but jess's little pout at the end kills me every time

Will The Tooth fairy Still Come?

I have been given my first request! By @random-superwholock-images

request-  Also would you be willing to write a one-shot that the reader is S&D’s sister and she’s about five and she has a very loose tooth and she gets all pouty when she loses it on a hunt– if you could in corporate the episode where Dean says fudging touch me again I’ll fudging kill you that would be awesome!

warnings- There is none. 

(Also, I’m listening to the Moana soundtrack whilst writing this and wowww it’s beautiful! Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius!)

A/N- I decided to do it so their sister was staying with Bobby whilst the boys were on the hunt. I’ve still managed to fit in the line though!x

The boys came across you when you were just a baby, they found you ditched in some alleyway next to a diner. They took you in whilst they tried to find your parents, but they never did. So they adopted you as their sister and their father was fine with it, which surprised both of the boys. That was five years ago, when you were two Sam took you to college with him, to get you away from the life but that didn’t work. It eventually caught up to him, he lost Jess his girlfriend, and he almost lost you too but they managed to get you out in time. Fast forward two and a half years, you were all reunited except for John, they didn’t tell you what really happened to him, they told you he had a bad heart, it was better than the truth. 

Dean had also sold his soul. You didn’t know that, he just said he’d have to go away soon, and that you shouldn’t worry. You were confused, where was he going? Why was he leaving? Will he visit? These were all questions you asked a lot, Dean would just change the subject. You had no idea that in a couple of months he would be torn apart by a hell hound. You had no idea that in a couple of months… Your big brother would be dead. 

Your brothers were in Seattle, Washington whilst you were with Bobby, they told you they were exterminators, that they had to go and take care of some bugs. You didn’t mind them being away, you just wanted them home in time for Christmas which they promised they would be. It was snowing in Sioux Falls, so you put on your biggest coat, hat and gloves and went outside to play in it. You’ve always found the snow fascinating, even more so when Sam told you that each and every snow flake was different so that’s what you were doing now, finding two snowflakes that looked different, which proved to be difficult as they kept on melting in your hands. You were so focused on the snow, you failed to notice the small-ish piece of scrap metal lying carelessly on the snowy floor. You tripped over, accidentally hitting yourself in the face at the same time, causing a loose tooth to hurtle through the air landing in the snow. “Oh no” you mumbled to yourself as you ran your tongue over the gap your tooth once filled, you crawled around in the snow trying to find it, you needed that tooth. You failed to find it and returned to Bobby’s house pouting.

“What’s up buttercup?” He asked when he saw your pouting face “I lost my tooth” you said in a quiet voice, Bobby looked at you confused “but isn’t that a good thing?” He asked, you sighed dramatically and sat on the chair in the corner of the room “no. I mean I lost it, I fell and my tooth flied in the air. It’s gone Bobo” you sadly said, crossing your arms. Bobby sighed and picked up the phone “you wanna talk to Sam and Dean?” He asked, you’re face lit up at the mention of your brothers, you nodded eagerly, Bobby held the phone up to his ear waiting for Dean to answer, you heard somebody answer the phone, it was a man but it wasn’t Dean, or Sammy.  “Who is this?” Bobby asked, you couldn’t really hear what the other person was saying. It was silent for a couple of seconds before you heard Dean yell something “you fudging touch me, i’ll fudging kill you!” You looked at Bobby, who quickly walked away, you sighed and continued to sulk in the chair.

It was much later on during the night, you lay awake in bed until you heard the familiar low rumble of the Impala. A smile stretched across your face, quickly you jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs just in time to see Sam and Dean walk through the door “Sammy! Dea!” You yelled running towards them, Dean picked you up “hey kiddo! Shouldn’t you be asleep?” He asked, you sighed “I cant sleep” you mumbled, “I lost my tooth so I’m trying to talk to the tooth-fairy.. I don’t think it’s working” you explained, Sam chuckled as he took you from Dean’s arms. He started walking up the stairs with you in his embrace “well, I happen to know the tooth-fairy, I’m sure she understands” he said as he entered your room, “so will the tooth fairy still come?” You asked him, he sat down on the end of your bed with you snuggled into his chest, “I promise” he said, you looked up at him and held out your pinky

“pinky promise?” you asked, Sam smiled at you before wrapping his little finger around yours, “pinky promise. Now come on, bed time” he said.

He tucked you in and placed a light kiss on your forehead, “G’night kiddo.”

I’m honestly really happy with how this turned out! Thanks for this adorable request!<3

Requests are open

also, if you want to be tagged in my imagines pls send me an ask/message, thanks!x

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Mornings (McCree x Reader)

McCree x “I came to drop off something of yours really early in the morning and OMGWTF YOURE SLEEPY, IN YOUR UNDERWEAR, AND REALLY REALLY CUTE”

It’s like 2 AM. Pls help.


McCree was never a fan of mornings.

This particular morning Reyes had planned for a strike team to leave for a mission at 0800. This included the young gunslinger.

He yawned as he stood in Reyes’ office, getting an earful of the mission details an hour before departure. At the end of the briefing, Gabriel passed a file to the younger man and said,
“Mind passing this along to Y/N?”

Reyes would never admit it, but he was trying to get you with McCree ever since he saw the look Jesse gave once you during a training session when you complimented his shooting ability. He figured the poor kid could use a little love from someone like you.

Plus, it was getting a little annoying watching Jesse’s pining for you every time you laughed at one of his stupid jokes. Thankfully, it was 0700 and McCree was a little more susceptible to Reyes tricking him into talking to you alone.


Jesse left with the file and didn’t realize you were probably asleep until he knocked three times on your door. You didn’t have any missions or meetings today. He cleared his throat and straightened out his uniform before you opened the door, in an effort to be as presentable and charming as he could be.

However, he was certainly not prepared for what opened the door.

You swung the metal door open and Jesse’s jaw dropped to the floor. You had crazy bedhead, your slouched figure seemed to be barely standing, and most noticeably YOU WERE HALF NAKED.

He scrambled to look down both sides of the hall to see if anyone was around and quickly ushered you back into your room and closed the door. His face turned a deep red as he saw you appeared to only be wearing a bra and small shorts.

Although usually he would shamelessly flirt with you in suggestive situations, McCree tried to be a gentleman and took off his hat to shield his eyes and turned the other way as he stuttered,
“UH- MISS- I- UM- YOU are very UNDRESSED right now.”

Either he was trying to be a gentleman or the image of you undressed was a bit too much like a dream come true. He couldn’t count the times he imagined you wearing something similar to what you had on, under him, on a mattress-
OKAY NOPE. He told himself to stop those thoughts because he was already flustered beyond belief.

You looked down on your body and saw that yes, you weren’t wearing much, but due to the fact you had comeback from a mission at 0300 and were dead tired, you didn’t realize the dilemma.

“Huh. I guess I am,” you sleepily drawled. You peered up at the back of McCree through half-closed eyes and realized he wanted you to put some clothes on.

At this point, he was desperately trying to think of something other than how much of your skin was exposed to him…. and how good your room smelled…. and how good you would look pinned to the wall… NO STOP JESSE. He thought something along the lines of “NOT a good idea fantasizing about another agent especially when she’s standing half clothed right there.

“Lemme find a shirt or something….” you mumbled as you rubbed your eyes. Slowly, you plodded over to a dresser and rifled through a drawer lazily. You came upon a shirt and tried to pull it over your head, but alas, your head had gotten stuck.

“Jesse..?” you quietly said.

The cowboy slowly turned around to see you struggling to slip a shirt on.
He froze where he stood. Jesse thought you were completely adorable and would have exclaimed this, but he wasn’t sure how much you would remember when you broke out of your sleepy haze, so he kept his mouth shut.

You whined a little,

He could hear your little pout behind the fabric over your head. His heart skipped a beat. He realized your sleep-influenced voice was more attractive than he could imagine.

He moved forward to carefully help you and chuckled nervously,
“Dang, darlin’. Got yourself into a real bind… you must be really sleepy.”

As soon as the shirt was correctly put on, Jesse cleared his throat. You explained,
“Got back late from a mission couple o’ hours ago…”

You sat down on your bed and McCree almost forgot why he was in your room in the wee hours of the morning anyways.

“Uh- Reyes wanted me to pass this file t’ ya before I had to leave on a mission at 8.” He scratched the back of his head and set down the file on your desk.

“It’s marked ‘Time Sensitive’ so try to work on it ASAP. or uhhh…” he gestured towards your bed.

“After you get some more rest. You gotta take care of yourself, alright?”

Honestly, you could listen to Jesse’s Southern accent all day long, and you more than wanted to listen when he told you to do something.

“Alright..” you sleepily replied, and before McCree could process what was happening you stood up and wrapped your arms around his waist, signaling a much-needed hug.

His heart was beating so fast, he was sure you could feel it. Instead, you decided to kill him by planting a small kiss to his cheek and promptly fell back into the bed.

He stood there shocked as you waved off again to Dreamland.

“Good night, Jesse….”

“Good morning, Y/N,” he replied, but he was met with snoring.

He tiptoed out of your room and as soon as he was back in the hall, he almost collapsed from how flustered he was.

Maybe McCree could get used to mornings. (As long as they were spent with you.)


Yes, you awake hours later COMPLETELY EMBARASSED you opened the door to McCree while half naked.

“Who I Am Inside” Part 15

A/n: I know it has been awhile. I’ve just been busy with other stuff. I’ve been feeling very guilty lately for not posting as much and I will try harder too! Here’s chapter 15! Let me know what you think.

My Master List

   Sam’s Pov

“Can I talk to you for a minute, Sam?” Dean asked me, before taking a seat across from me in the Library and handed me a beer.

   “Where’s Y/n and the rest of the gang?” I asked, as I noticed they weren’t in sight.

“They all hit the hay early. The case wore them out. I wanted to apologize to you for what I said earlier. I never meant to get so angry at you.”

“I know you didn’t really mean it, Dean. You were just upset about, Y/n.”

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Jackson Wang // Best Friend’s Brother - Part 7

Prompt: You and your best friend, Jess, are determined to have the best, craziest summer ever, but her big brother is back from his gap year along with some of his friends and is dead set on joining the fun…
Scenario: Fluff, angst, suggested smut in later chapters
Word Count: 3887

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8

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An Unassuming Life - Part 4

Summary:  Dean is in the hospital, the reader rushes to his side. Part 4 of my Husband!Dean AU, An Unassuming Life. Catch up here.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  3383  

Warnings:  Character injury, explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, fluffiness

Author’s Note:  Sorry this took so long to get out, circumstances beyond my control got in the way.

Tagging:  @jensennjared @winchesterenthusiast @aprofoundbondwithdean @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @fingersinsamshair @mamapeterson @a-closet-full-of-skeletons @rizlow1 @enaishungry @mrswhozeewhatsis @the-mrs-deanwinchester @raeganr99 @deascheck @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @gecko9596 @katnharper @balthazars-muse

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Ahsoka hunts

The inhabitable region of planet Iwäkee wasn’t exactly subterranean. The surface was certainly a lost cause: rocky, barren, scorched under the sun, frozen under the moons. But, somehow, life found a way to survive in the deep gorges, sometimes several hundred meters deep, sometimes a thousand or more. From these gorges, vast caves encompassing whole cities spanned further under the earth. The rock ceilings stretched so high that some days they were obscured above a cloudy haze. Trees and vegetation grew downward from the roofs of caves and the undersides of natural bridges spanning gorges. More vegetation inhabited the sky than the ground.

It was here that the 501st had been for the past two weeks, poised to respond to any sudden Separatist threat while the planet conducted talks to join the Republic. As long as the inhabitants were not in danger, the GAR was to avoid them like the plague. So it had just been the 501st, their Jedi, and the native creatures for half a standard month.

Captain Rex paused his roving rounds next to Jesse, sitting propped against the rocky gorge wall, just to the side of a massive cave opening. “Anything to report?”

With a start, Jesse belatedly scooped up the macrobinoculars from the ground beside him and slammed them against his visor. A quick sweep of the gorge preceded, “All clear, sir.”

“You’ve got those pointed the wrong way, Jesse.”

Silently, Jesse slid the lens around to face out and swept the grassy area again. “Yep. All clear.”

“I get it that we haven’t exactly had much to worry about out here so far,” Rex said, letting a hand fall hard on the crown of Jesse’s bucket, “but let’s not sleep on watch, eh?”

After Rex returned to the cave, Jesse focused the macrobinoculars on the opposite end of the entrance, two hundred meters away, to see Fives’ helmet tipped all the way back– not even attempting to hide the fact he was passed out.

Although the sun was still up and its slanting rays illuminated a good portion of the cave, some soldiers had already kindled fires with branches fallen from the overhead forest. Kix, Hardcase and Ahsoka sat around one fire, the clones already attempting to trade ration bars.

“All you got is nuna flavored?” muttered Kix. “That’s the worst one– tastes like a rusty durasteel bar.” He leaned toward his commander who listlessly threw extra twigs on the fire. “How about you, sir? Any ration bars to trade?”

Ahsoka withdrew two bars from her belt pouch and tossed them Kix’s way without a word. 

“Am I too late for the charity?” Rex asked with a grin, sitting down next to her and setting his helmet at his feet. 

“Sorry,” she intoned, “those were my last bars.” Her attention slid back to administering twigs and grasses to the fire.

“So what’ll you do for food? It’s not gonna fall out of the sky.”

“I just can’t eat rations anymore, Rex.”

“Kid, that’s all we go–”

A tiny squeal became audible then, slowly permeating the area in increasing volume until something small and squishy hit the ground on the opposite side of the fire, bounced a couple times, and rolled to a halt. 

Ahsoka and Rex both leaned around the campfire in time to see the furry creature pop up, shake its head clear and incessantly scratch behind a pointed ear with a hind leg. It was a small thing, gray and shorthaired, with a long, hanging snout and a longer tail. 

“Squirbbit!” Ahsoka whispered, eyes wide. The moment she stood, the native tree-crawler gave such a shriek before bolting towards the cave entrance and the freedom of the gorge. Ahsoka dashed after it, and Rex could’ve sworn that her first impact after jumping clear over the fire was to land on all fours before breaking into a Force-enhanced sprint. 

The three clones watched her dive through the air after barely five paces, tackle her target and roll across the dusty ground herself. When she sat up, a limp squirbbit hung from her mouth. 

The ration trade turned into Hardcase dropping all the bars on Kix, muttering, “I might be sick.” In return for the food, Kix pulled an antisickness patch out of a belt pouch for his brother.

Rex found he couldn’t take his eyes off the clearly dead animal as Ahsoka neared the fire again, and only when she was about to resume her seat right next to him did she finally drop the squirbbit from her mouth into her hands. She beamed up at him, all pride at her successful kill, and chirped, “Food did fall from the sky!”

He tried to ignore how her mouth was a little redder than before, and how prominent her fangs were atop her stained smile. His glove hand conspicuously found its way to his nose, because dead squirbbit wasn’t the most aromatically pleasing.

“For the love of the Force, cook that thing,” Rex muttered.

Ahsoka pouted. “That’ll take too long!” She gave the creature a once-over in her hands. “It’s so small; it doesn’t have much meat on it anyway. I’d have it picked clean in, like, five minutes…”

“I’m gonna be sick,” Hardcase repeated. He pushed himself to his feet and fled the vicinity of dead-squirbbit stench. 

Even though Ahsoka obliged him and cooked her kill, Rex wasn’t able to stomach even the blandest of ration bars for the next several hours. It didn’t help that, in regular GAR rumor mill fashion, every soldier stationed with them knew about Ahsoka’s four-second hunt in the same amount of time. Several clones, including Jesse when he came off shift, wanted to see the bones, while Fives made her promise to let him see her hunt at least once. 

Over the next couple of days, the soldiers tried to help by pointing out every squirbbit they saw crawling through the trees above them, and a couple even tried to shoot one down for her, but they only succeeded in felling branches. As enthusiastic as the clones were to assist their commander in hunting, they immediately refused the offer to share her food– cooked or not– because no clone enjoyed the taste of squirbbit.

One morning, after Rex ended the transmission from General Skywalker announcing the good news of Iwäkee joining the Republic, Ahsoka popped up next to him, pouting worse than ever.

“Do you have an extra ration bar?” she asked with pleading eyes. 

Rex stowed his holopad. “I thought you didn’t like those.” He felt safe cracking a grin behind his helmet when Ahsoka grabbed a gauntlet and shook his whole arm.

“None of the guys are sharing their food because: ‘you have so much food running around!’ ‘Just hunt a squirbbit!’ ‘Here’s one I shot out of a tree!’” Her shoulders slumped. “I don’t want to eat the wildlife anymore. I want a normal, tasteless ration bar that I don’t have to cook and doesn’t give me– er… well.” She dropped his arm and diverted most of her attention into scraping the toe of her boot across the ground. “I only want a ration bar.”

It was hard to believe this was the same padawan who dove headfirst– mouthfirst– to kill a squealing animal only a few days prior. And she’d been so proud of it, too. 

Rex pulled a ration bar from a belt pouch and held it out to her. “Just don’t tackle me for it.”

The Queen Part 2

Part 1 | Part 3

As requested.

Warnings: Violence.

Word Count: 1770

Summary: Sam and Dean come to save the reader from hell.


You sighed, your long black painted fingernails tapping idly on the table. You were incredibly bored, having not seen or heard anything from anyone all day. As your patience wore thin, you stood and moved to the door. You turned the handle and pulled it back to be met with a demon, as usual. When you tried to move past him he placed a hand on your shoulder, halting your movements.

“What are you doing?” you questioned him, eyes narrowing and glancing down at the hand on you.

He shakily removed his hand, realising what he’d just done. “Uh- I’m sorry your majesty, I’m under strict orders to not let you leave this room.” He stuttered.

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"Sergeant Major Winchester" Dean Winchester Fluff

Request: Do you think you could write sort of an SPN AU where Dean is a soldier and he comes home from where he stationed and surprises the reader (his wife or girlfriend)? Very fluffy and emotional. Thank you so much!

**Dean’s POV**

It had been a year and a half since Dean had seen his wife, (Y/N). He thought the world of her, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Perfect in every way.

Dean was stationed on a warship in the middle of the Atlantic. He was Sergeant Major Winchester to his team, one of the best they had had. His fighting skills were far more advanced than anyone would have expected from a kid from Kansas. Little did they know he was a jarhead just like his dad, they were damn proud to have him.

He had to think about (Y/N) through that year and a half. She had saved his life in so many ways she hadn’t known. She was his rock. She was his life. (Y/N) and Dean had met about seven years ago, set up by a couple friends. It’s like they were literally made for each other, and they were loving every second of it.

Dean was in the military when he and (Y/N) had met. She knew what could happen, and it terrified her. Not only ha it scared her that she would lose her love, but it scared her because their daughter, Isabella Faye, would have to go without a father. What if she came home with a message that Dean had been killed in combat? Or MIA? Or taken hostage? She just had to believe that Dean would make it.

And he did. All he had to do was think about (Y/N) whenever he was in trouble. A lonely day on the warship included a Skype call to his lovely wife and a little personal time with himself. But he wouldn’t have to worry about those anymore.

No one knew Dean was coming home but his brother Sam, who was on his way to pick Dean up from the airport. “Dean!” Sam yelled when he saw his brother get off the plane.

Dean smiled widely and ran up to his brother, Sam not missing the opportunity to give his older brother a quick salute before a long overdue hug. “Jesus Christ. I can’t believe it.” Sam whispered chuckling. Dean had missed his brother at his side he was so used to it. But he was happy his baby brother was at college doing what he should be doing, becoming a lawyer.

“You better, Sammy.” Dean said pulling away with a smirk. “I’m back in the flesh.”

Sam shook his head and picked up his brothers duffel, “Have you told (Y/N) you’re back yet?” He asked as they walked to the car.

Dean shook his head, “No I want to keep it a surprise.”

Same nodded as they arrived at Dean’s old car. His ‘67 Impala (which was his fathers first) was one of his most prized possessions. It was badass even if it was forty.

“Ah baby. Did ya miss me?” He whispered rubbing the trunk of the car. “You better not have fucked with my car Sam.” Dean threatened looking up at his brother.

Sam held his hands up in defense, “I did nothing. No one was in it except me and Jess.” He smiled.

Dean nodded in approval and put his luggage in the trunk before slipping in the driver seat. “You wearing the uniform is to much? Maybe I should put on normal clothes before seeing (Y/N).” Dean asked Sam. He looked down at the freshly pressed uniform he had been wearing, the for was tight it comfortable. At least it was now, after him wearing it so many times.

“I think it’s fine. Didn’t she say she loved a man in uniform when you met?” Sam teased nudging Dean.

Dean smirked and nodded, “Oh yeah, she loves it.” He said turning the ignition. Dean had almost forgot how his own car sounded, he had been away for too long. “Listen to her purr.” He cooed, “Have you ever heard anything so sweet?”

His brother shook his head and chuckled, “If only mom and dad could see you now…” Sam said looking at his brother proudly, “They would be proud of you. Just like I am.”

Dean smiled and pulled out of the airport parking lot making the long journey home.

**Your POV**

“Mommy Mommy I want to go again!” Isabella pestered when she reached the end of the slide. You and Dean’s daughter was a little ball of excitement. Well, as much excitement as a three year old could have.

She never quite understood why Dean was away all the time. Always asking when he’d be home. Why he was gone. Was he killing the bad guys. You always answered the same, but she always kept asking.

It was hard without having Dean around. Some nights you were so lonely you would drag Is to bed with you just so you could get your mind off of him. You loved Dean with all your heart, and nothing could change that.

“No come on Izzy, we gotta go home. It’s almost nap time, sweetie.” You smiled. Isabella pouted and waved her arms in a fit. You had always found this cute because she looked like Dean when she whined.

“Mooooom.” She whined, “I wanna go down the slide.” She sighed and stomped her way over to you. You couldn’t help but smile at her little scrunched up face.

“We’ll come back tomorrow. Come on, you wanna go talk to Daddy?”

Immediately when you said this her face lit up. Is had always been a Daddy’s girl, and you loved seeing them together. And when she was able to talk to her dad (sadly only a couple times a month), it was the most precious thing ever.


You made your way home from the park and gave Is a quick bath so she didn’t look like a cave child when she saw Dean over Skype. Is had always been a tom boy of some sorts. Playing outside all the time, going to the garage with her dad (even if she couldn’t walk. She loved seeing Dean work on cars), and sting with her hands. Teaching her how to use utensils was a frigging nightmare.

You sat in front of your laptop with Isabella in your lap. She was bouncing up and down demanding for her father to be on the magic tv now. (She hasn’t quite understood what the computer was now. All she knew was that it helped her see her daddy.)

You turned on Skype and fixed your hair a little. Dean’s smiling face popped up, immediately making the stresses of the day go away.

“Hey there girls!” Dean grinned.

“Daddy!” Is squealed, her face lighting up.

“Hey there baby.” You said to him smiling widely. “What are you up to?” You asked hugging Is.

“Well,” he started, “I’m looking at this weird place right now. It’s weird because I haven’t seen it in a long time.” He said smiling.

“What is it?” You asked confused.

“Hold on I’ll flip the camera.” He said and flipped the camera.

It was your house.

“Oh my god…” You said, “Dean are you…” You trailed off, tears stinging your eyes. You quickly picked Is up and held her as you ran downstairs.

You opened the door and saw Dean. He was dressed in his full uniform, down to the shoes and hat. Tears fell from your eyes rapidly as you looked over him.

“Daddy?!” Is beamed and jumped out of your arms into Dean’s.

“Hey there baby girl.” He said hugging her tightly. He kissed over her face many many times as she giggled, hugging her father as tight as she could. “How are you princess? I missed you so much.” He whispered in her hair as he hugged her.

You couldn’t believe it. After a year and a half of seeing his beautiful face behind a computer screen, your husband was in front of you. Alive.

“Dean.” You breathed out looking at him. He was out of his trance with your daughter, his focus now on you.

“(Y/N).” He smiled widely putting Is down. Dean walked through the doorway and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close. “God I missed you so much.” She whispered with his large arms around you.

He pulled away after a long moment and looked in your eyes. Wiping your tears with his thumb, he leaned down and pressed his lips to your passionately. Memories flooded back. Your first date, your first time, wedding, Isabella’s birth. All of the special memories you held closest to your heart.

“Dean.” You whispered against his lips, “It’s really you.” You grinned and ran a hand over his face and into his hair gently.

“Ew. Mommy, Daddy, that’s nasty.” Is said looking up at you two.

You and Dean giggled as he picked up her up, “Well I have to let Mommy know I missed her. I’m sorry sweetie.” He laughed and kissed her cheek. “I missed my girls so much.” He said nodding.

“We missed you too, Daddy.” You said smiling. You hugged both Dean and Is all together, Is complaining that you were squishing her.

“Is Daddy staying now? Like for a long time?” Is asked grinning ear to ear.

You and Dean nodded before sharing another kiss, “Daddy plans on staying forever sweetheart.” He whispered to you both.

Crème de la Crème: 13


“This the dress you didn’t want to wear?” August grabbed my hand and spun me around “Well shit, I’m glad you decided against that idea” he nodded

I snatched my hand away from him and playfully rolled my eyes “You don’t think it’s too much? I let Tish pick it out for me.” I said

“Remind me to sent her a fruit basket or something.” he said still eyeing my dress

“Be serious August!” I pouted

“I am, you look good girl, why you always doubting yourself?” he asked

“I-I’m not… I just thought I may have kind of overdid it with the dress a little” I mumbled

“No, you killing everybody at this party now come let’s go meet up with the rest of these niggas” he said and softly took my hand

I nodded and allowed him to lead me through the packed party. I gained a lot of looks as I crossed the floor from both male and female.

Leave it to Tish to have me in a dress that’ll even have women lusting after me.

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You lie in your bed, boredom slowly becoming more and more agonizing. You had been benched from the latest hunt, due to your broken ankle. It was deemed too bad to let you fight but not bad enough to have to have anyone stay home and take care of you. 

That’s why when a case came up in Wyoming, two states over and nine hours away, your boys were inevitably whisked away from you. And, by “your boys” you mean Sam and Dean, your hunting partners. 

Well, they were a bit more than that- Sam, for instance, was your best friend. You met him during college and you immediately clicked. The two of you were practically attached at the hip. You had studied together, relaxed together, done homework together, and on rare occasions, partied together. 

And just after he got the chance for a full ride- his brother showed up in the middle of the night and whisked him away. You had been there that night, having just gone out celebrating with him and his girlfriend Jess, whom you were also close friends with. 

That’s why, when he suddenly decided to mysteriously leave in the middle of the night- you insisted on coming with. You said you were his best friend, and whatever crazy adventure he was about to go on couldn’t be as bad as any of the other odd nights the two of you had spent out on spontaneous whims. 

You were wrong, of course. He told you about his life right then and there, in the parking lot at three in the morning, standing next to his brother, with you in your underpants. 

He told you about everything that goes bump in the night, and what really happened to his mom, and what he’d been doing all his life. He was terrified that you would call him crazy, or run for the hills. 

He was surprised however when you did quite the opposite. 

“Dude, you’re a badass monster hunter? Why the fuck didn’t you tell me sooner? That’s literally the most badass thing I’ve ever heard. I’m in. I know you didn’t invite me, but I’m in. If my best friend gets to go off in the middle of the night like a fucking superhero with a secret life than I sure as hell get to come with him. Ah uh- no buts. I’m coming. Besides, lives are on the line right? I can’t stand idly by knowing you’re out there in danger, or someone else is. I’m coming, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just… let me put on some pants first.”

And the rest was history. When you came back, and Jess died, there was positively no way you were leaving his side. And so he and his brother taught you how to hunt, and now seven years later here you are, still with them. 

Dean, however, was different. That was your first time meeting him, and he swears to this day that was the speech that made him fall in love with you. 

Dean was your boyfriend of five years, and you loved him more than anything in heaven or hell. He’s always talking about the night he met you- you walked out groggily, just after Jess did, wearing an oversized t-shirt and nothing else. You had introduced yourself cheerily, not at all uncomfortable by the fact that your best friends strange brother were standing in his dorm at the ass crack of dawn eyeing you up. 

And when you followed Sam and him out, ignoring both of them trying to convince you to go back, and argued with him until you squeezed out the truth, he admired your conviction. 

But most of all he admired your bravery in the face of their crazy past, your loyalty to Sam, and the fire in your eyes when you spoke of protecting people. More specifically, protecting Sam.

He knew then that both of you were on the same page, and that the incredibly sexy half-naked woman in front of him was someone he wanted to keep around. 

He finally got up the courage to ask you out two years later. And when I say “ask you out” I mean you had just precisely and gracefully taken out a hoard of demons that surrounded you with ease, and Dean was so overcome with adoration and awe that he just ran over and kissed you. 

The three of you were an inseparable, unstoppable force to be reckoned with. You were a kick ass hunter, and so were they, and as a team, you hadn’t lost a hunt since you joined. 

But the last hunt had gone wrong, and due to an unfortunate series of events involving a split second mistake and a seriously pissed off spirit, you had broken your ankle.

You were on your third week of lockdown, and the boys had left the day after you got home, so you were running out of things to do besides worry about them and watch Doctor Sexy on paper view. 

You texted Sam whenever he had the time, and Dean called you every night before bed, and in the morning when you woke up. The idea was that you would be the last voice he heard before he went to sleep, and the first when he woke up, and vice versa. Not to mention you missed each other desperately, and it wasn’t exactly easy not to worry about the prospect of your recklessly careless, self-destructing boyfriend throwing himself into the line of fire to keep someone else safe. (Or his equally damaged brother.) 

So here you lie, equal parts uneasy and drill. And the clock ticked on- six thirty. Far before anytime, Dean has ever called you, and yet…

You couldn’t take it, you reached across the bed for your phone, groaning as you stretched your barely used muscles, and dialed his number. 

You lifted the phone to your ear, fully expecting to just get his voicemail. After many beeps, you were just about ready to give up and settle for listening to his recording, the phone clicked, and a soothingly familiar gruff voice was expelled from the speakers.  

“Y/N? Sweetheart? Is everything alright? are you hurt?” He asked, blurting out questions in rapid succession. You laughed, smiling at his worrisome manner.

“Everything’s fine Dean, stop being such a worry wart.” You giggled again, and you could tell the edge in his voice had gone down. 

“Oh… Okay… Then what’s up? Why are you calling?”

“Because.” You replied matter-of-factly, suddenly feeling very childish. You interrupted and important hunt, one where there were lives on the line, and the clock was ticking, because you were bored

“Because?” He asked, and you nodded, realizing he couldn’t see you. 

“I feel silly.” You whispered. Dean chuckled, the sound heavy and light at the same time. 

“You can tell me anything baby, what’s up?” 

You sighed, giving up.

“I’m bored.” You groaned, flinging yourself onto your back dramatically. You heard Dean laugh, and you pouted your lips. “Come on! I’ve practically been stuck in this damn bed for weeks, and I’ve had nothing better to do than watch bad TV and enjoy the rare moments when I get to talk to you or Sam. Not to mention I’m constantly worried-”

“Hey, don’t worry about us. We’re tough, it takes a few punches to send us down. And even then we keep on kicking.”  

“I don’t want you to get punched at all.” You argued. Deans tone softened. 

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head baby girl, I promise you I’ll come home to you in one piece. Sammy too.”

“Promise?” You asked childishly.

“Promise.” He reassured. There was a moment of silence, until you finally whispered, trying your best to hide your sadness,

“I miss you.” it was quiet for another moment until Dean sighed, and you could practically feel the stress radiating through the phone. 

“I miss you too, baby. This case is killing me and Sammy.”

“Why?” you asked worriedly. 

“We just can’t, catch the damn thing. We thought we did last night, we were even gonna drive back this morning, but just as I was about to call you and tell you we were on our way, the damn police scanner went off again. Another death. I actually just left the crime scene. It’s definitely the same baddy.” He said, and he sounded, exhausted, annoyed, and frustrated all at once.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I wish I was there to help.”

I wish I had made up a better argument and stayed back with you.” He said, and you laughed. “Yeah, me too.” You said, and there was another comfortable silence. 

“I’ll make an effort to be back before the end of the month though, sound good? I can’t make any promises, but-”

“That sounds perfect, honey. Just you trying is all I need. Stay safe okay? You promised me both my boys back in one piece, and I intend to get that. Because if not, someone’s going to have serious hell to pay.” Dean chuckled, and you sighed contently, wanting to give him at least a little stress relief. 

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.” He assured. “But I have to go now honey, I’m sorry, Sammy just tried to call. he’s probably wondering where I am. I’ll call you tonight, okay?” 

“Alright,” you sighed, reluctantly. “Love you.” You said solemnly, and he chuckled. “Love you too, Baby Doll.”

And then the line went dead. 

You sighed tiredly, rolling back onto your side and tossing your phone behind you. No words of comfort could stop you from worrying, that much was true. But Dean had promised you him and Sam back in one piece, and Dean always kept his promises.   

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Pouring Rain (Part 1)

Requested: Yes

A/N: So this has been in my draft box for a while and I was saving it until I posted another smut, but none of smuts are ready yet and I really wanted to post this. Part 2 will definitely have smut. It was just extremely too long to add more. Enjoy! ~Cel

anonymous: Can you do an Ashton babysitting smut? Btw I think you’re AWESOME!


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Lie A Little Better (Volkevens)

Summary: Rita Volk and Katie Stevens are just normal friends, working on a normal TV show together. What happens when one night at an awards show awakens some strange new feelings for one of the girls? What if the other doesn’t feel the same way, and is keeping a big secret from her friend?

Written by: Jess (amraudenfeld) and Ian (hollydias) 

Disclaimer: This may get explicit (it will, definitely, get explicit) in later chapters. Just a warning! 

Part One 

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