but just aesthetically it was a really beautiful scene

Reasons to watch the New Russian Holmes series (2013)

I’ve blogged a lot about this show over the last month or so, but I’ve been meaning to make a big post about it all in one place, so here we go!

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A brief intro for those who care:

Sherlock Holmes (2013), or, as it seems to be popularly called, New Russian Holmes (as opposed to the old Soviet Holmes), is an eight-episode Russian-language Sherlock Holmes adaptation directed by Andrei Kavun, starring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrei Panin as Watson. It first aired in Russia in November 2013, but has had no official English release.

So where can I watch it?

Despite the limited release, all eight episodes are available on Youtube, with English subtitles, translated thanks to the excellent @spiritcc​.

Yeah but why should I watch it?

Because it is excellent. I don’t want to spoil people too much because discovering things yourself is really the best, but let’s be a bit more specific:

The opening credits:

Even before the first scene, we get treated to a beautiful opening sequence with really great music, but this isn’t just a sequence to shove credits in your face, it’s not even just an aesthetically pleasing series of shots of Watson’s notebook, the opening sequence forms part of the episode and part of the series as a whole.

Every opening is unique, from the images to the voiceover, and is as much a part of the story as the substantive scenes themselves. 

The refreshing take on canon:

If you’re going to watch this, you need to know that the fundamental premise of the show is that the ACD canon lies. Watson’s “stories” are just that: stories. Holmes in real life is different, Watson is different, Mrs Hudson is different, the cases went differently, hell, even Gregson is different. So if you’re looking for a faithful replication of canon, this isn’t the show for you, but once you take on board this fundamental premise, it’s fantastic because it forces you to think about canon in a new light, and to consider the implications of Watson as an unreliable narrator.

You’ll get to see how and why Watson came to write “canon” the way he did, and you’ll get to see how everyone reacts to it. Every other adaptation (with the exception of Bert Coules’ radio series perhaps, but even that adheres to canon quite strictly) treats canon as more or less the “truth” and bases their version off that to create an output; this show treats canon as the output, and works backwards to imagine the “true” series of events behind it. This aspect (at least for me) was one of the most delightful themes to watch develop throughout the episodes, and it really shows how much original thought and passion went into the conception and creation of the show.

Watson as the true protagonist:

This sort of follows on from the fundamental premise of the canon stories being mere stories. Watson is the person through whom we get to know Holmes; everything we read is Watson’s doing, so it’s natural that the protagonist should also be Watson. We see the world from Watson’s perspective.

It’s not a story about this genius Holmes and his sidekick Watson, it’s a story about Watson and his adventures with this intriguing man, Holmes, and in that way it makes the show very grounded and very real.

Holmes the nerd:

For some reason, Igor Petrenko’s Holmes has been likened to Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes, but I don’t think that’s accurate at all. Whereas RDJ’s Holmes veers more towards grubby cocky action hero who happens to be good at reasoning (and I don’t say that with any scorn), Petrenko’s Holmes is very much grounded in the same sheer intellect that defines canon Holmes, only this version is a more flawed, nervous character, which I think makes him more interesting. Petrenko does an excellent job with the quirks and mannerisms of the character. He also keeps insects in jars in his room.


Watson the military man:

A lot of adaptations emphasise Watson’s role as a doctor, but few seem to remember that he was also a soldier, so it’s refreshing once again to see this series not only acknowledge that military background, but to explicitly keep it front and centre the entire time.

Watson the surgeon:

For all its joviality, the show doesn’t shy away from graphic realities either. Watson is more than just a doctor, he’s a surgeon. We see him handle the scalpel more than he does the stethoscope.

Watson the badass:


Watson’s facials:

I know I’ve posted a lot about this but seriously Panin’s acting is really one of the highlights of this show, he was such an excellent actor, absolutely convincing in his role.

Brand new revised subtitles by yours truly!

Over the last two months I’ve gone through and edited all the English subs for the series, so hopefully everything will read a lot smoother! Any remaining mistakes are entirely my responsibility.

The humour:

Sort of reminiscent of the tone of the Soviet series, this series shares that light-heartedness, but it sure as hell isn’t a joke either. It’s not dark and edgy for the sake of being dark and edgy. It doesn’t pull the cheap trick of taking advantage of your feels. The series sets out to tell a story and it tells a beautiful story and you will genuinely love the characters for who they are. And you will feel good about it. Yes, you will even love Lestrade.

Watson taking a bath:

The hilariously bad English (I laugh in good faith):

The creepy autopsy  man:

This weird ass scene:

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Moriarty hiding in the first fucking episode no less

not showing you, you have to spot him yourself

And finally, their timeless friendship:

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Never has a show felt more genuine or more satisfying to watch when the final credits roll. This is a Sherlock Holmes that has had thought, love, and appreciation poured into its making, and it shows. 

So, llamas, go forth! You can watch the entire series here. I hope you have as much fun as I did :)

Looks™ by Even

lets start off with mr. hot and movie star even, just casually sitting there with his feet propped up on the table like nbd and don’t be fooled, he actually is this flawless 

imma just take a moment to now mention joint-tucked-behind-my-ear even, its crucial to show how extra even really is

and just for the aesthetic, imma add the oh so famous remake of the talk show host scene where even is a literal movie star figure and he just HAS to bring out the shades because he’s that guy

we got some lounging!even w his hood up, no shoes, chilling on the floor action going on. theres more hoodie up action coming up, stay tuned 

now this is just put in here because even is just so effortlessly beautiful but this is even tryna act cool and collected but secretly his heart is beating super fast

now for one of my personal favorites, the time where even got us ALL shook with his extra ass self, with the whole jean jacket shoulder thing going on. honestly, he’s too extra, why is he like dis


next we got wet hair and wet body and wet shirt and just WET even with his shoulders just there being all broad and hot and ugh wow what a look (shook)

hey we got another example of this hood up cute look by even. what a puppy. what a lil baby. isaks lil baby. so cute wow, PLUS he’s wearing our favorite shirt thats been passed around

now we got “hey we just had a magical day which included lots of great conversations and cuddling and i slept over but i snuck out in the morning and haven’t spoken to you in like 2 days but hey im back and imma fuck around and hook up with sonja in 2 days but i look good” look. honestly what even is that scarf

another personal favorite, frat boy, super chill and laid back even. honestly, ill be very offended if i don’t see this kind of guy in frat parties next year when im off at university. that is all.

ok now my heart is breaking at this one but here is “i just broke your heart and my own heart but im just going to watch over you by a distance and hope you’re out and sneak drawings into your locker and pocket and ill still love and wait for you and maybe purposely run into you in the shop” look

heres a lil sad puppy whose terribly in love and just wants to b loved and saved in return and is sorry for leaving but is also really horny and wants to fuck

and now we got even being the flawless being that he is and rocking the whole white shirt thing with isaks grey sweatpants. “mr. cooking in the kitchen the morning after. mr. i didn’t leave this time, im here, i love you. mr. I LOVE GABRIELLE. mr. say im the man of your dreams” look with his signature lil hair piece flopping on his forehead

self explanatory. we can’t forget even’s pale ass getting mAC DONAldSS

bringing back another personal fav: the look where even is terrified and super in love but he’s also really ill and just needs someone to save him and be there for him. protect this boy at all costs please

here we have cuddly and sleepy and ill even but not to worry! isak is there for him, saving him right back. how adorable is he

this look is actual proof that even bech naesheim is the literal sun and he’s very beautiful and deserves all the love and support from the world. isaks grey sweatpants are making a comeback!!! and also the reused hoodie

and to finish off with another one of my favorites, the happy!even look. so cute and happy and disgustingly in love with his lover and its the perfect look to finish off the season and hopefully that look was proof he’s season 4 main LMAO IM OUT

The scene where Sana is sitting in her bedroom looking at herself in the mirror is definitely one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever seen. The shot is large and showing part of her bedroom – it almost looks like she isn’t really there for a moment. It’s not fancy or aesthetically beautiful, it’s just a teenage girl in her bedroom feeling sad and lost. There’s no music, no distractions; the scene is not letting you look away, or get distracted by anything else. You have to look.

how to ship caryl by @carolpeleiter and i

the andy: reblogs everything; loves immediate aesthetic gratification, the slow burn and unresolved sexual tension

the seth: writes long ass metas about the deep meaning of carol and daryl’s beautiful interactions and relentlessly speculates about potential storylines

the lennie: analyzes scenes shot by shot and is really into parallels

the khary: the sarcastic type, in it for the hot tea and daryl’s 17min nut jokes

the norman: acts casual *trips* *thousands of caryl fanart fall out of his pockets* fuck those aren’t mine, i swear. i’m just saving them for a friend. *ig likes* *thousands of romantic caryl fanart* just supporting fanartists LISTEN.

Is Steph comforting Natasha in the BTS video of the coffin scene? :’(

I honestly can’t tell if Natasha is genuinely nervous or just really in character (perhaps a little of both). I do know Natasha hinted at having to face two great fears of hers which I’m assuming was referencing the coffin scene.

This is such a beautiful shot though and it’s so fascinating to me to watch. I’m glad they allowed us to see the BTS workings of it all. Having it appear only a few seconds on screen really didn’t do this moment enough service. It’s so aesthetically stunning and a pivotal character moment for Carm.

It needs to be appreciated more (which now we can with the BTS footage of it).


this episode was absolutely amazing. yes, there were things that i didn’t like or that broke my heart but in the end, it was really, really good.
it was so intense, so much happened and i almost couldn’t breathe because i just really wanted to know what’s gonna happen next

- that malec casual kiss is my everything
it took them a while but they are finally so comfortable with each other. they are so in love and they want to be there for each other
i love absolutely everything about this and i hope we will get more casual moments like this

- how would shadowhunters survive without magnus’ knowledge? they can come to him with literally anything and he will have information about this
i love magnus bane with my whole heart

- magnus and alec on a mission together YES THANK YOU i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time POWER COUPLE AF

- magnus summoning azazel and then trying to contain him… he’s so powerful and i need to see more of this 

- from the moment harry got up from that floor, you could tell he wasn’t playing magnus anymore. every time i’m more and more impressed with his acting skills and every time i think that it would be impossible for him to get any better and yet he surprises me yet again
i hate this story so so much, magnus deserves only happiness and not to have his body stolen and be trapped inside of a homicidal maniac who hurt so many people. my heart is already broken and i’m not ready for the next episode
but at the same time i know that harry and alan are gonna slay us and it’ll be so painful to watch

- alec offering to magnus that he wants to come back HOME with him… i’m so emo about this
do you see my gay son wanting to be with his boyfriend so he can just make sure that everything is okay? he wants to make effort because magnus means so much to him
(and i wish it was real magnus, it could’ve been such a beautiful moment between them)

- parabatai training together and talking about their problems… i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time
alec was trying to make sure that jace was okay and that he didn’t blame himself for activating the sword. because alec knows all too well how it feels when there’s this guilt inside of you, even if you couldn’t do anything to stop this
alec wanted to let jace knows that he should talk about things. do you know how huge this is? alec was always the one who would bury all feelings deep inside. and now he’s trying to make sure his brother doesn’t make that mistake

- that conversation between alec and izzy was so beautiful. they love each other so much and alec just really wants to help both of his siblings. he wants them to be safe and happy
(yes, i’m emo about this) 

- jace cockblocking climon is my aesthetic 

- that almost jimon hug was the cutest thing ever. you know jace really wanted that hug 

- jace punching valentine, his abuser… i’m so proud of him. and valentine completely deserved it 

- jace crying and alec hugging him… that scene absolutely broke my heart. i wasn’t prepared for any of this
i’m really glad that they are showing that jace actually does have emotions and he feels very deeply. and now that he blames himself for all those deaths, he’s going to need support from his family and friends

- jace activating his runes without his stele SIGN! ME! UP! 

- nobody challenges luke! he is an amazing alpha and he really worries about his pack.
his heart must be so broken to see them lose their faith in him because he couldn’t stop the attack and couldn’t help them 

- luke making dad jokes is what i need more on the show 

- even though i despise izzy’s story with yin fen, emeraude is doing a really great job at selling it
i hate to see izzy like this because she doesn’t deserve this 

- and i hate even more what izzy was trying to do to raphael. trying to make him bite her, even though he didn’t want to. even trying to threaten him
this plot line is such a mess and it’s so harmful to both of them, i really need this to be over

- raphael trying to make things right with the help from magnus
this is why i started to love raphael. if he cares about someone, he would do anything for them. and when he knows he did something wrong, he wants to fix his mistakes

- i really liked the scene between raphael and simon. because raphael was really trying to get that info from simon but at the same time he stayed calm. raphael always tries to think something through before actually doing something 

- definitely way too much climon. i want to be happy for them but i really couldn’t care less?

- and i don’t really want clace drama back but ugh whatever

- but i’m really happy for simon because he’s finally getting his life together. he has a girlfriend, he’s going back to uni, he’s going to be in a band again. that’s everything he always wanted

- maia was so genuinly happy for simon and i just love her so much. she is such a loyal person and her friends mean everything to her
she also wanted to help luke as much as possible. maia is one of the best characters and we’re getting more and more of her which is the best decision the writers and showrunners could’ve made

- the actor playing azazel is doing such an amazing job. he’s actually scary and everything he does, he does it so effortlessly
because sometimes demons on different shows can look or behave more ridiculous than scary. but azazel is portrayed exactly how such a powerful demon, a prince of hell, should be portrayed

- that whole scene where azazel gets free and he’s able to make suffer all those shadowhunters AND a powerful warlock… and again, he’s doing it so effortlessly. he’s almost… bored. ‘you really thought you could do this to me?’
azazel is a great villain, i’m so so impressed (even though i hate him so much)

- i hate valentine with passion but that interrogation scene was just… wow. alan is such an amazing actor
and imogen being so calm, not showing any kind of emotion was just so intense

- of course sebastian is basically flying in his first scene, why not. and also fighting a greater demon because also why not (i wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one with a mortal cup and he was the one who summoned azazel)
i’m still not very excited about him but he does have potential for a great villain so i’m gonna wait

- sebastian helping izzy… he’s such a snake. on one hand, i’m so happy that izzy will be slowly getting better. but on the other hand i know he’s just doing it to gain her trust so he can use it later

- sebastian just casually burning his hand… yes, it’s absolutely normal. nothing to worry about…


- and thinking that maia is luke’s girlfriend… come on lmao really? haha

- but why was she taking pics of maia? pls don’t be shady pls don’t be shady

So Lars and the Cool Kids surprised me, to be honest. I was not expecting this kind of episode at all. We got to see a real, raw side of Steven we haven’t seen before. We got to see Lars grow as a person. We got to meet great new characters! And we got something new about Rose Quartz. We learned a lot more about who she was as a person (or Gem, I should say), which was really nice other than “We loved your mom and also she was beautiful.” 

I realllllyyy really liked the ending scene on the hill. That lighting was just so nice, and the aesthetic of all of it was just fantastic. Overall I really liked it. Good episode all around.

I rate this episode an 8.5/10, and rank it #4, below Laser Light Cannon and just above Steven’s Lion.

That’s all until tomorrow! Answering asks now!

p.s. I got to block someone today, how fun! I feel like a real blogger now.

We all appreciate the heck out of Jimin’s beautiful vocals and Namjoon’s wonderful lyrics

But BLESS and thank the people in the credits who worked so hard to give us such a beautiful video

We shouldn’t forget that not everything is made by Bangtan and there are people who work behind the scenes to give us A+++ content too :)

Sense8 aesthetic • Kalagang

I just finished watching  season 2 and omg it was absolutely amazing !!! I need a third season right now ! Kalagang is my favourite couple in Sense8 (even though I really love the others too). They have such chemistry, I’m in love with their love. Don’t worry these pictures are from season 1 so no spoiler here. Anyway if you haven’t watch Sense8 yet, DO IT NOW ! This show is amazing, really important and all the scenes are so beautiful. I love Sense8 so much !

Spoilers! My Thoughts on Epic Winter

Beware: Very long post with crap ton of pictures! -wink- 

Guess who has a new OTP???

DIS GURL DOES! I really love this new song better than the last one in my opinion. 

I suppose I’ll give my thoughts on the movie. Over all? It was pretty all right, but I felt it was too predictable. There were very few elements in the movie that was new and refreshing. For example, the two main characters (Raven and Apple) took a nice healthy break from the spot light to give some other characters a try, which is nice (though due to this choice, no Rapple -sniff sniff-).

I was very happy to see Justine and Duchess have a ice dance off! I would love to see more between these two in the future <3! Healthy competition of course.

AND GUESS WHO SQUEALED/CRIED OVER SEEING HER ORIGINAL OTP? PLEASE MATTEL! I want to see these two interact more. Ever since Spring Unsprung I shipped them and was disappointed that they haven’t talked to each other since! 

Not to mention I am sad that Darling and Apple haven’t been shown talking about their destinies either. It obviously showed that Apple and Daring weren’t meant to be; but I am still holding on to Darling most likely being Apple’s Prince Charming while also being the White Knight in Wonderland. (Just make Darling gay Mattel -slips them Mattel money that they obviously need for their stupid/tragic doll budget cuts they’ve been making-) #Butthat’snoneofmybusiness 

“Blondie needs to chill out.”

I think this was the best thing in the movie X’D ahaha! And of course Blondie’s mic drop right before this. Did you see her icon on the bottom right corner? It’s so adorable! I haven’t seen it before until now! :D

It was spelltacular that we saw some parents again!

Jillian with her dad. EVEN LIZZIE AND HER MOM! SO ADORABLE! 

Not gonna lie, I felt bad for Raven, but it was pretty amusing scooting her mother around ahaha!

The library scene really was hexcellent! The detail was superb. I really enjoyed it and hope it will be used again in the future.

Farrah really grew on me in this movie. She is seriously adorable and too amazing for her own good. I was delighted seeing what else she can do. 

Am I the only one tickled pink in seeing cutie Poppy snuggled in Holly’s long hair? XD

Soooooo why didn’t Faybelle get a doll but Maddie and Apple did? =_=;; I would have DIED for a Faybelle doll in this outfit :’( (I would say maybe a special edition doll but I think the special edition doll was Crystal Winter herself. I guess we shall see…)

The antagonists in the movie were all right. I didn’t realize how short they were until Crystal hugged them later on. At least they’re not as short as the pixies.

Also, did anyone else get annoyed with Blondie? I feel harsh saying this, but I kinda wish they left her out and put someone else instead (like maybe cutie patootie Cedar or something). I have a like/dislike relationship with Blondie. She has her good and bad moments. At least her outfit was pretty cute during this movie but I kinda wish they left her out. 

Cute Winter pout and sulk <3

Not gonna lie, I kinda want that gun now ahaha! 

“How did the sleigh even get up there?” Blondie asks the real questions XD 

I was happy to see Briar and Faybelle interact a few times within the movie. You can clearly see Briar is still very uncomfortable of being put to sleep for 100 years of her life. I suppose they wanted to show she still hasn’t quite decided on what she wants to do. 

Okay Faybelle that WASN’T okay to do, even as a joke. Not hat-tastic >: / 

But I do appreciate her ‘oh shit she gunna do it for realz?!’ look XD 

I just really enjoyed these scenes of them glowing and asleep. Just gorgeous animation all around #aesthetic guyz

My most favorite part probably was the new song and everyone dreaming of their happily ever afters. It was very enchanting and beautiful! 

Most likely my new wallpaper <3 

Soooo yeah my new otp. I was very thrilled on seeing this. It really does show that Faybelle has a soft side and definitely wouldn’t curse Briar so she can be free to do as she pleases. She does care and even stopped Briar to not make a choice she knows she wouldn’t be happy on making.

I just love the details to this song. I’m starting to wonder the person who sings this also sings for Monster High. The voice just sounded familiar. 

OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY! These cuties literally killed my heart in this scene. HUNTER LOOKING SO DAPPER AND IS AN ADORABLE CHESTNUT! I mean, look at him! He’s so captivating and just so blessed to have Ashlynn in his life. He never thought he would ever get a princess and just—my heart guys, my heart! 

Blondie’s dream was just very cute. She just wants to have many bear friends to bear with her :’D (I’m terrible I know). 

Just an darling Crystal Winter screenshot. 

I know many Dizzie and Darise fans were very upset over the canon relationship of Rosabella and Daring. I find them very adorable though and consider them a nice and interesting couple. I would love to see more of them in future episodes and movies <3! 

Overall the movie was beautiful and gorgeously animated since I am a big winter person myself. I would probably give it a 7.5/10 since I feel that some parts were a bit lackluster, and like I said earlier, too predictable. But I actually am proud that Mattel still gives me another otp to love <3. And also,

Crying Faybelle gives me life? It just goes to show you have to read the fine print when it comes to shady things like that. Glad she learned her lesson (or at least I hope she did). I grew to love Faybelle a lot during these past 2 movies. But probably since she’s been seen a lot (like Lizzie from Spring Unsprung and Way to Wonderland) we might not be able to see her possibly for a long while. Just saying and noticing a trend guys > o >.

Anyways, let me know what you think! Do you like the new movie? Have you collected any of the dolls? What do you think of the new Rosebella and Daring pairing? Talk to me guyz! I’m alllll ears! ^_^ 

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I was just wondering if you could tell us what FP Jensen and Jared get up to on Valentine's Day?? I feel like it would get pretty intense

Oh Nonnie I’m so sorry this beautiful ask has been rotting away in my inbox. I had every intention of writing a ficlet and making an aesthetic for you based on a fuckpig J2 valentines celebration but real life has really been unkind to me of late and I’m afraid it will never happen.

I give you this, it’s just a few notes I jotted down about their first Valentine’s Day and an aesthetic I happened across today that fits this scene in my mind perfectly.

Jensen buys Jared a t-shirt from a gay BDSM store they found in Boise (of all places) that says “I Fist On The First Date”

Jared gets them a trashy hotel room, a “honeymoon suite” specially selected because of its heart-shaped jacuzzi tub and a neon-lit stripper pole. Once they’re tucked away for a long, bandmate free weekend he also gives Jensen a heart shaped candy box filled with an assortment of a dozen different (and mostly illegal) party favors: two fresh bottles of poppers, ecstasy, molly, coke, and three strains of Momo selected weed that promised a dreamy fuck with no limp dick.

“Aren’t the blue ones viagra, Jay? You’re not /that/ old…”

Jared snorts, pops one of the boner pills and grins.

“It’s not for me, it’s for you. Gonna tie your ass to the bed and edge you til you forget your own name.”


Sorry there’s not more, babe. But I love you and I love this kind of inspiring as fuck ask and I miss our dirty, pretty boys so fucking much it hurts more than my busted arm.


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what's your favourite thing about shallura?

♡ ♡ ♡

everything!? *i personally love that it’s such a healthy, balanced ship.* they just have such nice chemistry together!! [ ho ho ho that hand touch scene tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

they also have mutual respect for each other; they acknowledge each other’s authority and ideas and use that to work together

((they’re also just really aesthetically pleasing together 💗🖤))

overall, it’s a beautiful ship that i love dearly!!

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Hey Jax, I love DBZ to death but after watching the new movies and the DB Super I think I've lost my interest completly. I remember losing my shit when Goku turned Super Saiyan for the 1st time or The beam struggle with Gohan and Cell. But now, It feels samey and monotonous. And after watching One-Punch man I felt like i was a lil's kid again. I wanted to Love the new DBZ but at this point, it'd be forcing myself to do it

This is gonna be a long post

I honestly have to agree completely. And heres the thing. Dragon Ball and DBZ will ALWAYS be My Favorite Animes of All time. It never has to worry about its spot on my list since it impacted me so much

Why DBZ will always be the greatest to me

. Hell I’ve said this story to death but back in middle school I was friggin Chubby Anime Fanboy getting bullied and beaten up every single day and being told I was a weak bitch who’d never be anything and seeing a character like Goku who was so strong, so humble, so badass and so kind and treat all his friends he outclassed as equals inspired me to start training and be the strong confident individual as well. He will always be my biggest motivator for that

And Dragonball and DBZ will always be my favorites…..BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME BLIND and ignorant to this new stuff. Hell DBZ the series ended for us American Kids back in 2003. 

so we’ve had YEARS of Awesome Anime to come along that are clearly influenced from Dragonball and these new artists have made some 



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We’ve been Spoiled with so many Great Quality shows and even though Team Four Star is Fantastic  and I love them

A lot of this New Dragon Ball stuff just hasnt been hitting home for me to get me excited. 

Again these are my Personal Thoughts but Honestly.

I didnt really care for the Xenoverse game

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I thought Battle of Gods was a cool theater experience but rewatching it. I think its an okay film with beautiful animation and comedy but just…okay

I Fuckin hated Resurrection F if you wanna know why you can read this link

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and For Dragon Ball Super The first 2 episodes I loved but onward has been Meeeeehhhhh. 

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The fight scenes arent that aesthetically pleasing to me like the old fights are but again I have to admit I’m Bias cause the old show impacted me tremondously

Again thats why when I found One Punch Man as a manga a few years ago I was like this is what I want to see animated its like a BADASS new show kinda similar to DBZ but Much better Drawn

Then low and behold it FINALLY got its Anime the same year DBZ came back. So I was double Hyped. But as DB Super only entertained me for the 1st 2 episodes, One Punch Man was God Tier from Start to finish as I KNEW IT WOULD BE 

and since a lot OPM has characters and abilities that are clearly Influenced by DBZ it makes me upset knowing that Super had to potential to do that.

LET ME put this out to you. I want you to Imagine the One Punch Man fight I hyped up all year between Boros and Saitama with Goku and a DBZ villain

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You see the shit of Genos doing his Blasts Imagine that animation style with Goku’s Kamehameha

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Though Funfact Boros is only about as Strong as Vegeta when he landed on Earth during the saiyan saga with Cell’s regeneration

BUT NOW just Imagine that was what all of Dragonball SUPER WAS. Incredible Fight scenes and Animation like OPM but for DBZ.

Remember DBZ Feats are Planetary and Universal So while the Feats of Saitama are Drawn INCREDIBLY

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Imagine that but with a DBZ Villain JUST PUNCHIN A PLANET into nothingness

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Super made that look Okay but imagine a PUNCH

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It makes me excited to just think of what we couldve had and Mad House has done long series before. The Did 140 Episodes of Hunter X Hunter and each ep looked fantastic

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But yeah I see what you are saying. DBZ will always have a special place in my heart but watching Super Right now aint doing much to help me acheive that past love

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Members of the RFA + unknown on their first date with MC?


- now both of you listen it’d be so beautiful  basically you’d go to the movies first 

- you’d watch a good ass movie i mean he had a role in there obviously its good as heck

- you would share drinks and pop corns you’d bring in tons of snacks it was actually hilarious

- would slowly start to stretch his arms to put his arms around your shoulders

- fit of giggles coming from both of you 

- people inside the theatre shushing you and here comes more giggles

- you’d make out in the middle of the movie because hey? thats cute



- she’d take you out to the cutest coffee she found 

- actually from actual personal experience i know dates in coffee shops in seoul are just great 

- it was kind of hard to just set on one of them because y’all know how seoul is the city that has the most coffee shops in the world?

- but yes she chose one that she found really cute it was your style your absolute aesthetic 

- both of you would take cute good drinks and you’d talk until dawn just sitting and ah beautiful 

- would absolutely lose track of time

- hands on the table one over another just imagine the scene 

- you’d stay there until the cafe closed down and you’d go home after that and cuddle in bed


- he would take you to a fancy french restaurant because he’s just like that

- he’d even buy you some clothes for the occasion he said that as soon as he saw them he knew you’d look damn good 

- he was so beautiful that night it was incredible i swear you nutted

- so yes you reached the fancy restaurant in a limo and stuff obviously 

- the food was absolutely amazing you thought you’d never had tasted something like that in your whole entire life

- you’d spend the whole night there and both end up tipsy wo wo wo wo

- kinda gets heated when you get back home if you know what i mean


- this little baby would first of all try to make breakfast in bed for you but almost burnt down the house

- he was crying you were laughing it was an absolute mess truly 

- after that you went out window shopping because both of you shared this entertainment i guess you’d go to figurines shop but also clothes shop

- not to mention you were wearing matching clothes it was so cute

- hanging out in the city with him was really amazing especially since seoul was so beautiful at this time

- it was a bit cold so you’d hold hands and stroll in the city visiting cool places and just buy food from stands in myeongdong

- would go to han river and sit down to look at the sunset it was beautiful cuddles in front of the sunset who would ask for more


- THEME PARK!!!!!!!!!!

- both of you would be hyper strangers would just look at you like you were damn crazy 

- it was such a beautiful day birds sun sky everything was ready for your date

- this headass would actually make you ride the scariest ones so you would cling into him


- you couldnt stop laughing it was hilarious his hair was all over the place and his glasses weren’t even set on his face properly 

- you’d try all the rides in the attraction park and also played games yOU WON ALL OF THE DAMN PRIZES y’all were packed

- at the end of the day obviously its time for the ferris wheel both of you sitting next to each other in that booth is the cutest thing 


- both of you liked calm places and especially since too much stuff has happened in the last months you needed calm

- so you’d go to the park because why not

- it’d be calm and people would be walking around 

- you’d hold hands the whole time it was so cute 

-  you’d just talk about life and sometimes tease each other a bit it was honestly the cutest thing to watch 

- then there would be an ice cream parlour so you’d stop and decide to get one

- both of you get your ice creams and go sit under the trees and take a nap because thats how y’all are 

- he shyly attempts to feed the birds but they would end up attacking him for more 

title: opposites
pairing: jimin/jeongguk
warnings: some profanity
word count: ~3200 words
summary: jimin and jeongguk are opposites… except this time.

Jimin wonders why he’s not happy, since his best friend has finally found someone.

He feels selfish… he’s crying and he hates it because he knows he shouldn’t be. He also hates the fact that he hid himself in their dorm, in the bedroom they share together. There he is, tightly squeezed into his closet. He wants to punch himself for not smiling and giving Jeongguk a pat on the back.

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Say that, hypothetically, an enthusiastic fan of your beautiful work noticed that you love Modern AUs of Solavellan and wanted to bounce some ideas off you. How would said fan go about doing such a thing? Your art is so wonderful and you have an aesthetic that is simply awe-inducing. You tell whole stories with one illustrated scene and it's so cool.

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OH OH OH MODERN AU IDEAS YES!!! feel free to send me asks anytime please give me more things to daydream and doodle about I really love them, not just modern, anything in our world!!

I can share some with you too!! Protagonist as the head archaeologist in an excavation to find the tomb of Fen’Harel but when they find it he is not dead but in uthenera in a perfectly preserved room with lots of journals he wrote, protagonist reads them, maybe someone leaks the content and then when it makes it to the news there is a debate on wether they should wake him or not!! maybe they decide to do it, or maybe they don’t but protagonist does anyway, maybe he wakes up on his own!! Or another where he is reincarnated in our world where magic is still a thing but maybe not as strong but then Solas is still a Dreamer that is unnaturally powerful but can’t control his magic and is super insecure about it because he keeps screwing up and keeps his distance from everyone because of this, maybe he lashed out at some point and hurt people to make it more painful, send me yours send me yours!! 

Thank you so much for your kind words, that is so great to read honestly you made my night ❤️❤️❤️

I am Domenico, 32 year old Italian guy. I am based in Madrid, now living in Kuala Lumpur, often somewhere far from home.  I studied Communication. Photography, architecture and design are my passions but definitely I dedicate much more time to my other passions: friends, food and party. 

I would say about my photos that they are defined by straight lines, strong colors, aesthetic driven views. Rarely out of focus and almost always very sharped images.

I easily address my attention to beautiful landscapes which make the worst photo great; amazing skylines which are striking for their size; city and nature details, ideals for any middle class Ikea furnished living room wall; some friend’s laughs which provide warmth in the loneliness moments far away.

I am still not interested to shoot artificial composed scenes with the aim to strike some way the audience.  Mainly my aim is just to use the best shoot possible as medium to let the reality impress the viewer for its beauty, mystery or just for the aesthetic impact of the scene.

This is my Tumblr, I would really appreciate any comments.