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Speaking of Valentine’s Day

There was a short valentine’s day omake in which Lucy wanted to give chocolate to Natsu, but she ended up not giving it to him because he ended up grossing her out lol. (Translation below) As you can tell by the artstyle, it was drawn when FT was still a fairly new manga. 

I can’t vouch for its accuracy but this translation was provided by Ju-da-Su on mangahelpers. 

(Panel 1) 

Lucy: “It is actually a really nice thing, but … ”
 Did I make it a bit too cute?
Hope he doesn’t … come up with any weird thoughts about this.

(Panel 2)

Lucy: Ah!
Natsu: How the hell am I supposed to choose!!!
Happy:  How ‘bout if you’re told that you have to choose one of them?

(Panel 3)

Natsu: I don’t want to eat both the “chocolate-favored shit” and “shit-favored chocolate”!!!
Also, just whose shit is that!!!
Happy: Well … that actually doesn’t really matter

(Panel 4)

Natsu: Lucy!! What do you think!?
Lucy:  I’ll never give this to you

Dating Peter would include

Master list


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Movie marathons, until its dark outside, so you might as well stay the night

Snuggling together on the sofa under a warm blanket

Wearing one his T shirts and a pair of his boxer shorts as pyjamas

He enjoys this a little bit too much

Going to record shops together

Having tea parties with his little sister

Silly jokes

Enjoying watching him play table tennis with himself

Dancing together

Quick speedy kisses, on his way past you in the corridor

Sneaking up to hug you from behind

Wrapping you up in his jacket, with him still in it

“you’ll warm up quicker if I hug you’   

Carrying you on his back, with your head buried into his neck, when he’s running

Helping him come to terms with Erik

Making him feel better about himself

An endless supply of cuddles and countless kisses


Have a great day and be safe


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Are you still accepting prompts <3 If so please can you do one where Kim says “Oh, come on. You know you love me,” to Trini, to which she responds with “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.”, of course she is joking because she secretly is a softie for her tol gf :) (PS: i love your blog <3)

Hi! I am so sorry that this took so long for me to answer to. School has really been trying to take me down lately. Hopefully this isn’t too bad! P.S. Thank you! I <3 U.

“Trini,” Kim says once more, barely concealed exasperation in her tone. “We have to finish studying. The bio test is tomorrow. Can you please focus?”

Trini looks up to meet Kim’s dark eyes, from where she had been staring absent-mindedly at the mini galaxy swirling within the center of the morphing grid. 

She looks up and she sees that the girl’s gaze is set on her pointedly, in mild annoyance–probably has been for a minute or so–and though she does feel guilty for how often she’s been spacing out during this study session, her exhaustion wins out in the battle as to what she’s going to express. 

So, she sighs and falls back with a dramatic groan, throwing her right forearm over her eyes and her left over her stomach. 

“Nooo,” she drawls out then. “I’m so tired. We’ve been studying for hours, Kim. If we don’t have it at this point, then we aren’t going to have it at all.”

And Trini’s eyes might be covered, but she can just picture the small frown that pulls down Kim’s lips next, an adorable pout that always makes the shorter girl weak in her knees and even weaker in resolve. 

“That’s not true. You just give up too easily,” Kim says.

“Or maybe you don’t know when to give up,” Trini replies in turn. “Seriously, Kim. You know that I love you, but you also know how you get when it comes to these things.” 

Kim scoffs.

“Well, sorry for just trying to get us to pass biology so that we won’t have to add summer school to our schedules this year. Sue me if that’s so wrong.”

Trini removes her arm from over her face now, so that she can instead look at the other girl, who is sitting a few feet away from her, with her legs crossed and her short hair tucked behind her ears, a pencil resting just against the back of one as well. 

Her brown eyes are settled onto Trini still, and her eyebrows are furrowed deeply over them, a crease in between them that is just a bit too serious for the yellow ranger’s liking; Kim always stresses herself too much over these tests.

Trini rolls over onto her stomach, and she props herself up with her elbows, her hands clasped before her as a slow smirk makes its way onto her lips. She raises her eyebrows, and a playful look glints within her eyes. 

“You know, I’d much rather just screw y–.”

“Don’t be vulgar!” Kim interrupts, an abrupt laugh bubbling from her now smiling lips as she tosses a crumpled piece of paper at Trini’s head. 

Trini starts to chuckle too, but when the ball hits her face, she gasps dramatically before throwing her body backwards, her hand coming up to cover her nose as her shoulders hit the metal of the floor. 

“Ow!” she exclaims. “I’ve been hit! Oh God, I’ve been struck down right in the middle of my prime!”

She rolls lightly from side to side, her face covered now by both of her hands, and she manages to keep her act up for about thirty more seconds before Kim’s laughter breaks her façade.

A smile spreads across her lips as the air just above her shifts with the addition of a new presence, but she quickly forces it to morph into an exaggerated frown as Kim’s hands grab gently at her wrists, to pull her hands away from her face. 

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic,” Kim tells her lightly when she’s met with the sight of Trini’s pout. “I barely even tossed it at you, you baby.”

Trini’s pout deepens, her bottom lip jutting out even further and her eyebrows creasing even more so. 

“That hurt,” she insists. “I should report you to the authorities.”

“And tell them what exactly?” Kim asks with a soft giggle. “That you’re a big baby that can’t take a paper ball to the face? Because that’s the truth, and if you say anything else they’ll just put you in jail; They don’t like liars.”

“I’m not sure that’s how the whole justice system works, Kim,” Trini says. “Do you even pay attention in Government class?”

Kim hums thoughtfully with a tilt of her head before answering with an honest, “No.”

Trini laughs, shaking her head and pursing her lips as she does so. 

“See, and then you wonder why you’re stressed about the tests we take. I only got transferred into Government earlier this semester and even I know more than you. That’s sad, babe.”

“Hey!” Kim exclaims. “It is not my fault that the only classes I can’t pay attention in are the ones you’re in. I do just fine in the other five classes I take. So, technically, it’s all your fault that I get so stressed. You’re the catalyst for the chain of events that leads to me not knowing anything about the subject.”

“Well, looky there. You used the word catalyst correctly! There’s one correct question on the Bio test right there!” 

Trini laughs as Kim scowls at her, but her laugh quickly morphs into a low whine as the other girl smacks at her upper arm. 

“Ow!” she says again, her hand coming up to rub at her bicep. “What is with you and hurting me?! This is not how relationships are supposed to go, you know!”

Kim just shrugs. 

“Stop saying stupid things, and then I won’t hit you. It’s as simple as that.” 

Trini frowns.

“I don’t say stupid things!” she protests. “I think you just enjoy hitting me! Which I definitely do not enjoy, and which I do not want to take any longer!”

With the conclusion of her sentence, she turns over to push herself up onto her knees, and then her feet. She makes it about two steps before strong arms are wrapping around her waist, their hold firm and familiar. 

“Oh, come on. Stop being so dramatic,” Kim says as she pulls Trini’s body back to be flush against hers. “You know you love me.”

Trini definitely does not melt into Kim’s touch at all as she fights the smile trying to tug at the corners of her lips–Nope, not a single bit. 

“Honestly?” she asks monotonously, to prove that fact. “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.” Kim gasps. “And not even like a Tostito’s corn chip. I’d do it for a Walgreen’s brand one.”

The grip on her waist loosens, and it gives her the opportunity to turn around within them. 

She’s met with Kim’s pout, this time, and her heart practically swells within her chest, full and ready to overflow with endearment, at the sight.

“That was surprisingly more painful than one would expect,” Kim says seriously, a thoughtful furrow to her eyebrows. “Have you been working on that one for a while or something? Because, ouch.”

Trini chuckles lowly as she begins to, slowly, wrap her own arms around Kim’s waist.

“Actually, yes,” she replies. “I was going to use that one on Zack, the next time he tried to convince me that he was my favorite person, but, hey, the opportunity presented itself.”

She shrugs and tries to keep in the giggle that pushes at her lips as Kim’s puppy dog eyes widen.

“So now you’re implying that I’m not your favorite person?” the pink ranger asks, completely affronted. “Well, then what am I even doing here?”

She goes to pull away, but Trini isn’t having it.

“Okay, okay. Don’t leave. I’m sorry. I was just kidding,” the yellow ranger says, tightening her grip around the other girl. “You know you’re my favorite, baby. I was just kidding.”

Kim continues to look down at her with an unconvinced expression, her lips downturned and pursed. 

“Oh, come on! I was just kiddinggg,” Trini insists after a few moments. “You know you’re my favorite. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me. My girl–.”

Kim finally laughs then, her smile breaking through the resistance she had been trying to continue, and her dark eyes shining as she leans down to rest her forehead against Trini’s own. 

“Okay,” she interjects gently. “I believe you.” She presses a soft kiss to Trini’s nose. “You’re my favorite too. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me.”

Warmth swells within Trini’s chest at that, and it spreads through her entire body, from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her fingers, just as it always does. She smiles, loving and calm. 

“Well, good. Because that would’ve been embarrassing if not.”

Kim hums lightly as she leans in.

“True,” she says, her lips hovering just above Trini’s own.

A few seconds pass, and then the yellow ranger is closing the distance between them, connecting their lips slowly and softly, comfortable and familiar.

They kiss for some moments, and then when they pull back, they press their foreheads together again. 

“I love you,” Kim admits, quiet and true.

Trini smiles. 

“I love you too.” 

Kim raises an eyebrow.

“So, does that mean you’ll keep studying with me, then?”

Trini throws her head back with a groan. 

“I guess it does.”

The smile that Kim flashes her before pulling her back to their books makes the prospect of learning about the different types of reactions not as hard to bear.

Man, Trini has it so bad.

  • KageHina
  • Hinata: this is still so funny, our sweaters are exactly the same, but I like yours better, it's softer and much bigger, can I have it?
  • Kageyama: what r u talking about, dumbass? you've been sleeping in it for a week, so shut up and keep it
  • TsukkiYama
  • Tsukishima: yamaguchi you all right? you've been clinging to me like a koala for the past hour
  • Yamaguchi: gomen tsukki, i just love our new matching sweater, we should buy more
  • Tsukishima: *irritated but excited*
  • AsaNoya
  • Asahi: Nishinoya u breathing ok?
  • Noya: *muffled* yeah, i can live under this sweater forever and wet ur pecs to eternity *continues licking*
  • EnnoTana
  • Tanaka: BRING IT UURRRRYYYEEEAAAAHHHHH *takes off and spins the sweater Chikara's knitted for him during snowball fight*
  • Tanaka: Y-yes babe, sorry
  • DaiSuga
  • Daichi: Sweetheart where is my black sweater? I put it on the couch last night
  • Suga: Maa, sorry Daichi, it got the kids drools and banana puree, so I wash it
  • Daichi: i-it's new...
  • Suga: shouldn't buy new clothes if you still have one year old twins
  • LevYaku
  • Lev: hahahahahaha Yaku-san, I can't even see you under my sweater, you are so small
  • Yaku: *throws dirty laundy at Lev*
  • KuroKen
  • Kuroo: do you think Daichi and Bokuto will roast me for wearing this sweater? i mean it's an ugly Christmas sweater party, but i still want to look good
  • Kenma: *peeking from his phone* does it really matter? not that you look bad or anything, but you will always look beautiful to me
  • Kuroo: Kozume Kenma.... marry me
  • Kenma: we are married
  • BokuAka
  • Bokuto: Akaashi, I keep losing my sweaters for a month now, no matter how ugly they are, someone keep stealing them *convinced that his sweaters are stolen*
  • Akaashi: *pushes all Bokuto's sweaters in his dresser* maybe you left them somewhere and you forgot to take them back?
  • Bokuto: did I? I mean it's possible but it's still weird...
  • Akaashi: (this idiot, he left them at my apartment every time he visited, why i even bother dating this numbskull owl)
  • MatsuHana
  • Mattsun: so like you are suggesting that we should have sex while wearing each other's sweater?
  • Makki: yeah, that'd be hot
  • Mattsun: you certainly spent too much time with Oikawa
  • IwaOi
  • Oikawa: *rolls around in Iwa's bed* Iwa-chan's sweaters just feel right, the arms are a bit short but i like them so much, it's like i could die happy from this fluffy-heavenly feelings
  • Iwaizumi: nice, take them all, i've been thinking about how am i going to kill you for the past 15 years, now that you said this, i can finally kill you smoothly
  • Oikawa: i have never regret making a conversation this much
The Other Side

Based on this adorable kitty;

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Special thanks to @kmmcm for beta testing this! 

Hopefully this helps anyone who’s having a bad day or not feeling well!


That damn cat.  

That damn, lovable, awesome, badass cat that he was so proud of, that he practically bragged about nearly every single day to his coworkers, was gone.  

Poof, right out the window, like the black shadow he was. And Gajeel was close to tearing his hair out just trying to find the cat on his own. Two weeks had passed and he was terrified that Pantherlily was dead, in a shelter, or worse; in a little kid’s bedroom with a pink as fuck bow around his neck. Pink was not the cat’s style, and he was worried that if the cat retaliated, he would end up in a shelter.  

Still, it was nerve wracking as the days went by, with not a single hit from the local shelters or anyone calling from the flyers he put up. ’Who even does that anymore anyways?’ He thought, grumbling under his breath as he hooked up the safety line to the building. He should’ve just stuck with Facebook and hoped for the best. But then again, he didn’t use the site as much as some people he knew, and hated when his friends urged him to go on it more. It was a waste of time and energy when he had barely any for a social life, let alone killing time on the net. He was better off doing his own thing, like looking for his cat.  

He sighed as he began scaling the building, dragging the sponge and squeegee over the glass panes that overlooked the busy city beneath. Window washing was a part time deal that his uncle had saddled him with, mostly to keep an eye on his idiotic and rather destructive cousin, Natsu. The guy meant well, he supposed, but had far more fun swinging than cleaning, causing more mayhem and shenanigans than they could handle. Thus far, only Gajeel had managed to make the situation slightly less of a hazard for them, mostly by promising him to spar once they were on the ground and off the clock. Which seemed to have worked so far; there were fewer accidents now than then.  

Natsu had even helped with the search for his cat, declaring that there was no replacing such a friend like his cat, touching the normally surly man. Yet, another day had passed and there was still no sign of the asshole. He bit his lip as he descended another level, worry beginning to gnaw at the back of his brain. What if he wasn’t alright?  

A tap on the glass startled him, making him almost drop his sponge. He cursed as he whipped to the glass, only to nearly drop his jaw.  

A girl waved at him from the other side, grinning mischievously as he recovered, scowling at her as he pointed at the ground then shook his finger at her. She ducked her head bashfully, mouthing the word “sorry” as she bit her lip. He shook his head as she turned back to her apartment and whatever she had been doing. He had to admit, he mused as he stared after her retreating figure, that this job had its good days along with the bad days. She was cute, and a bit of a distraction with her short, wild sky blue hair and short petite body. Washing her windows was definitely the highlight of his life, despite the subtle teasing and jabs from others about her.  

As cute as she was, he still had to focus on finding his cat. It was getting too depressing at home not seeing the cat or hearing his annoying meows for food. And it was worse at nights when he couldn’t feel the tiny weight curling up on his feet in bed, purring lightly after spending minutes kneading the blankets before settling down. He sighed as he descended another level, almost done with the blue haired girl’s apartment, vaguely registering the black ball of fuzz that stared at him.  

He was in the middle of dragging the squeegee across the plane when he did a double take, staring wide eyed at the cat. Sure enough, there was the familiar scar that crossed the cat’s brow and scraggly looking whiskers. This time, his jaw did drop, and indignant rage pooled in his gut as he pointed at the cat.  


If his roar didn’t shake the foundation of the building, the verbal spew that erupted from his mouth would have. He cursed, ranted and raved, waving his arms almost comically as the cat sat calmly, watching him in a bemused fashion. Something behind the cat startled him, and he turned to flee as the girl approached the windows again, her eyes wide with curiosity.  

Great, just great,’ he thought, snapping his mouth shut and blushing. He pointed at the cat, who looked at him from behind a chair and shouted as loud as he could, “That’s my cat!”  

She blinked, confusion crossing her face as she turned to Pantherlily, then back again. He groaned when she whirled and walked to a table, pulling a piece of paper out of a pile nearby. He glared at the cat as it returned to the window, bunting the glass as smugly as you please.  

“Just you wait till I get you home, you little butt,” he said, poking the glass. He couldn’t quite believe it, his cat was alive and well. It was somewhat of a shock that he was here of all places, tucked away in the girl’s apartment as if he had planned it. Maybe he had, the cat was far more clever than he appeared. But if the girl had taken him in, then maybe she was worth more than a few wistful stares and waves from the other side of the glass.  

She was coming back to the window, paper in hand as she knelt in front of him, stroking the cat’s back. Now that she was closer than before, he could see her better than he ever could hope to. And good god, she was prettier than he expected. She smiled shyly as she held up the paper to the window for him to read. He squinted as he leaned forward, then broke into the biggest grin that he had in two weeks, laughing delightedly as he nodded at her.  

I assume that this is your cat, so whenever you’re done, come to 609 so we can talk?’  

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ok but consider this; Michael and Jeremy getting high at a drive-in movie theater and they're giggly as heck and that's how their first kiss happens because the mood is perfect and they're out of their minds,, -slushie

i can roll w this okay

the drive in is doing a special feature for the first week of summer. the squip stuff is over, everyone is recovering and things have taken on a sense of normalcy.

it’s michael who suggests they go because they’re showing shitty 90s horror movies, of course we’re going, are you kidding me, he rolls up to jeremy’s in his shitty car with tons of snacks, a ton of mountain dew red (because even after all this time, it’s better safe than sorry, right?) and a joint to split.

they pull into the drive thru; and theyve gotten there a little late so they’re off to the side a bit but its okay because its summer, and everything is good, and they’re gonna spend the next couple hours with their favorite person in the world and its good.

the movie starts, and wordlessly michael lights the joint as the tinny opening music begins playing through their speaker. for a while they pass it back and forth, until about halfway through the movie when the joint gets too short to finish off.

there’s a lull in the action, and it’s beginning to get dark outside. jeremy leans (a bit awkwardly) over the console to rest his head on michael’s shoulder. he’s still wearing that hoodie, even though its june and he’s probably sweating his ass off.

they exchange a few meaningless words, about how they’re going to spend their summer and how they heard that jake dillinger Finally asked out rich, and how jeremy wishes he could have something like that, but after christine and he broke up nobody felt worth pursuing.

or at least, nothing worth pursuing that would lead anywhere.

michael asks what he means, except it comes out slow and languid and they both end up giggling before he can finish his thought, because even after smoking so much, he can never really get past the sluggishness of his high, can he?

jeremy says he likes him like this. likes how he’s open and always smiling and fumbles on his words some because it makes jeremy feel better.

makes you feel better about what? michael asks, trying to push through the hazy feeling to get his point across. jeremy’s head is still on his shoulder.

jeremy’s answer is vague and punctuated by hot red flushing cheeks, and michael presses further, eventually wrapping an arm around jeremy’s shoulders to keep him from leanibg away and changing the subject and then. and then jeremy just kisses him, a hand brought to rest on his cheek, and it tastes like stale smoke and popcorn and michaelmichaelmichael and.

it’s michael who pulls away — but God does he not want to — and hes the most overwhelmed he’s felt in his damn life because. did he really just kiss jeremy? and he isnt even sober?

he goes in to kiss jeremy again, chasing the rush that jeremy gave the blood in his veins, and before they know it the movie is over and there’s an attendant — first uncomfortably, then excitedly, and was that jenna rolan? — tapping on the window telling them they need to leave.

neither of them is anywhere near sober (but it’s hardly the pot that has them intoxicated at this point) and they end up having to call jake, who mysteriously ends up bringing rich along despite the late hour.

both sets of boys choose to ignore the intertwined hands of the other two.

michael never gets an answer to his question, but the warm reminder of jeremy on his lips and the heavy hand resting in his serves as enough, at least for now.

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DA:I companions (plus advisors) meeting the Hero of Ferelden (kudos if Leliana is in a romance with the Warden)

Cassandra: It’s an honor, of course. She might not have been anywhere near Denerim during the Blight but she knows what they managed to prevent– anyone who doesn’t just needs to look at the Hissing Wastes. They are a hero- as the name suggests- and she’ll treat them as such. But on a whole different level she is also Lelianna’s lover, and after years of serving the Divine together the Seeker knows more about the famous Warden than she is perhaps comfortable with. But its good to see their spymaster so happy, and theres a part of her that wants to see if this distant and almost legendary figure lives up to the sweet stories that Lelianna can be convinced to tell about her beloved.

Solas: Having seen spirits play out several aspects of the blight, from Ostagar to Denerim, the rift mage is curious to see the hero behind so many of those moments. If they’re a city elf and he hears about their experience before Duncan recruited them it confirms some suspicions in his head of how their race has fared among humans, but for the most part Solas enjoys listening to stories of their travels and observing the jovial mood amongst the Inner Circe and most of Skyhold.

Varric: Its a check off of his list of famous heros to have drinks with, and the dwarf is happy to set aside the role of racanteur to listen to the warden’s stories. When they mention Lothering he can’t help but be reminded of Hawke, and between bouts of note taking reminds himself to pen a letter to his friend in Kirkwall. Its been enough time since the blight that a warden character might go over well, and he needs something new after the Hard in Hightown 2 fiasco. Best to take notes from the source.

Blackwall: If it’s before Revelations he avoids them like the Blight itself. He has no way of knowing if they knew the true Blackwall and if they are going to reveal his secret to those people who trust him. Despite numerous invitations to join in on evenings in the tavern he stays apart in the barn and waits until they are gone. After Revelations sees him cautious around the Warden, ready with an apology if the Warden calls him out for his actions. But a good warden died in the beginning of their adventure too, and before long the two are at least comfortabe around each other.

Sera: The Red Jenny was young when the full terror of the Blight struck Denerim, but she remembers peeking out of the cracks in the cellar door where they sheltered and watching the Wardens take on darkspawn. If they are Cousland or Aeducan she’s wary of them, but otherwise she’s willing to sit down to a drink with them and- if the conversation goes well- to embark on a few pranks together.

Vivienne: If the Warden is from the Circle the Grand Enchanter will be quick to inquire after their politics, but otherwise shes polite and somewhat aloof. By the time news of the defeat at Ostagar had finally reached them the Hero and their party were well on the way to havig things handled, and the Battle of Denerim and fall of the Arch Demon happened too quickly for most circles to pass a vote on whether or not they should send people. Their stories are entertaining though, and its worth it enough to watch Sister Nightengales masks fall a bit as the bard relishes being around her inamorata.

Dorian: The Blight wasn’t given too much attention in Tevinter, mostly due to its relatively short time span. And if it hadn’t been for Felix Dorian might not have known anything at all about the Wardens or the Hero of Ferelden. But while he was still an apprentice he and Alexius had poured over every scrap of literature the could find regarding the taint, and he’d spent a very informative morning talking to a Ferelden merchant who’d been stuck in Denerim. Felix is gone by then of course, but Dorian still pokes at his old research from time to time and the offer to donate it to the wardens search- if they are not yet successful- spawns a few evenings of camaraderie and the beginnings of a friendship.

Iron Bull: Its a thrill to hear stories of the Arishok when he was till a Sten, and having read extensve Ben-Hassrath reports from both the former soldier and others who observed the chaos of the blight he’s eager to share drinks with the person behind the legends. If they recovered Sten’s sword for him his respect for them grows even higher but he is most keen on hearing descriptions of the arch demon. By the time they are done he is slightly envious of them– what a hell of a fight!

Cole: “Whispers not your own, nightmares and old gods and black in the blood. You are’t you anymore, but you make people happy. Happier than honey in wine or shoes.”

Cullen: The commander will be extremely tempted to hide out in his office until they are gone. Their last meeting was spectacularly awful and he has no wish to face their anger or disapproval, and if they are a mage those feelings are a thousand times worse. But eventually the warden drags them out -with a smile and the assurance that they understand why he said what he said so many years ago- and he is convinced to join the group for drinks and stories even if he has nothing to share himself.

Josephine: By the time she gets the proper quarters set up, deals with the nobles who want to meet the Hero and pries Lelianna away from her love long enough to help her get everything squared away the ambassador is exhuasted. But diplomacy rarely sleeps and besides she is too happy to see her friend happy to miss spending at least a few moments in the tavern. ONce shes there and has a drink or two she relaxes further and settles in to enjoy the wardens stories.

Lelianna: Her happiness is complete. For too long she and her love have been completely seperated, with only a rare letter to ensure the other that all was well. For the first hour or so that the hero is there she refuses to let go, and they hold each other in the alcoves of the aviary and just soak in each others presence. After that there are people to meet and the spmaster insists that her warden gets some rest, but that night they take their seats in the tavern and the story telling begins. In time she is convinced to grace them with a song or two, and for a moment it feels so much like the camps of old that she has to wipe a surreptious tear from her eye. Its been a long time since she was so happy, and nothing can take it away.

(Gif not mine but writing is)

The Disguise

You watched your boyfriend Newt, as he sat at his desk. Hunched over whilst he scribbled away at his book draft.
You had met him by chance whilst he was searching for an injured creature, never forgetting his surprised expression when he discovered that you had beaten him to it and had started caring for it yourself. Since then your relationship had grown closer and you now traveled with him, helping him care for his creatures. 
Newt was a tall man covered in freckles, his green eyes partially hidden by his messy reddish brown hair. He wore a light brown waistcoat, white shirt and dark trousers. 

Walking around the work shed you talk to a small creature that resembled a leafy twig, which happily sat in your hand. “What do you think Pickett?” you ask it playfully. “Do you think Newt will actually stop working and join me for dinner?” the bowtruckle responded with a high-pitched giggle as he jumped into the pocket of Newt’s blue jacket, which hung on a coat stand. 
“Ofcourse Pickett would be on your side.” you heard Newt mumble with a smile as he continues to write in his notebook. You laugh at his remark. Walking towards his chair you place a kiss on Newt’s cheek before saying softy “Come up when you’re ready.”

As you are walking away from him, Newt reaches forward and gently pulls on your arm so you sit on his lap. “Just try and stop me.” he says with a smile kissing the tip of your nose. Wrapping his arms around you he draws you into a hug as his chin rests on your shoulder. It was nice just stay there for a few moments, completely content with how happy you were in each another’s arms. Snapping back to reality Newt sighed loudly. 
“What’s wrong?” you asked as you looked at his face in confusion.  He had an expression that reflected worry and disappointment. 

“You know how I built the new water enclosure because there is a kelpie in need?”
You nodded as you remember how excited you are to see the new creature. Newt hesitated for a moment before continuing. “(Y/N),  it’s that kelpie who needs our help. I’ve um… Kind of met this one before and it did not go well. I tried to get it into the case before but I made a silly mistake and spooked it. I really didn’t mean to and you know how kelpies are. It’ll recognise me next time and won’t trust me.” he frowned. 
“But from what you’ve told me, we need to save it.” you say looking at him. You could see a determination in his eyes as he looked at you. “What? Me? Newt, you know I’m not skilled enough to get the creature into the case on my own. I need your knowledge and expertise. Maybe it won’t recognise you.” you say with panic in your voice as you step off of his lap. 
“You know that kelpies have excellent memories. It will instantly recognise me. Besides I have tried a couple of times. I just… I really don’t see another way to capture it.” Newt said turning in his chair to face you. 

Looking around you catch your reflection in the mirror at the other side of the room. You must have been in such a rush this morning that you did not finish your makeup.
“Don’t worry we’ll think of something.” you say, staring at your reflection in the mirror as you put on your lipstick. Your eyes focus on the colour, how it made you feel more confident. The red lipstick would go nice with a green outfit… Green. An idea creeps into your mind as you turned around and focused on Newt’s green eyes. A wide grin spread across your face. 

“What?” Newt said in a puzzled voice as he watched the change in your expression. 
“Well… What if you went as someone else. So the kelpie did not know it was you.” you theorise, walking back towards him. 
“Possibly. Like a disguise?” Newt’s expression became one of curiosity.
“Exactly” you say as you lean forward and kiss him. The red colour of your lipstick transferring onto his lips. You look at his face with this new addition of colour, contemplating the possibility before nodding to yourself. 
“I think I have an idea.” you say excitedly before grabbing Newt’s arm and dragging him before the mirror. 

You both looked in the mirror, staring at your reflections. Newt’s eyes widened with the sudden realisation of your idea. 
“(Y/N) you can’t be serious?” he questioned with a chuckle as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. 
“Why not. It will be fun. You’d look unrecognisable to the creature but still be there to help me. The makeup and clothes will not restrict you from doing what you do best. Besides I’m going to need a chaperone for where the kelpie is and I am not strong enough to get the bridle over its head.” you explain. 
Deep down Newt knew that you were right. Despite still being undecided he sighed “Ok, I’ll give it a go.“ 

In your apartment, you laid a dark green dress that was too big for you but might fit Newt onto your bed. You had purchased a short dark red wig and organised various bits of makeup on your dressing table. The case opened and Newt stepped out of it, he had just finished feeding all of the creatures. "Are you ready?” you ask smiling at him. Nervously he nodded. Sitting him down you apply the makeup onto his face with great precision. You smiled as the lipstick exaggerated the fullness of his lips and the eye makeup framed his eyes perfectly. “I’ll just go and grab a bridle.” you say as you dash into the hallway whilst Newt put the dress and wig on. 

You froze as you caught a glimpse of him when you walked back into your bedroom. He was nearly unrecognisable and completely gorgeous. The wig suited him perfectly and the dress gave him a slightly more shapely figure. 
“How can you look this pretty so effortlessly?” you ask, giggling with excitement. He chuckled whilst blushing in response. 
“Not as pretty as you. Do you really think that this will work?” he asked nervously. 
“Newt, you know that if you don’t believe it, then the kelpie definitely won’t. Trust me it will definitely work.” you say smiling at him. Feeling a bit more confident, a grin spreads onto his face as well. 

To get to the lake where the kelpie calls home, the pair of you needed to walk through a small village on the very outskirts of the English countryside. You held the case with one hand and your other arm was linked with Newt’s. Some people briefly looked as you passed them. Seeing as you were two pretty ladies, it was more men that stared compared to women. As you walked you could feel Newt trembling slightly with nerves. 
Leaning your face towards his ear you whispered “Don’t worry, you are doing really well.” You gently stroke Newt’s arm in reassurance, causing him to smile. 

Now past the village, you both start to walk through a field. Suddenly Newt tugs on your arm to stop your steps. You look at him and see a look of anger and annoyance on his face. 
“How do you do it?” he asks, his eyes burning into your confused ones. “I don’t know how you do it. Constantly being judged by everyone you pass. Gazed upon by men with their hungry eyes.” You smile as your cheeks start blushing.
“Don’t worry. You’re just feeling self conscious.” you reply. It was obvious that his experience through the village had struck a nerve with Newt. He didn’t realise how much you were looked at in public, by men in particular. You had never seen him jealous before. 

Facing him you look Newt over, paying particular attention to his stance. The walk through the village was a test run. He still moved too much like himself.
“Before we go any further we need to work on your movements. You are still moving the same and the kelpie is going to pick up on that.” you tell him. He knew that you were speaking the truth. 
“What do you suggest?” he asked with a skeptical look. You thought for a minute as you looked at his figure. He still looked uncomfortable as he pulled at the dress he was wearing and fiddled with the hair of his wig. You needed to word your response carefully and in a way he would understand perfectly. 
“You need to move with more grace… Imagine how an occamy moves. They swish and sway with ease. Try to move more fluidly and focus on the weightlessness of your steps. Try and copy me.” you reassured him. He started to copy you as you moved elegantly through the field, both of your dresses sweeping over the spring grass. It looked as if you were both walking on air. Your arms elongated with poise. 
You watched Newt as he then attempted it without your assistance. Smiling at your hard work, you took his hand in his as you said “Let’s go.”

Finally you were at the lake. The sunlight danced on the fresh water as birds sung in nearby trees. However the water was still, and there was no sign of the creature anywhere. You remembered Newt telling you about a large kelpie in Loch Ness that had developed a thirst for publicity. You did not know if this was true for all of its kind but there was only one way to find out. 
Facing Newt you start to speak loudly. “Oh dear, it is such a shame. I was hoping that there was a kelpie here I could show you. It is ofcourse one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.” Newt smiled as you both spotted a pair of eyes and the faint silhouette of horse’s head start to rise out of the lake with curiousity. 

Newt carefully watched you as you slowly began to approach the kelpie as it began to emerge from the water. It stared at Newt, who to make sure he was not recognised, began to swish his dress and produced a high-pitched giggle. You laughed a little at the sound. The plan was working so far. The kelpie thought that it was luring you to be devoured, when actually you were luring it to its own capture. The kelpie’s body was nearly completely out of the water and only about a metre in front of you. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Newt sneaking up behind it with soundless steps. To keep the kelpie preoccupied you reach your hand out towards it, almost touching it. 
Suddenly Newt jumped onto the kelpie’s back, causing it to buck. Using all his strength he kept a firm grip on its mane. However he swiftly put a bridle over its head with a placement charm. You stood ready with the case wide open in your hands. Now more docile with the bridle over its head, Newt steered the kelpie in to case before promptly falling off onto the floor. 
Snapping the case shut quickly, you could now breathe a sigh of relief. 

You looked at Newt and giggled. He was breathless, his wig tilted to the side with frizzy curls out of place and his makeup smudged. The bottom of his dress was ripped in the initial struggle with the kelpie. He looked up at you, smiling with pride. 
“Thank you” he panted. 

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Hi, I love your writing style, if you are feeling up do it, could you do one where the reader is a Girlsie and she likes Crutchie, but she pretends to be a boy so she can work with the Newsies, and they all find out and it's fluffy and stuff? Idk if that makes sense, but I think you could write it wonderfully.

i did a bit of research for this one, and hopefully, i didn’t stray too far from your request—Nails.

Everyday, it was the same. Somehow manage to get up before the boys, haul ass into the tub, make sure your hair was still short enough to not give you away, then wait. You dressed yourself just as the others were waking up. Race came up behind you and smacked you over the head with a rolled up paper from yesterday. “Morning, (Name).” He laughed.

“Go away, Race.” You responded. Race made himself scarce with some of the other boys. It was always the same. Your routine had been in place for upwards of two months now. And it was in place for a reason. If you were given away as a girl, it’d be back to the streets. To the refuge, in a worst case scenario. The rules were clear: boys only, don’t break curfew without a pass, pay your fees, everyone out by 7:00. You danced delicately on the first rule.

You started towards the stairs when you spotted Crutchie. All you could do was smile. “Hey, need a hand?” Crutchie looked up at you with a big grin on his face. That’s what it was about Crutchie, that damn smile. It could brighten up a cave. That’s what home looked like to you.

“No, I got it. But if ya wanted ta walk with me, I’d like that.” He said. How were you to refuse an offer like that? You knew Crutchie didn’t like you-couldn’t like you. You were a boy, as far as the Newsies were concerned. All you wanted to do was take his face in your hands and kiss him.

Snapping out of your days, you nodded. “‘Course I will.” You kept pace with him down the stairs. Crutchie passed some stories from Jack down to you. Crutchie was such a brilliant storyteller in your eyes. He had such a way with words.

The pair of you were almost to the world, when, quite abruptly, Crutchie says “You know I know, right?”

“Kn-know what?”

“Come on, (Name), I ain’t stupid like the others. You… You’re a girl, ain’t you?”

You were floored. All you could do was open and close your mouth. This was the one thing you deeply feared. You knew not what to say. “Crutchie, I—”

“Okay, (Name), just know that I ain’t gonna tell, I promise. I ain’t gonna tell nobody.”

Trust was a difficult five letter word. You swallowed. “Okay.”

Crutchie smiled once again. Carefully, you felt him take your hand, with his free one. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as you thought. “You’re safe with me, don’t you worry.”


(((( for my dear joanna senpai who just started stanning 17!!!

everything has either junhui/minghao in it because i’m trash for them like that!!!

i didn’t put in the titles/authors since u can see it after clicking the link ))))

https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/813692 - JUNHAO SMUT first of all i love this because it’s well written smut and junhao i love Sinning

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6931981 - junhao! i just found this while looking at the junhao tag in ao3 and i love the concept a+++

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6365353/ - WONHUI. 105k words of wonhui. and it has a lot of dancing terms, but! the characterization is A+++ i love it

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5277134/ - jihan but i love this au so much so im recommending it anyways!!! but this isn’t complete!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5218811/ - A SET OF ONESHOTS/DRABBLES for every otp, but i don’t think this is done too. but you can see a lot of rare otps so who knows you might discover an otp here that u never wouldve thought u’d ship

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6701665 - WONHUI + MINGHAO SMUT AA AA A A AA A AA i love anything with wonhui and even moreso with minghao SO THIS FIC IS A BLESSING

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6602794 - WONHUI again this is hella funny and really cute i love the sns parts!!


http://archiveofourown.org/works/5821237 - ANOTHER WONHUI (do u see me being trash for wonhui now they are like my suyeol) + kid!minghao i love every single thing in this fic i love minghao my smol child my heart ached bc of this

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5451419 - surprise, surprise!!! WONHUI + soonhoon (aka 96 line!!!) smut ahe this is when i found out that i actually ship soonhoon

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5344013 - ANOTHER WONHUI IM SORRY i read a lot of wonhui. this is another smut. but this was one of the first svt smut i’ve read and im hAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS A GEM.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6817777 - oh man junhoon i literally read this before i rec’d this i love fluff i love nonau junhoon ESP WHEN THEY FIRST WON THE MUSIC SHOW oh god jun is so bf material

http://archiveofourown.org/works/4700573 - CHINALINE one of the first fics i read i love this so much mgmhnhg (+++badass minghao, gr8 concept)


http://archiveofourown.org/works/5352575 - JUST a really cute short junhan fic!!! i love them too but theres not a lot,

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5268311 - OKAY this is a lot of pairings (ot13) but there’s no smut i just really love this fic to bits it’s still ongoing but i just loVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5960836 - another ot13 fic i love ot13 very much and it’s a cute au!! it’s ongoing as well but i still rec anyways

UPDATE (1/???)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5247953 - ot13 very short orchestra!au fic. i’ve never handled an instrument but it’s reaLLY FUNNY AND JUNHAO TALKING ABOUT ANIMALS WHILE JIHOON IS TALKING ABOUT ASSIGNMENTS

• archiveofourown.org/works/6963403 - ANOTHER OT13 FIC it’s a short group message fic and 95% relatable bc im in a gc as well and the roasting + gay is overflowing (written for svt’s first anniv!!)

UPDATE (2/???)


http://archiveofourown.org/works/6997735 - WONHUI + side!gyuhao!!! i LOVE THIS FIC TO BITS BECAUSE WONWOO IS SUCH A TSUN AND COCKY JUNHUI IS JUST?????¿¿¿ reallyho t???¿ and gyuhao i love gyuhao so much


http://archiveofourown.org/works/6767350 - READ IT THIS IS THE BEST THING AFTER BAEKBAMA

ok this is all i have for now!!! there’s a lot more but some are ongoing and havent updated for a while so i didn’t include them. i hope you enjoy reading all this!!! ^o^ ***i will edit this every now and then when i find good ones that tickle my fancy ahe

Rewritten, Chapter 13: Link Alone

Read this on Fanfiction.net or Ao3  ➜

He was dreaming. A divine golden light, glittering but out of reach, sat in his mind. And a voice, so familiar but completely strange, piercing through the deep, heavy silence.

“Open your eyes.”

The voice repeated a couple times. He slowly lifted his eyelids.

“Wake up, Link.”

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Hello! Thank you for responding ^^ It's the same Anon. And I can see what you're saying! It seems a bit promising because the crew has already gotten its foot in the door and has gotten the attention of a ton of people who really enjoy it! At the very least, I would like to see more shorts. Or maybe a mini series like Over the Garden Wall was! Either way. Yes. I want more too. I too am concerned however. But for different reasons. I'm afraid they will change it somehow...

oooh yeah, i can definitely accept the show becoming a mini series like OTGW! (hell, i’ll still even settle for more shorts like the ones we got)

and i see what you mean, should the show be greenlit(or is already in the process of being greenlit) theres a chance that more people will come on the team and try to change alan and the original team’s vision and thats a scary thought. nobody wants to have a bunch of tv executives standing over their shoulder as they proof read and end up changing everything.

A quick doodle I did traditionally and colored digitally with my mouse. C: This time it’s of an older Flurry Heart and a tentative design for her future brother, Dusk Shine. He’d actually be much younger than what’s shown here, but I usually go backwards in the age department when designing a character (design their adult version before aging them down) so…yep. I wanted him to kinda look a little bit like Twilight, especially his hair (the combination of his father’s and mother’s hair color ends up making it similar to Twi’s!) because I thought it’d be cute if Cadance and Shining named a foal after her in a way (yes, I got the name from rule63!Twilight). I’m still gonna do a full-body version to fully hash out his design, but for now I think he looks okay. What do ya’ll think? O:

I already have an idea for how he is as a pony, too; prim and proper and every bit the prince that he is, however he has a couple of self-esteem issues. This is mainly because he has a condition where his horn is stunted in its growth, resulting in a short stub of a horn (the condition sometimes calls unicorns that have it “hornless unicorns”) and the inability to wield magic through it. Due to this he had to learn how to release his magic in a different way, and he does so in a way earth ponies do; through the hooves. While this suits him fine it makes him self-conscious that he’s the only one in his family that doesn’t have a working horn, and while his family tries to let him know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of he still feels this way all the same. He’ll eventually overcome it and gain more confidence in himself, specifically through the power of make-up!

Dusk Shine’s the type of guy who loves putting on make-up and dressing up, and boy he’s really good at it too. Despite being a prince with the responsibility of the kingdom in his future, Shining and Cadance want their children to have the freedom to be who they are and what they want to be. In this case, Dusk would have probably been a make-up artist otherwise; as a foal Flurry Heart taught him how to apply make-up when she caught him playing in hers, and let him practice on her until he bettered himself at it. To this day, Flurry Heart would seek her brother out to do her make-up instead of doing it herself.

Fun Fact about Dusk Shine: He’s often mistaken as female but it doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

As for Flurry Heart, I’ve actually headcanoned her as perhaps the future captain of the Crystal Guard. As a youngster she was very much a rambunctious gal; all over the place and daring and giving her father and mother heart attacks left and right. Where’s Dusk Shine was a Momma’s boy, Flurry’s a Daddy’s girl, and given her father’s past on being the captain of the Royal Guard in Equestria, then the Captain of the Crystal Guard, I can see her wanting to be just like him when she get’s older. :3

Anyway I’ll just leave it at that for now. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any, and thanks so much for takin’ a look! :3

dancing to our own beat

Carry On Countdown Day 10: Music (this was the one I passed in for creative writing btw)

Why is everything I do a high school AU

Baz is incredibly nervous.

He’s often some form of nervous, but this is a different situation altogether. A different kind of nerves. Baz is never nervous around Simon.

Baz and Simon fit together like two pieces of a puzzle- no, that’s too cliche, Baz thinks. They’re two patches from the same cloth, a pair of too-small shoes, the end pieces on a loaf of bread. They’re the discards, but they belong together. It’s always been like that.

Baz doesn’t even remember the first time he and Simon met, it was so long ago. Somewhere in the recesses of his mind he can conjure up a red sweater and a bandaid when he tries to think of that day, but that’s all that appears. Simon has told him before that Baz was wearing the red sweater on that fateful day in third grade, that he’d torn it falling off his bike. Simon had been outside playing on the swings by his house and ranin to get him a bandaid. Baz has no reason to disbelieve him. It sounds plausible, because it’s still the way it works- Simon takes care of Baz, even when Baz doesn’t ask for it. (Even when Baz asks him not to).

What Baz does remember, however, is that prom is coming up in two weeks, and Simon is fixing to ask some girl in his Geometry class with hair so blonde it makes Baz squint and legs so thin Baz is surprised they don’t break when she walks. Simon seems to think she’s amazing. Baz doesn’t share this opinion. He may be slightly biased.

He’s going to ask Simon to the prom.

It’s not like it’s a big deal, actually. They kissed once in a utility closet, skipping class and hiding from the janitors, and it was lovely. Simon tasted like chocolate and mint from the peppermint patty he’d just eaten, and his lips were soft, and Baz thought he was melting away like a candle left to burn for too long. And then the janitor passed, and it was over. Simon laughed. Baz blushed. Simon knocked playfully against Baz’s side. Baz blushed harder. They never talked about it again. They still don’t talk about it.

“Baz and Simon” isn’t something unheard of- Penny even told Baz once that Simon mentioned having a crush on him. That, however, was three months ago, and now Simon has eyes for the Blinding Blonde, and Baz is so nervous that his stomach feels like it’s going to come out of his ear.

The lights in the music room are off, but Baz doesn’t need the light to know where to put his fingers on the strings of the guitar. He coaxes out pretty sounds, the sounds he needs to bend just right to convince Simon that maybe, just maybe, he loves Baz as much as Baz loves him (or could love him eventually, at least). It isn’t the guitar he’s worried about. Simon has never heard him sing. Baz’s own parents have never heard him sing. Baz knows he isn’t bad, but he isn’t sure he’s good enough.

Footsteps echo down the hall towards the music room, and Penny giggles by her hiding spot next to the light switch, conveniently a dimmer. “Shhh,” Baz scolds, taking a quick swig of his water bottle. He begins the opening chords. If it’s Simon, then he only has a few moments before he comes in, and he wants to be at least halfway through the introduction by the time he walks in. It’s Simon’s favorite song, some ballad by Ed Sheeran that Baz had never heard before it came on the radio while they were getting fro-yo and Simon squealed like a little girl and turned it up so loud the car shook.

He sees Simon’s shoes before he sees the rest of him. Dirty red converses with the laces undone. A size too small, because Simon refuses to get a new pair. Baz teases him about them all the time, but now, his mind as as far from teasing. “You asked me to meet here?” Simon’s voice rings out, and he peers in the doorway, golden curls bouncing, cheeks rosy and freckled.

Penny is surprisingly good. She stands dutifully by the light switch, hidden from Simon’s view, and starts videotaping with her phone (partially so they can have the memory if it goes well, but mostly so she can tease them both mercilessly. It’s going to go well- she’s sure she knows them better than they know themselves).

“Yeah,” Baz mutters, fingers still flitting lazily over the strings. Simon wrinkles his eyebrows together and steps in. The full picture of him almost makes Baz lose his nerve. Simon looks like the reincarnation of Apollo, if Apollo was a high school boy with bad fashion sense. Baggy jeans, too short and ripped at the knees, and a tight red shirt that stretches almost to its limit across Simon’s broad shoulders. Everything he gets is hand-me-downs, and none of it fits, but Baz still thinks he looks glorious. At the moment, he looks gloriously confused.

"What’s going on? Who’s playing music?” Simon asks, looking around for Baz. His gaze falls on Baz sitting on a stool in the corner, and Baz grins. He nears the end of the introduction, and Penny lifts the dimmer just a bit. It’s not bright, but it’s enough. Simon falls silent when he sees Baz with his guitar, just like Baz knew he would. When Baz plays, Simon always listens, sits down criss-cross applesauce and leans forward with his chin in his hands and his elbows on his knees. He does it now, in the middle of the cold, tiled floor, with a perplexed look on his face.

Settle down with me
Cover me up
Cuddle me in
Lie down with me
And hold me in your arms

The first verse is weak and sheepish, and Baz’s voice cracks on the third line, but he toughs it out. It’s worth it, to see the way Simon’s eyes widen imperceptibly once he recognizes the song.

And your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed in my neck
I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet
And with a feeling I’ll forget
,” Baz pauses before settling into the next line.

I’m in love, now.”

It starts gentle, then grows, the way Simon sways to the music. First he taps his fingers in time against his knees, then moves his shoulders a little. By the chorus, he’s fully immersed, eyes closed and a foolish grin plastered on his face.

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love

Baz just strums now, not sure if he should continue. It takes a minute before he notices the tears glistening on Simon’s cheeks, the slight shudder behind his sway.

That’s all it takes for Baz to abandon the plan. (Penny will be so mad that she spent all that time making that poster for nothing.)

"Simon,” he whispers, afraid to break the silence- afraid of what else might break if he does. “Simon, love, it’s alright.”

Simon laughs, wiping his palms against his wet cheeks. “Love?”

"Love,” Baz confirms, setting the guitar down so it rests on the stand. He walks over to Simon, still sitting on the floor, still swaying to the music that has ceased. “Si, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while,” Baz starts, but the words are sounding wrong, so formal, and he doesn’t know how to fix it. “But I was scared I’d ruin everything.”

Simon nods, eyes closed. Other than that, no response. Baz gulps.

"Will you go to prom with me?” Baz spits unceremoniously, saying it so fast it all blends together into one word, packed with nervous energy.

"Is that what all this fuss is about?” Simon replies, finally opening his eyes, finally standing up, finally responding, for God’s sake. Baz was beginning to worry he’d lost him. Simon turns to Baz and takes his hands, facing him. “Of course I’ll go to prom with you, you dolt,” he laughs, and Baz smiles, and Penny knows what’s going to happen, so she clicks the camera off and slips out unseen.

When they kiss it feels like magic, and when Simon pulls away, Baz follows him blindly. “I like this so much better out of the closet,” he remarks, and Simon giggles.

"Pun intended?”

"Pun intended.”

"I didn’t know you could sing,” Simon says, leaning in and pressing their foreheads together, wrapping his arms around Baz’s shoulders.

"I didn’t know I could, either,” Baz chuckles, and pulls Simon in by the waist.

They laugh and they kiss and they stay in the dim room alone, with none but each other and their own happiness to keep them company. Misfits, dancing to the unheard music.

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Can I request a scenario with Jimin where you offered to shave for jimin and you're sitting on the bathroom counter cause u can't reach his face and u wrap ur legs around his waist to hold him still and he's just looking at u in adoration cause ur v cute (this was probably a mini scenario on its own... Ye) thank u!

Originally posted by vminv

Hey lovely~ Thank you for this really adorable request <3 I’m also sorry for the long wait ^^ I tried my best to maike this cute scenario that screamed KAWAII all the way. Park Jimin is bae af and all I gotta say is that I’M  IN LUV WITH HIS LAUGH x) Am I the only one who starts laughing along as soon as a giggle comes out of chimchim’s mouth lol 

Hope you enjoy~ Here it is~ Please request again <3 I really enjoyed  writing this scenario :)

Genre: romance/fluff/
Pairing: Jimin/You
Length: 2421 words
Summary: You and Jimin are a sweetly engaged couple  and one day you offer to shave his face for him.

Jimin and you have been engaged for about 3 months now and the boy still seems to be falling under your spell everytime he sees your face everyday.Your relationship was what people called mushy and cheesy as hell.Jimin was a fluff ball and you enjoyed each and every little compliments and events he made for you.You were his entire universe and he loved gazing into your gorgeous eyes.They were like the stars of his own personal galaxy.

You liked waking up to him and his cute bed hair along with that confused face he gives you. Jimin still can’t believe both of you live together, since he’ll wake up and ask you to pinch him. He has trouble believing  his biggest dream of becoming  your man by law was going to happen.He adored you so much and all of your imperfection.You were his other half for so long that he can’t even imagine how his life would be without your kisses ,your hugs or your addicting aroma that got him hooked.

You may have been only engaged and planning the marriage, but you were already all the way like a married couple. Jimin’s friends would complain non-stop at your display of affection.No matter where you were the boys would find ways to feel bitter about your cute relationship.

“Whoah….look at them going again”, Taehyung shooks his head in disbelief “ This is the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend”

“ I’m envious”, Namjoon sighs

“What are you envious about bruh??! Aiigooo…sweeter than that you’d die… Man I’m doing a sugar overdose…”, hoseok would fake a barf motion

“ You’re doing an overdose because of me?”, suga would wiggle his eyebrows “ Sorry man, but I already got a girlfriend.You should’ve made your moves before I was taken”, he smirks

“Now…whoah….this couple is really a different deal! They’re kissing now”,Taehyung mouth drops


Jimin would only smirk in response to his dongsaeng and Jin the oldest hyung  would fire back to protect the youngest member of this squad.

“Don’t scare the virgin ones jimin, he’s still innocent! Don’t taint the last hope left in this squad”, Jin comments

This was how relationship was viewed from Jimin’s friends.In the case of your friends, these girls were dying of jealousy with no tomorrow.You were getting married soon while they were still struggling to find a man.You and Jimin may have been pretty young to get engaged, but you agreed to get married once you finish up university .

Jimin and you were both back from a long tiring day as Jimin threw his bag on the couch while slowly pulling on his tie to untie it.you could see him struggling with it since it would end up in knot.Jimin sucked at taking care of himself .He was like a baby in the body of an adult.This boy needed your supervision and help no matter what he did.He was a natural disaster

“ Geez, Jimin, what are you doing?”, you furrow your brows at the tie that was stuck “Omg…what the hell is this kind of knot”, you stare at it

“ Baby, don’t blame me ,This tie is too attracted to me and won’t come off”,he comments with a playful smile

You roll your eyes while smiling

“Of course, it’s the tie”, you chuckle” You’re always the best at anything you do”, you tap his cute nose

Jimin pout in response

“Y/N, was that intended to be sarcastic?”, he makes that puppy face

“I don’t know…was it suppsoed to be sarcastic?”, you raise a brow “It’s up to you and how you percieve see it”, you concentrate on his tie

As you concentrate on his tie, Jimin’s eyes would concentrate on all of your gorgeous facial features.He still couldn’t believe a beautiful girl like you would be his wife soon.

“Are you admiring me?”, you bat your lashes “I can’t blame you~ I’m a hot item nowadays”

“Hot item? “Jimin furrow his brows at what you just said before an annoyed expression got to his face “ Don’t tell me…that sunbae asked you out again”,Jimin facepalmed

You nodded while chuckling

“ I mean…can’t he leave you alone!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED FOR JESUS SAKE”

“ He had dabs on me before you even came in the picture, how unfortunate is that for him”, you play along

“ w-what?! UNFORTUNATE?!”,jimin’s eyes widened

“Whoah there romeo, stop moving so much ,This tie is getting in a tighter knot”

“Just like our relationship”, he smirks as his sneaky hands slide around your waist

“Omg Park Jimin, what’s wrong with you!”, you hit his chest with your fist playfully “Weren’t you pissed like 2 seconds ago?”, You raise a brow

“See? That’s the beauty of having me as your fiancee! I’m the kind of guy that does not hold grudges against people”,Jimin smiles at you “that sunbae was too short to be your boyfriend anyways”

“Says the short guy himself”,you chuckled

“ you’re even SHORTER than me, SHORTY”, he stuck out his tongue childishly

“Ok, Jiminie, if that makes you feel better” you tap his shoulder “Look, just take off that tie , I’ll try untying that knot later, it won’t come off”, you sigh

“Just like my love for you~”, he winks at you

“Yes jimin, your love for me is tight like a knot”, you roll your eyes as you’re about to go to the other room

“Hey, where are you going?”, he grabs your arm as you turn around

“ i gotta go make supper, Chimchim”, you reply “Do you need something?”

“ You didn’t gave me a kiss, Y/N”, he pouts like a child

“Whoah, look at you being all aegyo and shit”, you point at him “What happened to the manly guy  from busan you used to be when we first met”

“That was when I needed to impress you”, he mutter under his breath

“What?”, you ask

“ No nothing, babe~ Just go do your stuff”, he pushes you forward

“What about the kiss?”, your eyes rounded

“ I’m fine, I’ll bare with it for now”, he nudges you

Jimin was a fool in love and he liked following each and everything you asked him to do.He depended on you and he needed you to be around, or else he’ll be a mess.He’s the kind of guy that needs you to be around in order to function properly.

There it was.Night finally arrived after you both ate supper and both of you were getting ready to go to bed. While you were applying that facial mask along with your other numerous beauty products, Jimin was there staring at you in awe.

“ You look so beautiful Y/N, even while wearing that weird ghost mask”, he says out loud

“ Was that a compliment?”, you chuckle “ Thank you for reassuring me that my beauty status ain’t a ghost’s one”

He watches you in fascination as you finally were done with your facial mask. Jimin took out that shaving cream and razor he usually use like each and every other day.

Your lips curve up into a smile as you see him pull out that shaving cream.You loved the fragrance of that shaving cream so much and you loved it’s consistency so much.

“Jiminie”, you nudge his shoulder

He stared at you  from his shoulder

“What’s up, babe?”, he takes off his tank top since he had to get changed anyways.

“Why are you stripping?”, you pout “ I wanted to shave your face for you!”, you pull his tank top down

“Whoah look at you!Girls would kill each other to get a glimpse of my body, yet you’re stopping a free strip tease from me“, Jimin scoffs

“Come on~ Just this time”, you wink at him while nugding his toned arm “ I don’t need to see your body babe, I already know it’s sexy”, you poke his shoulder cutely

Jimin freezed for three seconds and blushed at your bold comment.It was amazing how you still managed to make him flustered even though you both have been together for more than 3 years.

“Chimchim to earth”, you wave your hand in front of his face “Jiminie?”

“ Oh yeah….So what was it? you wanted to shave for me?”, he stares at you

You nod and jimin’s eyesmile makes its appearence.You just needed to see a smile on his face for you to brighten up.He was your sunshine and your universe.

“Hmm….but what to do?”, he taps his chin “ I think you’re a bit too short to reach my face”, teases you as he ruffles your hair

“Aiiishh..DON’T DO IT”, you grab his wrist to prevent him from messing up your hair

“ Ok I won’t “, he smirks “ As long as you kiss me I won’t do it again”

“After I’m done with shaving your face”, you cross your arms against your chest

“W-Why?!”, he pouts at your smaller frame

“Because, stop asking so many questions, love”, you climb on the counter

“Babe what are you doing?! It’s dangerous!”, he grabs your arm in worry

“ I’m just going to sit here. no need to get all  parental advisory  over me!”, you smack his arm as you make yourself comfortable on the counter “you’re the one who called me short in the first place”, you scoffed

“ I’m just worried about you!”, he frowns before running his fingers along your bare arms in a caring way

“Give it to me”, you suddenly say while showing your palm

Jimin furrow his brows at what you just asked

“Give you what?”, he tilt his head cluelessly

“ Shaving cream, pabo! Give it over~”, you snatch it away from his hands

Jimin stares at you with fascination written all over his face.You looked so adorable snatching that shaving cream from while struggling to even open it up.He wanted to help you ,but he just stood back and stared at you.You looked so cute trying to concentrate on how that thing opened

“Y/N”, jimin calls your name

“ I’m in the middle of a very important thing right now, don’t disturb me”, you tell him as your eyes wouldn’t leave the product in your hands

“Y/N…It’s the other way”, he comments before grabbing the lotion away from you to open it with ease.

You clap your hands in excitement as jimin hands you the product.Without further do you squeeze that bottle thingy to get the most cream to come out.It was like wonderland for you and it smelled so so so good.

“B-Babe no no no!!! Don’t waste too much!!”, Jimin gets closer to you and tries to take the bottle away

“I’m not wasting anything Jiminie! All of this will go on your face!”, you frown at him “ I’ll make your face the smoothest ever~”, you wink at him

You instruct him to come closer to you with your hand. Jimin make his way closer to you and you find this proximity too far away so you grab the side of his tank top to make his face up close to you. You use your hands and fingers to spread the cream all over his chin ,cheeks and jaw. It smelled so good you could die. You could notice that apparent blush and rush of heat Jimin was going through. Here he was again , back at it with his perverted giggles

“Why are you laughing now?”, you chuckle along “ Do you like it that much?”

“No , you’re just so cute I can’t help it. Is it your first time shaving a guy’s face perhaps?”,he raises a seductive brow

“You should be honoured to be my first and my last ,Park Jimin”, you comment

Jimin bites his bottom lip in response and you panic

“Yah! careful! You might eat up the shaving cream and die!”, you slap his arm

Jimin is very agitated because he’s so close to you and he’s feeling nervous, but you’re scared to death to make a mistake and cut up his perfect skin with that razor in your hand.You weren’t going to do this ,with him moving non stop,so you had the brilliant idea to wrap your legs around his waist to keep him still.Jimin on the other side was even more flustered than he was seconds ago.You guys may be engaged for a while but Jimin is still very sensitive to each and every touch that come from you.

“ Why are you leaning away! Bring your face back here,Park Jimin!”, you snap as you were about to start shaving his perfect face “And DON’T MOVE”

Jimin nods and you scold him again

“ I said DON’T MOVE”, you repeat

Jimin freeze onto place as he can feel the sharpness of the razor touch his skin delicatly. Jimin’s eyes were fixated on you.He liked how you furrowed your brows cutely each and everytime you had to put that razor against his skin.He knew you were nervous about cuting up his skin and he found this worry written all over your eyes very cute.He was there staring at you in awe as the blade was near his jaw. He wasn’t afraid you’d fail at this, because he trusted and loved you too much.You both were going to get married anyways.

Once it was finally done and Jimin was able to wash off his face, you could see him pucker his lips at you

“What do you want now?”, you raise a brow

“Babe~ You promised me a kiss earlier!”, he pulls you in his manly embrace “And I gotta say that you did  a pretty good job at shaving my face earlier”, he smirks

“You did a pretty good job at staying in place too”, you smile at him

“ So, where’s my kiss?”, he gives you that cute gaze

“ I’ll kiss you once both of us go down the aisle”

“ omg that was a lame pick up line…”, jimin facepalmed “ Come on, seriously that’s not fair!!! You better  give me my–”

You cut him off by pressing your lips on his cheek

“…kiss”, you holds on his cheek like school boy

“Is that good enough, Park Jimin-ssi?”, you say before taping his nose and leaving to your room

“ Y/N!!! Wait for me ~ Let’s go together~~” he chuckles as he runs after you

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According to this (in Polish) a horse of a Polish hussar, taking a musket shot in the chest, invariably killing the animal, did not stop its charge. The impetus, speed and contracting muscles caused it to still gallop quite a bit before collapsing, but after already entering the enemy ranks (the range of muskets was quite short at the time).

But, of course, the hussar charge was so devastating that everyone was too dead or fleeing to notice that the horse died, leading to a belief that the horses of the hussar’s were somehow immortal or magically protected.

Coolest thing I’ve heard in a while.

A Fart Filled Future - Part 2 A New Master

This story is about farts and ass worshipping, if you are not 18+ and if this does not appeal to you, DO NOT READ.

Around the entire room I could see similar enclosures containing men in various states of confusion and disarray. The buyers at the center of the room took notice of us, and began to browse. I thought of how I could impress them. I remembered the toilet at the end of my cell, and moved toward it. I began to notice some men outside my cell, watching. I proceeded to lick the toilet seat thoroughly, so as to demonstrate to these suitors how prepared I was.

A crowd began to build outside of my cell. They all seemed very impressed. I turned to observe them. They all had in their hands small, touchscreen devices. These devices emitted holograms as well, however. The men could select a slave and a small hologram model of this slave would appear, along with statistics about this slave. The men were all looking at a small hologram model of me.

I heard a loud ding suddenly. It was followed by another. Then two more, until there was a frenzy of dinging inside my cell. The woman came back on the intercom. She said, “Slave 1, these noises signify the men that want you. Seeing as you have received many we will allow you to choose which you will be with.”

I saw the men outside my cell moving away, and suddenly a door opened in the back of my cell. I walked through and found all the men seated around a table. There must have been 20 of them in total. On the intercom the woman returned, “Narrow the group to 10, and then you will be able to experiment with their asses and farts to make your choice.”

I stood gazing around the room. I thought of what I wanted my first master to be like: young, tall, amazing ass, maybe some facial hair, fit. I asked the men to stand against the wall, and said that  I would tap those that should leave. The oldest there was around 50, with greying hair. I tapped him. There were many that were in there 40s, with thinning and greying hair. I tapped them.

The 14 remaining appeared fairly young and attractive to me. I asked them to turn around. I observed their asses. I peered down the line. There were a wide assortment to choose from - some were large and spunky, others were flat and unappealing, and so I tapped these men out. I was down to 10. The men turned back around, most with a small grin, and began to introduce themselves. There was Dean, Allen, Jeff, Nick, Benjamin, Mike, Kai, Dave, Dylan, and Travis.

I decided to first just play around with their asses to narrow it down to 5, and from there I would start sniffing farts. They all turned around again, and lifted their suit jackets to leave their asses entirely open. I started down the line. I shoved my face into every ass, kissing, sniffing, and playing around with the cheeks. I spent at least five minutes in each ass. Jeff let out a moan, Dylan laughed, and Kai was grinding his ass on my face. I narrowed it down to Dean, Ben, Jeff, Dylan, and Kai.

Dean was tall, about 6’. He had sandy brown hair that was fairly disheveled. He had some slight stubble, brown eyes, and a very strong jawline. He was 30 years old, fit, and with a healthy sized ass that could swallow my face. Its smell too was something wonderful, not too overwhelming but still with a slight musk.

Ben was taller, about 6’2”. He had dark brown hair that was combed neatly and attractively. His facial hair too was neat and well kept. He had dark blue, almost grey eyes, and a cute smile (his teeth were perfect). He was 25, very fit, with a solid sized ass. His smell though was something out of this world. It made me go crazy it was the perfect balance.

Jeff was a bit shorter, about 5’8”. He had blonde hair that he kept neat and short. He was very tan, and had light, sea blue eyes. He was 23, a young entrepreneur. His ass was smaller than the previous two, but still a good size. He clearly worked out, and was very confident with himself.

Dylan was about 5’11”. He had black hair that he combed in a spectacular fashion. His facial hair complimented his strong jaw line perfectly. He had brown eyes, and a killer body. He was 28 years old. His ass was a main feature, and you could tell he never skipped leg day. His man scent was something special.

Finally, Kai was about 6’1”. He had light brown hair that was messy but in a controlled, attractive way. He was tan, and had beautiful green eyes. His body was insane, and he loved it. He seemed the most comfortable with the situation, though none of the men were uncomfortable, he just emitted a confidence that was unmatched. He was 25 years old, with a perfectly sized ass - my head fit right in between his cheeks.

I told them that as they were ready to fart on me they could claim me, placing me in whatever position they thought would be best. They all seemed very focused now, taking off their suit jackets, loosening their ties, Kai even took off his belt. There were no rules with this, and I could tell they all wanted me.

Kai was the first to claim me. He walked up to me with a smirk and a fire in his eyes. He pushed my back up against the wall, sat me down on the floor, and turned around all very quickly. He then slammed his perfect ass back into my face, pinning it against the wall. Immediately, a frenzy of farts began. They were deep, bass sounding farts, just how I liked them. The smell was wildly tantalizing, not too overpowering though. I heard him moaning above me.

He pulled away for a moment, lowering his pants and revealing tight fitting, Andrew Christian underwear that were entirely open in the rear. I took in his ass - it was tan, almost entirely hairless besides in the crack, and the cheeks were amazing. He backed up onto my face again, and began rubbing my face up and down his crack. Then he found my nose with his hole and released a hot, stinking SBD right up my nostrils. He then pulled his pants up, gave my face a love tap, and walked away.

Next was Dean. He laid me down on the floor, and immediately took his pants off, revealing his jockstrap beneath. He stood over my head, facing the rest of my body, and began to lower down slowly. His ass soon enveloped my face, and he began grinding it down all over my face. I heard him moaning loudly above me. Then..


He released a massive, loud fart that shook my cheeks. I moaned out loudly from within his massive ass. I heard him sigh with relief above me, “I have been saving that all day,” he stated in a British accent.

Next came Ben. He came to me without pants or underwear. He promptly laid down on his stomach on the floor, and turned back to me, smiling. He gestured for me to come toward him with his finger. I crawled toward him. He pointed to his slightly hairy ass, still smiling and maintaining eye contact. I dove in. I began sniffing, rubbing my nose up and down his perfect crack, taking in his stench. He chuckled lightly and sexily. “Get ready,” he said in a deep, wildly hot voice.


A fart sputtered out of his asshole - deep, wildly attractive. The smell was amazing, and his deep moan of relief drove me crazy. My cock was dripping with pre cum.

Now was Jeff. He merely made eye contact with me and motioned me to come to him as he unbuttoned his pants and slowly lowered them, revealing white, tight fitting underwear. He turned around, and a slight skid mark was visible down his crack, which made my cock go crazy. I shoved my head in. He had to balance himself by putting his hands on the wall. I was shoving my nose up and down that mark, and he was moaning with delight, loudly, the whole time. His first fart was silent, sending hot, stinking air straight up my nostrils. His next was deep, and long, lasting 15 seconds. His moan was the hottest thing ever.

Finally, Dylan stood looking down on me. He spun around, revealing a bare ass, and immediately brought my face straight into the crack. He forced my body to go between his legs, and began lowering down my head onto a cushioned chair. He sat with my face as his seat and stated, “I wanna show you how you’re going to be just a chair for me, slave.”

He then proceeded to rip a massive fart that shook my face back and forth. He laughed above me maniacally. He began grinding his ass on my face, shoving my nose deeper and deeper up his hole. He then stood up, and returned to the wall with the other 4.

I now had a choice to make. I knew that this wasn’t a permanent master, that I would only be staying with them as long as they could afford my rent price, so I informed them that I would be ranking them in the order of whom I would be a slave for.

My first master was going to be Kai. He reacted slightly, his grin widening. My second would be Ben. My third would be Dylan. My fourth would be Jeff. My fifth would be Dean. They all then left, except for my new master, Kai, who had a crazily hot smile plastered on his face.

To be honest , snk ep 11

I’m so tired with ymir historia talks eating so much times that could have been better for more action …

that Christa Connie Sasha could be faster.. But its alright the episode still epic

I thought at least in ep 11 they can speed their talks a bit but nope :(

Unless if season 2 get 13 episode its fine. But apparently nope.. Huft…
There could have been more action there at least for the season climax its too short,, but welp let us appreciate the animators 😍

hope the final Ep would be devastating (in good way)