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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )

Ladrien June Day 15: Fear


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Just had a weird spur of the moment headcanon. But bear with me for a sec... AU, where RFA is in highschool with MC, and MC is with Jumin, and one day MC is sick and doesn't show up, so Jumin sneaks into MC's room to bring her stuff and fluff ensues.

Haha, that sounds super cute! Depending on how close they were (I’m assuming they were super tight in the au you were suggesting) I don’t think it’s unlikely. (I accidentally read this wrong the first time and wrote them as good friends that fall in love??? I’m sorry I can’t read to save my life sometimes??? *facepalm* I hope you enjoy this anyway) Maybe it would go something like this? (Also I’m making them all the same age because I’m a lazy):

MC was feeling abysmal as she closed the door to her bedroom, cradling a tissue box in her arms as she returned to bed. Looking to her phone, she noticed class was over in the time she had inadvertently passed out on the couch downstairs. She opened the messenger to ask Jumin for the homework– as they shared most of their classes being honor students–when her window slid open of its own accord to reveal a familiar head of dark hair. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as she laughed at his unceremonious entrance, unrepentant as each limb and a bag followed.

“Oh my God, Jumin, you did not.” She managed in between giggles.

His deadpan expression softened into a sheepish yet devilish smirk. “You have your ways of avoiding your mother, I have mine. Please excuse the intrusion.”

She waved him off, unperturbed. They’d been climbing in each others houses for years now, they were hardly strangers. “You could have just emailed everything to me, you didn’t have to come all this way. I don’t want to get you sick too.” MC insisted with a sniffle. More than that, she didn’t want him to get in trouble with his father over something so trivial.

“Where’s the fun in that? I’ll be fine.” He grinned, removing a neat folder from his bag with everything she needed to catch up, she was sure. “For you.”

“Thank you,” She placed the small stack of papers on her nightstand. “How long did you have to fight Zen to be the one to bring it to me?” MC asked dryly.

She was delighted to hear Jumin laugh, holding up his hands from their original position crossed over his chest. She loved it when it was just the two of them. He always seemed so comfortable, so liberated compared to his usual withdrawn reticence. “You got me, I had to beat him at rock paper scissors before he relented. Which makes no sense considering we live a block away from each other. In terms of efficiency, I was the most viable option.”

MC smiled. Jihyun was right, he was ever the scientist. But she thought the practicality was adorable, and it made him a lot more honest than most. It was refreshing that she never had to wonder what he was thinking since he was always open about it.

“Wait just a second, you must be thirsty after running here and climbing that tree. Let me get some water,” She exited before he could protest and returned with two water bottles, one to keep her hydrated and the other to make sure he was drinking properly too. Though she doubted he had problems with his health considering how he regimented just about everything.

“Thanks.” His voice was quiet, low. The sound of it never failed to soothe her, even now as her head throbbed slightly from oversleeping.

There was a comfortable silence for a while, their gazes wandering, most often to each other. A light blush often colored their cheeks whenever either was caught staring, accidentally or not, and Jumin’s hand came up to rub the nape of his neck. 

MC was curious at the sight of the gesture. He only did that when he was nervous. “Is something wrong, Jumin?“ Was his stepmother acting up again? “You know you can always stay here if you’re not comfortable at home.” She said softly, her hand reaching out to cover his in the hopes of comforting him. She had wanted to talk some sense into his parents for a long time, but she knew they would only take out whatever she said on him the moment she was gone. She hated how powerless she was to stop it. Anything she could do to help, he had but to ask.

He shook his head. “No it’s not that, but thank you, MC.” His words were suffused with a warm gratitude that was somewhat shy. “It’s…actually…” His gaze moved to the floor, lips pursed until he managed to force the words out. “Would you have preferred it if Zen was the one to come instead of me?” She could see the faintest of blushes coloring the tips of his ears.

“Much as I would appreciate whoever came to deliver the things I need, I think I’d have to say no.” She hedged. His head shot up immediately to stare at her in surprise as her hands fiddled with the sheets, pulling at a stray thread on one of the corners as she her face flamed.

A slow smile she didn’t see overtook his face, more radiant than any he’d worn all his life. “Truly?” He asked. 

She nodded, mortified and unable to look at him and down-spiraling as usual. God he was going to think she was one of those crazy kids at school desperate to get his attention for all the wrong reasons, nice going you idiot. As if he doesn’t have enough girls hitting on him on a daily basis! Way to ruin everything, all he wanted was a real friend and you had to take it too far, stop being selfish and–

Her thoughts were halted in their tracks when she felt the velvet brush of lips and the lightest pressure on her forehead, her eyes widening and her cheeks darkening even further. All she could do was blink and stare at his crisp white collar, mouth slightly agape as he took a step back. He was blushing a bit too, despite his indulgent smile.

“Before you self-destruct,” He began, knowing all too well how she overthought things sometimes. Her brows would knit and her face would scrunch up in quiet horror in the most endearing way, though he always halted her before she could go too far with it and come to the wrong conclusion. “I like you too,” He revealed, his voice no louder than a murmur.

“O-oh.” Was all she could manage to say. Holy crap holy crap holy crap this was not a drill, Jumin liked her plain ass back. At this rate, she was going to need a hospital for an entirely different reason. She had liked him for a long time, but never wanted to make him uncomfortable with the expectation of something more considering the kinds of experiences he’d had with women all his life.

“But the most important thing right now is your health,” He continued, wrapping a spare blanket from the closet around her shoulders. “We can address this more as soon as you’ve rested. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call on me if you need anything.” His voice was as stern as it was sincere, largely because MC was stubborn to a troublesome degree about asking for help. He didn’t want her to hesitate, even if all she wanted was to talk. “Feel better, MC.” Shooting her another one of his delightful small smiles, he climbed back out and down the tree, heading home to tell his father about another impromptu student council meeting no doubt.

Her hands came up to cover her face, trying to hold in the shrill scream climbing up her throat. He had to be the cutest combination of awkward and charming she’d ever seen. Hoping it wasn’t a fever dream and giddy for tomorrow, she got to work on the day’s assignments so that she could go to bed early.

She pulled the blanket he had retrieved for her closer in the hopes that she would warm more quickly, which made her notice it was her favorite one: the gray one. The one she had draped over his shoulders when he’d appeared one night, eyes wide and terrified; desperate to be as far away from what she assumed to be his home. It had been raining heavily and she hadn’t known him all that well yet, but he had seemed trustworthy enough at school. So she pulled him inside without a second thought despite the lack of explanation. She then led him to the living room and asked him to wait in the quietest voice she could manage, only moving when she saw him nod imperceptibly. She didn’t ask him any questions, just prepared Earl Grey tea–thank God Jihyun had gushed about him to her– and chose the blanket because it had matched his striking eyes. The ones that had seemed so dull and clouded when she first met him, like the mist that guards a heavily fortified fortress. After pouring the tea and setting up the couch for him to stay the night, she remembered asking him if he wanted a book or a movie or something to help him fall asleep, to which he replied that she pick her favorite movie. The next two hours was spent watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She’d hoped the music and the intricate artwork would help him grow drowsy, but it was clear he was wide awake throughout even though he was still as a statue. She would have been worried if it hadn’t been for the sound of his even breathing filling the silence. He’d seemed remarkably poised and implacable at school, like nothing could ever faze or deter him. So what on Earth had the power to make him withdraw into himself to this degree? 

When the movie was over she turned off the lights and found the newest book she’d intended to read, pulling up a chair deliberately in between him and the front door. Soon after that, his eyes closed and the next time she looked up he was sound asleep. Her jaw set at the sight, remembering the strange but strong scent of perfume that clung to his chest when she’d wrapped the blanket around him. If anybody came looking for him–no matter who it was– she was going straight to the police. That morning, they left the house and she accompanied him to retrieve his things before they left for school as if nothing had ever happened.

To this day, she thanked her rarely lucky stars that her own family had been gone for the weekend and she had been able to let him stay somewhere safe for the night.

After the incident she noticed little changes in his demeanor each day; a pencil appearing on her desk before she could ask for one, a question she’d written while taking notes answered in an elegant script on her page when she returned to class from the restroom, notes brought to her house when she was ill just like today. His attempts at conversation were still tentative, but much more apparent than before, and she always responded with her full attention. It didn’t take long for their conversations to run deeper than they ever would have imagined, engrossed to the point where entire hours would pass without their knowledge. Soon they were inseparable; she couldn’t remember being so close to somebody all her life.

She buried her face in the blanket, the memory from two years ago bittersweet. Her heart would always break at the thought of what he might have lost that night, but she always hoped he would remember it for the same reasons that she did. The start of a wonderful friendship and the slow emergence of a lifelong love.

I’m sorry I kind of got carried away with this AU idea, but I hope you like it anyway??? Thank you for enabling my endless thirst somebody please protect this boy he is all I think about. 

“Maybe you should go to sleep, huh, Sweets?” Chat suggested, squeezing Marinette’s hand. The girl in question had been falling asleep on her feet for the last twenty minutes. Her head rested on Chat’s shoulder while the rest of her wobbled.

“’m not tired,” she claimed, although she knew that wasn’t true.

Chat didn’t buy it either.

“Let’s go,” she said softly, tugging her closer to the trap door. “I’ll visit you tomorrow if you’ll go to bed now.”

“You will?” Marinette managed to lift her head enough to meet the heroine’s gaze. “Promise?”

“I promise.” She smiled and brought Marinette’s hand to her lips, placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

“Fine…” she finally conceded.

Chat opened the trap door and practically carried Marinette down. The girl was asleep by the time she was laid down on the bed, and Chat watched her for a short moment before covering her with a blanket and climbing out onto the balcony. She shut the door with care, her cheeks warm with admiration and adoration for her civilian best friend.

When she returned to her own home, she slept peacefully, taking comfort in knowing that she would be visiting Marinette again the next day.


“Mozart’s Rondo in A-minor for piano. I start my day playing this piece. It tells me the day’s story each day, rain or shine, happy or sad. It says this is life and that’s Mozart’s secret. It whispers quietly but it’s not resigned. It tells me to observe quietly, to look deeply, and to love.”
~Lee Sun-jae, Secret Love Affair


first pic is when I was younger next to my sister, the second pic im on the left…its the same but we’re older, I’m maybe like 16 in that pic. and then the last pic is of me now! a bit more alone but that’s okay, I’m looking more pretty than before! I lost a lot of muscle and masculine structure! I’m being too detailed I feel embarrassed lol but the point is that I’ve come far! I’m know I’m late for this post but happy trans day of visibility! and happy 4 months and then some for me 😊😊😊❤❤❤❤

morse code

based off of this prompt:

hi! surprise, surprise, we’re not dead (just like someone else am I right) (okay that was too much) (I’m sorry) (have some gay)


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Sherlock had been considering deleting Morse code from his mind. After all, there was never a use for it.

He knew caring was not an advantage. He knew letting himself feel things was not good, and would probably come back to haunt him. He knew he was a high-functioning sociopath, and this wasn’t what high-functioning sociopaths do.

But his heart pushed aside all thoughts of reason and allowed him to fall for John Watson.

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oKAY SO when i first created this blog i was just getting back into writing (bc of b99 ahhh the inspo) and i was like y’know it’d be so cute to post my first b99 fic as like a present when i reached 100 followers! (bc im milestone trash) but i didn’t plan for y’all to? think im interesting? bc i’ve only written 1k words total but already surpassed my goal by like 200% sO INSTEAD while i get my act together pls enjoy some random domestic peraltiago headcanons (yay!)

  • so okay hear me out but, like, spa nights
    • like it starts off so simply like maybe every other week amy just likes to use a lil simple face mask bc skin care is important jake and he like teases her a bit bc you look like a zombie arrrghh but maybe after a couple times he’s just rly curious and asks if he can try it too and it becomes a routine thing
    • but then after a few months jake’s like hey! look at these other cool skin things i bought! and amy’s so confused but she goes with it bc okay its nice just sitting in front of the tv with jake while he complains about the lack of cucumbers no jake that’s not - okay fine whatever i’ll get cucumbers next time
      • he just eats all the cucumber slices
    • and eventually it progresses to like full on spa nights (at least that’s what jake calls them) whenever they have free time in the evenings and they aren’t too busy
  • and because i rly like routine things: baking nights!
    • ok so its canon amy sucks at all things food and i know some of u think jake is a good cook but honestly i find nothing funnier than both of them being absolutely terrible (i mean jake actually might be good but he just doesn’t rly care about cooking and never tried to learn sooo)
    • but like ok one day amy is like this is ridiculous we need to know how to cook right so she suggests practicing sometime and jake is 100% sure it will end terribly (and that’s 100% of the reason he agrees) and while amy rly wants to make actually healthy meals jake convinces her they should start small and make like cookies
    • so one day they start like right after they get home from work and it seems so easy i mean everyone can make chocolate chip cookies right? no they cant they’re up until 3am trying to get it right and jake’s having the time of his life bc amy’s covered head to toe in random cookie ingredients and she’s adorable but amy is livid (which is also rly cute until she rips an oven mitt in half and then its terRIFYING)
    • anyway jake convinces her to try again somehow (ok he kissed her until she forgot what she was agreeing to) and its not as often as spa nights but its definitely a Thing now and they’ve made approximately 3 cookies that were almost good so like that’s progress right yes amy’s doing it bc of the progress not bc of how happy jake is every time no of course not
  • oops this got long quickly okay i’ll end on a short one so anyway nothing is sacred to these competitive nerds theyre constantly hiding random objects around their house i mean it started off innocently enough with jake just sticking a mug on top of the tv for the lols but then it turns into a full fledged war but its still casual until jake hides amy’s keys and she’s late to work bc now there are Rules and its all very intense and has caused several arguments
    • also one time it accidentally spread to the precinct and caused a slight epidemic that everyone is too scared to mention ever again

Christian Borle sits alone at home during a peaceful night in. He is happy with his work but after a long week, decides that he needs a quiet evening with a book. He grabs the corner of the page, eager to read on. He moves to turn it but–not remembering his true stregth–rips the paper in half and pulls apart the spine with it. The pages fall to the floor. He is left with just the empty shell. A single tear rolls down his cheek as he slowly turns his head to look at a bicep.

He is too strong. His arms are too big.

He picks up his phone to cancel his gym membership. The screen cracks as soon as he starts dialing. He’s sobbing now.

His arms are just too big.

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We can indeed! Although… it’s angsty (per the prompt in question, of course)… ;) x

“Oh, it’s you.”

He wants to laugh at how flippant you sound, but you’ve already ushered him in and shut the door behind.

Looking at you now, his heart sinks. Your hair and makeup are done and your dress is… it’s perfect. It’s exactly something you would wear, and he can only imagine how long it took you to find, because he remembers how long it took his mum to find something when she married Robin. You look… beautiful.

“Thanks,” you say.

He hadn’t realized he said it out loud, and he clears his throat. You look beautiful, and he’s about to do this? You deserve better — you deserve a man who isn’t slow on the uptake and who doesn’t choke on his emotions after trying to stamp them out for the better part of… ages. Ages and ages… Christ. He’s felt this way forever and it took this wanker to put it in perspective for him.

His hands are shoved inside of the pockets of his slacks, balling in and out of fists.

Don’t be a coward, Styles. You either say it nor or you walk away. Don’t drag this out for her.


It’s a croak and he’s closed his eyes feeling like he’s just fired a gun in the dark. His heart is pounding and he feels like he’s just run a 5k in as many minutes.

“Don’t fucking marry him,” he clarifies. The room is so quiet the two of you could hear a pin drop, and when he opens his eyes you’re holding the back of the chair that sits in front of the vanity that has all your makeup strewn over it. Your mouth is open and your eyes, wide and almost frightened, are blinking dazedly.

“M’sorry.” He withdraws one of his hands from his pockets and pushes it through the tamed, wavy curls. “M’sorry, I jus’—“

A knock on the door announces the arrival of one of your bridesmaids.

“Are you ready?” she asks you before narrowing in on him. “You should get back to your seat.”

Harry hears you make some sort of sound — something like a gasp, maybe, but he can’t be sure — while he nods his head. “Right, yeah.” He doesn’t meet your eyes when he closes the small distance between you and he grabs your forearm instinctively as he leans in. “See yeh in there,” he says gruffly just before pressing a strong, puckered kiss to your cheek. He should have shaved, he realizes too late, but you don’t protest about the whiskery stubble scratching your skin before he doubles back for his seat in the pew.

“What a small world.”

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What about RFA+Saeran+V with a MC that's learning a new language (any) and has been studying for days due to an upcoming exam. This is me rn and I kinda need a little motivation to keep going🇩🇪. Gimme some love pls it's 4 am and I'm still studying lol 💕 Love your blog 💞

Oh my, I hope you were able to get at least a 2-hour nap before your exam, anon-san! Learning new languages is really tough, especially if the grammar construction is different and there are things like a dozen forms of speech in it!

I only did Jaehee, Jumin, and Seven for now because I ran out of ideas;;;

I’m sorry! 人(_ _*)

This is super duper late (I wanted to do it sooner too, but I couldn’t make it in time… ;;;;), but I hope you passed your exams!


MC and language exams


  • You only knew enough Korean to get by.
  • But everything you knew was from binge-watching Korean dramas and self-study.
  • You wanted to challenge yourself, so you applied to take the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).
  • You had no problem with grammar construction and remembering greetings, but remembering when to use formal and informal forms were very confusing for you.
  • Jaehee had been watching you go at it for days now, and had been trying to support you by bringing you some food to snack on while studying.
  • But you were almost falling asleep on top of your books
  • She decided enough was enough
  • “But Jaehee, I’m quite certain I’m getting it now, so…“
  • “I understand your dilemma MC, but I think it would be counterproductive if you force yourself to study even when you’re tired.“
  • She has a point
  • So you follow her to bed, but you were still worried that you couldn’t sleep
  • “MC, I know you might still be anxious right now, so how about this: try to get some sleep now and then I’ll help you with studying starting tomorrow, okay?“
  • Just the thought of having Jaehee helping you study calms you down
  • You are able to fall asleep, with your head on her bosom and arms wrapped tightly around her waist.


  • German. Why had you chosen German as one of your minor subjects?
  • For one, it was interesting. Secondly… it was intersting. //lmao shoot me now, I’m sorry
  • But your professor that sem was really scary and had super high standards
  • There was also one time when he embarrassed you in front of the whole class, but you didn’t tell Jumin about it
  • You hated it when people underestimate you, so you worked hard on getting good grades in his subject
  • There was this pre-final long test that he warned about being really hard, and you wanted to get a good score for it
  • But he didn’t give out pointers until a week before, so you had to grind
  • However, it also meant that you were losing sleep for the past few days
  • Jumin points this out during dinner one day, and you ‘fess up just as easily because the stress was already getting to you
  • “I see. But it wouldn’t do you good to stress over it, so I’m forbidding you to study tonight.“
  • “But… but Jumin…“
  • “Instead, I’m going to personally tutor you starting tomorrow.“
  • You dropped your glass and your mouth hung open for a few seconds as your mind tried to process what he just said
  • Jumin? Tutor you?
  • You knew the guy was proficient in many languages, but you didn’t want to add to his busy workload
  • “It’s no problem, MC. If I help you study, we can spend more time together, right? I don’t like it when you ignore me just because you need to impress your professor. I want you to only look at me.“
  • Jealous and possessive Jumin is sexy Jumin
  • So you spend the next few nights studying with him after dinner
  • Jumin was a surprisingly good teacher, and all his explanations for the grammar and usage were relatively easy to understand
  • You came home from school exhausted but relieved after the test ended, and you found him waiting for you with a bouquet of flowers
  • “I messaged you earlier asking you how you did on your exam, but I didn’t get a response, so I went home early to wait for you instead.“
  • You are so touched by his gesture that you dropped your bag and embraced him tightly.
  • “I’m not really sure how well I did until I see the results, but I think I was able to answer most of it with ease. Thank you for your help, Jumin.“
  • Hugging you back, he leans his head on yours
  • “It wasn’t just because of me, MC. I merely lent a hand, but you did most of the work. I knew you could do it.“


  • There were only three days till your Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
  • You have been studying a couple of weeks before, but your weakest point was the listening section.
  • You’ve gone as far as having your headphones on while sleeping, but it only bothered you and you kept on having weird dreams about Japanese-speaking vegetables the whole time.
  • Saeyoung walks in on you crying about Totoro and Howl and talking eggplants, and how you don’t want to have a retake anymore.
  • He can’t help but laugh at some of the things you were saying in all three languages.
  • “I think you need to stop for a bit and relax, MC“
  • “But-but the exams are coming up, and I’m still getting low points for the listening section on the mock tests!“
  • “You silly. You could’ve just asked me to help you with that, MC!“
  • He knows too many languages for his own good
  • Will carry you to bed on the spot whether you like it or not
  • He keeps you from studying any further, but conversations in the next three days were in the polite form, or he doesn’t respond to you.
  • You got so used to hearing Japanese that you found the listening section to be too easy on exam day
  • He treats you to pizza and movie night after exams, but you were too exhausted to watch the movie and ended up falling asleep beside him.
  • He looks lovingly at you and tucks a loose strand of hair and kisses your forehead.
  • “You worked really hard, MC. I’m so proud of you.“

avi ran away

the crate i got for him at the shelter was too feeble and i was crossing the street when he just pushed through the door and escaped. he was so scared! he’s nearby but they’re not gonna catch him today and i have to go home without him

so I wanna elaborate on my "zuko compared to blue diamond" post

mostly because i have a lot of thoughts about blue diamond’s reveal. and i honestly made the original post more as a joke, but realized it actually helps illustrate my problems with blue diamond fairly well.

read more under the cut, because uh… this is a long one.

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