but its such a pretty scene

i keep hearing ominous clip clopping noises from outside my window

1) this is dublin and its pretty often that you see a horse and cart whiz by you while walking through the city

2) this is the suburbs of dublin?? those things are usually for tourists and no tour would come out here


i am being stalked by a horse and im going to show up on the news fairly soon as “student found dead. only evidence at the scene is a single hoofprint.”

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer get dark and moody in first-look trailer for A Discovery of Witches TV series

The show is taking full advantage of its Oxford setting.

Digital Spy Nov 22, 2017

Winter and the New Year is shaping up to be pretty epic TV-wise, with supernatural show A Discovery of Witches looking to be an exciting watch.

Based on the best-selling book by Deborah Harkness, we follow what happens when a witch and a vampire who are both hiding their true natures meet and fall in love.

And judging by a trailer released ahead of the series, we can expect some pretty spectacular scenes from its Oxford location. Watch the teaser below:

It stars Teresa Palmer as history professor and closet witch Diana Bishop, and Matthew Goode as geneticist and secret vampire Matthew Clairmont.

Diana and Matthew develop a relationship investigating a strange manuscript found in the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library. […]

We’ve had another little glimpse of the show too in Sky’s Now & Next trailer, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch’s Patrick Melrose and Roman drama Britannia starring David Morrissey and Kelly Reilly – take a look here:

Bad Wolf Productions — headed up by former Doctor Who producers Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner – is behind this adaption of Harkness’ novel, with Mr Selfridge, The Forsyte Saga and Bancroft screenwriter Kate Brooke penning the script.

Harkness seems to be happy with how the drama is being adapted, after a first attempt at turning the novel into a feature film for Warner Bros.

She revealed at the casting announcement: “Teresa and Matthew perfectly capture my characters – I’m so excited by the casting and how they will bring the books to life.”

A Discovery of Witches starts on Sky One in 2018.

Tales from the Table

One of my players utterly destroyed an encounter i had planned. 

The scene: A burning dungeon that had once been a military baracks. (the PCs lit it on fire themselves, that wasnt my choice)

Four players: a dog-folk cleric, a Goliath Barbarian, an Aarakocra Rogue, and an Elf Ranger.

VS. two giant scorpions, one of which had a necrotic black orb fastened to its carapace. 

My intent was to have the necrotic orb create various horrors and vile undead things every two rounds or so. Nothing buff, just a way to screw with action economy. 

Now, the player with the dog cleric has pretty awful rolls. Like, chronic bad-dice issues. Their roll average with d20 is probably around 7. They also usually forget what spells they have and what their spells do. But that player took this exact moment to both play perfectly, AND roll perfectly. 

They got off a crit rolling for Guiding Bolt as a 2nd level spell against this necrotic scorpion in the first round, resulting in a mindboggling 10d6 radiant damage damage, which then got doubled because it had a weakness to radiant damage. 

He dealt more than the scorpions entire health pool with that one attack, and it happened in a bonus round.


holy actual fuck

Symphogear XD Unlimited - Memoria Card “A Great Way to Beat the Heat” EN TL

Miku happens to pass by Tsubasa in the midst of washing her motorcycle. Miku wishes, ‘On a hot day like this, I could go for getting splashed with water too,’ and Tsubasa quickly grants her request.

Tomosato: Alca-Noise have been detected on the outskirts of the factory district. All Adaptors, please proceed to the scene at once.

Tsubasa: Understood. Heading over now as fast as possible.

Tsubasa: Imyuteus amenohabakiri tron-

Tsubasa: I’ll be at the site shortly.

Tomosato: We expect Hibiki and the others to arrive three minutes after you do. Until you link up, please do your best to hold back in combat.

Tsubasa: Though I want to say I agree, I wouldn’t say the situation appears to be so leisurely.

Factory Worker: Some, someone help!

Tsubasa: The Alca-Noise are attacking a civilian! I’ll strike them down with this very motorcycle!!

Tomosato: Tsubasa-san!? What are you-!!

Tsubasa: Haaaaaa-!!

Factory Worker: W, what the heck are you!?

Tsubasa: This area is dangerous! Please, hurry and evacuate to a safe location!

Factory Worker: A, ah…… excuse me!!

Tsubasa: Though I know not for what reason someone has summoned you here-

Tsubasa: I can no longer let you do as you please!

Hibiki: Tsubasa-san, are you alright!?

Tsubasa: All is well. You need not worry.

Chris: It’s not like we were worried!

Kirika: It looks like everyone in the factory evacuated to safety thanks to you, Tsubasa-san.

Tsubasa: That’s what’s most important.

Maria: Anyways, all that remains is to get rid of the rest.

Kirika: Then we’ll cut them down right away and head home!

Chris: We’ll annihilate them in one blow!

Tsubasa: It’s fine to be eager, but if you overdo it, be sure not to destroy the factory equipment.

Hibiki: -gulp-!?

Chris: W, we know, you don’t have to say it!

Shirabe: Is that so……

Kirika: Even if it’s us, we won’t mess up that badly. Ahahaha……

Tsubasa: If you understand, then that’s good.

Tsubasa: Very well- let’s go!!

Tsubasa: Fumu…… thank goodness, it doesn’t seem like the damages stood out.

Tsubasa: But due to my making you tumble around, you’ve gotten considerably dirty. Shall I give you a thorough washing today?

Miku: Ah, Tsubasa-san. Washing your motorcycle?

Tsubasa: Ah, Kohinata? Please watch where you pass. Last night, it got a little unclean.

Miku: You must’ve been out fighting late last night too, weren’t you?

Tsubasa: Ah, you’re already apprised of that?

Miku: Hibiki came home late last night, too.

Tsubasa: Are you troubled?

Miku: Before, a lot. But…… now, I don’t worry. I know Hibiki will definitely come home.

Tsubasa: Is that so…… you have faith in her, then.

Tsubasa: Even if you’ve been together as a couple for such a long time, it’s no good to do things halfway.

Miku: A c, couple, you say……

Tsubasa: The word’s just an example, but…… why is your face so red?

Miku: *ahem* N, no, it’s nothing. It’s just so hot today, that’s why.

Miku: I feel like I want to be splashed with some cool water, like your bike .

Tsubasa: Oh? ……very well. Be that the case, perhaps I’ll do as you say.

Miku: Wha…… Tsubasa-san, what’re y- kya!?

Miku: S, so cold!

Tsubasa: It’s water, so it’s natural to be cold.

Miku: That’s not what I’m talking about!

Tsubasa: In times past, on hot days, I’d douse Kanade with plenty of water.

Tsubasa: Kohinata, your face looks incredibly hot. It would be a serious matter were you to collapse from heat stroke.

Miku: Jeez…… quit making fun of me!

Tsubasa: Fufu, on hot days like these, it’s not bad to get drenched, is it?

Miku: Yeah, but…… I didn’t mean like this!

Tsubasa: Hey, won’t you dry up soon due to the heat?

Miku: Even so! Kya, jeez, Tsubasa-san!

And we’re back! Life roared its ugly head, so for now, releasing stories that didn’t feel too tricky to translate. If you’ve got access to the source and notice a translation discrepancy, though, please feel free to contact me with the correction and I’ll amend the post!

QC: @carolnein as always - once more, thanks for the rescue!


So remember that post a made MONTHS ago about the YOI banquet scene but with Shatt?? Anyways I finished drawing it and reblogged it on the original post, but I’m pretty sure no one saw it (thanks, Tumblr & Best Stuff First).

So here it is in its own post instead.

And yes, that IS Jeremy Shada and Kimberly Brooks in the backgound, with Jeremy watching Lance has he falls head over heels for Keith.


My parents didn’t do anything wrong. They both work two jobs. I’m on scholarship at St. B’s, and I get good grades. We’re a normal American family.


female awesome meme // (1/10) characters with the best growth - cordelia chase

“oh… and you’re welcome.”


s1 vs s6

I’m sorry, but why is no one in the IT fandom talking about Ben during the final fight with Pennywise? This child… is amazing!

As Pennywise was attacking Mike, Ben quickly grabbed a spear:

He ran straight towards the clown and stabbed it from behind:

Then he proceeded to force his arm through the clown:

But does he pull away? NO! He keeps his arm inside of IT to keep it in place:

Even as Pennywise turns its head and try to scare and bite at him, Ben stands his ground and keeps it in check until the other kids beat the shit out of the clown:

This boy was the soft-spoken and kind one in the group, pretty much used to represent the heart of the Losers. He was shy and awkward. But once someone tried to hurt his friends, despite not having know them for that long, he didn’t hesitate to attack whatever the threat was.

Ben Hanscom was incredible in that fight and it’s a huge shame that no one is talking about this scene.