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Tell me, Sarah… If everyone is exceptionally good-looking, then is nobody exceptionally good looking?? If beautiful/handsome is common, does that not mean that beautiful/handsome people are average and not special? If many people are some kind of long-lost royalty, does that not take away from the power and awe of a character being royal?

You can’t make all of them the same kind of “special” and expect them to each be a unique character, each discernible by their own identity. You can’t expect me to respect them when they’re no different from all the others you tried to create “special” by using the same cookie cutter.


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I feel like Doppio would have one of those mom plaques that says "if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best"

Nah. The boss does though.

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How about someone who wasn't very nice to Natsume from a previous school transfers to his current one and tries to spread cruel rumours? My personal belief is that everyone at the school loves Natsume because there is no evidence that says otherwise and it makes me happy.


“Didn’t your class get a new student the other day?” Satoru asks when Kitamoto joins him during lunch. “I’ve seen him around, I think. What’s he like?”

Kitamoto’s eyes darken and his expression turns into something close to a glower in face of Satoru’s arguably innocent question what was that about?

“Adachi. I don’t like him,” Satoru’s amiable best friend declares, so forcefully that Tsuji turns around in his chair to stare in their direction.

“Jeez, tell us how you really feel,” Satoru says dumbly. Kitamoto huffs an unconvincing laugh, and Satoru narrows his eyes at him. “Hey, what happened? Did he say something to you?”

“No, nothing like that. But he knows Natsume from another school.”

Oh, Satoru thinks. And his hands curl into fists in his lap, because he gets it. Every time someone Natsume used to know comes into the picture, Natsume winds up miserable.

Tsuji leans over, frowning. “Has he done something to Natsume?”

“No, but he’s been talking about him,” Kitamoto says darkly. “He likes to tell stories of when they were in junior high together, and odd things Natsume said or did back then. He’s really annoying. I think he’s trying to stir up trouble.”

“Well,” Satoru says, leaning back. “That’s not gonna happen.”

It’s almost a full week later that Natsume realizes there’s a new student in their school. It’s not really his fault, Satoru decides, since he was out sick for a few days. He’s still a little pale when he returns to class, and it’s hard to tell who makes a bigger fuss over him, Tsuji or Taki.

“Adachi?” he says in some surprise, pausing with a bite of fish left halfway suspended above his lunchbox. “I think I know him. I went to school with a boy by that name once.”

Tanuma pointedly takes a long drink at that point, and Kitamoto starts stabbing viciously at his rice like it did something to offend him, so it’s left to Satoru to steer the conversation. He points lamely across the room and says, “Yeah he’s over there.”

Natsume follows his hand to where Adachi is sitting by himself, stirring his food around disinterestedly. It didn’t take long for him to talk himself into a corner, Satoru thinks. Just like he thought would happen, no one wants anything to do with the new guy who was trying to drag kind, self-conscious Natsume’s name through the dirt.

Natsume stands up, and smiles when Tanuma asks where he’s going.

“I’ll see if he wants to eat with us,” Natsume says, already making his way over. Adachi watches him approach with wide eyes. “He might not remember me, but it’s no fun eating alone.”

A partial list of how almost everyone misplayed that twist

because nobody did anything even close to right except, like, Tai going idol hunting:

  1. Nuku should have listened to JT and voted for Tai.  Not because he was gonna play the Idol on someone else, but because that’s what JT wanted.  And if you’re afraid of JT flipping, you do whatever you can to keep him on your side, jeez, it’s not that hard.  Make him happy and he doesn’t flip.
  2. Mana, and Brad in particular, should have sucked up to Hali way before the challenge, but especially once they were going.  She did the short-term smart thing and voted with them, obviously, but, like, c’mon.  If Nuku had said the right things at Tribal she’d have flipped.
  3. As soon as JT goes and talks to Brad, you shut him the fuck out of your chats from then on.  Like, jeez.  Don’t give him more information to screw you with.  Tell him the plan’s the same, and then-
  4. Nuku moves the vote to Debbie or Tai, the two people who aren’t getting an Idol played on them.  Don’t tell JT…probably tell Hali cause you have to.

In short I too am mourning Malcolm but, like, c’mon guys.  Think this through!  Be smart!