but jackson is my bias i swear

GOT7 Member Introduction

I guess people liked my EXO intro, so I got a request from my boo thang wanting a GOT7 intro!


  • Real Name: Mark Tuan/ Tuan Yi Eun
  • Nicknames I Gave Him: Shy Guy, Cute Nose
  • Personality: He’s a shy, quiet guy who seems uninterested most of the time, but he really is a kind and caring guy. Once he breaks out of his shell, he’s extremely funny and I love his laugh.
  • He’s my boo bias. 
  • Age: 24 until September 4.
  • Position: He’s the oldest hyung, rapper, American in AmeriThaiKong line

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Got7 2016 Experience

So out of popular demand here’s my meeting got7 experience on the weekend in toronto.

Warning this post will contain lots of swearing and will be long if you love got7, I suggest you read this. this is my complete got7 experience this weekend. Also will contain lots of very hyped up me.

okok so I went to koreatown in toronto to finish my got7 album collection so I just needed to buy identify and just right. I didnt know got7 were in toronto yet either. By the way I didnt go to koreatown assuming they were going to be there either because of that one time jackson was like why would I visit china town???
so me and my family go next door of the kpop store and go eat some korean food, the night before the toronto fanmeet. So we are about a half hour into our dinner when my sister was like oh look at this waiter hes kind of cute, and as I’m looking for the waiter, I see this guy looking around the restaurant for something and as his head turned, I saw his sideburns and high nose bridge and I asked my family like jokingly “is that kim yugyeom?” as everyone laughed I fuckin realized it was him, and I stopped breathing and just sunk into my booth so much I was almost underneath the table.
so as yugs is still looking around, and im still dying, fucking markson walk in together, and decide to sit riGHT FUCKING NEXT TO OUR TABLE.

So as I’m fuckin dying, 5/7 stroll the fuck in and sit their asses down, I’m almost crying at this point, And Im like if I dont talk to them Ill regret this shit.


ok so on with the story, we walk over with our jr albums in hand and we’re like “were so sorry but if you wouldn’t mind could you possibly sign this?” and mark being the ever living sweetheart was like “will you guys be leaving soon?” In my mind I was like bitch I’d stay all fuckin day if you asked me to, so we replied no and he was like okay we promise to after dinner then.
so after we die the whole dinner.

okok so the whole night jackson was showing them all memes an shit and everytime he laughed by the way, a baby is born, and at one point in the night he was like smooshing mark s face with his chest and kept hugging him, and held his hand throughout dinner ok Im emo.

so when they’re done dinner their manager comes over and is like “they can sign them now” and I’m lIKE FUCK I AINT READY.

so as we drag our asses over to their table mark grabs my sisters album and begins to sign it and jackson being the asshat he is finally notices my sweater and was like “seventeen eh?” And my mom next to me is like oh fuck and slams her hand against the logo on my cHEST by the way is lIKE NO. NO SEVENTEEN. I SWEAR YOURE HER UB GROUP.

and then my worst nightmare happens. jackson wang starts roasting me. but in korean. which I dont speak. to my top two biases. yugyeom and jinyoung. and although jinyoung didnt respond. yugyeom did. and he’s my ultimate bias. And I think I almost cried.

but anyways they make up for this shit later.

So after jackson continues to roast me he’s like “yah I’m friends with the chinese member.” As in singular so I’m like wait which one, junhui or minghao??? and then he fuckin waits a hundred years and goES “oH hao” like he forgot his name😂

so when my album gets passed around yugyeom stares at me the whole time smiling and I’m like ok I’m dying now and then jinyoung signs it at the end and paSSES IT DIRECTLY TO ME. and goes “here you go” in enGLISH and i’m like “ohmygod thankyou” and thEN HE HALF BOWS and goes “no thank you”

by then I was shook in half™ but then it got worse.

by the way the fucker jaebum was pissing the whole time so he didnt sign it. love you still.

and yj and bb were at the hotel.

so after I got no sleep that night I was already meeting them tommorow at their fanmeet so I was like ah fuck they’re probably not going to remember me but oh well.

so after we check into our hotel in toronto the clerk was like oh who are you going to see, we’re like oh got7, she was like oh and thEN SMIRKED AT ME. anD I WAS LIKE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???

(Turns out we stayed at the same hotel)

so fm time, the performance is over and I’m like I gotta check to see if they know who tf I am.

so as I roll up on stage I’m like “jACKSON” and he looks around real confused and then he sees me makes a even more confused face and I’m like “seventeen eh?” And theN HIS FACE JUST BRIGHTENS UP AND HE YELLS NOT TALK BUT YELLS BACK “SEVENTEEEEEEENNN”

and Im like fuCK SHIT SISMFP1NXmaoxnk1inejJdknzq. he remembers me.

but then I become further shook I dont know if this is gods way of tellin me I belong with yugs in life but my ass got placed in front of yugyeom on the chair, and I look up at this beautiful angel and he looks down and smiles so brightly at me and goes, I shit you not “heeey, I remember you”





so this was my lit got7 experience.
I now have an inside joke with jackson wang.
and I’m besfriends with got7.

also congrats if you read this all.

Top 10 Biases

Tagged by @the-princejinyoung! Tbh Shanna, I saw your post and read it, thinking, “wow I’m glad I don’t have to do that because I would literally DIE.” And then I checked by notifications… So, I’ve been having an intense internal conflict since then. Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TAG, SHANNA! Without any further ado, here’s my list (mind you, I literally get REKT quite frequently so this list is as of right now.): 

1. Jeon Jungkook. You have no idea how HARD IT WAS TO COME TO THIS CONCLUSION. I was am literally torn in half. I’m still in denial, but both my roommate and best friend told me that he’s my number 1. I literally feel like I’ve betrayed Jinyoung, don’t talk to me. But he’s literally the golden maknae who reks me. I h8 him so much. (as you can tell by my tags in posts)

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2. Kim Taehyung. I originally thought he was my bias in BTS and Jungkook was  a golden bias wrecker… but apparently I was in denial. He’s just a REALLY good bias wrecker. (Search: “The Duality of Taehyung”)

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3. The writer, producer, and genius: Min Yoongi. This old, deep soul. Somehow he’s risen up my bias list so fast and SO HIGH. Agust D hit me hard and once you know his humbling backstory, how can you not bias him? 

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Okay so this is going to be my first story, considering the fact that I deleted the other ones (lmao). Tell me what you think and if I should continue this or not. Much love, admin 143. ( ˘ ³˘)

  • Group: Got7 
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker) 
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff..
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing?

     Jackson doesn’t make his appearance yet :)

       “ Jaebum, I’m home “ you softly announced as you entered your shared house. 

       You and Jaebum have been together for almost 3 years and for at least two of them, he’s been spending his time with some other girls. Although you were both still in university, you both had enough money to pay for a small place of your own - a place where you could both stay and spend time with each other. Moaning and name calling was something you were used to hearing when you would come home at night. You knew that this wasn’t the first time you’ve caught him cheating, so what’s so different about now? 

       As you made your way to your shared bedroom, you open the door to no surprise. A naked Jaebum hovering some girl you’ve never seen before.

       “ Please leave. “ you sighed. “ Oppa!! We’re not even done yet, tell her to leave. “ the girl whined.  Hearing the girl calling him oppa was one of the most irritating things you’d ever heard. The hoe wasn’t even Korean. 

       Jaebum decided that he’s had enough and ordered the girl to leave and come back another time. Another time. Is he fucking serious? As soon as the door shut, he made his way to you with eyes full of lust and hunger(??). He pinned you against the wall, giving you no space to escape. “ Oh baby, she wasn’t finished. I guess you’ll have to continue for her. “ he ordered. “ Jae, please not tonight. Not after seeing what you did. “ 

       Your boyfriend had no intentions on letting you go or giving it your way. You tried to get out of his grip but he just kept getting closer and closer. As soon as you knew, he grabbed you and picked you up like you were a toy. You knew Jaebum had anger issues and that he was really strong, but you were never afraid. This time was different. 

       “ Baby, please let me down. I really don’t want it. “ you cried. “ You didn’t let my girl finish, so you have to pay the price. “ he smirked. Completely ignoring the fact he began to strip you down, his girl, you thought continuously. You thought that you were his girl, despite all the others that he used for pleasure. 

       You pushed Jaebum away from you as hard as you could and covered yourself with a blanket. He looked at you with so much anger, stood up from your bed and began to dress himself. “ Hey listen, “ he started, “ if you don’t want to do it, I’ll just find someone else to do it for you, alright? “. You’ve never commented about him having sex with other girls or anything in that category. You’ve never complained and always came home to him, though you never really knew why. Yes, you loved him. But is that what love really is? 

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TurbulenceInChi (It's LIT!)


First,let me start this off by saying that i love your blog and your YouTube channel. It truly makes me so happy to see so many women of color feeling appreciated and comfy and confident in the skin they were born in. I’m LIVING and I want to thank you for making this blog!

Now let me get down to the nitty gritty! This fanmeet snatched my edges all the way off. I’m just recovering now. Me and my sister found out about this fanmeet in November so we hopped on a plane Tuesday morning from NJ  to Chicago. The next day we head to the venue to pick up our P2 wristbands early and head back to the hotel to get ready. It legit took about 2 hours cuz i had to get right for my future husband JB. Finally we headed to the venue and took our seats in p2. The lights went out and they played Hard Carry on the speakers. Next thing you know these seven foineeeee men come out and take their seats. First they perform Let Me and it was amazing. Then it was Prove It, Boom x3, Just Right, Fly, If you Do, Hard Carry, and Home Run. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Just seeing them perform and how touched they were by our passion really warmed my heart.

Finally it was time for the highlight of the evening, HiTouch. Me and my friends didn’t want to be first so we sat in the back row. However Subkulture pulled the great finesse and made the order from back to front so we went first. I was so nervous walking up there but there was no backing out now lol First was Youngjae. When I tell you this man was so immaculate I’m not joking. He had the widest smile and his hands were so soft. He looked like he was so happy to see us! He was so confident and comfortable with all of us and it was so nice to see.

Second was Jinyoung. This is where I almost died. i walk up to him and i kid you not he leans over the table looks me dead in my eyes and looks me up and down like hes x-raying me. He then smirks and grabs my hand and says hey. I was so shook. I said hey back but almost forgot to let go of his hand. I had been falling for him all night but after this? It was a done deal! LEMME FIND OUT YOU LIKE THICK GIRLS JINYOUNG! He’s official bias wrecker! Third was BamBam. Poor baby. He was so happy but he seemed very tired. I told him thank you for coming and he smiled. I loved his white hair and he looked so handsome.We high fived and i went to the next in line. Next was Yugyeom. Hes so tall and adorable! I smiled and shook his hand. He looked at me and smiled huge. It was really cute and we had a nice highfive. He is officially my son. No doubt.

Then it was Jackson. Lawd knows he looked so good. I looked at him and he smiled at me. I suddenly blurted out “i love you so much”. I was so embarrassed because i felt like he would think i was crazy. However he looked at me and winked as we grabbed hands. LIFE MADE!!! After Jackson I looked at the next hand and touched it. But as I looked up i saw it was my bias JB. He was looking dead in my eyes smirking as I froze. I swear on everything that time stood still. It was insane. I looked at him and just kept saying omg over and over. i was so in love i almost forgot to let go of his hand.Last was Mark. I am so sad because i wish i remembered more with him but i almost passed out with JB so i don’t remember. BIGGEST REGRET EVER. But he was hot and his hands were mad soft lol

All in all my first time seeing got7 it was the best night of my life and i hope to see my babies again soon <3

Put 5 - 10 of your favourite kpop boy/girl groups. Then put your very first bias of that group along with the first mv you saw them in. After that just tag as many people as you want!

tagged by @pinqk! Thank you lovely!💖💖
groups are in no particular order

Monsta X // Wonho [although i thought it will be Minhyuk fun fact] // Hero

BTS // Namjoon // Dope

GOT7 // Jackson // Just Right

Blackpink // Jennie // Boombayah

Seventeen // Vernon // Mansae? probably

NCT // Taeyong // 7th Sense

B.I.G // J-Hoon // 1. 2. 3

K.A.R.D // BM // Oh Na Na

EXO // Baekhyun // Monster

Sistar // Hyolyn // [I watched dance practices first] I Swear

I tag my faves: @letmeknow-tomorrow @ukihyunnie @photosynthesizingparkhyungsik @kawaii-hedgehog @mxmb-candyy @chanxyeollie @chanyeolsdeepvoice @helpimbtstrash @kittyminhyuk obviously none of you have to do this if you don’t want to!💖

Intentions (Part 2)

      If you haven’t already, you should prolly read the first part before this one. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have any requests or want to make a comment then feel free to ask or send me a message. (I’m nice, I swear. I need friends too,, im so awkward bYe!!)  

 -Much love, admin 143. ( ˘ ³˘)

  • Group: Got7
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker)
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing?

     Parts - Part 1 

       You began to stare at the man in front of you. The man you once loved, the man you were still in love with. Though this man seemed like a monster, he wasn’t always like this. Jaebum was a really kind guy who would tend to your every need. For the past couple of years it was you and him against the world- it was you and him through hell and back. 

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Things to make you happy #2

This is just a bunch of my favourite kpop gifs, a spinoff based on my first post here! Hopefully this post brings a smile to your face, because you can never be too happy ;)

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^wonwoo offering you bread and milk omfg WHY CAN’T THIS HAPPEN TO ME 

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^when you didn’t study for a test but you still get a good grade

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^when you make a good comeback without stuttering

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^caption: squuuuuuaaaaaaaaadddddddddd 

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^me when i finish all my homework

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^then when i find out i forgot to do something JUST after i lay down in bed

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^trying to be casually sexy be like

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^jackson be like: i neED veriFiCaTion of your love, bruh

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^bc i have nowhere else to vent my frustrations out on

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^shining diamonds m8 - $liP inT0 the 💎lyfe 0h

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^ “sometimes i like to forget about all my responsibilities and dance around the house” 만쉐르만쉐르만쉐르 예ah

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^i swear he’s my lowkey bias xox

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^there’s only a few people that can pull of the i’m-just-woke-up-but-i’m-still-cute-af-look and one of them is jungkook

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^when somebody is lying to you and you’re just like:  ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ

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^omg but if somebody messes with my food like even if they’re my closest friend i will NOT hesitate to thump them


lol sorry for all the commentary

GOT7 #FLYinNYC Experience

I posted this on my Tumblr, but I wanted to share it with you all on here too.

What’s up friends! So, I saw GOT7 yesterday in NYC and I also got the hi-touch that was after the show. I just want to share some memorable moments from the show and my hi-touch experience.

So, I got there at 2:45PM and went straight in line. I had to wait a while until a volunteer check my ticket and gave me a wristband. I stood in line for 3 ½ hours since I was P2, even though I had seating. The concert starts and I’m telling you, they are VERY gorgeous, even from a distance. The first two songs, I couldn’t see because these 4 girls stood like on the balcony, so no one behind them could see the guys on stage, until the girl next to me asked someone to tell them to get down. And they stayed down.

The concert itself seemed to go by like really fast, even though they would stop and talk every few songs. Bambam, Jackson, and MARK spoke majority of the time. I honestly wish Mark talked more because he’s hilarious. When they were telling everybody in P1 to move back, Mark was like “It’s hot in here. You’re all gonna get all sweaty and nasty!” And I was like 😱😳 because I didn’t expect him to say something like that. Youngjae sang “Empire State Of Mind” and he was so impressed we kept singing after him, but then Jackson was like “okay, this is a GOT7 concert, not a JAY Z concert.”

The guys kept making each other do moves from the songs they had already performed and Jackson did most of them. You could tell he was getting a tad frustrated, but ended up doing it anyway???? Then my beloved JB and Jackson did that step-step-thrust choreography from FLY and I lost it.

Throughout the entire concert, I swear I was making eye contact with Junior, although I was far away. Towards the end of the concert, all the guys did their speeches and they were so touching to hear that they loved America and how they always wanted to come. Jackson and Bambam almost made me cry. JB, although he spoke in Korean was truly honored about being in America and said he wanted to come back. It was a really special moment for everyone. ANYWAY, let’s get to the hi-touch.

The hi-touch started around 11 something. It was late. I had a headache, I hadn’t eaten since that morning. I was feeling a little miserable. But I didn’t show it during the actual hi-touch.


So, they took us in row by row (I was in the 2nd row) and they’re like “you’re going to high five with your left hand, so put your bags on your right shoulder.” And I was like I’m not left handed, but whatever.

So, we’re in line and the first member in the line was Mark. He is SO GORGEOUS. Oh my god. And his smile is infectious. I wasn’t smiling until I got to him and he’s like “Thank you for coming”, but I had to go right to Yugyeom. He also smiled at me and he’s so cute and so TALL. I mean I’m 5'0, but yeah he was tall. Next was Bambam, but I wasn’t paying too much attention because I kind of blanked out.

I am then face to face with Im Jaebum. I instantly made eye contact with JB, who if you didn’t already know is my bias. He and I made eye contact for like three seconds, then he smiled at me, which then slowly turned into a smirk and I got so nervous. And his hair was pushed back, so I could see his glorious forehead. I swear he was trying to kill me yesterday. Then we high fived.

Youngjae was next, but don’t remember saying anything to him, since we high fived so fast. Jackson was next and he was a breath of fresh air. He also made eye contact with me and we held hands. His hands were really soft and warm (that sounds creepy) then last but not least was my bias wrecker Junior. We kind of made eye contact and held hands and as I was walking away, he was still kind of holding my hand and then I had to go.

All in all, the concert was amazing. I got to meet GOT7, and I couldn’t be happier. I can still see JB and I’s interaction in my head. I didn’t think I could love them anymore than I already did. I was sadly mistaken.

Fly in ATL: a story of park jinyoung and got7

Okay. Damn, where do I start.

The concert was BOMB Y'ALL. I went to their fan meet in Toronto in May but this was another level like, my throat hurts rn from screaming sooo much

So agsnfkfndk here’s just random things that stood out:

- Jinyoung is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL IN REAL LIFE. Like, I knew he would be but … It was unreal. He had his hair pushed back and I just about died. I have a video of Can’t (my favorite song) that I took where I’m just squealing like an unholy being

- Speaking of beauty, holy bias wrecker im jaebeom. I’m just upset with him, but more on that later

- Jackson “sweetheart” Wang. He wore his hat the whole time except at the end when the crowd cheered super loud and he ended up throwing it at the back of the stage 😂 but he was so fan service-y and PERFECT plus OMG ARMS

- Mark is just the best. And his face is downright ethereal. He was so happy the entire time and whenever he was on our side of the stage he was like, dancing with the crowd and talking to fans and I just 😍

- Bambam. Aka dabdab aka king of the south. There was a joke in the middle bc he came out in two shirts and Jackson was like SHOW US UR ABS and bambam was like OKAY and lifted up his short to reveal his … Other shirt lmao but then at the end, Jackson lifted his shirt for real and the crowd went so wild that bambam ACTUALLY SHOWED HIS STOMACH IM SURE PICS ARE ALREADY CIRCULATING

- Youngjae. Hit himself in the mouth with a microphone during the first song and was hurt 😞 this poor child cannot catch a break, I swear. No, but the crowd cheered extra loud whenever he did anything because it seemed like he was still getting over whatever he had. But his voice was beautiful and amazing and I’m so happy I saw the actual sun tonight

- Yugyeom. Mah r00d boy. Did not let down tonight, there were at least five instances of YUGYEOM DANCE TO THIS *body roll body roll body roll* but he was also sweet and full of fan service


- a girl in the crowd beat boxed while Jackson did his Fly move and the first time she tried, it was well, not great and bambam was like “well, that was awkward” LMAO I about fell on the floor laughing 😂 the poor girl - she did it after that though, so all ends well

- WOLO was lit AF. I did not understand until tonight, but praise the bambam Jackson Yugyeom subunit

- Jackson took his shirt off as he went offstage at the end

- Bambam and JB dabbed/ran across the stage at the very, very end as the curtain was closing


- There was one point near the end where I was waving wildly at the stage and jinyoung saw and started waving wildly back and then I waved harder and then he waved harder and then he started laughing and turned to JB and I melted into a puddle

- Jinyoung did the Can’t dance move alone and I was like SHFNDKSNSJDF

- omfg after Jackson did the Fly dance move (on the ground YOU KNOW) bambam told us to think of Jackson all night and jackson was like NO NO - ALL DAY and JB was just looking at then like, I’m done with these hoes

- Jinyoung told us again that we’re not allowed to like any other artists besides got7 😂😂 OKAY BABE

- memebum was out in full force tonight like, he was dabbing and doing crazy dance moves and nae naeing it was WILD

- Jinyoung was talking about all the beautiful fish in the aquarium they saw and then was like, and all the beautiful igot7’s here tonight! And bambam was laughing and was like, which did you like better? To which jinyoung looked disgusted and was like ahgase, duh

- someone made a derp face of bambam cutout and Jackson brought it over to him and made him do it for us live 😂

- youngjae was holding a stuffed lobster at the end for the longest time it was so precious

Hi Touch:

Jinyoung - He was first and honestly I wasn’t prepared. My friend hissed at me right before we stepped in, “JINYOUNG” and I was like AH and then he was there and I was like omg we’re making eye contact. And then i touched/held his hand and said, “Thank you! You’re my favorite by the way.” And he smiled super happy and blushed and looked down and I got all giddy but then I was rushed along to…

Mark - I feel bad about this one lmao because I was still shell shocked from Jinyoung and he was already waiting and smiling and said SOMETHING but for the life of me I don’t know what it was bc I was just like OH thank you!! And he was laughing and then I kept moving

JB - oh my god. Can we sit down and talk about this one. This devil child. He was already looking at me when I went to hi touch him and he HELD MY HAND for what felt like forever and his eyes are a void and I swear we didn’t blink and I eventually came to my senses and told him thank you but I’m surprised I didn’t blurt out something insane like UR SO CHIC AND SEXY C-H-I-C but hot damn jb … Bias wrecker for sure

Jackson - was at the end and was sitting on the table and he really held my hand and I completely get why everyone loves him (not like I didn’t before but) bc he was just so sincere looking and his eyes were so big and his nose so perfect and when I said thank you he said thank YOU and 😩

Yugyeom / Bambam / Youngjae - Imma be real, it all happened so damn fast and I was so shook after jinyoung that this is all a blur. I know I said thank you to all of them. I know they were all sweet and smiled and touched my hand and looked me in the eyes. But other than that WOLO

OKAY. I’m spent. LOL I’m going to take bambam’s advice and go think about Jackson 😂

jk my baby and I have pledged our love eternal and I’m a faithful stan UNTIL NEXT CONCERT, JINYOUNGIE ❤️

Intentions (Part 3)

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays guys!! I hope you have a good one. Sorry for updating really late,,somewhat late. School was in the way and I had tests expiring that week so yah,, sorry for the delay! I hope you enjoy.                      - much love, admin 143

  • Group: Got7
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker)
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff..
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing?

Parts - Part 1, Part 2 

“ Hey Jackson… Do you think you could let me stay over for tonight? “

“ Why me? “ Jackson gave you an annoyed look. You’d probably give the same reaction if you were in his shoes. You knew that out of the whole group of Got7, he was the person you were never really close to and yet here you are, asking him if you could stay over for the night or even longer. You stood in front of him not knowing how to respond and he began to shut the door slowly. 

“ Wait- “ 

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Intentions (Part 4)

       Happy New Year guys!! I hope you all had a blessed 2016, I kinda didn’t but that’s okay!! I hope you all the best for 2017. I’m thankful for all of you who read and keep up with my work, I appreciate it so muchh especially since I just started writing again. Much love!! ~ admin 143 

  • Group: Got7
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker)
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff.. (guys idk ‘bout the smut anymore, im just a smol bean ahhh)
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing? nudity but like its nothing lmao 

Note!! This is a bit short and I apologize :’)

Parts : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 

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If Got7 keeps up with pranking Yuggiebear, I swear he will become my ultimate bias and his age will no longer hold me back because his heart is so pure. He took the blame for the wine bottle and was damn willing to pay for half the price with Jackson because it would be too much for only one person to cover. MY GOD he handled it so well even though he was hurt and probably inwardly holding back tears after the outburst of the scene. He ALWAYS puts Got7 first and thinks of them. Like who the hell cares about the outcome of their concert after such prank?? HE DOES BE CAUSE HE LOVES GOT7! This isn’t the first time he was worried about Got7’s future either! UGHHH I WANNA HUG HIM AND HELP HIM GET THE OTHERS BACK.

Side note, I swear Bambam has a weakness for Yugyeom when it comes to pranks. He’s always out of the loop and quiet about it until the very end. I’m so jealous of their friendship. :’)

  • person: hi
  • Me: Someone be my friend so we can talk about how beautiful Joshua is and how adorable Minghao is and how I want to fight Mingyu even tho he's probably a whole head taller than me and how wonwoo's voice is literally the best thing and how I wish I was as pretty as jeonghan and how I wish I was as great of a person as seungcheol and on how I've never seen someone as musically talented as woozi and how I kinda want to cry every time jun and hoshi do something because, God they ruin my bias list I swear, and how much vernon has improved his rapping and is getting the recognition he deserves and how I wish that one day I can be as positive and smily as seokmin and I wish I was as amazing and cheerful person as seungkwan and on how much I adore the fact that Dino is so in love with Michael Jackson and the rest of seventeen are a o k with it and they think about his love for MJ while producing. And how I really hope pledis is feeding them well and how I hope they'll give them a brake soon, so they don't over work themselves. And how lastly I hope that they're all truly happy
  • Person: never mind