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“Christianity is scary sometimes, the only thing keeping me here is Jesus tbh” how is Christianity scary ? Feel free to ignore if you want

it can be scary in how some churches govern their ppl. or in how they cherry pick the bible to divide people or hate people. it just can be very scary in how they twist their words to support their agenda, not to support the agenda of christ which, essentially, is to spread love.

i mean its more American Christianity that is scary, i suppose, as its the only version i have been thoroughly exposed to. the amount of people who use their “””faith””” as a way to harm others is just really not what I’m about. and i suppose its not the religion itself, but the way it is taught and employed. 
this whole post really adds onto the idea of American Christianity, and really fits my views

on the post you got that tag from, it talks about how jewish people are encouraged to question everything, but how christians are told not to. and its true. i know at church, if you ask any sort of question like why there are books missing from the bible, why what happened to Ezekiel sounds shockingly similar the idea of alien abduction, why other faiths are deemed fraudulent even tho it seems many of them have the same stories just from a diff standpoint, or anything of the sort, you are accused of not trusting god or not having a strong enough faith.

i don’t think anyone should follow anything blindly. i think understanding all there is to offer, and then making your decision to still follow proves as the strongest faith of all. to know the good, the bad, and the ugly, but to still wanting to stay. the whole idea that that is a display of a lack of faith just doesnt sit right with me. idk

jesus is a cool dude tho. love him and what he stands for. just don’t like how hes been twisted into what ppl want him to be 

you’ve heard of revolutionary girl utena, now get ready for

Wandering Girl Anthy

  • anthy traverses japan on a hot pink vespa looking for her girlfriend. lots of pining and angst, but no ugly crying bc anthy’s a bad bitch and she’s got her image to think about
  • she meets up with jury, miki, and wakaba and they form an awkward Queer Quartet in search of utena
  • they’re kinda like a biker gang, except their bikes are metaphors
  • there’s a scene like in atla where they all try to draw utena from memory for a missing poster. anthy’s is really nice, but for some reason it’s in the nude so they can’t use it
  • meanwhile utena ends up accidentally fighting every stranger she meets again so she’s a little tied up
  • think of it kinda like Lesbian Odysseus meets Every Roadtrip AU