but john wants to hold a party

2 a.m. Cuddles

John Laurens x Reader

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1345

Warnings: Kissing, fluff, angst

Request: @askparanoidtwilight:Nervous laugh over read so much of yours aaAAAA-ahem. I was wondering if you could make a sUPER MEGA FLUFFY John Lauren’s x Reader? He’s honestly my adorable little freckled baby and Ive been in a constant need of John fluff-oh wait I have prompts-3,20,30, and 33 would all b really cute during like a thunderstorm or snow or something where they have to stay inside? Either that or just cuddling but who wouldn’t want to cuddle with John- and, preferably, modern AU? I’m sorry if I’m asking a lot-

3:  “You call this cuddling? You’re choking me!”
20: “Stop calling me cute!” “Stop doing cute things!”
30: “C-can you hold my hand?”
33: “Are you playing with my hair?”

A/N: I didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but I loved writing this one! I Hope you all enjoy!

“Party time!”

Your apartment door swung open without warning. A drunk on happiness, John Laurens falling through your doorway. A cluster of bags collapsing with him. John quickly jumped to his feet and kicked the door closed behind him and gathered the bags and their spilled contents in his arms.

“John! What the hell?” you shouted.

“Evening, darling.” he smiled, slamming his bags on the kitchen counter.

“John. It’s two  a.m.!” you pointed sharply at the clock.

“I am well aware, (Y/N).” he put his hand over yours. You stared awkwardly at it. It was going to be a long night. “Now, the question is why are you up at two a.m.?”

“It’s my apartment, John!” you yelled, crankily.

John gave your hand a quick squeeze, then swiftly pulled the book you were reading out from under your arms.

“Hey!” you reached over the counter. “Give that back! I have to study!”

“Study for what?” John turned over the textbook. “Ugh. Philosophy, don’t you know that’s the most useless major?”

“I’m not majoring in it. It’s just a throwaway class!”

“You consider philosophy a throwaway class?” John laughed. He skimmed through the book. “So, you would rather theorize whether the egg of chicken came first, than take an easy class like art or poetry.” he winked. “With me.”

“Ugh. John, sometimes you just drive me insane.” you groaned

“You are a college student after all, gotta keep you a little insane. Otherwise you’ll stand out. Mental breakdowns are a normal and required thing of a college student.”

“John.” you cried. “You aren’t helping.” You dropped your hands on the counter and put your head down, surrendering. Philosophy was the worst decision you could have made. You took it for the idea of it, not tests on Greek philosophers, their life stories, and to learn Greek. You had hoped John would have taken it with you, like he had promised last year.

But things change.

You started to cry. You started to have a breakdown. Mentally checking off a box in your head, the requirements of a college student, according to John Laurens. You knew John didn’t really mean it and he was only teasing and trying to cheer you up.

“Hey, (Y/N), no crying, we aren’t in kindergarten anymore.” that made you laugh a little. He tickled under your arms and made you spring back from your chair. He caught you and your head landed between his legs. Your tears rushed up your forehead. John laughed and smiled at you too. His energy was contagious, you couldn’t help but laugh.

John pulled you back onto your feet, and your fell against him as you tried to regain your balance. He gave a little laugh and steadied you with his hands.

You stood back up on your feet and John walked in the kitchen again. He started pulling everything out of the bags onto the counter.

“John…what is all of this?”

He pulled out cans of mountain dew, two pints of Ben and Jerrys, and several boxes of candy. “Midnight oil.” he smiled. “Except,” you pulled the textbook back out of your hands and closed it and put it on the counter. “Not for studying. Your brain is going to be fried if you study anymore. And I know you aren’t going to go to bed even if I tell you, so I thought I met try and cheer you up.”

John scooped the party supplies into his hands and dropped them on your coffee table then pulled you onto the couch with him. He bent over the table and pulled out some movies. “I’ve got Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Titanic. We can go through all of them or none of them. Whatever you want to do.”

You sighed and leaned in next to John. You rested your head on his chest. He smiled shyly at you.

“I’ll take that as a maybe then?” John leaned forward and put in Princess Bride. He reached over you and turned off the lights and handed you a carton of ice cream, along with a spoon. “Cheers.” he smiled, clinking your spoons together.

John snuggled a blanket over the two of you.

Halfway through the movie, John reached over to you. His hand between the two of you.

“C-can you hold my hand?” he whispered.

You smiled and laced your fingers through his.

“Thanks.” he blushed. You kissed him on the cheek. His eyes widened and a wide smile settled on his face.

John slung his arm behind you and rested his hand on your neck. You snuggled into him, pulling the blanket tighter around you.

A few minutes later, you felt a gentle tug against your head. You looked to see that John, had a small curl of hair wrapped around his finger. “Are you playing with my hair?” you laughed.

John blushed and dropped his hands. “Nope.”

His arms tightened protectively around you. Swaddling you in the blanket, in his arms. The blanket came just under your chin. Your movements were restricted. You tried to slide up to break free. “Oh my god!” you gasped. “You call this cuddling? You are choking me!”

John loosened his grip slightly and pulled the blanket from under your chin. “Sorry.” he frowned. “I just didn’t want you to get cold.”

“Well you about just choked me to death!” you teased, giving him a playful shove.

“You know what, (Y/N)?”

“What?” you laughed, staring into his eyes, the silhouette of the television, the film flashing on his face.

“You are cute.” he smiled, reaching for your hand again.

You laughed. “John, you’ve got to stop calling me cute! You call me that all the time!”

“Well stop doing cute things!” John laughed, slipping an arm above you and pulling you down to wrestle.

The two of you fell in a heap on the floor. John cushioned your fall and tried to hide his pain with a smile and laugh. “That didn’t hurt at all.” he laughed.

“You calling me fat?”

“Nah, babe.” he rubbed his back. “Just calling you boney.” he laughed.

“Well, my bad for having a spine!”

“Yeah, it is your bad!” John laughed, smiling at you. He rubbed the back of his neck and played with his hair. “You know, I don’t call you cute all the time. LIke tonight, I’ve only called you cute like once.”

“Well, I can hear your thoughts.” you laughed.

“Oh yeah?” John sat closer to you. You were still laying down on the floor. John hung over you, his curls falling in his face, masking his eyes. “What else are they saying?”

You leaned against the couch to sit up. His face was inches from yours.

“Everything.” you smiled.

John laughed. “You’d be right.”

“Let me shut them up then.” you sat up and met John halfway. Your lips collided and his hair brushed your forehead. His hand moved from your arm to your neck, to just under your ears. Holding you in his hands. He fell forward slowly onto you, and straddled his legs over you. He pushed you up against the leather couch. Your hair falling in your face.

He spared a finger to brush your hair away, letting it fall back behind your ear. His touch was warm and comforting. He kissed you slowly with sincere intent. You pushed up against him, up against the coffee table and kissed his chin, back up to his lips. They were small but long kisses.

Savoring each moment. Savoring each other. Savoring this foreign experience. This dream. This fantasy you always dreamed about. His heart beat like a drum against your chest. You put your palm over his heart and pulled away for a moment. Smiling breathlessly and staring into his eyes. He nodded slowly with you and his heart began to beat to a steady soft rhythm.

The credits of the movie played. Some snacks were pushed off the coffee table to the floor.

 It was four a.m. and you were kissing the boy you loved.


“Relax baby.”

Gemma’s voice along with her hand on your knee brought you out of your thoughts. You tore your eyes away from the TVs showing the security camera footage and looked over at her.

“They would’ve been here already.”

“They’re 3 minutes late. Calm down. They’re probably taking there time, enjoying the wind and sun on their skin while they ride. They’ll be here.”

You nodded and blew out a breath, a smile coming to the Queens face as he leaned down to press a kiss to your hair. She could remember when she was in your place. Practically jumping off the walls in excitement while she waited for John to come home. The boys had served a 14 month sentence and today was the day that everyone had been looking forward to. Today they finally came home. You were overjoyed at the though of having your family back together, being able to see all the guys and have a blast at tonight’s party, but your main focus was your Old Man. You just wanted to see Tig. To hug him, to kiss him. To hold him, to fall asleep next to him, to wake up next to him. You just wanted him back and your hands shook in anticipation as you waited to hear the familiar sound of rumbles coming down the stress. The sound your missed and longed to here for over a year.

Soon enough that sound could be heard, and so could the several gasps from the other Old Ladies. You all liked over towards the exit of the clubhouse and rushed outside, waiting in the front for them. It wasn’t long until the rumbling was deafening and they all pulled into the lot, parking in their usual places. They all shut off their bikes and hopped off of them, jogging over to different areas to go to their loved ones. Tig saw you immediately and smiled widely, his eyes squinting from how far his cheeks stretched. He hurried over towards you and met you half way, your own feet bringing you to run towards him.

As soon as you got close enough, you threw yourself at him, his arms immediately wrapping themselves around you. Out of nowhere, your emotions from the last 14 months came in a flood and you began to cry, your hands fisting into the back of Tig’s shirt. He sighed deeply as he heard you and placed one hand on the back of your head, running his finger through your hair and comforting you.

“Shhh, baby, it’s ok. Don’t cry. I’m home. I’m home now. I’m here. Don’t cry babygirl.”

You nodded with your head buried against his chest, sniffling lightly as you tried to get your emotions under control.

“Sorry. I just missed you so much.”

As you thought about it, you began to tear up again and Tig chuckled softly, gripping your head in his hands and pulling you away from his chest so he could look you in the eyes.

“I missed you too. I can’t believe I get to see you up close and touch you. You’re even hotter than I remember.”

You laughed tearfully and Tig used his thumb to wipe the tears from your lashes before pulling away slightly and grabbing your hand, leading your towards the clubhouse.

“Come on. Let’s go inside.”

The two of you walked hand in hand into the clubhouse and took a seat in one of the further couches, immediately sitting closely and cuddling up against each other. All the other Sons slowly filed in, sitting in separate areas to catch up with their loved ones. Everyone would say hello to each other later on but right now everyone was simply focused on being back with the man that they loved. Looking up at Tig, you found his already looking down at you, nothing but adoration in his face.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Tiggy.”

“I won’t leave you like that again. We’re gonna be smarter now. Do things differently. None of us wanna get locked up like that again. I promise, things will change. You deserve it. Thank you for sticking around and waiting for me to get out.”

You snorted and laughed, leaning your head against his shoulder lovingly.

“As if I would’ve left. You’re stuck with me Trager.”

Tig grinned and leaned down to press a kiss to your forehead.

“Good. Because I wasn’t planning on letting you get away.”

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358. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” with Jamilton please <3

here you go :D

Word Count: 568

Warnings: drinking, swearing

“Fuck. We’re gonna get wasted,” Hercules said, eyeing the large tray of shots they had just ordered. It was the last night before move-out for the summer, and there was a huge party going on at the campus bar. Everyone from their year was going to be there, so Hercules, Alexander, Lafayette, and John had all decided to go. The place was packed.

“I don’t know, I hold my liquor pretty well,” Alexander said, shrugging.

His friends burst out laughing. “Alex, you are such a lightweight,” Lafayette laughed, picking up a shot.

“Am not!” Alex cried indignantly. “I’ll fucking show you!”

With that, he began throwing back shots. Laf whistled appreciatively after he had tossed back three of them. John looked concerned.

“Alex, you’re gonna throw up,” he said, half joking, half concerned.

After he’d downed two more shots, he took a break, letting the alcohol set in.

“You okay, man?” Hercules asked, patting his friend on the shoulder.

“Yeah ‘m great,” Alex slurred.

They hung by the bar for a little while, letting Alex rest for a bit before he attempted standing. This plan failed, however, when Alex caught sight of who he considered to be the literal scum of the earth.

“Fucking Jefferson is here?” he cried, standing up and almost falling over before Hercules caught him and set him back down on the barstool.

“Of course he’s here,” Laf shrugged. “He wouldn’t miss a party.”

“You know he’s such a dick… he doesn’t even try in class, he just… like… just fucking wants everything handed to him on a fucking silver platter,” Alex grumbled angrily, barely coherent.

“Yeah, we know,” Hercules said tiredly, an amused look on his face. Lafayette and John shared a knowing look.

“You’ve told us,” John giggled.

“You know?” Alex said loudly, standing up again. “I’mma go talk to him and tell him that he’s a dick.”

“Okay, you do that,” Laf said sarcastically.

Too drunk to see that his friend was joking, however, Alex downed another shot and marched unsteadily across the room to Thomas.

Alexander tapped Thomas on the shoulder, and the latter turned around, surprised. “Hamilton?”

“Hey Jefferson,” Alex began, wobbling. “Let me tell you something –”

But before Thomas could hear the something, Alex fell forward, losing consciousness.

“Jesus!” Thomas cried, stumbling backwards, but still managing to catch Alexander before they both fell.

To take him back to his friends, Thomas scooped Alex up into a bridal carry. At the sudden motion, Alex’s eyes flashed open.

“What the hell –?” he cried.

You fainted…straight into my arms,” Thomas grinned. “You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.

Alex’s face blushed deep pink.

“Put me down, Jefferson!” he demanded.

Thomas obliged, setting Alexander down on his feet, where he wavered for a moment.

“Happy?” Thomas asked, grinning.

“Y-you’re such a fucking narcissist!” Alex spluttered angrily, face still flushed in embarrassment. “You act like you’re so great, but not everyone likes you, you know? I definitely don’t! Why would I want your attention? And even if I did –”

But Alex was cut off by a kiss from Thomas. He could hear his friends whooping from the bar. Thomas felt Alexander’s knees go weak from the kiss, and, satisfied, pulled away.

Alex was shocked into silence.

“Huh. Looks like I found the off-button,” Thomas grinned smugly.

“Shut the fuck up,” Alex said, grabbing Jefferson’s collar and yanking him down to crash their lips together again.

Between the Stacks (John Laurens x Reader)

Pairing: Laurens x Reader

Summary: Yet another college AU, because I write what I know. Mostly fluff at this point.  Reader is Peggy’s roommate.

A/N: ???? I dunno, what do you guys think?

The library was almost dead. Friday night was not usually the time you would choose to study, but this paper was important.  For your grades, yes, but also for your pride. You wanted your professor to write a letter of recommendation for an internship, and she had high standards.  The topic you had chosen necessitated lots of research, and you were just about ready to start writing. You picked out three books that you thought would support your thesis, and sat down in the aisle to flip through them.

Someone moved on the other side of the bookshelf, and you had to stop yourself from shouting.  The books in your lap had been obscuring a curly head of hair.  Whoever it was looked to be deep in focus, so you kept quiet, gathering information. When you were ready to move to a table, you peeked around the corner at the stranger.  He was not focusing. He was sleeping.  

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Cheese Platters at My Place!

Brawl in the Streets Pt 5

Prompt: Reader has bad day at work and invites Hamilsquad over to drink
Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader
TW: drinking, spicy language, forgetting to eat??? Fluff, dom Laf in a non sexual way, cute
A/N: thank you so much for your patience and support! I’m sorry it took so long; I’ve been so busy lately! I’ll try to post more often though; I promise! If you need me to tag something, let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please Enjoy!
Tagged: @superwholockbooknerd526
Word Count: 1630

You hadn’t seen the boys in two days, but you already missed them terribly. You had texted back and forth more than you had last week, but it wasn’t enough for you.
Maybe that’s why you invited them over to drink with you on a Monday night after a particularly shitty day at work. You had gotten screamed at by a crazy customer-that had never happened before. You weren’t one to drink often, especially not on a week night, but you wanted a break… and an excuse to see the boys.
You had to run out to buy alcohol since you had mostly wine. You came back with several packs of beer and a few bags of chips. You set it up like a party instead of just a few casual drinks.
There was a knock on the door, and you quickly answered it. There stood Herc, with more beer, and a huge smile on his face.
“Y/N!” He exclaimed, and you almost jumped straight into his arms… but he was holding beer, so you refrained.
You saw John next, and you grinned. He was crouched behind Herc, petting a cat.
“He’s so cute! I love him!” He crooned, and you giggled. Herc came in and put the stuff on the counter while you crouched down beside John. You began to stroke the orange baby with him. You recognized him as your neighbor’s cat, Tippy. You heard footsteps behind you down the hall, along with the vehement ramblings of your Alex. You turned around and saw him talking to Laf, the height difference almost comical. You had no idea what he was so excited about, but Laf was nodding along in understanding.
“Sorry we’re late!” Laf exclaimed, and Alex paused, mid rant, finally noticing you. “Alex got into an argument with someone in the elevator about why their choice to support a certain presidential candidate was incorrect.”
“We all know that they’re gonna run this nation into the brink, Laf! Have you heard the policies! The audacity! The inequality!” Alex began ranting again, and John rolled his eyes. You picked up the cat, knowing your neighbor wouldn’t mind if you borrowed him for a while. After all, she had more than enough. The boys followed you inside, and Tippy wriggled in your arms. You let him jump free, and he began exploring your apartment.
“You’ve got snack bowls and cheese platters,” Alex observed with a small laugh. “It’s like a little party!”
“I’m sorry; I’m not a casual drinker! This is my first time hosting something like this and-” you tried defending yourself, but Laf threw an arm around you and pulled you up against him.
“I think it’s cute, ma belle,” he squeezed you affectionately, and you grinned. He was so warm. You leaned into him, and he left his arm around you, to your delight. He led you over to the couch while the others brought the snacks and beer over. There was a baseball game on in the background, but to be quite honest, you weren’t paying attention to it at all. Laf reclined on the couch, then patted the spot next to him. You blushed, but you sat down, and he pulled you back against him. Your blush got brighter. He rested his arms around you, and you leaned your head back on his shoulder. He was really comfortable and warm. Alex, John, and Herc were piled together on the opposite love seat. Alex was sitting on Herc’s lap with his feet propped on John. Herc grabbed a few beers and passed them around, and Laf cracked yours open for you. You grinned, and Herc held his glass up.
“To Y/N’s first casual weeknight drink!” The boys hooted and each took a sip. You didn’t. You chugged it to assert dominance. Okay, maybe not. You just wanted to get really drunk. You needed a mental break. The boys watched you in awe as you downed the entire bottle.
“Damn!” Herc shouted when you finished it and put it on the table. You leaned back into Laf’s embrace with a grin on your face.
“Today’s been a long day,” you admitted.
Herc nodded in understanding, then he threw you another bottle. Laf caught it for you, opened it, and handed it to you, your hands brushing. You smiled to yourself and drank this one more slowly. You had to somewhat pace yourself now. You were kind of a lightweight. You knew the boys could outdrink you.
“So tell us about yourself, Y/N,” Alex said as he leaned forward with a beer in his hand.
You frowned. What did they want you to say? “Uhhh… I smoke five cocaines in my free time, and I’m hooked on eating those heroines.”
Laf laughed, and the vibrations that went through you made you tingle. “What’s your family like? ‘Ow was your child'ood?”
You blushed, looking down at your hands as you fiddled with your fingers. “Um, my father left when I was really little, so it was always my mom and I. She worked a lot when I was really little, so she wasn’t around much. But when she was, she made sure I knew that I was loved. She remarried to a woman, Jen, my sophomore year of high school, and once I graduated, they moved around a lot. Jen wanted to give my mom the world… but she said it was impossible, and that she’d just have to settle for seeing it. Right now, they’re in Japan. Jen plans to take Mom to Paris soon though, for their anniversary. It was always her favorite.”
“Ah! Paris!” And then Laf spewed a sentence in French that was way too fast and complex for you to comprehend, and you just kinda stared at him in awe.
Alex said something back in French, somehow even faster than Laf had spoken, And you began to realize the beer was already hitting you. It was quite quick considering it was on an empty stomach.
“Mon ange, 'ave you eaten yet tonight?” Laf asked you, noticing you staring at him, entranced.
“Yah,” you replied as you sloshed your beer, “I ate ASS!” You yelled excitedly, and Hercules chortled. Alex had more of a cackle, while John giggled. Laf closed his eyes for a moment, almost like he was praying. He pursed his lips, them opened his eyes.
“Mon ange…?” He reminded you he wanted a real answer, and you scowled.
“I think I ate some trail mix in my car after work?” You admitted, trying to remember. You had been too busy dealing with the overly bitter customer to eat lunch today. You heard Laf sigh, And he shifted you so he could lean forward and grab the cheese platter you had put out. You crinkled your nose at it, and he pulled you closer to him.
“S'il vous plaît, ma petite, mange,” he gently begged as he brought a piece of cheddar up to your lips. You felt your heart flutter as you parted your lips, and he placed the cheese on your tongue. You let him feed you cheese for a bit while the others chatted, the occasional Spanish floating by. Laf’s fingers would brush your lips occasionally, and he relaxed his hold on you, but didn’t move his arm from around you. You smiled to yourself, pleasantly pleased with the situation. You had a cute, French boy that smelled really nice, holding you gently and feeding you cheese. Could it get any better than that? You glanced at the other three that were chattering away, and you turned crimson when you imagined having all four of them. It wasn’t in a selfish way, you just honestly liked them each, and you couldn’t even fathom the idea of just one. They were like a package deal. But you weren’t poly, were you? Then again, you’d never had the chance to really learn about polyamorous relationships. It was still new to you. You’d always been open to the idea of an open relationship, and their relationship made a lot of sense to you… Maybe you were.
You shrugged. You had plenty of time to figure this out. You quickly threw back the rest of your beer, and you heard Lafayette mutter something in French. You leaned forward to grab another beer off the coffee table, but Laf was quick to reach around you and grab a water.
“Let’s drink some water, d'accord?” He asked, and you huffed. However, although you’d never admit it, you found it really cute and sweet how he was taking care of you and being kind of dominant without being bossy or aggressive.
After you’d drank about half the bottle and Laf stopped pestering you, you leaned back into his embrace and snuggled up to him. You put your nose in the crook of his neck, really enjoying his scent. He just smelled so nice, like lavender.
When you felt his fingers in your hair, you sighed happily and pulled away. You looked at him with a smile, but you could’ve sworn his eyes darted down to your lips. It was quick, though, maybe you just imagined it.
“Come on, Laf, let Y/N drink now, we’ll hydrate her later! Stop dadding her for a minute, okay?” John called. You looked over to see him snatch another beer and toss it to you. You glanced at Laf, who had narrowed his eyes at John, but said nothing.
“Alright, alright. But if she is 'ungover in the morning, it will be your fault,” he replied before he caught another beer John had tossed to him. He cracked them both open, and you clinked your bottles together before you threw them back. You were ready to forget.

We took one for the team and rewatched TFP just to check for plot holes and other nonsense.
  • How is Moriarty talking to little Eurus in the plane at the beginning?
  • Not even gonna start on the killer clown
  • If she had such huge mind power, as described by Mycroft, why wouldn’t she have tried to leave the facility earlier?
  • Why wouldn’t Mycroft tell Sherlock who Redbeard really was when he talked to them in 221B, so that Eurus wouldn’t have the upper hand on Sherlock?
    • She called him ‘Drowned Redbeard’ and they hONESTLY coULDN’T FIGURE THAT OUT
  • Why didn’t Mycroft make them leave the flat IMMEDIATELY after he recognized the grenade the drone was carrying?? WHY DID HE WAIT FOR THE MOTION SENSOR TO ACTIVATE
  • Why the fuck does the skull painting keep changing colours, before it was lit up, now it’s… purple-y?
  • Mycroft says the bomb could affect the café downstairs, because it’s on the floor, but when they come back at the end of the episode the floor is perfectly fine?
  • John, do you want to say goodbye to your daughter who is incapable of even pronouncing a da-da yet, over the phone?
  • Jumping out of a window in the second floor, no wounds WHATSOEVER.
  • How is a fucking Fisherman aware of the Sherrinford Facility (because when he’s talking to the newbie his face says he clearly knows what’s going on in there)
  • If Mycroft can assume full control of the facility (It’s MY office now), why the fUCK DRESS UP AND PLAY PIRATES
    • Yes he said he can’t trust anyone and nobody can know he’s there, then proceeds to step out of the room where he will be seen, so what the frig, my man?
  • Eurus has been in prison, no contacts, no access to anything (there’s NOTHING in her cell, no internet, no books), yet she possesses a vocabulary worthy of someone with a PhD on psychology.
    • How does she even go to the bathroom, she would need to be escorted because there isn’t one in her cell, how was she escorted all these years without recruiting all her guards
  • Why the fuck did she wait until she was an adult to mentally enslave people and start doing whatever she wanted, why now
  • What was that thing about Eurus and Sherlock’s mom’s hairband again?
  • Mycroft has never heard, until now, about the guy who Eurus compelled to kill himself and his family??? The British Government is not aware of that??
  • How exactly is Sherlock’s playing the violin related to the question of how Eurus escaped the facility?
  • There was no glass, “you suspended the signs” THE ONE ON TOP, MAYBE, BUT THE ONE FLOATING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIR, UNMOVING??? HOW???
  • She wanted to make Sherlock laugh?? So she killed ‘Redbeard’ because she thought that would make him laugh, but that made him scream instead? How does that make sense
  • How did Mycroft not realize the Governor was brainwashed before John did?
    • John: This guy’s brainwashed, let’s go out on the balcony and get some air before Shit Goes Down™
  • Wasn’t Mycroft supposed to be in charge there now? How could the Governor put the entire facility in lockdown AND have EVERYONE doing Eurus’ bidding? Did she have a talk with EVERYBODY THERE?
  • Mycroft, why would you grant Moriarty entrance into Sherrinford and let him have an UNSUPERVISED CONVERSATION with tHE MOST DANGEROUS CRIMINAL MASTERMIND EVER, how was that a good idea and a CONTROLLED RISK
    • And to top it all, why do you have to tell him EVERYTHING ABOUT EURUS BEFORE HE GOES IN, you fucking dumbo, if you don’t tell him anything then she will have to spend most of the time explaining who she is and nOT plotting SHERLOCK’S DEMISE
  • How the hell is Eurus doing the ‘little girl voice’ thing if it’s HER?? Is she making that voice?
    • How does ‘the little girl’ never hear them talking among themselves when they’re not even lowering their voices
    • If Eurus is so deeply traumatized that she’s hallucinating being the little girl in the plane hOW THE FUCK IS SHE SO CALM AND COLLECTED IN A MATTER OF INSTANTS WHEN SHE SWITCHES TO HER NORMAL VOICE AGAIN
    • How can she mock the little girl’s fears when they are HER fears, HER trauma??
  • So, one of these men has to kill me or my wife will die, there is no other way, gUESS I’LL JUST SHOOT MYSELF
  • Mycroft being squeamish and puking at the sight of a dead body, but he personally infiltrated a Serbian den to save Sherlock from his torturers (SURE HE DIDN’T HAVE TO GET RID OF SOMEONE THEN) in S3 and she walked into a plane full of corpses in S2 like he was strolling through the park???
  • “I want to see you interact with people you’re close to”, for no reason whatsoever, apparently
  • “Who loves you?” “Irene Adler?” “Don’t be ridiculous, look at the coffin” ERM EVEN BETTER??? SHE’S??? A?? LESBIAN??? ???????
  • How is Molly not hearing Eurus’ voice if they’re on speaker
  • “I wouldn’t put explosives in Molly’s house, I wouldn’t be that clumsy”??? ??????? ??????????
    • What was the plan if Molly didn’t pick up the phone or time ran out, if you didn’t rig the flat with explosives??
  • Sherlock smashing the coffin?? For no reason?? No knuckle wounds or wounds of any kind afterwards???? Couldn’t expect less from Dr. Strange I guess?
  • “Don’t do as the Governor and kill yourself, because the others are gonna die anyway if you do” “Oh, I’ll just kill myself then!”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • John “I’m gonna stop Sherlock from killing his brother but not from killing himself” Watson
  • Okay so Eurus met Moriarty on Christmas Day 5 years ago, and according to what the show has hinted at, she wasn’t able to escape the facility then (she could have met up with him on her own if that was the case, but she didn’t ‘cause she was locked up, so that’s why she asked for him). Moriarty kills himself shortly thereafter, and still they somehow managed to orchestrate all of this??? When???
  • Sherlock is not the tiniest bit suspicious that, after hours of holding a call, A) the girl’s phone still has battery, and B) she hasn’t tried to call someone else in the meantime???
  • “Moriarty wanted to make trouble when he was dead”, by providing clock and train sound effects, apparently
  • Sherlock doesn’t know his dad is allergic to dogs?? His parents never bring up the fact that he seemed to be convinced they had one?? And that he had totally forgotten about his sister???? Like, ever???? #Parentsoftheyear
  • Victor Trevor was a kid who liked to play pirates and, according to canon, drink from a dog bowl with the name of his favourite pirate engraved in it
  • I haven’t asked my brother to join his pirate game like, once, but I’m jealous so imma kill his best friend and he’s gonna forgive me and hug the psycho away from me
    • How the FUCK did 6yo Eurus LOWER A KID HER SIZE DOWN A FREAKING WELL WITHOUT THROWING HIM IN AND KILLING HIM INSTANTLY (and he is shown alive down there, so, HOW??)
    • Sherlock remembers Victor and he’s still calling him Redbeard in his memory, what kind of fuckery, nobody uses your pirate-game name when things get that fucking serious
  • Fuck the girl on the plane and John in the well, I need to hug brunette Harley Quinn
  • She’s been on the air her whole life, why is the plane crashing now
  • “You went wrong the last time” UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY
  • John Watson? Drowning? What is a Drowning?
  • Here, have a rope, now your feet are Magically Unchained
  • “I couldn’t tell you what your daughter had become” WTF THEY FUCKING KNEW SHE MADE A KID DISAPPEAR AND BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN
  • “She’s secure this time” well I hope you replaced the entirety of the staff working at Sherrinford
  • “Sherlock, you were always the grown-up”
    • Sherlock, who has been addressed as and called himself a Giant Baby Several Times
  • Back to Baker Street, where the floor is intact, the windows look like they exploded from the outside and not from the inside and the bookshelves, books and buffalo skull are safe
  • Whoa, that was incredibly convenient of Mary’s second posthumous DVD to arrive right at the end of the MCFREAKING CASE
  • “I know What You Two Can Become, because I know Who You Are, but also who you are dOESN’T MATTER
    • ?????
    • ???????????
    • ??????????????????????????

And people wonder why everybody thought the leak was a fake. Somebody turn off the lights and close the door, we’re done here. @malinwolf

Baby Gets Shown Off (Part 3 of Sugar Baby)


None, whoops

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N:  This is just in celebration of getting to +100 followers and because a lot of people wanted me to make a series out of SugarBaby!Laurens. I still can’t believe I hit more than 100, I love all of y’all! Hope you enjoy this one, too!

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One Direction:

Niall Horan:

You and Niall like each other but don’t know so you friendly flirt with Harry and Niall gets jealous

You and Niall are neighbours and friends and it’s been ages since you last saw each other and the nights ends up with you confessing secrets.

Best day of my life
Niall is popular, you not so much. So you think Niall will party instead of spending time with you. You end up getting surprised.

Harry Styles: 

You fly out to see Harry and it ends up with feelings getting hurt. 

All thanks to her
You are Lou Teasdale’s sister and dating Harry.

Best friend’s brother 
Gemma finds out that you, her best friend, and Harry are dating

Harry saves you from drowning

Louis Tomlinson: 

Green monster 
Louis gets jealous of you and Niall’s friendship

You are the stylist and Louis acts like he hates to hide his feelings 

Your teacher is Louis Tomlinson and you have to act out a love scene with him

Liam Payne:

Liam realises he loves you at a concert

The Vampire Diaries:

Stefan Salvatore:

I like you 
You like Stefan but are unsure of his feelings for you

Klaus Mikaelson:

Just a talk
You discover Klaus isn’t that bad

The Avengers:

Steve Rogers/Captain America:

Movie night 
Tony has a plan to get you two together

Surprise gone wrong
Steve tries to surprise you with breakfast

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier:

After a hard day all you want is to cuddle

Interview with the cast 

You and Bucky have to be fake-married for a mission. In order to do that you invite him over to get to know each other.

Tony Stark:

Tony won’t stop following and calling you pet names 


How you met 

Star Wars:

John Boyega: 

Star Wars marathon 
Star wars marathon with your boyfriend John 

Poe Dameron: 

Mission accomplished
BB-8 tries to get you and Poe together


Dean Winchester: 

Having a sister/daughter relationship 

Deans distances himself from you and a secret ends up getting spilled

John Winchester: 

#78. Follow your heart
#91. I want to hold you for longer


Dan Howell/Danisnotonfire:

Best friends 
You are plus size and Dan and Phil sticks up for you

Dan invited you to a party and got a whole lot more out of it

Phil Lester/AmazingPhil:

First date with Phil

Best friends 
You are plus size and Dan and Phil sticks up for you

Joe Sugg/ThatcherJoe:

You and Zoë don’t get along and Joe locks you in a room 


Ashton Irwin: 

#22. I don’t even know what’s going on.
#53. It’s all in your mind. 

Luke Hemmings:

What’s wrong part 1  part 2
Luke takes his anger out on you and it results in you leaving tour and breaking up.
#127. Have fun in Mexico without me

You decide to cover Amnesia and it brings you more than just views on youtube

Michael Clifford:

#10. “Teach me how to play?”

Calum Hood:

He promised to keep in contact and nothing happened resulting in bad news

The 100:

Finn Collins: 

Finn likes you being a bad ass

Bellamy Blake: 

Together or not 
#62. I am afraid to be close to you
#100. Loving you isn’t a choice

Safe and sound 
You have been away on a two week mission and can’t wait to see Bellamy again

Harry Potter:

Fred Weasley:

Daft Idiot
Fred likes you but doesn’t think you like him back.

Harry Potter:

Stupid Weasley Twins version 1 version 2
The Weasley twins get you into trouble and Harry lovingly teases you 


Alex Summers/Havok:

Energy Burst
A training session goes wrong but ends right

Anything for you
You’re super stressed and Alex helps you relax 

Charles Xavier:

Tickles and giggles
A relaxed afternoon with Charles


Simon Lewis:

Tongue Tied
Your Clary’s long distance best friend and meet Simon for the first time

Alec Lightwood:

The warlocks daughter
Your relationship with Alec improves after you get hurt during a mission.

Arranged Marriage (Brother)
You sacrifice your happiness and agree to an arranged marriage. Alec is not happy.

First date

Jace Wayland:

You should be mine
Jace gets jealous


Matt Murdock/ Daredevil:

You’re turned into a vampire and Matt distances himself 

Jurassic Park:

Zach Mitchell:

Thank you
First kiss


Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Lock screen
At a game night you discover something that will chance your life

Daveed Diggs:

After a long week on Broadway, Daveed invited you over to chill.


Archie Andrews:

Everything comes back to you
Archie realises he has made a mistake.

Sebastian Stan:

Ce Faci?
Sebastian flirts with you on The Late Late Show

updated 22/05/17


Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Soulmate AU where soulmates switch bodies for one minute at twelve AM on New Years.

Summary: Y/n feels drawn to John, the soulmateless boy who agreed to help her with her plan to meet her soulmate.

Warnings: fluff, hastily written

Bam: heyyyy, so I wrote this one I a spur of the moment decision. Behold: the soulmate AU no one asked for! I really like John Laurens, okay, but whatever. Remember, Love Always!


Tonight was the big night. You were eighteen now, and tonight would be the night you would get to inhabit your soulmates body. Your friends gushed about how weird but magical it felt, and you were jealous. You wanted this to be perfect, so you and your friend John made a plan.

This marvelous plan was that John would give your soulmate the note you wanted them to read and make sure they put down their info. Soulmates were almost always the same age, and John was nineteen. When New Years hit last year, he stayed in his own body. This, of course, devastated him. However, despite his unfortunate circumstances, he was kind enough to volunteer to help you.

New Year’s Eve was spent all day with John. Whether it be you running over the plan over and over again, or trying to condense what you wanted to say to your soulmate in a small note. John was acting off all day, but that’s to be expected. Along with this plan came the sacrifice of not going to a party with your friends this year. Alex was going to be hosting one, and he wasn’t holding back. He even went as far as to invite Jefferson, so everyone would have stories tomorrow.


“Hey John?” You shifted to face him on your couch.

“Hmm?” His eyes were closed and his arms were lazily sprawled around him.

“Why did you agree to help me today?” He stiffened and sat up. His mouth opened and closed, but no words came out.

“Because…….. because you mean a lot to me. Even if I can’t find love, I want to make sure you’re the happiest person alive. You’re my best friend Y/n.” He smiled softly to himself and pulled you into a hug. You felt a warm fuzzy feeling bubble up in your chest, but quickly pushed it back down. Nope. You couldn’t feel that way towards him. You were meeting your soulmate tonight and you were not going to mess this up.

The rest of the waiting time was spent by you sitting an arms distance away from him at all times.



That’s what time it was. That was the time that you were pacing a hole in your carpet. John was sitting on your bed and watching you. Just watching.

“Y/n,” he fiddled with the edge of your soulmate’s note.

“What?” Your voice came out snappier than you intended,“sorry, I’m just stressed you know? What if we meet and they don’t like me? What if they don’t speak English? John…… what if they don’t exist?” You sat next to him and nervously wrung your hands. He grabbed them.

“Y/n, please. You are one of the funniest, sweetest, most perfectly-rough-around-the-edges person I know. Your soulmate would have to be blind to not love you. And if they don’t exist? That doesn’t matter. You can still be happy. You can still find love. You know how I know?” He squeezed your hands.

“How?” Your breath was shallow and your face was red.

“Because I love you,”

The clock struck twelve. Your vision went dark and your stomach did tumbles. It was like the best yet worst roller coaster ride of your entire life. The darkness moved and glided around you, until everything went still. You felt… different but familiar. Your lids slowly fluttered open.

You were staring at yourself.

Wait, what? That means…..

“John!” A husky voice emerged from your throat. It was his voice.

“Y/n!” Your voice filled the air. Wow this was weird. You two sat and stared at each other for what seemed like hours. But, you were soon met with that gut-wrenching darkness and spinning yet again. You settled back into yourself and when you looked back at John, tears were spilling down his cheeks.

“It’s you. You? Oh my gosh I can’t believe it. For a year I suffered and thought that the universe hated me, but it just wanted me to wait for it. This is the best thing I could ask for.” His voice was cracky and hoarse, but that beautiful smile was still painted on his face.

This time you tackled him into a hug and happy cried into his shoulder. You had been lying to yourself by saying that you didn’t love this man.

“John, I’m so happy for you! I’m so happy for me! This morning when you told me you were helping me with my soulmate because you cared was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Right then and there I was considering completely abandoning my soulmate for you. You give me these fuzzy feelings all the time, and I always felt drawn to you. I felt so guilty, but now I can love you. I love you, so much. I’m sorry I made you wait.” You kissed his forehead and held his hands.

John was shaking by the time you were done. He looked up at you.

“You loved me? You currently love me?” Fear and joy was evident on his face. His eyes stirred with excitement. You nodded with a smile.

“I’m gonna kiss you, yeah?” He brought your face close to his.

“Yeah.” You smiled.

Your lips met his and everything shifted into place. There were sparks, there was joy, but most of all there was the unrelenting feeling of right. He pulled away, and the look in his eyes promised eternity.


Later [at the reception] he and Kate raised the roof with a ­hilarious ­version of You’re The One That I Want from Grease.

With William dressed in a black tuxedo and bow tie and Kate wearing her ­stunning strapless white evening dress, they strutted and sang their way through the John Travolta and ­Olivia Newton-John classic.

Guests were on their feet whooping, clapping and cheering as the beaming newlyweds let their hair down – and showed off fun-loving personalities.

One bleary-eyed guest – who left the party at 3.15am – said: “The Grease number brought the house down.

“They stood holding hands in the ­middle of the dancefloor grinning, then suddenly the opening bars of the song came booming out.

“The reaction was just brilliant. Everyone started clapping to the music.

“Wills and Kate began dancing around, pointing at each other and mouthing the words. It was ­hilarious.

“When the song finished, they ended up in each other’s arms with massive smiles on their faces.

“Everyone was cheering wildly, whooping and they did a bow to each other.

“After that, the ­dancefloor filled up and the party got going properly. It was a fabulous night. The kind of night you ­never forget.”

—  The Mirror
Mystery Woman [Part 3]

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Summary: Hamiltime without Hamilton.

TW: historical inaccuracies

Tags: @insane-hamilton-imagines @sbobsessions, @consumed-by-musicals, @hamiltonsquills@spookass, @superwholockbooknerd526 , @gum-and-chips@marvelous-hamilfan, @fandommanic66, @heimganger, @hamilsquad-hq, @nicemoviebutthebookwasbetter

It had been four long months since Alexander went back to war. Eliza’s stomach was still growing bigger and bigger each day. Peggy came to check her frequently, making sure her big sister was okay without her husband.

However, Eliza wasn’t worried about the pregnancy; She knew she’d be fine. She was worried about Alexander. He’d left for battleground just after she told him she was pregnant. She couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t want this child. What was she going to do if Alexander didn’t want this child, didn’t love them?

Whatever the result, she prayed that Alexander went back on Washington’s orders and not to get away from her.

Peggy sat across from her sister in the living room, reassuring her that everything would be fine. “He hasn’t written to me in four months, Peggy.” Eliza told her. “Eliza, worrying will get you nowhere. It’s normal for wives of soldiers to not hear from them for long periods of time. Hercules’ wife hasn’t heard from him in almost a year.” Peggy pointed out.

Peggy couldn’t tell Eliza that she was worried as well. She and Alexander has grown close since he and Eliza married. She could tell him things she never imagined telling anyone, not even her sisters. She didn’t know what it was about him, but it was like he was the big brother she never had.

Peggy kept her worry to a minimum, deciding that comforting her sister was the best way to deal with possibly losing one of her best friends.

As Peggy was in the kitchen making Eliza a cup of tea, there were a few knocks on the front door, quick and urgent. Eliza stood up and waddled her way to the door, pausing for a brief moment as the baby gave a strong kick. “I know.” Eliza whispered soothingly to her stomach. “Soon, my dear.”

She opened the door to a concerned Lafayette. “Is everything okay, Monsieur Lafayette?” She asked politely. He looked around behind her before he answered, “I’m not sure anymore, Mademoiselle.” He said gravely. Eliza’s heart immediately sank. Please don’t be dead, she thought. “May I come in?”

She blinked. “Absolutely. Come in.”

After they situated themselves in the living room, and Peggy respectfully excused herself to make her way home, Lafayette took a deep breath. Eliza’s small voice filled the room first, “Is Alexander dead?”

Lafayette’s brow furrowed as he looked up at her. “He’s not here?”

The two exchanged confused looks. Eliza figured he went back to war without saying goodbye. She never even considered that something else might have happened to him. She should’ve known; Alexander’s letters were still coming to the house instead of the battlefield. His belongings that he usually took with him were still there.

Lafayette, on the other hand, had been sending Alexander letter after letter with with no response. He knew that it took awhile to get a response to a letter, but Alexander spent every waking moment writing something. When the Frenchman didn’t receive a response to his last letter, he decided it was time to check on him.

“I thought he went back to the battlefield.” Eliza said, beginning to panic. “I told him I was pregnant and he got upset. I figured he left without saying goodbye because he was angry with me.” Lafayette shook his head, a single curl falling from his bun, “No one has heard from him since General Washington sent him home.”

“What if the British got to him before he could return? What if he’s decided he doesn’t want to be a father? Or my husband?” Her heart began to pound with fear as she stood and paced around the room. “Mon ami, please, you shouldn’t worry yourself like this.” Lafayette rose from his seat to place his firm hands on Eliza’s shoulders. “You are enceinte, remember? Think of the baby, mademoiselle.” He chuckled nervously. He offered his hand which she took tightly in her own as he guided her back to the couch.

“Eliza, we will find Alexander, I promise you.” He vowed to her. “He will come back to this house and to you, to take care of you. And the petit bébé. All will be fine.”

After a swift goodbye, Lafayette mounted his horse and rode nonstop back to camp. He had to get the news to the General. It wasn’t only a matter of their friend being missing. They needed Alexander to lead a troop in their next battle. If they didn’t find him, they didn’t know what would become of the war.

“Sir! Sir!”

Lafayette burst into the General’s tent without thinking twice. He was sat with John Laurens and Hercules Mulligan for a meeting. Their heads snapped towards the entrance ready to take battle stances if necessary. “Lafayette, what’s the matter?”

“It’s Alexander.” The Frenchman breathed. “He’s missing.”

Shock overtook all of their faces. They all knew that there were endless possibilities of where Alexander could be. He could be captured by the British and tortured. Or maybe he died from disease. No one even considered, however, that he’d deserted. Hamilton had fought his way to his place, there was absolutely no way he ran from the war.

“What do you mean he’s missing?” The General asked slowly.

“His wife, Eliza, she said he’s been gone for four months. Since you sent him home.” Lafayette responded. “She told him she was pregnant and he’s been missing ever since.”

“That explains why he hasn’t been answering any of our letters.” Laurens said with a grave look on his face. General Washington felt a pang in his chest. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Hamilton was like a son to him. Not to mention a vital part in winning the next, and hopefully the final, battle of the war. Finding Alexander was now a top priority.

Washington looked up and started handing out orders, completely disregarding the battle plans on his desk, “Laurens, I want you to lead a search party with your men. You search every inch between camp and Hamilton’s home and report back to me.”

After a quick “Yes, sir!” and a salute, Laurens was exiting the tent and shouting for his men to gather round. As John briefed his battalion, he felt his heart sink in his chest. Alexander couldn’t be missing. He had be somewhere, and Laurens was not going to stop until Hamilton was with them once more.

“Mulligan, I want you see what you can pull from the British soldiers. Find out anything you can about prisoners that they might be holding. Send any information to me as soon as possible.”

“Of course, sir.” Mulligan saluted his General and left the tent. This was quite possibly the very first time that the Hercules Mulligan had been left speechless. He mounted his horse and headed back to his shop with a heavy heart.

“Lafayette, write a letter to William Howe and set up a meeting. If he’s holding Hamilton, I want to hear it from him.” Washington placed his palms flat on his desk and let out a nervous breath. Lafayette spoke up quietly, “Do you think that’s a good idea, General? If they know Alexander is missing, they’ll have a sizable advantage-”

“I don’t care, Lafayette.” Washington said in a low voice. “Set up the meeting.”

The Frenchman lowered his head in pity. He knew that strategy was the last thing on Washington’s mind. He needed to find Hamilton; they all did. If not for their own sakes, for the sake of the country. “Oui, général.”

Lafayette exited the tent in pursuit of his own, ready to write a letter the British commander-in-chief. He was given piteous looks on his walk there; news spread fairly fast in the small camp. He was stopped by Aaron Burr just as he reached the entrance to the only place he could call his own. “Is it true?” Burr asked, a bit breathless.

“I’m afraid so, Monsieur Burr.”

They both stood in front of each other in silence, taking in the severity of the situation. Words couldn’t explain how much everyone was hoping the best for Alexander’s state of being. “Alexander is strong.” Burr commented, his voice almost a whisper. “I’m sure he’s fine. Wherever he is.”

Lafayette didn’t want to even contemplate Hamilton not being okay. So, he adjusted the bun of curly hair on the top of his head and spoke in a steady voice to the Lieutenant Colonel, “Gather your men. Search around the boundaries of the camp.”

“Lafayette, he’s going-”

“I gave you an order, Burr.”

“Eliza, what are you doing here so late at night? And by yourself? Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, you are pregnant, you can’t just-”

“Alexander is missing.”

The eldest Schuyler sister could’ve sworn her heart stopped. The man that both she and her sister were in love with was missing. She couldn’t wrap her mind around it. Alexander may have been one of the strongest and smartest men she knew. There was no way he could’ve done something so stupid to end up in one of the endless situations running through her head.

But her younger sister was in tears on her porch at almost midnight. So she had to push her feelings aside.

Angelica ushered Eliza inside with comforting words falling from her lips. She sat the crying woman on the couch and rushed to get her a blanket. Thankfully, she’d just made a cup of tea, so Angelica returned quickly.

The sisters sat in silence until Eliza’s cries turned into sniffles and Angelica’s soothing back rub became numb to Eliza’s skin. Angelica decided to take things slow, tiptoeing around the real issue, “You told me Alexander went back to war.”

“I thought he did.” Eliza sniffed.


“Lafayette said he hadn’t returned since General Washington sent him home.”

Angelica couldn’t let her feelings get in the way of comforting her sister. She couldn’t let the fact that she never told Alexander how she felt impede her familial duties. And she definitely could not allow her tightened chest and watering eyes be known to her sister.

“I’m sure Alexander is fine.” Angelica said, bringing her sister closer. “He left just after I told him I was pregnant. He doesn’t want me. He doesn’t want this baby. What am I going to do?” Eliza sniffles progressed to cries once more as she thought of the worst.

“Eliza, that man loves you.” The elder sister choked out. “But he also has a war going on. I’m sure he was just overwhelmed.” Angelica wiped the tears from her sister’s face, giving her a small smile. “You and Alexander are going to be just fine.”

“I hope so.”

After Eliza finishes her tea, Angelica leads her to a guest room and gives her a night gown to borrow. Although Eliza protests with several yawns, her sister insists she gets some rest. “Think of the baby.” Angelica said lightly as she brought the blankets over her sister.

“That’s what Lafayette said when he-”

She stopped mid-sentence, and Angelica knew why. She sighed and leaned down, placing a faint kiss on her sister’s forehead. “Rest.” She demanded kindly. “All will be better in the morning.”

As Angelica left the room, she felt the tears fill her eyes once more, knowing that all would not be well. She just had to hold onto some kind of hope. Alexander had to be somewhere safe. She wasn’t sure what she would do without him.

Then, when she was folding up the stray blanket and taking Eliza’s empty cup to the kitchen, she knew that no matter what happened to Alexander, she had to be strong.

For Eliza.

my favourite songs of all time (so far).

(In no order)

Iggy Pop - The Passenger, 
The Cure - In Between Days,
Jean-Yves Thibaudet - Liz on Top of the World 
Oasis - Wonderwall, 
Otis Redding - Try a Little Tenderness, 
Hole - Violet, 
Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink, 
Billy Bragg - New England, 
The Smiths - Still Ill, 
David Bowie - Heroes,
Joy Division - Disorder, 
The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight Tonight,
Frank Turner - Wanderlust,
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - She’s So Scandalous, 
Radiohead - Creep, 
Gary Jules - Mad World,
Burkhard Dallwitz - Truman Sleeps (feat. Philip Glass)
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris,
Darlia - Napalm,
Kate Nash - Sister,
Green Day - Brain Stew,
Lianne La Havas - Gone, 
The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Should’t’ve)
Kings of Leon - King of the Rodeo, 
The Verve - Sonnet,
Alt-J - Tessellate,
U2 - With or Without You, 
The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl, 
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - American Girl, 
The Kooks - Naive, 
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah, 
The Killers - When You Were Young, 
Oasis - Morning Glory, 
The Clash - London Calling, 
The Animals - House of The Rising Sun, 
Pixies - Where Is My Mind, 
Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea,
Enter Shikari - Adieu, 
James Vincent McMorrow - Wicked Game, 
Paloma Faith - Just Be, 
Lianne La Havas - Lost & Found, 
The Front Bottoms - Swimming Pool,
Foo Fighters - Best of You,
Editors - Munich, 
Kate Nash - Pick Pocket,
Bloc Party - Flux, 
The Cure - High,
The 1975 - Sex, 
The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset, 
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, 
Led Zeppelin - Ramble On, 
Daughter - Youth, 
Hole - Doll Parts, 
Johnny Cash - Hurt, 
The Cranberries - Zombie, 
Sheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy, 
The Cure - Pictures Of You,
Coldplay - Fix You, 
Oasis - Falling Down, 
The Smiths - There’s a Light That Never Goes Out, 
Rudimental - Not Giving In (feat. John Newman and Alex Clare) 
Kodaline - High Hopes, 
Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen, 
Otis Redding - (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay,
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand,
Shakespear’s Sister - Stay, 
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue, 
The Specials - Too Much Too Young, |
The Jezabels - Hurt Me, 
Band of Horses - The Funeral, 
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love, 
Bob Dylan - North Country Blues, 
The Jam - Town Called Malice, 
Rod Stewart - I Don’t Want to Talk About It, 
TLC - Unpretty, 
No Doubt - Just a Girl, 
Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine, 
Gabrielle Aplin - Home, 
Nirvana - Lithium, 
Macklemore - Otherside (feat. Fences)
The Front Bottoms - Father, 
All Saints - Pure Shores, 
Ryan Adams - Gimme Sunshine, 
Ben Rector - Dance With Me Baby, 
Biffy Clyro - Machines, 
Otis Redding - I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, 
Damien Rice - Delicate, 
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill, 
The Cure - Close To Me, 
Lewis Watson - Stay, 
The Front Bottoms - Tattooed Tears,
Frank Turner - Plain Sailing Weather, 
The Ramones - My Brain is Hanging Upside Down, 
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart, 
Linkin Park & Jay Z - Numb/Encore, 
Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me, 
Ocean Colour Scene - The Day We Caught The Train, 
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me, 
Frank Turner - Redemption, 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe, 
Coldplay - Trouble, 
Bon Iver - Can’t Make You Love Me, 
Lana Del Rey - Sumertime Sadness, 
Blur - Song 2, 
John Lennon - Imagine, 
Snow Patrol - Set Fire to The Third Bar, 
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again, 
The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again, 
The Tallest Man on Earth - The Dreamer, 
Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes, 
David Bowie - Starman, 
Oasis - Songbird, 
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Buck Clayton - Blues In FIrst, 
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge, 
The Smiths - This Charming Man, 
Beyoncé - Flaws and All, 
Tal Bachman - She’s So High, 
Oasis - Roll With It, 
The Police - So Lonely, 
Lykke Li - Gunshot, 
Alanis Morissette - Ironic, 
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The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings, 
Muddy Waters - I Am the Blues, 
David Bowie - Space Oddity, 
Blink 182 - Heart’s All Gone, 

Belated (John Laurens X Reader)

Prompt: (Not that I was really sent this but I had it from an old rp and thought it’d be cute.) Y/N has never really celebrated their birthday, her family didn’t acknowledge it so neither did she. Laurens finds out he missed her birthday like a week later and freaks out about missing it.

Word Count: 1,973

This is the first fic I’ve written in a damn while. Let me know what you think babes.


There was one thing good about not having many female friends to hang out with: it wasn’t very likely that creeps were gonna come up and bother you. From when you went out with just Angelica it was an entirely different story. It was worse when you went out alone. You had decided to treat yourself to a birthday drink last week and no less than five guys offered to buy you another round only to call you a bitch when you refused.But now you were out with Lafayette and Hercules, waiting for Alex and John to show up. And nobody approached you. It was nice. You weren’t sure if you should be bothered about the fact or not. Instead you pushed the thought from your minds, tuning in to whatever conversation your friends where having.Fighting was a better word for it. They did this a lot. You all did, get into the biggest arguments over the stupidest things.

“Mon ami, I am French. There is no other country that bakes like we do. It does not become a cupcake just because you put frosting on it. Ask the owner of any pâtisserie and they will tell you ze same thing.”

“I don’t give a fuck about what the French thing. Don’t y'all eat snails? Y/N back me up. Muffins are just cupcakes without icing, yeah?”

“Escargots is amazing. And just-”

“ Gilbert, when did you change your name to Y/N?” You interrupted him, noting Herc’s laugh and turning to him “You’re wrong though. A cake without icing isn’t bread, right?”

“Y/N! You were supposed to have my back!”

“About what?” Alexander came up behind you, clapping a hand down on your shoulder and sending you jumping out of your seat.

“Jesus Christ, you did that on purpose!” You swatted Alexander’s hand away, rolling your eyes at his amused grin. He went to sit down, and you very quickly occupied the seat next to you with your bag. You shrugged and gestured to the seat opposite next to Hercules,throwing his smirk right back at him.

“That’s just petty.” He rolled his eyes, moving to sit on the crowded side of the table.

“She’s just using it as an excuse my friend. She wants Laurens next to her.” Lafayette remarked, raissing his eyebrows at you. You rolled your eyes at it, but that didn’t stop the other two from rolling a few remarks your way. Get drunk and try to kiss the guy one time and you still haven’t lived it down. Didn’t matter that you had a tiny crush on John, that you had maybe spent one or two nights wishing you were curled up next to him in bed. They sure as hell didn’t need to know that.

“Where is he, anyways? Thought you were coming together.”

“He probably got lost. He walked in before me.” Alex shrugged, looking around. “He’ll find us eventually.”

You turned your head towards the bar, eyes landing on John’s ponytail, chatting up some girl you didn’t know at the bar. “ Seems really lost to me.” You noted, ignoring the slight pang you felt hit your chest. Reasoned it was probably just because he was about to ditch you and the guys without even bothering to come over and say hello.

“GET IT LAURENS!” Herc cheered, sure to embarrass him. You definitely wanted to thank him for that, instead just laughing as the woman swatted his arm and stormed off. You’d do the same as her, probably, but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel bad as John came over to your table.

“So nice of you to join us, putain.” Laf teased him. You moved you bag so he could sit.

“Saving me a seat? How sweet, Y/N” John poked your side as he sat down. “ Thanks a lot about that by the way. It was going fine right till your loud ass ruined it.” He grumbled, kicking Hercules under the table.

“We didn’t invite you to pick up chicks, Laurens. “ Alex rolled his eyes. “Drinks with our friends means drinks with our friends.” You could sense another Hamil-lecture coming on.

“ Settle this. Is a cupcake without icing a muffin or not?” You brought up their arguements again to distract Alexander before he killed the buzz.

And the night went on, laughing and drinking with your friends. But it was getting late. You finished your round, and grabbed your bag, still laughing from Laf’s last comment. “I’m calling it a night. I’ve got a free über ride if anyone wants to share”

“How’d you manage that?” John raised an eyebrow, standing up to let you out. Alex stood too, nodding at the offer of a ride.

You shrugged. “They sent a code for my birthday last week. Haven’t used it yet.”

The four men all turned to you in shock, and you weren’t sure why. “Ma chérie, what do you mean your birthday?”

“My birthday was last Wednesday.” You replied, noting John was still standing, you guessed that meant he was riding with you and Alex.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He piped up, staring at you. He smelled like whiskey. “Y/N…” He sat back down, and you were still just so confused. You looked over at Laf,then Herc,Alex. They all had the same expression of confusion on their face. Turning back to John, he looked…angry. Like he was mad he didn’t know about it.

“It’s no big deal, I mean. I don’t really celebrate it.” You pulled out your phone, starring to load über, just to look away from the boring eyes of your friends. “I’m gonna go wait for the car outside. I’ll see you guys later,alright?” You forced a smile, looking back up. Focused on the napkin crumpled where you were sitting. The alcohol in your system was making you want to cry. You turned and walked to the door, Alex following, silent.

You threw your pillow at your bedroom wall when you got home, but you didn’t have the effort to pick it up as you fell asleep in your full makeup

John wouldn’t text you back. It’d been almost four days since the bar and you couldn’t get him to talk to you. You were getting mad, there wasn’t any good reason for him to be acting like this. It was your birthday!

“Y/N!” A voice called, on top of a knocking at your door. You weren’t in the mood, but as they repeated your name it became clear they weren’t going away.

Walking over to your door, you tried to clean the messy bun your hair was in a little bit before opening the door to- John Laurens. In a suit of all things. You nearly shut the door in his face. But you missed him, and that made you hesitate.

“What the fuck, John? You have been avoiding me for days! Why in hell are you gonna just show up here with no warning!” You snapped, trying not to yell. He blinked at you, a little taken aback. This was probably the first time he’d ever seen you mad.

John just held up a bag with tissue paper sticking out of it. “Happy Birthday? Belated.” His expression changed into a toothy smile and you wanted to melt. So you stepped aside and let him in, shutting the door behind you

“I swear to God if you haven’t been talking to me because I didn’t tell you about my birthday I might actually kill you, John Laurens. If anyone should be mad about that night it’s everyone but you, you almost ditched us for some girl you just happened to meet on your way to the table! You hadn’t even said hello! I will loose my shit if it’s because of that.” You warned, crossing your arms.

“Only kinda. I didn’t want to ruin the suprise.” You rolled your eyes, entertaining him only for now. Jesus, you picked the wrong on of your friends to have a crush on. No way Lafayette would have put you through any of this.

“Do I get to see it now or..” You questioned, noting that John was still holding on to it.

“It’s was planning on giving it to you at dinner, Y/N. I made reservations at this stupidly fancy place. The guys and Angelica are gonna meet us there. “ You shook your head as he told you that. You didn’t want a birthday party. You didn’t care about your birthday. “Hey. You give everyone the most thoughtful gifts on their birthdays,and come Christmas nobody wants to give a present after you because what’s better than that one thing that I’ve told nobody about but been wanting all year? Y/N you have no clue how obviously you wear your heart on your sleeve. I love it, but you make us look bad in comparison. Like you go next level.You’re a heartfelt asshole so it’s our turn to give back. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t celebrate them before. Can’t hurt to give it a chance, can it? It’s just a night with your friends.”

You blinked at John,smiling at his mini speech. “Fine, you win Laurens. Help me pick out something to wear.” You rolled your eyes, heading towards your room. His words were playing in your head as you skimmed over your closet.

After a while, you settled on a dark blue one shoulder dress, and finished your hair and makeup. “I’m all set.” You came into the living room where you had kicked the other out to wait as you got changed.

“Almost. Close your eyes.” You gave him a look of exasperation before complying. John came up behind you. His breath was hot on your neck and his hands briefly brushed past your shoulders as he laid something on your chest, securing it. “Open.”
Looking down, a hand flew to bring the pendant into your line of vision. “Maybe it’s a little cheesey..but, it’s your birthstone surrounded by all of ours. Mine,Angelica’s, Alex, Laf and Herc. Just so you always have a reminder, we’re all in this together. No secret birthdays anymore. We don’t have to do something big every year, but I’ll be damned if I’m not celebrating the day the world gave me you. Us.” He corrected, but you’d alright caught it, despite the welling tears in your eyes.

“I hate you, so much. Let me be perfectly clear.” You laughed, your voice cracking before you spun on your heel and caught John Laurens in a kiss, all common sense pushed to the side for just a second. Then you pulled away, realizing exactly what you’d done.

“If I ask if you were jealous of that girl in the bar, what’s the likelihood I get slapped?” He spoke after a moment of awkward silence. You laughed, shaking your head before even bothering to answer.

“Pretty close to a hundred percent there.” You smiled.

“Then I won’t ask. But can we do that again? Just so I can be sure how much you hate me.” John was grinning now, and you definitely had somethingto talk about tonight. No more ignoring texts now.

“We’re late for dinner, John.” You noted, grabbing your bag and moving to your front door, smirking at him, deciding not to let him know a bit of the dark red had smudged onto his lip. Yet.

Izuku: Heartbreaker

[this was from a prompt given to me by  @pornosophical . it was originally two prompts but i turned it into one. the idea is fake dating + prostitute/client relationship. enjoy this motherfucker]

It started with a simple question.

Izuku pauses in pulling up his pants. They hang open around his hips, the charcoal grey of them somehow darker against the bright red of his underwear beneath. He reaches up, brushes slightly damp hair away from his forehead and says, “Hey, are you free this Thursday?”

“No,” Katsuki said immediately. He didn’t even look up from his phone. There was an ekans that had spawned in the next room and he was six candies from evolving the one he’d been raising for three weeks.

He can feel Izuku roll his eyes. “Do you want to make a couple hundred dollars Thursday night?”

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Cisco Disco

Chapter Nine

Disco never died. Well at least Cisco Disco never did. It all started on a rainy Tuesday night after band practice while I was in between studying for my AP Calc and AP Chemistry finals. Yeah, I’m a nerd, I get it, moving on. So I’m real stressed out, like on the verge of running away, shaving my head, and getting loads of tattoos (JK I’m not down for needles) when the radio station started bouncing some serious disco. I heard the beautiful high-pitched call of Barry Gibbs and did exactly what the dude told me to do - I danced. I boogied until my legs were so sore that I had to crawl to bed. The next morning in Calc, I rocked my test so hard all the while humming “You Should Be Dancing.” Why this story? Let me explain.

This week was a bad one, dudes. The most stressful week of my entire life. Harrison Wells is on the run, Eddie is missing and I almost got Jurassic Parked by a super-intelligent, telepathic gorilla. So basically, everything sucks down here in the Pipeline. I know what you’re asking yourselves - could Donna Summers or the Bee Gees handle this kind of stress? Could Cisco Disco live on? Well, the answer to that is sorta…

Now, I know a meta-human disco is damn near impossible. Imagine this: Weather Wizard making eyes at Shawna from across a foggy room. Nah, man. Also, The Mist would probably be that fog, trying to kill everyone. Hard pass. But I could equip every cell with its own disco ball, turn down the lights, and turn up the KC and the Sunshine Band. “That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it.” Too bad no one wanted to dance. Especially not Shawna. I showed her my signature move through the glass and she gave me the finger. Whatever, haters. It’s not like I’m going home alone to dance by myself.

That’s exactly what I did. Blasted my girl Gloria Gaynor singing “Well, now go! Walk out the door! Just turn around now, cause you’re not welcome anymore. Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye? Did you think I’d crumble? Did you think I’d lay down and—“ DING DONG.

I opened the door. It was Barry and Caitlin. He was holding a large pizza and she clung to a six-pack of beers. Both were staring at me mouth open – could have been the John Travolta white disco suit I was rockin’. Caitlin said something but I couldn’t hear her over the music. Barry did his speed thing and suddenly the music was at normal levels. “What was that Caitlin,” I asked – expecting her to make fun of me. She said, “You want to dance. Cause I can dance.” It was on, a Cisco Disco dance party with my best friends. Sister Sledge said it best, “We are family. Get up everybody and sing.”

The next morning, I was still stressed and everything still sucked, but at least I got some super buds to boogie oogie oogie with now. Things could be worse…

Until next time.

Cisco, OUT!

Day Eleven: Ugly Sweater

Summary: John holds an ugly sweater party for Christmas and Sherlock gets forced to participate.

Rating: General Audiences

Length: 619 words

This is a post season 4 ficlet and it is the next Christmas they have together. Also, my Formal Wear ficlet I never posted for day 8 is coming tomorrow or the day after. 


 “Sherlock,” John called out from the kitchen.

 “What is it, John?” Sherlock answered back from his chair.

 “I’m holding a Christmas party on Christmas Eve. And you’re going to participate. It’s an ugly sweater party.” John told him.

 “And what makes you think I’ll be putting an ugly sweater on?” Sherlock scoffed, rolling his eyes and shifting his position to face the kitchen more.

 “Because it’s Rosie’s first Christmas. I want to get a picture of us as a family and with our friends. If you’re the only one not wearing an ugly sweater than it defeats the whole purpose. Don’t you want Rosie to grow up and see us all happy and together?” John asked, more like begged.

 Sherlock was silent for a while and John was ready to give up when finally he answered.

 “Fine. But I’m picking it.”

 It was now the night of the party and John was getting Rosie into her chosen sweater. She had chosen one with patterned light bulbs that actually lit up. John was wearing one that had tinsel wrapped all around it. When Rosie was all set, John brought her downstairs and set her in her high chair to go check on Sherlock.

 “How’s it going in there?” he called out from just outside the door.

 “John, I know I forgot to get a sweater and that this is what you had left but this is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t come out in this!” he exclaimed, voice slightly muffled by the door.

 “It can’t be that ba-”

 Sherlock opened the door and John could barely contain his laughter. Since Sherlock has forgotten to get his own, he was forced to wear one of John’s, which meant it was much too small for him. The sleeved looked like three-quarter sleeves instead of full and the actual shirt part cut off just before his belly button. It looked like a horribly made crop top sweater. Not to mention the fact that it was navy blue with sparkly snowflakes all over it.

 “There has to be something else.” he pleaded.

 “I’ve got a singing reindeer?” John suggested, giggled a little bit.

 “You know what this is good actually. It’s not that bad,” he mumbled.

 “It’ll be fine,” John said, kissing him on the forehead.

 John took Sherlock’s hand and led him to Rosie so that they could take a picture. They all smiled and even got Rosie to look at the phone’s camera. They took a few photos before the doorbell rang. The first one to get there was Ms. Hudson, then Greg, and then Molly.

 Sherlock, at first, was not much unlike he was at the first Christmas party John threw but eventually he loosened up and had a good time. The party didn’t go on as long as the one before just because of Rosie’s bedtime, but Sherlock definitely had more fun at this one. He and John were now curled up in bed, cuddling and trying to go to sleep.

 “Hey, Sherlock?” John asked quietly.

 “Yes?” Sherlock answered.

 “Thank you. For, you know, wearing the sweater. I know it didn’t fit you and all that…..but it means a lot to me.” John admitted.

“Anything for you,” Sherlock said lovingly.

 “And also…….you looked really cute in it. It’s a shame it wasn’t smaller.” he joked.

 “Shut up,” Sherlock mumbled back, embarrassed but also feeling more loved than he had in a long time. 

They continued to lay there, just holding each other all night until they both feel asleep. They couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas Eve.

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31 with Harry please 😊

“I don’t know if you’re busy or ignoring me. ”

HARRY STYLES IMAGINE, when Harry’s so busy and it hurts y/n’s feeling. Hope you enjoy

“But harry” I plead one more time. Today we’re invited to my sister birthday party, after I bought her a present from me and harry, because he obviously forgot, I told him to get ready but he showed me that busy card he always do. “I have to work late in studio, tell your sister I wish her happy birthday ” I nod trying not let my tears fall. It’s not a first time he’s not coming with me somewhere we’re both invited, actually lately he’s so distant. He’s coming home late, barely talking to me or touching me. I miss him so much however we’re living in same apartment (flat).

I fix my short dress one more time to distract my mind. It’s useless though, my heart’s broken and I know I’ll embarrass myself tonight when I get to my sister and his boyfriend apartment.
“ do you want me to get you a cab?” He said not looking up from his phone. I shook my head not really caring if he saw me or not. I just left the house with closing the door as hard as I can. I don’t know what happened to my cheeky and cuddly boyfriend. I don’t want to think about him being tired of me. After two years relationship it’s the worst way to break.

I sigh reaching my sister porch. I knocked and she opened immediately “oh y/n, how you doing my darling?” Amy is older than me and somehow always so hot. All the attentions was all on her always and forever, I was so jealous at her because she always had what she wants, a lots of lovers who would’ve killed for her, good boyfriend at the same time who loves her to death.
I was so jealous till I met Harry and he changed everything. At very first I was scared to introduce him to my sister, but when he shows me how I’m important to him and how he won’t care about others I knew I chose right one.

“Good, happy birthday amy” I gave her my present. She thanks me and I take of my coat. “Where’s your lovely boyfriend? Is the superstar too buy for party like this?” She asked sarcasm in her voice. She was so disagree with this relationship since the first moment, she thought she gonna leave me as soon as he’s bored, I don’t like to think she was right about Harry.

“Em , you know he cares, he just has to be at studio, you know how it works ” I told her but not even me believing myself. “Whatever y/n” she said as she ran to her boyfriend.

After a very long night full of boring stuff, finally it’s time for me to leave. I’m gathering my stuff when Amy yelled “no way” I look at her way. She has her phone in her hand as her eyes are as big as a wheel. “What’s wrong?” John his boyfriend asked , she looked my way and then her boyfriend “guess what John, the superstar is busy for our little party because he’s partying with some hot chick” she said with smirk on her face. She hold up her phone and I see photos of harry leaving club with a girl behind him, he’s holding her hand and they both have smile on their face.

John look at me guilty, he’s the opposite of my sister, so caring!
“He’s busy at studio y/n, huh? Keep fooling yourself, I told you since very first moment, what did you think with yourself? There’s lots of super models around him. Why he should wanted you?” Tears run down my face. I knew I’m not good enough but she doesn’t have to slap it in my face.

John puts his hand on her shoulder “Amy that’s enough ” she glanced at his way “no it’s not, let her know , she’s fooling herself. Later she’ll be thrown out in streets ..” “stop it” I can’t take it anymore, I just run out as fast as I can not caring if it’s late at night for running in streets, I just ran and ran until my feet gets jelly and I fell on ground so hard. Right now I don’t care if I break my bones.

My heart is broken, not by my sister, by the only person who I trusted the most. He was the one who makes me believe in myself and now he’s destroying everything.

I cried on cold concrete until I ran out tears. When I look around I didn’t recognized my place and it’s freaking dark and cold. My body’s shaking. I don’t know if it’s for cold or my broken heart.
My phone rings in my pocket, I take it out and answer it without checking the id. My lips are frozen and no words left my mouth

“Y/n , omg y/n , where are you baby?” It’s harry, he sounds so worried, if it was hours ago I would say he’s a good boyfriend who’s getting worried for his be loved girlfriend.
I let out a laugh. He stay silent a moment “your sister called me, she told me what happened, baby please tell me where are you, we’ll talk about it, it’s not what you thought” I shake my head but suddenly a voice from behind me scared me, I don’t want to be raped or dead by strangers, I prefer listen to harry lying to me instead “i-i don’t kn-now” he sighs “just tell me what you see around baby?”
I told him about A restaurant near by and he told me he knows my place. He begged me to stay where I am and I have no other way but to obey.

A car pulled in front of me, the door gets open and worried harry runs out of it. “Oh thanks god, I was going out of my mind ” he kneels in front of me holding my face in his palms. “Baby you’re so cold” he’s right I’m so cold. My heart is frozen.

He lift me off ground bridal styles and put me on his lap holding me so close to his body as he sat in car, we just stayed that way. Like before everything gets just as cold as outside.

“First I didn’t know you’re busy or you’re ignoring me” I mumble in his chest. His body shifts under me “I told myself you love me” I let’s out a cold laugh “I was wrong ” he shakes his head “no you’re wrong, you’re the only person I want to” this time it’s my time to shake my head “don’t fool me anymore ” I hit his chest tears fall down my face. I’m out of shock. He hold my wrists while I whimper and son on his lap “sh baby, I’m not fooling you, the girl tonight was my co worker, I just get to club to give her a ride because she had a bad night with her husband and she was drunk, I was on my way home. To get you, I swear I can’t even look at any girl the way I’m looking at you” he told me. In his voice is something I want to believe him but my sister’s words are blocking the way.

“Listen , listen to me, don’t let her words get into that little mind of you babe, if I wasn’t happy with you why should I stay with you? I can easily break up, just believe me and let me make it up to you”
He kissed my nose and then all over my face when he gets to my Lips he paused “sorry if I was busy these past days, I’m so sorry, I promise after tonight I’ll make sure to have time for my little angel ”
He stared At my eyes and his emerald eyes are telling the truth , my hearts can do nothing but believe him “please” he plead again. His eyes gets glossy when he didn’t hear me answer, I slowly leaned in “p-promise me, Harry?” “I promise” his lips collide on mine. Our mind and soul gets one. I think this time Amy is wrong.

“You worried me so much, please don’t run like this again” he said kissing me one more time as o nod at him. My boyfriend’s taking care of me.

Hope you enjoyed, request me of the list and I’ll be posting for you, it’ll take times because I’m busy with college as well but I’ll post all of them.

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What do you think are the flaws of each of the lads? Talk about them and how you feel about them! Cheers, love! (Also I'm seeing Paul tomorrow! Eeeek!)

i hope you have fun seeing paul!

this is a really strange question lol and i dont want to get into anything too deep so ill just keep it brief.

johns flaw would be his jealousy, ex: being selfish with his girlfriends and super competitive with his peers. paul’s flaw would be his insecurity, ex: not taking criticism well and trying too hard. george;s flaw would be his stubbornness, ex: holding grudges and being bitter. and ringo’s flaw would be his gluttony, ex: partying too much and his substance abuse.

idk they all have a lot of flaws lmao but they are still good boys

A little Sherlolly Halloween Ficlet. Monstas!

“Daddy!” Holly screamed. “Daddy!”

“I’m here, sweetheart.” Sherlock said loudly, walking into her room and searching for the light switch. 

“Daddy!” The little girl cried.

“Daddy’s here, darling.” He reassured, finally finding the switch and turning on the light. His three year old daughter was sitting up in her bed, clutching at her blanket and her stuffed rabbit, Hoppy. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked, coming over to sit on the edge of her bed. She crawled over to him quickly, wrapping her arms around his waist. 

“Monsta! Daddy, Monsta!” She cried. 

“Where? Where’s the monster, baby?” Sherlock soothed his youngest child. He rubbed her back as she continued screeching about the monster. 

She pointed to her closet door which was ajar and Sherlock had to get up to check. He didn’t believe in monsters, but he sure as hell knew there were a lot of things that could hide in a closet that were worse than his daughter’s imaginary monsters.

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