but its all i can do

  • every NPC: *turns to Inquisitor Solas in a worshipful way* You are the Herald of Andraste, called by Divinity...
  • Inquisitor Solas: Cut that shit out. :)

I apologize for the breakdown from last night. I was having a really hard time but I’m sorry about all the drama :( sometimes rambling about it on posts is the only thing that stops me from being impulsive and doing things I might regret :(

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So what's up with twitter and Megan Boone and the blacklist? she is not okay with what's happening to her character, she is not happy about the marketing and she liked posts that criticized K2 and abuse...

To be honest, I’m not super active over on Twitter. I follow her account, but not closely. 

I’m assuming you’re referring to the posts she’s made that everyone’s been chattering about over here on Tumblr? I think it’s probably a very complicated situation in which we don’t know all the details of. We have no idea if this has been an ongoing discussion behind the scenes between her and the various people that would be in charge of marketing and social media or if tweeting about it is her first go-to. We don’t know and unless she or someone else in the know were to tell us, I’m not sure we’d have anyway to know, so any deeper meaning to the tweets besides what she’s actually saying is speculation on our part.

From what I’ve seen, her point was that she’s been the co-start and female lead for 4 full years, starting in on the 5th, and she feels like James gets much better representation in the marketing. I don’t think she’s wrong about that. Maybe it made sense in S1 when James was a well-known name and Megan wasn’t as well known, but we’re going into S5. We know who she is and she’s just as important to this show as James is. If she went about expressing it in the right way… that’s where it gets murky for me, mostly because I have no way to have all the facts. You can say “I would have handled it such-in-such way” all you want, but the truth is that we don’t know how many other avenues she’s taken to try to approach this issue before taking to Twitter. 

As for liking and not liking posts etc etc… I think people get very excited over it when actors like their tweets (I know I do), but we have no idea why they like them. It’s their own personal thoughts on it. If she loves Keen2, hates it, or is entirely indifferent to it, who knows? It’s easy to assume that actors and writers see the characters like we do, but I don’t think that’s always the case. Shipping is very important to many of us in our fandom culture, but those actually working on the show do have an entirely different angle that they approach things from.

 All I ask is that Megan does her job well and to the best of her ability, and she does. She’s a great actress and, I think, getting better each season. 


You with me? 


“Unless we’re talking heteronormativity and having to hide who you are in order to be accepted, because that doesn’t sound like much of a privilege to me.”

(Gifs are from A Little Bi Furious by @claudiaboleyn)

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


90.04.08. happy birthday to our beloved jonghyun, hope your day is full of joy and happiness 

It’s rare to find people who succeed in one shot. also, you don’t necessarily need to succeed in your first try. you will learn something from your failures

people who don’t like hunk genuinely confuse me. what has hunk ever done wrong? name one time hunk has done something wrong. see? you can’t. he is perfect.


Things get broken, and sometimes they get repaired, and in most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.

A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara.  


everyone’s out here uploading their fan art for ethan @crankgameplays and pictures with him and i wanted to do something to show him how much he matters to me… so i wrote him a song.

i did my best to make it NOT creepy and i think i did pretty darn well! although to be fair, I am studying songwriting in university and I AM technically a professional musician.

ethan, i really really hope you see this and i hope you know how important you are to ME and to countless other people.

blue haired boy, i adore you <3

i cant believe michael mell killed everyone by just existing 

im love him 

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored