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Now that I think of it: Even if Ryuji is an adorable cinnamon roll, I think he could become one hell of a ladykiller (or mankiller, or whatever's in between) if he really really tries to be. That and also trying to learn from Akira and Kidd.

…Yeah, I could see that.

Coffee Shop AUs, yes, good – but shouldn’t there be more Tea Room AUs? 

  • that one customer who complains about the under-baked scones and insists on examining the tea leaves before they’re brewed, oh my god, if he frowns at the clotted cream one more time and narrows those gorgeous green eyes of his…
  • the baker who gets steaming mad when a difficult customer doesn’t even try the fancy little cakes they prepared so lovingly; she’s the one who loves lemon so eat the freaking lemon- lavender-poppy seed fairy cake I stayed up all night inventing, right?
  • the crowd of drunken baby shower attendees who scheme to play matchmaker between their haughty host and friendly server; clearly all that heated discussion behind closed doors before the cucumber sandwiches arrive means there’s sexual tension (and let’s order another round of bergamot iced teas with citrus vodka in while we’re at it)
  • the manager who doesn’t take kindly to a visit from the owner of the new chain store coffee place next door; are you trying to put us out of business with that swill WELL IT WON’T WORK but I’m shoving a bag of delicious ginger biscuits we just baked at you before you leave because THAT’S HOSPITALITY OKAY?
  • an owner who is highly indignant when an online reviewer outrageously suggests that the tea room is far too twee and shockingly pink, like, TEA ROOMS ARE QUIRKY LEAVE US ALONE and also could you not be so devastatingly handsome as you roll your eyes at all the china plates we’re displaying?

Okay but can you just imagine all the students at Amanda’s school just sitting in class, minding their own business.

Then one of them, who’s subbed to Lucien on youtube, gets a notif that he’s started streaming.

And this kid is in like history or something, and is super bored. So they open up youtube on their phone, see the title of the video, and immediately forward a link to all their friends.

And it spreads like wildfire throughout the school.

Until all the students are just sitting, with their phones under their desks, watching Lucien cackle madly as he Cask-of-Amontillado’s Ernest, all while the little dork just sits there with a confused expression on his face, wondering if Lucien’s finally knocked one screw too many loose.

Meanwhile everyone in the comments are making bets on how long it’ll take before Ernest catches on.

The audience keeps growing, to people that don’t even go to their school.

Before you know it, the video is trending.

The funniest part ends up being when Ernest finally clues in, jumps to his feet, and just launches himself at Lucien.

The video goes black as Lucien’s phone crashes to the ground.

The last thing anyone hears is the sound of Ernest’s fist crashing into Lucien’s face, and a screamed, “You fucking-!!!”

okay so

i was just at target and this really cute guy walked up to me and was like “hey i just wanted to say that you’re really beautiful and i was just wondering if i could maybe get your name and number” and me being the awkward piece of shit i am literally freaked out and ran out of the store…this is why i’m single

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Okay so I mean like the other anon said I'm not technically plus size I don't want anyone to think I'm being disrespectful because I'm still bigger and blah blah. Okay well my thing is I just imagine Tom loving your curves/boobs like just laying on them constantly!! Like you'll be watching a movie and he'll just plop his head on your tit and will even fall asleep there not allowing you to move at all/barely breathe not wanting to wake him.

lmao side note: my friends love to use my boobs as pillows

feel free to send in your own blurbs for plus size blurb night!!


Childhood friend au dnp 👬 2 

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Seriously, some of y'all maknae line stans are so annoying. This could be the chance for J-Hope, the best dancer of BTS (that was literally said by all of them) to go to Hit The Stage but no. The maknae line has already a lot of opportunities compared to the hyung line and you don’t even want to give the hyung line a chance to show what they can do.

okay no offense but gansey was literally the first person to ever show adam uncomplicated, unabridged, true affection. gansey was the first person to recognize just how much adam longed for love, the first person to recognize that adam was too proud to ever ask for it. gansey was the first person to not only recognize the potential and abilities of adam, but tried to make adam recognize it himself as well. gansey was the first person to care that adam was unsafe, to care that adam was unhappy, to care about adam. from the moment they met, it felt real to both of them in a completely new way. gansey was adam’ best friend from nearly the moment they met, and has not ever stopped being it since. their relationship is one of simplicity, respect, honesty, obvious mutual admiration, and it is so evident that, on whatever level u chose to recognize it, they love each other !!!!!! that’s love, bicth !!!!! that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


harrison osterfield as johnny storm 🔥

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Tbh I don’t think Mabel would be such a problem when it comes to bath time, Dipper on the other hand…


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He was looking directly at you. His blue eyes taking you all in. There was something so fascinating about his gaze that sent shiver down your spine.
He knew he had your attention and gave you a wide grin. It screamed evil.
Your heart raising the moment you noticed him standing up from his table and hopping in your direction. He sat on a bench across from you still having Cheshire Cat’s wicked smile on his handsome face.
“Hi Gorgeous, I’m Jerome. So what a pretty lil thing like you is doing in a terrible place like this?”