but just like EVERYONE is gay

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So we have met, and over the years occasionally interacted, but I just felt like telling you something that I most certainly am too afraid to say to your face: I think you are beautiful. And hilarious. And so wildly talented. And a great mom. I wish we were better friends, and not just Utah gays that know each other because everyone here does. No matter what happens to you in in life, just know there are people out there that think you are incredible.

I’m taking the kids to pride this year.
Make sure I get a hug from you. 💜

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Dear sweet and spicy christ on a cracker dont do this too me. The Scary Dom Symmetra is already dragging me deeper and deeper into my own gay hell

I didn’t even fucking know I wanted that until everyone else kept talking about it. Like, I was looking at Symmetra’s voice lines just now and they’re all like

“How unsightly.”

“I will put you in your place.”

“Why do you struggle?”

And now I can’t stop thinking about a butt-naked Pharah kneeling on the floor with her arms tied behind her back and Symmetra circling her and correcting her posture with little swats of a riding crop.

Pharah barely being able to stop herself from sinking to the floor because her thighs are shaking and Symmetra scolding her because shouldn’t the military have taught her better?

Shouldn’t she be able to follow orders?

(Be still, my little gay heart.)

I’ve been watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix and idk it’s kind of over-acted but it’s got camp and fun and I just like seeing the situation of “kids find out suddenly that one of their parents is gay, their parents split up, everyone is just kind of trying to come to terms with the massive change that just happened in their lives” play out in a way where nobody’s abusive and nobody’s untreated mental illness causes them to act in bizarre ways that the people around them don’t understand and find hurtful and nobody’s extended family accuses anyone of being witches and killing kittens and nobody technically kidnaps anybody or spits on anybody in a public place and nobody is about to have to declare bankruptcy because one person’s financial irresponsibility left them deeply in debt and etc etc

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:I’m a little confused?? Do I have to be lgbtq myself in order to ship something gay??? I support lgbtq people!!!!!! I love everyone!!!! Like??? Be whatever you are!!! Be whoever you want to be!!!! I support that!!!! I just feel so attacked? Like, I’m sorry for this and everything i do and I’m even sorry that I’m alive right now!!!!! I’m sorry I’m not fitting to your standards!!!!! I just don’t feel sexual attraction towards my own gender!!!!? I’m not trying to be mean or do anything hurtful!!!! Please don’t hate me!!!! I feel like I have a right to ship what I want and not have to be exactly the same as the stuff I ship!?!??! How am I a problem???????? I have feelings too!!!!! I don’t care about anyone appreciating me for who I like because no one does anyway!!!!!! Just please don’t blame me for my interests okay….!.!!! I-I’m honestly really supporting of you guys!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!! Treat me with the same respect!!! And if you’re going to argue my blog really doesn’t matter!!! Go ahead!!! Unfollow me just because of my sexuality!!! That’s great…! Like?!?!?!?!.! I’m so tired of everyone fighting over this!!!! Let it go!!!!! Don’t have a grudge on someone because of their sexuality!!!!!!!!!! Can’t we all just get along for once?!?!???????????????? I’m human!! I have faults!!!! It’s no big deal,,….?!?!???! Please?!?!??! Respect lgbtq AND straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to get shit because of who I like!!!!!! I treat you good!!!! Please do the same for me!!!??

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do u know how guys a capella groups always have gay choreo for comedy? imagine a capella hamburr where hamilton choreographs all the gay moves between him and burr just so he has an excuse to like wrap his leg around burr or slap burr's ass or some other gay shit. and at first it's working well but then everyone starts to realize that alex fits gay choreo in every single song and it's only ever him and burr like alex ur not sly bud

LMAO this is perfect also I had no idea how gay a capella groups were where do I sign up

Seriously though Burr just goes along with all of it, doesn’t even ask questions.

I’ve been telling my sister bits about omgcp, trying to get her to read it, and today I mentioned Kent. I said something about him being angry at the party, and she asked about him, and I mentioned he has a sad back story, cos the guy he was with- and she just stops me, looks at me, and asks “is everyone in this thing gay?”. And I laughed for 5 minutes, and just replied “no. But yeah pretty much”. And she kinda looked at me like wtf, and i said “we’ve 3 confirmed”, and she just left the room.

I think she might read it.

Okay, I’m just going to come right out and say it. Am I the only one thought the episode description (combined with the fact was going to air before “The Night Out”) made “The Hot Shot” sound gayer and more shippy than what we actually got? 

Like everyone’s just talking about how gay “The Hot Shot” was and… I don’t get it. Maybe, “The Night Out”, I’ll give you that, but saying “The Hot Shot” was gay is kind of pushing it.

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This is probably going to sound stupid, but did you have a gay panic phase? Bc I just came to terms with I'm bi, but I'm really starting to think I'm just gay (which is annoying bc I don't want to be a stereotype) and I'm kinda freaking out. Everyone in this community is so proud and open, but I'm just scared.

Yes.  So my gay panic phase lasted about 5 years and included an “okay so I like girls maybe I’m bi and that way I can find the right man and I wont have to deal with this.”  

I know how horrible that sounds but please forgive my 16 year old self.  I was young, scared, and it was 1994.

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An AU in which Red and Green meet online in a video game, with their avatars named Ash and Gary. Because they're famous personalities online, they're hired by the game company to become 'permanent' NPCs, and their characters - and then them - get shipped online by everyone who plays. Red and Green deny it all until they meet in person and it's just "whoops, hot guy alert abort abort."

ASdfghjkl; as a gamer I approve xD; <33 Green sure would be like “why do they have to make me gay??!! I don’t care for that stuff with him, people can be dummy OH SWEET ARCEUS DID HE LOSE ONE OF HIS ANGELS THIS DUDE IS HOT!?!”

Straight girls who want a gay guy to be their “gay best friend” but are “uncomfortable"around lesbians and bi/pan girls are fetishistic homophobes who think they’re good allies just because they want to go shopping with a gay guy or because they read m/m fanfiction, then they turn around and think that it’s the end of the world if a girl hits on them or if they’re in the same locker room as them, like please gtfo with your faux allyship and your “let my gays marry!” when you literally hate half the acronym.

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so there's a picture of Alec and Magnus in that scene where Alec gives him strength and Alec's leg is behind Magnus. So when he collapses back into Alec he's completely and utterly cradled in his body. Arm around him, hand holding, leg balancing them.

LET ME LIVE i remember this picture omg. Actually, I saved it because it was just that beautiful.

It kills me tbh that Alec was holding up Magnus the entire time in that scene like ???? i don’t know i’m full of emotions about how gentle Alec is with Magnus in this scene and how, in this moment, even with everyone all around them watching including Jace, Alec has ceased to give a shit about how gay he might look because Magnus is hurt. JUST PUNCH ME IN THE FACE T B H

on todays episode of “i’m incapable of lightening up & take everything way too seriously”: 

maybe when you see evidence that violent homophobic rhetoric is prominent in parts of the south, your response shouldn’t be “lol let’s just get rid of texas/tennessee/north carolina already” as if… real gay and bi and trans people do not exist in those places? like when you talk about the south like it’s a homogenous space inhabited solely by cishet bigots you neglect the important reality that those cishet bigots aren’t just comedic relief for you to laugh at from where you’re standing: they are actively hurting real lgbt people every day. we exist here too. 

and what’s more – some of us love the places we live. not everyone does and i don’t blame anybody for that, but some of us love our towns as much as others love san francisco and portland and so on. the difference is that our places don’t always love us back.* hearing my home as a punchline constantly gets old when i’m still down here trying to claw out a space to belong in. 

i get worked up about this 10 times a day sorry 

*and i understand, a gay utopia doesn’t exist. anti-lgbt violence happens absolutely everywhere, including cities that we think of as safe and affiring – by being loved back, i mean that there’s no resources for a lot of us here, there’s no way to establish community, there’s no laws intended to keep us safer. nowhere is void of violence but at least some places try to curb it. 

A LOOK!!!!! AN ICON!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for the day that two little girls will just causally be talking and one will say “do you ‘like like’ boys or girls?” And the other one will say “girls” and her friend won’t even give a fuck and just be like “oh cool I like boys” like I wish everyone would just treat everyone equally it doesn’t matter who our what you love we are all going to die soon anyways.

i hate this wahtever the civil war is. who is bucky. i thought that was like a homestuck thing i didnt get. but no. i dont know a fucking thing about this marvel stuff and these movies ppl are mad or maybe they arent mad about? lupita is gonna be in something. i dont know what my dash is ever. what is achillies and patroxcus however u spell it? is that a book series? is it the original text that ppl just make gay edits for? i dont play pokemon either but there are 3 new things and i cried bc i liked the ugly blue clown dog one that everyone was shitting on. idek what pokemon is, i watched the show but i didnt know there was actual games? is it a video game? like ik the trading cards but. also i dont watch steven universe. what the fuck is homestuck. theres another video game idek the name of. i dont know what the fuck is on my dash at any given time unless its gillian anderson.

i better not get any messages or comments trying to explain anything i jsut mentioned. Do Not You Dare Educate Me

Sexuality headcanons

Because let’s be real, no one in this comic is straight

Gay af: Bitty (Ofc) but also Dex. Like this poor boy growing up with the most severe case of internalized homophobia and then he gets to Samwell and meets Bits and he thinks that his attraction to men is not a bad thing because how could it be when this blonde ray of sunshine is the most genuinely good human being he’s ever met but also the Gayest™

Fly Bi’s: Ransom, Holster, and Lardo. Lardo is my artsy bisexual trope, Holster is my bisexual musician trope. Both of them are super chill about their sexualities like there was no big revelation it has just always been there. But Ransom, Ransom is a constantly doubting yourself bisexual. Like always asking himself if he’s faking it, is he really gay? Or just straight and experimenting? Or what if everyone is right and this really is just for attention. Ransom needs constant validation that his sexuality is real because he’s gone through life constantly being told that it’s not and sometimes he believes it.

The Pansexual™: Derek “Chill” Nurse does not care what’s in your pants, but what’s in your soul. Basically it doesn’t matter what your gender is if you write him poetry he will fall in love immediately.

Queer as folk: Shitty. He is completely in rejection of labels and waxes poetic about how they are a product of gender roles and the binary. He doesn’t want to be put in a box so when people ask about his sexuality he just says Queer because to him it just indicates ‘not straight’ and that’s all he cares about. But, also Kent Parson, who literally could not give a single shit to figure out which identity most accurately represents his preferences and just likes who he likes and shrugs.

Demisexual: Jack Zimmermann, who has never been sucked off by a puck bunny in his life (unless you count that time that he and bitty put that Halloween costume to good use). Jack 'runs across campus in my graduation gown to kiss a boy I just realized I love’ Zimmermann only ever feels sexual attraction once a significant emotional bond had been formed. Jack 'hockey sexual’ Zimmermann who for as long as his friends have known him was not interested in anyone romantically except for a relationship that lasted like a few dates, who is the 'pickiest man alive’ except gender doesn’t matter.

Asexual: Chowder, and also Farmer, who kiss and appreciate physical displays of affection but are both not interested in sex and would much rather spend their time watching nature documentaries about sharks and cuddling.

TMI and Alec’s Feelings for Jace

god knows there’s been a lot of criticism of the shadowhunters books and of how alec’s sexuality is handled in particular but I’ve yet to see anyone talk about the whole ‘he wasn’t really in love with jace after all’ thing? even though personally it’s something that REALLY bothers me.

like I think it would be reasonable to assume that almost everyone who experiences some form of attraction (especially same gender attracted people) has experienced some kind of unrequited feelings - likely for a straight person and likely for a friend. so when alec is first introduced as a closeted gay character with unrequited feelings for his best friend - I found him instantly relatable.

so I cannot emphasize ENOUGH how much it annoyed me when it was revealed that alec wasn’t REALLY in love with jace. this whole time he was just LYING TO HIMSELF so he’d never have to confront his feelings or come out.

and it’s so annoying for sooo many reasons!

  1. as a queer person reading this it comes across as sooo patronizing when jace - the straight character - has to explain to alec - the ACTUAL GAY PERSON what ALEC is feeling.
  2. on a similar note, this whole scene perpetuates the idea that gay people are just ‘confused’ and don’t know their own feelings. I realise that jace isn’t saying that alec isn’t gay here but he is telling him straight out that the attraction he feels is not valid and not real (something that it then confirmed to be true - thanks SO MUCH for that CC).
  3. and it’s just such a fucking cop-out? like god forbid alec come to terms with the fact that his feelings are unrequited and gradually move on to a happy healthy requited relationship. god forbid jace have to actually deal with the situation in a sensitive way or acknowledge that he’s unintentionally hurting someone he loves by not loving him in the way he wants. god forbid CC actually explore the way that this impacts their friendship and have them come out at the other end of it with a stronger relationship and a better understanding of each other.
  4. and you know what? it’s just lazy writing. the whole ‘alec is in love with jace’ story basically only exists to show how alec is gay and everyone knows about it and to cause a rift in magnus and alec’s relationship - until CC can’t be bothered to actually resolve it and (like with the whole incest thing) just brushes it off like ‘oh that thing I said was true that’s been causing conflict? well actually it was fake the whole time lol’.

to sum up: Casserole Care COULD have created a great, relatable narrative of someone discovering his sexuality and eventually finding the courage to come out and explored it in a sensitive and realistic way. Instead she totally glossed over his coming out to his friends (because they all magically knew already) and totally retconned his crush on jace just so she wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. 

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Hi so I am a lesbian who is still mostly in the closet I am just not ready to come out just yet but there is a guy in my class who has a big crush on me. I don't like him at all but I don't want to be rude he keep's asking me out on date's and I keep saying no. How can I get the message to him nicely that it's nothing personal I just don't like him without coming out as gay?

Kristin Says:


Oooooooooh, Anonymous, I am sorry for yelling, but your question fired up all of my feminist gears and pistons and engines and superpowers and whatever else comes in this box labeled “Feminist Powers, Open With Care.” Let’s just take a moment to go over what you said here:

- A boy asked you out on a date

- You politely said no

- A boy asked you out on a date again

- You politely said no

- A boy. Asked you out. On a date. AGAIN.

Now, and I understand where you are coming from, I DO, you are asking how else to fucking politely say no again but GUESS WHAT… this boy isn’t getting the message. Guess what else? Your sexuality doesn’t need to have anything to do with this exchange, because who you choose to go out with isn’t anyone’s business but your own.

I am mad, Anonymous, not because of this one boy in your class who has a crush and who might just reaaallly think that you saying “no,” means “maybe.” However, read that last sentence again and you’ll get where this kind of behavior is super fucking dangerous. When people think “no” means “maybe,” other people – and especially women – are put in really shitty, dangerous, fucked up situations. This boy in your class, and lots of other boys (and other people, not just boys!) need to be taught to listen to what others say, and not assume that they know what others might want despite what they say.

Does this mean you have to walk into class, open up your own box of feminist-power and smash this boy over the head with it?? You certainly CAN, but that isn’t the only solution here.

If I were you, the first step I’d take would be to speak directly and clearly (which is still polite!), letting this boy know that I’d like him to stop asking me out. I’d say something like, “Listen. I don’t want to go out on a date with you, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t as me any more. It’s important to me that we have the ability to be friends, and the more you ask, the less that becomes possible!”

Now, you’ve drawn your line. Clearly.

If this boy asks you out again after you say these words to him, I don’t know that he even deserves an answer, and that much is up to you. If you’re feeling it as much as I am feeling it though, turn to him and say, “I didn’t have interest in going on a date in the first place, but I can tell you very clearly that I would never, ever want to date a person who doesn’t trust the words that I share with them. I’ve repeatedly told you I wasn’t interested in dating you, and I also tried to be polite. You have disrespected me by ignoring what I’ve said and what I’ve asked for, and I think that if you are looking to date anyone in the future, you should really think about being more respectful to start with. THANK YOU AND GOOD DAY, SIR.”

Then, blast a Beyonce song in your mind and go back to your work.

*flips all the furniture in the room*

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So you know what Rosso? Remember the episode when Saitama fights the Kombu ok so they added some Tatsumaki scenes in the anime version (all the extra scenes are storyboarded by ONE or with his supervision by the way both in the anime & manga) Remeber how Tatsumaki is acting all angry and "scary" but then this other little HA lady comes and just talks gently to her and "calms" her down in like a moment -without being scared like the male agents- OK I SHIP HER WITH TATSU EVERYONE IS GAY IN MY HEAD