but its my first edit in like 6 months

@ all the people who tag\comment on my latest comic with “actually it’s a (yellow’s) helmet and its been confirmed by the crewniverse”

The only person who addressed Yellow’s hair was Kat Morris, a supervisor director on the show. She called Yellow’s hair a helmet during a live stream she did about 6 months ago.

she LATER took it back, saying it’s actually Yellow’s hair and she just confused the words during the stream. She also said that she out of all people should know, since she was given the job to edit the first sequence with YD in Message Received so her hair won’t look like a helmet. SOURCE

I know the story of Yellow’s helmet hair has been covered in multiple fan videos across YouTube but the fact it was bunked wasn’t mentioned at all in any of those channels so I get the confusion. still

anonymous asked:

Testosterone and PMS: exactly, that line is a TERF lie. It scared me when I encountered it and probably added an extra couple weeks to my decision to start. I'm at 6 months now and starting testosterone felt nothing like PMS. If anything it's like the happy and horny feeling just before ovulation. TERFs make things up to stop people transitioning, they're not arguing in good faith at all.

Oh geez, is that where it comes from?  Serves me right for believing in honest mistakes…  (edit: not necessarily by the asker, but whoever put the misinformation out there in the first place)

Anyway, nothing says “super feminist” and “solidarity of cis women” like talking about how PMS makes you into a monster.