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im not dead!! (though i’d understand if you thought so) but i am crawling through to the next phase which is ofc spidey boy (who doesn’t love him?) oh and tagging my one pal: @coffee-with-a-hint-of-fuck-you (enjoy dude!!!!)

summary: y/n has a less than perfect filter that gets her into some awkward situations, this time around her full blown crush and neighborhood friend spiderman, peter parker. as for peter, well he’s surprised you wanna be friends with him. that didn’t stop him from gaining a massive crush on you. 

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In a perfect world, Peter Parker isn’t your friend.

He is so much more than a friend. In your perfect world, you would do more than just friendly cuddles with the boy you were pretty sure you were in love with. In a perfect world, you would grab that unbearably cute boy by his face and kiss the hell out of him- and wouldn’t worry about whatever else happened.

But this was not a perfect world and with your measly courage, it meant you would never even get the nerve to hold his hand- let alone kiss him.

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People need to remember that Magnus Bane was created by Cassandra Clare, he is a fictional character that belongs to her. The first shadowhunter book was published way back in 2007, when same-sex couples were not as widely accepted as they are today, and so Cassie had to be careful with what she was writing in order for her books to make it to the shelves.
People also need to accept the fact that The Mortal Instruments series is about Clary, not Malec. Magnus and Alec aren’t really main characters in the first three books, or the rest of the series for that matter… Cassie was writing the story of Clary entering the shadow world to find her mother and save the world from her father.
How was Cassandra Clare supposed to know how popular Malec would become back then as she was writing the The Mortal Instruments series? She was clearly delighted to find out how much we loved her characters, and how we wanted to know so much more about them, and see more of them in the next three TMI books. And so Cassie gave us more. She gave us scenes in the books from Magnus and Alec’s point of view, she gave us extras, answered our questions, wrote The Bane Chronicles and included them in TftSA and TDA.
We are so so lucky that she has found the time to write an entire trilogy about Magnus Bane, when she has been super busy writing and planning for Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, The Dark Artifices, The Last Hours and The Wicked Powers. It’s all for us! We wanted more cannon Malec and shadowhunter stories so she is giving us more Malec and shadowhunters! and I for one am really excited and extremely grateful.

People complain about there not being enough Malec in TMI and when Cassie gives them more Malec later, they reject it! and they accuse her of abusing and not caring about her fictional characters. It doesn’t make sense to me, clearly Cassie cares about us and her characters enough to write more books, but people are just being being so bitter and stupid. Cassandra Clare is an author, it is her job to write, it’s literally how she makes a living. And yes, more books means more money for her, and that’s none of our business. People should just be happy for her for being so successful. Wouldn’t you be happy for her if you were related to her?

Some people (who I assume are under 18) are being so childish by calling her “casserole” (which is so low and pathetic) and writing hate posts directed to this author and her characters. It’s silly. How can people hate her so much for giving us what most fans wanted and asked for? I think (and I could be wrong) that most of the hate is coming from the new members of the fandom who are only here for the TV show anyway, and so they don’t know appreciate and know Cassie as well as us more devoted fans who have been here since like, before CoLS was published or before Clockwork Princess. Those new fandom members wouldn’t have seen all of Cassie’s Q&A’s, and know as many details as other fans (like how the person on the cover of TBC is not Godfrey Gao)

If you don’t want to read the books, then don’t read them. It’s that simple. You don’t need to waste everyone’s time by complaining, posting hate and spreading all this negativity.

We are so lucky that Cassandra Clare is happily expanding this wonderful and fascinating universe for us! But if some people want to stick to the original books, or just the TV show and the fanfiction then go for it, by all means, so one is stopping you and no one cares if you don’t want to read Cassie’s new books. Please just stop with all the hate.

“...A Bit Longer.”

Requested by an anon. PSA: I love Woo.

The fact he woke you up to do this, amazed you. He wasn’t the most affectionate person in the world, but you know he cared and loved you just as much as you loved him.

You met Woo a dance competition. You of course weren’t competing. You weren’t a dancer but you loved watch dancers. You love street dancing. All types of it. But your all time favorite was Krumping. There was just something that made you happy when you looked on.

You just loved to go to dance competitions. You only knew so little about dance. You felt as if looking on would help you understand a bit more.

This competition had been around for quite a long time. It was your first time seeing this one. The location seemed a bit sketchy, but it was a street dance competition. There was nothing else you could expect.

One crew stepped forward. They were wearing nothing but shades of red. They were competing for the second time in this competition. You watched them the first time, but they lost to the Woo Fam, which made you interested in them.

To your surprise, the Woo Fam was there competing to maintain their title. A very tall, muscular man in some black jeans and a black wife beater stepped up to the leader of the red dance group. Now he was in the streetlight. You could clearly see his arms. He was tatted up.

There was a significant height difference. Looking at him made your knees weak. He wasn’t cute. He wasn’t hot. He was sexy. Probably one of the sexiest men you had ever seen around these parts. He looked older, mid thirties maybe.

“You sure you want a repeat of last year, junior?” The man asked.

His voice was deep. It sent chills down your spine.

“That’s not gonna happen this year. We’re gonna win.”

“I feel the fear in your voice. Good luck, junior.”

He ruffled the smaller boy’s head.

“Stop calling me junior, Woo!”

You didn’t notice that you were staring at him. The man looked over to see you. The two of you made eye contact for a couple of seconds. He winked at you. Your heart fluttered.

The competition went on. After the competition everyone predicted the ending. The Woo Fam won of course. You felt a little bad for the other crew. You got your things together. You were about to leave. You were a bit upset because Woo didn’t dance. You were expecting to see him hit a little move but he didn’t do anything.

You began to head out, but a hand grabbed yours. You turned around to see him.

“Were you really about to leave?” He asked.

You were at a lost for words.

He chuckled at your face.

“You’re cute when you’re at a lost for words.”

“I’m not cute!” You spoke up.

“Feisty. You look a bit upset. You okay?”

“Well, I am a bit upset. I wanted to see you dance but you were in the background.” You answered.

He smirked at you. He pulled you closer to him.

“How about I take you somewhere you can watch me dance in private? And maybe I could dance for you, or maybe on you.” He flirted, his voice deepening. You blushed a bit.

“Because I would go somewhere with a complete stranger because he’s sexy.”

“You think I’m sexy?”

“I’ll answer that once you tell me your name.” You replied.

“Woo. Kim Young Woo.” He put his hand out for you to shake.

“Y/N L/N.” You shook his hand.

The two of you got closer since that night. He found himself slowly falling for you. He couldn’t leave you with any of the male members of Woo Fam. He didn’t trust them. He admitted his feelings on accident. You went clubbing with them. You drank a lot that night.

He drove you home. And when he thought you were knocked out, he admitted his feelings. You heard every word. At first you thought he was kidding but you soon learned his feelings were true. You returned his feelings and he asked you out on a date.  

The two of you have been together for eight months. It had been a while since the two of you have been on a date. You were busier than ever with your job. You were a photographer. Everyday you were working. Even on the weekends. It got stressful but it didn’t take away your love for photographer.

Tonight was a night you were going to be able to sleep well. You got all your work done so you could sleep a bit easier. You got ready for bed which didn’t take long. You finally turned off all the lights and jumped in bed. You cuddled with your pillow and fell into a deep sleep.

As you were sleeping peacefully, there was a knock at the door. Young Woo was at your doorstep. After a while, you didn’t answer. He knocked again. Once again, no answer. He sighed before pulling out his phone and dialing your number.

You didn’t even answer your phone. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the key to your apartment that you gave him a while ago.

He unlocked the front door and walked in. He closed the door behind him quietly. He quickly walked to your bedroom. He looked in your bed to see you sound asleep. In his eyes you were as beautiful as ever. He made his way over and shook you lightly.

“Jagi. Wake up.”

You groaned and shifted. He shook you again. This time you opened your eyes. You were met by a figure in the dark. You screamed and quickly punched the figure.


“Woo?” You turned on the lamp and saw Young Woo holding the left side of his jaw. You gasped.

“Woo, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it was you. I thought it was a robber. Are you okay?”

“I think I lost a tooth. Damn, where did you learn to punch so fucking hard?!” He hissed.

“I don’t know. Come here, let me see.”

He sat next to you and you looked at his jaw. You softly touched it and he winced. You put a soft kiss upon his jaw.

“I deserve more than that one kiss on my jaw.”

“It’s not my fault. You should have turned on the lamp before waking me up. Maybe that would have stopped me from punching you in the face. I said I was sorry.”

“I had the perfect little date planned out for us.”

“Date?” You tilted your head to side.

“Yeah date. I know you miss our dates. I miss them too. I thought maybe we could go on a little date right now.”

“What is this? A love story?”

“Can’t I treasure my queen?” He asked before planting a soft kiss on your lips. His lips slowly made their way down to your neck. You knew what he was trying to do, but you were always a sucker for it.

“Fine! Okay! Okay! Just let me get change into something.”

“Dress casual.” He added.

In about an hour or so, you were done. You dressed in ripped blue jeans, a plain white t shirt, and black tennis shoes. You two of you were off.

You hopped into his car and buckled your seatbelt.

“Where to at 1 in the morning?”

“Nowhere. We’re just cruisin’ for a-”

“Woo, on my life if you say for a bruisin’, I will hurt you!”

He only smiled and pulled out of your driveway. The two of you went on a night drive in town. You passed by both places you knew and didn’t know. It was fascinating to see Seoul like this. It was as if you had never seen it before.

There were little children and adults alike performing on the streets. You wondered why the children were still awake at this time of night. There were happy couples holding hands and walking. There were even some couples arguing aloud.

Overall it was a good night to be out. You usually would be asleep. This is what you were missing.

Young Woo looked over to see your face, gazing in awe. He thought you were adorable.

“See what you’re missing, love?” He questioned.

“Yes. And I wish I didn’t have to miss it. It’s really beautiful. The lights, the fun, the performers, hell even the music that I hear blasting through the windows. But I’m always working. Thank you for taking me out.”

“No problem. But there is one place I wanna show you before I take you back home.”

He drove to a little fast food restaurant.

“This is where you wanted to take me?”

“No. I’m just really hungry. Stay in here. I’ll be right back.”

He got out of the car and made his way inside. You waited for about ten minutes. He walked back outside and got into the car.

“Got us some burgers. You hungry, love?”

“A little bit. Can we just go to that place you were talking about earlier?”

“Patience, love. We are heading there now.”

After a twenty minute ride, you looked up from your phone and looked out the window. There were no bright lights, there were only two to three lampposts spreader out. There was no pavement in sight. The road was all dirty.

“Where are we?” You asked.

He didn’t answer, he continued to drive. Finally the car came to a stop and Woo turned off the car. He got out of the car, as did you. He sat on the hood of the car.

“You are too damn big to be sitting on the hood like that.” You said jokingly.

“Whatever. Grab the food.”

You opened the door and grabbed the paper bag and handed it to Woo before closing the door again. You sat next to him.

He grabbed his burger first. He took a bite.

“So we came all the damn well to eat?”

He swallowed before answering you.

“No, just grab your burger and look out there.” He said pointing in front of the two of you.

You did as he said. You grabbed a burger and took a bite. As you took a bite you looked out at the way he pointed.

You were amazed not only by the many stars in the sky, but also the way Seoul looked from the outside. It was as if you could see the whole city, shining bright. The nightlife wasn’t so bad. Matter of fact it was more beautiful at night due to the lights. You gasped at the sight.

“You knew you’d do that? Now you see why I brought you out here?” He asked.

“It’s beautiful but I still don’t know why you brung me here.”

“I brought you here because the last couple of weeks or even months, you’ve been stressed out of your mind with everything. You have no time for yourself. Think about the last time you had thirty minutes to yourself and you weren’t worrying or stressing about some client. You even take that stress out on me and yell at me, but I let you because I know you still love me no matter what.”

You were tearing up hearing him say that. He continued.

“I know how you are with work. And I know you’ll always want to work to make a living. But slow down a bit. I’m here to support you. You don’t have to work to make all that money. Baby I’m right here.”

You pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He pulled away. You put your head on his shoulder and looked out into the night sky.

“Wanna go home?”

“Let’s just stay here a bit longer.”

“You barely took a bite for your burger. Eat!”

You smiled at him. You took another bite of your burger as did he.

Mother! Review/PSA:

Warning: spoilers (but they are necessary), cursing (I apologize, but I am angry), description of something that caused me to have a full-blown panic attack.

I get to the point at the end, just bear with me.

Okay, first off, I have read explanations of the metaphor being brought out in the movie, and in theory, I think it’s a very good thing to bring out the fact that we are destroying the earth, and make people upset about it. However, the movie made me upset for so many different reasons.

When it first begins, and throughout the rest of it really, I was so fucking lost. It starts out with J-Law waking up and the rest of her day just being her walking around, looking as lost and confused as I felt. And then this old, crusty bastard who’s about to die and shit comes to her house, and her husband, John fucking Winchester (who is supposed to represent God, but I find him more akin to Satan- we’ll get to that later) invites the bastard to stay in their home without asking how she feels about it.

This man says he’s a doctor, but then you find out differently??? I think, anyways…I was still so fucking confused by what I was watching. So, the guy stays the night, getting sick at one point as J-Law’s husband (hereafter named Mr. Douchebag) helps him as he empties his stomach in the toilet. The morning after, he wakes up and is perfectly fine, none of them except J-Law seeming to recall he was ever sick.

Cue doorbell, which J-Law answers to find Michelle Pfeiffer (I don’t fucking know how it’s spelled, so I hope that’s correct), the doctor man’s wife whom we didn’t know existed. Cue Mr. Douchebag also inviting her to stay, despite J-Law looking as confused and outraged as I felt, yet again. This proceeds to them blatantly being rude and overstaying their welcome, trashing and exploring the house as much as they want. They even break something extremely important to Mr. Douchebag, at which point, despite the multiple reasons (which were only happening to J-Law, so who cares, right? It’s not like he’s her husband and should listen to her when she feels this has gone far enough…) they should have been kicked out earlier, he finally decides they should leave. Instead, the couple proceeds to go have sex in the guest room- after which the man gets sick again- blatantly ignoring J-Law and acting as if they didn’t do anything wrong when she asks them again to leave.

Cue the first born son of bastard doctor and Michelle Pfeiffer barging into the house without permission and acting like he owns the place, seeking out his father. Cue second born following him and starting a fight in which he kills the first born. Cue J-Law having a nervous breakdown (one of several- we will also discuss this later) as she is left alone to mop up the blood while Mr. Douchebag takes bastard doctor, Michelle, and their now-dead son to the hospital (because he somehow deems that his job, despite them still being fucking strangers who have been nothing but rude). Second born walks out, returning later that night through the same door (which J-Law had locked, so, wtf???) to pick up what I assumed to be his wallet and give J-Law a weird speech about being left behind, before again leaving the way he had before.

Cue return of Mr. Douchebag, before they both return to bed and the audience believes everything is done with this random family. Cue middle-of-the-fucking-night return of bastard and Michelle, followed by impromptu funeral gathering of friends and family, whom we and J-Law have never seen. Cue J-Law finding out her husband had again approved of something without asking her. Cue mass destruction as unwanted guests pile into the house and continue doing everything J-Law asks them not to, leading to two particularly disrespectful guests destroying the kitchen sink and causing the pipes to burst. Cue everyone leaving for what we believe is forever. 

Cue fighting between J-Law and Mr. Douchebag, who then decide to have sex. Cue time-skip, and now suddenly everything is ok, and they are a happy couple. Mr. Douchebag is on his way to finishing his masterpiece, a poem he started at the beginning of J-Law’s pregnancy. (Let me just say, no matter how much writer’s block I’ve had, I can finish a poem in- at most- two to three days.) Suddenly, J-Law feels the baby (I’m am still so angry- you’ll see why) kicking, and runs to tell Mr. Douchebag, who has now finished his “poem.” They have some weird, semi-sweet semi-I-don’t-fucking-know moment, then you find out he has already sent the poem to his publisher, despite having just finished it seconds ago, and despite there being no modern technology in that house, except for a landline phone. He literally writes the “poem” with a quill pen, and has no way of even faxing it.

Cue more time passing, and J-Law is cooking a nice dinner. We still believe everything is great between her and Mr. Douchebag. At this point, she has reached full maturity in her pregnancy, and is ready to pop that baby out (although I’m fully aware that it doesn’t work that easily). Just before they can sit down to a peaceful dinner, not bothered by anyone, people (crazed fans) show up to take pictures with Mr. Douchebag and proceed to crash their house, this time stealing things and ripping apart walls (at one point, J-Law tries to call the police, before the phone is ripped from the wall).

Mini rant before I continue with this: the “poem” was most likely actually prose, because it takes up a whole book, and we are only led to believe he wrote one piece. However, when J-Law reads the final handwritten copy, it only takes up one page, so none of this actually adds up at all. Also, it’s extremely difficult to get a full book of just poetry published which is written by only one author, unless they have novels written that were successful before that. And we are led to believe he has successful writings other than this, but I believe they were also poems, because his fans continuously refer to him as “The Poet.” (This ends my mini rant.)

After multiple strange, apocalyptic happenings representing the progression of society to this day, and different parts of the house being destroyed, J-Law is knocked into multiple objects and people, and she has multiple breakdowns, during which her anger somehow shakes the house. After being hit in the stomach so many times that it probably should have caused the baby to die while in the womb, she goes into labor. When searching for a safe place to give birth, she tries to leave the house (she never leaves the house during the entire movie, and I believe she and her baby would fucking survive had she been allowed to, but that wasn’t in the cards for their fate) but is pulled back by Mr. Douchebag to the only unoccupied room in the house, which I think was the bedroom, but could have been the study. She then gives birth to a surprisingly healthy baby boy, and there is a moment where the audience believes everything was a dream and she will wake up in a hospital bed, perfectly safe. However, the audience is always wrong to have any slice of hope.

Mr. Douchebag wishes to show his fans the baby, but J-Law will not let him even hold the baby for a second (rightfully so). Sadly, though she does guard him diligently, two days pass with her sitting in the same position without sleep, begging at intervals for Mr. Douchebag to please tell everyone to leave (his response is to stare menacingly at her). She finally succumbs to sleep for a few seconds, waking to find her baby has been taken by Mr. Douchebag, who proceeds to showcase him to the awaiting crowd. This crowd rejoices, taking the baby and crowd-surfing him, as he cries and J-Law chases him, not being able to reach him in time before he is passed too roughly and his neck is snapped, killing him. At this point, I ran out of the theater crying and having a panic attack, followed by several people, apparently agreeing with me that that action was horrendously in poor taste. Minutes later, my friend came out of the theater to tell me she also couldn’t finish the movie because at the point which she had left, the crowd was chopping up and eating the now-mutilated baby.

I bring you to the closing statement of what I want to say. I am simply posting this to give warning to people like myself, who might be triggered by the events in the movie. I could feel my panic sink in every time she had a panic attack, and it all escalated at events that I don’t want to mention, other than the fact that they are recreations of what ISIS has done when executing people, and allusions to sexual assault. The baby was the breaking point for my panic attack. I don’t want to say that the movie is terrible, but I think if you are like me, and have depression, anxiety, etc., it can be harmful to watch. I’m only putting this out to say what I wish someone had told me before I watched it. I understand that some of you are going to tell me I just shouldn’t have gone to an R rated movie, but here’s the thing. I’ve been to R rated movies before, but never have I been so disturbed and triggered by one that I had to walk out. I would have appreciated being told that I would hear the sound of a baby’s neck snapping echoed around a theater, so that’s why I’m telling you guys so you don’t go if you are especially freaked out by such a grotesque and awful thing.

10 Things I Learned While Shadowing an Orthopedic Surgeon

I’ve spent a good chunk of my summer following a fantastic orthopedic surgeon in the clinic (the hospital wouldn’t approve me for the OR booo). It was so much fun, and I learned a ton, not just about orthopedics but the qualities that a good doctor should have. I’ve seen a lot of great things that I thought you guys would find it interesting!

I’m slowly being pulled into a torrent of a competitive specialty and I’m terrified, but sometimes you just can’t fight the feeling. I’m still keeping an open mind of course! But maybe I’m into it. 

My experience is just one of many, and will be different from yours and others. This is just my take, so I hope you enjoy! 

1. Everyone gets osteoarthritis. EVERYONE.

You’re going to get it. I’m going to get it. Everyone will get it. It just depends on when. It’s such a major cause of pain, and there isn’t too much that can be done for it once it gets bad enough, except to get brand new joints. But! If you use your body the way it’s suppose to by doing plenty of walking and getting those shoulders, hips and knees in the groove it supposedly keeps you from getting the pains that ache and never leave. 

2. Charisma is king in this specialty. 

I haven’t done rotations yet, and I’ve only shadowed so many doctors, but I have never seen patients who were once ornery and pissed for waiting for 2 hours to have some staples removed melt into mush babies as soon as the doctor starts talking to them. He relates to the patients so amazingly. He had the way. I learned a ton of tricks and for the few times I got to in on my own, I got to practice my own form of doctor charisma. And let me tell you guys. Learn to do it. 

3. Joint replacements are not for the youth. 

THEY ARE FOR OLDER FOLKS. People in their 70s and 80s. People who will most likely not need a revision in 20 years. Sometimes it for people who need nothing but comfort. But more and more people in their 60s, 50s and even 40s need them on the regular. Luckily, technology evolves and joint replacements are made of better material, stronger alloys, and last longer than replacements from even 10 years ago. But technology can’t change the original purpose at least not yet. 

4. Try somewhere else for pain meds. 

Many hospital systems do not allow orthopods to prescribe long term narcotics for pain. They can only give the good stuff (if you count terrible constipation as good) after surgery and for a few weeks afterwards. You actually have to get them from a primary care or pain management doc. 

5. There no middle ground for cortisol. You either REALLY want the shot or you REALLY don’t. 

There is a face that patients make who have never had a large shot before. They clench up, shoulders rise, their eyes widen and search for anyone else in the room for confirmation that this won’t be completely terrible. It’s no little baby needle either. Those who accept grin and bear it, hopefully to become a little more seasoned like those who are basically ready to stick themselves. No fear, not a flinch. They’re ready and they want that relief. Rarely ever is anyone indifferent, or so I’ve seen. 

6. If you think you break your finger/toe go get checked out right away!

This is more of a PSA but fingers and toes heal really quickly, so after ¾ weeks they can’t do much to fix those tootsies. I saw at least 4 people who’s poor fingers were forever shortened, or bent to a new odd direction that are now fated to be that way forever. So don’t end up like with with a mutant pinky, and take care of your digits. 

7. Always and forever behind on patients. 

At least in this clinic. Let me tell you, the PAs at this office were on point. But when you only schedule 5 to 10 minutes per patient what do you think would happen! Sometimes it was a quick in and out, but with charisma comes conversation and with conversation comes a need for time. Plus people usually have a lot a questions when it comes to pain or surgery, and sometimes certain causes of pain can be confusing (like the difference between hip and back pain). But that’s just the way, for everyone. 

8. Sometimes it takes someone outside a specialty to figure out what the problem is. 

There was more than once instance where the orthopedic surgeon figured out a long undiagnosed genetic disease, or found that back pain was really due to a neurological reason, and not a bulging disc. And there were other times where he would receive information from a patient’s cardiologist or primary care doc saying they found s source of pain that was orthopedic in nature. From that I learned even if you are the master of your specialty, you may not always have all the answers which is why it’s so important for medicine to be a team.

9. There may not be many female physicians but there are plenty of female medical professionals and staff in an ortho setting.

It’s very true that women are a small minority of orthopedic surgeons (14% of residents currently) but that’s something that’s starting to take a shift. But that doesn’t mean an orthopedic service just the boy’s club it’s made out to be. Many of the PAs, nurses, PTs, and Athletic trainers were amazing, intelligent and talented women who were insanely important to the entire entity that is orthopedic medicine. And they were awesome and I can only hope to be as great as they are one day.

10. Orthopedics is good mix of consistent patient care and awesome surgery! 

I didn’t know very much about orthopedics until the summer before I started medical school. I had a good idea of what happened in a surgical setting and being as much of a people-person as I am, I wondered if that part of surgery would deter me. Turns out, orthopedics does a pretty good job of blending nonsurgical, (somewhat) long-term care with in-depth and (sometimes) complex procedures. I would say its a good blend of both worlds, and I guess I’m into that even if it scares me. 

Not all of this applies totally and wholly to the specialty orthopedic surgery, but I think it gives a pretty good representation of different types of medicines. Even if ortho doesn’t interested you, you’ve got to admit. It’s pretty cool.  

looks - markjin moments masterpost pt.1

hiiiiii loves! this is my first markjin moments masterpost (or MMM for short!) and its going to be of all of the “looks”. the masterposts are sort of like a series but also not, I’ve just sort of grouped moments together in categories and i’ll have a lil running commentary of me flipping my shit. also, i want to make an obvious point, this is not me stealing pictures or gifs and calling them my own (credit to everyone who took these pictures/made these gifs!!!!!), this is just me thinking that it would be nice to have all moments in one place instead of searching for hours through tags :-) okkkkk thats just my psa lmao so enjoy!!!

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wait guys if Andrew is pretty much a confirmed Space Nerd™ then it is pretty safe to assume that he’s a big Star Wars fan right???? (I’m listening to Yoda and The Force okay sue me) because we know he knows the media classics and Star Wars is a media/galactic classic and I am 6385274% here for this 

  • little Andrew identified so hard with Han and Luke because he was alone and angry and so not going to deal with your shit ((he shipped them so hard I stg OTP)) ((also helped him figure out that maybe Leia in her slave attire didn’t really affect him as much as a sweaty Luke training with Yoda))
  • he watched most of the series with Cass though, and moving past the heartache of never being able to be with her and watch marathon after marathon of their favorite movies together was really hard for Andrew
  • but then his cousin ((and the foxes)) happened
  • this is one of the things that helped Andrew bond with Nicky bc Nicky is the only person willing to sit through a whole marathon of sci-fi family drama ((lbr he just wants to see Andrew happy))
  • Andrew makes SW references all the time to annoy Aaron and the first time Matt witnessed one he choked on his coffee and immediately ran to the girls who dO NOT BELIVE YOU MATT I NEED TO SEE THIS FOR MYSELF 

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PSA for folks looking for reading material

You’re totally in luck.

Several posts have crossed my dash saying “your Tumblr experience is what you make it.” If you look for drama you will find it. If you look for fun, you will find that.

I have looked for, and found, hilarious jokes; sexy pictures; nerdy posts about literature, science, and history; excellent (and virtually endless) Marvel gifs; and I have found some truly outstanding people.

I have also read some kickass fiction.

I want to return the Tumblr love by posting a list of the writers who have risen to the top of my reading list over the past year and a half.

Warning: my reading list does not fit into a single, neat category. I am a voracious reader, and my list of ships covers a wide variety of pairings that probably do not seem compatible with one another. I read m/f, m/m, f/f, OFCs, and OMCs. I read one-shots, multi-chapters, alt-universe, and rps. I lean more heavily toward Marvel, sci-fi, and fantasy, just because. The only thing I usually shy away from are real-person fics, though I have read some of those that I’ve liked, too, just not as many of them.

Please beware: many of these writers publish fics rated M or E – you should be over 18 if you read these. Don’t get your favorite writers into trouble.

Also beware: there will very likely be writers on this list that you will not love as much as I do, because you don’t do that ship. However, I’m willing to bet there is something here you will like.

This is a really long post, so I put most of it under a cut.

Please feel free to re-blog and add your favorite writers to the list, because there are lots of them out there who deserve not just praise but new readers. Clearly, this is not a complete list, but I’ve been working on this post for an embarrassingly long time and just need to post already!

Happy reading!

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dear Jancy fandom and those freaking out bc Nancy “chose” Steve

as I said I’m new to this fandom (obviously since this tv show lit came out last month). But I am most certainly not new to shipping. And being a vertean of this kind of pain I can say I am actually somewhat relieved that Nancy ended up with Steve at the end OF THIS SEASON. Two words for you, my friends:

Slow burn

When I say I am a veteran and seasoned shipper I would also like to add that for some reason my ship preference always lands on the slow burners. As in all of my main OTPs are the product of a long, suffering-filled journey to canon (dm me if you want to know what they are lol).

And I can say with complete confidence my friends, we are staring right down the barrel of a classic, good old fashioned, slow burn ship.

I would have actually been somewhat concerned if Nancy had chosen Jonathan at the end of season one (season 2 has already been confirmed). It would also be beneficial to remind all of you that not only is this just season one but we have literally only seen 8 EPISODES. Ships set this early on are almost always being set up for conflict and cracking (ex. scallison, Lori x Rick, Stelena; etc). 

Stranger Things is a show that does nothing on accident. Every piece of the story is very important and we have yet to see a story line just dropped or alluded to then never brought up again. Stancy was barely built up then cannoned, cracked, then canoned again. Jancy has development and build up. They shared all of these moments without any real resolution or moment where they stopped to talk about “wtf are we” (not that they had any time). These moments are not just for shits and giggles, friends. Knowing what we know about this show, it has yet to be resolved and it will not be left just dangling.

The other thing is that in canon, Nancy is somewhat insefure with who she is and has tried to be someone she isnt (i.e. in order to be with Steve). Think about it. Her “friends” scoffed at her for just going over to Jonathan and saying she’s sorry about Will going missing. What would they do if they found out she was dating him? 

Steve is, to her, what seems like the practical and “obvious” option. Steve IS the “jock-turned-sales man who buys her a house at the end of the cul-de-sac.

I may not be an expert. But generally I know endgame when I see it.

(PSA: if you want any fanfiction or aus or drabbles for Jancy just put them in my ask box and I’ll be more than happy to answer them (: )

anonymous asked:

wait are you saying that "casting circles, banishing, [...] scrying, and using tarot" is compatible with catholicism? I would love to know more about that. Can you recommend any books or anything? obviously you said St Hildegard, among others, but how would I go about finding her writings or whatever?

Soz bb, I should have been more specific… This is gonna be a long post:

St. Hildegard received mystical visions of humanity, God’s action in the universe, the choirs of angels, the Trinity etc. as exemplified harr:

She’s seen as a proto-feminist and was a massive healer who believed in healing with the four elements (water, fire, earth, and air), the healing energy of crystals, working with herbs, and she incorporated all this work with invocations to the Holy Spirit and various angels and saints. You can read her complete work on healing on google books for free:


Stuff on crystal healing is on page 137. One of the best things in the book IMHO is an incantation to make a charm that stops a lustful man from harassing a woman:

“…she should pour a bit of wine over a sapphire three times and each time say, “I pour this wine, in its ardent powers, over you; just as God drew off your splendor, wayward angel, so may you draw away from me the lust of this ardent man.“ 

PSA: Some of her healing “recipes” are medicinally problematic because she was only going by the knowledge of medicine she had at the time, so don’t try eating or topically applying any of them unless you’ve done sufficient research on the materials used.

Hildegard likely kept a lot of her writings to herself throughout her life because of fear of the Church hierarchy accusing her of witchcraft. She had already faced opposition from male religious when she tried to establish a separate female monastery independent of male authority, and I’m sure the men wouldn’t have hesitated to accuse her of witchcraft to usurp her power. 

Her practices were similar to many of the other healers of the time who incorporated Catholicism into a more ritualistic form of healing common of traditional witchcraft. The main difference, of course, between Hildegard’s form of mystical healing and pagan forms of witchcraft is that she called on the Trinity and the beings in Heaven to assist her practice and used prayer to God as a way to invoke the four elements and banish evil spirits. I’m not saying that Hildegard was actually a witch, but what she did is nearly indistinguishable from some modern forms of Christian ‘witchcraft’. Despite practicing these forms of healing and pseudo-spell-like incantations, she was canonized by the Church, and her writings have never been condemned.

As for myself personally, I don’t think what I do is much different from what Hildegard did/ would have done. Casting circles and centering myself are just ways that I focus on what I’m doing and ask for God’s blessing and protection as I pray and work. A simple way to do this is to make the sign of the cross, sprinkle holy water on yourself and your space, and make a little mental circle around you to concentrate on what you’re doing. I like to take a stick of incense and walk around my room when I do.

As for banishing, that’s what sacramentals are used for. Holy water, blessed salt, St. Benedict medallions , crucifixes, etc. used with faith and devotion can act as a channel for God’s grace and drive away demonic spirits who may wish to tempt or harm us.

Scrying and tarot have a bad rap among any Christian mainly because of their association with the occult. Of course, scrying is nothing that special other than what happens when you stare at a wall or ceiling for too long and start to see moving pictures. Tarot cards can also be a good mindmap and helps to put current situations in perspective. Tarot cards are saturated with medieval Catholic symbolism (duh, because they originated as a card game in Europe and not from any ‘Egyptian’ stuff that psychics try to BS on you, google it), and anything you “see” from tarot cards is only what you project onto the cards through your personal situation. The cards have no meaning other than what you assign to them personally, much like the Rorschach cards that psychologists used to use. The only danger would be when you try to use these things as a way to see or manipulate your future. My friend and I have tried using pendulums (scientifically shown to rely on one’s own ideomotor movements, not “spirits”), and they honestly gave the most terrible and inaccurate answers to questions about the future, but they work well when you already know the answer in your head, consciously or subconsciously. 

A lot of other Catholics may feel uncomfortable reading this stuff about Hildegard and her practices, but it was a common reality for gifted women who wanted to improve knowledge of healing to incorporate that into spiritual beliefs. I personally don’t think it’s wrong or sinful to do any of those things, as long as one is working PURELY with the Trinity, Blessed Mary, and the angels+saints. (of course, if you’re unsure, ask your priest since I don’t speak on behalf of the Church, nor am I an apologist. I’m just a College student who loves Jesus and seeks him by the systems of Catholic mysticism. It works for me; might not be the way you want to grow spiritually tho).

Hope this answered your questions! God bless ^_^

So. I’ve been asked to say something about this, and I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it, because I’m somehow dead inside, but here we go ha. 

First of all, because this is probably going to get long as it always does when it comes to me ad you might not finish the whole thing, I want to say that your safety and health comes first. I want to put emphasizes on this, because I’ve been in the fandom for years and I know this is the worst that they’ve thrown at us and I know it is stressful as fuck. It’s manipulative and gross and I encourage you to take a break if you feel like that’s what you need to do, alright? That’s the most important thing. This stuff will blow off eventually, and you need to do what is best for you. That should be your priority now. I, personally, am not going anywhere you can count on me not giving them what they want right now, but there still might come the time when I need to take a break. And that wwould be alright, because everyone deals with things differently. You need to make sure you are alright. 

Being said that, I am really uncomfortable now. The whole thing crossed the line for me when TMZ posted the picture of different baby, though I know this might be intentional, it just made me very uncomfortable about the whole situation, because they got another innocent human being involved. And that is why I am beyond grossed out right now. They actually got another innocent human being involved right now, whether you think the photo of Louis is photoshopped, or it is old photo of him with one of the twins or whatever, it doesn’t really matter to me, because what really matters is the fact that they want us to think it is Louis with Freddie, whether it is him or not, they are manipulating w people and they are doing all this to Louis, the boys and their families, and they are doing this to us and I am tired and I don’t like this at all. 

Being said that, theres so much violence and bullying being spread around the internet right now that I can’t believe my own eyes. I can’t believe there are people capable of treating larries this way, without larries actually hurting them (and I know that for a fact as I have never ever attacked an anti and I simply delete/block their messages and I am being continuously attacked without a reason) and I encourage you to block hateful messages. In fact, blok posts, unfolloww people, block people. Do whatever you need to fo in order for you to feel alright. Please know that you will be alright, please know that there is nothing wrong with believeing your own intelligence and critical thinking, there is nothing wrong with believing in Harry and Louis. You are NOT ruining their lives, you have NOT driven them apart, you are NOT the one to blame for all the mess that is happening. Remember that we talked about it. That the photo was posted when there were starting to pop up paternity test articles, as small outlests as those were. As I said, if you start believing this now, well good for you, if you have the ability to do that then just do it, I get that it can be easier and I won’t be stopping anyone. But I stand firm in my belief. Noww more than ever and I just can’t ignore the facts. I can’t ignore the fact that Louis never spoke publicly about it and suddenly his Twitter was so happy, when only pap photos where he smiled were the ones on the phone from 26th, without the baby and B. I can’t ignore the fact that Oli went with them to ‘doctors appointment’, that she never looked like she actually gave birth, that Louis was not seen interacting with her after the scandal broke, that Jay didn’t pay any attention until now, that the boys and Louis’ real friends are not paying attention. 

I can’t ignore the fact that this comes in time with the boys leaving modest and Syco, I can’t ignore the fact that Louis has always been the one that Simon really fears, I can’t ignore the fact that the smear campaiggn has been happening for months. I would like to do so. But I can’t. Larry aside, this doesn’t add up, larry aside, this is really fucking wrong. 

I still believe Harry and Louis are together and strong and they are going to win. Because this is nothing more than the final battle of the war that’s been on for five years now, and I know that they are going to get through this. I hope, from the bottom of my heart that Louis is okay. I hope they both are okay, because i believe in them. I hope they kow wwe are rooting for them. And I can’t unsee last five years either. I know enough to put the pieces together, I can’t ignore the tattoos, I can’t ignore the body language  I can’t ignore how they shut down their friendship for public, I can’t ignore the fact that I now enough to say that Harry and Louis are together and actually believe it. Still I need to say, DO NOT OUT THEM OUT Of YOUR FRUSTRATION. They deserve to come out on their own terms. 

And again, larry aside, this doesn’t go with what I knw about Louis at all either. I have seen enough over the past years to know that this is not how he would treat the mother of his child even if they weren’t together, this is not how he would treat his chid even if it was an accident. This is not Louis we know, and this is them trying to ruin Louis, this is nothing more than revenge. 

I still believe in them, and I hope they know that. I know they are going to make it. But I want to say that you are going to make it as well. I don’t know what to expect right now, so I am trying to not expect anything, I think this was the last huge thing, but there could be more, it is possible. It is possible they drag it out for longer than we tought. I don’t seriously know what’s going to come. They might deny it now when public’s eye is on it and they might not. But I am not going to speculate, because I am not in that position. Just brace yourselves, please. I still stand where I said the last time, I can’t bring myself to answer messages doubting larry, it offends me right now, and I will not stand for any mmessages saying Louis l/Harry let you down, owe you something etc .They don’t. 

here is a masterpost i made when zayn left for people being sad/anxious etc
here is a larry masterpost of masterposts and proofs 
louis masterpost for when sad

Please be safe. All the love. x 

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hi katie! i just read about rosie o'donnel/barron trump being autistic and am really confused on how to feel about it? like everyone is up in arms about her comment but – as an autistic – i'm really offended that people think being autistic is such a bad thing? but similarly, i'm a self-dx and i haven't told anyone yet, so if it's true i understand completely wanting to keep it to yourself. it's not shame, just wanting to be private, ya know? i was wondering what your thoughts were.

(I’m gonna answer this in a PSA format, to help spread the word about this)

For those of you who don’t know, Rosie O’Donnell recently “accused” The Donald’s son Barron of being autistic. After she got backlash for that, she said:

“Barron Trump Autistic? if so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

This is a very troubling answer for a few reasons:

Reason 1: Autism is not an epidemic. It is not a disease (read this, I beg of you). It is not a death sentence. It can not be caught or spread. It is a disorder (and is only called a disorder because nothing else applies) and it is a spectrum of behaviors associated with the autistic kind of brain (which is simply different than a non-autistic brain, not inferior).

Autism has been called an “epidemic” because:

  1. There have been more diagnoses recently because our understanding of autism has grown - before, only nonverbal white boys who were rich enough to go to doctors and psychiatrists were diagnosed, but now it’s being recognized more and more
  2. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to find a “cure” to make money. That’s literally it. The organization Autism Speaks (please read that article too) is like Susan G Komen: out to make money by exploiting people. They tell the families of autistic children that their child is sick and their child’s “disease” must be cured. 

Reason 2: this article titled “Is Barron Trump Autistic? For The Love Of God, Stop Asking” (caption: “Do you really want Trump the breathtakingly ignorant pathological liar to set policy about autism?”) explains it perfectly:

  • Barron being autistic would offend Donald’s shallow sensibilities and having other people know about it would be intolerable. If it were to come out that Barron had been diagnosed as being on the spectrum, Donald would do what he always does: Find someone to blame, deny it even exists or just make up stuff about it.
  • He’s previously blamed vaccines and if he did so as president, the consequences would be apocalyptic. Millions of people would refuse to vaccinate their kids and the widespread return of preventable diseases would be unstoppable. If Trump were to decide that autism isn’t even a real thing or that it can be “cured”, it could set back legitimate research by decades.
  • Even worse, Donald might start spreading massive amounts of misinformation about autism because it’s easier than learning the facts about it. He’s a pathological liar and the damage he could do to the nation’s already tenuous understanding of autism is incalculable.

Here’s something Mike Savage, The Donald’s pick for the head of the National Institute of Health, said:

“I’ll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they’re silent? They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, idiot.”

So yeah, that article’s idea about not talking about autism around Trump has the right idea: if Trump chooses to make autism something he covers in policy, people are straight up going to die.

Autistic kids are already tortured in “corrective therapy” (read that as electroshock/conversion therapy, or torture), and it’ll only get worse if a “cure” is something he decides he wants for us:

The Judge Rotenburg Center received a warning from the FDA stating that the devices the staff uses to shock patients–who wear a backpack wired to various parts of their bodies for easy zapping–violate FDA regulations. The devices, which center staff created and designated as “Graduated Electronic Decelerators” (GEDs), were approved in 1994. However, since that approval, the JRC team has jacked up the voltage on them. It has done so twice, in fact, putting them out of compliance. Their rationale, it seems, was that the original device was just too weak to hurt enough.

The UN also called the corrective therapy autistic people in the United States receive “tantamount to torture and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment.”

To answer your question: autism is not an insult. Wanting to be private is not a bad thing, because you have a lot of reasons to be scared of or hesitant around non-autistics, especially under a Trump administration. You have no reason to be ashamed, but you have some reasons to be hesitant and cautious.

Rosie O’Donnell shouldn’t have called a child autistic because 1. it makes autistic people The Donald’s potential target, and 2. she called it an “epidemic.” I know that she adopted an autistic kid in her attempt to be seen as charitable, but she’s just like every other Autism Speaks parent whining about how hard her life is because of her child’s Awful Disease that must be cured. She doesn’t care about autism or even her own child: she cares about herself and getting in some kind of “insult” at The Donald in any way she can, and now autistic people are gonna pay the price for that.

Hi everyone! Here’s the deal: recently, there has been a lot of things being said about how booklr is exclusive and somewhat of a clique, with the ‘popular’ blogs doing their thing and excluding everyone else. It has come to the point where some blogs, books-and-cookies and myself for example, have been getting pointed messages about this after we apologized for any inconvenience we might have caused. Booklr is an amazing community, and I hate the thought of people feeling left out from it, hence this post. As a follow up to my initial answer to this, here’s a little PSA about everything that’s going on. I am by no means the most popular blog on booklr, so I might not be the best person to clarify some of this stuff. Also, this isn’t meant to target anyone in particular or to insult anyone, I’m truly sorry if it does. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Let’s go over the basics:

  • Booklr is a community on tumblr, and it represents the thousands of book blogs big and small that use this platform to share their love for literature of all kinds. 
  • Any blog who posts mostly bookish things is considered a booklr, regardless of how many followers they have, regardless of whether all they do is reblog stuff. 
  • There are some booklrs with more followers than others, and that’s cool. 
  • There are some booklrs with little to no followers, and that’s cool. 
  • Booklr is a pretty sweet and kind community, where a lot of us fangirl/boy about our favorite novels. Most people are really nice to each other, and a lot of people have made friends here. We’re all a sort of big, cozy, nerdy family. 

Now, let’s get some debunking done on the ‘popular’ blogs: 

  • Like I mentioned above, some booklrs have a lot of followers, usually several thousands, and are deemed ‘popular’ by the community. These blogs tend to have a very crowded activity feed. They get lots of asks and all that jazz, and have been seen as intimidating or exclusive by some. 
  • There is a belief that all the popular booklrs are best friends and gang up together. It is false. Yes, most of the popular blogs know each other in passing, but I can guarantee you that no one is best friends with everyone. Most of us are only close with a handful of people.
  • One of the characteristics of booklr is how nice and supportive of each other everyone is, which is why many booklrs jump up then their mutuals get hate. We may not be best friends with all of them, but we do have respect for these people. So yes, we will talk about them and we will give them love and we will reblog their selfies and we will snap at people who are rude to them for no apparent reason. It’s only normal. 
  • Some people tend to forget that tumblr is *sadly* not a popular booklr’s job or anything. It’s a hobby. Many of us are students or moms and dads and people with busy lives. Running a popular tumblr takes time and dedication, two things we don’t always have the room for in our daily lives. We set up queues and try our best to answer everyone’s asks and do all the tags, but it’s overwhelming for us. We have friends and school and homework and jobs and families who need our time too. 
  • We are not purposely ignoring you. I cannot stress this enough. As I said before, we don’t have the luxury of spending our days blogging, as much as we love it, and can’t always answer every ask and do every tag game and check everyone’s blogs out. We try really, really hard, but there is so much to do and never enough time. Sorry, we’re human. 
  • Because of the reasons stated above, it’s sometimes hard for us to make the first step. Please, don’t every be afraid of sending us asks if you want to chat or if you want us to check out your blog. We’re all thrilled that people actually want to get to know us, and that people take the time to show us their blogs and so on. 
  • We all had no followers once. If you ever feel excluded from the community, please remember this. All the amazing, popular blogs were once nobodies with a note a day and two followers. We worked our way up, and we’re so happy to be where we are now, but we haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be the tiny little blog on tumblr. tilly-and-her-books, thebookhangover, thebooker, theboywhocriedbooks, bluestockingbookworm, bookdrunkinlove, bookmad, books-and-cookies, library-heaven, pollyandbooks, thewizardthatreads, beckisbookshelf, mariesbookblog and so many more amazing people were once little fetuses on tumblr. We know what it’s like, so please don’t feel like you aren’t famous enough, good enough, or known enough to interact with us. 
  • The ‘popular’ blogs are less scary than a newborn kitten. They’re literally all sweet little munchkins with a fiery love for reading and adorkable personalities. (Yes–adorkable.)

Okay, debunking done! Finally, here’s a reminder to every single blog out there, because this is truly the source of the problem and people need to understand this:

The popular booklrs never purposely exclude others from the community. If they do so, it’s purely accidental. A lot of people have placed us on a sort of pedestal as Bec so kindly pointed out. We have been put in an area that might seem unattainable and elitist by some people. We adore every single one of our followers, and love the support everyone here gives us, but I’d just like to remind you: we never asked to be considered a clique. We never knew tumblr would come so far for us. A lot of us don’t even understand why we are considered ‘popular’. We try so hard to get back at everyone, and we try so hard to make sure not a single person is left hanging. It’s time we take from our lives to make these blogs work the way they do, hard work we’ve all put into our photography, our themes, our posts, our giveaways. And you know what’s worse? Some of us try to figure out what the problem is, apologize for making the community seem this way, and we get all the blame, with snobby anons telling us we should try harder. We do our best. You also have to reach out, or else we’re not excluding you, but you’re excluding yourself.

So please, for fuck’s sake, don’t blame us if we can’t reach out to you. I’ve told you know, our feed is too crowded and messy for us to do that with everyone. We’re not scary people, and we really love talking to all of you, whether it’s about your problems, a book, your pet wyvern, whatever! You never, ever bother us guys, remember that. We are so thankful for all of you, for the support you give all of us, and for the unfailing kindness you have added to this community. Thank you. 

This has been a PSA. 

Didactism, Doubt, and Internet Social Justice

There’s something I’ve been noticing about online social justice for the past five years or so now (ever since I really got into it online) that’s making me question its effectiveness and making me have strong doubts about the whole thing.

The tendency to present social justice-oriented statements as declarations and didactic orders, rather than holding space for doubt and discussion.

You see this every time someone says “(Gentle/Friendly) Reminder that XYZ”. When someone says the same thing three times. The PSAs and the warnings and the total self-assurance that one has the Right Answer for everything.

It likely comes from people not wanting to be wrong, because being wrong has tons of unwanted consequences both for those being wronged and those doing the wronging. Faced with the fear of Being Wrong, people want pat easy check-list answers, black & white, yes or no - some sort of certification to make sure they are Doing The Right Thing.

The problem is, a lot of social justice doesn’t really have a lot of pat, solid answers, and likely never will.

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Recap: #Supernatural "Meta Fiction"

Previously on Supernatural:

After receiving the Mark of Cain, Dean Winchester began to feel even more depressed and alcoholic than usual. Metatron duped Gadreel into being his own personal assassin in his quest to become NuGod. Castiel found out that angels are kind of like stray cats: Feed them once and they keep trying to follow you around.

Currently on Masterpiece Theater:

Metatron poses in front of a cozy fire and taps away at an old typewriter. He’s writing a script in which Castiel plays a major role. He pauses, looks into the camera and asks, “What makes a story work?” According to this show, it’s repetition and exposition. “Is it the plot? The characters? The text? The… subtext?” He promises to tell us a story and let us decide for ourselves. The normal title card is replaced with one that features blue skies, fluffy clouds and a heavenly chorus.


The episode begins as all episodes should: Dean Winchester is in the shower. I know the whole Internet is like, “Eee! His glistening eyelashes! His naked shoulders!” But I would like to point out his freaking huge hands. He could juggle giant pandas with those mitts.

100% Accurate Scale

After his shower, he wipes off the steamy mirror and frowns at his reflection. He’s the only person on the planet who doesn’t like the face staring back at him. He rubs the Mark of Cain. What if the only way to get rid of it is to bring Lucifer back? Since he’s the one who gave it to Cain in the first place and all. What if they spring Lucifer from the cage next season and don’t even remember that their half-brother is still down there, too? That would be awful…ly funny.

Anyway, Dean piles on his familiar layers and confabs with Sam in the hub. There have been more soulless sightings, but no sign of Abaddon. Sam notices Dean rubbing at his arm. “You okay?” he asks. “I’m fine,” Dean says, even though he’s totally not. Maybe they should get some ointment for that thing, or something.


In some derelict building somewhere, Castiel tracks down the source of a high, buzzing tone. It sounds like… heavenly tinnitus. He snags the lining of his coat on something, then finds a bunch of dead angels all over the floor. The heavenly tinnitus seems to be coming from a glowing symbol painted on one wall. It looks like a bushy V.

Just working with what they give me, here.

While he’s taking a picture of it with his phone, a lady with a bloody eye sneaks up behind him with an angel blade. Her name is Hannah, and Castiel is very understanding about her trying to kill him. She and the others followed the heavenly tinnitus to this place, then Gadreel slaughtered them. Once he heals her eye and she can properly see his gorgeousness, she realizes who he is. She wants to join Castiel, but he’s not into the whole leading thing.


Castiel heads to his grungy motel room and calls the Winchesters with the news. While Sam researches the bushy V, Castiel’s attention turns to the room’s “honor bar.” “What’s honorable about a miniature bar?” he wonders. “Everything,” Dean says. This is the first time Dean has piped up during the call, and the sound of his voice makes Castiel’s face do this:

Note to Metatron: It might be the subtext.

Then Castiel says something and Dean’s face does this:

Definitely the subtext.

Sam finds references to the bushy V from police reports of recent homicides. Castiel has a whole wall of maps and newspaper clippings which he consults. He and the Winchesters decide to split up the next possible places Gadreel will hit, then meet up after.

As Castiel is getting ready to leave his motel room, the TV flickers on. Casa Erotica 14 starts playing. Castiel tries to turn it off because he doesn’t have time for porn now, but then Gabriel pops up on the screen, as he is wont to do. “I need your help, brother,” he says, suddenly appearing behind him. “I thought you were dead,” Castiel says, like everybody on this show doesn’t die at least five times. He says he faked his own death and hid out in Heaven until all the angels got booted out. He makes some terrible jokes – like, even more terrible than usual. Long story short: Metatron is after him and he’s decided to start leading the angels against him. Now he wants Castiel to help him.


Castiel hits the road with Gabriel. Gabriel is horrified when Castiel takes out his phone to leave Dean a voicemail. He grabs the phone away.

PSA: Don’t phone and drive even in entirely meta-fictional situations!

“Hey, shorties, remember me?” he says into the phone. “Your boytoy and I are rolling our way towards your top-secret domicile.” Then he and Castiel blah blah about how most angels can’t handle having free will, and about Castiel’s disastrous turns a leader. Castiel is more than happy to let Gabriel lead the angels.Gabriel randomly says they need to stop for gas, without looking at the dashboard.

Inside the Gas-n-Sip, they’re beset by a truckload of Metatron’s minions.

Just call me angel of the morning. Touch my cheek before you leave me.


Meanwhile, the Winchesters have correctly predicted which factory/warehouse Gadreel would target next. Dean drops a lighter to ignite a ring of holy fire around him. It’s kinda funny how the angels always just sort of watch as this happens, instead of calmly stepping two feet out of the way.


Back at the Gas-n-Sip, Gabriel offers to hold off the minions so Castiel can escape and lead the rebel forces.


Castiel is reluctant, on account of all the other times his good intentions have gone horribly awry, but Gabriel talks him into it. Alas, Castiel notices on his way out that the inside of his coat is no longer torn. Instead of ignoring it like all the characters ignored when the Mark of Cain on Dean’s arm sometimes vanished, he realizes that something is wrong. He pokes Gabriel in the tummy with his angel blade, and it sinks harmlessly through him.

“Gabriel” snaps his fingers and the “minions” all vanish. “I really hate continuity errors,” he sighs. Castiel guesses correctly that none of this has been real, and that he’s no longer in his motel room.

He comes to in Metatron’s Masterpiece Theater. Bound and gagged, he can only struggle helplessly as Metatron begins to opine about writerly matters, for Castiel was the unseen audience all along.


Back at the factory/warehouse, the Winchesters have chained up Gadreel. Presumably they used some magical chains, akin to the ones they used on Crowley. “This is like looking into a funhouse mirror for me,” he says to Sam. More specifically, those mirrors that make you look super tall. He says he won’t talk, and Sam can’t make him, so nyah! “I have been you, Sam Winchester! Your insides reek of shame and weakness!” Sam punches him in the face to disabuse him of that notion.

What Sam’s insides actually smell like.


Metapiece Theater. Metatron removes Castiel’s gag, but leaves him tied up. He makes a Sherlock Holmes reference, but Castiel doesn’t get it. Metatron sighs: “I know it’s a bit of a retcon, but this’ll make the rest of the conversation a lot easier.” A puts a finger to Castiel’s brow and poof! just like that, uploads every book, TV show and movie he’s ever seen. Somehow, in all the countless stories he’s consumed, Metatron never learned that revealing one’s plans to one’s foe is about the dumbest thing one can do, and so he proceeds to explain how he’s going to cast Castiel as the villain and himself as the hero in his own personal epic.

Also, wait. Did he just inadvertently give Castiel the angel tablet in amongst all those other writings?


Sam and Dean discuss what to do with Gadreel. Sam suggests they hack into his brain like they did before. “Crowley’s the only one who can do that,” Dean says, “and I am in no mood to call that dickbag!” For some reason, Sam reacts to this like it’s perfectly reasonable, because seriously? Dean’s not in the mood? Not in the mood? This is the angel that squatted in your brother like he was some kind of hairy crack house and killed Kevin! Screw your mood! If they couldn’t squeeze Crowley into the episode, then all they had to have Dean say was, “Crowley is the only one who can do that, and he’s AWOL until we find Abaddon.” Simple and sensible!

Dean sends Sam to track down Castiel, who hasn’t been answering any of their calls. Sam offers up a meek protest, but listens when Dean says he’s “too close” to the situation to be around Gadreel.


Metapiece Theater. Metatron and Castiel have a sit-and-chat, which is second on my Hate List only to the sit-and-read. Long story short: Metatron wants Castiel to lead all the dumb, gullible angels against him. “They’ll all die, but I’ll save a nice, warm seat up top for you,” Metatron says. Castiel refuses, of course, but then Metatron exposits about how the stolen grace inside God’s Prettiest Angel is dying like an old battery. Metatron can give him a whole new supply of fresh ones. Castiel just scowls at that. Before the sit-and-chat can continue, one of Metatron’s minions interrupts to say that Gadreel has been taken.


Dean performs a little light torture on Gadreel. Literally – when he slices at Gadreel with the angel blade, light comes out. “Tell me about this ‘getting back into Heaven’ crap and I’ll end this quick,” Dean says. “Otherwise, you can sit here and rot in those chains forever.” There are lights on all over the place. I’m pretty sure it’s still a working factory. All Gadreel has to do is wait for the morning shift. Unless Dean is counting on the workers to just ignore him…

Gadreel taunts Dean about how Sam thinks he’s just a big whiny baby, or words to that effect. He goes on and on until Dean almost runs him through, but pulls back at the last moment, realizing this is what Gadreel wants.

Dean goes to the men’s room to splash some water on his face. He wipes at the mirror, even though it’s pretty clean already. He looks down at the Mark of Cain, then makes some serious faces at himself. The music’s all frantic and dangerous, like the drums are going, “No, Dean, no!”

“There’s something dirty here… oh, wait. It’s just my tarnished soul.”


Sam finds Castiel’s motel room empty… until Metatron pops up behind him. “I’m here to trade,” he says. “You have something of mine, and I have something of yours.”

Sam rushes back to the factory to find Dean and Gadreel lying in two bloody heaps next to each other. Sam just about poops himself because Gadreel looks pretty dead, which means they don’t get their angel back. He rouses Dean and asks what happened. “I was gonna kill him,” Dean says, “but I stopped because we need him to talk.” Whew!


The Winchesters and their angelic cargo head back to the motel, where they try to trap Metatron in a ring of holy fire. He just laughs and blows out the flames like candles on a cake, then gives them back their favorite angel. “Why are you doing this?” Dean asks. “Because you can’t stop me,” Metatron says, “but I’ll enjoy watching you try!” With that, he flits away, leaving the Winchesters gaping at what just happened.


Even though it was bright morning, it becomes pitch-dark night in the span of a commercial break. The Winchesters and Castiel are still standing around in the parking lot, wondering what to do. Maybe they took all that time to just drink in each other’s prettiness. Dean considers the possibility of finding an entrance to Heaven. “We find it and get a drop on the guy,” he says. “You wanna sneak onto the Death Star and take out the Emperor?” Sam asks. Castiel, understanding the reference to some degree thanks to his retcon, says he’s on board. Apparently he didn’t see my Admiral Ackbar picture up there.

Dean and Castiel ask each other if they’re all right, and lie that they’re totally fine. “There’s something different about you,” Castiel notices. “I’m fine,” Dean says, awkwardly reaching over to pat Castiel on the opposite shoulder. Castiel grabs his hand and peels back his jackets to see the Mark. “It’s a means to an end,” Dean says. They make growly noises at each other while Sam stands in the middle, looking like he’s not quite sure what to do.

“I should probably give them some 'alone time,’ but I kinda wanna know what happens…”

As Dean gets back into the Impala, Castiel pulls Sam aside. “You keep an eye on him,” he says. Set up a shower cam, maybe.


Gadreel returns to the set of Metapiece Theater. “Is the door secure?” Metatron asks him. “Yes, the way home is safe,” Gadreel says. Metatron waxes on about writing. His job, he says, is to set up interesting characters and see where they go. “The byproduct of having well-drawn characters is they may surprise you.” Or sometimes, as the writer, you just pull something out of your ass, but whatever. He puts on a record that supplies the soundtrack to the episode-ending montage.

Sam looks worried while Dean drives. Castiel tears down all his notes from the motel wall, and draws a bushy V in their place. When he goes outside, a couple dozen angels are waiting for him. Metatron types about this very thing happening, ending with, “God watched over them, smiling at His good works.”


I give this episode…

3.37 out of 5 Hellhounds and…

…5 eyelash clusters.

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