but its kinds cute and some point

everyonenods  asked:

You said you were taking requests? From any fandom? Can I request Keith and Allura from Voltron?

Here you go!

Haven’t watch the second season yet but i’ll do it at some point >_>

(/)w(\) aaaaaaaaaaaaa, thank YOU, anon! 

Lucio - Lucio likes to cuddle when he goes to sleep but the thing is that he also tends to move around in his sleep. It’s nothing too bad like kicking but he may grab you at some point during the night before the hold on his hand relaxes. He snores but it’s very soft and kind cute. 

Mccree - Always the big spoon during cuddles and always keep his chin on the top of his s/o’s head. Has a bad habit of drooling, snores just a bit too loud and also known to have a nightmare or two during the sleeping hours that forces him again and just cling to his s/o.

Reaper - He sleeps on his side with just an arm towards his s/o. Reaper sleeps like he’s dead, on his back with no noises, nothing coming out of him. He turns his head over to glance over at his s/o, just making sure that they’re still there and it isn’t some teasing dream of his. 

Soldier 76 - He’s the type of person who can’t go to sleep without his gun next to him. He pulls his s/o to his chest as he sleeps on his back. He’s a very light sleeper, literally just about any noise wakes him up and also he just tends to stay awake, staring up at the ceiling all lost in his thoughts until he just collapses into sleep.