but its funny :)

  • uraraka: this is my boyfriend deku-kun, and this is deku-kun's boyfriend bakugou.
  • deku-kun: nice to meet you!
  • all might: hey! oh. wait, sorry. what's the situation?
  • uraraka: deku-kun is gay but he's straight for me and he's gay for bakugou and bakugou's really gay for deku-kun. and i hate bakugou.
  • deku-kun: it's not that complicated.
  • bakugou: nope.
  • all might: oh. yeah. sure.
  • [later]
  • all might: the thing about youth culture is i don't understand it.

anonymous asked:

There's a part in the resident evil 7 let's watch where Ryan accidentally scares Geoff by standing up behind his monitor and Michael comments how Ryan looked confused afterwards and honestly that's the Vagabond headcanon I live for. Ryan scaring the shit out of his crew members completely by mistake and also being slightly startled and confused every time he's doing something completely mundane and someone screams bloody murder at him

Jack walks out of her room and stumbles towards the kitchen, mind centered around her morning coffee to keep her feet moving when someone pops around the corner with a knife. She shrieks and jumps backwards, ready to fight off an attacker when she sees the man jump and fumble with the knife. Naturally, its just Ryan, who huffs and informs her that he’s making omelets and wants to know if she wants green pepper in hers.

Ryan walks into the room to stand behind Geoff, who doesn’t notice the lithe killing machine standing behind him. Ryan has a both helpful and horrible characteristic of silent footsteps, so Geoff jumps when Ryan points out an error in the plan drawn on the whiteboard, cursing Ryan and trying to settle his heart.

The penthouse is woken by Michael cursing every deity he can think of and every hellish force that allowed Ryan to roam the earth. When the crew gathers in the living room, they see Ryan, standing with a bewildered expression on his face, dressed in plaid pajama bottoms and clutching a jar of peanut butter, and they see Michael, boxer clad and standing on the kitchen counter, hands on his knees as he heaves in great breaths. Ryan just wanted a midnight snack, Michael happened to be waiting for his mac and cheese in the microwave to be done. Michael wasn’t expecting a hand to reach past his head to the cupboard above him in the darkness. In his rush to get away from the ghostly white figure in the corner of his eye, he climbed on the counter and prepared to launch himself at it. Poor Ryan just blinks at him and apologizes to the crew for waking them up.