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I Can Tell (George Weasley x Reader)

A request❤ thank you so much, it was such a good idea. Here u go!

“How much should the puking pastilles be?” “Um, five gallons. They take sickles to make, so we’ll make major profit!” George answered his brother.

The fire blazed in the Gryffindor common room, the twins sat on the overstuffed couch, Fred with a quill and pad.

“How about for canary-”

Fred was cut off by the sound of someone clearing their throat. They simultaneously looked up to see the culprit. It was Alicia Spinnet. She was standing awkwardly, and waiting expectantly.

“Um, Hello Alicia, can we help you?” asked George. “Yes, Fred, I was wondering if you’d go to Hogsmead with me this weekend?” This seemed like a nice proposition, the thing was she was staring straight at George.

“Actually, I’m George. That’s Fred”

She didn’t look phased. “Oops, well do want to?” she asked again with a smile, still looking at George. George turned to look at his twin, his eyebrows knotting together. “But I’m Fred” Fred said defensively. “I mean it doesn’t really matter” Alicia chuckled. “Are one of you going to take me?” “No” the twins said firmly. Alicia sighed and walked away, up to the girls dorm. “Is she mad?” George asked irritated.

“C'mon Georgie, we are identical”

“Yeah, but even after I told her that you’re Fred she still asked me, like it didn’t make a difference either way!” George shouted, his face started getting red with anger. “Calm down, does it really bother you that much?” Fred asked. “It’s that, this is the 5th time this week people have mistaken us then not cared. It’s like they think we’re the same person or something!” George stood, pacing back and forth. “How about, I finish this and you go to bed” proposed Fred. “No, I’m fi-” “George, go to bed” George bite his lip, not wanting Fred to win, but then gave up and walked toward the boys dorm. “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” yelled Fred after him. “Shut up” George grumbled with a starting up the stairs.

Next morning

“So, class or Black Lake with Lee?” Fred asked his brother, using his hands to weight the two options. They were walking down the corridor. It was cleared out, due to the fact that class was about to begin. “Oh, wow. Freddie that’s a tough choice” George sighed dramatically. “You know how much I adore Snape, but I’m afraid I’ll have to choose-” he was cut off when somebody darted around the corner and collided with him. They hit the ground with a thump. George felt the wind get knocked out of his chest.

“Oh, Merlin! I’m so, so sorry. I-I’ve never been this late to class before”

George looked down at a girl he’s had never seen before, in red and gold robes. She scrambled up, and was brushing herself off. But, George couldn’t move. He was pushed up on his elbows and was staring at the girl. He tried to fill his lungs with air again but she knocked it right back out of him. Everything blurred, except her face.

It was sunny and beautiful, he’d never seen one like it. ‘Why does she look so concerned?’ He thought, he then noticed her mouth was moving. “I’m sorry, what?” he asked, barely above a whisper. “Are you okay?” She said louder. “Oh, uh.. yeah I’m-I’m fine” he said quickly standing, not taking his eyes off her.

“Are you?”

“Yeah, well I’m officially late to class. I guess Professor Trelawny can tell me how I’m gonna die some other day.” She said giggling. George finally pulled his eyes from her and looked over at his brother, who was already looking at him with knowing eyes and a smirk.

“Well, I guess I’ll head back to the common room, sorry again.”

She started to walk past them. Realizing that she was leaving George stammered “Wait, what’s your name?” She turned back around to face them. “(Y/N)” ’(Y/N)’ he thought, 'that’s perfect’ “And you’re George right?” She asked. “Uh, yeah. How’d you know that?” George asked, confused. “I don’t know, lucky guess I suppose.” She turned again to head to the common room. “Wait” Fred spoke up. “Yeah?” (Y/N) turned laughing.

“How would you like to accompany my brother, Lee Jorden, and I to the Black Lake. I mean, instead of sitting in the common room alone.”

(Y/N) looked uncertainty at them. “We’re a bloody good time” George added, smiling. (Y/N) thought for a moment, swaying back and forth “sure, why not?” She finally said, shrugging. “Alright, let’s go!” Fred said, offering his arm, which she took and they started off toward the lake. “You comin’, Georgie?” asked Fred over his shoulder. George shook away the cloudiness in his head. “Yeah, I’m coming” he said with a smile.

—Time skip—- 3 months—

“Morning, (Y/N)” said Fred cheerfully as he and George sat at across from her at breakfast. “Morning, Fred” she said back, her smile dropped when she saw George’s disgruntled face.

“You okay?”

George just grunted as he started to pile bacon on his plate. (Y/N) looked back at Fred, eyebrows raised. He sighed, “Georgie here got upset because Lee got us confused” (Y/N)’s jaw dropped “Lee got you confused?”

“Yeah, I mean It doesn’t bug me but, it does George”

George slammed his fist on the table. “It’s not that he got us confused, it’s that he didn’t care when I corrected him!” George yelled as he stood, drawing the attention of the entire great hall. He huffed and walked out. (Y/N) looked wide eyed at Fred who looked shocked as well. She stood
and quickly followed after him. “George, George!” she yelled until he stopped at turned to her. He was panting with anger “George, calm down, love. Calm down” she told him, her hands gently in his shoulders. “I-I just-” (Y/N) brought her hand to his cheek, causing him to freeze. “Tell me why it upsets you so much” she asked, looking up into his eyes. He took a deep breath.

“It makes me feel like I’m Fredandgeorge not just George, like I don’t have my own personality and no one cares.”

“I care” (Y/N) said “a lot.” “Well, you’ve never mistaken us.” said George, then thought about what he just said, (Y/N) never had mistaken him, not even once. “How do you do that?” He asked, squinting at her. “Tell you two apart?” she asked, smiling. He nodded. (Y/N) thought for a moment. “Let’s walk” she said nodding toward the corridor. She took his hand, and lead him around the corner to where she ran into him 3 months ago. “So?” George asked, eyebrows raised. She took a deep breath. The sunrise made her skin glow, her (y/e/c) eyes were bright. “I’ve been able to tell you two apart since I’ve known you” she said looking out at the pink sky. “It means a lot to me” George said, not being able to take his eyes off her. “To be honest, when I look at you my heart beats, um.. faster than normal” she was looking down at her hands, George couldn’t believe it, she actually liked him. “That’s all?” He asked with a smirk. “You’re more handsome” she said biting her lip. He saw a blush of pink appear on her cheeks.


His smirk turned into a smile. “And you’re funnier”

“Am I?”

He felt the heat appear on his cheeks as well. “You’re more kind” (Y/N) started getting closer and closer to George until they were nose to nose. He could feel her warm breath on his lips and couldn’t control himself anymore. He leaned down and kissed her. It was soft and much too fast for his taste, she pulled back. “Do you you really like me?” She asked, brows furrowed.


George smirked, her eyes went wide “Oh uh-” “Ive been madly in love with you since the second I saw your face.” (Y/N) laughed as he brought both hands to grab his face a kiss him, it was rough and passionate. He moved her against the corridor wall. She licked his lower lip, causing him to moan.

His tongue explored her mouth. It was so sweet, he’d been waiting for this moment for months. He then realized he needed air and reluctantly pulled away. “You feel better now?” she asked, giggling. “Better than ever.” He said before pecking her nose.


This little blurb is for my darling @t-starkasm who sent me this picture of a very obvious Smitten Kitten!!

So I added another little bit to the ORIGINAL STORY to include this darling little scene!!!



The ringtone of Steves phone completely interrupted the mission briefing, and absolutely made Agent Coulsons jaw drop.

Who let the dogs out? Who who who who! Who let the dogs out?”

“Oh my god.” His face flamed red and he scrambled to mute it. “I am so sorry, Agent Coulson, Colonel Rhodes, its um—”

“Captain Rogers.” Rhodey was trying his damnest to keep the snmirk off his face. “Captain Rogers.” he cleared his throat. “Would I be correct in assuming that Seargent Barnes is the one calling you right now?”

“I–I–” the Lion shifter swallowed back a growl of annoyance. “My mate changed my ringtone, I apologize.”

“Sorry, but Seargent Barnes chose that as his ringtone?” Agent Coulson asked in that quietly, polite way of his. “Seargent Barnes, the Alpha Wolf shifter?”

“Not that mate. My other mate, Tony.” he breathed a deep sigh. Tony had changed his ringtone because hed been upset Steve couldnt stay with him all day today. Not that Steve had wanted to spend his whole day locked in the conference room talking about missions and personell. No he would much rather be snuggled up in bed with both his mates. He missed Tony and Bucky so much he nearly ached. He needed a break from all this. A break from being Captain America. A break from being Steve. He needed to just be Bucky and Tonys mate, and let them take care of him.

Steve shook his head and pushed those thoughts away. He had been feeing down for weeks now and didnt really know what to do about it.

“If you’ll excuse me.” he said politely. “I need to take this.”

“Ah. Of course.” Coulson said with a little smile. “By all means, take your mates call.”

“Thank you. Just a few minutes.” Steve stepped into the hallway and opened his phone. “Bucky, I swear to god. You know I am in a meeting, I will muzzle your–”

“911, Steve.” Buckys voice was stressed, nearly a whine. “911, our room. Its Tony.”

“Oh shit.” Steve only stepped into the conference room long enough to snatch his shield, and took off running, no apology or explanation or anything.

“ I havent been around the compound much since this all happened.” Coulson commented mildly. “Does this sort of thing–”

“Tony is the most high maintenance person in the world. Also the most high maintence shifter. Steve and Bucky have their hands full all the time.”

“Tony only weighs eighty pounds.” Coulson raised his eyebrows and Rhodey just started laughing.

“Phil. You literally have no idea how much of a handful Tony can be.”

“Isnt his shifter form a cat?”

Phil. You have no idea.” The colonel collapsed back into his chair, shoulders shaking.

“But both Rogers and Barnes are Alpha–”

“Phil.” Rhodey was full on cackling now, wiping his tears away. “You have no idea.”

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FIC: “The Utterances of Storms” OMGCP, pre-graduation

Bittle, after laughing into his cup of tub juice for a good forty seconds, explains with only a little bit of a slur to his words that he’d need time—his mother would have to ship things and he’d need to bother someone named Katya for music.

Jack can’t hear what Ransom says in reply over the din of the party, but Bittle nods a couple of times and grins, cheeks flushed with alcohol.

It’s probably nothing.


Shitty texts him in the middle of World War II in Europe.

dude get to faber asap

It’s not just the lack of exclamation points that makes him leave class early—something he’s never done before, and the betrayed look that Professor Shahabuddin gives him as he’s sorry-ing his way past everyone else in his row tattoos itself on the part of the brain where the ocean of his guilt lives. It’s not just the knowledge that Shitty has his schedule memorized and would never dare interrupt if it weren’t important enough to rattle the cage of what he calls “The Zimmerbeast” that spurs Jack into running across campus.

It’s the “dude.”

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Dawning in Dust: Part IV

Prologue, Part I, Part II, Part III

Claire quickly opened her pack, mentally going through her list of medicines, various herbs, and bandages she’d been able to stock up while finding shelter in a doctor’s clinic the month before. Most of the effective and valuable items had been cleared out but she had salvaged what she could. Perhaps they had some medicaments here… Looking up, Claire saw Jenny had frozen in the doorway, eyes wide as she took in the sight of her brother.

Claire glanced at Jamie again, her eyes now fully adjusted to the dimness of the room. He was tall and solid, though the lines of his muscles showed softly through his clothing in a rather graceful way. His back would have looked like that too, she thought regretfully, examining the tattered shirt again. Old and new bloodstains covered the expanse of the back and arms, smelling of sweat and iron. No doubt that the wounds were fresh and deep.

The firelight sparked off his hair, an array of reds and golds that looked like a flame itself; darker where his sweat had soaked into it and clung to his face. His eyes were closed, jaw clenched, and brow furrowed in pain. The muscles in his forearms stood out as he gripped the underside of the cot. The sight snapped Claire into “Nurse Randall” mode in an instant.

“We’ll need hot water and clean bandages. I have some here but they aren’t…”

“What’s this, then?” the man by the fire asked sharply, stepping closer to the cot and moving his hand to the large knife sheathed at his belt. “Jenny, have ye lost yer heid, woman? Bringing an English lassie into this house..”

“I’ll explain later,” Jenny replied sharply, coming out of her shock enough to kneel down by the cot.

Claire followed her gaze, seeing a pair of familiar blue eyes looking back at her. While Jamie’s face was pale, his eyes were as bright as the sea in sunlight. So much in a look; curiosity, wariness, and pain most notably. Not that Claire could blame him on any of those counts. Jenny brushed the sweaty strands of hair from his face, but his gaze didn’t leave Claire’s.

“Janet,” the other man said, affecting to sound reasonable, “did ye not consider..”

“Aye, I have. I said I’ll explain later. Now,” Jenny turned to Claire, “what will ye be needing then?”


Claire arranged all of her supplies on the small table by the camp bed. Jenny, Ian, and the dour man who’s was Murtagh had gone off to scour the house for fresh bandages, get hot water, and find whatever they possessed of pain medication. Left alone with her patient, Claire’s mind calmed, going through her mental check list of how to approach this. Glancing down, she saw that Jamie was breathing shallowly, but steadily. He’d closed his eyes again. She knelt down to his level.

“I’m sorry but may I check your pulse?” she asked softly, placing a hand on his forearm. She briefly felt the sudden heat of him before Jamie started awake, letting out a slew of muffled exclamations Claire couldn’t understand as his movements jostled his wounds. She got the gist though.

“Shit, sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I.. I need to check your pulse please.”

Jamie’s breathing was a bit ragged, but he nodded shortly before laying his forehead down on his other forearm on the cot. Claire took his wrist and started counting, watching his fists slowly uncurl as he relaxed back onto the cot.

“Good,” Claire said, resting his arm on the bed again. Heartbeat quick, but steady. She placed her hand on his shoulder, trying to determine if the heat coming off of him was normal or if he was fevered.

“Can you manage looking at me for a moment? I’d like to check your pupils.”

To her surprise, Jamie sniffed out a short laugh. “Aye,” he said, with a rye quirk at the corner of his mouth. “I think I can manage that.”

He grimaced as he lifted his head again to try and turn his face toward her.

“Here,” Claire said softly, putting a hand under his cheek to help. Jamie’s eyes snapped to hers then, looking at her like he’d never seen anything like her before. She squeezed his shoulder gently. “It will be alright. You’re in for a rough time of it but… I can help. Getting that shirt off will be the worst of it. Then we’ll go from there”

Jamie didn’t respond at all, just continued looking at her. So much in that look. Intelligence. Kindness. Considering. And something else that made Claire blush.

“Aye,” he replied again, after a moment. “I’ll do, Sassenach. Dinna fash.”

Claire snorted, resulting in a genuine smile from Jamie.

“Sassenach, huh? I served with many Scots in the Last War. I know what that means. And,” Claire continued in what she hoped was a light hearted tone, “you’re about to knowingly undergo a fairly painful cleaning process and you’re telling me not to ‘fash’?”

Jamie smirked and shrugged slightly, wincing a bit as he did so.

“Don’t do that,” Claire admonished, stilling him with a hand to his shoulder again. He glanced at her hand, then back up again.

“Canna hurt much worse than it does.”

Claire purses her lips a bit, but nodded with a sigh. “Alright. We’ll get pain meds on board, then I’ll start..”

“I dinna want medicines,” he replied shortly, meeting her raised eyebrows with one of his own.

“No meds? J-.. Mr. Fraser you don’t want to..”

“James,” he interrupted again. “Jamie. I go by Jamie.”

Claire wasn’t used to being interrupted or questioned. It took a second for her to realize she was sitting there gaping like a fish. She gave him her best Nurse Randall look, which resulted in another of his half smiles. Cheeky bastard.

“Alright. Jamie. Why are you refusing medication?”

“We may be in need of it later,” he replied. “I dinna want to be wi'out when the need is greatest. I can handle this. I wilna move.”

“Jamie, you can’t promise me that. When I start-”

“I will promise ye. I dinna want to waste good medicine on something like this. There will be need for them later.”

Seeing her begin to formulate another plan of attack, Jamie continued, “I’m not going to die, am I?”

“No!” Claire responded quickly. “No,” she said again, more firmly.

“Then I dinna think it necessary. I’ll do,” he said again as Jenny, Ian, and Murtagh reentered the room.

“Bloody effing Scot,” Claire muttered, rising to accept the parcels Jenny carried.

Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez imagine: Leafy X Reader.

{A/N} Decided to make another one since the first one had good notes. Honestly let me know what else i should do or give me request. 


Tired, blue boy walks my way Holding a girl’s hand That basic bitch leaves finally Now I can take her man

“Whats the plan for to day leaf man?” Laying your head on his lap while he pays attention to the lit up screen, you question what the day will bring. “Well she’s coming over in ten dude so idk.” Pushing your head away Calvin gets up trying to clean the mess of clothes that were led by you. You and Calvin had “special” relationship. You both cared deeply for each other but one problem was in the way of you guys becoming a couple. A knock at the door echoed and quickly you rushed to put on decent cloths instead of Cal’s shirt. “Hey baby you’re here early?” Leafy greeted his girlfriend as she walked in. “Well i just wanted to surprise you by coming over but i guess someone beat me to the punch huh?” His eyes following the trail she lead with her and saw your shoes. “well she needed help with a couple things so i decided to lend a hand” Calvin replied a little nervously, you walked out of the bathroom bring the tension thicker in the room. “Oh [Y/N] didn’t know you won the gold medal of visiting other girls boyfriends first.” His girlfriend replied thinking it hurt you. “Well i didn’t try out for the olympics for nothing” You remarked with a smirk.

Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

“Dude she arrived when I was there. I rushed out the door after changing, he had to hide my clothes in the shower.” You laughed into the phone call with [Y/BFF/N] on the other side giggling. “I honestly think you need to let him go [Y/N]. he has a girlfriend, maybe he wants to be happy with her. Haven’t you ever heard stay away from things that are not your yours?” [Y/BFF/N] explained, you can tell she was tired of telling you the same thing. “Don’t you think I’ve tried getting away from him? Its like he has a damn spell on me honestly, he can fucking snap his fingers and within a minute I dance like I’m his little slave.No one understands how he really feels towards me. she doesn’t get that he wants to leave her. I’m here come outside” Hanging up the phone you couldn’t take explaining the love triangle you were in.

Pacify her She’s getting on my nerves You don’t love her Stop lying with those words Pacify her She’s getting on my nerves You don’t love her Stop lying with those words

“Okay ill send you a pic of where i am…. Ive told you I’m at home… Yes she’s here…. Im not telling her to leave babe, i love you okay calm down, see you later.” You over hear the conversation he had with her. “Why do you lie to her?” Finally tired of being pushed back you ask in a slightly angered way. “what are you talking about? I don’t lie to her, don’t ever fucking say I lie to her.” The way he replied pissed you off and made the blood in you boil. “Excuse me? If its not lying then what the hell is it Calvin? I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing the same shit.” Enraged you shouted at Leafy, you feel a lump in your throat. Slamming his fist on the table he shouts “Maybe its not her I’m trying to get rid of. Have you ever fucking thought maybe you’re the one i try to get rid of?” Feeling heated, you decided it was time to let the fire explode. “Oh really? You want to get rid of me? Show mw your phone and tell me who you call at 3 in the morning because you need calming? Who do you call after you get into fights with her? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU CALL WHEN YOU NEED LATE NIGHT FUCKS? WASN’T IT YOU WHO SAID YOU LIKED WHEN I SCREAM YOUR NAME WHILE WE HAVE SEX? WAS I NOT THE GIRL YOU CALLED LA- Calvin pushed him self against you and shared a passionate kiss. Melting into the kiss, you wrap arms around his neck. Deepening the kiss, you feel his tongue trace your bottom lip begging for entrance. His hands travel to your thighs indicated for you to jump. *RING-RING* “Hello?… I was dishes I can’t send the picture with a wet hand and ruin my phone… I told you already I’m at home.” Another perfect moment ruined.

I can’t stand her whining Where’s her binky now? And loving her seems tiring So boy, just love me, down, down, down

“OH MY GOD YOU HIT 5MILLION?!” Excitement in your voice indicated you were so proud of what he became. “Yeah bro I’m so fucking stoke! We’re going out to dinner then to the club for celebration. Id like to see you there [Y/N]?” On the other line you can tell he was desperate to see you. knowing she’d be there you thought twice on what to wear. “ Uh… Sure ill go cal, just to support you.” Looking in your closet you noticed you had nothing but Leafy’s shirts. You had more of his clothes then she knew about. You decided to pick up [Y/BFF/N] in case you felt lonely. You arrived at the restaurant, not feeling so excited to meet her again. “Hey [Y/N] you made it!!” Calvin running towards you, he made it seem like you haven’t seen each other in so long, just the other night you stay over taking care of hm because of the fight they had. “Way to act like you’ve never seen me in so long” You whispered into his ear, “I have to she was complaining all the time about how I spend time with you more.” Walking over you you whispered “Tell her to suck it up.”

Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?

Feeling heat on you are thigh you wake up to the sun burning through the curtains. “Fuck” you murmured to the pillow. Raging headache was zooming into your system, you felt a body mass next to you, knowing who it was decided to leave early. Slipping into your pants from last night, your shirt was lost, you did what was second nature to you. You grabbed Leafy’s shirt, oh god how you fell in love with his scent. The mix of his cologne, with your perfume, and the faint smell of cigarettes almost sent you in a trance. slipping your shoes you dashed off to your car. At the first light from his house you peeped your rear view mirror to discovered she pulled in minutes after you did. “Stupid girl, if he was really yours, he wouldn’t be calling me late night” You huffed to yourself, thinking when can all this be over with

pretty words for broken boys

Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 6200

foster kids au. some swearing, some unsavory themes, lots of angst w/ a happy ending.


Jackson is unexpectedly removed from his third home of the year and returned to the big center where he shares a room with thirty other boys and all of them are older and meaner than he is. The loss of his foster mom and older sister and own room leave a hole in his heart that makes tears burn in his eyes. He doesn’t let them fall because Andrew has the bunk above him and last time he cried Andrew said, “Why don’t I give you a you a reason?” and then he pounded a row of bruises across Jackson’s chest until he learned to hold it in.

Jackson is seven years old.

This is nothing new.

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i’m bigger than my body (i’m colder than this home)

[’You would give anything to kiss her again, because you feel eighteen and you feel like you are more than the absent marrow in her bones.’ // post 227 drabble sry.]


i’m bigger than my body (i’m colder than this home)


they sent me away to find them a fortune a chest filled with diamonds and gold / their house was awake with shadows and monsters / the hallways they echoed and glowed / i sat alone in bed till the morning / crying, they’re coming for me / goddamn right you should be scared of me / who is in control?

—halsey, ‘control’


There are so many ways to hurt a vampire, and most of them, you’ve discovered over your span of existence, are not anything close to gentle. Your bones, time and again, have never healed right—your wrists riddled with small lumps. When it rains your hips ache, and if you spend too long sleeping on the floor, your spine pops and clicks like a gun.

You have scars, too, many of them, although Laura can’t see them; no humans can, and you’re pale, even by vampire standards, so they’re not as noticeable.

Some days, you stare at your elbows, the hollows on the inside, where you have reams of shiny marks of mouths—when you were turned, they bit you here, like some kind of torturous IV, some kind of delicious break. Your stomach was split open and you were dead—murdered at eighteen, just as you had learned how sweet another girl’s mouth could be and before you would ever understand how dangerous that would become, how much the world would riot and revolt and want to dangerously stamp out everything that you are, all of the gentleness.

You were eighteen and small—inches shorter than your brother, and slight—and you used to laugh. You remember it, the sound and the feeling that, in a second, turned into the gurgle of blood in your throat, and how it has never, since then, since you were split in half and pumped with a blindingly painful ichor, stopped, how you have been hungry ever since.

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How to Avenge 101 [Part 15]

[Master list] [Part 14][Part 16]

A/N: So here’s Part 15! Thank you to everyone who’s been messaging me, I LOVE talking about your ideas for How to Avenge 101. I’m sorry this took a while to write – I got stuck at a certain point and couldn’t get the right words down for aaages. It’s another long chapter, and not as action based for now, but there’s a lot of tension going on for the Agent!

Word Count: 3,923

Warnings: Mention of previous injuries, language, fluffinessssss.

You woke up somewhere very clean.

You blinked your eyes open, blearily trying to focus on your surroundings. Yep – very clean room, slightly uncomfortable bed, a soft beeping from the heart monitor – You’d made it to a medical room. Your right leg felt strangely numb, but you ignored it in favour of searching for the button or string or whatever device it was that would tell the medical room you’d woken up.

“At ease Agent.”

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Under the Weather (1/6) [Wash, Maine, ensemble]

[AO3 | FFN]

Wash, Maine, and Project Freelancer. Sometimes the only constant is the rain.

The first time he meets a Freelancer, it’s in the pouring rain.

David is standing knee-deep in the mud of the battlefield, swaying on his feet, blood and rainwater streaming through gashes in his bodysuit. The Freelancers look strange and garish against that bleak backdrop, one in teal armor, the other in improbably spotless white. The woman in teal’s been talking to him, telling him about reassignment and promotions and experimental programs. Telling him he’s been selected, her own proud anticipation seeping into the word. Telling him that this is a rare honor.

He stares up at her, way up—she’s still solid in her footing while he’s mired in the muck. He tries to remember how to loosen his grip on the stock of his rifle, how to clear his throat and speak instead of barking orders. Field promotion. Rest of his unit’s command center wiped out. Not so much leading as desperately holding position. Four days, maybe five, no relief in sight, and then the Freelancers come charging in, sending the Covies packing.

It took the two of them less than an hour to do it.

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This weeks Daily Dose of Fanfic!

sorry for the wait pals ive been very very sick and haven’t been on much. here’s some new or updated fics ive found!


Zayn and Liam were alpha best friends since seventh grade. However, Liam had always been considered as the second best in this friendship, and it made him mad at Zayn. The two alphas stopped being friends after a fallout at the end of their senior year in high school.During the summer, before Zayn went to college, something happened that changed his entire life forever.To make the matter worse, Zayn met Liam again when he went to college.

About Good Times and Gold

He was the older one. He was the stronger one. Why couldn’t he provide?Why wouldn’t Zayn let him provide?Or the one where Zayn has a lot going on in his head, and Liam wants to help him calm down.


There is a rare, valuable type of male that can carry children. There type of males are known as Carriers. At the age of 15 all boys are tested for the Carrier ability. When Liam Payne was tested his results came back positive, proving him to be a Carrier and changing his life forever.Now with Liam’s body going through the painful transition, some joke is the Carrier version of a period, he is faced with the difficult task of telling his band mates that he is a Carrier, but he can not let go of his fear of them rejecting him. Not to mention how his on and off again boyfriend, Zayn, may react

Freaks Like Me

Our love’s a monster with two heads and one heartbeat
Zayn has a knack for getting himself into trouble. It isn’t really a problem, until he needs saving. Luckily, Liam has a knack for just that and a couple of friends help too.“You’re one sulky son-of-a-bitch you know that? There’s about a billion blokes out there who are destined to die alone and you ain’t one of them. You’re blessed, special even and here you are whining in front of some measly pub at the edge of Who Cares and No Man’s Land saying you ‘can’t love him right’… if I know anything about arse over tits, you’re the definition. Don’t torture yourself with this whole 'I can’t love’ because you’ll never actually know unless ya give it a go. And who better to love than someone who loves you?”“Love seems like a whole lotta trouble. Good thing I’m great at trouble.”

Little Moments With You

Zayn shaves Liam’s beard.

Lykos Antropos

There are some creatures that can only be seen in your nightmares. And being close enough to feel their breaths on your neck has a charm that can not be explained.

Right Now

It clicks in that moment that Zayn is just as nervous as him. They were texting about kissing. Liam told Zayn to come over so he could show Zayn how well he kisses. This is awkward because they haven’t talked in so long and never touched the subject of The Kiss™ until now. Liam should just kiss Zayn.Liam should just kiss Zayn

Doesn’t Mean Anything

In which Zayn and Liam both admire the other from afar, but neither will make a move–until Harry gets involved (a mall star-crossed lovers AU)

You’re the flame behind my eyes

'I said I know now why you never asked why I said yes, and that’s fine Liam, I get it now, you never cared’ Liam is Zayn’s boss. He asks Zayn to pretend he’s engaged to him for a weekend at his parents’ - This is what comes next.Or another fake engagement AU - Inspired just a little bit by the film 'The Proposal’.


just some Ziam sex bc who doesn’t like reading abt Zayn fucking Liam?

One night stand

Liam went to a party to have fun, not to meet his mate and get bonded on their first night together.It was all Louis’ fault anyway…

My old man is a tough man but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam

In where Liam’s pushing thirty-five, and really shouldn’t be doing porn anymore, but he can handle just one more.

The Money Maker

This is who I gotta pretend to be in a relationship with?” Zayn whines, shaking his head when he sees the crinkly-eyed boy with the buzz cut, the hoodie, the sunglasses.“You’re no looker yourself,” Liam snorts, squinting his eyes at Zayn as he pulls off his sunglasses. But he’s lying. Of course he’s lying. His cheekbones were sharp enough to cut wood, his eyes bright enough to start a fire. But Zayn didn’t have to know that.Zayn is perplexed—already—by Liam. He’s sharper, quicker than he expected. With a sigh, Liam slides down his hood, tiredly sliding his fingers through his hair. “Alright, well, let’s get this… thing started. I want it over as soon as possible.”Zayn wonders suddenly what Liam’s hair feels like, has a strong urge to reach forward and kiss him back into the wall, find his own fingers in the boy’s brown hair.Zayn was lying, too. But Liam didn’t have to know that.

Chasing Pavements

Zayn whirled around in surprise, finding Liam only metres away and coming closer. As he approached, Zayn could see that the way the boy carried himself had changed astronomically since he’d last seen him six years ago. His shoulders were square and his back was straight, making him look tall and confident and drawing the attention of women wherever he walked.He stopped just in front of Zayn with a smile on his face, clearly not dreading this reunion as much as Zayn was. “Hey.”(Or the one where Zayn and Liam meet again after six years and things spiral downhill quickly.)

What’s Your Number?

A What’s Your Number? AU where Zayn is a little lost in life and love, and decides to embark on a mission to find the perfect mate from among his numerous ex-boyfriends.

The Tie Switch - Ziam

What happens when Zayn and Liam walk into the Great Hall with accidentally switched ties?

Sweet Like Candy in My Veins

Somewhere in the mix of hiding, trying to be themselves, cheating, heartache, crying – Lia and Zayn fall in love harder than they intended to.

The king’s Renegades

Zayn Malik, a notorious crime lord will stop at nothing to have what he truly wants, Liam Payne son of the Bradford Police captain. A story about a good boy trapped in love with a dangerous man.

One More Night

(Or: Liam and Zayn have a one off and Zayn ends up pregnant.)