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@carsfandom, I don’t know if you guys like Bendy and the Ink Machine or not but please just click play because RED ALERT: THIS IS GOLD.

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What was that series of books about art thieves with an autistic character you like?

the Genevieve Lenard series by Estelle Ryan (please know they’re not perfect though- theres use of functioning labels etc)

(i look over the iffy bits because i find reading a book series with an autistic protagonist and a huge loving surrogate family very very comforting)(plus art crime)(its a hoot)(but its not perfect)(also the format of each book is predictable + follows a routine and i like that too)

Anon: Caroline stress-bakes

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She kneaded the dough a little harder than she needed to, her anger still bubbling under her skin.

Watching her from the counter, Enzo tried to hide the shaking shoulders of his laughter.

“Shut up,” she muttered. “It’s not funny.”

“It’s a television show,” he pointed out. “You’re stress-baking over a TV show.”

“You watch it, too,” she defended, pointing a floury finger at her best friend. “The writers completely screwed us over out of spite. They totally could have brought her over as a nice nod, but no, let’s focus on a character and setting intimately tied to her without even a mention.”

Enzo chuckled some more, just as Klaus entered the kitchen. “What’s going on?”

Fuming, Caroline went back to kneading bread. Enzo just stood and clapped her husband on the shoulder. “Enjoy the breads and sweets,” he winked. “She’ll be riled about this episode until the show comes back next season. Just let her bake.”

Still at a loss, Klaus watched Enzo go as Caroline muttered to herself about muffins and wasted opportunities.

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some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 



sorry I was so late for this cause up until now i still don’t know who’d take Navy’s place for the next perilette & paper lazuli ‘episode’ HALP


When they ask for healing but youre dead cuz noone protected you from tHE FUCKING WINSTON CHASING YOUR TINY SWISS ASS ALL AROUND THE MAP

I saw @propshophannah‘s post about Manon in a crown and attempted to sketch it because I was already looking for a reason to procrastinate

it’s funny how when yall place nct in hogwart house the members’ houses differ from one person’s post to another person’s post, but when it comes to yuta everybody just agrees the boy IS a slytherin