but its one of my fav movies


all the boys // panic! at the disco


Get to Know Me Meme: Favourite Movies (1/5) - Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

“My fans and me, we’re in love. My songs are loveletters, and the arena is our bedroom. The stage… The stage is where we fuck.”

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The way u draw people reminds me of The Iron Giant which is in fact one of my fav movies. I love ur style <3

That’s such a nice thing to say, thank you! <3
If only I was able to draw hands as deliciously as they do in that movie because they’re so tastyyyyy

i saw hidden figures yesterday and it was so good!!!!!!!!! but it was weird bc i saw it with my friend and her mom who are white and it was just so weird seeing their reactions to the white characters…………like………my friend turned to me at one point when one of the white guys decides to treat katherine like an actual human being and shes like “awwww, hes my fav character now” and im just sitting there thinking like……….are we really praising this guy for being a decent human being.. and idk its so weird seeing how some people just see stuff like that and just think it makes white people worthy of being praised just because they decided to be kind of nice to a black person and it sort of just seems like they see movies like this and they think racism is over and we’ve made so much progress and that this all ended in the 60′s but they ignore all the shit that is happening right now and none of what i said probably made sense but whatever im done talking now