but its like you cant even tell so idk

Okay so this just happened.
Person called and asked for a manager(me)
Said that they were missing a food item with their purcahse, they came at 3:30,now 7:40 I came at 5 that was before my shift.
I said speak to the morning manager cuz i wasnt informed of anything, she got mad,said she’ll call corporate(they don’t even have a number its email) like for what? I cant confirm they did miss one,you could be lying,like no.
I talked to her nicely but she just got pissy like sorry. You shoulda called right away not 4hours later.

Like idk what do yall think?
I just recently got promoted and its stressful dealing with complaints, especially when they’re before my shift. I keep track of stuff during my shift so if anything wrong happens i know,but before i tell them to talk to morning manager.