but its better than never posting anything right

fromheretoeternity1121  asked:

Honestly Jess, please do not ever feel that you have to justify or defend anything you say or do here because of anything said on the other side. Let them say whatever they want. NO ONE on this side gives a fuck what the twatwaffles do. They will never understand our community and the relationships held within it. It's not worth your time. They simply do not exist.

I know, that’s why I deleted the post. None of this is worth it. Next time I just won’t say anything and I’ll let them say I’m keeping things from my followers instead. That’s better than being scolded for trying to do the right thing. 

anonymous asked:

I know you mean well but making "can someone draw this" posts when you can't do it yourself comes off as a bit entitled. It's never too late to pick up a pencil and learn !

I’m just asking because I know there are people out there that draw way better than me that may/may not be interested in doing such a drawing. I know I could try doing it myself but the way my skills/time is right now it wouldn’t even come out as anything but a bunch of lines without meaning. If it’s such a bad thing to ask I can always delete the post and wait for the next few years until I manage to do something about it myself. (This probably sounds like a rude answer but I honestly don’t know how to phrase it). :/