but judging from the plot... i think not

  • NAME: thea
  • AGE: soon to be 28 (rip me)
  • TIME ZONE: pacific standard
  • PRONOUNS: she/her
  • FACES YOU LIKE: pocs mostly. specifically asians because i gotta represent. ryan potter, sung jin park, harry shum jr., pedro pascal, idris elba, riz ahmed, dev patel, and i’ve been thinking of reviving my obsession with using faces from japanese boy bands (don’t judge me for my sins)
  • PLOTS YOU’RE INTERESTED IN: anything tbh??? i’m a huge sucker for found families and couples that just should get together already but refuse to. conflicted villains, heroes with lots of skeletons in their closets, characters thrust into roles they weren’t ready for, general struggle and angst and anything that provides good character development.
  • 2 TRUTHS AND A LIE: i almost got run over by steve wozniak on a segway this weekend, one time i rode my bike to class even though it didn’t have the rubber tire things on the wheels, i have a sword that isn’t mine sitting next to my tv and it may be too late to return it to its rightful owner
  • YOUR SUPER HERO NAME: “i can’t believe you finished all that wine by yourself” woman
  • WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE FROM US? awesome worldbuilding, chill people, and plots that i will inevitably cry about because i have a lot of feelings okay

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Beast - Kylo Ren (Version 1)

This is based off of Beauty and the Beast, so don’t hate me for the rushed romance! I might be posting the second version I have of this story. It’s longer than this (somehow) and more plot intensive. 

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You paced around your prison, your holding cell, glancing around the room in the search for any means of escape. The dark grey walls were solid, no cracks, or sliding panels. You slumped against the wall in defeat. You rested your head in your heads, trying not to think of the hopeless Resistance. It was your job to gather intel from The First Order but judging by your predicament now, you had failed. The urge to cry was overwhelming in that moment, but when the door to the cell opened, your tears faded away.

“Look at this,” hissed the creature, Kylo Ren. His dark cloaks making his already imposing frame even more intimidating. “It seems the Resistance recruits young, how shameful.” You stood up, a surge of rage coursing through your veins. You looked directly into the eyes of the mask, still unable to see proof that the beast inside was in fact human.

“The Resistance isn’t the one stealing children from their homes, training them to be heartless killing machines. You’re a monster.” As you spoke, the pictures you had seen of Stormtrooper recruitment camps flashed in your mind. Malnourished and stolen from their homes, the children were given no choice but to fight. These thoughts only strengthened your resolve and you stood up a little straighter. He seemed taken aback at your statement, shifting slightly from where he stood. As you continued to stare into the mask, you didn’t notice the tears streaming down your cheeks; but Kylo Ren did. He saw your heart in the tears that slid down your face and it was unlike anything he had ever seen.

“You’re right,” he muttered, turning to look away from your face.  His words left you silent, shocked at his answer. The eyes of the mask met your gaze once more before the cloaked figure left your cell. Before the second the metal door shut, you could’ve sworn that you saw the infamous Kylo Ren hang his head in defeat. You shook the thought from your mind, in an attempt to calm it. You brushed a hand under your eye, collecting the tears that had fallen against your will. You stared at the droplets on your fingertips, thoughts racing to your brain; but instead of traveling into the uncharted space that was Kylo Ren’s beastly behavior, you just sat on the uncomfortable cot. Your encounter with The First Order’s deadly symbol left you feeling a renewed sense of hope. You shifted to lie down, your thoughts of home and the Resistance; but as you drifted off to sleep, thoughts of the man behind the mask poked at your heart.

As Kylo Ren made his way down the halls of the new First Order base, Stormtroopers and lieutenants alike made way for his darkness. His mind was still whirling from the confrontation with the prisoner. His feet carried him to the security room which held a multitude of screens that were linked to camera throughout the base. The moment he walked through the door, the single guard stood up shakily. Kylo suppressed a mocking laugh at the fear in the guards wide eyes.

“Kylo Ren, Sir. What is the reasoning behind this visit?” Kylo cocked his head as the frightened man spoke. He must be new to the base.

“My own research,” Ren said coldly, “unless you have something to hide.” The guard shook his head quickly, sweat dripping down his forehead. Kylo took sadistic pride in the terror he instilled in the man, but felt a tug at his soul. The light that had stolen the air from his lungs when he first laid his eyes on the captive. Before his dark facade fell completely, Kylo spoke up once more. “Good. Now,” he took a dramatic step forward, “show me the prisoner.”

You weren’t sure on how much time had passed since your first ‘chat’ with Kylo Ren, but it felt like ages had passed. So when he finally returned to your small cell, still hidden behind his mask, you wondered why you wanted him to come back in the first place.

“What do you want?” Surprisingly, your tone wasn’t as hostile as you thought it would be. You noticed the fallen Jedi’s shoulder relax when you spoke, triggering memories of the first meeting and the confusion that ensued after.

“You came here, knowing there was a chance you’d never return back to the Resistance.” You watched as he took another step towards you, towering over your frame. “Yet you came to steal information from us. Why?” You raised an eyebrow, causing the mask to shift slightly as the creature inside awaited your answer.

“For the greater good of others,” you whispered back. “The people back home don’t deserve to suffer under your treachery.” Your words hung in the air as Kylo Ren stood still. You felt nervous at not knowing what he was thinking when the realization hit you. If he was in fact trained in the ways of the Force, why hadn’t he used his power to simply read your thoughts.

“How can you see such beauty in those you hardly know?” Despite the voice altering mask, you could almost hear a hint of sadness when he spoke.

“Their spirit, the fight in their souls,” you paused in thought, “it’s not hard to see. They care for one another, so I care for them. It’s family, in a way.” Your eyes traveled to the ground. You were getting lost in the memories of those you missed when you heard a click and a hissing sound. You looked up, watching as his hands lifted the heavy mask from his face.

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Riverdale Photo Crackcap 109

Subtitled: Red Riding Hood Suggests a Sticky Maple to Douchie Bolton

Thanks, a lot MOM….Polly’s gonna do freaky things with red clad gingers and maple syrup and you’ve cock-blocked Juggie and me this episode, so I’m looking at a six WEEK plan and no way am I gonna last another 6 hours….Maybe next week I can give him a SUPER SPESHUL present for his 16th birthday (me, very naked)……day dreaming about what I’m gonna do is way better than this class….

Yep….still need to stretch my legs all over the place because of the colossal chubby I have for Betty, non-stop, 24/7. I hope my “birthday present” is her very naked, without any of our stupid freakin’ friends anywhere to be seen….but we aren’t really important to this Ginger Porno thing this week. Just RAS knows we’re actually more popular, so we get honorable mentions. At least I have snax…

Now those two jerks are even having daydreams about each other and not MEEEEEE!!! And I wore one of Mr. Rogers’s cardigans and everything….why aren’t I the entire central focus of their lives any more???

Candy Man, Candy Man, Candy Man…..should I wear an outfit with sleeves? I’ve heard they “keep you warm”. Is this true?

Don’t cry, V…not ALL cardigans are as hideous as Archie’s Mr. Rogers Collection ones. I have something really cute, in lacy pointelle you can borrow. Or they have these things call “coats and jackets”—like Juggie wears so the viewers can’t tell he’s built. Even though it fools no one. 

Andd…..I’m gonna wear a locket, tooo!!! Or at least a pendant!!

Yes, Kevin, I have discovered pendants and sleeves. Yes, Kevin, I am still your fabulous BFF hag…

See Ethel? I can so to wear sleeves….and a pendant!

And I can dress like a dweeb from 1977….and have my own file on what shady rubbish your dad is. Don’t know why you all are judging Jughead, your dad’s a way bigger criminal. Do you wanna see?

Twincest time!!! Come join our cult family at our “little festival” Gingervitus!! Also, I see your dad is really into low tech, huh? A corded, rotary landline??? Is he some weird, plaid wearing Amish????

Bet on it!!! Head in the Game!!! Clowns Never Laughed Before!!! My Johnny Bravo School Musical Snooze Plot returns!!!

Ummmm……..neither Betty nor myself seem to be in the episode much, but they know we’re actually way more popular/show’s break out couple…so I’m here. To frown (because no Betty and you guys are keeping me from jacking off while thinking about Betty) and judge your creepy, red garbed, sticky maple, ginger cult. And also, this new guitar means I have to listen to Douchie here caterwaul again.

Plus I kinda suspect SouthPark was onto something about you weird assed copper tops.

Oh DW Douchie, you’ll LOVE it!! And fit right in! You ARE “one of us” after all! You even wore RED!!!

Okay, this is weird….Polly, Betty misses you….also, you aren’t ginger? Oh….if you’re gonna spawn one it counts, too?

All I wanted was a place to live and my baby….now I’m standing in fucking snow with all these freaks and they want me to do WHAT with this bucket? And my prego belly makes extra $$$ from the syndicate? How do I escape this bullshit? I actually want my mom to lecture me again!

Ummmm…..is this always this creepy? And why do we need to get naked and sacrifice a lamb? And why do you look like a pornographic Little Red Riding Hood? Wait….do WHAT with the bucket of syrup?

Hail Satan and Tally Hoooooo!!! Go Sticky Maple!!!

General Danvers ‘The Heat’ au, from a discussion with @alittlelesspain

Astra as Shannon, the detective, and Alex as Sarah, the FBI Special Agent. Alura as Astra’s despairing Captain. Hank as Alex’s superior officer.

So, Alex and Astra are forced to work together in an attempt to take down the local drug cartel. The plot is pretty much the same, except its gay.

But basically, think of specific scenes.

Astra, the leather jacket wearing, Rosa Diaz aesthetic detective, meeting Alex, with her proper suits and dead straight short hair, and thinking, I am not working with this incredibly attractive incredibly irritating looking woman. Going on the ‘where are the captain’s balls’ rant when Alura explains that they have to work together. Alura sitting there with her head in her hand while Astra prowls around the office looking for her balls, and when its finally over, she stands up, puts her hands on her sister’s shoulders, and says, ‘are you done now? Is it over? Do you feel better?’

Astra grumbles and lets her sister hug her and agrees to work with Alex, but threatens that she might end up destroying those stupid suits.

Alex, in turn, seeing this tall, athletic, beautiful detective with a scowl like thunder, seeing her methods and her attitude, and turning to Hank to say, ‘I can’t work with her’. Hank asks if its because she’s unprofessional or because Alex finds her attractive. Alex turns bright red. ‘Me? Why would you say that?! Maybe you’re attracted to her, hA!’ ‘I am a married gay man, Agent Danvers’.

On their way to stake out a night club, a car beeps, and Alex sees a small, well dressed woman turn in her seat, her fingers splayed in a V over her mouth, her tongue stuck through, and Astra flips her off as she goes past. ‘Who was that?’ Alex asks, thinking that perhaps it was Astra’s girlfriend. Astra grumbles. ‘Our DA, Lucy Lane. And my sister’s girlfriend’. Astra tells Alex that unless she wants to watch Alura freak out in the middle of the precinct because she’s shy and wants to keep things professional in the work space, she should refrain from mentioning her relationship with Lucy. (‘How dARE yOU detectIVE iN-Ze I AM yOUr suPeRIOr ofFICER!!!’ ‘Sister you’ve been going out for two years’ ‘mE slEEP wiTH a LAWYER??’ Alura learnt a lot from her mentor, Captain Holt)

At the club, Astra fits in easily, and takes it upon herself to ‘fix’ Alex’s look so that she fits in. Alex being flustered and irritated in equal measure when Astra takes a knife to her favourite shirt, rips her pants off, insults her spanks and ruffles her hair so that its no longer straight. Foreshadowing.

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Did you fall or did you let go?

Word Count: 1092 (omg idek how I did this)

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Suicide mention, sweariiiing, angst?????? and I think that’s all.

A/N: Hello hello hello! Welcome back to another chapter of “trying to write something coherent with Anna” I hope this is better than the last thing I wrote lol Anyway, Dear EVan Hansen is such a good musical and you should totally listen to it. The thing is that I really liked the plot and I THINK the title is a phrase from the show, so… enjoy


She was actually happy for the fact that she was going to see the show and not take part in it. But she didn’t expect it to be because she fell while climbing a tree and broke her leg.

“How’s the princess doing?”

“Fuck off, Daveed.  At least I don’t have to worry about fucking things up like you do every night” The afro laughed and hugged her before sitting next to her.

“Don’t judge if we suck. I mean, I may fuck up, but don’t judge them, okay?” The girl chuckled and said she didn’t promise anything, which was true; she had a habit of wanting things perfect and if she found even the minimum bad thing she would make a big deal out of it. After a couple of minutes, Jasmine and Phillipa came on stage walking like models and posing for ‘the cameras’ “You suck”

“You love us aaaaaaaaaaaand we came to take Daveed, people is about to get in, you should go and get changed” The curly haired said and disappeared as soon as she heard the front door open. Daveed got up and kissed her cheek before going to the dressing rooms just in time to not get caught by that day’s audience. Y/N laughed when Groff’s voice was played and her eyes shined as soon as she heard the famous opening song


When intermission came she wasted no time in getting up and going backstage as good as she could with her crutches.

Once she got there, someone grabbed her bridal style making her squeal and almost fell of those arms.

“Oh my god, I think I can’t hear anything. You sure you don’t want to use your screams for a horror movie, Y/N?”

“NO, I prefer to use them when I need to scream your name to make you cum” Y/N rolled her eyes at Anthony’s suggestion and made sure Jasmine knew it was a joke and he wasn’t cheating on her.

“How’s the damsel doing?” Lin’s voice was heard from his dressing room door and Anthony let Y/N on her feet and handed her the crutches even though he helped her walking to Lin’s dressing room. Once there he excused himself and went to his own to get ready for act 2.

“Good, first time I’m allowed to go out after just laying on bed for a month or so. How are you doing?” She smiled and sat on the couch to rest since her leg was hurting like a bitch. Lin was trying to not be too direct, he knew something was up with her but he didn’t know how to ask it so he ended up doing it the best way; he closed the door and turned to look at her.

“Now, how are you really doing?”

“Wh-What do you mean? I’m fi-”

“Y/N, please, do us a favor and stop acting. How are you really doing?” Lin was growing impatient. He wanted to hear a real answer and stop hearing lies for once in 5 months.

“How do you expect me to be? My brother died and it’s my fault”

“No it’s not” Two months ago Y/N’s brother died in a car accident when she called him to come and pick her up. The car was slammed into a wall thanks to a truck driven by a drunken guy. The driver survived but her brother was brutally killed and didn’t even get a chance to come back to life. She blamed herself for that since she was the one that decided not to go home walking or in Lin’s car. After she received the news, the girl locked herself in her room for one month and avoided any contact with the world. After that month, Lin received a call that his best friend was at the hospital in surgery because she fell of a tree.

“YES IT IS! If didn’t have called him to pick me up he would have been here and I wouldn’t have a broken leg right now” At this point of the conversation she was crying and had stood up not caring about the pain that was ranging through her body, she just wanted to finish this as soon as possible. Lin, scared of what could happen if she put herself through those efforts, walked over to where she was standing but quickly stopped when Y/N screamed saying that she didn’t help. “I DON’T CARE IF I GET HURT, HE’S NEVER GOING TO COME BACK”

Everyone outside that dressing room had heard that and stopped doing whatever they were doing. Y/N never got mad to the point where screaming was necessary so they knew this had to be something important. At the same time, something clicked inside Lin’s head, just like a switch, a light bulb went on inside his head.

“Did you fall or did you let go?”


“You know what I mean. Did you fall of the tree while climbing it or did you let go of it in hope the hit would kill you?” The long haired man started approaching her slowly while his eyes filled with water at the thought of his best friend trying to kill herself. “Is that why you stopped talking to me? You were scared I would find out the real reason you can barely walk now?”

“I-It just felt right t-to do it. I mis-missed him, a-and I thought that i-if I did that I c-could bri-bring him back into m-my life in s-some way” Y/N broke down in tears and he automatically hugged her trying to let her know all his feelings through that hug. He didn’t want to see her go. He didn’t want her to think this was the end. She was too young to die and he didn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t there for him.

“Look, I know this can be hard b-but we can sort everything out. W-We can try and get through this together. I-I promise it can and will get better. But let me help you, Y/N” Lin didn’t know if it was the heat of the moment or the look in her eyes, but as soon as soon as he saw how close her face was to his, he didn’t think it twice before laying a light, sweet and sweet kiss on her lips. Once they pulled apart  he pulled her into his chest again and kissed her temple.

“Promise me, that no matter what, you’ll let me be there for you”

“I promise.”

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This chapter makes Levi's choice to "let Erwin rest" so he doesn't have to come back to this "hell" completely worthless since everyone seems to be having a great time and everything is just fine since he died. And they get their Ocean while Erwin doesn't get his Basement?! What the hell was Isayama thinking? I can't be the only one thinking that.

I feel you Anon, and judging by the outpouring of salt from the Eruri fandom, you’re definitely not the only one thinking this. 

This chapter was unsatisfactory on so many levels - the convenient defeat of the Titans, the inexplicable disappearance of Zeke & Reiner, the convenient timeskip and Bob’s your aunty, we’re paddling in the ocean - yay! Many more talented meta writers than me have criticised this chapter from a purely literary perspective (basically the plot and pacing suck) but for me it’s the fact that it effectively negates Erwin’s sacrifice that really stings the most.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for noble sacrifice, for characters who are so selfless that they won’t hesitate to lay down their lives for humanity / their dream / their smol angry husband (delete as appropriate).  And I could have tearfully accepted Erwin’s death if it had meant something, but what has his sacrifice achieved? True, without Erwin leading that last desperate charge they wouldn’t have reached the basement, but beyond that, what impact has his death had on the plot or on the surviving characters?  Nothing.  Nada.  It’s almost as if he didn’t matter.  The only two characters that Erwin’s death appears to have had any impact on are the noble Flocke and, of course, Levi, who has looked dead inside since chapter 84.  Damn.  I’d better stop there.  I’m getting salty all over again. 

Why indeed Flocke, why indeed?

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What do you think about the recent fear that Cas might not be in any episode after 19? Or at least not in 20 and 21?

Hey nonny,

Well, chatting with other meta writers, a lot of us have asks about Cas and just generally seeing

Originally posted by literarycasualty


Twitter, tumblr, everywhere…

Which is awesome, as a Cas girl I love seeing others flailing over him :)

I believe from speaking to others that there is generally a Misha panic this time of year so it seems to be a running theme that they set Cas up for pain around this time and it’s true that having killed him off in season 6/7 I can see why people would be worried. 

I’m not worried now because they had to bring back Misha, he’s a huge part of the show and the fandom, conventions etc and I dont believe he wants to move onto other projects before the show finishes (I may be totally wrong but I dont think so, especially as they’re heading towards the final run now so the end is in sight for them all I imagine, they’ve been talking a lot about episode 300 and season 14 as the potential end).

So I’m not worried for him overall, however for a more specific arc to this season, I think we need 12x19 before we can really judge…

For me this whole season has been a big Cas parallel, in a similar way to how season 11 doesn’t make sense without the Dean/Cas relationship (it supersedes Dean’s bond with Amara and thus leads to so much of the plot for the whole season, just saying). This season aside from clear episodes all about Cas we have seen a million Cas parallels aside from the obvious one in Mick as a dark mirror.

There’s a reason why there is such a huge focus on Cas finding his place and now feeling like he belongs with the Winchesters while Mary doesn’t. Theres a reason the whole season’s arc revolves around Angels again (and a storyline with Lucifer, a nephilim, morality that is easily relatable to Castiel ‘are you an Angel or a Human’ Winchester).

There’s a reason Angels have reared their heads and come offering an olive branch at this point in the season right after Cas tells the boys he loves them and that they are his family. There’s a reason Cas made a double clarification in his I love you’s (see this post for my own take on how clear it is what he meant) and has been kept away from Dean since 12x12, that Dean is in full worried!husband mode. There’s a reason Dean has been letting his facade down and being just done with lying and hopefully will be having an honest confrontation with Mary in 12x22. 

Personally I see Mary and Cas as hugely linked to each other in terms of mirrors and I’m excited to see where this goes towards the end of the season.

All in all I’m not at all worried that Cas will die permanently. Perhaps bad things may happen in 12x19? But it will be to lead to more interesting things happening later on…even if it is much much later on…

As I said in this post :

We as fans are missing Cas every episode since 12x12 (even 12x15 only had marginal Cas and no real Dean/Cas other than both times it was gloriously, clearly, romanticised). Imagine what this is doing to Dean.

Plus all the Saileen / Destiel parallels in 12x17 and just generally pure, good old Pining!Dean and Worried!Dean.

Because we are supposed to be worried, to be missing him because Dean is worried and missing him and off course this flows through to the show’s narrative and they’re making us feel this (and I’m sure Sam too of course but its not the same).

We all are like…

So it’s a normal reaction to be worried about potentially not seeing Cas in the filming etc for episodes after 12x19 but personally even if he isn’t in them for whatever reason I’m not worried. I’ve been personally speculating that he may be separated from them for a while end of this / next season anyway and now that this theory is around that he’s missing it kinda fits, but this is just my own personal speculation and not at all the consensus or based on anything that other’s don’t know and I have lots of different speculation theories, this is just one of them.

If he is missing then I still think it’ll be overall a good thing as it’ll lead to more Pining!Dean and Worried!Dean which is kind of my jam (I like anything that textually shows how much they care about each other) and also allows them to drag out their romantic story without having to put it on the back burner while they go around as usual which would be weird…. although I’ll be honest more glorious worrying for each other, bickering yet dropping everything to help and protect each other like 12x10 for a whole season wouldn’t go amiss.

If he isn’t missing and they just are messing with us hiding Misha or if my other favourite wild speculation, that Cas is human in a different outfit so they’re hiding him, this panic will be obsolete anyway :)

Either way - panic not until the bad thing happens, there’s enough bad things that do happen in SPN that I try not to worry about speculation that bad things might happen!

I’m going to add my 2 cents to all this drama of ep 13.

I’m going to start by saying that I haven’t played the episode but for all I know thanks to the spoilers I get the whole idea behind this episode and I would like to share my thoughts. (Quick note: if something is worded funny or written wrong, excuse me, english isn’t my first language).

Warning, if you’re someone that gets offend easily, save yourself and your time, I’m gonna be a little bit rude on some parts of this because really, all this drama is quite ridiculous for me (though, this doesn’t mean I don’t understand it since I do but also I do see beyond that) and I’m going to explain why under the cut. (Second warning, this is loooooooong)

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bc i’m cliché i need a ‘my sister is getting married and she begged me not to steal her thunder and hookup with a groomsmen but i HAVE to be drunk when i make my speech and the best man is too hot in that tux to stay away from’ ok i swear this could be good

Elizabeth Midford : sharing Ciel’s lineage or not?

I hope you’re not bored of me yet with these analyses about chapter 103 (here and here) and the new information about the Phantomhives that I’m trying to connect to old ones. This time it’s about our Lizzie, Ciel’s cousin and fiancée.

As you all know, the German Shinigamis have said that Ciel noticing them might be because of “his lineage” and Lizzie and him are connected through their respective parents, so I tried to reflect on that.

Warning: spoilers everywhere and lengthy post. 

First of all, I don’t think I have to remind you that, unlike Vincent that we’ve only seen in flashbacks, Frances, Ciel’s aunt, has shown to be rather eccentric several times: Presented as very strong, finding Sebastian disgusting when most women (and men, with Arthur Conan Doyle) think he’s attractive/handsome, catching him through the crowd when he decided to just leave, so he wouldn’t be noticed by ‘troublesome people’…

She hasn’t appeared much in the story yet but I’m sure you could all notice that she wasn’t just your average noble lady (badass is the best describing word) and maybe she’ll have a bigger importance to the plot later, since I think she’s resolved to avenge her brother (after all, she’s the one who told Ciel that “the best chance to counter your opponents is when they’re attacking you”).

It’s hard to judge neutrally, but since Ciel’s “lineage” definitely comes from the Phantomhive blood, there is a high chance that all of Frances’ traits that Yana uses “comically” are more than just there for fun (chapter 14 aside since it was her introduction and so early in the plot, the fact Yana used them again in the Campania arc and at Weston college might be our clue).  

So back to Elizabeth, I reread some of the manga chapters after chapter 103 was released, and I could notice several things that now can have a different sense thanks to it. 

The first point is that Elizabeth is physically strong: strangling Ciel aside, a gesture we all thought was just comical (who knows), there are other times when she’s shown to be stronger and it’s not always funny. For instance:

Oh yeah I know, it might just be the fact she’s a genius at fencing. I thought so too, but then in chapter 75…

Ahahah, we all laughed at that moment I’m sure…

I don’t know, that last panel didn’t seem that necessary to me. Sure it was funny, but Edward is older, almost a man, and yet he collapsed after one punch from his little sister, and there is one important point to remember: being fantastic at fencing doesn’t mean having such raw strength and that a punch from her is enough to literally knock someone out.
Still, as I said above it’s hard to judge when Yana uses those moments as comic relief, so I’d understand many people not taking that as granted. It might or not mean something, I just advise to keep them in mind.  

The second point is about her fight on the Campania. I assume it was her first real fight, with her life truly endangered by the bizarre dolls even if it was never said and despite the fact she had participated in several fencing tournament before it, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.
Finding swords so not cute and hoping for Ciel never to find out about her capacities, it’s obvious she probably always fought the least possible, only when she had to, in those tournaments or in the rare moments her life was in danger (since the Midford family isn’t exactly from the Underworld) which is why her fighting on the Campania is a rare event, even for her (because she probably never cut her opponents’ heads in the tournaments or when she was training).  

Aside from the fact that she’s a genius with swords and that it took her less time to get one on a wall above her head than it took Sebastian to reach her when he was running (Irony. That part surprised me a lot actually), she’s got amazing moves…

And not only when fighting. I’m digressing a bit but…

I’ll add that she’s wearing a corset in both cases, and a heavy dress in that second panel (she inherited Mama’s badassery for sure). I know, I know, it’s comic relief again, but doesn’t that remind you of…

…Sebastian going at full power to catch the Undertaker?
Just saying…

No but seriously, back to the Campania arc, I also noticed something very interesting, namely that she probably has a sixth sense (a bit similar to Ciel in chapter 103 isn’t it?). And it’s shown twice.

Notice the panel with her eye as two bizarre dolls attack her from behind? Well doesn’t it look like she felt them behind her back before turning around to skewer them at the same time?

Also, right after that moment…

Ciel is clearly the one she has her back to in that scene, and he’s busy witnessing her awesomness which is why he doesn’t notice at first that there are two corpses ready to attack him. However…

…She notices, probably because she “felt it” like the first example above, while having her back turned to him. If that’s not a sixth sense I don’t know what is, and you have to respect Yana’s sense of complexity who managed to hide such an important detail amongst a fighting scene that no one was expecting. This two scenes are already proof that she and Ciel definitely share something coming from that lineage Sascha and Rudgar mentioned in chapter 103.

Also remember that part?

In my opinion, Grell had already revealed themselves when they had started to fight Sebastian a few chapters before, which is why Ciel and Elizabeth can also see them and Ronald (otherwise why weren’t they surprised when Elizabeth asked who they were, two chapters before, to which Sebastian called them a contagious pervert?), but they definitely look like there is something bothering them about Elizabeth, and either it’s her good fighting capacities or it’s the fact she was shown having a really high intuition in an intense battle.
I mean, they don’t even look like they’re ready to counter her quick attack and she’s supposed to be human.

Opinions will probably diverse from mine but that’s how I understood this whole fight.  

One last thing that I wondered about and that might be linked to the lineage part. 

Just why were Ciel and Elizabeth engaged to each other? And why did it happen so soon? 

We don’t know exactly how old they were when they betrothed to each other, but flashbacks and side stories seem to suggest that it happened when they were quite young, and it doesn’t really make sense when we know that neither Vincent and Frances were betrothed to anybody before their weddings to their spouses, and when Edward isn’t engaged either (and he’s older than both of them and a future marquis).

Also, Frances was born and raised as a Phantomhive, she lost her brother, and probably her mother as well, to the Watchdog duty, so why accepting to marry her daughter into that cursed family when she knows there is a high chance that she will die because of Ciel’s work?

(Look at the panel above, she doesn’t seem that happy at the prospect of Elizabeth becoming a Phantomhive, probably because it brings bad memories like Claudia’s death…)

Since they were probably betrothed as young children, Frances had no way to know Elizabeth would be such a genius at fencing, aside from guessing/hoping her daughter would be like her.
Of course Vincent could have forced the engagement, but he didn’t seem to be like that and I honestly can’t see Frances being forced to do anything by her own brother (and Alexis wouldn’t have agreed if his wife had been against it). 

So why?    

Well, if we take in consideration the Phantomhive “lineage” that both Lizzie and Ciel seem to possess (Lizzie to a higher degree apparently with the physical strength and sixth sense revealed earlier than Ciel’s), it makes sense. They were engaged to each other in hope that the Phantomhive lineage they were both supposed to have would offer a greater protection to the dangers brought by the Watchdog job (the fact Lizzie is so strong was discovered after and became another reason to keep her engaged to Ciel, especially since young!Ciel appeared so weak, like his mother).

However, that means that somehow Vincent and Frances were aware that they had quite the particular lineage and that’s enhancing even more Vincent’s link to the Undertaker and the Undertaker’s link to Claudia, as well as Frances’ annoyed/disgusted behavior towards Sebastian.

Those are the points to think about, while we wait for Yana’s answers. 

Thanks for reading, and just keep in mind that since Frances and Elizabeth seem so similar in terms of strength and many other things, if one is more than human, then the other definitely is as well!

(Lmao just kidding with that last picture! ^^)


Osomatsu-san/OFF fusion, because Jyushimatsu and baseball and Judge and Ichimatsu and cat. 

I kinda try to fit them into the idea of the character, so this’d be like another very different version of OFF, which is probably a lot louder and more chaotic. 

also you can tell Iyami is gonna be Dedan from the teeth, and Totoko is Sugar maybe. And Matsuyo is the Queen, of course. 

it’d hurt a bit if everything proceeds as the original plot dictated

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what i meant was i saw a deathshipping thing you drew and you tagged it as "sinful" and it made me feel very uncomfortable, i felt more relieved knowing youre a man, but the thought of someone using this stuff in bad ways and AGREEING with "gays=sin" isnt pleasing, this was not about your nsfw art, it was a fluffy image, but also thinking of gay sex being sinful or sinning isnt very kind either, i dont wanna be a fun ruiner or anything its just a lot of people find discomfort in that stuff

OH OK I found the post.  (That post is from 2015 thats why I didn’t remember thank you for clarifying)

 I used to feel kinda conflicted about deathshipping bc Y Malik is…well Y Malik.  Kind of destructive and obviously not the most positive person to the plot.  One of the first kinda crack ships I ever really liked?  I tend to self depreciate out of habit when I like something I think people might judge me for.  It was absolutely a poor choice of words, though, and definitely gives off a vibe i didnt intend an I apologize for it. Tag has been removed. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. 

I tend to jokingly refer to all porn/the act of drawing porn as sin personally, regardless of the genders of people involved. Though my art IS typically men, what with me being gay and all, so I can see how people might see that connection. Its more me joking about concept of making porn itself and the act of drawing something self indulgent and sexual (especially furry stuff), bc it helps me feel less guilty and anxious about it, like im beating whoever might judge me to the punch, and kind of be like haha whatever, and own it.  Though that might not be clear to everyone so I’m trying to use it less bc people see it and associate it with the bad habits of non mlm fandom, and just keep it as a joke between me and my other non straight friends. 

lolirock season 2 episode ranks~<3

well I got a green light from the lolirock team, so here’s my rank of fav episodes and what I enjoy about the episode XD


and the BEST episode goes toooo: FORGET YOU!

this is the episode that gave me so much inspiration to do a backstory for Praxina, literally every animator here had so much feels for praxina after watching this episode, some even cried.T.T

and now episodes that are equally EPIC but not as best as the above(sorry XD):

-Princess Brenda P1& 2: I wanted to animate this!!Why? cause mephisto and praxina rocks here,the beautiful visuals of them showing off their powers are seriously wow!

-Stop in the name of Lev P1 & 2: prepare for uncertainty and heartbreaks~~ This really reminds you that ephidea is at war and why people are what they are.

-Truth be told: prepare to be mindblown for this episode, really,I only got to see the character designs and story board, but even that was already very shocking, truth be told indeed……

-Wicked Red: OK, every animator had fun with Auriana here, we did a lot of acting, n crazy hair flippings haha, favourite episode of auriana so far.

-Amaru-niverse: Best Amaru episode ever! also because we  have creatve freedom to do what ever we want to make him super uber lovable  =W= 

- Dancing shoes: awesome Talia episode, was gonna be my last episode but they gave me something else to handle. none the less, i am sure my friends will do a good job for Talia.

-Cute as a doll: ok I had fun torturing Lyna =P but many animators love doing Lyna and Carissa~

-Super cute kitten: this tittle is very hilariously ironic, i was in charge of animating the big revelation scene, so do look forward! XD

-Desert heat: prepare tissues for this too, it was the last episode I handled a special arc for Auriana.

-Puppylove: my best animation sequence,we are getting a lot of amaru this season, and a lot of surprises in store for him.

-If you can’t beat em: we had fun with mephisto~~then again we always do, prepare for a lot of laughing in this episode~! XD

- Amateur hour: A simple story, but wow the fight sequence and acting with this side character was so good.

-Rex: a certain someone is back~, tho animating him was quite hard ==(his facial proportions are really hard to keep on model), but I got best animation so not complaining XD

-Statue game: Carissa,go~!! she is fast becoming my favourite to animate.I think her personality can be relate able to many girls out there.

-The ruby of the Orient: another simple story but I love the sub character and the delivery of the mystery and plot twist.

This is the end of my list, some of you might be wondering why I didn’t put the big epic finale, “Crowning Glory” up, thats because I only saw the character designs and story, I will only judge it once i see more news from my friends.

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So why do you consider GuP to be so good? (I'm not disagreeing, but I want your two-cents on the topic.)

When I watch an anime I watch it for a certain reason. If I watch a romance I want to get some doki dokis. If I watch a comedy I want a laugh. If an ecchi then I expect some plot. I rarely just pick an anime for the heck of it. 

So what do you expect from an anime literally called “Girls and Tanks”? Well the answer is in the title and judging by the title most people think it’s all a joke. Maybe you expect some grim plot twist or maybe it’s just full of ecchi and absolutely no story. But I assure you that nothing is further from the proof. Girls und Panzer is one of the few shows that executes exactly what it promises so well and turns something that sounds stupid into something quite enjoyable.

Originally posted by mor3ndo

First off I want to talk about the characters. Wow I love everyone in this show, GuP has a wide variety of characters with all types of personalities. Aside from the main characters we have a colorful assortment of side characters with each one being likable in their own sense and they bring something unique the show. Watching the friendships that form and the bonds everyone shares just always make me tear up.

Originally posted by misterjakes

The second best thing about GuP are THE FREAKING TANK BATTLES! These things are so fun to watch and are hype as fuck. Seeing how the different battle strategies come into play mixed with great animation is just so gooood. You can tell this show was made with the help of tank otakus because the tanks are so well done. 

Originally posted by chizurusakaki

The other thing I love about GuP is its OST. All the musical pieces in the show fit so well. They are catchy, funny, exciting, and just flat out funny sometimes.

Originally posted by griffmstr

And last but not least I want to mention the World Building the creators did when making this show. The amount of imagination and creativity that went through to make something so ridiculous work will always amaze me. They thought everything through. And I mean everything. I plan on making a full analysis on just how expansive the world is in the future so look for it.

Originally posted by nishizumistyle

And that’s honestly as much of a terrible job I can do to describe my love for the show without spoiling anything. Just watch it and you’ll understand. You can’t go wrong with girls and tanks and I hope you watch this amazing show sometime.

Originally posted by d-meter

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There have been a lot of jokes about Hideo Kojima lately, and I don't really understand them. Does Kojima do something really weird with his games or something?

Buckle up friend because here is what I know about Hideo Kojima (entirely through second hand information) and it’s a wild ride:

Hideo Kojima is something of an industry icon, having worked on a lot of games, most notably the Metal Gear series. Here are some things I know about the Metal Gear series (again, I haven’t played any of these games, but,):

  • Quiet has her tits out so that she can breathe…through her skin… (and Kojima thinks we should be ashamed for judging her for this)
  • There’s a scene were a male character (I’m pretty sure his name is Raiden) runs around naked (which is apparently totally the same thing as objectifying Quiet)
  • A woman jumps out of a helicopter to save the rest of the people on board from the bomb that’s in her vagina.
  • There’s some dude who soils himself, like, a lot?
  • Hideo Kojima put himself in one of the games
  • Actually, maybe more than one? I forget.
  • Apparently there’s some deep plot about international ballistic politics
  • The plots are famously indecipherable, though
  • Mads Mikkelson, who is IN Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding, doesn’t understand the plot, so people are assuming it’s even more convoluted
  • Plus, he’s without the oversight of his old company, Konami, who once forced him to not make his boss fight 2-3 weeks long, so it could be extremely weird indeed
  • Just wondering, does anyone understand Kojima’s plots? Does Kojima?
  • (It might be like the Emperor’s New Clothes I’M JUST SAYING)

Anyway, people really like his games, which, again, I have not played, so more power to them. But yes, he does something really weird with his games. Lots of things, in fact.

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I'm curious what your thoughts on Shakespeare and feminism are. I have such wildly different opinions myself because I think he wrote some very strong female characters, and then he wrote Taming of the Shrew (there are other examples- but that one is the worst in my mind). Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

I’m flattered you’d want to hear my opinion on this because I am not a Shakespeare scholar and am by no means an expert! I haven’t read all the plays yet, and I haven’t read Taming of the Shrew, although I’m aware it involves a man ‘taming’ a woman into conforming with patriarchal notions of gender roles. I need to read the play before I can form an opinion, but my question would be this: does Shakespeare endorse the actions of his characters? Is this ‘taming’ presented in an uncritical light? Could it be read in a different way, as a critique of gender roles and what women are forced to endure? Could it in any way be highlighting the artificiality of gender roles, and suggesting that they’re a social construct and not inherently natural? (I could be, and probably am, way off with this, but these are the questions I’ll be thinking about when I read the play). In Hamlet, Ophelia seems to lack agency and is obedient to the male characters. But her story is a very powerful one and is often read as a critique of patriarchal court culture and the enormous pressure it places on women, which seems to drive Ophelia out of her mind. 

From the plays I have read, my opinion is that Shakespeare writes very interesting, compelling, and complex female characters. Lady Macbeth. Portia. Juliet. Cleopatra. Goneril and Regan. Ophelia. They’re not the silent plot devices one often finds in Greek and Roman comedy, for example. They have their own desires and passions and motivations and goals. They have a voice. They act. Even quiet, passive Ophelia has her moment. They are all intelligent and strong in their own way, and often they defy or subvert gender conventions. 

But what does this tell us about Shakespeare and his attitude towards women? I don’t think we can really judge what his personal views were from his plays. Because his characters’ beliefs and opinions are not necessarily his beliefs and opinions. To what extent does any particular character’s views and beliefs reflect Shakespeare’s own views and beliefs? To what extent (if any?) does Shakespeare endorse or uphold a particular character’s views and beliefs and/or actions? I made a similar point about Euripides. His Medea gives a wonderful speech about the inequalities and double standards imposed on women in Greek society, but some of his other characters express a lot of misogyny. How can we tell what Euripides’ own view was? We can’t. We definitely know that neither Shakespeare nor Euripides were feminists, because the feminist movement didn’t exist in their times. To call either of them a feminist would be anachronistic, I think. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they (or others living in their times) were unaware of the inequalities and struggles women faced, or that they unquestioningly accepted prescribed gender roles. The fact that Medea’s speech exists at all is proof of this, I think. Shakespeare was writing under Elizabeth I (and later James), the daughter of a woman accused of adultery and witchcraft, a highly educated woman in a position of power, who defied gender conventions by refusing to marry and ruling in her own right. 

I think what Shakespeare and the Greek tragedians do is question things and make people think. Rather than endorsing one view over another, their plays usually seem to present both sides of an argument. 

Whatever his personal beliefs about the appropriate position of women in society, Shakespeare’s plays suggest that he at least saw women as individual human beings, separate from their husbands and male relatives, with their own minds, wills, and capabilities. 

I still have my suspicions as to whether Hide is actually dead. 

I’m not in denial I am using logic.

I can see this being an intentionally ambiguous ending because the animators didn’t actually know whether he was meant to survive or not. They end in the same place as the manga, this way they can continue on in to :re without accidentally messing up the plot even though they did a pretty good job of that in √A.

Also, most of the time in TG they hit us over the head with character’s deaths to let us know they are actually dead - Mado, Hinami’s mom, etc. However, the more ambiguous death scenes TEND to result in the character being alive - Amon, Rize, Seidou, Yoshimura, etc. all appear(ed) dead but are not. TG seems to be a “If you didn’t see them definitely die on screen then they’re aren’t dead” kind of deal.

I think it’s too early to judge.  Hide was still responding to Kaneki before he walked out of Anteiku with him, it is still perfectly reasonable for him to be alive. 


“Oh fuck is he still breathing?”

“Oh phew, false alarm”

My thoughts after seeing the new Fire Emblem If Trailer.

So I would just highlight a few things I found interesting or liked in the new trailer.

1) Aqua, Kamui and the Strange Portals

A couple of scenes showed Kamui and Aqua traveling through blue portals. Aqua’s shot also showed bits of broken up land floating in the portal as well.

Now this is just speculation, but Aqua’s pendant is glowing blue and in the scene where Kamui seems to be attacking Aqua, they are surrounded by blue light. Seems like more than just a coincidence to me….

2) Kamui’s Sword Changes Appearance

This may reflect leveling/class skills, or maybe the choices you make. Hopefully this means you can alter your sword for various situations. I’m not sure if this is relevant, but in both cases we see this type of appearance, Kamui seems to have sided with Hoshido, but I don’t really know if that is relevant at all.

3) Lilith Potentially Outside of the the My Castle area

I’m not sure what Kamui is saying, but is seems as if this isn’t in the My Castle area, so maybe this means that Lilith can join you in battles at some point.

4) Aqua’s Battle Animations

I  mean that spear looks like an impressive weapon.

And she looks so sassy when she gains exp.

5) Werewolves of some sort (probably in Nohr)

The character design looks pretty decent and the wolf design has quite an oriental look with the strange mask like face. Werewolves are pretty awesome, so this is almost enough to console me given Kistune are Hoshido exclusive.

6) The Ninja Rides a Lion/Dog Creature (Puppet?) after Changing Classes

I mean, who wouldn’t want a battle dog? Though a couple of people have mentioned that it might be one of those puppet lions (Shishimai Dance Lion).

7) Camilla is confirmed to be some sort of Wyvern rider

I suspected originally that Wyverns would be Nohr exclusive and Pegasi will be Hoshido exclusive. Judging by the two older royal sisters this will indeed be the case.

Also given Camilla’s class is Revenant Knight and the wyvern is riding has ominously red eyes, maybe it is an undead wyvern?

8) The comparison shots of your siblings. Namely my two fave siblings: Kamui’s big brothers and little sisters.

9) Avatar Customization looks great!

This Kamui just looks really cute, but also like a pretty serious warrior I think.


And that’s all from me. Sorry about the long post. :)

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Prompt: Grog remembers Nala

I’m so sorry, I’m sure you were hoping for something sappy or sweet with Grog but A. I’m not great at writing Grog and B. I only barely remember who Nala is. Instead, have this modern AU of a very stupid conversation.

Percy doesn’t remember eating any of Keyleth’s pot brownies but he feels like he must have because this entire conversation is so surreal.

He’s lying flat on his back on the floor of Pike’s apartment, which also lends credence to the idea that maybe he’s just stoned, but Pike doesn’t have a lot of seating in her apartment and Grog takes up about half of it. Trinket is lying next to him under the coffee table and at some point in Percy’s life, the idea of laying on the floor next to a drooling mastiff would have been humiliating but he’s long past that.

Somewhere above him, Grog is pontificating on a childhood crush he only half remembers.

“She had blonde hair ‘n blue eyes. I don’t really remember the movie. Something ‘bout a king gettin’ killed and then they gotta take back the throne, I dunno. Real violent.”

Vax, who is probably stoned, responds slowly. “Blonde hair and blue eyes isn’t that specific. That could be Hannah Montana for all I know.”

“Was there regicide on Hannah Montana?” Percy wonders out loud.

Scanlan, who is definitely stoned, hums and says, “Not that I remember.”

Percy tries to turn his head in Scanlan’s direction but his view is blocked by Trinket. Trinket licks Percy’s forehead and he wrinkles his nose. “Did you watch Hannah Montana?”

“Yeah? Kaylie was a kid once, y’know.”

“Did she like it?”

“No. Regicide might have helped.”

“A movie where a king dies,” Vex says from her position on the couch. Her feet are kicked up on the coffee table, which means that if Percy looks straight up, all he can see are her thighs. They’re nice thighs, speaking from experience. 

Gods, he has to be stoned.

Vex continues on, oblivious to Percy’s inner confusion. “That narrows it down a little, doesn’t it? Was it the Sword and the Stone?”

“Was there even a girl in that?” Pike asks. “I’m pretty sure there wasn’t.”

“Mmm, s’a witch,” Keyleth mumbles, half asleep and face down on Pike’s lap. “Sexist.”

Pike pats the back of her head.

“Maybe you’re just remembering the movie wrong, Grog,” Vex says.

“Nah, got a perfect memory.”

Vax snorts. “Except for the part where you can’t remember her name.”

Grog grunts. “Look, the king’s brother kills him, the prince goes into hiding, later he takes his throne back, I’m talking ‘bout his girlfriend.”

Percy blinks rapidly at the back of Vex’s thighs. “That’s the plot of Hamlet. Did you see a production of Hamlet as a kid?”


“Oh my god,” Vex says with a sudden laugh, “That’s the plot of the Lion King. You’re talking about Nala from the Lion King. Grog, did you have a crush on a fucking lion?”

“Yeah, that’s her!” Grog says excitedly, too happy to have finally figured out her name to realize Vex is insulting him.

Vax is nearly choking on his laughter. “Grog, are you a furry? Do you have something you need to tell us? You can open up to us, buddy. We’ll only judge you a little.”

“Am I high?” Percy asks. “Someone please tell me I’m high. I don’t think I can handle this conversation otherwise.”

Vex peers over the couch at him, “Darling, you ate three of those cupcakes. If you weren’t high, why would you be on the floor?”

“Well, I thought that, but then I also thought Keyleth said only the brownies had pot in them.”

“I just assume everything Keyleth bakes has pot in it, honestly,” Pike puts in.

Percy considers this for a long moment. “That’s fair.”

Keyleth snuffles against Pike’s legs, “S’organic.”

Pike pats her head again, “I know, dear.”

Somewhere above him, Percy hears Vax say, “Listen, no - Shut up, Scanlan. Relax, Grog, I’m gonna tell you what a furry is.”

Percy wants another cupcake.