but ive rewatched this scene OVER AND OVER and it's all i can think about

i’m thinking about how terrible Scanlan must feel right now. Right there at the end, when him and Grog were desperately trying to kill Ripley before she could get a shot off, and Grog landed a hit with his axe, but scanlan doesn’t have ranged weapons, she’s too far away, he can’t do anything…

so he throws Mythcarver, in some last ditch attempt to stop her, before she shoots Percy, before she takes away a member of Vox Machina, of his family… and he misses.

He misses and she lines up the shot, but maybe, maybe he can still stop it, he can distract her, he can stop her, he can say or do something, anything, to keep the shot from finding its mark. But no, he fails that too, finds that when it really matters he cant find the words to help. 

And the shot lands, and Percy is gone. 

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