but its not

Life is one of those things that’s worth fighting for because the great times do come. And I really believe there is great times out there for everybody. That everybody has their moment, their shining time. It’s not just a case of getting that moment, and then that’s it. There’s plenty of moments to be had. And your moment’s right around the corner. Believe that, and hang in there. And trust in yourself to get there, I believe in you. And I know plenty of other people believe in you as well, so just… hold on, and keep on fighting that good fight…. Life’s weird, but life is fantastic.
—  @therealjacksepticeye

I drew a boyfriend for my boy [x]

things pidge used to do back at garrison

  • spends majority of her time under the desk
  • lance: pidge, iverson wants to see you
  • pidge: *slinks down her chair and merges with the shadows under the table*
  • hunk: where’s pidge?
  • *soft chewing and crunching and furious typing from under the table*
  • [taking attendance] “is pidge gunderson here?”
  • *a hand sticks out from nowhere and waves around*
  • sometimes lance or hunk walks pass and pidge gives them a sudden slap to the hand which she claims is a high five
  • she sleeps there too
  • skips class and finds empty classrooms to nap in
  • goes to the bathroom and kind climbs on the sink and kind of just. Sits there
  • “gunderson is my class too boring for you?”
  • pidge, making an insane amount of noise from the clinking and clacking of metal from the robot she’s building at the back of class: what no go on with the lesson

“The deadly thing in my job is to attach too much meaning to everything. You have to have a sense of humour about yourself…I’m definitely trying to figure this all out as I go along, how to craft a career. As things get bigger, I have days of depression, sitting in the house and wondering ‘What are you doing? Is it even relevant?’

Happy 34th Birthday, Adam Driver! [November 19th, 1983]

everybody knows and jokes and complains about how hands are hard to draw, but the real enemy?? feet

see with hands it’s just drawing them over and over for years so at some point it becomes a lot less hard, but feet are usually drawn with either shoes or socks on, so when a rare occasion comes up you’re mortified that you can’t fucking draw feet, but you draw them so rarely every time is like being stabbed in the back by yourself