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Got inspired by this… and I apologize for all the fluff omg the fluff…

Yuri is making himself a cup of coffee in the morning, wearing one of Otabek’s shirt, too short on him now but also a bit too big around the shoulders. It’s falling a bit, exposing his collarbones and leaving a silver of his stomach bare. He is wearing thick grey sweatpants too because winter is at its peak and despite the heating it’s still a bit chilly in his appartment.

He is thinking about last night, knowing that there is some bruises and bite marks covering his pale skin, he is lost in the wonderful memories of Otabek’s mouth against his skin… And suddenly there is a pair of strong arms around his waist and said mouth is pressed against the side of his neck, “Good morning.”

He knows his cheeks are turning pink, they always do whenever Otabek shows the smallest kind of affection. He feels his boyfriend’s smile against his bare shoulder and there his a low chuckle vibrating from Otabek’s chest to Yuri’s own, straight to his heart. And those lips, this smile is pressed against the heated skin of his cheek when Otabek reaches up on his tip toes to kiss him again.

“You hungry?” Otabek asks him, as he leaves him suddenly cold without the wonderful pressure of his body against Yuri’s. He walks towards the fridge and starts making them something to eat, stealing a few glances over his shoulder at Yuri’s, eyes gleaming when he takes in the flush still covering his lover’s cheeks.


A few days later, Yuri comes back home and there is a huge bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter. Flowers of all shades of purple and it’s the prettiest bouquet he’s ever seen. Otabek is smiling at him from the couch where he was lounging, his book left open on his knees.

“What?” Yuri starts but he is speechless, his face turning red because as he forgotten something? Is it there anniversary already?

“You had a few rought days at practice, thought it would cheer you up,” Otabek says as he is walking closer, hair still damp from his shower and smelling like Yuri’s honey shampoo. 

Yuri looks at his feet, a bright smile taking over his features and his face burning up. Otabek puts a few fingers under his chin, silently asking Yuri to look at him. He is frowning a bit, concern filling his deep brown eyes, “Is this alright?” 

Yuri only nods, wrapping his long arms around Otabek’s shoulder and hugging him close, “Yeah, it’s perfect.”

Otabek frees himself from Yuri’s embrace just for a few seconds, just to press a few fingertips against Yuri’s cheeks, then he kisses it. Yuri can feel Otabek’s smile against his skin.


They are waiting in line at this nice little coffee shop close from Yuri’s flat and he is looking through his Instagram when he feels Otabek’s arm around his waist, a soft peck left at his temple. Yuri is thinking about getting an undercut but is a bit scared of the big change so, Otabek braided his hair this morning, close enough to his skull that it almost gives the same effect. Yuri loves it.

Otabek reaches up and kisses his handiwork. Yuri can feel him smile as soon as he knows his cheeks start heating up. Otabek leans his head on Yuri’s shoulder as they wait, fingers reaching up and under Yuri’s shirt leaving a warm, comforting presence against the skin of his waist.

On cue, Yuri’s skin is getting redder and Otabek starts laughing.

Yuri turns his head to look at him with a fond smile “Why do you enjoy making me blush so much?”

Otabek looks up at him, with a smile and a wink “It’s my favorite thing. That I can make the Ice tiger of Russia a bit weak.”

“Shut up!” 

Otabek shrugs, still smiling, “It’s true though, in all the years we’ve known each other, I never saw you blush for anyone else.” And he looks so proud of himself as he says those words, and he says them with a straight face like he is not ashamed of being so sappy and in love. 

“I don’t wanna blush for anyone else, anyway,” Yuri mumbles, looking at his phone instead of Otabek’s eyes because he isn’t brave like his boyfriend is. Yuri doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve like Otabek does, but he wants to try. For him.

He is rewarded by a quick kiss against the corner of his mouth because they are still in public and the coffee shop if a bit crowded but there is some stars shinning in Otabek’s eyes when he looks up at Yuri and he smiles so bright when he whispers “good” with his lips pressed against Yuri’s cheeks, “that’s all I’m asking for.”

Dating Peter would include

Master list


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Movie marathons, until its dark outside, so you might as well stay the night

Snuggling together on the sofa under a warm blanket

Wearing one his T shirts and a pair of his boxer shorts as pyjamas

He enjoys this a little bit too much

Going to record shops together

Having tea parties with his little sister

Silly jokes

Enjoying watching him play table tennis with himself

Dancing together

Quick speedy kisses, on his way past you in the corridor

Sneaking up to hug you from behind

Wrapping you up in his jacket, with him still in it

“you’ll warm up quicker if I hug you’   

Carrying you on his back, with your head buried into his neck, when he’s running

Helping him come to terms with Erik

Making him feel better about himself

An endless supply of cuddles and countless kisses


Have a great day and be safe


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Cris if it's not too much trouble, would you mind simplifying that Taylor swift bit? I've read it a couple times and still can't understand it.

The short version is that a pretty obscure website posted an article saying that white supremacists love Taylor Swift and thinks she’s on their side based on some of her lyrics (they give examples, you should read the article), so she needs to speak up and denounce them even if it loses her some fans because some things are more important.

And while pop musicians are not respected world leaders, they have a huge audience and their music often reflects their values. So Taylor’s silence is not innocent, it is calculated. And if that is not true, she needs to state her beliefs out loud for the world — no matter what fan base she might lose, because in America 2017, silence in the face of injustice means support for the oppressor. 

So Taylor’s people saw it and they sent a letter to the website and the journalist threatening them with legal action if they don’t take that article down because “it’s demonstrably untrue” and THEN said that the writer could not publicize that they sent her a letter threatening her because that would violate copyright law (which is absurd).

So the writer contacted the ACLU and they blasted Taylor’s attorneys to hell and back and are doing the exact opposite of what the attorneys wanted and letting the world know what kind of intimidation tactics they employ to silence those that say anything negative about her (though to be fair, the article is pretty harsh, but that wasn’t the way to handle it).

It makes Taylor look horrible and I think her people will back down fast with Taylor apologizing and saying that it was done without her knowledge or approval (which I don’t believe for a second). 

  • KageHina
  • Hinata: this is still so funny, our sweaters are exactly the same, but I like yours better, it's softer and much bigger, can I have it?
  • Kageyama: what r u talking about, dumbass? you've been sleeping in it for a week, so shut up and keep it
  • TsukkiYama
  • Tsukishima: yamaguchi you all right? you've been clinging to me like a koala for the past hour
  • Yamaguchi: gomen tsukki, i just love our new matching sweater, we should buy more
  • Tsukishima: *irritated but excited*
  • AsaNoya
  • Asahi: Nishinoya u breathing ok?
  • Noya: *muffled* yeah, i can live under this sweater forever and wet ur pecs to eternity *continues licking*
  • EnnoTana
  • Tanaka: BRING IT UURRRRYYYEEEAAAAHHHHH *takes off and spins the sweater Chikara's knitted for him during snowball fight*
  • Tanaka: Y-yes babe, sorry
  • DaiSuga
  • Daichi: Sweetheart where is my black sweater? I put it on the couch last night
  • Suga: Maa, sorry Daichi, it got the kids drools and banana puree, so I wash it
  • Daichi: i-it's new...
  • Suga: shouldn't buy new clothes if you still have one year old twins
  • LevYaku
  • Lev: hahahahahaha Yaku-san, I can't even see you under my sweater, you are so small
  • Yaku: *throws dirty laundy at Lev*
  • KuroKen
  • Kuroo: do you think Daichi and Bokuto will roast me for wearing this sweater? i mean it's an ugly Christmas sweater party, but i still want to look good
  • Kenma: *peeking from his phone* does it really matter? not that you look bad or anything, but you will always look beautiful to me
  • Kuroo: Kozume Kenma.... marry me
  • Kenma: we are married
  • BokuAka
  • Bokuto: Akaashi, I keep losing my sweaters for a month now, no matter how ugly they are, someone keep stealing them *convinced that his sweaters are stolen*
  • Akaashi: *pushes all Bokuto's sweaters in his dresser* maybe you left them somewhere and you forgot to take them back?
  • Bokuto: did I? I mean it's possible but it's still weird...
  • Akaashi: (this idiot, he left them at my apartment every time he visited, why i even bother dating this numbskull owl)
  • MatsuHana
  • Mattsun: so like you are suggesting that we should have sex while wearing each other's sweater?
  • Makki: yeah, that'd be hot
  • Mattsun: you certainly spent too much time with Oikawa
  • IwaOi
  • Oikawa: *rolls around in Iwa's bed* Iwa-chan's sweaters just feel right, the arms are a bit short but i like them so much, it's like i could die happy from this fluffy-heavenly feelings
  • Iwaizumi: nice, take them all, i've been thinking about how am i going to kill you for the past 15 years, now that you said this, i can finally kill you smoothly
  • Oikawa: i have never regret making a conversation this much
Speaking of Valentine’s Day

There was a short valentine’s day omake in which Lucy wanted to give chocolate to Natsu, but she ended up not giving it to him because he ended up grossing her out lol. (Translation below) As you can tell by the artstyle, it was drawn when FT was still a fairly new manga. 

I can’t vouch for its accuracy but this translation was provided by Ju-da-Su on mangahelpers. 

(Panel 1) 

Lucy: “It is actually a really nice thing, but … ”
 Did I make it a bit too cute?
Hope he doesn’t … come up with any weird thoughts about this.

(Panel 2)

Lucy: Ah!
Natsu: How the hell am I supposed to choose!!!
Happy:  How ‘bout if you’re told that you have to choose one of them?

(Panel 3)

Natsu: I don’t want to eat both the “chocolate-favored shit” and “shit-favored chocolate”!!!
Also, just whose shit is that!!!
Happy: Well … that actually doesn’t really matter

(Panel 4)

Natsu: Lucy!! What do you think!?
Lucy:  I’ll never give this to you

“My goal became to do what Pen Ward had done for me and create a home in which my team could express themselves, and then keep that up and really listen to what everyone wanted to do with a platform like this and have it really come together as a group. So I wanted to make sure, I set forth really quick, once I found out this was happening, to redesign the characters to make them a lot simpler so that when they went into the hands of my team they could look wildly different when everyone drew them, they didn’t have to draw like me, they should draw like them, on top of these- I was looking a lot at early Nintendo 64 and George Pal Puppetoons these just very basic shapes, I wanted them to have dimension but then I wanted everyone to be able to push and pull these characters where it’s like, ‘well as long as Pearl has that nose you’ll always know it’s her.’ As long as you have these- [Interruption by Alex talking about pilot pearls nose] Yeah everyone needed markers so that whenever you pushed or pulled them, they would still look like them. And I wanted to have them have room to be as cartoony as Ian Jones-Quartey would want to draw them but also glamourous and lovely and within the same episode, so they should be able to have that range. If I were doing something completely by myself it probably wouldn’t look anything like- well now it would ‘cause I’ve been drawing this for a while, but I also draw it different than other people.” – Rebecca Sugar

(28:30-30:45) (Link for Source - already at the part of the video where the quote is from an everything) (The whole panel video is great and I would recommend watching the whole thing anyway)

I was watching this video and this part really got my attention, because of all the “off-model” SU critical stuff going around nowadays and with Room for Ruby just airing and plenty of new complaints about Peri, I thought that now would be a good time to make this post. The variation in style isn’t the boarders being lazy or ignoring the model sheets, it’s something that Rebecca has wanted and encouraged from the very start of the show! And what Rebecca says is she wants the boarders to be able to draw the characters in their own style every time, and that the styles can change drastically even within the same episode. She goes as far to say that as long as Pearl has her distinctive nose and as long people can tell that it’s Pearl, that’s fine. She wants and encourages this kind of self-expression in her show so her team can have the same freedom she had while working on Adventure Time. So next time you want to complain that Peridot is too short in this ep, or that someone’s hair is too big, (I do admit that Barnmates was a bit… much. But I still don’t see it as wrong) remember that those are things Rebecca has wanted and encouraged since the beginning of SU.

Choices || 01

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This is not nearly as long as my other scenarios, but this is only the first part of this. I’m most probably gonna make this into a series. Please let me know what you think bc this is my first time trying something like this. I hope you like it.

A/N: tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ‘MEDDLING’ IT’S ALREADY PAST 1K NOTES AND LIKE I HAVE 700+ FOLLOWERS i seriously did not expect this much positive response to it. Thank you for your support my lovelies

Pairing: Jungkook x reader, Jimin x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Word count: 4,482



  1. a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

That was one of the many definitions of it. There were too many definitions to count.

Some say that when you meet your soulmate, it’s just - it’s a feeling. It’s hard to describe that profound, lingering feeling you get when you do, but you just know it.

 Some say soulmates might not even get the chance to meet. Your soulmate just might be a person from you past life, and the only way to witness their presence is through flashbacks of your past.

Some say two soulmates make a whole. Mentally, emotionally, physically - quite literally all aspects of both sides - are compatible. The two sides complete each other and understand each other, making the other feel a sense of ease and comfort like never before.

The list could go on forever with the millions of definitions that varied from one person to the other, each according to their own view on the subject.

You, however, chose to reject them all. You could never fathom the idea that there’s this person somewhere in the world who was completely and wholly made for the sole purpose of being with you. Who was so compatible with you and you two would live the whole ‘happily ever after’ you always heard about through stories. It was too absurd of an idea.

You didn’t reject the idea of loving someone - of being in love with someone. Oh no, you weren’t that type of person. You just knew that, just like any normal relationship, if you two found that everything was going well, you would stay together. If not, you would break it off.

It was of valid reasoning. You weren’t one to ‘feel that spark as soon as you met eyes with a guy’ and claimed it to be love at first sight. You weren’t one to just babble on about him being the one just because you two happened to be at the same cafe at the same time three times a week. You weren’t one to break up with someone because you simply didn’t feel that spark you were ‘supposed’ to feel with your one and true significant others.

You lived your life like any normal person would, choosing not to get sucked in to people’s silly beliefs and myths that had been passed down generations and generations.

The most common soulmate myth was one you found completely and utterly ridiculous. The moment one is born, a rose - well, a dead rose - is given to the parents of the infant. This dead rose is kept and protected by the parents for their child, until the time comes for he or she to take responsibility of that rose themselves.

Supposedly, this rose is dead and completely lifeless, up until the moment your soulmate enters your life. The rose will slowly start to bloom back, the redness of its petals spreading out, and the green of its stem growing back. It was a slow process. The closer you got to each other, and the more you got to know them, the more beautiful and lively it became.

What made this idea even more absurd and harder to believe was the fact that the two soulmates would be the only ones able to see this lifeless flower come back to life.

Huh, you would scoff, and that’s the day that pigs would fly.

Unfortunately for you, your mother was a strong and true believer of such things, and she was adamant on proving herself right and you wrong. Both your parents even had the roses their parents had given them in a small vase near the kitchen window, providing them light and water, with love and care.

“Mom, dad, come on. They’re dead.”

Your parents would only shake their heads and sigh, muttering things about you changing your mind someday, and finally see what they were seeing.

They made you promise not to throw away your rose. And despite you knowing there was nothing on this earth that would change your mind about this, you respected and kept that promise. No matter what, your rose was there on your nightstand, a constant reminder that - yep, pigs haven’t flown yet.

“Hey, can you come over?”

The simple sentence you said to Yoongi over the phone, with the soft tone that you rarely ever used with him, told him something was definitely wrong.

“I’m off work in five minutes. I’ll be there in fifteen tops,” he replied before you hung up. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, checking his watch before deciding that he could take his boss chewing his ass out for leaving a few minutes earlier. He got up from his chair, grabbed his jacket, and quickly made his way out before anyone could notice and stop him.

He was at your apartment building in about ten minutes. After parking his car, he quickly made his way up the two flights of stars, not bothering to wait for the small, shitty elevator. It was too cramped and stuffy anyways. He definitely wasn’t going in there when he saw that guy from your third floor who seemed to always have sweat stains underneath his armpit on every single shirt he wore.

He soon forgot all about that when he knocked on your door once, before realizing that you probably left the door unlocked for him anyways. He managed to remember to take his shoes off at the door and then made his way to your living room.

He found you sat there, TV on, but considering the blank look on your face, he was pretty sure your focus was nowhere near the National Geographic channel. He quietly made his way to the couch and sat down next to you, and you turned to him with a small smile that he knew didn’t reach your eyes.



You sighed,

Yoongi wasn’t the cuddliest of people, it was clear to anyone with a functioning pair of eyes. But when he saw you, his dear friend whose usual bright smile was wiped away and replaced with a look so sad, it made his heart clench. So he always made exceptions for you. He simply lifted his arm, wordlessly inviting you closer, and you accepted it immediately, scooting closer and resting your head on his chest.

“What happened?” His hand placed itself on your hair, fingers softly soothing down some strands.

“They fired me today.” Your voice was quiet. Yoongi’s hand paused for a second before continuing its movements. He got the feeling you didn’t want to talk about it too much considering your short answer, so he let you be, but not before he said one last thing.

“You know I don’t sugarcoat anything. I know this seems bad right now, and it is, but don’t let this fuck everything over for you. I’ll help you through this, you know that.”

You stayed quiet but moved closer to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. His words comforted you a little bit, knowing he was always there for you no matter what. You were still worried, sad, angry, frustrated. But you just wanted to stay quiet for a bit, deciding you would think about this properly later.

“So I was at the club yesterday,” Yoongi said from his place on the kitchen table as he ate a bowl of cereal. You stood in front of the sink, washing the few dishes you had there just to get it out of the way. “Namjoon told me they were short on staff.”

“Really?” You tone was surprised.

“Yeah, you should try working there.”

The idea of working in a club never once crossed your mind. You’ve been looking for a job for a week, applying almost anywhere you found suitable enough, but to no avail. It seemed you were going to have to settle for something outside of your desired job areas for a little while, considering you were already short on money, and the rent wasn’t gonna pay itself.

“Maybe I should..” You sighed. “Maybe we can go there tomorrow night? That way I can talk to Joon and we can have a little night off. You can tell Hobi to come too, if you want.” 

“Alright, sure.”

The following night, after spending most of your afternoon looking up job vacancies is magazines or papers or anything even remotely related, you gave up with a sigh and closed your laptop.

You decided to let loose a little tonight considering your recent stress and everything. You dressed up, did your hair, looked yourself in the mirror with one last approving glance before you made your way out the door and to Yoongi’s car that was waiting for you downstairs.

“Lookin’ good, __,” Hoseok complimented you as soon as you got in the backseat, turning to give you a bright smile that reminded you why you always loved having him around to lighten the mood.

“Thanks Hobi,” you replied and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “It’s been a while.” Yoongi started up the car after you greeted him as well and drove off to the club.

“It has. Tonight’s all about having fun yeah? You already know the job’s yours, so relax and forget about everything tonight.”

You nodded at his words, determined to make use of his advice. You were pretty sure Namjoon would accept having you as an employee. You’ve worked in clubs before. You were a college student in the past, and your student loans had you bartending for a long time in some clubs and pubs to help pay them off.

Tonight should be fun for you. You wanted to make sure of it.

And you were true to your word. As soon as you took a table, the drinks started coming, giving you that buzz and chill vibe that you craved and needed for the night. Yoongi sat back in his seat, a small smile on his lips as he watched you laugh with Hoseok, drinks in hands and singing together obnoxiously loud to the music, occasionally turning and directing the lyrics to him as he shook his head jokingly.

“I wanna dance!” You yelled over the music. Hoseok got up without hesitation, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the dance floor, moving his body to the beat already. You turned to Yoongi with a genuine smile, clearly enjoying your night so far, and he smiled back, before he disappeared from your vision when you were drowned into the crowd of dancing bodies.

It seemed like you two were dancing there or hours, when in reality, it had only been three songs.

“I’m gonna grab another drink, want anything?” Hoseok yelled in your ear over the music, and you shook your head no. You’ve had enough drinks for the night, enough to get you buzzed and feeling good, but not to have you shitfaced and puking by the end of the night.

You stayed on the dance floor while Hoseok went to the bar, enjoying the music too much to stop and go with him. He disappeared from your eyes in a few seconds, but you didn’t care as you continued to move your body to the beat.

It felt like a few minutes had passed and Hoseok still wasn’t back, when you felt a pair of unfamiliar hands land on your waist. You tensed for a second, before remembering your plan for the night. Fun.

However, before you went through with it, you had to turn around to see his face. And so you did, and you thanked God the music was loud enough to hide your gasp.

Fuck he was gorgeous.

Not too tall, but still towered over you even in your heels. Brown hair that looked fluffy enough for you to want to run a hand through it. His facial features were so soft, giving him that innocent kind of charm, but you were certain there was more to him than innocent. His eyes were what truly caught your attention, shaped so beautifully, lids falling over an ordinary set of brown irises, yet they were far from ordinary. His lips were plump, shaped in a way that made you jealous of them, yet you wanted them on yours at the same time.

If you wanted your night to be well spent, he was definitely a good sign.

His hand still rested on your waist, not moving as he waited for your approval, and you gave it to him by moving closer to him and placing your arms around his neck. He gave you a smile that almost blinded you and for a second, you questioned if your heart beat just a little bit faster because of his presence.

Your bodies started moving together in sync, and you marveled at how effortlessly his moves seemed to come, clearly showing some sort of experience. You were distracted from his dancing, however, when he leaned down to your ear to speak up.

“What’s your name?”

His voice was softer than you expected, but it still fitted him very well. Soft and silky, just as he seemed.

“__,” you answered.


Jimin. You felt your heart beat faster once again when he said his name, and you were kind of confused when it happened again. But you played it off as excitement of meeting someone new after so long and being so close to a guy like this.

Your bodies started gradually moving closer, until your torsos pressed against each other. His other arm wrapped around you as well, one of his hands moving lower to rest on your lower back, and you’d be the world’s biggest liar if you said you didn’t enjoy the closeness.

You gasped slightly when you felt him tentatively moving his hips closer to yours, testing the waters on whether you were comfortable with that kind of dancing. You didn’t hesitate to reciprocate, and the two of you got more comfortable as you danced with your bodies glued together.

The beat then switched to one of your favorite songs at the moment, and it was more than perfect for this moment.

(I started listening to Unforgettable by French Montana ft Swae Lee from here, if you’d like to listen to something while reading this!)

You were suddenly spun around in his hold, your back now pressed to his torso. Your gasp was drowned out by the sound of the music. But it seemed like second nature for you to press back against him, your hips having a mind of their own as they moved against his. His hands got braver and moved along your hips and waist, his grip tight on you but you seemed to love it for some reason.

His head moved forward and closer to you, his lips now near your ear since you could feel his warm breath on it. So you lifted one of your hands, fulfilling one of your wishes and running it through his hair that felt just as soft as it looked, enjoying the way he mindlessly nuzzled into your hand. Your other hand landed on one of his that was on your waist, holding it just because.

The position you were in was intimate, and if anyone looked over at the two of you, you were pretty sure you looked like a couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Your train of thoughts was cut off when you felt his lips place a light kiss to the shell of your ear before he moved his head down so his face was right against the crook of your neck, his lips grazing your now heated skin. Your fingers tightened slightly around his hair, and he reciprocated by puckering his lips up for that last inch of space that could barely fit a needle through, pressing a kiss to your neck. 

His lips stayed still for a few seconds, then they moved again and you felt yourself getting more affected by his simple but sensual actions. He peppered delicious kisses along your skin, each one becoming more eager and sloppier  than the other, until you felt his lips part to place an open mouthed kiss to the juncture of your neck.

Your head leaned back against his shoulder, allowing him easy access to the length of your neck, feeling shivers going through your body because of how much you enjoyed his touches. His kisses got hungrier, finally parting his lips once he settled on a patch of skin and sucking softly on it. Your eyes fluttered shut involuntarily, letting out a shaky breath as sensations took over your every sense.

You really weren’t usually one to let it go far in public, you weren’t even used to dancing with hot strangers and grinding on them against the dance floor. But he was just so alluring, something about him was so captivating, it seemed as if you couldn’t control yourself around him, especially when his hand slowly but surely traveled up your side, until it grazed the side of your breast through the loose top you were wearing, barely running his thumb along it before he moved his hand back down.

But that was the last straw. You quickly turned around in his grasp causing him to detach his lips from your neck, your hand placed on his shoulder to lean into him and whisper in his ear.

“Take me home.”

A mess of tangled limbs was what you two were. Your eyes fluttered open due to the sunlight streaming in through the openings between the curtains. Despite the drinks you consumed last night, you were feeling pretty great at the moment.

You felt his arm draped over your waist, his chest pressed against your back, skin completely bare, allowing you to bask in his warmth. You could hear the soft snores escaping his lips, and to your surprise, you found the noise pretty endearing, despite you despising the sound when any of your ex-boyfriends did it.

You couldn’t help but slowly turn over in his hold, managing to keep his arm thrown around you, to face him. You almost choked on a gasp at the sight of him.

If you thought he was gorgeous last night, he was ten times more beautiful like this. You had absolutely no idea how you managed to catch his eye, let alone spend the night with him. He looked like an angel, so pure and peaceful. Hair messed up and all over the place, its brown color contrasting to the pale color of the pillow. His eyes closed, eyelashes looking as long as ever as they rested against his cheeks. Lips parted slightly, looking swollen both from sleep and from your own assault on them only hours prior.

You scooted closer to him as gently as you could, your face now barely an inch from his. So close to his face now, completely sober, yet you felt drunk and dizzy on him.

Thoughts from last night started to cloud your head, memories of your heated activities coming back in flashes.

“Fuck, Jimin,” you moaned out as you rode him slowly. Your hands rested against his chest to balance yourself as you went up and down.

“You feel so fucking good,” he groaned out. His hands traveled from your thighs to your ass where he squeezed harshly before landing a slap to your right cheek, causing you to squeal in surprise and pleasure.

That only resulted in you moving faster against him, bouncing harder against his cock. The bed squeaked beneath your erratic movements, the headboard banging against the wall every once in a while.

“Jimin!” You cried out when he thrusted up against you, hitting you so deep you fell forward against his chest, your body weak with pleasure.

He took that chance to bend his knees and plant his feet firmly against the mattress, grabbing your ass in both hands to hold you still before he started to pound into you harshly.

Your cry was weak and hoarse, your voice nearly gone due to your screams and moans from your previous rounds. Your body jostled on top of his with the force of his thrusts, panting against his neck and digging your nails into the sweaty skin of his chest.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned out. He stopped his thrusts, and you were about to whine before he wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and flipped the two of you over so you were pinned to the mattress.

Your cries once again sounded throughout the arm when he continued pounding you into the mattress, headboard now banging against the wall with each and every thrust.


You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard his raspy morning voice, and you felt yourself blush slightly at your dirty thoughts so early in the morning.

“Morning,” you greeted back with a smile.

He tightened his arm around you and brought you in closer, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m a cuddler.”

“I don’t mind,” you chuckled and stroked his hair, quite enjoying the affection you were receiving. You rarely had one night stands, but you were pretty sure guys weren’t always this nice the morning after. If anything, a proper smile was too much to get from someone after a one night stand, tops. But this, this you were enjoying.

“You hungry?” He suddenly asked, removing his face from your neck to look at you with curious eyes. You felt shy for a second, not wanting to impose and thinking he was just an overly nice and polite person in general.

“Ah, thank you Jimin. You really don’t have to-”

“Come on, I’m not the best cook, but I can cook something up.”

He got up and threw his legs over the side of the bed, grabbing a pair of boxers from his nightstand before pulling it up his legs, and you took a few seconds to admire the view of his back, so soft yet muscly, begging to be touched. Then you noticed a faint red over his shoulder blades, and you quickly realized they were your damn scratch marks.

You felt your cheeks turned red at the sight and you quickly turned away, your eyes quickly scanning the room in search of your clothes. They landed on a spot near the door, so you wrapped the sheets around you and got up to grab the discarded shirt and jeans. You held your jeans in one hand and threw them on the bed before grabbing your top. However, when you held it up and saw that it was ripped right down the middle.

Your eyes widened and you looked to Jimin who was stood there, mouth agape and cheeks tinted pink.

“Uh, I’m-” he cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck bashfully. “I’m so sorry. Here, wait a second.” He turned to his closet and opened it, flipping through hangers before he grabbed a plan black t-shirt that seemed a few sizes too big, but it would do.

“It’s fine,” you chuckled. “Thank you.”

“Thank you, Jimin,” you said after you two finished eating. “For breakfast. And..for last night.”

He looked up at you with his sweet smile as he was putting away the dishes.

“It was my pleasure. Both of those things.”

You blushed for the nth time, before you looked down at your phone to check the time. Your eyes widened when you saw 8 missed calls from Yoongi, 5 from Hoseok, and 18 total texts from both.

“Shit,” you muttered under your breath and got up from your seat. “I think I’m gonna head out now.”

“Oh,” his smile faltered just for a bit but he managed to stop it. “Of course. I can drive you.”

“No, I couldn’t ask that of you Jimin, You’ve already been so sweet to me,” you smiled at him gratefully. “I can catch a cab from here.”

He reluctantly agreed, walked you to the door, and watched you walk away from his apartment.

You both felt a heavy sinking feelings in your stomach with each step you took away from him, and his feeling only double when you were completely out of view and he shut the door.

You frowned at the feeling. But you convinced yourself it was because it’s been so long since you’ve been with a guy in any way, and the one you happened to meet with last night seemed like a complete sweetheart and gentleman.

You hailed a cab and told the driver your address before deciding to distract yourself with replying to Yoongi. As you typed out a text, as if on cue, your phone started ringing with his name on the screen. You slid open the green button and placed the phone to your ear.

“Did you get laid last night?”

His question was so sudden you almost choked on your own spit.

“Yoongi!” You snapped. “Morning to you too, asshole.”

“I’m hoping that’s a yes.”

“It’s a none of your damn business.”

“Listen I’ll talk to you later. I just got home and I’m in desperate need of a shower,” you said as you got out of the cab.

“Alright, text me later.”

You sighed and locked your phone before placing it in your back pocket. You didn’t take notice of the large van that was parked right in front of your building, the trunk open and filled with boxes and bags.

You took the stairs when you saw that stinky old man waiting on the elevator door. You reached your floor in no time, walking down the hall, head down and looking for your keys in your purse.

That was a bad decision since you managed to bump into a wall. Well, what felt like a wall. It was definitely solid.

You stumbled back but caught yourself before you went too far, looking up to find a guy about your age, maybe a tiny bit older staring back at you apologetically.

“I’m so sor-”

“I’m really s-”

You both chuckled at your attempts of apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t even looking in front of me,” you said.

“It’s fine, really,” he smiled what seemed to be the cutest smile in the world, making him seem much younger than he actually was. “I’m moving in here. Do you live here, too?”

“Yeah, apartment 205. Welcome to the building. What apartment are you moving into?” You asked with a smile, and his smile only widened before he chuckled. You felt your stomach fill with butterflies at the simple sound, but you tried to push them down and keep them at bay.

“204. I guess we’re neighbors, yeah?” He stretched his hand out for me to shake. “I’m Jungkook.”

Three in the AM’s

Overview: Not all of us are morning people.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

Word Count: 984

Warnings: morning grumpiness and murderous thoughts + one swear word

A/N: This was written for @ravengirl94‘s 1.5K Challenge. Congrats on all of your lovely followers, my dear. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch & @hannahindie for reading my late night ramblings and laughing alongside me ;) My prompt was: Did you just…hiss at me?

Coffee. Mug. Hands. Now.

My brain sent foggy, yet firm directions to my feet as I practically slid out of my bed like a slinky with one too many kinks. If I’d had the energy, I would have groaned. But the four words my brain had given me was the only thing I could focus on, and they played like a steady drumbeat with each slow shuffle of my fuzzy socked feet down the long hall to the kitchen.

My deadweight of a hand flipped the light switch on instinct as I plodded in.

Mistake! MISTAKE! Abort! Mayday!

I practically threw the upper half of my body against the wall until some part of me connected with the small switch and my eyes were saved from being burned out by the blinding fluorescent beams of death. In the blessed dark once more, I navigated by memory to the cupboard and groggily fumbled with the bag of coffee and my favorite mug, setting them both on the counter and pausing for a few long seconds trying to remember what to do next.

Coffee filter. Water. Scoop. Brew. Pour.

I gently patted my forehead in thanks and set my mind to autopilot to complete the mundane tasks. A few minutes later I was settled down at the kitchen table with my hot mug of coffee while I internally cursed both of the Winchester brothers.

Oh, let’s leave for the hunt by sunrise. Oh, let’s actually leave a couple of hours before sunrise. Oh, because we need to avoid the cops thanks to Dean’s last “incident.” Oh, don’t be late, Y/N. Oh, could you make us coffee since it’s your turn, Y/N?

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anonymous asked:

Are you still accepting prompts <3 If so please can you do one where Kim says “Oh, come on. You know you love me,” to Trini, to which she responds with “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.”, of course she is joking because she secretly is a softie for her tol gf :) (PS: i love your blog <3)

Hi! I am so sorry that this took so long for me to answer to. School has really been trying to take me down lately. Hopefully this isn’t too bad! P.S. Thank you! I <3 U.

“Trini,” Kim says once more, barely concealed exasperation in her tone. “We have to finish studying. The bio test is tomorrow. Can you please focus?”

Trini looks up to meet Kim’s dark eyes, from where she had been staring absent-mindedly at the mini galaxy swirling within the center of the morphing grid. 

She looks up and she sees that the girl’s gaze is set on her pointedly, in mild annoyance–probably has been for a minute or so–and though she does feel guilty for how often she’s been spacing out during this study session, her exhaustion wins out in the battle as to what she’s going to express. 

So, she sighs and falls back with a dramatic groan, throwing her right forearm over her eyes and her left over her stomach. 

“Nooo,” she drawls out then. “I’m so tired. We’ve been studying for hours, Kim. If we don’t have it at this point, then we aren’t going to have it at all.”

And Trini’s eyes might be covered, but she can just picture the small frown that pulls down Kim’s lips next, an adorable pout that always makes the shorter girl weak in her knees and even weaker in resolve. 

“That’s not true. You just give up too easily,” Kim says.

“Or maybe you don’t know when to give up,” Trini replies in turn. “Seriously, Kim. You know that I love you, but you also know how you get when it comes to these things.” 

Kim scoffs.

“Well, sorry for just trying to get us to pass biology so that we won’t have to add summer school to our schedules this year. Sue me if that’s so wrong.”

Trini removes her arm from over her face now, so that she can instead look at the other girl, who is sitting a few feet away from her, with her legs crossed and her short hair tucked behind her ears, a pencil resting just against the back of one as well. 

Her brown eyes are settled onto Trini still, and her eyebrows are furrowed deeply over them, a crease in between them that is just a bit too serious for the yellow ranger’s liking; Kim always stresses herself too much over these tests.

Trini rolls over onto her stomach, and she props herself up with her elbows, her hands clasped before her as a slow smirk makes its way onto her lips. She raises her eyebrows, and a playful look glints within her eyes. 

“You know, I’d much rather just screw y–.”

“Don’t be vulgar!” Kim interrupts, an abrupt laugh bubbling from her now smiling lips as she tosses a crumpled piece of paper at Trini’s head. 

Trini starts to chuckle too, but when the ball hits her face, she gasps dramatically before throwing her body backwards, her hand coming up to cover her nose as her shoulders hit the metal of the floor. 

“Ow!” she exclaims. “I’ve been hit! Oh God, I’ve been struck down right in the middle of my prime!”

She rolls lightly from side to side, her face covered now by both of her hands, and she manages to keep her act up for about thirty more seconds before Kim’s laughter breaks her façade.

A smile spreads across her lips as the air just above her shifts with the addition of a new presence, but she quickly forces it to morph into an exaggerated frown as Kim’s hands grab gently at her wrists, to pull her hands away from her face. 

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic,” Kim tells her lightly when she’s met with the sight of Trini’s pout. “I barely even tossed it at you, you baby.”

Trini’s pout deepens, her bottom lip jutting out even further and her eyebrows creasing even more so. 

“That hurt,” she insists. “I should report you to the authorities.”

“And tell them what exactly?” Kim asks with a soft giggle. “That you’re a big baby that can’t take a paper ball to the face? Because that’s the truth, and if you say anything else they’ll just put you in jail; They don’t like liars.”

“I’m not sure that’s how the whole justice system works, Kim,” Trini says. “Do you even pay attention in Government class?”

Kim hums thoughtfully with a tilt of her head before answering with an honest, “No.”

Trini laughs, shaking her head and pursing her lips as she does so. 

“See, and then you wonder why you’re stressed about the tests we take. I only got transferred into Government earlier this semester and even I know more than you. That’s sad, babe.”

“Hey!” Kim exclaims. “It is not my fault that the only classes I can’t pay attention in are the ones you’re in. I do just fine in the other five classes I take. So, technically, it’s all your fault that I get so stressed. You’re the catalyst for the chain of events that leads to me not knowing anything about the subject.”

“Well, looky there. You used the word catalyst correctly! There’s one correct question on the Bio test right there!” 

Trini laughs as Kim scowls at her, but her laugh quickly morphs into a low whine as the other girl smacks at her upper arm. 

“Ow!” she says again, her hand coming up to rub at her bicep. “What is with you and hurting me?! This is not how relationships are supposed to go, you know!”

Kim just shrugs. 

“Stop saying stupid things, and then I won’t hit you. It’s as simple as that.” 

Trini frowns.

“I don’t say stupid things!” she protests. “I think you just enjoy hitting me! Which I definitely do not enjoy, and which I do not want to take any longer!”

With the conclusion of her sentence, she turns over to push herself up onto her knees, and then her feet. She makes it about two steps before strong arms are wrapping around her waist, their hold firm and familiar. 

“Oh, come on. Stop being so dramatic,” Kim says as she pulls Trini’s body back to be flush against hers. “You know you love me.”

Trini definitely does not melt into Kim’s touch at all as she fights the smile trying to tug at the corners of her lips–Nope, not a single bit. 

“Honestly?” she asks monotonously, to prove that fact. “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.” Kim gasps. “And not even like a Tostito’s corn chip. I’d do it for a Walgreen’s brand one.”

The grip on her waist loosens, and it gives her the opportunity to turn around within them. 

She’s met with Kim’s pout, this time, and her heart practically swells within her chest, full and ready to overflow with endearment, at the sight.

“That was surprisingly more painful than one would expect,” Kim says seriously, a thoughtful furrow to her eyebrows. “Have you been working on that one for a while or something? Because, ouch.”

Trini chuckles lowly as she begins to, slowly, wrap her own arms around Kim’s waist.

“Actually, yes,” she replies. “I was going to use that one on Zack, the next time he tried to convince me that he was my favorite person, but, hey, the opportunity presented itself.”

She shrugs and tries to keep in the giggle that pushes at her lips as Kim’s puppy dog eyes widen.

“So now you’re implying that I’m not your favorite person?” the pink ranger asks, completely affronted. “Well, then what am I even doing here?”

She goes to pull away, but Trini isn’t having it.

“Okay, okay. Don’t leave. I’m sorry. I was just kidding,” the yellow ranger says, tightening her grip around the other girl. “You know you’re my favorite, baby. I was just kidding.”

Kim continues to look down at her with an unconvinced expression, her lips downturned and pursed. 

“Oh, come on! I was just kiddinggg,” Trini insists after a few moments. “You know you’re my favorite. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me. My girl–.”

Kim finally laughs then, her smile breaking through the resistance she had been trying to continue, and her dark eyes shining as she leans down to rest her forehead against Trini’s own. 

“Okay,” she interjects gently. “I believe you.” She presses a soft kiss to Trini’s nose. “You’re my favorite too. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me.”

Warmth swells within Trini’s chest at that, and it spreads through her entire body, from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her fingers, just as it always does. She smiles, loving and calm. 

“Well, good. Because that would’ve been embarrassing if not.”

Kim hums lightly as she leans in.

“True,” she says, her lips hovering just above Trini’s own.

A few seconds pass, and then the yellow ranger is closing the distance between them, connecting their lips slowly and softly, comfortable and familiar.

They kiss for some moments, and then when they pull back, they press their foreheads together again. 

“I love you,” Kim admits, quiet and true.

Trini smiles. 

“I love you too.” 

Kim raises an eyebrow.

“So, does that mean you’ll keep studying with me, then?”

Trini throws her head back with a groan. 

“I guess it does.”

The smile that Kim flashes her before pulling her back to their books makes the prospect of learning about the different types of reactions not as hard to bear.

Man, Trini has it so bad.

i think we were just hit by the tornado. the rough patch of every relationship. the fighting and endless hours of crying. i dont know if you will love me like you did before this, and I really don’t know if we’ll be the same after this. they say you can see the tornado coming, i think i saw it in my eyes last night while tears fell down from my eyes at 2 am and i gasped for breath because it hurt too much. and i think i created this tornado. and i think it all started with little thoughts and anxiety. i created the tornado which left me sobbing. and i created it bit by bit and now its spinning so fast, my worlds turning around but i hope by the end of it, you’re still here holding my hand like you did before, like you never left it.
—  t o r n a d o//nikitagupta

makosharkies  asked:

Hello! So, asks are open for a bit? Hope i wasn't too late to the party... If it's still open how about (general fluffy) headcanons on MC with werewolf! RFA (+ Minor trio if you do them)? If the asks are closed the you can ignore this. Thank you :3

A/N: aaaa they were open when you sent it love, no worries ^^ I will do my best here, im sorry if its short!! but i didnt wanna get repetitive or anything!! and i dont know too much about werewolves /heck pls i really hope its okay im Anxiety™/ ^^;



               -Honestly? I can see it

               -But instead of some big, bad, scary werewolf he?? Was like a giant puppy??

               -‘Cause it doesn’t change his personality too much in all honesty. Maybe this is why he’s such a puppy in person as well?

               -You have to watch him though, because he likes to run around and takes off after things like squirrels. Really likes to go (where it’s safe) and play around with you. Fetch? You betcha.

               -Seriously is not scary. Not at all. He can try, but nope. He even has puppy dog eyes. Weren’t werewolves supposed to be scary??


               -The /best/ looking werewolf

               -Like you’ve seen those dog shows?? How they’re gorgeous dogs?? If there was a Werewolf Edition™, he would win.

               -His red eyes can actually be really scary in werewolf form, so you try not to upset him. Most of the time though, he tries to give you “The Beast” eyes. It doesn’t work. It does, however, make you giggle every time and that’s good enough for him

               -He has The Prettiest™ white fur and he needs you to take care of it for him. Brush, shampoo, anything to keep up with it. He’ll even let you braid or put bows in his fur, so long as you take them out. They looked pretty spaced out when he’s in wolf form but once he’s back to human form the amount of clips and things actually hurts his head

               -Wolf howls and makes all /sorts/ of wolf innuendos at you while in human form because he knows he can control himself well enough to do so


               -Werewolves can be energetic and really determined but she just wants to sleep

               -With all the shit she puts up with all day and going through the transformation she just wants to cRAWL INTO BED

               -So she does. You’re in it too? Too bad. Large wolf cuddles for you. ‘Cause uh, she wants to sleep too.

               -Sometimes she’s awake enough and will feel bad so she curls up like a normal dog at the foot of the bed but honestly feels much better laying up with you

               -Seriously though it’s her favourite thing? Whether in her wolf form or not? Cuddling? Cuddle her, MC, please. She’s always a sweetheart? How is this even possible?


               -The Proper One™

               -Honestly, just as classy in wolf form as he is in human form

               -Hear me out, he also has this dominant way he presents himself. Like, he’s the alpha. Any dogs within a certain amount of miles /know/ it. They can feel it. They can feel it when he’s just human form as well. There’s just that aura around him

               -But not with you. He’s a big softy. At first you were really concerned for Elizabeth but she just rubs on him? That is the one canine-like being that she will ever enjoy. He still demands the high quality of meats to eat in this form too. He has tried at one point to use utensils in this form too, he gets frustrated. Also likes if you put a tie on him. Why aren’t any of these werewolves scary wtf did you watch the right horror movies MC?

               -10/10 will fight Zen in this form you gotta watch out


               -The type to return to human form and just walk around for hours after, in the nude

               -Tries to scare you every time. You can’t count how many times he’s been dramatic in his change or how many times he’s tackled you, growling, pretending like he’s going to bite

               -Honestly you’ve learned to just lightly tap him on the nose with a newspaper and he turns into another giant puppy. Please don’t get him and Yoosung together. They’ll wreck the house.

               -Always wants to play wrestle with you. Always. But sometimes he miscalculates the fact that he is a lot stronger than you. If he hurts you even in /the slightest/ way, he’ll take off outside (obviously making sure you aren’t seriously injured first) and won’t come back until he changes back. Then he’s all apologies, practically begging you to forgive him, constantly kissing all over your face

               -On his calmer days, he likes to try and sit on your lap. Has that 'big dog’ syndrome where he thinks he’s a lap dog and refuses to acknowledge that he clearly does not fit


               -Skiddish!!! I’m talking for the longest time he would physically sprint away from you and you’d find him hours later attempting to hide under the bed and it being a disaster.

               -I’m sure after a while he’d warm up to you and just quietly follow you around

               -I’m talking, you’re cooking in the kitchen? He’s there silently begging. You’re on the couch? He’s against your hip just like a normal dog. What is /wrong/ with all of these werewolves. Might as well have been puppies, amiright?

               -No but really he is 10/10 willing to protect you. Knock at the door? Growling scary enough you have to tell the person that you were watching a scary movie.

               -Belly rubs!!!!!! Will roll around like /the biggest/ idiot, knocking everything over in the process and sheepishly apologizing later on for not being able to help clean it


               -He tries to constantly growl at you and bare his teeth, trying to be intimidating so you’ll leave him alone because 1. he feels vulnerable and awkward and 2. what if he hurts you without meaning to?

               -Though you’re always hanging yourself all over him because he’s “cute” and he just learned to get used to it

               -Seriously he really likes head pats and behind the ear scratches and will crawl into your lap like his brother would until you give him that sort of attention. Fuzzy blankets somewhere? He’s curled up on one. He also likes to sit outside and just howl, it’s like screaming at the void, but in dog form

               -Honestly will sleep most of the time unless he’s trying to be alpha male and “protect” you from Saeyoung

               -Saeyoung just playfully tackles and sits on him though that poor baby he tries so hard


               -The Most Intimidating One™

               -Would rather be alone because? It’s a sensitive time okay, he can get really grumpy

               -I’m talking growling, fangs showing, maybe even some of that like… gross angry drool but he’s extremely grateful when you clean it up off the floor because? Ew that’s gross. Does not want.

               -He will let you sit with him outside, though. If he’s sitting outside, it’s a calm time for him, and you’re more than welcome to sit too. Maybe even pet his head a little bit. BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT. NO MORE.

               -I feel like he would get really embarrassed if he changed back in front of you? Like BAM HERE’S ME NAKED, and I think as much as he plays it off like he’s cool with it, inside he’s like, “did MC /really/ just see… everything?”


Break A Leg

Anon asked: Boyf riends injury fic plz??, because every body loves those

Hope you like it!! Remember you can always ask for a redo if you don’t!!

Let’s get into it!!!

One of the cutest things about Jeremy was probably that rush of nervous/excitement he always got before going up on stage. He would bounce around in costume and pace the room and pump himself up. Under his breath he mumbled “I got this” over and over again, his hands balled into fists at his side. Every now and then he would fix his costume and turn to face Michael, then ask him “do I got this?”

And Michael would always say the same thing, “You got this man”

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The Other Side

Based on this adorable kitty;

Originally posted by catsandkitten

Special thanks to @kmmcm for beta testing this! 

Hopefully this helps anyone who’s having a bad day or not feeling well!


That damn cat.  

That damn, lovable, awesome, badass cat that he was so proud of, that he practically bragged about nearly every single day to his coworkers, was gone.  

Poof, right out the window, like the black shadow he was. And Gajeel was close to tearing his hair out just trying to find the cat on his own. Two weeks had passed and he was terrified that Pantherlily was dead, in a shelter, or worse; in a little kid’s bedroom with a pink as fuck bow around his neck. Pink was not the cat’s style, and he was worried that if the cat retaliated, he would end up in a shelter.  

Still, it was nerve wracking as the days went by, with not a single hit from the local shelters or anyone calling from the flyers he put up. ’Who even does that anymore anyways?’ He thought, grumbling under his breath as he hooked up the safety line to the building. He should’ve just stuck with Facebook and hoped for the best. But then again, he didn’t use the site as much as some people he knew, and hated when his friends urged him to go on it more. It was a waste of time and energy when he had barely any for a social life, let alone killing time on the net. He was better off doing his own thing, like looking for his cat.  

He sighed as he began scaling the building, dragging the sponge and squeegee over the glass panes that overlooked the busy city beneath. Window washing was a part time deal that his uncle had saddled him with, mostly to keep an eye on his idiotic and rather destructive cousin, Natsu. The guy meant well, he supposed, but had far more fun swinging than cleaning, causing more mayhem and shenanigans than they could handle. Thus far, only Gajeel had managed to make the situation slightly less of a hazard for them, mostly by promising him to spar once they were on the ground and off the clock. Which seemed to have worked so far; there were fewer accidents now than then.  

Natsu had even helped with the search for his cat, declaring that there was no replacing such a friend like his cat, touching the normally surly man. Yet, another day had passed and there was still no sign of the asshole. He bit his lip as he descended another level, worry beginning to gnaw at the back of his brain. What if he wasn’t alright?  

A tap on the glass startled him, making him almost drop his sponge. He cursed as he whipped to the glass, only to nearly drop his jaw.  

A girl waved at him from the other side, grinning mischievously as he recovered, scowling at her as he pointed at the ground then shook his finger at her. She ducked her head bashfully, mouthing the word “sorry” as she bit her lip. He shook his head as she turned back to her apartment and whatever she had been doing. He had to admit, he mused as he stared after her retreating figure, that this job had its good days along with the bad days. She was cute, and a bit of a distraction with her short, wild sky blue hair and short petite body. Washing her windows was definitely the highlight of his life, despite the subtle teasing and jabs from others about her.  

As cute as she was, he still had to focus on finding his cat. It was getting too depressing at home not seeing the cat or hearing his annoying meows for food. And it was worse at nights when he couldn’t feel the tiny weight curling up on his feet in bed, purring lightly after spending minutes kneading the blankets before settling down. He sighed as he descended another level, almost done with the blue haired girl’s apartment, vaguely registering the black ball of fuzz that stared at him.  

He was in the middle of dragging the squeegee across the plane when he did a double take, staring wide eyed at the cat. Sure enough, there was the familiar scar that crossed the cat’s brow and scraggly looking whiskers. This time, his jaw did drop, and indignant rage pooled in his gut as he pointed at the cat.  


If his roar didn’t shake the foundation of the building, the verbal spew that erupted from his mouth would have. He cursed, ranted and raved, waving his arms almost comically as the cat sat calmly, watching him in a bemused fashion. Something behind the cat startled him, and he turned to flee as the girl approached the windows again, her eyes wide with curiosity.  

Great, just great,’ he thought, snapping his mouth shut and blushing. He pointed at the cat, who looked at him from behind a chair and shouted as loud as he could, “That’s my cat!”  

She blinked, confusion crossing her face as she turned to Pantherlily, then back again. He groaned when she whirled and walked to a table, pulling a piece of paper out of a pile nearby. He glared at the cat as it returned to the window, bunting the glass as smugly as you please.  

“Just you wait till I get you home, you little butt,” he said, poking the glass. He couldn’t quite believe it, his cat was alive and well. It was somewhat of a shock that he was here of all places, tucked away in the girl’s apartment as if he had planned it. Maybe he had, the cat was far more clever than he appeared. But if the girl had taken him in, then maybe she was worth more than a few wistful stares and waves from the other side of the glass.  

She was coming back to the window, paper in hand as she knelt in front of him, stroking the cat’s back. Now that she was closer than before, he could see her better than he ever could hope to. And good god, she was prettier than he expected. She smiled shyly as she held up the paper to the window for him to read. He squinted as he leaned forward, then broke into the biggest grin that he had in two weeks, laughing delightedly as he nodded at her.  

I assume that this is your cat, so whenever you’re done, come to 609 so we can talk?’  

martheghost  asked:

Klance and 32!

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

this is too short for its own fic post so im just gonna post this with the original ask. thank u sm for the prompt! sorry it ended up so short, and i hope u dont mind that i interpreted the dialogue a little bit differently :’0

ao3 link

Keith is the first one to say it.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Lance drops the bowl he’d been holding. He fumbles to catch it before it falls or the food goo can spill onto the kitchen’s tile floor, but some still slides over the side and onto the ground between the two of them, landing with a splat at their feet. With the ceramic bowl secure in his hands again, he turns to his boyfriend, jaw slack.

“You—you do?”

Keith nods. He crosses his arms, then uncrosses them, then crosses them again, and shifts his weight from one foot to the other. He’s clearly uncomfortable, everything about his posture screaming that he would rather be doing anything but having this conversation right now. Lance doesn’t understand why, then, he had been the one to bring it up, especially now when they’re not even doing anything. They weren’t even really talking, only enjoying each other’s company in the quiet while Lance made himself a midnight snack, the rest of the ship asleep in their beds.

“Oh,” Lance says. He sets the bowl on the counter, knowing that otherwise he’ll drop it for real this time. “Oh.”


“You ‘think’?”

“Yeah,” Keith repeats. “I think. I—I’ve never…been in love with anyone before. I don’t know yet how to tell if that’s what it is. But I think…”

“You think you’re in love with me,” Lance finishes, a little breathlessly. Keith looks away, his eyes trained on the bowl on the counter. The tips of his ears are tinted pink.

It takes a moment, but the information sinks in, and when it does Lance surges forward, pulling Keith to him by the fabric of his pajama shirt and unceremoniously smashing their faces together in a harsh, intense kiss. Keith kisses back just as intensely, his hands immediately finding their way to Lance’s face, cupping cheeks between his calloused fingers, his skin for once glove-free. He’d taken them off before getting into bed tonight and hadn’t put them back on when Lance invited his boyfriend to the kitchen with him.

Keith tilts his head to the side, and Lance takes the opportunity to deepen the kiss. He pulls away a moment later, both of them breathless.

“Me too,” he says, gasping still, “me too, me too.”

“You too?” Keith parrots, his smile small but amused. Lance huffs, and he knows that Keith can feel that breath against his lips with how close they are. He presses their foreheads together gently.

“Me too,” he says for a fourth time. “I think I’m in love with you, too.”

“It’s terrifying.”

God, it’s so terrifying,” Lance agrees, laughing, and Keith snorts too.

Not one for missed opportunities, Lance pulls him in for another kiss.

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Hi, I love your writing style, if you are feeling up do it, could you do one where the reader is a Girlsie and she likes Crutchie, but she pretends to be a boy so she can work with the Newsies, and they all find out and it's fluffy and stuff? Idk if that makes sense, but I think you could write it wonderfully.

i did a bit of research for this one, and hopefully, i didn’t stray too far from your request—Nails.

Everyday, it was the same. Somehow manage to get up before the boys, haul ass into the tub, make sure your hair was still short enough to not give you away, then wait. You dressed yourself just as the others were waking up. Race came up behind you and smacked you over the head with a rolled up paper from yesterday. “Morning, (Name).” He laughed.

“Go away, Race.” You responded. Race made himself scarce with some of the other boys. It was always the same. Your routine had been in place for upwards of two months now. And it was in place for a reason. If you were given away as a girl, it’d be back to the streets. To the refuge, in a worst case scenario. The rules were clear: boys only, don’t break curfew without a pass, pay your fees, everyone out by 7:00. You danced delicately on the first rule.

You started towards the stairs when you spotted Crutchie. All you could do was smile. “Hey, need a hand?” Crutchie looked up at you with a big grin on his face. That’s what it was about Crutchie, that damn smile. It could brighten up a cave. That’s what home looked like to you.

“No, I got it. But if ya wanted ta walk with me, I’d like that.” He said. How were you to refuse an offer like that? You knew Crutchie didn’t like you-couldn’t like you. You were a boy, as far as the Newsies were concerned. All you wanted to do was take his face in your hands and kiss him.

Snapping out of your days, you nodded. “‘Course I will.” You kept pace with him down the stairs. Crutchie passed some stories from Jack down to you. Crutchie was such a brilliant storyteller in your eyes. He had such a way with words.

The pair of you were almost to the world, when, quite abruptly, Crutchie says “You know I know, right?”

“Kn-know what?”

“Come on, (Name), I ain’t stupid like the others. You… You’re a girl, ain’t you?”

You were floored. All you could do was open and close your mouth. This was the one thing you deeply feared. You knew not what to say. “Crutchie, I—”

“Okay, (Name), just know that I ain’t gonna tell, I promise. I ain’t gonna tell nobody.”

Trust was a difficult five letter word. You swallowed. “Okay.”

Crutchie smiled once again. Carefully, you felt him take your hand, with his free one. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as you thought. “You’re safe with me, don’t you worry.”


(((( for my dear joanna senpai who just started stanning 17!!!

everything has either junhui/minghao in it because i’m trash for them like that!!!

i didn’t put in the titles/authors since u can see it after clicking the link ))))

https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/813692 - JUNHAO SMUT first of all i love this because it’s well written smut and junhao i love Sinning

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6931981 - junhao! i just found this while looking at the junhao tag in ao3 and i love the concept a+++

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6365353/ - WONHUI. 105k words of wonhui. and it has a lot of dancing terms, but! the characterization is A+++ i love it

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5277134/ - jihan but i love this au so much so im recommending it anyways!!! but this isn’t complete!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5218811/ - A SET OF ONESHOTS/DRABBLES for every otp, but i don’t think this is done too. but you can see a lot of rare otps so who knows you might discover an otp here that u never wouldve thought u’d ship

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6701665 - WONHUI + MINGHAO SMUT AA AA A A AA A AA i love anything with wonhui and even moreso with minghao SO THIS FIC IS A BLESSING

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6602794 - WONHUI again this is hella funny and really cute i love the sns parts!!


http://archiveofourown.org/works/5821237 - ANOTHER WONHUI (do u see me being trash for wonhui now they are like my suyeol) + kid!minghao i love every single thing in this fic i love minghao my smol child my heart ached bc of this

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5451419 - surprise, surprise!!! WONHUI + soonhoon (aka 96 line!!!) smut ahe this is when i found out that i actually ship soonhoon

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5344013 - ANOTHER WONHUI IM SORRY i read a lot of wonhui. this is another smut. but this was one of the first svt smut i’ve read and im hAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS A GEM.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6817777 - oh man junhoon i literally read this before i rec’d this i love fluff i love nonau junhoon ESP WHEN THEY FIRST WON THE MUSIC SHOW oh god jun is so bf material

http://archiveofourown.org/works/4700573 - CHINALINE one of the first fics i read i love this so much mgmhnhg (+++badass minghao, gr8 concept)


http://archiveofourown.org/works/5352575 - JUST a really cute short junhan fic!!! i love them too but theres not a lot,

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5268311 - OKAY this is a lot of pairings (ot13) but there’s no smut i just really love this fic to bits it’s still ongoing but i just loVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5960836 - another ot13 fic i love ot13 very much and it’s a cute au!! it’s ongoing as well but i still rec anyways

UPDATE (1/???)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5247953 - ot13 very short orchestra!au fic. i’ve never handled an instrument but it’s reaLLY FUNNY AND JUNHAO TALKING ABOUT ANIMALS WHILE JIHOON IS TALKING ABOUT ASSIGNMENTS

• archiveofourown.org/works/6963403 - ANOTHER OT13 FIC it’s a short group message fic and 95% relatable bc im in a gc as well and the roasting + gay is overflowing (written for svt’s first anniv!!)

UPDATE (2/???)


http://archiveofourown.org/works/6997735 - WONHUI + side!gyuhao!!! i LOVE THIS FIC TO BITS BECAUSE WONWOO IS SUCH A TSUN AND COCKY JUNHUI IS JUST?????¿¿¿ reallyho t???¿ and gyuhao i love gyuhao so much


http://archiveofourown.org/works/6767350 - READ IT THIS IS THE BEST THING AFTER BAEKBAMA

ok this is all i have for now!!! there’s a lot more but some are ongoing and havent updated for a while so i didn’t include them. i hope you enjoy reading all this!!! ^o^ ***i will edit this every now and then when i find good ones that tickle my fancy ahe

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ok but consider this; Michael and Jeremy getting high at a drive-in movie theater and they're giggly as heck and that's how their first kiss happens because the mood is perfect and they're out of their minds,, -slushie

i can roll w this okay

the drive in is doing a special feature for the first week of summer. the squip stuff is over, everyone is recovering and things have taken on a sense of normalcy.

it’s michael who suggests they go because they’re showing shitty 90s horror movies, of course we’re going, are you kidding me, he rolls up to jeremy’s in his shitty car with tons of snacks, a ton of mountain dew red (because even after all this time, it’s better safe than sorry, right?) and a joint to split.

they pull into the drive thru; and theyve gotten there a little late so they’re off to the side a bit but its okay because its summer, and everything is good, and they’re gonna spend the next couple hours with their favorite person in the world and its good.

the movie starts, and wordlessly michael lights the joint as the tinny opening music begins playing through their speaker. for a while they pass it back and forth, until about halfway through the movie when the joint gets too short to finish off.

there’s a lull in the action, and it’s beginning to get dark outside. jeremy leans (a bit awkwardly) over the console to rest his head on michael’s shoulder. he’s still wearing that hoodie, even though its june and he’s probably sweating his ass off.

they exchange a few meaningless words, about how they’re going to spend their summer and how they heard that jake dillinger Finally asked out rich, and how jeremy wishes he could have something like that, but after christine and he broke up nobody felt worth pursuing.

or at least, nothing worth pursuing that would lead anywhere.

michael asks what he means, except it comes out slow and languid and they both end up giggling before he can finish his thought, because even after smoking so much, he can never really get past the sluggishness of his high, can he?

jeremy says he likes him like this. likes how he’s open and always smiling and fumbles on his words some because it makes jeremy feel better.

makes you feel better about what? michael asks, trying to push through the hazy feeling to get his point across. jeremy’s head is still on his shoulder.

jeremy’s answer is vague and punctuated by hot red flushing cheeks, and michael presses further, eventually wrapping an arm around jeremy’s shoulders to keep him from leanibg away and changing the subject and then. and then jeremy just kisses him, a hand brought to rest on his cheek, and it tastes like stale smoke and popcorn and michaelmichaelmichael and.

it’s michael who pulls away — but God does he not want to — and hes the most overwhelmed he’s felt in his damn life because. did he really just kiss jeremy? and he isnt even sober?

he goes in to kiss jeremy again, chasing the rush that jeremy gave the blood in his veins, and before they know it the movie is over and there’s an attendant — first uncomfortably, then excitedly, and was that jenna rolan? — tapping on the window telling them they need to leave.

neither of them is anywhere near sober (but it’s hardly the pot that has them intoxicated at this point) and they end up having to call jake, who mysteriously ends up bringing rich along despite the late hour.

both sets of boys choose to ignore the intertwined hands of the other two.

michael never gets an answer to his question, but the warm reminder of jeremy on his lips and the heavy hand resting in his serves as enough, at least for now.

Glass Heart - Part Three

Ubbe x Reader

Notes: the smolder continues. 1541 words. Still T-rated. Still planning a final E-rated chapter that will burn your face off. 

Links to Part One and Part Two

The next time you see Ubbe, his chiseled face is wavering as you peer at him through the smoke of the spring blot bonfire. His smile when he recognizes you is like the sun breaking through clouds. He tips his head like he’s about to communicate something to you, but your friends are already pulling you away, toward the feast table.

This festival celebrates the end of winter; its magic focuses on preparation for the summer season of growing and raiding. You know which of those two is your priority. You can almost taste the blood of your enemies spattered on your lips, already starting to hear the clangs and thuds of battle in the crackling bonfire. Spring is the season of possibilities, and your blood is already quickening in readiness.

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I Don’t Want the World to See Me (Cause I Don’t Think that They’d Understand) #10

Write a companion piece, I said.  It’ll be fun, I said.  It’s just drabbles, it won’t take too long.

I am a big, fat liar.  Bad Cass.  Bad.

Here’s another piece from Bucky’s POV - it takes place during Part 40.

***If this is your first time reading through, and you HAVEN’T yet read through part 45 of WEMtbB, this will contain major spoilers***

Word count: 4345 *facepalm*


For the entire work:  Language (I have a potty mouth), violence, and angst.  This will probably get pretty dark later on, and there will be smut.  If that’s not your thing, you may want to avoid this story.

Additional warnings specific to this part: Mentions of blood, violence, rape, death, and physical assault (nothing overly detailed), panic, anxiety    If I need to add anything else, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  If you don’t want me to publish the ask, I won’t, or you can feel free to do it as a Nonnie.  I will not take offense to any trigger warning requests.   Your well-being is important to me and I do NOT want to trigger anyone.

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Until It’s Gone - Ch.10

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: There are none. Except you might be angry with the end result depending on what ship you wanted to sail. Either way, come roll in the fluff with me.

Word Count: 1,823

A/N: And the last chapter is here. Oh sweet loves of mine, thank you for sticking with me on this one. This series was written from a very deep place in my soul about a similar experience in my own life. Writing this series has helped me process through everything, and having you guys to yell and cry alongside me and to just support me overall has meant more than you’ll ever know. So thank you. My betas and my loves, @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie, bless you both. I love you dearly.

Feedback is always loved and appreciated! 

Read (Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5) (Ch.6) (Ch.7) (Ch.8) (Ch.9)

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” you said with no hesitation.

“How do you know?” His warm hand came to rest on your shoulder, and his fingers began to draw small patterns on the exposed skin on either side of your tank top strap.

You leaned into the contact and briefly looked up at him with a smile, “I always know.”

He smiled back and raised an eyebrow in amusement, “So humble, Y/N.”

You wiggled your eyebrows at him before returning your gaze to your main fixation, “It’s why you love me.”

He pulled you close against his chest, arms wrapping around your front, and rested his chin on the top of your head, “One of the many reasons.”

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