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I'm not trying to be mean or unsupportive, I'm just curious as to why you decided to choose they/them pronouns. I have a bit of a similar issue. I want to use they/them pronouns but because I also identify as a lesbian, I don't know if that's okay for me to do? Thank you <3

i just feel like i dont identify completly as a female but its also not too big of a deal for me because i feel like i do identify as a girl but i dont at the same time so im trying to see if they/them pronouns will help me get more comfortable i guess??? and yes you are completly valid!!! nb lesbians are real and alive and valid!!

I try to let people deal with their mental illnesses in whatever way works for them, so I don’t really like policing different “methods” of recovery, but I will say this…

My biggest pet peeve is grown ass people calling referring to an Eating Disorder as ‘Ana’ and act like they are literally a person.

There’s a person I’ve followed since starting this blog probably 4-5 years ago that I’ve continued to follow because idk, nostalgia or something. We’re about the same age I think, but when I began this blog, I was in the same sort of problematic place (#recoverywarrior #shutupEd, thinking I had BDD, etc etc etc) because I didn’t know any better, but I feel like I’ve really grown as a person and I very quickly grew out of the whole infantilization of recovery phase, the referring to your eating disorder as a person phase, the saying you have anorexia even if you have EDNOS or some other ED phase, and the cutesy “recovery warrior” phase. I feel like I’ve been through so many changes since I’ve started this blog, and this person is literally posting the exact same stuff as they were posting when I first followed them.

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That moment when when assassinate Laurel's character in one line to Connor. Like I dont care how much shes grieving someone who has dealt with mental illness and knows issues would never say anything like that. Plus she knew at that point that connor didnt even do it so like WTF writers

i HATED that line, and it made no sense for her character at all. like, fine, i understand she’s grieving, but that doesn’t give her license to say that kind of ish, esp if she had no solid proof connor had actually done anything to wes. and you’re completely right; karla had mentioned laurel’s mom having bipolar in an interview. people with bipolar often deal with suicidal thoughts, and if her mom was in a psych ward frequently its more than likely she tried to kill herself (possibly multiple times). 

she would never say that. they butchered her so bad this ep i feel like she’s not the same character i fell in love with. i don’t even know who she is

You know who did the teen hero thing right? Kim Possible, that’s who. She never messed around with that secret identity thing or with not letting her parents or friends know what she was doing so she never had to deal with, “Oh, I’m gonna miss this important family event to save the world”  or, “What’ll happen if my friends find out my secret identity?” bullcrap. It was like, “Mom, Dad. I gotta go deal with this Drakken sitch,” and they’d just be like, “Have fun. Tell Ron we said hi.” She had that hero/personal life balance thing on lock. I aspire to have my life as in balance as Kim Possible.

Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.


KARAMEL || Kara x Mon-El || SUPERGIRL || S02E08 || Error 404: no words could be found  ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

I wrote it and rewrote this post a million times, trying to deal with how much frustrated I felt when last week, yeah THE SAME WEEK I POSTED my the answer tribute, I’ve never seen as much art thieves in almost two and a half years in this fandom.

It made me so sad because this piece means so much to me. Not only for its complexity or the whole 5 days I put in this work, or the connection I feel with the episode, etc etc… But also for the struggle of actually getting through it and in the end finally thinking I CAN DO stuff (even if exhausted).

Usually, I see my art being reposted months later, and it doesn’t make me as sad, but this one… this one got stolen so many times by different accounts (I’M LOOKING AT YOU INSTAGRAM) on the SAME WEEK.

It took me 5 days to make it, and the person didn’t take 5 seconds to put the friggin credits (or even check if it’s written correctly like “dokirosi” isn’t that hard). I felt like my precious baby didn’t even know how to crawl yet and people were already stealing it.

so to make things clear:

IF you wanna share my artYOU NEED TO PUT THE CREDITS. ( my Instagram account is @dokirosi you can find me there!)

If you don’t write the credits, I’m not gonna ask anymore. I’ll report you and it will be taken away from your page.

and one more thing: I will NEVER, EVER, EVER give permission to someone SELL my art. (apparently, someone already tried with this piece too)

I don’t like watermarks, I think they make unnecessary noise and I’m not gonna start using them in small or medium pieces, only my signature is enough. 

I don’t see myself doing any other complex piece like this anytime soon, but if that happens, I’ll probably make a cool watermark just in case. 

Translating is hard work. Even with pretty simple translations there can be unexpected difficulties if one of the languages has some funny special rules that apply to everyday life like honorifics and proper address, or words with multiple meanings so instead of asking what time it is you’ll end up asking for a potato. A professional translator can deal with this, of course. But for someone who just knows two pretty different languages, translating even something simple suddenly takes time and ends up getting pretty confusing for everyone involved.

And that leads us to ALIENS!

I think we’ve all read one scifi story or another where an alien is explaining some kind of concept that their species has - it might be related to their Special Sense or something else, but they always conveniently manage to put it in words that the character (and the reader) understand. This makes sense from a storytelling viewpoint, because we’re telling the story to human readers/listeners/viewers who need to understand what’s going on and why.

But it might be fun if the character is teamed up with an alien who gets so confused and/or worked up about some trivial translation that it gets turned into this big whole mysterious deal.

Human: “So, what’s this word mean, ‘thnguwe’?”

Alien: “Thnguwe has… special meaning for our people. It refers to a person’s ability to… form a meaningful connection with another of our kind, and our… entire society is built according to the… concept of thnguwe.”

Human: “How profound! Your civilization has much to teach us!”

Alien #2: “It means ‘talking’. Thnguwe means talking.”

Alien #1: “Oh, talking! I forgot what that word was in human language!”

I’m not saying Keir is already working with Hybern, but I’m not saying he isn’t either. And maybe that’s what Mor detected in the king when she dropped her knife. I could totally see her father selling her to the king as part of the final deal. He has no right to sell her. Even when she was under his roof, he had no right to sell her and he did. So why would he not try to do it now to ensure he gets the power he so craves?

I mean, we’re all on the same page that the Hybern king is telling people that Rhys is the one threatening war on them, right? Mr. Archeron went to a summit on the threat above the wall and they all assume its about Hybern–BUT WE ALL GET THAT’S NOT TRUE, RIGHT?!

Okay so.

My favorite thing about Tracer “MAYBE SHE’S NOT A LESBIAN” thing is whoever the hell it was that

“Maybe its a British thing”




They barely like being in the same room as other brits without a great deal of tutting or insults disguised as compliments. Sorry chum they’re lesbians and they do the do.

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I am so glad you seem to end up in all the same fandoms i'm in cause i love you're art and it's so nice to see it in every fandom i hold dear

Anon: your art is amazing and i want to hug you because its so amazing and its an endless loop and im dying but your art has brought me back and your art is so amazing-

Anon: ive been dealing with some pretty bad crap lately, and every time i look at this profile i smile <3 thank you, sunny

Anon: Hi Ikimaru! I just want to say that I’ve been liking your art for a while now, and your drawings always makes my day! Keep up the good work!~ :)  

thank you! <3 and I’m glad it makes you happy! ;v;

What if Sombra doesn’t have any information on McCree, because she’s the one that wiped it?

They’re only seven years apart, and she looks really young when she’s meeting with the Los Muertos gang, so if she runs with them and McCree runs with Deadlock around the same time, maybe they crossed paths at some point in their youth? A deal gone wrong between the two gangs and things go south, but McCree comes across a little girl somewhere in the midst of it and he’s not about to kill a kid, what do you take him for? He makes sure she gets out of harms way until the shooting stops, and he forgets about it, but Sombra doesn’t, because when the world is an eye for an eye and someone goes out their way to keep you alive, you kinda owe them one?

But Deadlock goes down and McCree disappears with Blackwatch, and maybe even she forgets about it for a while with bigger fish to fry and powerful friends to make, until the day comes when Overwatch crumbles and a bounty shows up on her radar on one named Jesse McCree, and she remembers the rival gang member who helped her once.

McCree gets a call, a few weeks after he’s left Overwatch, in a small, run down motel out in the middle of nowhere, with little to no traffic and no reason to be calling. It’s early in the morning, and his sleep addled brain is catching up when he lifts the receiver and mumbles a sleepy “hello?” There’s silence for a moment, until a voice comes on the phone and says two words: Favour repaid.

The line goes dead, and McCree is now confused but wide awake - he tries reverse calling the number but there’s no source to be found. His mind goes to the worst possible scenario that he’s been compromised and he high tails it before the sun has risen and he gets swarmed by bounty hunters or feds or former rival gangs out for revenge.

Except… try to find any information on a man named Jesse McCree, and you won’t find a damn thing. It’s like looking for a ghost. Sure it won’t last, things can never stay off the grid completely, and he’ll surface and it’ll all start all over again but for now, the world forgets about Jesse McCree.


A Passion for the Little Things

An interest in a major group of invertebrates means that you can easily develop a fulfilling, life-long-learning-filled, passion. You might even discover new species. In many parts of the world invertebrate faunas are so poorly known that thousands (tens-hundreds of thousands) of species remain to be discovered. Certainly most have never been photographed except for a relatively small number of common or conspicuous species.

I’m sometimes reminded of this when a colleague says something like ‘where’d you find such-and-such? Its only ever been collected twice and your image is the first one of the genus alive’. You’d be hard pushed to do the same for a mammal or a bird. To do it frequently you’d have to be dealing with little things!

Little things rock.


@littlefuckinmonster Thought you might appreciate this

Alright so let me explain something about desecration of human remains; its subjective. It’s very subjective. One culture may decide that burying a body is desecration while another might decide fire is the same. Humans are weird and dead things spook us enough that we make bizarre rituals and standards to keep from pissing off the dead. So taking bones from a gravesite when it’s likely they would have been washed away? Actually fairly respectful.

For another thing, this whole argument is fucking stupid, because grave robbing is a time honored tradition. A great deal of medical science and knowledge about the past is found through the remains of our predecessors. Up until we decided the dead needed to be treated with the utmost respect and luxury, most bodies were just sort of tossed in a grave and forgotten. Yes families visited but when the living relatives died or moved away, it left nothing but a wooden box of bones in the ground. What this person did is probably better, as the remains wouldn’t have ended up in the local water supply or spooking the shit out of some kid.

Could they have spoken with the cemetery owners? Yeah if there was time. But not knowing the age of the remains I can’t really comment on how much of an impact that would have had. The remains were treated with the same respect usually afforded to the dead and unless the bones belonged to someone powerful, there wouldn’t even be a curse attached. And while grave robbing is indeed a felony, so are bullshit drug charges in the War Against Drugs. I don’t see Tumblr staunchly defending that bullshit, but apparently everyone and their mother is now a lawyer over misplaced blame.

You know what is cursed? Blind hatred and aggression toward someone who didn’t do what they did with negative intent. Particularly since there was POSITIVE intent instead.

Also the Hope Diamond and the Cubs winning the world series probably had more to do with 2016 being shit. Not some practitioner with decent intentions who needs to be left the fuck alone. One person is not responsible for this year and if you think it is and think it’s okay to attack someone over this, you need help that this hellhole of a site isn’t going to offer you. My sympathies.

"Cool motive, still murder."

that subset of anders fandom that refuses to admit what he did was terrorism honestly baffles me; they’ve spent years inventing ways to justify and explain away what he did, pathologizing his personality so they can excuse it and accuse his detractors of being ableist, or dismissing it as bad writing, etc. and if you dont like anders, well its because you’re PRO MAGE OPPRESSION OBVIOUSLY!

look, people don’t like anders because, on top of being racist, sexist, emotionally abusive and generally a pretty unpleasant person, he decided the deaths of innocent civilians was an acceptable cost to his message, and in fact seemed to prefer becoming a martyr rather than deal with the repercussions of his actions. hawke and co. killing mercenaries is not the same thing, to equate the two is missing the point entirely, (and frankly i can’t believe we have to make the distinction in the first place, where armed people preying on travelers and trafficking slaves are not on the same level as unarmed civilians in a church.) people dont like anders because he did awful, unacceptable things in the name of his beliefs, and i feel like that’s the point; well-intentioned extremism is still extremism. destruction of a public place of worship to incite conflict is a textbook example of terrorism, and the suffering of mages doesn’t excuse it. NOTHING would excuse it. you don’t murder innocent civilians to make a fucking point.

my guys. anders’ story is a tragedy in the best sense of the word – a character flaw brought down his aspirations and destroyed his life, and everything he fought for. he was a painfully myopic activist that refused to consider any oppression that didn’t fit with his own experience; whose good message was compromised by his selfishness and inability to see the bigger picture; who was an unabashed hypocrite who would extol the virtues of mage freedom and in the same day approve of a mage re-enslaving someone he personally disliked; who was so turgid with his own self-righteousness that he had no qualms making his close friend and/or lover complicit in an act of mass murder without even TELLING them what he was doing and lying right to their face; and ultimately did more harm than good to the world.  he wasn’t an exemplar of the mage freedom ideal, he was a selfish asshole who regularly undercut the purity of his message with personal, petty bias.

that’s outstanding writing, imo – the healer who hurt the people he was trying to save, the activist that destroyed his cause. that’s TRAGIC, that’s heartbreaking, and it’s damn good. because that is what he did – he made mage freedom so much more difficult to obtain, because now the entire population of thedas (the establishment AND the everyday citizen) have the image of a mage blowing up a public place in their minds. not just a public place, but a place many consider safe, neutral ground, a place where the poor go for food, where children are sent for education, where the lost and grieving go for comfort. how many do you think were in the chantry when anders blew it up, in the middle of the day, when it was at its busiest? he intentionally destroyed people’s sense of security in their chantries not just as an inciting measure, but a pointed one too: how do you like it?

that’s the standard of mage behavior now, the kneejerk reaction. it’s not fair, but it’s how people’s minds work. when you ask a lowtown man if mages should be free, what do you think he’s going to say, after living through the destruction anders wrought? he doesn’t know the entire situation, he doesn’t care about the context. he’d care that people he knew were killed, that businesses were ruined, that weeks were spent sifting through the wreckage, pulling bodies out of the rubble. all he knows is that one mage did all of that. only one.

most people are already afraid of mages, since they have superhuman powers and an established susceptibility toward demonic possession. anders’ big gesture did nothing but make that fear worse, which in turn made progress and compromise all the more difficult to achieve for the people he was trying to help. it honestly baffles me that anders fans claim to care about his cause but can’t recognize one of the greatest enemies to that cause was anders himself, because the writing was not subtle in making this point whatsoever.

its time to recognize the cognitive dissonance here. anders is not a good person. just because his cause is righteous doesn’t mean he is.

I agree so much, anon!! This was said so well.

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Hi ... I really wanted to know your opinion about bts who plagiarized bigbang with the no signal thing and all ... I really want to know your opinion, if you want to talk about it of course

Surprisingly I thought I’d care but I really don’t at all. I’ve been too busy with real life to get involved in any of this and most of the people speaking up are self righteous assholes who won’t let others have a piece to say - both fandoms included

dan and phil’s relationship is a constant cycle of “i can do this to him but the moment anyone else does the same thing….they’re gonna catch these hands”

im so sick of people hating on archie for “treating betty bad”

it’s so clear that he loves her so much as a friend and yes he’s made some very stupid decisions…but it’s not his fault for not loving her romantically. he’s never led her on and he’s been honest about his feelings towards her so ??? 

yes betty is still getting hurt by archie but the cause of her hurt is because she knows he doesn’t reciprocate her romantic feelings for him and she’s reminded of it when he’s defending stupid grundy or being a little too friendly with veronica, not because he’s going out of his way to hurt her or to play with her feelings ??