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On Tales of Link, how do I use a mystic arte? I have on equipped, I just don't know how to actually use it...

First off, make sure you’re not inside a Soul Arena when you try to use a mystic arte; you can’t use them in there.

Now, in order to use a mystic arte, you have to make a 9-link, with the character who has the mystic arte enabled as the final character in the link.  You’ll also know you can use a mystic arte if the character has a red aura around them.  This also means that characters with Link Finisher passives (once you have the passive skill unlocked, anyway) are great candidates for your mystic arte character - like the current 5* Armatus Sorey and Rose rewards from Soul Arena (since you’ll at least have the SR arte soul for getting up to 400k mana points for the 5* reward)!  Also worth it to equip armor/weapons with passives that boost attack for the same thing, like the Bridal Memories armor from the Wedding Event (I actually got mine from the current Heavenly Lottery event) or Leonne’s Paddle armor from the current New Year’s Sweets Contest event!  (And yes, I know that the Armatus units boost weapon stats, but until I find UR weapons, SR event armor with really high attack and good passives will have to do  T-T)

Which leads to a small problem - in order to make a 9-link, everything has to be on the same symbol.  So this means you either have to save up 9 of the same symbol (this is where checking on which symbol is coming in next comes in handy), or have a character’s active skill convert the entire board into one symbol for you.  So keep that in mind as you’re building your team so you can get that mystic arte off when you need to!