but its too purple and blue


Spectacular “black” fluorite under white light and then back-lit to show its true color: the richest purple I’ve ever seen on fluorite! Most of the crystal is too dense to let light pass through giving it its seemingly black color.

*Rock fact* What is black fluorite?

There is no “true black” fluorite. Black is used to describe specimens that are super dark and appear to be black in normal lighting. The true color of these specimens are commonly purple and rarely blue and are only seen when back-lit. Please note that natural specimens that are dubbed “black” are VERY rare! The darkness is caused by exposure to radiation during the crystal’s growth. The radiation levels do not make these specimens unsafe to handle; just makes them look super cool! Like all colored fluorite, black specimens are vulnerable to sun-bleaching/fading. Keep them away from sunlight if you want to preserve their rare beauty!

Photography and set-up by Greg Nold

Fluorite specimen is mine

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Inktoberwatch day 25, favorite legendary skin

Cosmic Power (Pokemon Inspired)

A cosmic spell to prepare yourself before divination or astral projection.

You Will Need:

💫 Any Combination of: Jasper, Galaxite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Jet, Opal and/or Rainbow Obsidian
💫 Blue Candles
💫 Black Candles
💫 Purple Candles
💫 Sandlewood Incense
💫 Optional: Imagery of stars, the night sky and other space objects you associate with this situation (especially if you are like me and in a city with too much light pollution)

Other: Cast this at night time


💫 Cleanse yourself and your space as you desire. Set up your space by placing your candles about the room where they can be safely placed. Light them once ready.

💫 Place your incense and light it as well making sure its in an area near you

💫 Place your crystals about you so you can feel their energy

💫 Place your imagery (if needed) near your where you can see and feel its energies as well

💫 Begin to meditate, feel the energies of the stars and crystals about you. Let them empower your own energy and feel yourself absorb what they have to offer

💫 Meditate as long as needed. End spell with “Cosmic Power, I can feel you, and I am ready” then proceed to your divination or astral projection as you wish to do it

Endless Summer. Let’s talk about the new art style.

I was initially skeptical. Will this look too much like comics? Is it going to be too light and quirky? Is this anime?

During the first few scenes, I was still hesitant. I’ve gotten used to the art of The Freshman, The Crown and the Flame, Most Wanted after all.

But then this scene with Jake came along. It was the game changer for me. The expression in Jake’s face, the reflection of the sky’s phenomenon on the glass, the shades of purple, green and blue… it took my breath away.

Endless Summer, with its mysteries and refreshing art, is definitely more engaging than I thought it would be.

I’m looking forward to finding more clues around the island, making new friends, and seeing more of these really nice art. 😊


Doodled the crystal gems as corrupted gems (also included my old doodles od the homeworld gems as corrupted gems too) 

Click through the CG for brief descriptions of their overall personality as a corrupt gems. As for the homeworld gems…

Peridot: A rather fidgety gem monster. Seen coiled around various gem ruins. hostile towards all except for a floaty blue gem monster and fluffy purple gem monster.

Jasper: (designed this before the latest episodes) A fierce and hostile gem often seen at hotter parts of earth. Terrified of water.

Lapis: A floaty water-based gem. Many mistake it for a ghost or a siren. Can change the tide based on its mood.

A thing I noticed about the OPM universe Earth

I think Earth in OPM has 2+ moons???

When i was looking for a planet in space engine to use as a map substitute to place all of the cities I went through the episodes and googled a bunch of reference screenshots and found this from when the meteor was coming toward City Z.

And look at it.

There are 2 very obvious round bodies on the pink and light blue orbits. Now they could be some kind of space stations but honestly??? I highly doubt it. Just because they’re too large in comparison to the planet for that to be reasonable. So boom! 2 moons right there.

BUT there are also 3 unknown objects orbiting the planet, green, purple, and red. The green one I think could be one of two things based on its highly elliptical orbit, either a larger piece of debris or asteroid that they track or a communications, weather, or GPS satellite because that is how those kinds are placed (because usually they need to be over a certain area for the majority of the time and when it’s furthest away it will linger over said area longer), so no moon there. But the other two are further out. They could be satellites in geosynchronous orbit (to explain the lack of highly elliptical orbit) but those are usually about 36,000km out. These look further than the moons. And the moon is 384,400km away from earth. Those bodies look similar to the real life earth vs moon size difference

So I don’t think the earth to moon distance is smaller (that would be really bad for the planet for obvious reasons). That means those orbits are way too far from earth for geosynchronous orbit to be reasonable. So they could either be more large debris or more moons!

Now its almost 3am right now so I could be forgetting something (and also am bias because I like the idea of the planet having multiple moons and being not earth like in general) but whatever. There’s obviously two moons there and I think that’s pretty cool.

i wanted to draw the hair

anonymous asked:

So I just listened to the song For Him by Troye Sivan (thanks to your Klance songs post) and that was literally made for these boys. Like "We make a really good team" and "making shades of purple out of red and blue"... I'm dYING HERE ITS TOO PERECT.

it’s the klance song……the anthem..

Stream request from LoadingScreen for @lordgun

This OC has some… problems, but …

Lets start at the beginning:

  • The stripes. Oh, the stripes. Stripes only really work if they’re just a bit darker than the rest of the coat
  • Which. yeah. Pure black on pure red always looks terrible. Its too much contrast
  • Same with the hair. The pure blue and red just clashed. With some lighter colors, they whole hair looks far better
  • The eyes were too dark, a lighter shade of purple works far better

Overall… some problems, but nothing you can’t fix

i bleached my hair and it turned pink.
  im so confused and lost because my hair was purple/blue to start with ??
     with cool undertones?? and bleached underneath??   IM SO DONE W MYSELF

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