but its the first time ive done something like this

any other cool autistic peops have issues with people just expecting u to magically Know how to do something u have never done before

like if ive never, say, made an appointment at a place before, or some cooking process ive never attempted before, just some mundane task im doing for the first time my mom expects me to already know what to do or just figure it out while doing it & make no mistakes & i ????? donut understand that. like i guess its tasks that r usually simple & normal for allistics/neurotypicals but if ive never done it before how am i supposed to just know what to do

& then of course it ties in with the Vague Instructions thing bc i need specific step-by-step instructions if im doing something new & she will just tell me vague shit & get annoyed if i dont get it right away 

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  • Do you prefer things to be symmetrical or asymmetrical?
    • -hmm it depends! usually i would like things to be symmetrical but sometimes being asymmetrical like in the rule of thirds just make things better
  • How long has it been since you read a book for the first time?
    • probably like 7 years or something?? i hope i understood the question
  • Do you collect anything? Even if it’s not on purpose? (Like, for me, I have a lot of glass bottles for no reason, but I’m not “collecting” them, per se).
    • I HAVE A LOT OF GLASS BOTTLES TOO, and these glass cups that used to hold pudding… also medicine bottles for paint
  • Where do you do the most thinking? 
    • in bed or in the shower! 
  • If you could conquer one of your fears tomorrow, which would it be?
    • talking to ppl and what they think
  • When you get stuck on a song and listen to it on repeat, what draws you in? Is it the lyrics, the rhythm, or something else?
    • definitely the melody, rhythm, and the singing
  • How do you organize your storage spaces - bookshelves, closets, dressers, etc?
    • i like to use cups to hold things, but i also organize them by what they are?? like art supplies in one corner of the drawer, etc etc
  • Do you wear your shoes in your house?
    • not at allllllll
  • Do people frequently mistake your age?
    • no????
  • Soft white light or daylight light bulbs?
    • soft white light
  • Do you use a calendar/journal/planner?
    • i use google calendars, and sometimes a planner! it helps to write what i have to do down so that i’m not overwhelmed. 

11 q’s:

1. what’s the one song you always play when you want to be in a Mood? (i like to play lucy rose’s shiver if i want to be nostalgic)
2. favorite childhood tv show or movie?
3. most recent dream?
4. do you work best at night or day time
5. sweet food or savory food?
6. are you the type to skip around in shows or watch the episodes in its entirety
7. how do you like your coffee or tea?
8. how do you feel about group projects lmao 
9. how good are your navigation skills
10. what movie or tv show universe would you want to be in?
11. it’s late i cant think of another question

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