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People of Earth - Favorite Scenes [1/ ∞]

Don at the Alien Experiencer Expo

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So after going through the entire Kingdom Hearts series, I’ve noticed something. King Mickey was not born royalty; he married into royalty by screwing around with the world order.

Mickey originally comes from Timeless River, the “Steamboat Willie”-themed world where he’s a deckhand with a reputation for being a lazy troublemaker. Nobody mentions any kind of existing royalty in that world, and certainly nobody treats Mickey like a prince, lazy or otherwise. We see early versions of Pete, Horace Horsecollar, Clara Cluck, etc. but do you notice someone missing?

Minnie. Minnie is not from Timeless River.

Minnie is princess of the Country of the Musketeers, the “Three Musketeers”-themed world from Dream Drop Distance. We see a younger Mickey here training to be a Musketeer on princess guard duty but we know he isn’t native because he tells Sora as much. He doesn’t understand when Sora calls him “Your Majesty”. If Mickey was a prince of any kind, that title wouldn’t be weird. It’s also clear that this world is not a version of Timeless River. (Though it does have a version of Pete, which may or may not be the same Pete from the rest of the series considering he has a peg leg in Country of the Musketeers. It’s kinda hard to grow back a leg. Then again, this is a series that runs on bloodless carnage and where people regularly come back from the dead, so who knows?)

Sometime later, in Yen Sid’s tower, we see an inexperienced Mickey as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Again, Sora instinctively starts with “Your Majesty” and Mickey is confused.

By the time Birth By Sleep rolls around, Mickey is still an apprentice to Yen Sid but he’s a king now. He and Minnie rule over Disney Town during the Million Dreams Festival, which is the newer incarnation of Timeless River. And is not at all a shameless plug for Disneyland or reference to the Disney parks’ Year of a Million Dreams, up to and including Ven being given actual goddamn park tickets.

(No I will not get over the blatant self-advertising.)

Disney Town goes on to become Disney Castle from KH1 on.

So basically, Mickey pulled Minnie out of her own world and back to his, where she reigned as queen and he married her and became king. So that means that all these regal-looking pictures of mice on the walls…

…are MINNIE’S ancestors, not Mickey’s. And also, since Disney Castle was not inherited but was built during their lifetime, those little 3-circle mouse heads everywhere?

Either it’s Mickey being phenomenally narcissistic, or more likely, they’re the royal seal of MINNIE’S family.

So the worlds have to stay separated and their existences have to stay secret, right, Mick?

Unless you find a hot girl. Then you can totally bring her back to yours.

Taylor: *dancing at abi’s reception having a blast*

Taylor: *checks time and sees its after 8*


Taylor: *runs to bathroom and checks tumblr to see us all dying*

Taylor: *returns to dance floor*

Abigail: you checked Tumblr didn’t you




Abigail: are they freaking out


disappointed by mainstream LPers lately? try Geek Remix

i just love geek remix so much…everyone who even slightly enjoys lets plays or Video James in general should consume their content, please!!!

mari & stacy are 2 hilarious, insightful women and are very inclusive & respectful of their audience which are mostly LGBT+ individuals & ppl with mental illnesses or neurodivergent individuals. also they arent wildly anti-semitic which is always a plus

i recommend starting out with some of these lps:

  • life is strange - INSIGHTFUL COMMENTARY, GOOD CHOICES, FAN THEORIES, THEY KISS CHLOE, all in all best lis playthrough out there 
  • skyrim romance mod - mari & stacy play that infamous skyrim romance mod. you know the one. lots of (censored) dicks, very nsfw, but fucking hilarious
  • fahrenheit/indigo prophecy - mari & stacy mercilessly make fun of the what-the-fuckery that is david cage’s (heavy rain guy) game indigo prophecy. they also have a very loving argument about temperatures at one point. its good content
  • resident evil 7 - not caught up w/ this one yet but its just hilarious to watch them both freak the fuck out (and helps me feel better about also freaking the fuck out). 
  • Vax'ildan: visits Kiki's hometown; awkwardly but respectfully interacts with her dad; reassures her that they'll return and that he'll continue to support her no matter what
  • Vex'ahlia: completely naked, greets Percy at her bedroom door; ignores his plan for drinking and talking; insists on having sex literally as soon as he stops wearing so much clothing

[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (14/15)Casper Meets Wendy

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I work at a nursing home. Sometimes the residents have guests that eat with them and HOO BOY some of them are so entitled. Snapping fingers at the dietary staff? Demanding free dessert because the food was too mushy? You are eating at a freaking nursing home for pete's sake! It's also hilarious when they get mad that the dietary staff serve the residents before them.

Oh good lord, don’t get me started on the family of residents. This one resident’s mom is actually a CNA so she should be more understanding but she’s the worst! She won’t allow us to get him the medication he needs and is constantly wanting to cut out what he’s already on. He needs them for behavior and in order to control his anxiety. Whenever she visits she always has something to complain about. One of the top things is she bitches that his white clothes are not perfectly white. Like we try, bitch, but after a while shit starts to get discolored from sweat and age. What’s fucking hilarious is she has never actually had her child live in her home. She rented an apartment and hired a 24/7 nurse to stay with him. When she couldn’t afford it anymore that’s when she sent him to us. He was used to having one on one attention so the move devastated him. So when she finds out he acts out and is getting super anxious she blames us! But she’s at fault for a lot of the outbursts because she’ll take him home with her overnight then bring him back because he got too hyper and wouldn’t sleep. “I have work tomorrow and I couldn’t handle him another night if he’s not going to sleep”. Then for the next couple of days he won’t sleep and is pacing, yelling, licking walls, and just so unhappy. It’s sad. He’d probably be better off if she just stopped coming altogether instead of her constantly interrupting his routine by getting his hopes up then letting him down. I could write a book I swear to God. -Abby



Everyone check out this video. Its freaking hilarious. Also I recommend checking out  Matthew Shezmen’s other videos!