but jeff davis loves to make us suffer

vickykun  asked:

Oh no darling... I really don't know what to say... Just got more than 40 asks in my box about that interview with Dylan... I really don't know what I can say to make them feel better, oh god what do I do... I'm helpless :(

It’s not the first time TVLine publishes an interview that offends a lot of people. I’m more inclined to blame them than Dylan. We’ve seen that boy talking about Sterek and Stiles’ sexuality before, we know what he thinks. He’s always been very supportive and loving. Remember when he said he played those bi-Stiles scenes seriously because that was the only way to do that? Someone who says that doesn’t turn around and says it was “nothing” and that Stiles is “not gay.” 

Here’s the thing, tho.

Canon doesn’t make a ship more or less valid. People make a ship what it is. All the amazing and talented fans who write fanfic, create fanart, fanvids, songs, manips, graphics… They are the reason why Sterek is so amazing. Canon was the spark that lit our fire, but canon is not the only way to enjoy a ship.

I see so many people complaining about the writing of Teen Wolf, the constant continuity issues, the timeline issues, the *isms issues, the consent issues, and the list goes on… And I wonder, do we really want Sterek to be canon? Look what happened with Scallison. We thought they were the ultimate endgame. Look at the other ships. Teen Wolf’s strong points are the family relationships, families of choice and blood families alike. The friendships. The parents/children. But the romance? There are a lot of issues with that. Do you really want to see Sterek finally happen to be faced with a storyline you don’t like? We think we need canon Sterek above anything else, but the truth is that, the way it’s handled in canon will matter a lot and I’m not sure we really want that.

I’d love to see Teen Wolf being the first show that makes canon the most popular same-sex fanon ship, because so far it’s only happened with heterosexual couples. When does a “crack ship” stop being that? When the show decides to acknowledge it. Fans liking a non-scripted couple and making it so big the show decided to make it happen isn’t news. It’s happened plenty of times before. But always with heterosexual couples, not with same-sex ones. That’s why I thought Teen Wolf would break ground and do something no other show had done before.

But Teen Wolf is not just about Sterek. Sure, they give us plenty of fan service, it’s not like they are not willing to please the fans, but ultimately it’s their choice to decide what to do, same way it’s our choice to decide if we want to keep watching or not.

There are no wrong or right reasons to watch Teen Wolf. You should watch it because you have fun, because you love it, because it makes you happy. If you’re suffering because of fictional characters, if you’re even crying, depressed, sad… Stop. Do yourself a favor, follow Jeff Davis’ words, you’re not obliged to keep watching a show that no longer makes you happy. No matter the reason.