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Spring rain

Jinki was finally back in town and missing Minho so much, he could not wait anymore.
warning: smut

Minho came in, kicking off his shoes as he peeled out the jacket that was clinging to his skin, soaked in the rain outside.

The rain had caught him totally unprepared, thick and heavy drops falling at once, people rushing to shelter while Minho, well he was in a hurry to get home, simply ignored and continued his path, diverting from hurried people.

Jinki had called that afternoon telling him he was going home, that after five agonizing days out of Seoul, he was coming back and Minho wanted nothing more than to have the older man in his arms. But for this he needed to take a shower first and then go to Jinki’s house, since he was wet to the bone and shaking a little.

He finished taking off his clothes, already inside the bathroom, leaving the clothes on the floor,  Minho would worry about it later, he really needed to step in the hot water, his teeth beating against each other in so much cold.

“Damn rain,” he murmured, opening the tap and taking a deep breath as he felt the hot water stream down his body. “That’s better.” he said closing his eyes.

After some time just standing there under the hot water, Minho was finally ready to take a shower, he opened his eyes and gasped, his eyes widening comically.


“Hey.” he said quietly, a small smile on his lips.

Minho took a few seconds to process what was happening, Jinki was standing there in the bathroom totally wet from the rain like Minho himself minutes ago.

“I… were you not at your house? I mean, I was going there later.”

Jinki shook his head, finally starting to undress. “I couldn’t wait, I missed you so much.”

Actually, the only thing Minho could do was go to Jinki, helping him undress faster and pulling the older man under the hot water. His hands sliding across the icy skin, pulling Jinki against him, who went willingly, molding against his body.

Minho peppered kisses down Jinki’s neck, who gasped as he tilted his face to the side, his hands buried in Minho’s wet hair as he rubbed deliciously against him who groaned against Jinki’s neck, squeezing his squishy butt.

“Welcome back.” Minho whispered into Jinki’s ear, biting it after and making him moan.

“D-did you like the surprise?” he moaned as Minho opened his cheeks, kneading the soft globes in his hand.

“Oh yeah, I loved it.” he growled, bucking his hip forward and rubbing their erections together.

Jinki groaned loudly as Minho slid a finger in, panting against the younger man’s neck, clinging to him who bucked his hip again, leaving Jinki crazy.

“P-put it in, put it in,” Jinki whined, pulling against Minho’s fingers. “Please.”

Minho couldn’t wait any longer, he was so aroused, so hard it hurt, he needed to be inside Jinki. He then turned to Jinki, who automatically placed his hands against the wall and leaned back, parting his legs and looking over his shoulder, impatient.

He smirked, pumping his cock quickly and rubbing against Jinki’s entrance, who gasped and moaned softly, his thighs trembling slightly in anticipation. Slowly he pushed in, holding the base of his penis as he was swallowed by Jinki.

“Just relax a little,” Minho gasped, sliding a hand down Jinki’s back. “I’m almost inside.

Jinki nodded, breathing slowly until he felt the bones of Minho’s hip against his butt, the member throbbing inside him.

"Just give me a minute.” Jinki murmured, smiling slightly as Minho interlaced the fingers of one of his hands together, giving a slight squeeze.

After a few minutes Jinki nodded and Minho was more than happy to finally begin to move, sliding out and then into the tight heat of the older man, who arched his back every time he was filled, moaning louder and louder as pleasure increased inside of him.

Minho just could not hold on and when Jinki threw his head back and squeezed their fingers tightly, Minho knew he had hit on his sweet spot and then nothing else could hold Minho who started thrusting faster, delighting as Jinki sucked him greedily each time he pushed in.

“Touch yourself, Jinki-ah,” Minho commanded. “Come to me.”

Jinki moaned, contracting against Minho who moaned against his ear, the small space of the bathroom filled with their moans. Jinki moaned, increasing the speed of his hand and Minho grunted, feeling the pleasure run through his veins, almost there.

And then Jinki contracted almost painfully against Minho, moaning and cumming in his hand and that was it, Minho lost it, pulling his cock out and painting the older man’s back in white, milking until there was nothing left.

The two stood there for a few seconds, breathing unevenly. Then slowly Jinki turned and Minho automatically pulled him into his arms, burying his face in his neck, taking a deep breath.

“Hi.” he said grinning into Jinki’s skin, who laughed, his hands sliding affectionately on Minho’s back, the water still running.

“Hi, my love.”

“Let’s go to bed, huh?!”

Jinki smiled, kissing Minho. “Yeah, take me there.”

Later that night Jinki was curled up against Minho, protected by warm arms as raindrops beat against the window like a lullaby. Minho tightened his arms around him, bringing Jinki closer and breathing slowly, sleeping soundly.

Jinki hated to travel but surely coming back was worth it.

anonymous asked:

For Tarzan au, when does taemin start calling key "dad"? Is there a special event that caused him to start calling key "dad"?

He started calling Key and Jinki just “Dad” when he was about nine or ten. It wasn’t so much that it was special or anything, he just noticed that the kids his own age called their fathers “Dad” instead of “Daddy” and he wanted to be more like them.

Kibum and Jinki definitely noticed the change, though. One day after school, Taemin came into the kitchen and said something along the lines of, “Dad, when’s dinner?” And Kibum was just so shocked it took him a full thirty seconds to answer him.

Before Taemin could go back to the living room, though, Kibum asked, “Are you okay, sweetie?”

“Yeah, why?”

Taemin’s just standing in the doorway of the kitchen, his head tilted and his eyebrows furrowed. 

“Nothing, sweetie, I’ll come get you when dinner’s ready,” Kibum tells him.

Taemin grins, and he’s about to go back into the living room before he turns back around and bolts right to Kibum. He wraps his arms around Kibum’s back and looks up at him with a smile.

“Love you,” Taemin tells him. 

“I love you, too,” Kibum tells him with a laugh.

Kibum pats his head, and Taemin untangles his arms to go running back into the living room.

If you ever think your fandom is the best fandom just remember that Japanese shawols are sending Canadian shawols lightsticks because they won’t get to have any for the concert. That’s real love bitch.

wantonewsbabies  asked:

Oh! Can you talk a little more about Taemin's relationship with Jinki? We know he lives with Key, and has to be a little more attached. But Jinki has a family eventually, did that ever upset Taemin? Key mentioned that Taemin misses him, so does he get distant and only shows up for study reasons?

So Taemin was actually a lot closer with Jinki than he was with Kibum when he was younger. Jinki was less strict when it came to certain things than Kibum was, and Taemin picked up on that quickly. Jinki would spend a lot of time with Taemin, and even though Kibum did too, Taemin just formed a special bond with Jinki. 

But then when Jinki and Luna get married, Jinki stops spending as much extra time with Taemin. Taemin starts living with Kibum full-time, and Taemin only sees Jinki during visits or at the university when he’s there for observation. Jinki did spend a lot of time with Taemin right after he got married, but then Luna became pregnant with their first child when Taemin was 11, and then they had their second child when Taemin was 13. With two young children at home, Jinki doesn’t have as much time to spend with Taemin.

Taemin understands the reason, but that doesn’t make it any less painful when he starts to realize that Jinki only starts to really see him when he’s at the university for the study.

That’s part of the reason Taemin gets so upset when they come to talk to his class, because he’s been thinking for a long time now that Jinki doesn’t actually care about him outside of the study. 

Naturally, Taemin starts missing him. Also naturally, Taemin pretends that nothing is wrong and starts giving Jinki the silent treatment whenever he sees him. Jinki just thinks it’s Taemin being a teenager, but Kibum eventually talks with Jinki about why he thinks Taemin is so upset.

Jinki and Luna have always considered Taemin as part of their family, and their kids think of Taemin as an older brother or cousin, but Taemin doesn’t feel like he’s part of their family. 

Jinki isn’t distancing himself from Taemin on purpose, it’s just what happened once he had his second child and became busier with taking care of them.