but jackson is my bias i swear


Okay so this is going to be my first story, considering the fact that I deleted the other ones (lmao). Tell me what you think and if I should continue this or not. Much love, admin 143. ( ˘ ³˘)

  • Group: Got7 
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker) 
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff..
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing?

     Jackson doesn’t make his appearance yet :)

       “ Jaebum, I’m home “ you softly announced as you entered your shared house. 

       You and Jaebum have been together for almost 3 years and for at least two of them, he’s been spending his time with some other girls. Although you were both still in university, you both had enough money to pay for a small place of your own - a place where you could both stay and spend time with each other. Moaning and name calling was something you were used to hearing when you would come home at night. You knew that this wasn’t the first time you’ve caught him cheating, so what’s so different about now? 

       As you made your way to your shared bedroom, you open the door to no surprise. A naked Jaebum hovering some girl you’ve never seen before.

       “ Please leave. “ you sighed. “ Oppa!! We’re not even done yet, tell her to leave. “ the girl whined.  Hearing the girl calling him oppa was one of the most irritating things you’d ever heard. The hoe wasn’t even Korean. 

       Jaebum decided that he’s had enough and ordered the girl to leave and come back another time. Another time. Is he fucking serious? As soon as the door shut, he made his way to you with eyes full of lust and hunger(??). He pinned you against the wall, giving you no space to escape. “ Oh baby, she wasn’t finished. I guess you’ll have to continue for her. “ he ordered. “ Jae, please not tonight. Not after seeing what you did. “ 

       Your boyfriend had no intentions on letting you go or giving it your way. You tried to get out of his grip but he just kept getting closer and closer. As soon as you knew, he grabbed you and picked you up like you were a toy. You knew Jaebum had anger issues and that he was really strong, but you were never afraid. This time was different. 

       “ Baby, please let me down. I really don’t want it. “ you cried. “ You didn’t let my girl finish, so you have to pay the price. “ he smirked. Completely ignoring the fact he began to strip you down, his girl, you thought continuously. You thought that you were his girl, despite all the others that he used for pleasure. 

       You pushed Jaebum away from you as hard as you could and covered yourself with a blanket. He looked at you with so much anger, stood up from your bed and began to dress himself. “ Hey listen, “ he started, “ if you don’t want to do it, I’ll just find someone else to do it for you, alright? “. You’ve never commented about him having sex with other girls or anything in that category. You’ve never complained and always came home to him, though you never really knew why. Yes, you loved him. But is that what love really is? 

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HOLD UP! You like Got7 as well? That's amazing^^ who is your Bias? Mine is mark <3(and I keep getting bothered by bias wreckers JB) ~Moon Anon


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I swear every time the writers mess up characterization I immediately jump to Jax and think about how I can spin this to keep him still looking positive. Like…he was so out of character this episode and I was still like “my boy keeping it 💯💯💯 this is because he’s betrayed and trusted Mick and now his team is in danger that’s my man” Jax could straight up murder a guy for fun at this point and I would still figure out how to go “MY MAN, THE PUREST, IT FITS WITH HIM”. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY ULTIMATE BIAS WRECKERS!!! Jackson Wang is so hard working and he deserves the world honestly❣️ I hope all ahgases wish Jackson a happy birthday and support him and the rest of the group throughout many many years!✨ This day is about Jackson though so please wish him a wonderful birthday!!!❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ Now, enjoy some gifs (not mine) of Jackson Wang, the king!

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Intentions (Part 4)

       Happy New Year guys!! I hope you all had a blessed 2016, I kinda didn’t but that’s okay!! I hope you all the best for 2017. I’m thankful for all of you who read and keep up with my work, I appreciate it so muchh especially since I just started writing again. Much love!! ~ admin 143 

  • Group: Got7
  • Members : Jackson & Jaebum (Mhmm, my bias & bias wrecker)
  • Pairing: it’s a secret!!
  • Genre: Angst, smut(///), fluff.. (guys idk ‘bout the smut anymore, im just a smol bean ahhh)
  • Requested: lol no  
  • Warnings: uhh cheating? Swearing? nudity but like its nothing lmao 

Note!! This is a bit short and I apologize :’)

Parts : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 

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My favourite stages from my top 3 groups♥

I said I would make a list of my favourite groups so I’m just going to focus on my top three here; GOT7,EXO & BTS

Background story: BTS is my bias group, it was EXO but it changed after i fully started stanning BTS; however EXO still holds a special place in my heart as well as GOT7 who are trying to kill me I swear. If i could have 3 bias groups, these three would be it.

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If Got7 keeps up with pranking Yuggiebear, I swear he will become my ultimate bias and his age will no longer hold me back because his heart is so pure. He took the blame for the wine bottle and was damn willing to pay for half the price with Jackson because it would be too much for only one person to cover. MY GOD he handled it so well even though he was hurt and probably inwardly holding back tears after the outburst of the scene. He ALWAYS puts Got7 first and thinks of them. Like who the hell cares about the outcome of their concert after such prank?? HE DOES BE CAUSE HE LOVES GOT7! This isn’t the first time he was worried about Got7’s future either! UGHHH I WANNA HUG HIM AND HELP HIM GET THE OTHERS BACK.

Side note, I swear Bambam has a weakness for Yugyeom when it comes to pranks. He’s always out of the loop and quiet about it until the very end. I’m so jealous of their friendship. :’)

  • person: hi
  • Me: Someone be my friend so we can talk about how beautiful Joshua is and how adorable Minghao is and how I want to fight Mingyu even tho he's probably a whole head taller than me and how wonwoo's voice is literally the best thing and how I wish I was as pretty as jeonghan and how I wish I was as great of a person as seungcheol and on how I've never seen someone as musically talented as woozi and how I kinda want to cry every time jun and hoshi do something because, God they ruin my bias list I swear, and how much vernon has improved his rapping and is getting the recognition he deserves and how I wish that one day I can be as positive and smily as seokmin and I wish I was as amazing and cheerful person as seungkwan and on how much I adore the fact that Dino is so in love with Michael Jackson and the rest of seventeen are a o k with it and they think about his love for MJ while producing. And how I really hope pledis is feeding them well and how I hope they'll give them a brake soon, so they don't over work themselves. And how lastly I hope that they're all truly happy
  • Person: never mind