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Some exciting news! I’ve been accepted to have an artists’ table at next years Clexacon! 

I’ve never sold art at a con before, so I’m both thrilled and super nervous.  I’ll be selling prints and stickers (maybe some buttons too), but will be deciding what art/ships/fandoms exactly closer to the date. 

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Yup I am back with this!This time I am not doing the baby designs becouse I am gonna die if i do even tho it is so much fun doing them its hard to do it digitaly without a tablet QuQ Also This time im including one shiny mon in the fusion if you get lucky of course!

But anyway! How you enter just reblog and youll get a egg in your submission box! But please please make sure its open before you rebblog! 

!Only Pokemon dailys or pokemon story blogs!


And so it begins! My lovely little comic! It’s gonna be so fun for me, and I want it to be fun for you too <3 It’s initially a story I thought up on the fly in which some Yogscraft characters are reverted to primitive/ancient ways. I know it looks a little silly right now, but bear with me on this little adventure…It’s going to become a lot more complex.

I never really came up with an actual title for this comic/AU, but I’ve been referring to it as the “Reversion” comic. More to come soon!

still though people give the dark souls community too much flak for supposedly being elitist. a lot of them are sure, but the worst people about elitism are the hardcore mmorpg people who get genuinely bitter when the difficulty level of content is scaled back to a reasonable amount so that people who don’t have the time to practice a video game with the same amount of effort brain surgery takes can complete it. it’s never about fun with those types, it’s just about being part of the club and world firsts and everything. barely anybody cleared vanilla naxxramas and the people who just barely managed to do it hold it up as a shining example for what end game content should be when really they should be viewing as it was: a massive failure (in terms of accessibility and how many people would actually be seeing the work that went in, the art assets and design of the place was quite nice)

deep down most online videogames are about recognition and trying to be the best on your team so everyone can see how cool you are which is why stuff like game winning killcams and play of the games exist and mmo communities are the worst with that shit because they’re always comparing themselves to everyone else for their own amusement and to the detriment and annoyance of others. what do i get out of knowing you out dpsed me in a raid? i get to know you think you’re better than me but you also named your character after a naruto character so i know the score

it’s really sad because i think a lot of the people who are just trying to look cool in online games (who are the reason for the “everyone wants to play dps no one wants to play tank or healer” metas exist in everything from ffxiv to overwatch) are really sad on some level. they want to look cool because they know they can’t do it by doing anything outside of that game, so this is the closest they’ll get to doing something impressive.

I got the urge to rewatch Baman Piderman because I never really saw all of it and I’m really glad I did because 1. it’s adorable and it makes me laugh, and the floppy animation is just the best thing and 2. apparently they are still making it!! 

Like, this video is from this february, there’s still more to come and I’m super excited!

I think self-inserts in fanfic, or just any fictional writing or even art in general, are a really nice idea.

I know people get iffy about it, but I just think it’s kind of sweet to see people writing themselves, especially if they get to meet their favourite characters from videogames and such.

And, hey, writers have been doing it for years and years. Dante basically wrote this huge book about him meeting all his favourite mythological and religious characters, and even Stephen King put himself into one of his own books.

Writing or drawing should make you happy. It should cheer you up, to create something and mold so many characters. And anything which encourages people to get involved, and be enthusastic about creating stories should be encouraged!

Honestly Jaia is such an unhealthy couple I just don’t get this fandom wtf, the ways those two fight with each other don’t let me ship them in any way that doesn’t seem kinda abusive and weird, yes I know some people want it for representation, but any other ship would be so much better?? Maia x Simon, Maia x Izzy, maybe even Maia x Clary ( even tho those fought too but that was more reasonable and not “for fun” )

im so tired i am so so tired people keep vaguing me and saying horrible things about me over literal fandom things like not liking my shitposts or whatever and its like please!!!!! im begging you!!!! leave me alone!!!! im just trying to have fun here and not bother anyone and people just cannot stop please!!!! i know im annoying but i cant take much more of this, ive had people insulting me right where anyone can see it for months now and i already hate myself enough just please leave me alone


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

@new d&d players and dungeon masters starting because of critical role, aquisitions inc, the adventure zone, etc: 

hey listen. i know it’s really super easy to compare and set up expectations that your game, your DMing or your roleplaying should be like theirs. i know. it’s super easy to look at matthew mercer and feel like you’ll never be as entertaining as him or you’ll never be as good at roleplaying as the cast, or that you’ll never be as funny as the mcelroys.

but listen to me. i’m serious. they are professionals, but they’re playing with their friends. every single person brings something unique and great to a tabletop game, and if you let go of the expectation that everything needs to be perfect, everything needs to be like the podcasts you listen to or the shows you watch–

it WILL be perfect. d&d is a game where you can do whatever the fuck you want and you should do that, but realize that with these expectations are unfair to your fellow players, your dm, and most importantly yourself. sometimes it takes a while for people to get comfortable with how things are. sometimes it doesn’t. that’s ok. just enjoy your game as much as you can

I would get on my knees for Tae

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