but ive been having dark feels a lot so here u go lol


i made a post to answer asks from days ago etc so i can answer the new ones. had to scroll all the way down over 456 asks so love me.

‘’Gio can you please make a full album of the new leaked songs? Like Talk To Me, Ladder, Double Vision, No Catching Feelings, The Way You Look At Her, Too Much and more? Thankyou!’’

i was thinking about that, but i don’t have the  full version of all the songs just ladder. maybe i can post an album with the songs they performed on the x factor.

‘’It’s like a volley of exposing dark secrets. At first, it was the management against camila then camila against the management. Then lauren came in against the management, and the management threw camren against lauren. All parties have their cards on their table. But we all know who’s more powerful iand can manipulate the media.‘’

well the truth always wins in the end, someday they will spill everything.

if they won an award for WFH now would camila get the award as well? cause she gets credits, right?

at this point i don’t think they will mention/credit her. not after their letter.

ive 100% sure ive heard camila’s “hi how are you” in an interview or fan video from this year…

i really want you guys to find this video and lauren’s videos. i don’t know why the hell this person thought she could lie to us.

EPIC is definitely the bad guy here.

maybe management fucked them over but still ‘’cared’’ and supported ot4 more than camila, camila was La Reid’s favorite.

Camila’s exit was like a romantic break up. You felt it going downhill but were so in love you hoped it would get better. When she said she wasn’t happy, you tried a hundred ways to talk about it and make it better. But she avoided you. Finally she shared her feelings and you got hopeful because at least she’s communicating now. So you allow yourself to breathe. You’re ok. And then you get a letter. She’s leaving. You didn’t realize she already in love with the life after you. And you’re not ok.

i applaud you!!! 

Try to read back Ally, Dinah, Lauren and Normani’s second statement. you can sense their (if they were really the ones who wrote) ingenuine support to Camila. It was full of bitterness in their hearts. Their selection of words were really meant to get more hate to Camila. There is no bit of remorse but full of hate which reflected on twitter and ot4 stans. It added more hate and disgust for Camila. It was truly badly handed. Try to read it, now that we’re tamed and you’ll see what i meant

well the five of them are hurt and tired, one of them is finally ‘free’ but she is still being manipulated by them, they’re telling her things that aren’t true about the industry etc and she is falling for it. both need to be blamed in some parts.

anon none of the songs that camila has done that we know of and are about to be released will not be on her album. major lazer’s album, mgk’s album, shawn’s album, cashmere cat’s album, lunch money’s album etc

but i heard her song with diplo is going to be on her solo album

Do you know andrea Russett? I’m starting to think she’s a lowkey camren shipper, she follows only L and C, and she follows Keana as well 🤔

well i only know her because aimee send pictures of her on the gc, other than that i don’t know who she is…

Please Don’t reply this but i hope you have saw what h***to***your**** answered about camila leaving 5h Cause dayumn her answer confused me even more and her last post about her Princess crying all night also got me and i have more coincidences

i think we should stop analyzing her tumblr and leave her alone. sorry i had to answer you :)

“i don’t think they are together since early this year” What about all that proof of them sharing a same hotel room in Peru? We had a ton of Camren shit in SA because they’d made up that time. They’ve been on and off and I don’t think it’s all to do with relationship probs, but being in a controlled environment like this industry.

well it doesn’t mean they’re in an official relationship with each other anon lol they can have something but nothing official

Roger if u’re reading this “FUCK YOU” I hope 2017 is u’re worst year like u made our 2016

bitch i love you!

Really not ready for the incoming’s video, they literally are liking things saying C is a snake 🙄 like would you rather her stay somewhere where she is no longer happy?

i’m kinda excited to see what they have to say.

Only one good thing came out of that audio being released that bomb ass song I downloaded now like yass new fav 🔥😂


Gio, you and Sam should change your name before they come after you. I’m really nervous about that for the both of. Be careful, this seems pretty serious now.

but i’m known as teoriascamren :(

Gio elissa was the one taking with mister black icon… and now she’s gone… this is so weird

what if she was talking to management?

Do you remember that open letter we were trying to crack codes months ago? The blogs that managed to trace the IP address’s location, do you remember where? I remember a lot of fans saying management shut them down, but what if it was actually created by Management themselves? They had a tracker for how many visitors went to the page, it’s scary to think it’s one of the ways to track our activity and narrow it down to a few fans to track and monitor

‘’They had a tracker for how many visitors went to the page’’ i have that on my tumblr, it just shows the activity and where people come from, no IPs are shown but there’s a code that shows you browser, type of computer etc

Lmao she wasn’t there with michael. They dont let homeless ppl in to restaurants like this one. No offense to homeless people 


What if Camila really is straight and did the cliche “straight girl” thing and just hooked up with Lauren for the fun of it and Lauren did it to figure out her sexuality but then caught feelings and everything became a mess afterwards? Would you believe it if L said so?

i think camila thought she was straight but since she was young she didn’t know if what she was feeling was right, she got confused and shit happened which made lauren get hurt

In my opinion, EL was legit. All these new exposing account are either fans or maybe management idk but they all pop out of nowhere and don’t make much sense.. It’s easy to manipulate most part of the fandom especially when it comes to Camren, we should be careful and just wait for things to happen

i’m still 50/50 about her

Gio, I’m a music producer… I can do an audio like that in 10 minutes or less… I don’t believe that shit…

i really want someone to fake an audio so we can see

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Ik you criticizes sasusaku (i love them but i do too, in real life they would be a shitty couple) but do you have any ss recommendations? I recently read your ss edo tensei prompt (my favorite ever, no joke) and i feel like i've read every good fic, prompt, one shot etc. but can't seem to find more! Maybe im not looking in the right places. I'm bad at using tumblr lol.Or maybe you can recommend me to other tumblr ss writters i might not know about? idk whatever you want lol

*opens big dusty book* oh boy….. u have a big storm comin…….

okay but yeah in all seriousness I have SO MANY MORE ss fic recs than I do nh……  so brace urselves cuties…… 

  • Monomoth  by Ohtze - ongoing!! - this one is so good. so fucking good. it’s dark, it’s emotional, it’s suspenseful as fuck, and I literally check every day to see if it’s updated. that’s how good it is. it’s a must read for every ss fan and I’ve even seen non-ss fans read and enjoy it. it’s a fucked up read, but good as anything ive ever read, that’s for sure.
  • Meet the Parents  by JinnySkeans - complete!! - so good. so cute. emotional at times but definitely a nice read. probably the only fic I like where sakura’s parents are portrayed. spot-on characterization, like usual from her.
  • In Times of Peace  by SouthSideStory - complete!! - easily one of my all-time favorites. perfect characterization, amazing imagery. this person is just a flat-out good fucking writer and it shows.
  • Ayurnamat Theorem  by sasukes - recently finished. one of my first favorites that I found when I entered the fandom.
  • don’t touch my hand and call it love  by rawrchelle - complete!! - it’s been a while since I read this story, but I remember it being genuinely WONDERFUL!! go read it!!!
  • Different  by GhostofYou - ongoing!! - she hadn’t updated in a while, but it’s a very nice story that I was following for a while. worth the read.
  • Decennial  by fayevalentines - complete!! - so good. dark, emotional, angsty as shit. but good good good good god this story is so damn GOOD. this is another one of my all time favorites. if you’re looking for a good dose of angst, look no further.
  • RED  by Sherbet Mayhem - complete!! - i don’t think i’ve recommended any other story more than I’ve recommended this one. seriously my favorite naruto story ever. it’s very au and very fucking good.
  • Daimyo’s Daughter  by Sakura’s Unicorn - complete! - not a very long read, so i’d recommend it for people who dont feel like putting a lot of time/effort into reading a HUGELY long one, but reading this is a good way to spend an afternoon/night! C:
  • No Good Deed  by Blade Redwind  - complete!! - this story does have itasaku in it, but once you start reading and once the story gets going, whether you like itachi or not you’re going to be fucking GLUED to this fic!!! it IS sasusaku, so don’t be put off by the first couple of chapters!! trust me! it’s a story every ssfan should read!!!
  • The Long Way Home  by the general girl - complete!! - easily the best “memory loss” fic i’ve ever read. there are some OCs, but they aren’t off putting and the entire story is handled very well!! an enjoyable read for sure!!!

i’m sure I could put many more, but here are my fav multi-chaptered ones that I can think of off the top of my head (also that I have saved under my favs on ff.net whoops) you can find most sasusaku fanfic writers here on tumblr under the ssfanfiction tag!!!

but thank you for your compliments, i’m glad you like my fics! C:

fuckign witches part 23

!!!! what’s gonna happen next??!?!? WHO KNOWS (not me lol u think i plan this)

PART 17 - PART 18  - PART 19 - PART 20  - PART 21 - PART 22 - PART 23 (ur here!) - PART 24

Keith took over halfway through the night, making Lance sleep in the back. He drove silently, watching the road and occasionally glancing at Lance, who was curled with Blue in the front.

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did you really get a joB? i want to hear more abt u growing up in georgia


uh okay. i was plannin on that anyway lol.!

ill writemore about it in a post thought.!

im so glad to hear interest in georgia.!

like…all our lives here…we georgians just basically like…get this whole like “ur in the woods ur in the worst education state in the u.s.” rhetoric. like…..it’s crazy how much people undervalue such a valuable state yknow.!

like…there’s so much talent here in so many areas.!

but basically….growing up in georgia feels like like growing up in like…a nursery room man.! everything feels so like…smiley friendly. like……everywehere kinda feels like a basketball game kinda. like..u hear music everywhere yknow. like..the regular yknow, universal coffee shop music. but like..it’s so quiet sometimes man. it’s eerie. and like..when it gets quiet…..like…when ur walkin somewhere or somethin…it’s like..the street like the literal paved ground kinda mugs at you and the trees mugg at you too yknow. like…recently ive started to notice these lil moments in Georgia time called 

“fuckity moments.” (actually i call em “georgia mug moments but i liked fuckity just then.”)

where like…the literal terrain…and like te way light kinda reflects off the street looks like some light skinned black guy mugging you like……from some jail cell window. like forreal dude

if u fuck around and just like…start walkin somewhere in georgia where like..u see a lot of plazas and mexican stores and stuff…like…the literal physical settings of places look like they are like……kinda exuding apathy and discontent.!

like…georgia’s so beautifula t times but then like..you’ll get caught in like a place that just (and not because of crime or poverty) looks like the literal mug/scowl of like….some kinda of angel soul lookin down at yu.!

like….“scowl” is a very effective word to use about the physical enviorment of georgia.!

i’ve come to embrace it thought yknow.! it’s kinda like….growing up as some kinda forgotten creature in a place at times. like when i walk and shit in plazas and shit and it’s quiet.

it’s so peaceful. cause like…you kinda start to examine the human condition during those moments. and you start to mythologize it. 

or u at least think about human life from like….a hypothetical “what if i were an organism having just encountered a human” standpoint.!

like….u start to think about how like….gothically romantic your existence is when u like..walk behind a bunch of plaza stores and stuff. it’s like…ur just like…an upright thing..just walking through stores and stuff yknow. human existence is mythological yknow like…it’s so kinda “we are the lone existences/we are the blessed forgotten” at times.! i dunno…i just sometimes smoke weed and go hang out in plazas sometimes and it feels very like vampiric yknow. cause there are a lot of run down plazas but not in that traditional, dark like “it feels malevolent” way.  like the sunshine gives those run-down places like…a sort of like….i dunno..completion. it’s  almost like u dont want those places to NOT be run down. like..sometimes this shit feels like..a beautiful like…..kinda torn physical environemnt.! 

a lot of georgia feels like a brood though, yknow.!

but yeah like i said a few weeks ago…..the biggest thing about georgia (for me anyway as a black guy) is like..how comfortable with “the black presence” poeple are, here.! like..u feel like ur bein raised in one big, mixed-but-still-ghetto living room.! it’s like..u become aware of urself, as a black guy, as like…….this sort of completely alien and freeing observational experience for white people. like..i especially like hanging out with my black friends around like..white families at ihop. and like..just kinda bein loose and cursin and stuff. cause like…we’re all comfortable with universally uncomfortable shit here.! and like..it’s just an honor thiking about how many lil white boys have been like…“man….black guys are so fuckin cool and loose.”

i just like being that juxtaposition to the white uprbringing.! cause i know if i were white….i’d constantly marvel at black people.! and sometimes..it feels like we’re all in a movie that’s centered around the theme of like…interracial observation and co-commute.! like…….fuck it’s so good like…..being high and just like…being in like some kinda waiting area situaiton with white people. cause it’s so like…endearing. like think about it

caus e mean…the whole human experience is kinda centered around being aorund black people now anyway.! trying to withstand and understand the black atmosphere. and it’s like..ur startin to see now like…young black people are becoming more and more like…. vaired as far as things you observe from them. they arent the same cliche experience yknow. off-pputting behavior and shit. and i think white people are starting to enjoy it more now.

especially with the smart phone era…where all we are is just kkinda like…looking down and not really remembering where we are. it’s like…technology is kinda bringin us together cause it’s makin us into like this big as..barely attentive shamble….and like..we’re less worried and aware about who is around us.

like…georgia 2001 through 2005 was like…constnat nervousness by both races (black and white.!) and just…very big distance in public yknow. but now ur seeing more viscosity in interactions and situations and shit.! like…..things go smoothe rbetween black people and white people and it just feels like white people are no longer standoffish around us.! it feels like we are now JUST the alternate experience for them..instead of like……the alternate experience PLUS malevolence.

really, georgia feels like one eternal day at a baseball game.! just really laid back and like……..cooll-ish.!