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Request: Hi love! Can you do a Edward Cullen imagine reader is his blood singer and has the power to mirror powers and can you include the covens to.😊
For: @tangled-lust
Words: 1,147

Edward Cullen x Read

Gonna do the Readers powers kinda like Rogue from X-men

Patience might be a virtue but it was definitely not your thing.
Sat on the hood of Edward’s car, you clicked your feet together and waited with your boyfriend who was reading his book.
“I don’t see why I can’t go in there.” You pouted.
Edward didn’t look up from his book, “Yes you do. If and your brother hadn’t dared each other to try to jump off of the shed then you wouldn’t have cut your leg and you wouldn’t have to wait out here.”
You leaned back against the windscreen with a groan, why was he so eager to remind you of your misadventures? It hadn’t been a bad cut by human standards, Carlisle had cleaned it up in two minutes but it was enough to keep Edward away for a few days while it was healing. You’d also had to stay away from the rest of the Cullen’s, just in case it started bleeding again. That’s why you were sat waiting, Edward was waiting until he knew everyone in the house would be okay with the ever so slight scent before he risked taking you in there.

And by everyone, you knew that he meant Jasper. Having read your mind Edward put his book down, “You’re practically healed, blood in a bandage does not smell nice so that’s not tempting to me. But Jasper’s very sensitive.”
You accepted the answer and Edward went back to his book, after a moment you inched your hand towards his.
“Don’t even try it.” Edward warned not looking up.
You pouted, “You promised not to keep reading my mind.”

“It’s not my fault that you can’t be sneaky.” He countered amused. You inched your hand closer to him again.
“Y/N.” He warned, not looking away from his book again but you could see the amusement on his face. He knew what you were planning, if you could just get a good grip on any of his skin you’d momentarily be able to hitch a ride with his powers and be able to read everyone’s mind in the house and get in there quicker. It would have been nice to have a super awesome backstory about your powers, a classic like an experiment gone wrong or a radioactive spider.

But alas, it seemed you were just born with them.
You didn’t even know that you had your powers until you’d met Edward and accidently brushed his hand with yours in class, suddenly there were nearly thirty hormone fuelled voices rushing through your mind. You’d collapsed under the stress of it all the first time and been taken into hospital where Carlisle had treated you and Edward spilled the beans about his mind reading powers, his clan and you being his blood singer. An ill-advised move but hey, they needed to help you with your powers. It had taken a long time to come around to the idea and even longer for Rosalie to become your friend, she thought Edward was making the same mistakes with you as he made with Bella, they’d had a bad breakup and now Bella ran with the Mutts.
She was pleasantly surprised though when she got to know you and you became good friends with all of them. Jasper’s powers were quite overwhelming, the onetime you’d both been comfortable enough at the closeness to try it but he was incredibly helpful at guiding you in using them.  Emmett’s favourite thing that you’d ever done was singing the That’s so Raven! Theme song before taking Alice’s hand, as luck would have it she was getting a vision at the same time and the power of it knocked you clean out and you dropped to the floor.

The more that you used your powers the less they wore you out or knocked you unconscious, Carlisle had a theory that if you were to become a Vampire that instead of just experiencing another’s powers you may actually be able to hijack them and ‘borrow’ them for a small time.

Edward tucked his book inside his jacket and slid off of the hood just as you’d nearly got close enough to touch him, he stepped around to where you were sat and put his hands on your hips to help you down off of the car, “Jasper’s fine, we can go in.”
You leaned into him and let him meet you the rest of the way to give you a soft kiss, he was often awkward about these things so you never tried to push it too far.
A wolf whistle made you both separate and Edward shot Emmett a glare whilst you gave him a cheeky grin.
“Come on Eddie, stop hoarding her all to yourself.” Emmett called and within a blink he was beside you, he took you from Edwards arms and ran with you back into the house, laughing the whole time as Edward chased him telling him to be careful. Howling with laughter Emmett dropped you down on the sofa beside Jasper who gave you a tight nod in greeting.

You settled down together for a while, you and Jasper on one sofa and Emmett and Edward playing video games on the other sofa when you nudged Jasper with your elbow. He gave you a look but when you smirked he returned it and held his hand out for you.

You took his hand and watched the room change, Jasper’s powers were your favourite to experience. The world sank back slightly and was replaced with blurs of swirling colours. It was so beautiful. You could only help move the colours; you reached out for vibrant pink watercolour floating in your peripheral and with Jasper’s help you pulled it over to your boyfriend.
Edward looked up at you both and gave you a charming smile, “Stop it you two.”
“We’re not doing anything.” Jasper lied and you grinned.
Emmett gave you both a cheeky grin, “What’re you doing?”
“Jasper’s letting Y/N use his powers.” Edward explained and tried to refocus on his book but his blinding smile never left.
“What have you given him?” Emmett asked with a grin.
“Excitement and giddiness.” You laughed.
Edward shook his head at your antics before moving to you at vampire speed and brushing his lips over yours, you could feel his grin against your lips.
You could hear Jasper talking to Emmett, “I’m not even using my powers on him anymore.”
“Aww look at them, how adorable.” Emmett cooed and you urged Edward to sit down with you so that you could cuddle up to him and gave Emmett the finger.

Angel, Cry. Sam Winchester.

Requests: 1)  Might’ve already asked for this, so apologies if this is a repeat: How about a Sam x Reader where she wakes up with Sam eating her out, and every time she whimpers or her lower abdomen spasms with pleasure, he sucks harder or faster. And when she finally orgasms, he still doesn’t let up. Just keeps going, like he’s trying to suck the orgasm right out of her body.//and 2)  Can you do one where reader is an angle and she teases sam relentlessly in public and then when they’re alone sam dominates her completely

Triggers: Smut. Wing kink. Oral.

Word Count: 3033…It was an accident.

Enjoy ;D

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Photos at the Movies Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: michelleloc17


Hi, I love your Bill Skarsgard x Reader stories. I was wondering if you can do one where Bill is at a premier of a movie of some sort and the reader is a photographer and they somehow end up TOGETHER! I’ll leave you to think of how the rest will continue because I trust it’ll be great! Thank you so much! :)

Warning: None

Note: Movie Theaters are awesome to work at cuz you get to enjoy free movies during your breaks. I was planning at working at one but then I decided not to cuz I’d rather not come home smelling like buttered popcorn thanx.

I mean I LOVE popcorn but to have that smell all over you but no popcorn is like torture cuz then you’d be constantly craving popcorn. Don’t think I’ve said popcorn enough.

“Because they pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!” One of the most CUTEST scenes with Georgie’s giggle.

I’m sorry I love Georgie he’s just the cutest little thing ever X3!!! 

Okay enjoy! :D! 

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(OH MY GOSH THIS FOX GIF IS CUTE!!!! X3!!!!!!!!!) 

You were so excited as you started your job at the local movie theater in Hollywood, California. You worked at the local movie theater but you were also a photographer, a writer, and a little bit of an artist.

Well your boss had heard about your photography skills and how you had won 15 blue ribbons and at least 5 trophies due to your photography skills. You had a natural born talent for it from your grandmother who had first taught you how to take good photos at a young age when you used a small plastic camera.

Ever since then you gradually blossomed until you had won a ton of contests and trophies and prizes. Well a new movie called IT was such a highly anticipated movie that the theater was sold out on tickets for a whole week.

So your manager thought it was a brilliant idea to set up a 3D-cardboard scene with a life size cut out of Pennywise standing there with his pointed grin and a handful of bright red balloons.

He was standing in the sewers with Georgie just barely noticeable in the background. You had set up a tripod to take pictures with the incredibly life size and detailed cut out.

It was $5 for a picture and your manager said you’d get half of whatever the total amount was. Well you were sure you were going to be able to buy a yacht at the end. Crowds, upon crowds came in some dressed as clowns and even if they weren’t going to see the IT movie they still took pictures with the scene.

Eventually you heard cheering and screaming and your heart raced when you saw the main cast of IT including the directors were walking your way.

“Hey there.” Andi greeted, “Do you mind if we take a picture?”

“Uh. Yeah totally.” You replied.

You took a picture of the directors with the Pennywise, the Losers club with Georgie, the Bowers gang, and then the killer clown himself.

Bill Skarsgård.

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Something wretched about this (so precious about this)

For anyone that missed it on AO3, here is the Klaroline Valentine one shot I wrote for @thetourguidebarbie. Includes Succubus!Caroline. Title from From Eden by Hozier.

Caroline despised being indebted to anyone.

              Being in such debt to a vampire of all creatures was even worse.

              For millennia, the vampires had been a bane to Caroline’s kind.  They became addicted to the touch and taste of a Succubus so easily, and it typically resulted in a shortened lifespan for the succubus in question.

              But Katherine Pierce had once saved Caroline’s life, and so was – begrudgingly – owed a boon.

              “Distraction.” She ran a finger around the edge of her cup.  It was a latte – a rather delicious latte – but the taste was marred by the fact that she was there with a creature that could choose to go for her throat at any moment.  “That’s all?”

              “That’s all?” Katherine raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow.  “Well, I could try and make it more complicated… but I figured that being a distraction to Klaus Mikaelson would be difficult enough.”

              “Is Klaus Mikaelson supposed to mean something to me?”  Caroline took a sip of her latte, watching Katherine over the edge.

              Katherine eyed her in return, a slow smile that Caroline knew better than to trust curving her lips, but… this would get rid of the damn favor.

              “He doesn’t need to mean a thing.  So you’ll help me?”

              “Tell me what you know.”

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okay what are your favorite edward moments from the books?

  • Edward and the lemonade bottle cap
  • Any reaction to people’s thoughts
  • “Stop it mom, you’re making me blush.”
  • “Do I … dazzle you?” Because he deadass didn’t know and thought it just for some reason did not work on Bella and his heart “swelled” when he found out he did dazzle her
  • any Mike Newton slander
  • his and Alice’s “both freaks” alliance. Like the time in Midnight Sun where Edward had to pretend Alice was telling the truth when she told Jasper he wasn’t going to do anything meanwhile Jasper was literally visualizing sucking the life out of this one student. “We had to stick together, Alice and I. It wasn’t easy, hearing voices or seeing visions of the future. Both freaks among those who were already freaks. We protected each other’s secrets.”
  • His and Alice’s siblingship in general. Seriously like any time one looked out for the other.
  • Every Boo Boo The Fool moment he had during Midnight Sun when he felt emotions and was like ??? what??? what is this??? am i.. FEELING??? is this… ENVY??/ ALL OVER… A HUMAN ???A HUMAN GIRL? SHE’S JUST A GIRL
  • “Love her too?” I whispered, incredulous.
  • His what is she thinking now? and now? now what? now what’s she thinking?  little kid “are we there yet” kind of questions
  • I saw her life as I had before-college, career…love, marriage. I saw her on her father’s arm again, dressed in gauzy white, her face flushed with happiness as she moved to the sound of Wagner’s march. The pain was more than anything I’d felt before.
  • Could a dead, frozen heart break? It felt like mine would….. She was dreaming of me……Could a dead, frozen heart beat again? It felt like mine was about to.
  • Oh, and also, I’m wretchedly in love with you.
  • how generally nervous he was around her not just the fact that he thirsted for her but the fact that he didn’t know what he was doing bc…like i said….he has no idea what the fuck feelings are
  • Blood Type
  • How long have you been seventeen? A while. (FUCKING KING OF COMEDY)
  • “It doesn’t Matter? / does it MATTER?” etc. basically the entire freak out and his mental debate of whether she was mentally sound and how he could probably arrange for Carlisle to set her up with the best medical care
  • “We match!”
  • “isn’t it supposed to be like this? the glory of first love and all that?” :D
  • Edward cooking for Bella on prom day and using Charlie as his taste tester.
  • I guess it wasn’t a favorite moment but it was ??? cute?? his stupid little tantrum about how if Bella was at Mike’s place on her birthday the worse thing that would happen was them not finding a bandage
  • Edward anonymously setting up a scholarship for Bella
  • DUDE HE’S SO FUCKGIN CHEESY….. Before you bella…my life was like a moonless night
  • “Amazing! Carlisle was right!” what a nerd
  • Edward breaking a tv set then storming back in the room and roaring nO NO when bella’s dumbass said “Okay alice where do you want to do this?
  • “Isabella Marie Swan,” he whispered, the strangest expression crossing his face. He almost looked mad. “Do you believe that I asked the Volturi to kill me because I felt guilty?”
  • Edward trying to convince Bella he was lying about not loving her
  • “I just proposed to you and you think it’s a joke.”
  • He and Bella winning an Oscar for their acting performance in their “I got accepted there too” bit in front of Charlie
  • Edward coming up with an entire blockbuster movie plot where he and Bella would be the luckiest plane crash survivors in history while they’re taking notes
  • No Bella you look…sexy
  • “Did you run over someone’s cat?”
  • How he could quite literally kill Jacob when his stupid ass told her he’d rather she was dead
  • Another thing…I’ll be fighting for her too. I’m a quick learner Jacob I don’t make the same mistake twice and I’m here until she orders me away
  • That sounds about right…pup
  • I prefer brunettes!
  • The “You’ll always be my Bella” speech
  • The entire proposal…………he is so cute…..i wanna cry he was so happy
  • The way he got his feelings hurt when Bella didn’t want to put the ring on and how happy his little face got when he saw the ring on her…… i’m crying
  • he told her to be nice before he proposed
  • Edward really took a crying bella who pulled over on the side of the road crying into his arms and held her the entire night while she cried over Jacob Black can i fucking die. Can i fucking die right nOW.
  • Just how honest he was in that tent scene tbh. I would die for him idk if you know that yet but in case you didn’t.
  • This is probably just a me thing but any time he gets protective over Bella or his family etc it’s so hot laksjdlakjdas i’m SO SORRY
  • The telling Charlie about their engagement he was so chillin.
    Bella: stressing pulling her hair leg shaking at 100mph 
    Edward: :D charlie :D i know i should’ve told you but …. i proposed! :D
  • Edward in general wanting to give Bella the world is so cute like he would buy anything for her but the fucking cARs… i hate him. No i don’t. He’s just so cute he’s so excited and willing to do anything for her.
  • “By the way, I love you” “That’s why we’re here”
  • Taking Bella’s garter off with his teeth winking at Bella then throwing it at Mike Newton’s face
  • Edward’s entire reaction every time Jacob had any thoughts. Like the time Jacob was like they’re probably all fighting not to rip away the cup from bella’s hands and edward rolled his eyes. Or Jacob would be like “he owes me” and edward would mouth “I do.” Or jacob would fall into this self-pity i need love mood and edward tossed him his keys and told him to get out
  • Edward’s absolute love and pure JOY when he hears Renesmee’s thoughts for the first time
  • After the birth Edward ordering Jacob away after he clearly gave up and was over it and Edward refusing to give up on Bella
  • EDWARD’S LITERAL DISAPPOINTMENT WHEN HE COULDN’T HEAR BELLA’S THOUGHTS WHEN SHE “WOKE UP” poor baby he actually thought. what kind of boo boo the fool. 
  • Vampire Bella:                               
    Edward: oh my god. Incredible. You’re amazing. (what  a NERD)
  • Edward’s happy little voice every time he talked about Renesmee
  • “No I don’t care if you bite Jacob”
  • Just his overall protectiveness for his family. I’ve already talked about this but!!!!!!!!!
  • Him defending Alice always whether it be to Sam or wanting to rip Demitri to shreds specifically for her
  • Edward giving Renesmee a fucking ipod
  • “Caius you idiot the sun is out how are these children of the damn MOON”-an actual quote by Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
  • HE WAS SO EXCITED TO GET INTO BELLA’S MIND MY LITTLE BABY IT’S ALL HE’S WANTED IT WAS LIKE A FUCKING BIRTHDAY PRESENT OR SOMETHING. I feel like on his birthdays Bella is just like ok. For your present you’ll get my mind I’ll lift my shield today. He was just so excited so happy he told her to do it again
  • Edward loves. A lot. He loves so much oh my god. I wanna die.

maybe i should’ve just linked you to the edward cullen quotes good reads page. or like your nearest barnes and noble and the YA section where you can find the entire series because I can assure you everything he’s ever done is so cherished in my world. i’d die for him idk if you’ve picked up on that


Part two

You wake up confused. No pain and no blood. You touch your chest expecting to find puncture wounds. Nothing. Had it all been a dream?
“Lost something, love?” A faintly familiar voice with British accent asks. You jerk your head in the direction of the voice and see Klaus sitting in a fauteuil with a book in one hand.
“You.” You spit angrily. “You abducted and tortured me.”
“I did.” He simply says not trying to deny anything. “But you’ve got no prove left, do you love.” Klaus winks at you.
“How did you heal me completely?” You ask still confused. “Are you some kinda witch too?”
Klaus laughs amused. “No dear, not at all.” He stands up putting the book on the chair and walks toward the bed you’re lying on. Instinctively you crawl against the far end of the bed. Klaus grabs the bed post and leans in. “I’m something the worst nightmares are made of.” Dark veins circle around his eyes. As he opens his mouth in an amused laugh you see the fangs coming out.
Big eyed you watch the process. “What the hell.”
The fangs retract and Klaus laughs loudly. “Come on doll, I’m just messing with you.” He sits down on the bed next to you. “I’m a vampire and I healed you, no need to be afraid.” He says never losing the plastered smile.
You scoff. “No need to be afraid?” You ask disbelieving. “You almost killed me and threatened to kill my family!”
“Scary, but necessary.” Klaus says starting to get a little impatient. “I was not sure if you were the person I was looking for.”
“You mean an incredibly strong witch.” You realized out loud recalling what he said when he was torturing you. “Why do I got the feeling that you need me?”
Klaus shrugs trying to look indifferent, but you can see past all of that. Maybe it was your newly uncovered power of just the fact that he wasn’t really good at fooling anymore. “I think you need me more than I need you, love. I’m immortal after all.”
You smile feeling smug because of the idea that just popped into your head. “Every vampire can be killed with a stake right?” But Klaus soon stole your smug smile. “Not this one. I’m the original vampire.”
Your smile fades, but you are not quite as impressed as Klaus had expected you to be, or rather hoped you to be. No, you were not going to flatter him by being impressed of his status as the first vampire ever created. “So what?” You say making his smile falter in return. “I’m more powerful than any other vampire and besides that I’m also a hybrid.”
“Show me.” You wanted to know what kind of world you were being pulled into. “I promise I won’t get surprised this time.” Okay last time you were more afraid, but you were not going to say that aloud.
Klaus stands up and starts taking off his clothes. “Whoah.” You say holding your hands out to him as if you’re trying to protect yourself from his half naked body. “What are you doing?”
“Showing you.” Klaus says as if it’s that simple and as a matter of fact it was.
“I don’t need to see your… man parts.” You say waving to his boxers while trying to avoid to look at it.
“Ah, come on love.” Klaus teases. “No need to feel shame.” And with those words he pulled down his last piece of clothing. You close your eyes and as an extra protection you hold your hands in front of them, in case you curiosity got the better of you. And it did. The cracking sounds made you want to know what he was doing and you peeked through your fingers. He was down on the ground. His body moved in ways you’ve never seen a body move before and that’s when you realized that the cracking sound you hear are his bone’s breaking. However it doesn’t last much longer and now you have a wolf standing in front of you. A very big and beautiful wolf. But who would’ve expected anything different from a man that looks so good? Okay, not going there. You think shaking your head trying to shake off the thoughts. Careful not to make any sudden movements you crawl to the end of the bed and hold out your hand to the wolf. He sits down under your hand and looks up at you while you gently pet is head. You know it’s not your typical house dog and actually a man, but you just can’t help yourself. “You’re so beautiful.” You whisper. As if in a reaction the wolf howls and not expecting the sudden sound you jump back. “Hey, not funny.” You say laughing at the wolf. Right at that moment Rebekah walks in and stands dead still. “What is going on here?” She asks taking in the scene. When she looks at the growling wolf she turns back to you. “I’ve got to warn you, Y/N. My brother is definitely making a move.” The wolfs growls grow heavier and he walks towards Rebekah. “What are you going to do brother? I’m just giving the girl a fair warning. With you they never know what they get themselves into.” With that and a triumphant smile she leaves the room again. Leaving you dumbfound by the whole situation. It’s weird that the possibility of wolf boy wanting to get with you is more unlikely for you than you being a witch and the existence of other magical creatures.
“I’m beautiful, huh love?” The change back had gone rather quickly. Instead of being somewhat ashamed of what his sister just said he’s gone right back in cocky flirtatious mode.
“Your fur is absolutely beautiful.” You admit watching him put on his pants. “Wish you could stay that way a little longer. I like the quiet.” In a move as fast as lightning Klaus jumps on the bed next to you making you shriek in surprise. You let yourself fall back next to him laughing.
He lays on his side head resting on his hand. You look at him and see him watching you. “What?” You ask your laugh slowly fading.  “I like you when you feel comfortable.”
“You’re not going to kiss me, are you?” You ask looking into his eyes.
Klaus looks away as if breaking from a spell. “No, of course not.” He reply’s as if it hadn’t come to his mind, but it has. It sure had.
“Good.” You say not wanting him to know you wouldn’t really have minded. You scold yourself for wanting that. He abducted you. You tell yourself. And tortured you. He’s an animal. You smile. That was too literal.
“What are you thinking about?”
Like a deer in headlights you look up at him, only to remember he can’t actually read your mind, and relax. “What are you going to use me for?” This question has been on your mind a while now.
“That is something for later, love. All I need right now is your trust.”
“Trust must be earned.” Is your simple feedback.
“Luckily we have a lot of time.” With that said you know it’s going to be a long time before he’s going to leave you out of his sight.

It will take me a few days until I can get a part 3 online, hope you guys like it! (PS Who do you want to end up with? Klaus, Elijah or maybe even Rebekah? Or a love triangle? I like to have your opinion!)

Showing Our True Colours (There's Too Many To Count- And Not Just In The Cakes)

*tumbles into an already completed series three months late with starbucks* and aNOTHER THING.

yooooooo guys it’s me again! i did plan on leaving this series done and dusted- i think we can all agree it had a pretty nice ending, quite satisfying for all involved, yes? well FUCK THAT i’m not done with my baking boys!

basically i’ve been giving you guys a lot of angst lately so now, as pride month draws to a close i want to give you the gift of fluff. sugar, spice and all things nice, that’s this fic. if you’re happy with the way things ended, read no further. if you want tooth-rotting schmoop… read on, my dears, read on.

featuring mentions/implications of faranda as well as amanda/rowdy 3 because i can’t decide which i ship more and FUCK IT, it’s pride month, they can be in an ambiguous six-way polyamory if they want to.

so, this is part four of Food For Thought- read the whole series on Ao3 if you fancy!

(also shout out to my homie @ilikedthewayhegaveback for the rainbow cakes idea- i love u meme twin <3<3<3)

enjoy <3

Dirk liked a lot of things, and he liked them intensely. He liked catchy pop music, especially the type with words in a language he couldn’t understand- it was so much easier to just dance to things without the distraction of lyrics. He liked pizza, every kind of pizza, all pizza was good pizza! He couldn’t understand what the fuss was about policing the toppings- who cared if there was fruit on the top? It was pizza, it was an automatic masterpiece! He liked cats and he liked leather jackets, both of which were pretty and made him feel warm and secure in himself. He liked a lot of things!

But there were two things he liked more than most.

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3 500

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Blood, Reader and Sam get kidnapped.

Request from Anonymous: Hey! Could you do a Sam x reader where she is quiet and he’s mistaken it for shyness. Sam and the reader get kidnapped and she turns in to some witty, sarcastic, sassmaster until Dean helps them escape. Thanks!!

Author’s note: Okay Anon, I hope this was what you were looking for! I wasn’t sure why the reader was supposed to act shy all the time so this is what I came up with, and I hope the “sassmaster” parts are sassy enough! I’m personally very shy and being witty doesn't really come naturally for me, so I hope I did it justice. And just as a side note, the final part of Angel Rising will be up next week!

If you want to read more of my fics you can find my Masterlist Here

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

        Your hands gripped the steering wheel of your white VW Bug as you sped down the highway, heading towards a sleepy little town where you were supposed to meet two other hunters Bobby was forcing you to work a case with. You didn’t really like the idea of working with strangers, especially in a dangerous situation where you needed to trust the people you were hunting with, but you had to admit you were grateful for the backup. You’d taken out nests by yourself before, but never one this big, and it would be nice to not have to constantly be looking over your shoulder.

        Once you’d arrived in the town you pulled into the first motel you saw - just like Bobby had instructed – and parked beside a black Chevy Impala, which you wouldn’t have actually been able to spot if you hadn’t looked it up, but no one needed to know that. Then you stepped out of your car, straightened the skirt of your yellow sundress, and walked up to the door with the number 12 stuck to its face, which was directly in front of the Impala. After you knocked on the door you braced yourself for the impending looks of confusion and doubt when these hunters saw you, but it’s okay, you were used to it.

        You heard shuffling behind the door and then heavy footsteps on the ground as one of the hunters made their way towards you, the door then creaking open on its rusty hinges and revealing a tall – no seriously, tall –man standing in the doorway. He had slightly wavy brown hair that almost came to his shoulders, green eyes that were just bordering on brown, and impressive muscles that you could see under his straining plaid shirt. And wow, was he attractive.

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Ricochet Part 15


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14

A/N: Some answers are coming!! The drug that I mention is used on Buffy in series three, and it’s something that would be used on Slayers where Alice is from too, it basically takes all their powers away and leaves them absolutely helpless.

Please let me know what you think!!

Warnings: Torture. Death. The torture isn’t really focused on but the death is pretty specific so if people getting shot is triggering for you then please don’t read this.

Word Count: 3348

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anonymous asked:

kell(e? suddenly i am so unsure but already committed to the ask so can't look at bio)y waspabi, is there an actual plot to charms over notting hill in your head or do you just pick pieces as you go?

i mean, there is a vague gesture towards the idea of a plot. often there’s something to do with a lady called glenys stoutmorton and her disreputable significant others/relations, and anything that could possibly happen does happen. if you’re asking if i have an actual idea of what really happens, absolutely not, i just come up with wizardy soap concepts that entertain me. 

if you’re interested, a tour of the charms over notting hill mentions!

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Through time and space part 7

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Katie gets a call from Dean, your brothers need your and your sister’s help on a case. The only issue is, is that neither of you have enough money to afford two airline tickets to get to Southeast Iowa Regional Airport, and then money for a cab to take the two of you to Arkey.

“I don’t think we can do it De.” You say looking at the prices on your laptop.

“Aren’t you two with the Doctor?” Sam asks.

“If we were with the Doctor, this would be an entirely different story… but he sent us away and decommissioned the TARDIS, so (nickname) and I are kind of stuck at Baker street.” Katie adds in as Sherlock and John lumber up the stairs. Both of them look like they got into a fist fight.

“What the hell happened you two?” You as looking up from your computer screen.

“I asked John to punch me in the face… he wouldn’t do it so I punched him.” Sherlock replies. “It escalated from there.”

“I’ll go get the first aid kit.” You say standing up and closing the lid of your laptop and head to the kitchen and grab the first aid kit before handing it to John.

“What, you don’t want to do it?” John jokes.

“You’re more qualified then me Dr. Watson.” Katie snickers softly to herself.

“Do I even want to ask?” Dean speaks up, you momentarily forgot you and your sister were on the phone with your brothers.

“Just average banter with my flatmates. Nothing to worry about Dean.” You answer as you walk back to the table and sit down.

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Top 10 Best Fictional Couples

A follow up to our ever-so popular post, ‘Top 10 Worst Fictional Couples!’ Here at The Paperbacks have decided to honour our favourite fictional couples. Who will be number one?


10. Khal Drogo andDaenerys Targaryen (A Game of Thrones, a Song of Ice and Fire)

 Okay, beforeyou take to your keyboards and comment how basically Khal Drogo rapes Daenerysin the first episode of Game of Thrones and continues to do so until she says enough is enough; we are looking at this couple through the BOOKS not the adaptations. We are aware that this happens in the show, but we are looking at this couple through the books. To be honest, this was my favourite, non-incestuous couple throughout the series. They are arguably the only couple that genuinely love each other (Don’t get me started on the Stark family, and again, non-incestuous couple. Like we’ve said before, loving your sibling is a big no-no). Whilst reading about the first encounter and the wedding with Khal Drogo and Daenerys, you get a sense that Khal Drogo is actually fond of the young girl. Take the scene where Khal Drogo presents a silver horse to Daenerys as a wedding present. “Tell Khal Drogo that he has given me the wind”….He repeated her words in Dothraki, and Dany saw her new husband smile for the first time. Even though this may be a small gesture of affection, it gives the readers an indication that the Khal does have feelings for Daenerys. With the couples on our worst list, they are so serious and over-dramatic. Never once are they gentle or even playful. Khal Drogo is one of the most feared and dangerous men in the realm. To actually see him smiling over a small comment his wife made makes the readers believe that there is something between them.

Now to address the elephant in the room, the wedding night. I have already addressed that in the show Khal Drogo forces himself on her, but in the book it’s a completely different story. Khal Drogo essentially gives her time, choice, and treats her like the princess she is. He keeps repeating the word, ‘No,’ meaning that he understands the English word. No is such a powerful word. This shows the audience that Khal Drogo is allowing Dany to have a choice. Edward Cullen essentially forces Bella to be his girlfriend, hardly ever giving her a choice throughout the series. Even though things go sour after their wedding, with the Khal being more forceful and demanding of Dany, and they both don’t really show that much affection to one another. Whenever Daenerys is seen in any kind of danger, who is the first one on the scene? Khal Drogo. What makes their relationship unusual is that they aren’t lovey-dovey, swooning over each other at every possible moment, but you get a sense that they actually care about each other. That Khal Drogo isn’t taking advantage of her, but grows to care about her and defend her honour. They are a strange pick, but dammit, it’s better than Twilight.

9. Lissa and Christian (Vampire Academy)

Sure, Rose and Dimitri are The Hot Couple. But Lissa and Christian arguably have the healthier, more functional relationship (even with the teen angst). Despite high school social-hierarchy differences, Lissa and Christian form a secret, loving relationship together. They bond as outcasts - Lissa, feeling alone with the burdens of being the last of her royal bloodline, and Christian ostracized because of his Strigoi parents.

While their relationship may be a bit tumultuous, we know that deep down these two truly love and care for each other. They offer moral and emotional support in dire times, have each other’s best interests at heart, and are able to maturely put their problems behind them. The best thing about Lissa and Christian’s love, is that they’re motivated to develop and grow into mature adults for the benefit of their relationship.

8. Finnikin of the Rock and Isaboe (The Lumatere Chronicles)

Where do I begin with these two? There is so much I could say about Finnikin and Isaboe. Let’s start from the very beginning. What I adore about these two as a couple is that they never started out like your other YA couples (you know I’m talking about the Bella and Edward’s of the writing world). Their relationship isn’t Insta-Love; in fact, in the start they don’t even like each other. Finnikin does not trust Isaboe (who in the first novel, goes by the name of Evanjalin) and Isaboe hardly says a word to him. They start off more like co-workers, simply working together to find their home and freedom. They don’t instantly fall in love with one another; in fact, they don’t even flirt or comment each other. This leads readers to believe that there is nothing between Finnikin and Isaboe, that we should abandon hope of there being a couple to cheer and faun over. When Finnikin and Isaboe actually get together, it takes you by surprise. I remember re-reading the part where Finnikin places flowers in her hair. The fact that Finnikin does something so sweet, even romantic towards a girl he did not trust makes their relationship something deeper and profounder. It shows that their relationship isn’t just built up on good looks, strong muscles and sex-appeal. Their relationship is built up on trust, intelligence and genuine friendship which grows into something more.

Take the character Isaboe. She isn’t a dependant girl who needs a man to constantly come and rescue her. Though, Finnikin does occasionally come to her rescue, but it is rare when it happens. Isaboe is recognised for her courage, how cunning she is, and how much of a loving and caring person she is. She has a huge heart and is willing to forgive. No way is she like most of the girl’s on our worst couple list who aren’t capable of loving anyone who isn’t dripping in sex-appeal (and money in some cases) and suck the life out of everything. What is refreshing about Finnikin and Isaboe is that they see each other for so much more than physical attraction. They love each other for their bravery and intelligences. They admire one another on a deeper level that only they as a couple understand. Finnikin isn’t like Edward Cullen, who everyone fawns over because everyone can see how good looking and stylish he is. With Isaboe and Finnikin, they don’t see each other for what is on the outside, but what truly matters in the situation they are in. Melina Marchetta has a way with all her novels about writing real teenagers. Teenagers who have flaws, aren’t materialistic and blind sighted. To put it short, they aren’t like the teenagers of Forks, Washington.  Even though Finnikin and Isaboe are two people who live in a fantasy world, they are still believable and real, and also, incredible cute.

7.Katniss and Gale (The Hunger Games)

Now I know for a FACT that here at The Paperbacks we weren’t the only one’s wishing that Katniss would end up with Gale. Sure, he may or may not have blown up her sister to smithereens, but all this aside, Katniss and Gale were meant for each other. Let’s go back to the very start, when we were introduced to them. Katniss and Gale are established as best friends, we’re not thrown into a world where we are meant to believe that they are star crossed lovers. We watch them grow as friends and see them realise that there are feelings between them. The problem with some literary couples is that we are forced to believe that they are in love, when really we can’t. With creating a good romantic couple for a novel is that you’ve got to allow time for that romantic chemistry to grow between the characters. What most young adult novels fail in is that the author rushes through everything that you as the audience want to see in a growing relationship.  

With writing a relationship that is believable and strong, you have to allow the audience to get a sense that there is chemistry and growth between the two characters. Suzanne Collins did achieve this with Gale and Katniss, but failed with Peeta and Katniss. The difference with Peeta and Gale is that with Peeta, straight from the start, we were told that his ‘star-crossed lovers’ confession was a lie. The relationship between him and Katniss was a lie, well, to the public at least. How can we believe Katniss and Peeta as a couple if their relationship was built as a lie from the straight? Sure, at the end it is revealed that Peeta and Katniss do love each other, but weren’t you just rooting for Katniss to be with Gale? At least with Katniss and Gale, you know their relationship did not start off with a lie. Their relationship began with trust and friendship, which eventually grew into something more.

The Hunger Games was one of those young adult series that did not need the awkward love triangle that felt like it was thrown into the book at the last minute. With the relationship between Gale and Katniss, it felt like Collins had already set it up to become something more as the series progressed. It was a romance that would have perfectly fitted the books and pleased audiences. Honestly, I would have preferred the series more if they paired Katniss with Gale. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the series as it is now, but I can’t deny that I would have like to have seen an ending where Katniss falls for Gale.

6. Westley and Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride)

One thing you have to know about me, I am a secret Princess Bride fan. So when decided who to pick for this list, I wanted to add a classic fairy tale couple, but couldn’t think of any. That’s when I thought of William Goldman’s classic The Princess Bride. Princess Buttercup and Westley have a relationship built on adventure, comedy, classic fairy tale elements, and of course, true love! That’s right people, TRUE LOVE! Something most of the couples on our Worst Literacy Couple list all fail at.

I believe this is why so many people adore Westley and Princess Buttercup. Their love is true and when you read it, it feels 100% real. This is what fairy-tale love is made of. I remember reading an article many years ago, when Twilight was released and how many readers compared the love of Bella and Edward to a fairy-tale romance.  I’m sorry but they are nowhere near fairy-tale status. What Westley and Princess Buttercup have is what we want to read in a modern day fairy tale. They do not brood and desire over one another. Westley and Buttercup are playful, full of pure love and happiness for one another. Buttercup cannot live without Westley and we as the audience truly believe it.

Another thing I have to bring up with The Princess Bride is the most famous line out of the book: As you wish. Now, if you aren’t aware of what ‘As you wish,’ means, well here’s a quick explanation. At the start of the novel, when Westley is just a simple farm boy and Buttercup isn’t a princess, whenever she would order Westley or give him a job to do, Westley would simply reply: ‘As you wish.’ Really, what Westley is saying is, ‘I love you.’ My heart swoons and I just fall in love with this concept over and over again. Screw poems, composing songs or whatever, give me Westley and a ‘As you wish,’ and I will be one happy book nerd.

5. Sora Takenouchi and Yamato Ishida (Digimon Adventure)

Okay, yes, I’m sorta cheating here. Yes, Digimon is an anime, but it was also a manga and comic series, and in Japan the series creator wrote a novelized adaptation, too. Soooo … loophole (that, and because I am so particularly fussy with book couples, Steph has allowed me to include these two Digidestined-lovebirds).

Even though Yamato (Matt in the English dub) and Sora’s relationship has earned a fair amount of controversy from fans – still, 12 years later – it had been planned right from the beginning that they would end up getting married (sorry Taiora fans – but the series creator has made it clear Taichi and Sora were never meant to be a thing). The pair began dating, seemingly out of nowhere, in episode 38 of Digimon Adventure 02. Baring in mind that the original characters were not the main focus of the sequel series, it can be assumed that a lot of the development to their relationship occurred off-screen. Having said that, there were hints to their ultimate relationship as early as the first arc in the original series.

Given Yamato and Sora are eleven-years-old in the original series, it’s understandable that relationships aren’t at the forefront of their minds. But, the emotional foundation of their relationship was established (and thus foreshadowing what was to come in the epilogue, originally planned for series one). Out of all the Digidestined, Yamato and Sora share a mutual emotional understanding. When Sora is upset about having the crest of love (something she feels undeserving of), Yamato respectfully lets her cry out her frustrations. When Yamato decides he wants to travel alone, Sora says she is worried for his safety but ultimately trusts him to make the decisions he feels are best.

One of Yamato’s biggest values is whether people are able to understand him. Perhaps the first character to really get Yamato is Gabumon, his digimon partner. The pair are able to share comfortable silences and know exactly what the other is thinking and feeling. The only other person to have this level of empathy towards Yamato is Sora. As seen in the Dark Masters arc, Sora supports Yamato during his outburst at the gravesite for the fallen digimon. This compassion and empathy is reciprocated by Yamato, as he is the one able to pull Sora out of her all-consuming depression in the Dark Cave.

Yamato and Sora also shared similar storylines – both came from a single-parent household, both had issues with their crests, and most importantly their experiences with the Dark Cave). It may not have seemed like much at the time, but given Digimon Adventure was aimed towards 8 – 12 year-olds, it’s understandable that there wasn’t an overall emphasis on romance. Having said that, the signs of a potential relationship between Sora and Yamato are there, albeit subtly. That, and their crests are Love and Friendship. Enough said.

4. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Heroes of Olympus)

Percy and Annabeth are probably how Ron and Hermione should have happened. Long-time friends, with a pugnacious streak, and too shy to admit they have feelings for each other. Percy and Annabeth met at Camp Half-Blood when they were both twelve, and despite mutual feelings, didn’t start dating until they were sixteen (see, a slow burn relationship). Among the many, many… many ships in Rick Riodan’s books, Percabeth are arguably the most functional, healthy and realistic.

Ever since their first quest together, Percy and Annabeth have been there to protect, support and save one another. There isn’t an imbalance of power – they each have their strengths and weaknesses, and know how to best help the other person when in need. Despite whatever personality clashes they initially have, they above all else treat each other as equals.

Throughout the first series of books, Percy shows an interest in Annabeth, but out of nerves never really acts on anything. Annabeth, however, is more open with showing physical affection towards Percy (even when she refers to him as Seaweed Brain). In The Sea of Monsters, she is shown to both hug and kiss Percy on the cheek. But their feelings for each other weren’t totally obvious until The Battle of the Labyrinth, when:

She glared at me like she was about to punch me. Then she did something that surprised me more. She kissed me. 'Be careful, Seaweed Brain.’ Then she put on her hat and vanished. I probably would’ve sat there for the rest of the day staring at the lava and trying to remember what my name was, but the sea demons jarred me back to reality.

From the last book onward, they are in a relationship, and that is when Rick Riodan started to play with his readers feels. First, Percy goes missing, leaving Annabeth hellbent on trying to find him. But even with his erased memories, Percy is still able to recall one person: Annabeth. In Son of Neptune, Percy’s greatest fear isn’t failure of his quest, or even the loss of his life, but whether he will soon forget Annabeth’s face. Percy even constantly refers to Annabeth as his girlfriend, even though he has no memories to prove otherwise; his love for her is just that powerful.

Furthermore, even though Annabeth shows serious signs of anger, hurt and pain over Percy’s six-month long disappearance/kidnapping, their love and positive feelings make them able to overcome any negativity or hurdles that come their way. That right there, a true sign of a serious and healthy relationship. Percy and Annabeth show that a relationship doesn’t have to be easy 100% of the time – as long as you are able to keep negativity in the past, and move forward with positivity (again, one of the first things Percy mentions to Annabeth when they’re reunited is the possibility of them have a future together in New Rome, and they could grow up and have a family together).

Perhaps the only real downside to Percabeth’s relationship, is they have (understandably) developed separation anxiety. This ultimately leads to them falling into the depths of Tartarus (aka Hell). But it’s okay – because at least they’re together (I still have 2 more books to read, so I assume it all works out for them eventually).

3. Liesel and Rudy (The Book Thief)

Ah, to be young again. The Book Thief is an amazing book for so many reasons, but one of the reasons why people love it is the innocent love between Rudy and Liesel. Sure, they are children, so what they have is innocent. It reminds you of your childhood, how kids thought love could just happen in one day without actually comprehending what love actually was.

This is what is beautiful about Rudy and Liesel, they are so innocence and sweet that it makes your heart swell with so much emotion. Rudy announces to Liesel early off in the novel that he loves her and is always wanting a kiss from her. Liesel finds this absolutely disgusting. This takes many readers back to when they were young and when love was still a fairy-tale thing. This is one of the many aspects that make The Book Thief perfect. I know what many editors would have done if Liesel and Rudy were much older. They would have edited them into lustful teenagers full of emotions and drama. Liesel and Rudy ain’t got time for that. They are children, who learn and have fun every day. Sometimes, it’s best to read about a love that is so simple that you forget that it’s there ─ in a good way, not in the way Fallen did that bored us to death. In a literature world that has been bombarded with love triangles, forbidden love and brooding teenagers, it’s actually refreshing to read about Liesel and Rudy.

What is enjoyable about them is that they never allow their playful love get in the way of what is important to them. So many times we’ve seen star-crossed lovers allow their affection get in the way of the important things in life. Liesel doesn’t let Rudy distract her from what she loves the most, which is her new family, reading, and Max who is hiding in their house. For once, it is lovely and delightful to read about two acquitted people who just enjoy life. They are not in a rush to grow up. They are being who they are: children, innocent ones who are just taking life one step at a line. “The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you.”

2. Eleanor and Park (Eleanor & Park)

If you’ve read Eleanor & Park, unlike Stephanie, then you know without a doubt why these two are on this list.

One thing that sets this book apart from all the other YA-romance garbage, is its lack of insta-love. Insta-Love is Bella becoming obsessed with Edward on her first day. It is Hazel going home with Gus the day they meet. It is Luce and… whatever the hell Fallen was about. Another thing that makes Eleanor and Park unique: the dual point-of-view. Without it, without seeing these two shy outcasts slowly falling in love with each other, this novel simply wouldn’t have been the same.

Park is a romantic soul, consumed by love. Eleanor is a victim of circumstance, in constant fear of rejection or punishment. Without being inside both of these people’s heads, we simply wouldn’t have understood their story. Because that’s the thing about relationships or love stories: it’s a story about two people.

Eleanor and Park are two young outcasts, stuck together on a school bus with creatures from hell/their classmates. The first words Park says to Eleanor: “Sit down. Jesus-Fuck, sit down.” The first few weeks of Eleanor and Park’s relationship is silence and begrudgingly accepting they are stuck together as bus-mates. They don’t hate each other, or even dislike each other. They are outcasts.

What brings them together (besides being trapped on the bus) is comic books. After a while, Park notices Eleanor reading over his shoulder. And after a week:

“Park didn’t say anything. He just held his comics open wider and turned the pages more slowly.”

From there, Park starts lending Eleanor comics. First just the issue they were reading, then stacks at a time. All of this, without a word. He just gives them to her, and she wordlessly returns them the next day. Soon, Park is making her mix tapes of her music wish list. Remember the simpler times when you made mix tapes or CDs for your crush? Oh, I miss those days…

After a few seconds, he reached over and pulled at the old silk scarf she’d tied around her wrist. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said. […] He pulled on the scarf again, so she looked at him. She tried not to look mad – but she’d rather look mad than look like she’d spent all night thinking about how beautiful his lips were. […]He was still holding the end of the scarf, rubbing the silk idly between his thumb and fingers. She watched his hand. […] If Park were to look up now, he’d know everything. He didn’t look up. He wound the scarf around his fingers until her hand was hanging in the space between them. Then he slid the silk and fingers into her open palm. And Eleanor disintegrated.”

That was pages 70-71. That was the point my heart melted and screamed at the perfection and beauty.

Truthfully, I could go on pulling excerpts from this beautiful book, and rambling on and on about the kindred-spirit union shared between Eleanor and Park. But, at the same time, I find the best way to experience this book is to go in blind and feel yourself being swept away in an overwhelming cloud of nostalgia and past loves. The important thing about Eleanor and Park’s relationship isn’t that it is first love. It’s not the fact that these are two young kids discovering themselves, discovering love. Their relationship was written in the stars. If not for them to be together forever, then for Park to save Eleanor.

1. Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter)

Aright, you caught me. Technically Harry/Hermione (or Harmony) isn’t canon. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t moments between them in the books. Not to mention that statement JK Rowling made back in 2013 about how she regrets putting Hermione with Ron, and that she’d be better suited with Harry instead (more on that will come in a later blog post). Ever since I saw the sixth film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I have been an avid Harmony fan. Upon re-reading the Harry Potter books at an older age, when my levels of comprehension had grown and matured since my childhood, I saw that there were actually quite a few close moments between Harry and Hermione. To this day, I refuse to accept that Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron would have continued happy and healthy relationships into their adult lives (even JK Rowling said Ron and Hermione would have had couple’s counselling at some point).

But why would Harry and Hermione be better suited you ask? Well, first of all Hermione was without a doubt a much better best friend to Harry than Ron ever was. Harry and Hermione were always there for each other. Not once did they have feelings of spite or jealousy towards each other (*cough* Ron *cough*). The few times they were mad at each other, was when they had a clash of opinions – but, at the end of the day, they always had each other’s best interest at heart. Think of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Hermione told McGonagall about the new broomstick Harry had received anonymously. At the time, everyone believed Sirius Black was out to murder Harry. So, obviously, Hermione was concerned for Harry’s safety and (rightly) assumed the broom was sent from Sirius. Harry and Ron were furious at Hermione for inadvertently getting the broomstick confiscated, but in time they accept her heart was in the right place.

Harry and Hermione have always had a mutual respect for one another, and never succumbed to petty fights. Their friendship is more important than being right, which sets them both apart from Ron. And when push came to shove, their friendship withstood all the obstacles that came their way. Which can’t be said for Ron, who ended up leaving them during their arduous search for Horcruxes. What’s also important is that Hermione also had a choice – she could either leave with Ron or stay with Harry, and she chose Harry. Why? Because the level of trust and faith she had in Harry, outweighed how much she cared for Ron (even if him leaving broke her heart).

Harry and Hermione spend months travelling alone together. They shared something that Ron was not there for, and had to rely solely on each other for comfort and support. Furthermore, JK Rowling acknowledged that during the writing process for these chapters, the story “very well could have gone that way.” There are charged moments between the two, such as Hermione stroking Harry’s hair, him leaning into her touch. They even contemplate just staying hidden and growing old together – but their mission outweighed all feelings of fear and doubt.

The first sign of the pair showing physical affection towards each other (other than a hug), comes at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. When saying goodbye at King’s Cross Station, Hermione kisses Harry on the cheek, “something she had never done before.” Goblet of Fire is also when Harry realises how pretty Hermione is. And again, in Order of the Phoenix they have this exchange:

And it might have been a good idea to mention [to Cho] how ugly you think I am too,’ Hermione added as an afterthought.
'But I don’t think you’re ugly,’ said Harry, bemused.
Hermione laughed.

Just because the two were not constantly lusting after each other, doesn’t mean they couldn’t view each other as attractive. In fact, it’s this level of hormonal restraint that proves a relationship between the two would not be based on shallow bullshit. The seven years of friendship and love between them is the ideal foundation for a healthy and long-lasting relationship, free of jealously, egotism and emotional turmoil.

Love at first Bite- A Vampire!Chanyeol Scenario (part 2)

Part 1 , Part 3

You woke up, with the faint brilliance of the sun’s rays shining through the opaque blinds that covered the large windows, gently caressing your face. You covered your eyes with the back of your hand, and blinked a few times, as your eyes got used to the sudden brightness.

You looked around, and immediately sat up, the snow-white sheets pooling at your hips. Where were you? What had happened?

You could vaguely remember the gorgeous man in the alley, and his eyes, his wide red irises… And then it all came back to you in a rush. His pale skin glowing in the dim lighting, and the sharp pain in your neck, from where his soft lips connected with it.

Your hand shot up to your neck, and your fingertips faintly traced the two small incisions on it. It barely hurt. It was almost as if the wound had cauterised immediately after he pulled away, and the skin hadn’t even blistered over, sealed completely.

You looked down at your body, and had to force yourself to hold back a scream, for you weren’t wearing any clothes. Your naked skin glowed faintly in the light that seeped through the blinds, as if made out of millions of minuscule crystals. You covered yourself up with the sheets, and looked around the room, trying to find something to throw on yourself.

Your eyes stopped at a chair placed neatly against the wall, next to a tall, white wardrobe, made of beautifully crafted wood. On top of that soft chair, that seemed to match the rest of the room’s decoration perfectly, was a delicate white dress, and some discreet lingerie. You chuckled, at least this man had good taste, you had to give him that.

You stood up, throwing the sheets to one side, and walked towards the chair. You picked up the lingerie, and blushed at the sight of it, not just because it was much fancier, and visibly much more expensive than anything you had ever worn before, but also because Chanyeol had been the one to pick it, and place it in your room, meaning he knew you would wear it.

You looked around, trying to find your bags, but they were nowhere to be seen. He can’t have thrown them away can he? Maybe he left them somewhere else, he seemed quite tidy.

With the clothing items in your hands, you walked into the en-suite bathroom, turning on the light. The room was amazingly beautiful, so simplistically decorated, yet so tasteful. You ran your hand over the tap delicately, before choosing to go with a shower instead of a bath. You felt dirtier than usual after all the running and the rain, and soaking in your own dirt was definitely not what you wanted to do.

You walked into the cubicle of the shower, and pushed back the crystal door, turning on the hot water, and letting it run for a few seconds. You turned to look into the mirror, and groaned at your dishevelled state. Your eyes still looked a little red and puffy, your hair was a mess, and your whole body looked awkward. But despite all that, the moment your eyes found the incisions on your neck, they were all you could focus on. They looked painful, yet you could feel nothing at all. You caressed the wound slightly with your fingers in wonder, before remembering the water was running, and jumping in the shower.

The hot water relaxed your muscles instantly, letting your whole body regain some feeling. You massaged your muscles as you rubbed the soap into your skin, trying to clean away any possible dirt you had. You shampooed your hair, and were amazed at the delicious fruity scent of the product. When the hell did he have time to get this? How many girls had been here before? But then again, the bottle remained full, so it had most likely never been used before.

The presence of a bottle of conditioner also seemed to surprise you, wondering how well informed about usual shower routines worked for girls with your length of hair.

Once you were finished showering, you stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a towel tightly around you. The soft material caressed your skin, and for a second, the temptation to rub your face against the fluffy item took over.

You dried yourself, and got dressed, gasping when you saw your reflection in the mirror. The dress was perfect, almost as if it had been made exclusively for you. You brushed your hair gently with a brush you found on one of the drawers of your bathroom, and then sprayed yourself with a beautifully bottled perfume. You brushed your teeth, terribly scared that you might have bad morning breath, just in case you encountered Chanyeol again.

You gave yourself one last look in the mirror, and decided to walk out of the room, to examine the house or apartment you were in.

You exited the room barely making any noise with the pads of your feet. You looked around with eyes wide open, in awe. The house was beautiful. You walked down the stairs, taking each step with care, as your eyes continued to examine each and every detail of your surroundings.

A soft strum of a guitar resonated in your ears, almost hypnotising you. You followed the lead of the wonderful music, and found yourself at the door of a wide living-room, with the curtains drawn, so only a faint phantom of sunlight glowed through them. The lights were on, however, and the full room was decorated exquisitely.

In the centre of the room, sat on a sofa, was Chanyeol, gently playing the strings with expert ability. He stopped when he noted your presence, and immediately looked up, flashing you a wide smile with his lengthy canines poking through.

“Good morning beautiful. Did you sleep well?” He asked you with that sweet, deep raspy voice of his that made your heart flutter and your knees goes weak.

For a moment you forgot how to speak.

“I did actually. Thank you for asking although… I don’t remember much of what happened yesterday…” You told him hesitatingly, testing the waters, but also feeling ashamed of the previous night’s events.

“Ah… I think you do…” He laughed, a deep throaty but amicable laugh, as he set his guitar down, and patted the seat next to him.

Your cheeks blushed a deep red, as you looked down at your feet, and walked up to the sofa, sitting down on it gently. You placed your closed fists on your lap, and stared at them intently, as if they were the most interesting thing you had ever seen in your whole life.

“Look at me Y/N.” He told you sweetly, bringing your face towards his with a simple tug of his fingers on your chin. Your eyes met his, and suddenly, you couldn’t look away.

“There is something in your mind, I can see it through your eyes. What is troubling you?” He asked you, his tone almost intimidating. His eyes seemed like they could pierce into your soul.

“Why am I here Chanyeol?… What are you?” You asked him, trying to piece your messy thoughts into words.

Chanyeol brought his lips into a contented smile, for he knew very well what you were thinking, but he wanted it to be you who brought it up. He sighed, dramatically, and then looked at you, without blinking.

“This is going to sound incredibly cliché after all of the movies your generation has been submitted to, but I am a vampire. No, it’s not like in those romantic movies, I am a real vampire. Probably most of what you have heard about us is inaccurate or completely wrong, it’s all be dramatized, but we can go through that in due time. With regards of why you are here, I wouldn’t be able to give you a satisfying answer I believe, for I myself don’t particularly know or understand how I came to this decision. All I can say is I happened to catch a whiff of your scent as I walked towards my usual hunting place, and I could not let it slide. And when I saw you, walking alone, in the rain, all the emotions that I could feel from you were overwhelming… And when I saw you alone, my senses got the best of me. It took all my will power not to kill you, but, I already liked you, and your blood is exquisite. So I decided to keep you.” He explained, with a serious yet sweet tone, as if he was trying to not let all of his words confuse you or scare you.

It made you laugh how he claimed not to be able to give you a satisfying response, yet he answered most of the questions you originally had in your mind. But then again, all of his answers brought about more questions.

“Am I ever going to be allowed to leave?” You asked him, your voice trembling and your eyes glazing over, not just referring to the house, but to this new life as a whole.

Chanyeol smiled at you sadly, as he grabbed your small hand gently with his, and shook his head.

“I’m afraid not..”

You Gotta Be Kidding Me (Part Two)


Hey there, can you please do a crossover with supernatural and criminal minds where the reader is Sam and Dean’s sister and is dating Reid and Sam and Dean don’t think Reid is good enough for their sister, that is until Reid saves their asses from a supernatural beast. The brothers then find out that the reader told Spencer everything about her past when she had to save Spencer from a vampire on one of their dates together and that the reader trained him to recognize and hunt the supernatural.

@your-not-invisible-to-me  @sonicscrewdriverandtulips


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In which Caroline falls for a psychopath but has no clue, and Klaus didn’t think he would be so taken in by his vampire sacrifice.

This was my take on a season 2 Klaus and a season 2 Caroline and an unexpected meeting between the two, so, yes, Caroline will be a little OOC because she went through a completely different character development after Klaus got to her early on.

P.S. This drabble does contain some graphic descriptions of rape and the victim’s aftermath, so please scroll past if this is a trigger for you. Oh, and there’s smut too. 

“What’s a lovely girl like you doing alone in a dive like this?”

Caroline pierced the chip with her fork, shoving the morsel into her mouth, and looked up, impassively at the stranger who had taken the initiative to slide into the booth opposite a lonely, might-or-might-not-be underage girl.

Short, blonde curls, glinting cornflower-blue eyes, a red mouth that she was immediately jealous of (considering the hundreds of dollars she had been forced to shell out on good Charlotte Tilbury lipstick) and a smile that was as equally charming as she imagined it was lethal.

So, possible serial killer or sleazebag.

“So, which are you?” Caroline asked, curiously, voicing her doubt aloud.

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Old Enough - Part 1: Legacy

Prompt: “May you do a DeanxReader where she is younger and live with them and have a big crush on Dean and try to seduce him and at first he didn’t want to (cause she’s younger) but the he is like ‘screw this!’ and idk…”

A/N: I’m taking a few liberties with the request simply because the idea intrigued me. A lot. First off…I’m definitely making this a series. I hope the anon who requested this doesn’t mind :)

Part 1: Legacy

Links: Tumblr | Fanfiction.net | AO3

Chapter Summary: Few months after Dean and Sam Winchester move into the bunker, they find out about another legacy of the Men of Letters - a very young, civilian legacy, and they don’t know what to do with her.

Warnings: Language because my characters are colorful when they are put out.

Sam had been obsessing over the files and documents he came across in the bunker for days at an end. He was totally geeking out to his heart’s content. They’d been there for a while now, getting used to the comforts and many perks of the bunker. Men of Letters was one wonderful, glorious ‘club’ and their hideout was badass. They were both starting to understand what Henry Winchester – his grandfather – had said and why he had felt so regretful of the fact that he hadn’t been able to initiate John and eventually Sam and Dean officially to the organization as the legacies they were truly meant to be.

Dean was no different from Sam. He just couldn’t get enough of the Samurai swords and all the other weaponry carefully collected and gloriously displayed throughout the bunker. The journal by Samuel Colt was the best find so far. That was what he had been rifling through when Sam had barged into his room.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Dean sat up, barking at his brother.

“Why? Were you jerking off?” Sam threw back at him with a smug smirk on his face.

Dean rolled his eyes. “I could have been. Jerk.”

“Bitch,” Sam laughed. “So anyway get this. There just might be another legacy. Someone other than us.”

This made Dean bolt right up. “You mean another descendent of an original member of the Men of Letters? I bet he’s one badass hunter!”

“She, you mean…” Sam corrected. “No hunter activity as far as I can tell. She’s an artist, actually.”

“An artist, huh? How’d you even come by this information?”

Sam shrugged sheepishly. “I research? A lot,” he said simply, not wanting to go into detail about how he had spent hours getting to know the past members. It had been purely by accident, and with a little help from the internet that he’d come across Y/N Y/L/N.

“Geek,” Dean taunted, but Sam only laughed at that. “So what are you saying? Are we going to drag that poor girl into the bunker and this life too?” Sam stared at his brother without a word since that had  been exactly what he had planned. “Bad idea, Sammy! Dude, what the hell!”

“She’s a legacy, Dean,” Sam said in exasperation. “She has a right to know, and as the only surviving members of the Men of Letters, it is our responsibility to initiate her. Beyond that, she can choose whether to stay or go.”

Dean shook his head. Sam was getting way too into the whole Men of Letters thing. If he didn’t know any better, Dean would have thought Sam had been in the institution pretty much all his life. He was acting like a true member – an insufferable know-it-all. “So what’s your plan?”

“Grab the keys,” Sam said grinning way too giddily for a 31 year old grown man. “We are going to an art exhibition.”

Y/N had led a pretty simple life. Her parents had died when she had been sixteen, and she had taken care of herself ever since then. It hadn’t been easy but she had managed just fine. She was twenty two now and she had established herself as quite a well known artist. The pay wasn’t great but it was a way of expression for her abundant energy and creativity. All in all, she had done quite well for herself.

So when two weirdly attractive men had shown up to her exhibition with an even weirder tale about some secret organization she should have called them crazy – because that was surely what they were – and told them to go to hell. Except, her curiosity had gotten the best of her.

And that was how she found herself in a hole of a bunker somewhere in Kansas with Sam and Dean Winchester.

When they had told her of demons, werewolves, vampires, ghouls and ghosts, she probably should have run the other way. When they told her that they hunted all those things for a living, she should have called the cops or something. But she had a feeling she couldn’t just shake off. The tales they told, she felt like she had known deep down for them to all be true. She couldn’t understand why or how but she knew. She just knew.

Their first hunt together had proven how right they had been. It was nothing major – just a simple ‘salt and burn’ ghost case as they said, and that was probably why they even let her tag along in the first place. Seeing that flickering visage of a now dead human had made a believer out of her.

They’d let her in on the researching part of it, and her ability to read with twice the speed as an average person came in quite handy. “It’s like you’re just scanning a book and downloading its content,” Sam had said completely impressed, unable to hide his awe. “Just check this out, Dean! She’s a total natural at this…definitely a Men of Letters legacy.” Dean had only grunted in response from where he sat.

Dean Winchester, the older of the two very attractive ‘hunters’ and her mentors. When Sam went out of his way to make her feel comfortable and welcome in what was supposed to be her new home and new life, Dean made it his life’s mission to skeptically stare at her as if her presence was the vilest thing in his vicinity.

She hadn’t understood his dislike of her until one day she had overheard him say to Sam, “She’s too young, Sammy! A little suburban artist for god’s sake! She might be good with her paint brushes but she sure as hell doesn’t know how to shoot a gun or basically just not get killed. She’s a liability!” She had only known them for a little while but still the words hurt like knives in her heart. He didn’t even know her damn it! He knew nothing about her. Nothing.


Ever since then, she had done her best to keep her distance from him. He left her to her own devices, meaning research, research and more research. She tended to ignore him and his rude staring whenever she could.

Not today though. Today she had a bone to pick with the arrogant asshat.

She burst into his room right behind him. “Dean! Don’t you dare walk away from me when I’m talking to you!”

“What?” He turned back to her with his bitch-face on.

His glare wasn’t going to faze her. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it one way or the other! “I am going on this hunt. I’ve trained, done my research, learnt everything I could from Sam,” she listed holding up her hand and folding a finger with each item on the list. “Sam thinks I’m ready. I think I’m ready. So what gives, damn it?”

He folded his hands and looked down at her with and intimidating stare. Y/N held her ground. “I don’t think you’re ready. End of story,” he declared and turned around to switch on his music player.

Led Zeppelin started playing. Usually, Y/N would lean back and enjoy Dean’s music from her own room. She liked his taste. Today she reached out and shut the player off. “Not end of story!” Folding her hands in front of her chest, she glared daggers at his back.

He turned back around to face her with a look of utter disgust on his face. “Seriously, kid? Are you going to throw a tantrum about this?” There he goes again, stressing on the ‘kid’ and throwing her age around as if it was an epithet. Yes, fine, she is twenty-two and thirteen years younger but she was not an infant, even though at times that’s exactly what he made her sound like.

“This is not a tantrum,” she said lowering her voice and trying to appear calmer than she actually was. “What I am trying to do is have a discussion with you. Can we discuss this like adults, please?”

He scoffed in disdain. “Adults? Fine. I’m telling you in a very adult-like manner to your very adult-like self that you are just not going on this hunt. End of discussion, capisce?”

She rolled his eyes. “Who’s the kid now, Dean?” She stepped closer, invading his personal space. She knew he hated it, for she’d seen him berate Cas for the same thing.

As they stared at each other, her eyes narrowed in determination, and his observing her warily, she couldn’t resist noticing how good he smelled – all leather, whiskey and man. It didn’t help that she was incredibly attracted to him, down to the little crow’s feet around his eyes and the prickly stubble on his cheek that she itched to rub her face against. Still, Dean Winchester was an insufferable moron and she just hated him sometimes!

She was up in his face, all but spitting fire with her eyes. Dean wanted nothing more than to wipe that smirk off her pouting lips – preferably with his own. Sometimes she pushed him so far that all he wanted was to push her against the nearest hard surface and show her who was in control. She was just a baby – a gorgeously attractive, fiery, twenty-year old baby that drove him crazy in more ways than one.

“Why don’t you test me, Winchester?” she hissed, and for a moment he thought she was reading his wayward thoughts about her. Then he realized that she meant about their argument. “Why don’t you test me and see if I’m ready or not?” To him, the taunt held so much innuendo and he knew she was saying it without realizing what it did to him.

He thought about her suggestion. He hadn’t been part of Sam’s training sessions with her so he didn’t know how far she had progressed but the suggestion was enticing. He would love to put Baby Face in her little rightful place – back in the bunker, doing her research. He was all for equal rights and all but she was new to this still, and he wasn’t going to be the reason why she got killed. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to let her be the reason why they end up dead or worse.

“Fine. I’ll test you,” he said, smirking right back at her. “Get out of these stuffy clothes,” he instructed making her eyes widen with surprise and sending a pool of heat to her core. “And meet me at the gym,” he continued with the smirk still plastered across his face. “Let’s see what you got, Baby Face.”

Part 2: Two Out of Three

Part 3: Slice of Heaven

Owari no Seraph Light Novel Vampire Michaela’s Story Volume 1

I just finished reading it. I’m afraid facts are gonna be all over the place but this was SUPER DUPER interesting. I might make some typos or even accidentally omit words but I never double check my posts so I’m sorry for that in advance.

Fact: The second volume of the novel will be out only in summer 2016 *cries*

If anyone’s interested in my thoughts, please, read the next post.

The story begins with Mika remembering his family. He really loved them. But his family joined some kind of religious sect or something, and because of his dad started drinking, and he blamed Mika for his mother’s madness. And every time he’d hit Mika, Mika would tell his father he loved him because he believed that everything would become good again if he said that. But then when they were driving on a highway at a high speed (with his father drunk driving), his mother threw Mika out of the car telling that it was time to fly and that Mika was a chosen child for his name’s special. Mika tried to protest but his mother was stronger, and his father didn’t do a thing about it. He landed on the ground and couldn’t move because he broke various bones, and then seconds later he saw how his parents’ car ran into another car, then a few other cars ran into them and the whle thing blew up together with his parents.

Back to the novel-present Mika. (btw, Mika mentions to Yuu that his mother is Japanese and he was born and raised in Japan but his father might be Russian or something, he doesn’t remember anymore). He and Yuu still being kids and living as livestock for the vampires in their world. The narration is mostly from Mika’s point of view. Yuu keeps on going on how he’s going to kill the vampires later, while Mika knows it’s impossible. Instead he knows that you might get some good stuff from Ferid Bathory if you become close to him, and lying to Yuu that he went to another boy to get some food he actually goes to Ferid.

“The vampire world is an incredibly boring place. Nothing changes for hundreds, for thousands of years. The same vampires in the same place still looking and acting the same just continue living, continue to exist. “

Meanwhile, the narration turns towards the library. The library is coordinated by kids as well but the one in charge is Ferid. He was interested in what interests humans. That’s why he’d always check the history of books other kids were reading. He wanted to know more about them. To know what kind of desires they have: lust, appetite, thirst, desire for knowledge, ect.

“However that was something that he himself lost long ago. Vampires don’t really have any desires. In exchange for eternal life the only thing they have left is an incredibly strong longing for blood.”

“Vampires don’t really read books. They don’t have desire for knowledge. They only have a strong longing for blood to a boring extent.”

So as Ferid checks the records the boy called Sakuma comes (the boy Yuu had a fight with and the boy Michaela told Yuu he was going to), he tells Ferid that the rumor he started (by Ferid’s orders) about being close to Ferid=gain something had brought some fruit and that a boy named Michaela will come to his place tonight. Ferid is reading a book about names at that moment (apparently the one Michaela read to find out more about his own name), and he starts reading about Michaela. Ferid asks Sakuma if Sakuma knows about this name but Sakuma says he’s a Buddhist so he doesn’t know about Christianity. At that moment Crowley comes up to Ferid. Ferid asks Crowley if he remembers about Christianity but Crowley says he’s already forgotten about it long ago. Ferid says that Crowley must know Michaela name better than anyone else. Crowley tries to remember but can’t.

“When Crowley was human he strongly believed in God. Moreover, he took part in the crusades as the Temple Knight and hunted down pagans. But he lost God. And more over he started singing to himself that emptiness is form.

- If you were to sing a Buddhist prayer lightly like that you’d receive a punishment. - Says Ferid but Crowley only laughs sadly.

- There’s no God that’s looking over me anyway, so it’s okay.

- Is that so?

- If there was one then why did I become a vampire?”

Then Ferid asks Crowley to tell him once again the story of how Croley become a vampire. Crowley laughs and says that Ferid knows that better than anyone else for he was right there looking at him. But Ferid laughs and says that it was really fun so he wants to hear the whole story. And so starts a huge flashback to the beginning of the 13th century. Crowley was 25 years old.

Crowley was teaching swordsmanship to young boys in a small farawat town. He led a peaceful life. But he narrates that every time he sleeps he sees the same nightmare - of a demon sucking blood out of his comrades, of the battlefield filled with dead bodies of his comrades and smell of blood and death.

One day his former surbordinates comes to him and says that they are going to choose the new head of the knights soon so it’s no time for Crowley to be sitting here. But Crowley thinks to himself that he lost his God and he doesn’t pray anymore. Then a younger boy comes (apparently also his former surbordinate, very pure and young, and he visits Crowley every day). When Crowley moved to that place his neighbors all said that it was difficult for a single man to live alone so he’d always receive food for free from others, and there was a woman that would come clean his place once a week so it was always clean.

Then one day Crowley goes on patrol to try to repay for the neighbors kindness and hears that 30 prostitutes were killed recently. All of the bodies didn’t have a drop of blood left in them. At the scene of the crime Crowley meets Ferid. Ferid tells him that he came to buy a woman and asks if Crowley came for the same prurpose but Crowley says that he has never done that. And moreover, no matter how you look at it, Ferid is a noble so he must have enough lovers as it is but Ferid laughs and says he needs a change sometimes. Then Ferid puts his finger inside the sliced neck of one of the victims and does something gross there grossing out Crowley. They leave and leave the case to the knights.

On their way ferid says that this is super insteresting and he wants to investigate but Crowley says he has no interest. Ferid shows him a tiny silver needle that he found inside the neck making Crowley more interested. He always invites Crowley and that younger boy he was with, Jose to his mansion for a party.

Crowley and Jose come and they are greeted by a big number of children. Crowley tells Ferid he didn’t know he was this kind of pervert. Ferid luaghs and says he prepared them because he thought that it would please Crowley to which Crowley says that it was a failure. Ferid says he can sleep with any girl here to which Crowley asks him to cut him some slack. Ferid says that he doesn’t touch them (more like he doesn’t touch them with his hands, he emphasized that), words which confuse Crowley.

They start eating but Crowley notices that Ferid only drinks wine and it looks weirdly too red. But Ferid lies to him that it’s a mix of animal blood and wine and tastes great. Jose is soon drunk and Ferid asks a beautiful girl to show him to his room and tells him he can sleep with her. Jose looks at Crowley and Crowley allows it. (I’m seriously not sure how old that girl is). Meanwhile these two continue drinking and Ferid asks Crowley to tell him what happened during the crusades that changed him so much. Crowley touches the rosario on his neck unconsciously. He doesn’t want to talk about it to anyone but in the end Ferid talks him into it. So another major flashback.

I forgot the time. The war was either 1 year ago or 3 years ago. So anyway, the flashback to that time. It had been decided that they would go to war to get back the holy lands from pagans. So it’s the night that they drink, have fun and sleep with women. Normally holy knights have sworn to protect their own chastity but it’s this kind of time so the upper echelons (Crowley included) are allowed to do that. So Crowley is teased to be a virgin because he constantly reminds everyone about chastity when one of the girls at the party grows red and says “W-wait.. a virgin… But what we did the other day…” Other knights are surprised to hear such words and turn to Crowley to ask who was the bastards that was talking about chastity when he slept with the most beautiful girl here. Crowley only shrugs. He and his companions talk about the war and how scary it is to go to the battlefield no matter who you are. His commander reprimands him and tells him to be better but his comrades tell Crowley that his commander actually praises him highly in secret.  So Commander gives him one order to protect himself and his comrades as much as he can.

Ferid interrupts him and asks Crowley in the end slept with a woman during that party to which Crowley replies only with “The only thing you’re interesting in is that?” [damn, Crowley, we all want to know!”]

So they go to the battlefield. They conquer one land after another to the point that they start seeing no meaning in this war anymore. Because the more they fight, the less people they have left and now the number of the enemy is a few times bigger than that of Crowley’s army. Crowley’s fighting, killing killing killing. He swings his swords until he’s covered in blood of his comrades and enemies. As he fights he says to himself “I’m alive. I’m still alive!” as praying to God. Please, save me from this place, his hearts cries towards Heavens but help doesn’t come. He doesn’t feel God. Enemies call him “shaitan” which means ‘demon’ in their language. Soon his comrades come and tell him that commander had been injured badly and asks for Crowley. Crowley comes and the commander, his master, his teacher tells him his last order to live no matter what. As he’s dying Crowley cries, clenches his teeth and cries to hide his voice. He stands and tells everyone to pray for the commander and he himself prays for the commander and his comrades. But it’s the last time. He never prays again. He then stands up and tells everyone that they’re going to live and return to their country. 70 people with Crowley manage to escape. Sometimes they’re targeted by enemies. In the end 45 people come out alive. Tired, without food and water they walk and walk and walk. One of the guys starts a funny story about a woman how she told him there was a man that start speaking as a child in front of her and would behave like that. And the name of that man was Crowley. Everyone laughed to which Crowley retorts that that woman used to tell him a lot about that guy that he couldn’t get it up with the woman. Everyone laughs. But soon they are attacked by enemies. Even though they are approaching their own conquered city. Crowley and a bit over 10 people are left t hold the enemies while others runs towards the city for help. 1 close friend of his dies. However, 7 poeple including him and another close friends get out alive. As they are happy anyway that they managed to stay alive they meet a man that looks pagan.

That man comes at them unarmed and alone. He immediately kills everyone and says that the blood of weka people is disgusting. He kills Crowley’s friend last.
Crowley’s friend tells him not to come closer but the look on his face says he wants to be rescued and he dies with that look on his face. Crowley asks the vampire to kill him for his has nothing left to live for to which the vampire says he hates that kind of view and his blood would become disgusting.

Then the vampire sinks his fangs into Crowley’s neck and Crowley loses consciousness. Half-conscious he overhears a conversation.

“…. Hey, wait, don’t kill him Ro- [or Lo]…”

“What is it. Why are you bastard here”

“Ahaha, don’t be impatient. He is Michaela, that’s why.”


“That’s why you can’t kill him”

Crowley thinks that it’s all just a nightmare. And as he wakes up he finds his surbordinate that came with help. However Crowley himself is lying in the middle of the bloodbath of his comrades blood. And thinks that that monster was just his imagination because he doesn’t believe in vampires.

When he finishes he realizes that he feels better than he’s told someone about it, because it’s the first time. Ferid asks him to stay but Crowley refuses and goes home. He oversleeps and kids come for practice. Ferid comes at the same time. But Crowley refuses to continue the investigation. But at that moment Jose bursts in and says that the man that used to be Crowley’s surbordinate that came to him yesterday was kileld and that there was no blood left.

Crowley rushes to the crime scene. The man was killed right in front of the Holy Cross. Ferid comes in and says that he sees a lot of things. So in the end Crowley agrees and asks Ferid to ask him to find the culprit and have his revenge. Ferid laughs and agrees.

back to the present Ferid and Crowley. Ferid says that he would love to hear more but not he has an appointment. And offers to drink wine while listening to the story and both laugh that it’s been super long since they last drank wine. Then Ferid offers to open some good old wine but Crowley stops him and asks to  switch wine to blood instead. Crowley also says he’s interested more in how Ferid became a vampire and how old is he. To which Ferid only laughs.

“In the end both Ferid Bathory and Crowley Eusford are the victims of being involved in the story of the name “Michaela”.”

Next scene is Michaela comes to Ferid’s mansion. Ferid meets Mika. They talk and Mika says he hates his own name.

Ferid says: “Is that so? It’s a pity. Actually I, too, used to be called ‘Michaela” by my master long ago.”

But nothing else is explained because Ferid drinks his blood, tells him to eat and allows to take anything inside the mansion. Mika comes home with food and toys  to the happy Yuu and other kids.

“But I got involved. In the journey that was over 2 thousand years old. Ferid Bathory. Crowley Eusford. The destruction of the world and vampires. Angels. And demonds. The story of the damned name “Michaela” starts now.”

12x02: “Let’s call the Internet!”

Whoa. Ok. So – LOTS to talk about. Buckle up!

(Btw…I sometimes abbreviate Toni as LTB (Lady Toni Bevell) because I started doing that in my fic writing notes this summer and never really broke the habit.)

SAMONIA: Yeah, that’s what I’m calling Sam/(An)Toni(a) (based on this post/thread). Why? Because it sounds like a nasty cleaning product and I need brain bleach for all of that. I am glad, however, that they made it clear that this was not ok and was not something Sam wanted. Toni is horrible and manipulative and enjoys torturing Sam (and later Dean). Like. Ugh. She is fucked up and creepy and yeah…no bueno.

THE HELL PLOT: Crowley wants revenge. Crowley is being sassy AF. Vincifer is FUCKING AWESOME. AH. SUCH A GOOD CHOICE. But, what’s up with the glowy red eyes??? Rowena just wants OUT. Btw – she’s wearing pants, not her usual gown, when she says this. Symbolism?

Other things I noticed:

  • Rowena mentioning ballet. Ruth is a dancer. :)
  • Rowena now knows what Google Maps are. But last season had no idea what GPS was and in S10 was baffled by Charlie the Nerd and her computer. Yay OOC stuff.
  • Rowena hanging out with the Republicans at the tennis club. I’m including this because yay, dig at the bat-shit insanity going on right now, but also in response to a few comments I saw saying that the show/network’s gotta be pissed at Misha for stumping for Hillary/denouncing Trump, etc. etc. etc. Yeahhhhh….kinda think they don’t give two shits about that. (And if they do, they’re two shits in support of Misha.)

PARALLELS, OH THE PARALLELS, PART 1: Lucifer convinces Vince to say yes by showing up as Vince’s dead wavy-blonde haired girlfriend, Jess Jenna. Like, dude, we get it. Can we please do something new?

PARALLELS, OH THE PARALLELS, PART 2: LTB: “Sam, let’s talk about Ruby. You know, your ex-demon lover.” Also LTB: “Dean, let’s talk about Benny. You know, the vampire you…befriended.” (awkward pause in the middle there, eh?)

What’s that, Subtext? You’re saying Dean is bi and Dean/Benny might have been a thing? What’s that, Subtext? You’re saying this isn’t the first time Benny has been Dean’s relationship counterpart against Sam’s romantic storyline? Can you speak up louder for the people in the back?

(Note, I don’t really ship Denny, but I don’t exactly mind the idea of it, either.)

WHAT’S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER? LTB after getting the crap beaten out of her by Mary Fucking Winchester.

But more on that face-off in a second. 

This actually ties into the previous topic: how LTB is so B&W about everything. Ruby is ancient history, Benny is kind of ancient history. But, the point of bringing them up was to show how the BMoL see any sort of partnership/relationship with something non-human as WRONG (and how out of date the BMoL are with the Winchesters). And in the case of Ruby, I think we can agree, that yeah, Sam, not your best move. But Benny? Benny was a good guy, fangs and all. There’s grey area, which is something that the Winchesters have taken a long time to learn, but they’re getting there. LTB? Definitely not at that point yet, or maybe ever will be. (And the BMoL method of “protecting” the UK definitely is a reflection of that.)

Also – somewhat in this category: Mick (yay Buckleming…awesome name choice. *sarcasm*) representing some grey area in the BMoL. But very, very ambiguous grey area, especially since he mentions this Mr. Ketch. (And random Angel reference? Mick refers to the BMoL as the “Home Office.” Anyone else get Wolfram & Hart vibes???)

BATTLE OF THE BLONDES: Hair color aside (seriously, it’s only there for the alliteration…don’t read anything into it), I love that once again Mary is the one who steps in and is like back the fuck away from my boys. Favorite part? MFW: Get on the ground. LTB: *doesn’t move* MFW: *smacks her face and forces her down* That’s the ground. 


THE FAMILY REUNITES: Sam is shocked DEAN IS ALIVE. AND THEN HIS CHOKED EXPRESSION WHEN HE SEES MARY. AHHHH. Although, I really thought they were going to play up Sam thinking Dean’s just another hallucination. But whatevs. Still a great scene.

LTB THE TORTURE QUEEN: I said it before, but I’ll say it again – she is creepy AF and it’s sick how much she seems to enjoy this, “lawful” motivations or not. Also, torturing Dean like that? Saying they’ve studied how to torture effectively? Lady, you’re talking to someone who tortured people in Hell for ten years after living through it for thirty. Also, kudos to Jensen to looking terrified because he knows exactly what she probably has planned or what torture can really look like and he knows how to do it – so yay, back to that guilt-fest for Dean. Last thing: LTB is really good with magic. Like, she’s super fast and pretty powerful. (Possible witchy/corrupty subplot?)


  • Mary overhearing Dean’s phone call with Cas and the awkwardness of her relationship with her son. It’s so real. (More on the phone call later)
  • Mary wearing the Dead Guy Robe: not sure how I feel about this after Chuck last season. I kinda feel like it’s a little too much of people taking Dean’s identity (an identity that he has just started to acknowledge as his own).
  • Mary being worried about meeting Sam and blaming herself for all the shit with Azazel. YES. TELL ME MORE. I find it so weird that even civilian!Mary didn’t ward the ever-loving shit out of their house. I really hope this comes up more in future episodes.
  • Dean: “I can’t do my job if I’m worried about you.” MFW: “I can handle myself. K? Good talk.” THAT WAS SUCH A DEAN RESPONSE. (Or such a Mary response, since she’s his mom? Argh.)
  • “I’m your mother: you have to do what I say.” I love that she jokingly pulls the mom-card because it gave some levity to the situation which they both realize is incredibly complex and messed up.
  • Dean: “You were good at this, weren’t you?” MFW: “Very.”
  • Mary dreaming about John, saying he was a great father. Dean looking weirded out, then explaining that John changed. AND THEN SAM GIVING HER THE JOURNAL. Shit, that’s gonna be some tough reading.
  • Actually, just EVERYTHING about Mary and Sam’s reunion. So touching. God, Jared made me want to cry during that scene in Mary’s room. A+ acting, sir. “Having you here fills in the biggest blank.” AHH. (Also, Sam, sweetie, don’t stare at the ceiling from your bed. Bad things happen when you do that. – but, cinematically, nice call back to the Pilot, especially given Mary’s presence now.)
  • Mary can’t cook. While the Let’s Deconstruct Mary side of me is like YES PLEASE THIS IS GOOD, there’s a part of me that is incredibly sad about this. Because of Dean….


  • …Because the memory of his mom’s meatloaf is something he held on to for 30+ years, and it came from the Piggly Wiggly (which apparently doesn’t exist in KS according to other Tumblr folk? I dunno…I shop at ye old Market Basket. The Basket, as it’s known….unless you’re my grandmother’s age, and then it’s still DeMoula’s even if it hasn’t been called that for like 30 years. But I digress). 
  • AND DEAN SITTING IN THE KITCHEN ALONE LOOKING AT PICTURES DRINKING BEER. Yeah. The kitchen. DEAN’S KITCHEN. Where Dean cooks fucking fantastic burgers. Where Dean gets annoyed when wicked witches fuck the place up after he just cleaned. He could have looked at pictures alone literally ANYWHERE in the Bunker…like, his room? Where presumably the pictures were to start with? But no, he retreats to the kitchen. To drink alone. While looking at the last remnants of the childhood he thought he knew and remembered. Fuck.
  • Good and Bad Writing: He mentions “Chinese mind control technique” and reading/researching. Bad: really? Chinese mind control? What are you even doing, Buckleming?? Like, sure, there might legitimately be something in the lore about that, but it just sounded…wrong. Good: Smart!Dean! YAY.
  • Good and Bad Writing Part 2: Good: Call back to Dean and Mary and pie. Bad: Pig!Dean. WTF. Like, seriously. That was so over the top and completely unnecessary.

BUT WHAT ABOUT CAS? YOU HAVEN’T MENTIONED HIM!: Yeah, I was saving Cas…and Dean…for the end because HOLY DESTIEL LOVING CHUCK. Ok, so aside from the few “Cas is dumb/is The Awkward Angel™” moments, YAY DEAN AND CAS.

  • Dean confiding in Cas about Mary, despite Cas having no clue what to do about it, but Cas tries. He asks questions. He tells Dean, in his very Cas way, not to over-complicate things. Which is kinda good, if very blunt and not terribly practical (because, emotions), advice. But the fact that Dean felt he could talk to Cas about his mother and how weird things are just shows how much Cas is family, no matter what other labels you want to attach there. (<3 <3 labels? please?)
  • Cas: You brought your mother? MFW: Hello, Castiel. Yes, he did. 
    • If that wasn’t an awkward boyfriend/mother-in-law/son-in-law moment, I don’t know what is.
  • Cas and Dean’s silent communication when Mary insists on going. Cas, who previously was like, Dean WTF do you want my advice for on human matters concerning mothers (not exactly my area of expertise, bro), steps in IMMEDIATELY to bail Dean out, and offers a VERY tactful and human way of keeping Mary outside, saying he would like the company. I absolutely loved the clear connection between Dean and Cas here. FUCKING MARRIED COUPLE.
    • That being said, did my ears deceive me, but did I hear the lyric “lost angel” right when Dean is sitting alone in the kitchen (and kind of looks over to his right like he’s expecting someone to be there)??? Someone please gif this/screencap this for me. Thank you muchly.
100 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’. Steroline Style

1. “I promise you I will not let anything happen to you.”

 2. “You always know the right things to say.”

 3. “You remind me of someone, my best friend Lexi.” 

4. “Hurt her again and you are dead.” 

5. “You don´t have to pretend with me.”

6. “I was a bit worried about you.”

 7. “Because of you, I´m good at it because of you.” 

8. “Come to me, whenever you want.” 

9. “You are YOU.” 

10. “I can´t do it alone.” 

11. “Have fun, you know, we deserve a little bit of fun.” 

12. “Good! You are here.” 

13. “This isn´t you, you might not remember but i do.” 

14. “I actually do trust her.” 

15. “You have me.” 

16. “Let me be there for you.” 

17. “Hey! Dance with me.” 

18. “See? You made it out alive.” 

19. “She doesn´t deserve that.” 

20. “Shut up!” 

21. “You are not messy, you are stable and sane.” 

22. “I would do it for you too.” 

23. “Remind me we were friends.” 

24. “You´d do the same for me, right?” 

25. “Do it again and i´ll kill you too.” 

26. “Stefan I´m still here, ok? I´m with you.” 

27. “When it comes to saving his life, yes, I would do just about anything.” 

28. “You are my friend and you mean the world to me.” 

29. “We get the hell out of here, together.” 

30. “Because that´s what makes you YOU.” 

31. “I didn´t want you to think any less of me.” 

32. “If Caroline Forbes was here right now, we would both be laughing.” 

33. “We need each other.” 

34. “I´m not going to give up on us.” 

35. “You were the one who always cared it´s what I liked about you.” 

36. “I was completely falling apart without you.” 

37. “I need you.” 

38. “If even just a small, little part of you came back to check on me, then stay.” 

39. “Yeah, I miss Stefan.” 

40. “If anybody could teach her, it´s you.” 

41. “God, who are you right now?” 

42. “I don´t wanna be friends anymore.” 

43. “You are not safe.” 

44. “Whatever he just said, it will never be discussed again.” 

45. “Because when I woke up as a vampire, you told me that I would get through it, and I did.” 

46. “Because when I watched Elena move on with your brother, I couldn’t imagine why she would let anyone like you go.” 

47. “Because you were practically my best friend.” 

48. “Because I trusted you.” 

49. “I am incredibly sorry for the way that I treated you.” 

50. “I had to push you away, the most.” 

51. “I´m trying, ok?” 

52. “She doesn´t deserve this. She is a good person, she is happy, she is kind.” 

53. “I can see that you believe it.” 

54. “Your secret´s safe with me Stefan.” 

55. “Listen, you are an optimist.” 

56. “I guess someone fixed the coffee machine.” 

57. “I should probably stay; keep an eye on you, you know, in case you have a psychotic break down.” 

58. “Caroline, let me deal with the books.” 

59. “Look, if anyone can control death, it´s you.” 

60. “Because when you told me you hated me, it was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time.” 

61. “I think we both know I never really hated you.” 

62. “I think this could turn into something even better.” 

 63. “I will be here; I will help you through this, but you have to give me a chance, please, come back.” 

64. “It doesn´t really matter how far away you are, you are still YOU.” 

65. “You think I don´t know everything about you? I taught you how to control your bloodlust remember?” 

 66. “I don´t need a night, I´ll find her.” 

67. “What happens if eventually you get your humanity back and you hate me for destroying the last thing your mom wanted to say to you?” 

68. “Please, take my hand.” 

69. “If I´m going to start something with Caroline I want it to be perfect.” 

70. “You should be here, come home.” 

71. “I feel the same way when I’m around you, that´s what falling for somebody is. It´s being vulnerable is giving up control.” 

 72. “I made a list too, of all the ways that loving you has changed mine [life].” 

73. “You were by my side when I needed a friend.” 

74. “You made me laugh.” 

75. “You made me dance.” 

76. “You told me that I would find love again.” 

77. “I´ll wait.” 

78. “When you are ready for me, I will be ready for you.” 

79. “I am happy, you make me happy.” 

 80. “I never wanna hear the name Stefan Salvatore ever again.” 

81. “I remember the exact moment when I first saw you.” 

82. “All I care is that you are here and you are safe, you are with me.” 

83. “I´m thinking about you and how you and I have had more history in the last five years than most people have in a lifetime.” 

 84. “I really like this form of manipulation.” 

85. “I´m not going anywhere…” 

86. “The only constant I had was Caroline.” 

87. “We are going to take care of you first.” 

88. “Caroline, I´m not gonna let anything happen to you.” 

89. “The least I can do is keep you in company for a little while.” 

90. “I´m not gonna leave her.” 

91. “I promise I will come back for you.” 

92. “What about Stefan?” 

93. “We could go to Europe, see the world, just you and me.” 

94. “I need to write a letter, in case I don´t make it out of this.” 

95. “…and the thought of you getting hurt is not an option that I´m willing to entertain.” 

96. “You hurt me, more than anyone else has ever hurt me.” 

97. “Just please don´t ask me to make that choice right now.” 

98. “Oh god, thank god!” 

99. “I lied earlier, there was a thaw.” 


100. “I love you” “I love you too.”