but its too purple and blue

Types as days and times
  • ENTJ: Torrential rain, charcoal skies, roaring thunder, one billion watt lightning
  • ENTP: Chilly spring days, lots of sunshine, but deceivingly cold
  • INTJ: Windy, dark silver skies, thunder and lightning, storm imminent
  • INTP: Very early morning before the sun rises, between two and five am, cold, so dark blue it's black skies
  • ENFJ: Sunflower yellow summers in the city, five o’clock shadow, molten gold bouncing off skyscrapers
  • ENFP: Blue skies, fluffy clouds, afternoons out of a storybook
  • INFJ: Thick skies, cotton-candy clouds on greyscale, spring showers
  • INFP: Winter wonderland fluffy snow, just enough under zero to keep everything from melting but not too cold
  • ESFJ: Pink orange purple sunsets that go on forever, silhouetting everything in black
  • ESFP: Sunshowers in May, the sky caught halfway on a spectrum of grey and blue, rainbow glittering in the distance
  • ISFJ: Lazy, warm, golden sunlight, nine a.m. on a Sunday morning
  • ISFP: Hot, dry dusty summer afternoons that call for lemonade on the porch
  • ESTJ: Walking home at night, blackest of black skies, pinpoints of liquid silver, and a light breeze
  • ESTP: Waking early and watching the sky go from deep to dusky to pale blue
  • ISTJ: Windy september days that turn any pile of dead leaves into a tornado
  • ISTP: Silver stars in the middle of a forest, painted on an August background of warm royal blue

Mediterranean Mermaid Lovers 🌊 ❤ 🌊
عاش من شافك (”Meeting you revived me” - used to express longing and affection to loved ones after a long time of not seeing them)

*deep intake of breath*

This took me a month to complete. (┛`д´)┛ For some reason I decided I would base the design of each mermaid off of real Mediterranean species as much as possible…. even though I did bend that rule quite a few times. (`∇´)

Greek Mermaid

Body: Exocoetus volitans (Blue Flying Fish)
Headband: Black pearls

Moroccan Mermaid

Body: Sparisoma cretense (Mediterranean Parrotfish)
Hijab: Caulerpa taxifolia (a type of seaweed–which I made red instead of green)
Hair ornaments: Echinaster sepositus (Red Sea Star/Starfish) and white pearls
Bodice: Paramuricea clavata (Violescent Sea-Whip, a type of coral)
Bra: Paracentrotus lividus (Purple Sea Urchin (but dead))
Sleeve: Sabella spallanzanii (Mediterranean Fanworm)

i’ve been bitten by the zutara bug once more so heres some headcanons no one asked for
  • if firelord zuko and firelady katara cant solve an issue diplomatically, they’ll both sneak out at night tsr ninja-style and solved the problem the old fashioned way. eventually when their kids get older they find out and also have to be included
  • katara often makes tea with iroh, who claims that tea tastes best when she’s involved bending the water to flatter her (i can totally see iroh lowkey flirting with her to piss zuko off tho)
  • for katara’s first birthday with zuko, he spends hours personally searching the fire palace’s ancient vaults and finds Southern waterbending scrolls to give her
  • eating together. sparring together. bathing together
  • also zuko is very invested in Southern heritage and culture and preserving and encouraging it even though they’re in the fire nation. he hires water tribe staff and advisors, and introduces new sections on the school curriculum to teach about all nations, customs and cultures. they even celebrate water tribe festivals together and honour their gods
  • of course they feed the turtle ducks together
  • as fire lady, katara has a massive role in politics, campaigning for the rights of marginalised people within the fire nation and beyond, and is a catalyst for seismic social change instead of just being the avatars gf lol im not salty
  • growing up in the rural, patriarchal South, katara never quite gets used to royal life and its perks, and is too polite to the servants to the point of awkwardness, much to the other royals’ amusement
  • she advocates for them getting pets. soon, the fire palace is brought alive by the pitter-patter of furry feet, and iroh claims it has never been better since her arrival
  • when katara is pregnant, zuko won’t let her lift a finger and frets constantly about the baby
  • katara tries smoking after being teased mercilessly by her husband for being uncultured. it’s the first and last time she smokes
  • their children wear blue and red, as well as purple. the royal family are responsible for starting a purple trend in the fire nation
  • iroh and hakoda are very close and tease their respective children mercilessly
  • they often double date with other members of the gaang. iroh regularly shows up late to these gatherings with a date of his own
  • katara loathes fire nation delicacies and introduces more mild, palatable dishes to the kitchen. the multi-cultural palace staff are eternally grateful
  • katara bemoans the dark décor of the palace and endeavours to make over the fire palace with iroh in zuko’s absence. katara thinks a hint of water tribe blue would brighten the place, as iroh tries to add earth green and air yellow to the palace. in the end, they settle on more windows and gold to replace black as katara bends more ponds in the gardens. she also hires master earthbending florists for the gardens. the palace has never looked more bright or more beautiful
  • at fire nation only events, katara dons traditional red garb with minimal blue. at multi-cultural gatherings she wears full water tribe regalia to honour her culture, and asks zuko to wear something blue also
  • they both swear by agni, as well as tui and la
  • zuko bans agni kais and discourages political marriages, using katara as an example
  • he always carries a small bottle of water with him just in case katara happens to be without her water skins
  • when she gets too homesick, he lets her to take time off (even when she refuses to) to waterbend, or visit home. as well as that, he constantly surprises her by having her family over to visit without her knowledge

feel free to add more!!!!

geritas-love-child  asked:

Mabey you could wright a Dusttale sans and genocide sans fight? I feel Like it's be interesting to see how sans feels about himself being the one who went genocide.

(*Did you guys know that I reallyreallyreally love Dusttale? )

“It’s a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing…
Flowers are blooming.

…but you already knew that.”

Sans opens his eyesockets, staring at the hooded figure before him.  His opponent has a creepy grin permanently plastered on his face, despite the fact that he had just left a trail of dust and despair in his wake.  

Of everyone he’s judged, of all the various outcomes he’s experienced, he never in a million timelines saw this coming.

It’s unsettling seeing his own expression mirrored back to him.  The only difference is the red eyelights and thick layer of dust clinging to the other’s clothes.  

“you know what i’m about to say, dont'cha buddy?  you’ve been here before, standing on this side of the judgement hall.”

His Dust Mirror shrugs, seeming so nonplussed by the confrontation. He finally spoke up, “yeah, yeah, burning in hell, broken promises, blah blah.  i know the spiel.”

Sans’s fingers clench in his pockets, but he tries to maintain his composure.  There’s no mistaking who this skeleton is, and it’s left him rattled.

“ok, so how about something off-script?  why did you do it?”

Dust cocks his head slightly to the side, a bony brow quirking.  "why’d i go genocide?“  Sans nods, confirming the query.  "heh. you already know the answer to that, pal.  i got stuck in the loop, same as you… only eventually, my attacks stopped working.  i couldn’t kill the kid anymore.”  He pauses, his grin widening.  "so i knew i just needed some LOVE in my heart to win.“

Sans furrows his brow a little.  "what are you talking about?  you started killing to beat frisk?”

Dust twitches a little at the name.  "no–chara.  to beat chara… to save frisk.  are you telling me you don’t know?“  He chuckles, shaking his head.  Before he continues, however, he looks off to the side, his attention drawn elsewhere.  Sans doesn’t see anyone else in the Hall, yet with the way Dust’s head is tilted, it seems as if he’s… listening to someone.

“ok, but even if you beat them, don’t they just RESET?”

Dust nods slightly, but Sans doesn’t think it’s directed at him.  "you’re right.  he’s so dense.  it’s hard to believe i was ever like this.“

Dread began to pit in Sans’s gut.  ”…who are you talking to?“

Dust scoffs.  "who else?  paps.”

Sans’s gaze hardens, the recent loss of his brother biting into his SOUL.  "enough talking.  you’re nuts, so let’s just get straight to the point.“

With that, Sans opens with a quick attack.  A row of bones jutted toward his mirror, followed by several Gaster Blasters, each larger than the last. There was a whirl of magic, building into a whine, before each of their maws opened up to unleash raw energy toward Dust.  

Each bone sent Dust’s way was countered with a purple-tinted bone, and when the Gaster Blasters fired, he narrowly teleported directly behind Sans.  Anticipating this, Sans teleported to the other side, reversing their positions.  

Dust chuckles. "not bad.  i mean, you are me, but… heh, i’m stronger than you.”

Sans narrows his gaze, focusing on the other.  Instantly, the Check is performed.

* sans  250 ATK  1 DEF
* wanna have a mad time?
* LV 37

Sans is so stunned by the other monster’s LOVE that he barely dodges the purple-tinged bone that abruptly juts from the ground.

Dust’s grin widens as Sans barely dodges being skewered.  He had felt the Check, and he knew what the other would see, knew how it would quite literally rattle his bones.  


Dust glances toward the floating form of Papyrus, his bust slightly opaque, but highlighted by the bright, wafting scarf cinched around his neck.  

“you’re right, paps.  he’s only got 1 hp still… and we all know he can’t dodge forever.”

Sans shudders, his smile tighter than it’s ever been.  “yeah?  and you have more than 1 hp?”

Dust’s left eyesocket wisps purple, and he raises his hand.  “yep.  ya’see, i used to feel like you… so hopeless.  but then, i realized what i had to do.”

Sans stares, shaking his skull.  Dust unleashes another barrage of bones, and Sans nimbly dodges each with flare, sometimes leaning back, sometimes ducking, sometimes hopping up and doing the splits.  




“you had to kill everyone, huh?  kill papyrus, too?”

Dust shrugs.  “better me killing him than the human.  besides… paps is still here.”  He tilts his skull toward the side, and while Sans doesn’t see anything there, Dust sees his brother’s phantom bust floating around him, coming over to speak close to the side of his face. 


“paps is happier this way.  paps understands that i did what’s right.”

Sans rolls his shoulders, chuckling humorlessly.  “you’ve become everything you wanted to stop, and you don’t even see it.  buddy, i know you’re not that blind.  or maybe you really can’t see with your freaky eyes.”

Dust grinned wider.  Integrity…. Justice…. who needed those traits when he had Determination?  That red tinge to his gaze was just that, shining through.  “i can see clearer than i have in hundreds of timelines, pal.  besides… don’t act like you’re LOVEless.  i’m you, remember?”

Sans gritted his teeth together and snapped his fingers.  In an instant, Dust’s SOUL turned blue.  “ y o u ‘ r e  w r o n g .“  And with hollow, empty sockets, Sans sent Dust flying across the Judgement Hall, into a nearby pillar.  Dust chuckled, shaking his head.  The attack would have been easy enough to counter, but he wasn’t worried.  He hadn’t been lying when he told Sans that he had more than 1 HP, so why not prove it?  Why not let him see how much HoPe there was to be gained from his way of handling their mutual problem?  

A bone jutted from Dust’s shoulder, jagged and broken.  He crushed it in his palm.  “still only 1 ATK.  you’re pitiful.”


“heh, hurts a lot, coming from you.”  Sans shrugs, his hands still casually in his pockets.  “i would never kill paps.  i don’t care how many times all of us die.  i’ll never stop trying to get through to frisk, and i would never hurt my brother.”

His gaze is hard; his sockets dark.  Dust’s shoulders shake briefly, before he starts all-out laughing, holding his sides as he loses his composure.  “ah ha… haha… AHAHAHAHAHA!  that’s hilarious!”  Dust wipes a purple-tinged tear from the rim of an orbit.  “never?  never ever?  sans, buddy, pal–look at me.”  He stops laughing to lock gazes with Sans directly.  

“y o u   a l r e a d y  h a v e . ”

Another bone goes through Dust.  And then another.  And another.  Sans rapidly fires them through the other skeleton, while Dust starts cackling again.  

“you must really hate yourself, huh?  too bad it’ll take you hundreds of…. of….”

Dust trails off, suddenly wobbling.  He tries to catch himself on a bone, but ends up landing on his knees on the Judgement Hall.  


Dust’s vision starts to blur as Sans steps forward, his slippers slapping against the polished floor.  

“welp, you know what they say…”  He stops right in front of Dust, his grin wide and humorless.  “karma’s a bitch.”

Karmic Retribution.  Of course.  He should have realized what was going on.  After all, the the purple tint to his eye was born from that brand of magic.
But he was used to using it against Chara, against their LOVE.  

He forgot entirely that his special attack as Judge could be used against him as well.  

Dust drops his skull, his reflection staring back at him in the shiny, golden tile.  He can see Papyrus, floating beside him with worry weighing heavily on his features.  “heh, don’t worry, paps.  i’ll see you again soon.”

Dust raises his gaze to Sans, listening to the sound of a Gaster Blaster whirling to life from somewhere off to his right.  

“get the hell out of my timeline, and don’t come back.”

A smirk crosses Dust’s face.  “don’t worry.  we’ll meet again soon.”

He chuckles.

“only next time, it’ll be when you’re looking in a mirror.”

And then the Gaster Blaster turns him into nothing but dust, while Sans grimly watches.

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I’m going to start including that at the bottom of all my imagines, if I can.  )

Title: Curiosity Killed the Cat; Satisfaction Brought Him Back
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Virgil had a notebook.  A kind of worn out, once black notebook with purple pen scratches all across the front.  The others rarely got to see this notebook, but they were well aware of its existence. For the most part, no one dared to ask what it was for or if they could see it.  No one, not even Patton, was curious enough to risk the little bit of trust and confidence building between them and the anxious side.  

That is…until Virgil got more confident and trusted them more.

The notebook made its way out of his room more and more, finding its way onto the coffee table, dining table, the counters, and the sofa much more often.  Every now and then one of them would catch Virgil with his knees to his chest scribbling away in the book, and just seeing it drove them crazy.

To say that Logan wasn’t dying to know what was in the book would have been the biggest lie ever told in the mind palace.  As the logical side, he was also the side that enjoyed learning the most.  Learning, observing…dying of curiosity.  Secrets were not his thing.  They were not his “jam.”  What was his “jam” was figuring out why Virgil hid the notebook when he was using it.

And now, he had an opportunity.

“Be right back,” Virgil mumbled.  The anxious side hopped up from his spot on the other end of the sofa and dragged his notebook into his spot.  Logan watched him leave and round the corner to his room, and it didn’t take long for all of that curiosity to come rushing to the forefront of his mind.

What could be in this mysterious notebook?  Drawings?  Logan thought of all the possibilities for Virgil Drawings.  From a Tim Burton-esque style all the way down to an Invader Zim style. Mainly monsters or gore…or possibly he’d be full of surprises and fill the notebook with drawings that calmed him? Kittens, puppies, maybe a few koalas or red pandas?  Or maybe he was a classic early 2000s emo child and filled his notebook with stitched-up, bandaged-up, and bleeding hearts?  

Perhaps the notebook contained his thoughts.  What a trip that would be.  Thoughts and analyses of ever scenario Thomas encountered.  It’d probably be a mish-mash and assorted lists of words indecipherable to anyone but Virgil.

But then…Virgil had said before that he wrote.  Sonnets, at least.  Could this notebook be his writings…?

Logan caught his hand gravitating toward the book, and he snatched the offending digits back against his chest.  No, he couldn’t.  He would not be the first to break.  Virgil would share the contents of the book when he felt he was ready, and Logan would just have to respect that.  

…But he wouldn’t even know if Logan took a quick peak just to see what Virgil used the notebook for…

…But that would still be abusing Virgil’s trust.  He left the book there out of trust.  


“I’m back,” Virgil announced, throwing himself down on top of the book.  He pulled it back out from underneath himself and opened it up to wherever he’d left off. “Needed a different blue.”

Ah.  Drawings. Had to be.


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Sick Galra Keith is just a local space Werewolf

What if Keith’s Galra transformations were like Werewolves periods ? Like, around some special purple moon off faraway in the galaxy, the shifting is more and more evident ; but this happens with different moons, because its linked to gravity of someting 

 So one day, Lance finds a really ill Keith, with a bad migraine and all in the corridor, trembling and waiting at his door in the middle of an astral night travel His cheeks have an odd color, his hearing is overwhelming because there’s too much noise, the bright blue lights of the castle blinds him 

At first, Lance is reluctant to help Keith because.. Dude its just a headache okay go to sleep its 3 ! But Keith just… Collapses on Lance’s bed. His eyes are kind of glassy and he’s… Hot. Like real fever hot. Lance bent downs toward Keith because ‘hey mullet whats wrong with you’ and Keith’s teeth look really sharp. Glinting.
So Keith, out of pure impulse, dig his nails in Lance’s nape, but it’s more claws now. They kind of hurt and Lance scrunch up his nose. His face is now really close with Keith’s and thanks Altea he turned off the lights for Keith’s eyes because elseway he would see the pretty pink of his cheeks. Not due to fever. 

‘I think something wrong with me’ is the only thing Keith manages to whisper before shutting off. And Lance gets really worried at this point cause like… Keith is not waking up ? He’s trembling at a very high temperature and his skin is covered in markings ?

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Summary: Dan had always thought he was the moon. Phil Lester was definitely the sun.

Word count: 3917

Warnings: A very brief mention of contemplating self-harm.

A/N: Though I’ve been writing fanfiction for like five years, this is my first phanfic, so I hope it’s not too bad. Also, special thanks to Gisele (@fringegaps) for encouraging me to write this, and then for helping me get the confidence to actually post it.

(Ao3 link)

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Spectacular “black” fluorite under white light and then back-lit to show its true color: the richest purple I’ve ever seen on fluorite! Most of the crystal is too dense to let light pass through giving it its seemingly black color.

*Rock fact* What is black fluorite?

There is no “true black” fluorite. Black is used to describe specimens that are super dark and appear to be black in normal lighting. The true color of these specimens are commonly purple and rarely blue and are only seen when back-lit. Please note that natural specimens that are dubbed “black” are VERY rare! The darkness is caused by exposure to radiation during the crystal’s growth. The radiation levels do not make these specimens unsafe to handle; just makes them look super cool! Like all colored fluorite, black specimens are vulnerable to sun-bleaching/fading. Keep them away from sunlight if you want to preserve their rare beauty!

Photography and set-up by Greg Nold

Fluorite specimen is mine

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(BMC) Pride Month headcanons, pt 2: RichJake

Part 2 is here (and queer ;)
Next will be Canolan! If that’s what it’s called… ^^“

-Rich is aggressively bisexual
-After he gets rid of the squip, he takes initiative and re-dyes his red streak purple
-In fact, if he’s not wearing some form of blue, pink or purple on him at all times he considers it a felony
-Pride to him is the best reason to dress like that from head to toe
-He and Michael go way out when it comes to expressing themselves
-Their boyfriends are,,, a little more hesitant
-Jeremy occasionally wears a bisexual button
-As well as a ‘I’m Heere & Queer’ shirt Rich and Michael helped make for him
-But Jake
-Jake hasn’t found a label yet that feels right for him
-He’s dating Rich, sure, and damn if he doesn’t love him to the moon and back
-But he’s never been into any other guy before?
-And he still thinks girls are pretty great?
-And although he loves Rich he’s not sure if he could do anything in bed with him??
-And although he likes girls he’s not sure if he could be with them /out/ of bed???
-It’s an ongoing journey for him
-And he doesn’t want to buy any merch or slap a label onto himself before he’s 100% sure who he is
-So he spends most of his time at Pride just wandering around, talking to people, and getting hit on
-Y'know, because he’s too hot
-(Hot damn)
-Rich gets really jealous whenever this happens
-He’s decided that the only solution is to wrap his arm around Jake at random intervals
-Jake thinks its adorable
-Like, he’ll just be talking to someone, and bam! Suddenly a hand with purple-blue-pink nails is around his waist
-Rich is shit at painting his nails
-He usually has Chloe do it for him
-If Chloe can’t, he calls Michael
-Michael is a good go-to considering that he has a lot of bi-oriented clothing that he buys each year for Jeremy 'just in case’
-Rich borrows it all the time
-(And rarely gives it back)
-Jake thinks he looks really nice in it
-Well, the actual word he uses is 'dapper’, but Rich has learned to decipher his grandpa-like speech
-Jake drives them all to Pride
-He has the biggest car and is the mom friend™
-He’s also the one found more often than not helping Rich get glitter out of his hair after the parade
- 'I told you not to stand so near to the glitter-throwers, dude.’
'Thut uuuup.’
-Once Rich falls asleep in Jake’s car on the way home
-Jake doesn’t have the heart to move him
-Rich sleeps very little
-And when he does, he has nightmares
-Seeing him curled up in the backseat, peaceful and snoring, is too rare an event to wreck
-So Jake just goes to his house, takes some pillows and blankets, goes back to the car and sleeps with him there
-It’s the best night of sleep he’s ever had

a few PSAs
  1. ruined was a good episode
  2. tord w yellow eyes is valid
  3. albino matt is valid
  4. The Boys w sharp teeth are valid
  5. blue hoodie paul and yellow hoodie pat are valid
thank you

rangergirl3  asked:

Team all protective over hurt Keith? :D

nice yup got it I’m on it

Since his scrap with Zarkon, the team had started to treat Keith differently.

He’d always been their frontline brawler, their scrapper, the quickest to escalate a situation into violence when violence was called for. It didn’t mean he enjoyed it. He was just good at it. He was just practical: this was war, and he knew what war sometimes required.

The difference was, after fighting Zarkon, the team started to believe that if Zarkon couldn’t take him down, then nothing could.

The difference was, Keith started to believe it a little, too. 

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Cosette got a gorgeous silver dress for winter formal and she was super excited to wear it.

That is, until she found out that her best friend Eponine wouldn’t be going to the dance at all.
See, apparently their high school had some sort of bizarre rule about girls wearing dresses to winter formal.
Cosette will now be wearing a light blue pantsuit.

Cosette also got a bunch of her friends to ditch their dresses.
Musichetta’s wearing one of Bossuet’s purple suit jackets over a pair of her own black dress pants.
Floreal’s wearing the silver blazer and white slacks she wore in her last dance recital.
Even Bahorel’s giggly girlfriend (who isn’t technically friends with them) has gone along with it and is decked out in a full tuxedo.
Their all ready to make a statement, but it gets better.
See the school has a similar rule for guys and pants.
And since-despite everything- Jehans still listed as male, they cant wear their new gown.
So guess what the guys are doing?
Courfeyrac is rocking the yellow sweetheart dress his sister wore to prom two years ago.
Combferre’s got an elegant deep blue empire waist gown he borrowed from his neighbor.
Enjolras is wearing the pink sheath dress he once wore to a protest (with this being its second protest, it has hereby been renamed ‘the protest dress’)
Bossuet is wearing Musichetta’s purple high-low
Grantaire’s got the awful bridesmaid gown Mrs. Thernadier tried to force Eponine into a couple months back.
Joly is actually a perfect fit for Cosette’s gown. (B&M can’t stop staring tbh)
Feuilly actually already had three gowns in his closet to choose from.
Bahorel’s girlfriends gown is MUCH too small. (He looks like a stripper. But he’s loving it)
The teachers don’t let them in, but Grantaire’s got a key to the auditorium, and leads them through to the gym.
Jehan cries at least three separate times.
Late into the night, after they’ve all been thrown out of the dance, Cosette and Eponine sit on the bleachers, watching their friends drinking and goofing around a few rows down.
They’re huddled together under Cosette’s shawl, arms wrapped around each other.
Eponine clears her throat awkwardly and says, “I just… Thank you. For tonight. It was really special.”
Cosette smiles. “It was a wonderful night.”
“I’m sorry you didn’t get to wear your dress.”
“Maybe I can wear it on a date with you instead,” Cosette says quickly, before her she can lose her nerve.
Eponine stares at her, with a look of shock and awe.
Then she’s leaning in-

(Late Valentine’s gift for @persephonah )