but just like EVERYONE is gay

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Imagine that Marinette is feeling really insecure one day so Tikki is just like, why don't you transform into Ladybug and compliment yourself? Chat Noir overhears and misunderstands, he totally believes Ladybug is gay for Marinette.

Understandable. Everyone is gay for Marinette. Alya is gay for Marinette, Chloé is gay for Marinette, I am gay for Marinette, the list goes on.


I love that Poe is canonically a bad liar. Like, he wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings for shit. He’d be blushing constantly and tripping over his words and it would be so painfully obvious to everyone around just how goddamn smitten he is with Finn.

Finn would somehow be blissfully unaware of this tho. Like, completely oblivious and so confused about his own feelings because romance is something so new to him. and hes like ‘Poe would never love me like that he’s too wonderful’

and everyone else is just. :l

When I was in middle school everyone always thought it was weird that I only had friends that were girls. And like I started believing there was something wrong with me because I really didn’t connect with guys right. Fast forward several years and I have a few guy friends but still mostly girls, but then I knew the reason was that I simply did not have the typical American lifestyle and I was raised most my life by my mom and I just knew and was interested in more girl stuff than guy stuff. It does not mean I’m necessarily gay (I mean I’m bi but who you hang out with doesn’t determine your sexuality). Then fast forward a few more years to present day and I’m in my home country again, and I’ve noticed I get a lot more along with guys here because most of them don’t have a hyper-masculinity complex and I guess that was what was turning me off. I don’t like it when people act certain ways to please other people and to be honest most girls just straightforward tell you how it is and I always respected that and I think that’s why I always liked hanging with girls more.

Moral of the story is that no matter what age you are, hang out with the people you actually like, respect, and appreciate. Just because you like having lots of friends of the opposite gender doesn’t mean you have to be not straight. In reality, it just means you’re just into different interests and you like a different crowd for those interests.

I really wish I could’ve had the tradition gay experience sometimes, like I wish I could have struggled with my compulsory heterosexuality in a normal way and eventually kissed someone who helped me realize my feelings and come around to what that meant in my own time, and I mean I don’t even know how I would’ve come out to my parents and everyone else if that were the case but I just feel cheated in some way idk if this even makes sense.

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I need your advice. I think about it all the time if I'm gay or not but certain girls and some guys attract me big time. Like I don't think I could ever do stuff past make out with a girl but like I could see me dating one. I know it's weird but like no one knows bout this. According to everyone I'm completely straight. What do you think? I'm just confused and I don't want to be confused anymore.

you don’t have to be directly one sexuality…just go with what makes you happy. if you’re emotionally connected with a girl then stay emotionally connected with her and slowly move onto sexual activities but if you feel more sexually attracted to a guy but can’t emotionally connect just wait for the right person to come along where you can connect on both levels whether that’s a guy or a girl. the best advice I can give you is to experiment it honestly really helps with finding out what really makes your body tick and your mind race

blue hair is just my Thing….. other Rants OC things

  • one eye
  • bad relationship w/ your parents because they didnt listen to you
  • everyone you know is gay or bi
  • you have an incredibly intense emotional relationship with someone you love but something is holding you apart and its probably something you did yourself
  • youve killed a shitload of people and dont care about it at all. you never have any moral dilemmas about it nor are you questioned. 
  • you have a very unlikely name that has an overly appropriate meaning
  • you got kicked out of the military or some kind of military like organisation and youre incredibly bitter about it
  • scars everywhere
  • you live in swansea

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Just putting this here bc I'm too embarrassed to ask all my friends cause I'm the only virgin left. But like I'm really scared to have sex/not comfortable with myself and don't want to share my body, is it weird if I go into college still a virgin? I'm gay so I really don't know anyone and I just don't feel comfortable, but I don't wanna be a weirdo in college who like people think is super sheltered.

100% absolutely not strange at all. The advice I like to give my friends is if you aren’t comfortable to ask a person their sexual history, you probably shouldn’t be having sex. It’s a deeply intimate experience, I think moreso personally as far as sharing yourself than the act of actual intercourse. Everyone moves at their own pace and you can’t compare yourself to others, especially with something like that. 

          he jumps as he hears the door to his room open. it’s not like him. he’s not jumpy, never uneasy. he’s the one that makes everyone else feel that way. demyan is quick to throw a shirt over his bare skin, covering the very noticeable scars littering his back. his teeth clench, and he’s tempted to bash the intruders head in—– before he realizes who it is. his temper dies down just slightly and the uneasiness returns as he glances over his shoulder, a pointed stare aimed at the other, eyes glaring daggers in the other’s direction. he takes a moment to voice his protest, words laced with venom. if they were smart, they’d take his advice and leave, because nimble fingers are twitching and he’s aching to grab the knife hidden beneath his pillow. 

          ❛ get out———– go.

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I just got online and am clueless about what has happened. Something about rude tweets? Can you please fill me in?

There’s this tweet that says “Larries have the right idea. If I was ugly I’d also pretend guys out of my league are gay to make me feel better about myself” and someone’s sent it to Ashley, Briana’s cousin, and she posted it with a laughing emoji… It was obviously rude, so then she tweeted “Never meant to hurt anyone. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. No one is better than anyone”, but later she also tweeted she meant that Larries are ugly on the inside…

And I’m just like 

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[TRANS; FANACCOUNT] “Jeon Jeongguk, I really like you (I’m a guy)

Hello everyone, I am just a simple 21-year-old guy. I’m not sure when I started liking BTS’ Jeon Jeongguk. When I first saw him, I thought he looked subtle and handsome but he’s actually very manly. Ah no, I’m not gay. I also don’t know why I’m like this. He’s younger than me… And (honestly) I didn’t use to care about these idols but now I’m a fanboy… How do I say this. He is just so cute and very manly at the same time. I have no idea what kind of feeling is this. I just really like him. What do I do? Because I’m not really gay… Or (maybe) I am becoming one? I’m really getting confused right now about this situation. I’m not kidding everyone, I am serious. (Because looking at him) makes my heart burst.

(T/N: This post is from a fanboy in NAVER.)

chinese trans. by -某霏-
english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)

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Okay, so isn't this a bit much? Like, everyone knows about Lance Bass saying how bad his closet was, fake girl friends all that. But like, bringing a baby into this? Bringing a baby into this just to keep him in the closet. Isn't this against his basic human rights? Won't their team end up in some kind of lawsuit? Like this is super intense to do this to a human because he's gay.

Elton John MARRIED his beard and then came out and now he has two kids with his husband. Jeremy Renner got a surrogate and claimed it was a one night stand and now he is raising the child with his “best friend” who moved in with them in a big house. Cristiano Ronald got a surrogate to have a kid and he is in a closeted relationship with a boxer.  Justin Bieber got one of his dancers pregnant, she had his baby and she was paid billions to disappear into thin air because she couldn’t ruin his image at the peak of his career. SIMON COWELL “””had a baby””” with his best friend’s ex wife and he has paraded him around to show how straight he is and how good life is in the land of Straight People with money. Katie Holmes still pretend her daughter is Tom Cruise’s. NOTHING in the music/showbiz industry is impossible, they’d go ALL THE WAY to sell what they want to sell or the industry. If it wasn’t real, parents giving their babies for rent in Hollywood to pretend a pregnancy and a birth if needed wouldn’t exist at all. 

I just realized that their forehead touch went from this…

…to this

While their distance hasn’t shortened, their hands are positioned in a different way, they’re actually touching hair and ears. The touch has become more… intimate.

I never really cared much about their forehead touches in the openings, I simply thought “It’s gay, I like it~” when I saw one, but now that I pay more attention to their gesture… it’s even gayer.

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Ok imagine everyone thinking that Finn is some scary quarterback and Poe gets partnered with him for a chemistry project and he's like "oh no" but then he sees Finn pull out a bunch of pastel highlighters

t his is so good I always imagined Finn being a linebacker ?? because that stuff gets you wrecked and he has really nice shoulders that have taken a lot of people out and Poe is kind of this bad boy type…….. like he “plays hard to get” with the ladies (except it’s just cause he’s gay) but he’s actually a puddle of mush who loves his dog and his car more than life itself and he gets paired with this big popular kid!! who is intimidating!! and kinda scary and Poe is both a little worried but also intrigued cause this kid is CUTE and he’s like inching away from Finn but Finn sits down and dumps this pile of pastel highlighters on the desk and whispers “the brighter colors hurt my eyes” and Poe knows he’s in trouble for a totally other reason

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ur comic sucks, stop making gay comics. make it with a straight couple plz im tired of seeing gay ppl on tumblr. stop making gay things plz, its bad for kids to see. my little sister uses tumblr and shes only 14 and she thinks shes gay now because "tumblr encouraged her to come out".

Okay, I don’t normally reply to anon hate, but I’m going to make an exception this time, just in case anon’s sister ever gets to see my reply.

I spent many of my primary school years feeling out of place. People seemed to have these strange ideas about gender and romance, none of which made any sense to me (boys and girls can’t stand next to each other! eeeeew, cooties! I heard that he likes her ooooooh!!) Why was everyone so obsessed with this sort of stuff? I’d always treated boys and girls in much the same way and I didn’t understand why that wasn’t how the whole world worked. It made me feel incredibly disconnected.

Then, when I was 12 years old, I was introduced to anime and manga. I fell in love with Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura and Revolutionary Girl Utena. I read manga about girls who liked girls and boys who liked boys. This was really revolutionary for 12 year old me!!! And I started to realise that while I found plenty of boys cute I also found plenty of girls cute and maybe I was bisexual, which was a strange thing to think at first, but it was also okay because there were people in anime just like me. Being able to label myself gave me a sense of belonging and connection that I’d never felt before. There are few things quite as amazing as feeling like you belong.

Comics can’t make people gay. But they can help people learn more about themselves and help them feel like they belong.

Tumblr can’t make people gay. But it can help people learn more about themselves and help them feel like they belong.

It is not a bad thing for children or teenagers to to read comics with LGBT+ characters (I would argue that it’s a good thing! it’s important for people of all ages to read diverse stories.)

If a 14 year old girl decides to identify as a lesbian after learning about different sexualities on tumblr, that is completely her right as an individual, and I think it’s fantastic that she’s found an online space where she can learn about herself. She’s not too young to be thinking about her sexuality. She’s not too young to find a label that gives her a sense of belonging. I wish this girl all the best and I hope that good things come her way <3 <3 <3

  • Jace:Alec you've done enough just go home
  • Clary:Wow Jace way to be dick
  • Alec:Right? He's like this all the time
  • Jace:Wait what?
  • Clary:Do you want go get Magnus and Izzy, and start our own super gay demon hunting team?
  • Alec:You know what? I'm in, let's do it!
  • Jace:Guys?
  • Simon:Hey can me and my vampire boyfriend come too?
  • Clary:Yeah, the more the merrier!
  • Jace:GUYS?!?!
  • Everyone else:*Walks off into the sunset*

get to know me meme: [10/10] bands/musicians •  ariana grande

“We deserve to be equal, everyone deserves to be equal. It’s just a never ending fight. Unfortunately it’s going on for so long and we’ve made less progress there than we have in other communities. Like, with gay rights and everything, we’ve made more progress there. And that’s amazing and wonderful! But there’s so much work to do for women still.”

What Your Favorite TG Ships Say About You

Touken: You have a crush on Touka. There’s a good chance that you occasionally look at panels of her from :re and burst into tears because she’s too beautiful.

Hidekane: You either create or consume an alarming amount of cutesy headcanons. You also unironically call Hide a sunflower/sunshine/etc. And That’s Terrible.

Shuuneki: There’s an 80% chance that 1) you think Tsukiyama has good fashion sense And That’s Unforgivable and 2) You are into some really kinky shit. 

Ayahina: I forgot Ayahina existed, so we’re skipping you.

Touriko: Probably an ex-hidekane fan. You also have a crush on Touka, and you are Gay. No exceptions.

Ayakane: You are a teenager.

Etoken: You love suffering and yet most of the fanfic and art you like is fluffy AU stuff.

Mutsurie: You think Urie is hot, much to the confusion of just about everyone else.

Arisasa: You have a daddy kink.

Tourize: You’re gay, you like kinky shit, and you think kagune should go in places they shouldn’t.

Amoneki: Going onto AO3 is Suffering. Browsing the Tumblr tag is Suffering. When will the content you desire return from war.

Suzumutsu: You are @asexualsuzuya or @asexualmutsuki.

{ listen }

{01} mambo no. 5 / bely basarte
{02} come on eileen / save ferris
{03} bestie / sizzy rocket
{04} simply irresistible / janelle monáe
{05} i want her / the blind truth feat. georgia harris
{06} she’s so lovely / the butchies
{07} girls like girls / hayley kiyoko
{08} she looks so perfect / against the current