but jongin try a bit harder

EXO’s Reaction to their small girlfriend attempting to be the big spoon

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*Trying to contain himself from bursting out into laughter at your cute.*

“Yes, I know (Y/n), you’re trying your hardest, I’m not laughing.”

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*Isn’t amused at your struggle. Actually just wants to sleep but with you trying to wrap yourself around him, he can’t do anything but lay there with a face (like the one below)*

“(Y/n)..(Y/n), do you know what the human body needs? Sleep. I love and appreciate that you’re trying to fit my body in your little one but it’s easier with me being the big spoon.”

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*Lays in bed with the biggest smile. Your face was mushed onto his back and he can’t handle because your like a little kitty wanting attention. Soon, he can’t help but turn around to be the big spoon.*

“I know you wanted to be the big spoon but you’re too cute. You’re pouting now? Let me give you kisses until you fall asleep.”

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*Being a little ass and pretends he doesn’t know that you’re having a hard time being the big spoon.*

“Come on, babe. I’m waiting to be warmed and comforted by my big spoon, where are you?”

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*Like Baekhyun, except more extra.*

“I don’t know if that was your face on my back or your boobs because you’re so small. Honestly, babe, just let me be the big spoon. I know you like feeling my ‘you-know-what’ down ‘you-know-where’.”

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*In bed laughing the entire time because the height difference is real and it’s hilarious to him. Your entire frame is like half his size and he thinks it cute deep deep down but for now, he wants to tease you.*

“Oh, I’m sure your arms will wrap around me someday. You just have to grow. In the meantime, I’m in charge of being the big spoon.”

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*A blushing mess all over because this is the first time you initiated a spoon. It’s usually him being the big spoon but tonight, you decided to be the big spoon, surprising him. But he didn’t say he didn’t like it..*

“Baby…I’m not that much bigger than you, please stop pretending you can’t wrap your arms around me- oh..oh you’re not pretending?Well then by all means keep trying while I lay here, calming my blush.”

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*A bit like Yixing and Kyungsoo combined. He finds it adorable that you wanted to be the big spoon and your struggling didn’t help his blushing one bit. Eventually, he turned and engulfed you into a hug, saying you could be the big spoon tomorrow (Same thing happened tomorrow)*

“I’ll let you be the big spoon sometime..not today obviously..maybe when I’m bored of being the big spoon.”

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*Laughing at your struggle like Chanyeol but the thing was, he keeps twisting his body around, making it harder for you to actually wrap yourself around him. When you suddenly stood up, he abruptly turned and yanked you back down onto the bed to be the big spoon himself.*

“I’m not letting you go. Not yet. I haven’t gotten all my laugh out.”

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We Got Married (Kai)

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Anonymous said: Can I have a Kai we got married scenario? It can be fluffy but like, not too much? They just really like each other a lot and everyone can actually see it :)

Anonymous said: could you make a kai scenario where he’s your fanboy and you surprise him and exo on some reality show and they pair you to do the pepero game? and they tease him about how he knows all of your songs/movies and dances etc and make him dance to one of the songs. thank you <3

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Reader x Kai

A/N: These two requests were so similar that I had to at least attempt to combine them, so I hope both of you are satisfied. On a side note, I actually began watching WGM because of this request so, Anon 1, thank you for pushing me into the K-variety show world. :)

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Friends (With Suho, pt 4/4)

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genre: smut
1197 words

Summary: Protective brother Jongin, infatuated Suho, and the exo k crew messing around with the leader. (Inspired by the Friends episode ‘The One Where Everybody Finds Out’)

pt 1 2 3

You had a hard time believing that you’ve gone two years with someone you could call your boyfriend and your best friend. But you had an even harder time believing that Krystal was in your house right now, introducing herself as Jongin’s new girlfriend.

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My Answer / Part 6

Exo as Wolves

Word Count: 1637


You chewed your lower lip nervously as the phone rang. You woke up to a text from Jongin telling you to call him at this time and you hoped this would be a real conversation.

“Hey baby.” His voice seemed to melt your heart, overwhelming you.

“H-Hey.” Your voice broke and you stood up to close the door, just incase someone came home.

“How was your night last night? I’m sorry I missed your call.”

“It was good…we got back kind of late. I’m glad you got my voicemail.”

“I only missed your call by a few minutes, I was downstairs in the kitchen. But, I didn’t want to interrupt your night with your friends.” Your heart sank a bit at that, if you had called five minutes later you could have spoken with him the night before.

“How are you doing?” You asked, bracing yourself for the carefree answer that he had been giving you since you left.

“Not very good.” You could almost feel the sigh he let out running through you.

“Not very good?” Your breath caught in your throat.

“No…I just miss you like crazy…it hurts.”

Relief washed over you.

“I miss you too, so much.” Your hand moved over your heart, “I thought you were having a better time without me there.”

“With-without you? Really babe?” His voice was muffled. “I never have a good time when you aren’t with me. I just want you to enjoy your stay and I thought that you would be better if you thought I was okay too.”

“You’re an idiot.” You huffed out through your tears, “I just want to talk to you.”

“Did you really think I could forget about you so easily?” He asked, “Hold on.”

He hung up the phone, leaving you stunned sitting on your bed until the phone began ringing again.

You answered the call, another wave of emotion taking over you at the sight of Jongin’s face on the screen.

“That’s better.” He smiled, but his eyes were red and irritated looking, just like yours were. “It’s so good to see your face, _____.”

“You too.” You wiped quickly at your cheeks, trying to clean yourself up a bit. “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

“Me too, I’m literally aching right now, it feels like my heart is breaking.” He spoke your thoughts for you.

“It’s only been two weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, Jongin.” You had refrained from admitting that since you got off the plane in Prague, but it was true. You weren’t sure if you were strong enough to make it to Christmas, and then go back after your break was finished. It would be even harder then.

“Don’t think like that anymore.” He told you, “From now on it will be better. Whenever you need to talk I’ll be here to talk, okay? You won’t have a chance to miss me because I will be here whenever you need to call me or text me.”


“You believe me, don’t you?”

You nodded, letting yourself fall back onto your bed with an exhale.

“Good, now how was your night last night?…”


Time started to move faster. You were happier, smiling more and crying much less. Even Jongin was feeling better from what you could tell. There was no extra pressure around you anymore, no more feelings of loneliness.

November began and your classes were keeping you quite busy, not giving you much time to think about anything but the work you had to get done.

“Hey baby!” You walked quickly through the cold streets as you talked to Jongin. “I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to talk to you, I’ve been so busy.”

“I understand hun. What are you doing right now?”

“I am just on my way back to the hostel. My class just finished and I have the rest of the night off.”

“Do you want to FaceTime with me when you get in?” His voice sounded hopeful and sweet.

“Of course. I’ll call you back in like ten minutes.”

“Okay hun, love you.”

You had a skip to your step the rest of the way up the hill, a smile gracing your face at the thought of having some uninterrupted face to face time with Jongin. Although you talked a lot more now, rarely was it private. But, your roommate wasn’t going to be home all night so you were going to take advantage.

You quickly ran up the three flights of stairs to the front of your hostel and unlocked the door, hanging your coat up and plopping down onto the couch. Your fingers worked quickly on your phone, calling Jongin back. He answered on the second ring.

“Hey beautiful.” He greeted you through the screen.

“Hey.” You looked at him and then at the background. “Where are you? The place looks weird.”

“Does it?” He asked. You could see him looking around, dropping the phone a little bit. “You should know what this place looks like pretty well.”


“You spend every night here.”

He moved to lay down and the pattern on the pillowcases was unmistakable.

The phone fell from your hands as you got up, running full speed towards your bedroom. You slid through the doors, catching yourself against your dresser.

“Hey.” Jongin waved at you from the bed. “Surprise!”

“You’re really here right now?” You could feel yourself holding the air in your lungs. “Is this a dream?”

Jongin got up slowly, walking towards you with his arms opened wide.

“I’m really here.” As soon as he got close enough to you, you were on him, clinging to him like your life depended on it.

“You really are…” Your hands moved over his arms and his neck to his cheeks, feeling the warmth of his skin under your fingertips. “Why did you-?”

“I was missing you like crazy and I thought since you only have a month left I could come stay here and fly back with you.”

“But what about school? Your classes? You can’t fail-” Your words were coming out faster than you could think, your head spinning.

“Don’t worry about anything, okay?” He kissed your forehead, “Junmyeon is very persuasive, and I have a lot of work to do while I’m here, but that’s alright, cause I get to do it with you around. Everything is sorted and dealt with. Believe me.”

“Alright.” You let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding in and leaned against him.

“You are the most perfect thing.” His muttered against your hair. “It feels like years since I’ve seen you.”

You just let yourself listen to his words. Let them sink into your mind. You had almost forgotten what his voice sounded like without the hum of the computer or lag of a cellphone.

“This has to be a dream.” You whispered against his shirt.

“Do you want me to pinch you?” Jongin teased, moving so that he was sitting on the bed, pulling you down to straddle his waist. His hands moved to tickle your sides and you protested wordlessly, pushing his hands away with little commitment. You loved every minute of this.

“How did you even get in here?” You asked, realizing he wouldn’t have a key.

“Your roommate helped me out a lot.” He answered, “I got here like twenty minutes after your class started. It’s been a long three hour wait.”

“I can’t believe you kept this a secret.” You kissed him, shamelessly enjoying the feeling of his arms tightening around your waist, holding you against him.

“I only got my ticket a week ago. I’ve been thinking about it since you left but I waited until the last possible moment to buy the ticket so I wouldn’t blab…it was really hard to keep it a secret, even if it was only for five days.”

You didn’t even have words, so instead, you just kissed him, pushing him back so he was lying down, so you had more control.

“Lets do something tonight.” You suggested, “Let’s go out and I’ll show you around Prague.”

“I have a better idea.” He retorted against your lips.

“What is that?”

You were almost nose to nose, Jongin’s hand still on the back of your neck so he could continue kissing you at any time.

“I think we should stay in…get reacquainted.” His fingers traveled under your shirt and up your back.

“Yea, we can go out tomorrow.”

The night was long and wonderful and no matter how many times you kissed Jongin you still felt like you were in a dream.

Eventually you both fell asleep, much later than would have been anticipated, a note left on the kitchen counter for your roommate warning her not to go into the bedroom.


The alarm startled you awake and you rolled over, surprised by the amount of room you had in your twin bed. When you opened your eyes you realized that was due to the face that Jongin wasn’t there.

A moment of panic started, your heart beating quite fast until you realized his suitcase was sitting, open, in the corner of your room.

It wasn’t a dream.

Relief washed over you.

Almost as if it was on cue the door to the bedroom swung open and Jongin strode in, carrying two cups in his hands.

“Coffee for me.” He set one mug down on the nightstand. “And a coffee for you.” He handed you the other cup, getting back into bed with you before taking his in his hands once more. “How did you sleep?” He leaned over, kissing your shoulder.

“I had an amazing sleep.” You said, still groggy. “First time I’ve slept through the whole night since I got here.”

“Me too.”