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Warm Milk

Summary: I tried to make it like the scene in The Amazing Spiderman where Gwen was helping Peter with his injuries. I tried to make Peter as awkward as possible lmao. This is my first fic so go easy on me haha.

Word Count: 2118

Triggers: Blood, injuries, a wee bit of swearing (b-word), awkward teenagers, lots of hurt Peter, may or may not have cried a little writing 


You sat still, slowly chipping away at your chemistry lab report when you heard a knock at your window. Your heart jumped in your chest for a second but you chuckled when you realized it was only Peter, banging his head against your window. He looked exhausted, with a few scattered bruises on his cheeks and head limply leaning on the window itself. A wee bit melodramatic, you thought, but Peter had every right to be tired. After all, he WAS the, ‘friendly, neighborhood spider man.’ Ever since you had found out, you had been teasing him little by little with the name everyone called him. But you were immensely proud of him and each little job that he managed to tackle. You looked into his brown eyes and he gave you a small smile. You beckoned your head forward in a ‘come in’ sort of gesture, to which Peter opened the window and climbed inside your bedroom.

“You know, you could always consider coming in through the front door,” you chuckled quietly, eyes returning to your paper. You heard Peter give a weak laugh behind you.

You turned around to face him in your swivel chair. “I also wanted to mention that my father thinks you need psychiatric attention because of all-” You stopped dead in your tracks when you saw Peter almost fall into your bed before desperately gripping the wall to hold himself upright.


He slowly was starting to lean forward and you rushed over to steady him before he fell.

“Peter? Peter, what happened. What happened Peter?” you interrogated, slowly guiding him back down to your bed. “You should’ve seen the size of the other guy,” he mumbled shakily while allowing you to gently lay him down, “that is, the other guy being a man in a giant metal bird suit.” He panted in between words, seeming to be almost struggling for air. His eyes were half closed.

“Honey?” you heard your father call from outside, “Would you like some warm milk before I leave? I can bring it to you real quick!” Peter grimaced as he ducked behind the edge of your bed, just in case your father decided to open the door. However, you beat him to it. “Don’t move,” you whispered shrilly to Peter.

You flung the door open, causing your father to flinch in surprise. “No, Dad, I do not want any warm milk right now, thank you very much.”

Your dad looked at you strangely. “You… said earlier today that you would appreciate it if I could make you warm milk while you worked on your lab report.”

“W-well,” you stuttered, trying to plaster a fake ticked-off look on your face, “I’m (your age) years old, I don’t drink warm milk anymore!” You slammed the door in your dad’s face before checking on Peter, who’s playful expression stared up at you. “Warm milk?” he said quietly with a smile. You flipped him off quickly before reopening the door to apologize to your dad. I mean, you felt like you had been… a bit harsh.

“I-I’m sorry Dad, I just… can’t have warm milk right now because I’m right in the middle of this paragraph and I’m almost done and I’m on a roll here and I don’t want to be interrupted because it’s stressful.” Your dad looked as awkward as you felt. “Oh, uh, alright, that’s okay, maybe when I get back then?” You nodded with aggressive enthusiasm as your dad smiled weakly and turned on his heel to head out the door. The second you heard it shut your attention immediately turned back to Peter. Instead of half shut, his eyes were now completely closed and he was gripping his stomach with one hand while clutching on the end of the bed with another. You walked over tentatively. “P-Peter? Are you gonna be sick? Do you need me to walk you to the bathroom?” Peter shook his head. “It j-just hurts. I’ll be alright, I just…” he let out a sharp exhale. “I just wanted to come here to recover before going back to Aunt May because I know she’d worry and-” He was panting again, as if only talking was completely wearing him out.

“Peter, take off the suit, okay? I’ll clean you up really quickly if I need to.” Too physically drained to care, Peter let you help him unstick the suit from his chest. There were various small tears, which was remarkable considering the material the suit was made of. You held a whimper back in your throat when you saw three huge gashes on Peter’s stomach and chest, one of which was still bleeding profusely and dripping blood all down the rest of Peter’s torso. “Jesus Christ Peter… did the guy, like, bust an artery or something?” You grabbed some paper towels from your bedside table in a meek attempt to stop the bleeding, but they were quickly soaked through. His blood stained your hands in a matter of seconds, and you felt selfish because of how gross you felt. Heart beating quickly, you assessed the situation.

“Okay, um, Peter, just stay here, I’m actually going to get a towel for you and you’re going to hold that to the cut on on your stomach to stop the bleeding. And I’m gonna get rubbing alcohol and disinfectant and all that other stuff, alright? Just… don’t move.” He just nodded. It wasn’t like he could move at all, even if he wanted to. You left and began to hurriedly search your bathroom for all the necessary supplies. Necessary supplies- the words sounded funny in your head. Mature. But then again, Peter had never been injured this bad before. You quickly thanked whatever god there was for all your girl scout first aid training and red cross babysitting classes.

You returned to where Peter was to find him still grimacing, eyes closed. “Oh, God, okay, Peter, I need you to, um, just hold this to your chest for a bit to stop the bleeding, and I-I’m going to clean the other ones, alright?” He just nodded and took the towel from you, whimpering slightly as he pressed it to his largest and most bloody wound. Ten minutes, you remembered. If you cut a major… whatever… take ten minutes to stop the bleeding.

“Okay, listen, I’m just going to clean these really quick… I’ll bandage them best I can, alright? My-” you laughed anxiously, “my hands are really shaky.” You got to work quickly, taking your soapy washcloth and scrubbing at the dirtiest slash that crossed Peter’s chest. He yelped and then gritted his teeth. You stopped quickly. “It-it’s gonna hurt, okay? But just for a little bit. I don’t want it to get infected.”

Surprisingly, Peter laughed. “You’re really smart you know, Y/N. W-where did you learn all of this?” You smiled. “Doesn’t matter. Hold still.” Peter groaned as you got to work viciously scrubbing at the second cut.

“These aren’t super deep, alright? I’m gonna put some anti-bac on them and you should be good and I’ll wrap them for you.”

Peter’s eyes shot open. “Will it hurt?”

You were tempted to laugh but recovered quickly. “No, this isn’t going to hurt. You’ll be fine.” Peter let out a relieved sigh and resumed the closed-eye, head-tilted-back position. You quickly rubbed the anti-bac over the two smaller gashes and began to carefully bandage them, sealing the ends with medical tape. Despite everything, you chuckled. “That’s gonna hurt like a bitch when you pull it off, Peter.” Peter laughed tiredly. “Nooo,” he replied. You smiled and shrugged in a sorry-not-sorry kind of way.

The big cut that wouldn’t stop bleeding was going to be your worst nightmare. “Okay, let’s tackle the big boy, yeah?”

Peter glanced up at you. “The biggest boy of them all.” Together, you pulled the blood-soaked towel away from the wound, causing Peter to scrunch his eyes shut and let out a loud moan. It made a sticky sound when you pulled it away, and you briefly felt bile rise in your throat. It was really wet, and for a second you didn’t know what to do with it; you stared at it, wide-eyed while Peter panted in front of you. “Okay, good job,” you said nervously, presuming to throw the ruined towel in your garbage can, not really knowing what to do with it. You could make up some excuse later. You started to scrub all the dirt and dried blood in and around the cut, trying your best to ignore Peter’s feeble cries. You glanced up at him, noting his sweaty forehead and miserable expression. Your heart began to pound faster.

“O-okay, Peter, this is going to be the worst part, yeah? I have to put alcohol in it so it doesn’t get infected. This one’s… really bad. It’s going to hurt a lot, alright?” Surprisingly, Peter let out a small sob. It was then that you realized that Peter was a kid, just like you. You needed to be strong for him.

You poured some of the alcohol onto a cotton ball until it was practically dripping. Taking a deep breath and steadying your hands, you started scrubbing away at the gash. Peter let out a huge yell and tensed his entire chest. You felt sympathy well up in your throat. “Almost done, almost done,” you whispered, quickly spreading some anti-bac on the cut and finishing bandaging it. You put a hand on Peter’s shoulder and felt it rise aggressively up and down as he panted, making small noises of protest. “We’re done, you’re done, you’re so brave Peter, alright? We’re done, it’s okay. I’m going to get you some sweats that I stole from my dad and one of his t-shirts; I’ll be right back and we can… do something with your suit, I don’t know yet.” Peter just nodded, sweat dripping down his face. Out of maternal instinct, you kissed his forehead, before becoming completely aware of what you just did. Luckily, Peter didn’t seem to notice. You quickly got the clothes you needed, brought them to Peter and gave him a second to change. Once you heard Peter slink down to the floor and land with a loud ‘thump,’ you reentered.

He glanced up at you tentatively and gave a small wave, neither of you knowing quite what to say. “Do you want warm milk?” you asked out of the blue and shortly after mentally facepalmed. “I-I mean, warm milk always makes me feel better, and I can get some for you if you want because I was going to get some for myself anyway-”

He cut you off with a small smile and looked at the ground. “Yeah, I-that’d be great, thank you.” He seemed… embarrassed? Feeling heat rise to your cheeks, you nodded and hurried down the stairs to heat some up. Carefully walking back up the stairs with two mugs, you sternly told yourself not to be awkward. Peter was your friend. There was no reason for it.

You sat down next to him and watched him breathe in the steam, causing you to giggle before staring into your own mug. Peter took a large gulp before grimacing once again. “It’s hot, stupid,” you said, not even trying to hide your smile.

Peter rolled his eyes before blowing on it and taking a smaller sip. “This is really good,” he said. “What do you mean it’s really good; I literally just put milk in the microwave and put it on low heat for like a minute.” You stared up at your ceiling hugging your knees tight to your body.

“Why’d you kiss me?” he said, his question startling you. You blushed scarlet. “I- Look, I don’t know, it just seemed like the right thing to do.” You sighed exasperatedly and looked down at your mug again before sipping. Peter looked away quickly. “I mean, it was… kind of nice actually. I’m not trying to be weird like that, I just mean, it was cute. You’re cute. Well, I mean, I guess, in a kiss-type way? God, uh…” You chuckled. “Do you want to kiss me this time, Peter?” This time he was the one blushing. “Well, you kind of deserve it, for, uh, taking care of me and all.” He slowly leaned in, using one hand to cup your face and another to hold himself steady before gently pressing his lips against yours. You closed your eyes and leaned into the kiss before pulling away, the both of you staring at each other. Peter just looked at you. “Uh, that was really nice, should I-”

You just rolled your eyes. “Stupid.” 

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Roman Reigns Blurb request - The Introduction

Seth and I had been friends for years. He had always talked about Roman but somehow, for as much as we both hung out with our mutual friend, we always seemed to miss each other when we were in the same town or city. So, I was nothing short of shocked when I stepped through the doorway of Seth’s Tampa home and found the man himself sprawled out on the sectional. I swear he took up half of it.

“Is this the infamous Cassie I hear so much about but never see?” His deep voice matched his size and boomed across the room as he stood up with a huge grin on his face.

“One and the same,” Seth grinned back at him.

He strode over to where I was standing in a few short steps and put his hand out, “Hey, I’m Roman, pleasure to finally meet ya.”

I took his hand in mine and looked up at the man towering over me. “Cassandra but everyone calls me Cassie.” I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, “Jesus, how fucking tall are you?”

“Around 6’3”,” he laughed.

His voice was mesmerizing. “I have no idea why I just said that,” my face flushed as I spoke, “clearly you’re aware of your height.”

“When your 6’3” everyone is aware of your height,” his grey eyes held mine.

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Well that was a completely suggestive ending. *scurries under rock* This wasn’t as profound or as emotional as I might have liked but I just liked that ending too much to get rid of it. I think that the length of this piece really restricted the quality of this piece so I can understand if it wasn’t quite what you were looking for but I hope it’s still alright. This was for fuckyeahheedustan so let me know what you think. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: Heyy :D could i ask for a part two to “Always” where Bucky keeps changing from the winter soldier to James and the reader has to try and keep him calm when he’s in soldier mode but it gets out of hand so Steve has to help? then all better at the end and fluffy XD

“Always” (Part 2)

Part 1

Steve and Tony didn’t often share their mornings together. It was only the odd days where Tony decided to get up before noon that he would run into Rogers for breakfast after the latter had returned from a jog.

It was on one of those particular mornings, that they sat opposite from each other in the kitchen. Tony had prepared a pot of coffee and the two of them now sat making idle conversation.
“So how was your jog?” Stark asked.
“Fine. How did you sleep?”

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Everybody Loves a Clown - Part 1

Word Count: 3265

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: I dunno what happened. 

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

You stood next to Dean in front of John’s funeral pyre and stared into the flames at John’s burning body. It was wrapped completely in a white sheet. You could see Sam standing on the other side of Dean with tears streaming down his face, but Dean remained stoic. “Before he…before, did he say anything to you? About anything?” Sam choked out.

Dean continued to stare straight ahead as a tear fell down his face. “No…nothing.” He answered. Liar you thought to yourself.

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your love

Title: Your Love
Pairing: Blaine/OFC (named)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Drug use (just weed y’all), fluffy shit, smut.
A/N: I wanna write more about Blaine, but I had such a hard time with this one that idk if I’m going to write him again. Also, this is short in comparison to my other stuff. I hope you all enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days, I’ve got some Josh (Ricki & the Flash), some more Chris Beck, and some more Seb!

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Fic: True North

Based off that post about soulmate compass AUs. Kind of a complete rehashing of certain preshow/s2 plotlines.

~2700 words, PG-13ish for hospital stuff/mentions of violence. Fluff/hurt/comfort.

Kurt had felt like his head was spinning ever since Mr. Schue pulled him and Finn out of class that morning.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but…your father’s in the hospital. The doctors think he had a heart attack, and they’re doing everything they can. Carole already called you both out, and I’ll make sure your friends collect your homework.”

“Thanks, Mr. Schue,” Finn had replied. Kurt couldn’t say anything, too in shock to speak.

He still couldn’t speak, really. What was he supposed to say when he got to the hospital and discovered his father unconscious in the ICU? How was he supposed to react? Screaming? Crying? Fainting?

“We’re going to go get dinner, Kurt. Would you like to come with us?” Carole asked, snapping him out of his stupor for a moment.

“No, I’m not hungry,” Kurt said quietly, even though it was already nine pm and he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “I’ll wait here until you guys come back.”

Carole squeezed his shoulder comfortingly before following Finn out of the room.

“C’mon, Dad,” Kurt whispered, holding one of Burt’s hands in both of his. “Wake up. Please.”

He waited a moment, but there was no response other than a slight movement on the double-needled compass in Burt’s wrist as the newer arrow followed Carole down the hall to the cafeteria.

Just as Kurt was finally about to let himself cry, he felt a tugging in his own compass wrist.

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I’ve seen this picture going around a lot and I think I need to take a minute to give it a grade so let’s see here

- head is way too large

- hands are way too large and not the same size

- bendy spine

- giant thigh gap for no reason

- her torso is smaller than her head

-her torso is almost as small as her thighs

- her head tilts forward, her shoulders lean back, her ribs are forward, her hips go way back? that’s not a natural or even vaguely comfortable looking position

- despite the fact that we can see the boobs via outline and shading yamamoto felt some need to put extra focus on the fact that she has boobs

- there is literally not enough room for her ribs in her chest

- where did the back of her neck go?

- just. jesus fucking christ her torso is so painfully tiny it’s like I’m looking at shitty sexist comic book art


see me after class

if you can make [main character dude of the gen] look nice you can take ten extra minutes to examine your ladies and make sure their spines work properly

Yamamoto has a giant laundry list of issues with his art but the fact that after years and years and how pokespe treats its ladies fairly well (a discussion for later) he still can’t manage to draw a spine right or a torso that doesn’t look like it’s about to snap in half for the strongest main character in the series is absolutely ridiculous

swingingrobin  asked:

Klanced! Do you like horses?

I like the idea of horses, but have you ever seen one up close? They’re literally… So buff. Horses and kangaroos have no right being that buff it’s terrifying. What the fuck. They have so much muscle on them. God. I used to ride horses. The like, show horses I can handle, but working horses? What the fuck. Their legs are bigger than my torso. Jesus Christ. Why are they so buff? Who the hell are they squaring up against? If a horse and a kangaroo joined forces, they would rule the world. This is why Pangaea split up- to keep the horses and kangaroos apart. Fuck. They’re huge. If you get on the shitlist of a horse or kangaroo- you’re fucked. God. I’m messed up just thinking about them.


Okay so I’m going to do a comparison to show how much i ADORE the new crow design like really

Obviously nothing about Crow’s outfit seriously changes, but there is one huge difference

he actually looks his fucking age

this design LOOKS like an adult, or at least an older teen. Even on a short guy, you can tell he’s definitely not a kid.

the older one (and that was the ONLY full body image i could damn find, but trust me it still follows through in the show, esp post season 2) they make him looks more cartoony and childish, which is what i was afraid of arc v doing AGAIN. his legs are lanky (sort of that style though), his shoulders are very narrow (in contrast to jack and even yusei), he’s shorter, bigger eyes, and very cartoony expressions in contrast to Jack and Yusei who at least still hold some adult look to them a majority of the time.

the old one looks like they slapped muscles on a 13 year old boy and called it a day. the new one looks like an 18 year old who came here to kick some ass (and oh god the muscled thighs were SUCH a nice touch jesus christ)

the torsos are shorter as well, but that seems like an arc v thing. the muscles look organic, natural, not sort of hastily slapped on and over exaggerated. The Hair looks less ‘broom’ and artificial and more just intensely unruly. The face fits his character, down to earth and really ready to get shit done, while retaining some of his playfulness. 

im just so happy with this design jesus fucking christ u ghhhhhhhhhhhh they did so good im going to marry the arc v character designer