but its the cutest little thing i swear

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But imagine Daniel finding little excuses to hold your hand like: "Ooh let's compare sizes. I think yours are smaller." "It's chilly out... Are your hands cold? Lemme feel..." "Your hands look so soft... I get calluses from playing instruments so much. Feel them..." "We are about to cross the street so you should probably hold my hand... it's a safety precaution. I swear."

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEATING HEART! And then one day you would kinda sorta catch on and be like “Daniel you don’t need an excuse to hold my hand.” and he would get SO FLUSTERED AND SHY ALL OF A SUDDEN but then you would intertwine your fingers with his and he would be so so so happy. I’m CRYING. :’-)

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Dream - John Murphy (Part 2)

Part one

The next morning you avoid him as you wander around the camp, doing odd jobs for Clarke in between fight practice just to lessen your chances of seeing him. You were currently in the mess hall making gloves from scavenged fabric.

The dream you had of him really freaked you out. It made you realise that what you feel for Murphy wasn’t just hatred anymore… It was actually a lot more than that.

It was obvious really, you’d had an unexplainable soft spot on him for weeks- feeling bad when anyone made snide remarks about him and noticing when his hair looked particularly good one day. Sighing dramatically, you realise you probably should’ve figured it out weeks ago.

“What’re you sighing about?”

Freezing, you don’t look up as he walks in, taking a seat beside you at your table.

“Go away, Murphy.” You order quietly.

“Bellamy told me to help you make the gloves, everyone keeps getting splinters from the damn Grounder spears…” Murphy mumbles, picking up the scissors to start cutting fabric. “How am I doing this?” He questions, picking up a needle.

“Thread it.” You grumble, keeping your eyes on your own needle as you stitch up the side of the glove, trying desperately to ignore him.

“How do I…” Murphy frowns curiously, waving the thread in his hand around a little. You bite your lip, trying not to smile at how cute that was as you grab it off him, quickly threading the needle and handing it back to him.

“You’re in a bad mood.” Murphy notices, taking the needle and starting to push it into the fabric, trying to stitch the glove haphazardly. Growling, you take it from him.

“You’re going to ruin it. You don’t know how to sew?”

Murphy shakes his head no, and you force a sigh from your lips.

“Then leave, Murphy. Bellamy shouldn’t have sent you to help if you can’t do it.” You huff, turning back to your work. Murphy surprises you by not leaving, sitting there and picking up the needle and the glove again, trying really hard to copy you. Knowing that he’s just going to destroy the material, you reach out, grabbing his hands and stilling them. He passes you a nervous glance, before you start to move his hands for him, showing him what he has to do.

The fact that you’re touching his hands makes your cheeks go pink and you try to calm your breath when his thumb moves out subtly to rub across your fingers. Once he starts to get the hang of sewing the material, you let go and he continues to do a couple more stitches, before he looks over at you.

“You… You’re the first person that’s touched me in months that wasn’t trying to hurt me.” He confesses quietly, not wanting sympathy, but just wanting to let you know. You don’t know what compelled him to tell you that, but It breaks your heart to hear him say it, so you reach out and take his hand, holding it in yours and rubbing your thumb along his knuckles. Murphy watches down in wonder as you hold his hand, touching his fingers lightly. The tiny gesture makes him feel a lot more important and cared for than he had been in years. He bites his lip.

“I really wanna kiss you.” He whispers, out of the blue. It makes your motions pause and you look up to him, surprised. It takes you a few seconds to realise that you really wanted him to do that.

“I… Yeah, yeah okay.” You stutter nervously, waiting for him to lean over to you.

Instead, Murphy gently lifts your hand from the table with his and places a soft, light kiss against the back of your hand and you swear to God that it’s the cutest thing that you have ever seen. Murphy puts your hand back down, but you keep holding on, moving closer and closer toward him.

Murphy looks up unsurely, his eyes flickering up to meet yours. Gently, you lean in and press your lips against his, giving him a sweet, chaste kiss.

When you pull back, Murphy looks shocked. He laughs a little, a blush starting to make its way up to his cheeks.

“I uh… Thank you.” He smiles, looking down in embarrassment. “I really… really liked that.”

“Me too. A lot.” You grin, watching as his eyes widen comically.

“You…” He trails off as you move closer towards him, your lips pressing against his once more.

Murphy kisses back a little hesitantly, until you run your tongue on his lower lip and he opens his mouth slightly, putting his arms around you and moving you closer to him.

“Guys, are you nearly done with those-” Bellamy stops in his tracks when he walks into the hall and sees you and Murphy making out. Both of you jump apart at his voice and Bellamy pinches the bridge of his nose. “Fucking teenagers.” He grumbles, before he turns around and walks out, leaving you and Murphy giggling embarrassedly, your hand still holding his.

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im not sure about how the baby would come to be BUT IMAGINE. cecil making the weirdest faces to get to make their baby laugh while carlos snickers from the doorframe; sleepy cecil getting up at 4:00am and finding carlos asleep on the couch with the baby in his arms, and the sight is just so sweet he can only smile fondly and join them, and they all snuggle together and it's a bit too tight and they're exhausted but it's just perfect

Ohh, this is THE CUTEST thing in the world, I swear. I always imagined that, as Cecil is Janice’s Uncle, he probably knows a thing or two about babies and would be a pro, changing nappies and using bottles with ease, whereas Carlos would be a bit nervous, but willing because NEW LIFE and WE MADE THIS LITTLE CREATURE THANK YOU SCIENCE. Imagine Cecil returning home after a trip to the shops to find Carlos, who had given him a pleading please-don’t-leave-me-I-might-be-a-bad-dad kind of look, lying absolutely enraptured on the bed with the baby resting on his bare chest, cos that’s how you bond with tiny little babies, and Cecil just about melts because they looks so cute and perfect and he immediately joins in and I am TOO INVESTED IN THIS. 

► Destiel || 10 Things I Hate About You 

So this is a little project I managed to create over the weekend! This is for the cutest, loveliest, most wonderful person ever. This is for Bo.

I post this via tumblr video player now, because for some reason it’s not working with the youtube link. To watch it on youtube click here. Enjoy :)

Kylo Meets a Cat (Imagine)

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Kylo grumbled irritatedly as he stormed back to his quarters, taking off his mask when he got there. To his surprise, there was a strange fuzzball on his bed. It was purring quietly as it looked up at Kylo’s slightly baffled face. “What in the…?” He muttered, his brows furrowing, looking into the black cat’s yellow eyes.

He approached the animal, picking it up gingerly. Kylo studied the feline’s white sock paws and it’s ginger muzzle, and he couldn’t help but smile at the adorableness. He didn’t even know what it was and he smiled. Kylo set the cat down on the bed and sat next to it, chuckling when the feline rubbed against his side and laid on his lap.

Kylo’s hand hovered above the cat for a moment before he gently scritched behind its ears, making it purr louder. “I think I’ll call you Vader… Darth Vader.” He grinned at himself. “No, I’ll call you Starkiller.” Kylo watched as Starkiller rolled over onto her back, snoozing contently on his lap. He sighed and flopped onto his back as well, looking up at the ceiling before Starkiller padded up onto Kylo’s chest and settled there.

Kylo gave the cat one last pet before he, too, nodded off into a deep slumber.