but its 2am and im lazy


i was watching the falsettos boot,, and i noticed some things

the first one is, in four jews, the way each character places the blocks is different, and kind of shows the personality

so, whizzer takes them and leaves them sideways, not really caring, then runs off and doesnt  return to check on them

marvin puts a few blocks down, right side up, but in the wrong place. hes trying, but he misses

meanwhile, trina puts blocks in place, doing everything she can to make things perfect

and mendel runs around putting marvin and whizzer’s blocks where theyre supposed to be, trying to make amends and “fix” them

jason sits in the middle of everything, watching it all and being concerned but unable to help. however, he does move one block

the second one, is during the transition from love is blind, trina runs away from mendel and drops her handkerchief

later on in marvin at the psychiatrist, mendel uses it to wipe his face during part 2

WHERE TF DOES IT GO?????????????


yes that hair destroyed my entire being im deceased but i hope nobody else is