      • Picking up gifts for Matt on his missions
      • Lance reminding him that without Matt none of them would have found Voltron at all
        • “Seriously, you were a major help!”
      • Lance giving Matt hundreds of nicknames
      • Lance taking care of his friend (I could go on for years)
  • Them just being great friends in general

TL/DR: Matt and Lance become besties and you can’t convince me otherwise