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tired cuddles with peter...
  • a/n: i’ve been having a rough few weeks so here’s a short concept: cuddling with peter after you’ve been busy af and are tired af.
  • you’ve been feeling worn out lately and peter definitely notices
  • he asks sometimes if somethings wrong but you don’t really have an answer
  • you’re not fucked up, just exhausted and drained
  • he still wants to help you somehow
  • “can i give you a hug, y/n?”
  • you smile and nod
  • as he wraps his arms around you and squeezes, you feel yourself relax 
  • you hug him back softly and cuddle into him
  • you don’t want to let go so you lay down on the couch to cuddle
  • peter spoons you from behind, his arms wrapped snugly around your upper waist
  • he has his face tucked into the nape of your neck, and you smell like heaven to him. he’s missed being close to you, you’ve been so busy.
  • you enjoy his warmth on your back, and you can hear his soft breaths by your ear. it feels like so long since you’ve had the time to cuddle.
  • you both fall asleep like this and wake up late the next day.
  • you feel peter stir behind you, his arms slowly pulling you towards him as he wakes up and stretches
  • you hum and roll to face him, his hair sticking out in several directions after the night on the couch
  • he looks at you and smiles sleepily, moving one arm to brush your hair out of your face
  • “good morning, gorgeous”
  • you cup his cheek in your hand and kiss him in response
  • his eyes are sparkling when you pull away. 
  • even though the couch isn’t the best to sleep on, you feel perkier than you have in a long time. 
  • “thanks, peter”
Testing The Waters

makawantssweetsweetdeath said to dbh-readerinserts:

hey! can i request connor with a reader who’s really shy and awkward around him. kinda blushy too? if thats fine.

I made the reader a celebrity, what a mixture shy/famous.


“CAN WE GET A PHOTO (Y.N)?” Various paparazzi surrounded you as you tried desperately to enter your apartment. They continued to block your path, shoving cameras in your face as you felt yourself get more and more overwhelmed.

“E-Excuse me..” you stuttered, trying to get them to part ways. They refused shoving the cameras into you more. Backing up, you debated whether or not you should just return to your car. The followed you as you hurried back to the car, someone grabbed your arm as you stumbled back to them. “Please I just want to get home..”

They didn’t pay you any heed, which made you grow frustrated.

“Detroit Police please back up!” A voice had boomed from a mere distance as you exhaled. The paparazzi were shoved back as a couple cops came over and ordered them to remove themselves, you scratched your head wondering who would have called them over.

“I see that you did need help.” You blinked as someone walked over to you, glancing at them you tensed up.

“H-hey Connor..” you held your arms as he wrapped an arm around you, before walking to Hank’s car. The paparazzi tried to follow but were merely pushed back, which relieved you in that department. You felt heat rush up your cheeks when he tightened his grip, being held flush against him.

Now you had a new problem.

“You should have let take you home.” He told you, arm still wrapped around your shoulder as he led you to the car. Clasping your hands together you shrugged awkwardly.

“I thought…..that I uh could,” Connor opened the door of the passenger seat, nodding at you to sit down. You hurriedly got in, sitting in the seats and glad to end that sentence. You watched him make his way to the front seat, you sighed trying not to overthink. Wringing your hands he stepped into his seat, before turning the car on.

“You may continue.”

“Oh!” you said alarmed. “I-I thought…that no one er would notice me?” You stammered looking for an excuse as to why you denied his help. Honestly you were too scared to be near him, he had you growing more and more nervous the longer you hung around him.

You may or may not have….a tiny crush on him.

Connor ripped his eyes off the road to look at you, watching as you quickly turned away from him at the sudden eye contact. You rested your hands on the seats in an attempt to loosen up. The warmth in your cheeks died down, feeling calmed at not being addressed anymore by the android.

“You appear to be nervous.” Connor pointed out the rather obvious, you tensed up once more as you stared at your lap. He dropped one hand onto the seat cushion, which caught your attention, the other perfectly stirred the wheel. “Why is that? Did the paparazzi bother you that much or is it someone specifically bothering you?” There was something about the way he said that that had your face warming up even more. Maybe you were reading to into it but he sounded like he was teasing you.

You allowed your eyes to drift over to him, catching his eyes as he gave you a rather silly grin. Something you thought got a bit better each time he did smile. Quick you looked back out the window you watching the buildings pass by and staring at the white snow. The silence felt awkward to you, you never did answer his question nor did you truly plan too. Unsure of what words to use.

The car slowed down at a red light, you could hear Connor shift around. You didn’t pay it no heed until you felt something briefly brush past your hand. A feather light  touch to your pinky had you shifted said hand a bit away. A quick glance towards your hand revealed that Connor’s wasn’t too far a distance from your own, which had you sparing him looks none too subtle.

Despite feeling like something was up with that…weird display, you knew you really couldn’t bring yourself to say something about it.

The light turned green and then you felt the touch again, this time wrapping around your lone pinky. The urge to rip away your pinky became real, and you weren’t sure if you wanted to look down and see what you imagined. Maybe this wasn’t happening, you tried to reassure yourself despite feeling the pressure remove and then cover half your hand.

With a quick look down, you could feel your cheeks warm up at the sight of Connor’s hand half way overlapping your own. Your free hand settled on your lap, gripping the fabric in comfort, this was oddly bold of him.

Connor said nothing else which had you sitting there with an overwhelmed thought process, though if you had looked away from outside the window you could have seen his own glances. He was much more sneaky about them, so he was well aware you were looking at him as well.

You could feel his fingers inch slowly, and you were sure your beating heart could be heard even to the android. With his hand fully on top of your own, he intertwined the fingers and you moved your fingers awkwardly unsure of what to do with them.

“C-Connor..?” you found yourself whispering as he slowed the car to a stop by Hank’s house. He powered the car off with his free, albeit with a bit difficulty, before turning towards your stilled body. You continued to look forward, afraid that he could both feel how clammy your hands were getting or the way you were biting your lips.

“Yes.” He asked back casually, LED blinking a yellow. “What’s wrong?”

He knew exactly what was wrong, the prick.

“O-oh uhh, you’re kinda um holdingmyhand.” You stammered out, feeling his hand only tighten its grip on you.

“I am aware.” Connor shrugged, leaning back against the seat as you tried to find your words.

“Connor…..this is super embarrassing….”

“It’s why you were nervous to come home with me, research says that you should get over your fears.” His hand pulled you closer to him as you felt your heart hammer harder at the fact that he did know. “So I holding your hand will quell your fears.” He unclipped the seat belt and dragged you towards him, your thighs touched as Connor tilted his head. “Still nervous?”

“Far…far more than just th-that.” You tinkered with your pants, eyes looking anywhere but on him.

“I wonder how’d you feel if I kissed you.”

The noise you made was inhuman, which had Connor blinking in both suprise and amusement. “YOU….You can’t say those types of things Connor.” The heat in your cheeks were too warm and you felt like you were going to explode.

Connor didn’t reply, and with a little bit of hesitation you set your eyes on him. He gave you a small wink, to which you averted your gaze a bit. You wondered when he was going to go in so you could follow but Connor had other plans.

You could feel his thighs remove from your own, his hands pulling you towards him as he brought you into his chest. You tensed up, swallowing from the contact. “It’s alright i’ll kiss you when you’re ready…”

He could only watch with a quirk of his lips as your grip tightened on his hand.

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Headcanons for Peter being friends with Dr. Strange's apprentice? Please and thank you <3

- You and Peter had met on a mission.

- There was an attack on New York and the Avengers and Dr. Strange were enlisted to fight.

- Being Strange’s apprentice, you tagged along.

- It was very chaotic. There were spells, webs, beams of light, and little red drones flying everywhere. 

- You and Spiderman ended up fighting close together. The enemy attacked him from behind and there was no time for him to react. You ended up casting a spell just in time and saved his life.

- From then on, you and Peter were good friends.

- He was obsessed with your magic and loved to watch you perform spells.

- Meanwhile, you loved to see the science behind his suit and his powers and asked him about it all the time.

- You guys saw each other on missions a lot and became really good at fighting side by side.

- Weirdly, your powers complemented each other and were extremely powerful when combined in a fight.

- When you weren’t on missions, you and Peter would hang out like normal teenagers and go see movies, go to the park, and study together at the compound.

- You didn’t always hang out at the Sanctum, because Strange didn’t like guests, but the times you did he allowed it because he and Peter were somewhat friends after the Battle of Titan.

- You and Pete also had a special bond because you were in similar situations.

- Both of you away from family, had weird powers and secret identities, and fought crime regularly. 

- Pete was always there for you and you were there for him whenever it got hard or painful memories resurfaced or you missed your family.


Dance with me. Life is too short not to.


“Never fall in love with someone, unless they feel the same towards you. Because one-sided expectations can mentally destroy you”-
Sorry it’s a mess…ive been busy. Anyways for @plangstweek day 1: unrequited love. I got this ask like over 4 months ago and finally had the chance to do it….it was tough….but yeah.

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How would the mercs react with a sensitive s/o, like one that tended to cry a lot?


  • Very, very careful about his words.
  • Always watches his S/O reactions towards specific topics, just to see whats okay to do or say.
  • If he sees someone upsetting his S/O he ends that shit immediately. He’s not having it.
  • He’ll put an arm around them and walks them away, whispering words of love.
  • Heavy is always available to hug and cuddle if his S/O is crying, whether it be in the early hours of the morning or in the dead of the night.
  • Warns his crew before they meet his S/O, threatening to crush their baby skulls if they make a single tear fall from his S/O’s precious eyes.
  • Everyone is ultra nice to his S/O from then on.
  • Except Scout makes them cry one time by accident and has since then been on the run.


  • Uses the tears to his advantage.
  • He’ll run over to his S/O, a jar in hand when he sees his S/O crying and effectively catches every single tear they shed.
  • Whatever experiments he performs with those tears, no one ever finds out.
  • But he’ll comfort his S/O afterward, giving them a pat on the back, telling them everyone is okay, he’s here now.
  • Gives his S/O soft pecks and nose rubs.
  • If he catches one of his teammates making his S/O cry, he changes from happy silly doctor to trigger happy medic.
  • He can and will bash a beaker over their head and smile at his S/O with love.
  • In the next battle, he makes sure that particular teammate doesn’t have a chance to feel any kind of mercy.
  • “That was for my love, you scum.”
  • No one messes with the S/O after that.


  • Feels super guilty for making his S/O cry once several months ago from something that wasn’t even his fault.
  • Becomes his S/O’s bodyguard and makes sure nobody messes with them.
  • Always has an arm around them and shows them nothing but smiles and affection.
  • Threatens his teammates every day to be nice to his S/O.
  • His S/O cried when they saw the great Pyrenees being a cute puffball. Scout then took Fluffy to the other room and calmly asked him to turn it down a notch.
  • Fluffy doesn’t give a fuck. He’s a fucking baller.
  • Scout surprises his S/O often with cute animals or treats because he adores them.
  • His S/O cries tears of happiness but that just makes Scout smile and smother them with kisses after a small panic attack.


  • He didn’t know how to handle his S/O at first and that freaked him out.
  • But after analyzing them, he managed to figure out what makes them tick.
  • He’s very gentle and affectionate, flashing his S/O smiles and a wink every so often.
  • Sniper only informs his teammates after they’ve accidentally made his S/O cry.
  • He calmly leads his S/O out of the room and glares at his teammates before disappearing into the hallway.
  • Everyone got the message, it’s now one of those unspoken rules to make sure Sniper’s S/O doesn’t cry again unless its tears of happiness.
  • If one particular teammate makes Sniper’s S/O cry again he’ll go out of his way to snipe them out of the next battle, doesn’t give a shit if they’re on the same team.
  • Gets yelled at by Miss Pauling often because of it.


  • His S/O is his precious flower and treats them as such.
  • His S/O rarely ever sees his ‘professional’ face, which he doesn’t intend to show a lot around them.
  • It takes Spy a long time to introduce his teammates to his S/O and made sure to warn his crew beforehand.
  • Everyone behaves like good children, except for Scout.
  • However, the S/O doesn’t mind Scout and only laughs at him.
  • Spy is silently happy but doesn’t show it.
  • Everyone sees how gentle Spy is to his S/O and it shocks them.
  • Spy doesn’t care all that much, he’s much too occupied with his loved one.


  • He’s the kindest to his S/O, constantly showering them with kisses and affection.
  • Engie goes out of his way to comfort his S/O, giving them warm hugs and soft pecks on their forehead.
  • Sometimes make his S/O hot chocolate or some delicious pancakes.
  • Engie talks with them quietly to calm them down when they’ve cried.
  • He calmly informs his teammates about his S/O before they meet.
  • He doesn’t threaten them, he’s all smiles and blushes.
  • His teammates are extra nice to the S/O, much to Engie’s pleasure.
  • Engie and his S/O are no doubt one of the cutest couples the earth had ever seen.
  • Everyone treasures them.


  • Demo is surprised at how easy it is to make his S/O cry. Not that he’s ever tried to on purpose.
  • Demo rubs their shoulders and rests his chin on their head, whispering soft encouragements.
  • When he’s drunk and he sees his S/O crying he instantly turns into that drunk college girl that compliments everyone.
  • Demo lays face down in the kitchen floor, screaming beautiful bits of poetry and silly compliments at his S/O.
  • His S/O stops crying and starts laughing, making Demo proud of himself.
  • Sometimes Demo cries with his S/O which ends in sweets and some cheesy movie.
  • He’s not ashamed of it, he loves his S/O.


  • Pyro cries with them no matter what.
  • Pyro holds the S/O close and snuggles lovingly.
  • No one dares to upset Pyro’s S/O, they’re just too scared.
  • Every once in awhile Pyro shares their massive collection of stuffed animals and shoves them in the S/O’s arm.
  • The S/O never has to feel embarrassed about crying so much because Pyro cries just as much.
  • Pyro manages to make the S/O laugh after every cry, Pyro hates when their S/O is upset.


  • Starts crying too. But it’s manly tears.
  • But Soldier takes his S/O’s hands into his own and reassures them that there’s nothing to cry about.
  • He yells at his teammates to be nice nearly every day when his S/O isn’t around, he doesn’t want to frighten his dear love.
  • Soldier often amuses his S/O to keep them from crying, there’s usually raccoons involved.
  • If he sees a tear threatening to fall he will either distract them by hurting himself or holding them tenderly.
  • He’s nice to his S/O and constantly gives them praise just for existing.
when monsta x is sick and u take care of them


• insists that he doesn’t need to be taken care of but he won’t turn down a night of cuddling he won’t kiss u tho bc he doesn’t want u catching his germs
• has the LOUDEST sneezes
• u can hear him in the room next door
• gets really shy and smiley when u come in with a bowl of soup and hold the spoon to his mouth to feed him
• lays flat on his back and goes into a dead sleep
• u have to shake him a couple times to make sure he’s not actually in a coma


• gets really clingy and grabs ur wrist whenever u try to leave the bed
• “i don’t need blankets i only need u”
• “hoseok pls u have a fever of 102 let me get u medication”
• nuzzles his head into ur shoulder
• he falls asleep with u in his arms and when u try to wriggle out he whines and hugs u even tighter
• sniffles every 2 minutes
• he wakes up and claims he feels better then falls into a coughing fit
• u make him stay in bed while u make tea


• he moves less but continues to chatter away even with a sore throat
• “(y/n), don’t u think my voice is sexier when it’s raspy like this?”
• “minhyuk u sound like a chainsaw please lay down”
• lays in bed with his nintendo ds
• wears like, 5 sweaters and holds his arms open as a cue for u to get in and snuggle with him
• gives u this pitiful puppy face that makes u wanna baby him
• which is exactly what he wants


• knows what medicine to take and when to take them
• brushes off his sickness then turns around and sneezes
• tries not to make a big show about being sick but sometimes he stumbles into u just to freak u out
• he likes it when u cook for him tho since usually he takes on the kitchen duties
• jokingly says the soup u made him tasted like poison but he’ll slurp it all up in 10 minutes
• likes it when u sing him to sleep


• does not want anyone to see him in such a pathetic state; also, he doesn’t like taking medication
• hides underneath the covers
• “baby u need to take medication c'mon”
• *muffled* “memes don’t need medication”
• peeps his head out occasionally when he thinks ur not looking and u catch his cheeks inbetween ur hands and smoosh his face
• is incredibly childish and clamps his mouth shut when u hand him pills and a glass of water


• jooheon thinks the best way to recover from a cold is to sleep it off
• when he finally wakes up he can’t open his eyes and he is 100% needy for cheek kisses and hair ruffles
• super clingy, wraps his arms around ur waist so u can’t leave
• “stay here with me i’m sick and lonely”
• sometimes he grabs his notepad and tries to write lyrics to get his mind off his pounding headache
• then u have to physically swipe the notebook from his hands and shush his protests while u feel his forehead


• gets really quiet and prefers to lay in bed on his phone
• does appreciate u coming in once in a while to check up on him and to bring him food or water or medication
• gets flustered when u offer to feed him, tries to convince u he doesn’t need u to feed him
• “(y/n) i’m sick not paralyzed i can feed myself”
• “say aah”
• begrudgingly lets u feed him he’s so embarrassed what a cutie