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Be My Boyfriend


“Dean, be my boyfriend!” Castiel hissed.

Dean’s attention was pulled away from Charlie (who snorted into her drink) when Castiel grabbed his arm.

“Uh,” Dean said, feeling like he was missing out on some vital information. Castiel’s wide eyes were a little too bright and his cheeks were flushed with pink, indicating that he was probably a little bit drunk, though that still didn’t help clear up the situation.

“Come here!” Castiel dragged Dean by the arm across the crowded room until they stood in front of a short brunette who Dean thought was named Meg. Castiel wrapped his arm around Dean’s waist and squeezed him to his side.

“I told you!” he told Meg triumphantly. “I have a boyfriend!”

Meg looked Dean up and down incredulously. “You’re dating Dean Winchester?”

Starting to catch on, Dean put a possessive arm around Castiel’s shoulders. “Yeah, he is. Got a problem with that?”

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These have been drafted for way too long for me to not have them done. Buuuut I kinda wanted to get a couple long/difficult prompts out of the way first. Here you go! It’s my first time writing Reinhardt and Roadhog oh god oh man oh god

Cw: Blood

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Calvin x Reader - Late Night Cuddling

You were awoken by a shift in your mattress and a large form pressing against your back. Shuffling a bit you turned yourself around, and your gaze met with a beautiful brown eye’d boy.  

“Calvin. What time is it?” you asked, voice croaky, and still half asleep.

Calvin moved a strand of hair from your face and whispered, “Almost 3am, babe. Sorry for waking you up, but I just got my video up.”

You smiled sympathetically knowing how hard Calvin worked on today’s video, having been working since late last night. You sometimes wondered how the boy functioned, his sleep schedule being different everyday.

“Come on babe,” you said, moving closer to the boy with a yawn, “You’re warm and you look like you could use a bit of cuddling.”

Calvin chuckled, scooting over till your bodies were pressed together and wrapped an arm around you.

“You’re sweet babe.” he said softly, pressing a kiss to your temple, and intertwining his legs with yours.

The air was warm but silently comfortable between the two of you, and you could even hear the sound of Calvin’s breath slowing as his body calmed. You shut your eye prepared to drift back into your deep sleep when a voice interrupted you.

“[Y/N]” Calvin muttered.

You opened you eyes and looked back at him in acknowledgement.

“I love you.” Calvin said smiling and closing his eyes once again.

You smiled lightly to yourself and shut your eyes feeling sleep start to take over.

“I love you too, Calvin.” you whispered, falling back asleep intertwined with the boy you loved more than the world.  

the GazettE ~ Inside Beast - Live @ Kishidan Banpaku '14
live @ Kishidan Banpaku

I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day, so ya’ll gonna have to suffer with me

ok so i will say this, as trash as i am for my otp, i’m a little irked that they did it so soon. like, caroline JUST lost stefan, the love of her life, give the girl a break before you throw her in something else. its belittling to stefan’s charcter,  to their relationship and their love, and i think they deserved a bit better than that. don’t get me wrong, i’m STOKED for any bit of klaroline — and steroline has a huge piece of my heart and i love them, but they tried to cram too much into that short span. and as much comfort as i take in knowing that when caroline’s time comes, she’ll see stefan standing there grinning waiting for her with a snowglobe, i still think they rushed through the “the love of your life just died but HERE HAVE THIS” bit.

i’m still fangirling like fuck. but half of me is really really sad. i’m a mess guys. a freakin mess.

anonymous asked:

hi, im a nb trans boy and ive been binding with the two sport bras technique thing for a while now but recently i got better ones and the results are better bc my chests actually flat but it always leaves marks and it kind of hurts?? and it might be bc its new and all but still?? like im kind of scared itll mess up my ribs or something??

It very well may be because it is new. Its not unusual for it to hurt a bit, it just shouldnt be too much or cause any other issues like difficulty breathing. Leaving impressions is normal as well if its tight. In the short term it shouldnt cause any lasting damage. As long as it doesnt hurt too much its probably ok, see if the newness wears off and it may become more comfortable to wear. If you’ve had no problems with the method before then it is likely down to that. If you are concerned about it then dont do it and go back to old ones. Sounds like getting them to soften up a bit and loosen slightly should help though. Binders start off tight and quite stiff feeling but soften and loosen over time. The fact they are also compressing better is also most likely due to the fact they are new as well


They took it too far.

Oh look. Sportstale got a little bit serious! 

Now don’t get me wrong, Sportstale is like, 99.9% fun and lighthearted. I mean come on, i’ts an AU where things went well for the first human, even if they’re still a bit ahh- violent.

That being said, it’s because of that quirk that there IS an established rivalry between Chara and Sans in this AU. @queenryla and I have been discussing their little confrontations, but I always wondered- well- why?

Long story short for this headcanon, Chara probably took the game too seriously and injured Papyrus really badly. Human strength and determination amirite? Sans doesn’t approve.

So here, have so more really late night doodles. 

ps. don’tbefooledwiththatbgonthefirstoneitisLITERALLYapieceoffreeclippart


I think I finally have a hair I am happy enough to use for Ryan that isn’t long. Its been a while since there has been a short hair on him, mainly because the ones released by Maxis have all been rather bleh. Its a kids conversion that has been done before, but dare i say it, I wanted it more poofy. So I converted it myself and did a bit of sculpting too. 

I wanted to make the other hair colours too, but there isn’t actions for the salt and pepper versions. So i went about making my own. They are almost there, but still need a bit of work. I also need to fix that bump on the neck.