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i like see a lot of people asking stuff like “what weapons do aromantics get” or “what do bisexuals use” n i just like….

i? dont know??? what do you like????

im literally just a lesbian who loves swords my guy you do you

the freckle in the corner of dans eye and the one on phils collarbone is actually what keeps the clouds floating but thts just me

nice transparent thing bc valentine is coming and all my ace ass has is this son and my laptop

have a good one too people

Off Beat

A MHA fanfiction. One-shot.



Jirou knows what a normal heartbeat sounds like. She also knows that All Might’s heartbeat is wrong, and it’s a little scary.

Trigger warnings for: pain, medical stuff

Jirou can hear most everything if she puts her mind to it.

When her quirk had first manifested it had been difficult to sleep, her earjacks sensitive enough to pick up vibrations from the street outside her window. Everything had felt too close and too much and had given her nearly constant headaches.

With time, of course, she had learned how to block out what she didn’t want to hear. At first she had covered her earjacks in simple wax casings that she could remove whenever she wanted. Eventually she had worked her way out of the coverings, learning how to moderate and control her quirk. The sensitivity had dulled a bit with time, but she could still pick out familiar heartbeats in a room packed with people.

And ever since she had moved into the dorms with the rest of her class, their particular beats were becoming a sound for ‘home.’

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fucccc i love her work so much guys i swear it’s the funniest and most embarrassing crack ever please read it for me and scream with or at me

IN OTHER NEWS here’s a little teaser of my piece for the book that i worked on all day insert eye emoji

YIPE !    OVER  ONE  HUNDRED  &  FIFTY  FOLLOWERS !    honestly  making  jug  was  something  i  was  a  bit  nervous  about  originally  but ,  now ,  i’ve  absolutely  been  having  a  blast  since  i  showed  up !    i’ve  met  some  great  people  &  made  some  great  friends  who  i  love  all  so  dearly.   not  to  mention  the  extreme  satisfaction  i  get  from  getting  more  people  into  the  these  comics  rather  than  just  the  show !    i’m  so  glad  that  all  of  you  seem  to  like  where  i  take  jug  &  i’m  even  more  glad ,  &  amazed  tbh ,  at  how  much  you  all  put  up  from  me  considering  that  every  other  day  on  here  is  a  shitpostpalooza.    you’re  all  so  dear  to  me !    i  love  being  here !    i  love  you  all  &  if  i  could  list  all  150  of  you  on  this  post  i  would.    you  all  deserve  it.

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Consider: lance being straight up no nonsense when he isnt feeling well. Like "hey guys this is fun and games and all but ive got a headache." Or when its serious "i really feel bad. Like unbelievably terrible." And they believe him well enough but the first time he gets seriously ill- maybe after a long week of goofing and over the top dramatic arguments, they just think hes playing it up. Not intentionally or maliciously, but it ends up disasterously somehow

Omg, anon! I don’t know why, but I have a thing with people not believing someone when they are seriously ill to the point where the sickie ends up collapsing and everyone is like “oh shit!” in a panic. And, I could totally see this happening with Lance because he’s the “jokester” of the group. Like, maybe him running a really high fever and feeling genuinely like shit, but everyone thinks he’s over playing it. So they go to training, and he’s like “guys I really don’t feel well.” And they aren’t necessarily rude, but they definitely don’t believe him. And Lance is just so tired and so ill, but he keeps going and ends up fainting. That’s my jam right there!

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town


i thought of this & laughed