but its rlly funny

hey does anyone else remember 2009 fanfiction culture where every fic was based off a taylor swift song 

please take a moment to realize that, Killua wasn’t the only one suffering

sexist jokes are honestly so hilarious, seriously “women are bad drivers and should stay in the kitchen to make sandwiches” HAHAHAHAH, have you ever heard anything so FUNNY in your entire life, ahhh all these sexist little men are soooo wiTTY i can barely breaaathe from laughing so hard 

Alright im gonna put my own analysis of that last page because i got a lot of gross sexual comments on the page and i want to establish some things about elliot’s reaction 

Like so many people are like “why isnt he jumping for joy?? he’s hot!” like look. we all saw in chapter 2 that he has a fond attachment to his scars. even ones that don’t have a pleasant origin. Because those are an anchoring point in how he defines himself, those are his stories, his memories of how he overcame so much and still made it through. He knows his body wasn’t the best and he definitely did not like the way he looked at all (especially with all his scars). but at this point he had come to accept himself, accept his scars, accept his body to a point where he could take his sweater off comfortably without feeling like he had to hide himself. 

and then he learns that he died, might not even be human, is completely out of his depth and his anchor points in which he grounds his identity in is replaced with something he isn’t sure he even wants anymore.

@nix-nox @askwolftan and i made an au,, namjoon is a spider boy w six arms and a lot of confusion

kic 3 update

so drinking last night was not the best decision?? i don’t make good decisions???

anyway i’m still fixing up this chapter because reading over it now there are a lot of problems lololol. i don’t wanna keep “dangling” an update in front of your faces though because i know it’s a bummer waiting for an update and not getting it so when the chapter does go up i’ll give like?? a one hour warning? as i put it into ao3 and give a final skim, yeah?? thanks so much for being patient!! i really appreciate not getting pitchfork-y asks about my horrible update timings. i can’t say if it’ll be up by the end of today since i’ll be working on it around my tutoring job so let’s just see how it goes. 

meanwhile, i’ve went ahead and tagged all the little prompts and drabbles i’ve written in kic verse! so u can still revel in kic verse while not really being in kic verse haha lol yikes

so like at my new job i put my name on my tag as david alexander but ive mostly gone by alex. one of the girls caught me so off guard the other day bc she just sat across from me going david. david. david. until i looked up and she laughed like you werent expecting that were you! and its like no! but thats me! hey thats me!! im still not used to hearing people say alex or david but it feels so good when i have that second of ‘oh thats me!’ its great.