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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )


Okay, so it’s not bad at all. The actual bad news is that I’m an ass who keeps spamming WIPs. What else am I good for? (Aside from being in a massive rut I don’t feel like rolling out of HA.)

Getting faster. Still constantly distracted, though.

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Bae, gimme some lance hcs. Of him being awesome and strong and shit. I need to talk about my boy Lance. Feel free to include klance lmao ugh no but for real. I love lance he gives me life 💙💙

you: sent this 4 months ago

me: is it… too awkward for me to answer this now

also me: lol its never too late to talk abt lance

  • i love that it’s fairly widely accepted that lance will just casually latch onto anyone, at any time, ever. hunk could be cooking and lance is like “yes hello i am here to be a koala on your back, deal with it”
    • it is less known that lance loves it when people use him as a pillow. being trusted and liked enough that someone will willingly lay on him? that’s his kink
    • one time, keith fell asleep on his shoulder, and lance literally cried. pidge and hunk try to use this as blackmail but it doesn’t work because it turns out lance is incredibly unashamed.
    • lance: “yeah i cried ‘cause keith fell asleep on me he smells nice what do you want from me” pidge: “well i was hoping i could blackmail you into helping me do the cleaning coran’s forcing me to do but this is sickeningly sweet so you’re off the hook this time” 
    • and oh my GOD in the battle simulator hunk got launched into lance and they both fell to the ground, and lance gets the breath knocked right out of him when he hits the floor but he hears hunk say “aw dude your tummy is like, super comfy” and just beams because hell yeah it is hell yeah fuckin right he cant breathe but hell yeah
  • lance may not be the best with hand to hand combat, but as we know, he is a damn incredible shot. with nearly anything.
    • he made a slingshot out of an altean pen coran had laying around, one of keith’s elastics he found, and a stick he found on a planet they stopped on.
    • he’s sitting there and says to pidge “hey bet you i can hit shiro’s butt with this” *holds up tiny piece of rolled up paper*
    • pidge, glancing over to where shiro is pacing, talking to allura: “uhh huh okay let’s see it hotshot”
    • lance does it, first shot. 
    • shiro, turning around: lance i swear to GOD 
    • lance and pidge: LOOOOLLLL
    • he’s also that kid in middle school that would throw stuff into the garbage at the front of the classroom and he never missed so the class was always screaming OOOOOOOOOHOHHOOOO the teachers were Tired™
    • his aim is so good it’s eerie. there’s a galra sentry hidden in a dark corner, up high, and lance is the first one to notice it; he barely has to look before he takes a breath and shoots and hits it dead centre.
    • hunk, completely serious: that was the sickest thing thing ive ever seen dude
    • pidge: honestly? no hetero but same
    • hunk: king of my life
    • pidge: i’d die for u lance
    • keith: retweet
    • lance.exe has crashed
  • lance… has a strange obsession with mittens?
    • they went to another space mall and there was a pair of mittens?? in one of the alien clothing stores??? lance squeaked and grabbed hunk’s sleeve and pointed wildly and hunk was like “oh man are those MITTENS” and lance was like “HELL YEAH THEY ARE”
    • he proceeded to impulsively spend all of their money on seven pairs (one for every member of the team)
    • keith, flatly: and i’m the impulsive one who makes stupid decisions?
    • lance: um, excuse me, this isn’t stupid, what if we get cold hands? 
    • keith: gloves. we wear gloves, lance.
    • lance: i didnt come here to be ATTACKED. also youre wearing the wrong ones, those are allura’s, these ones are yours ‘cause they’re red, like you :)
    • keith, flustered: oh, okay
  • he really loves to make up expressions on the spot (this is canon tbh this boy coined “shut your quiznak”)
    • shiro is like talking about how theyre gonna infiltrate this galra ship and “it’s gonna be hard, but just stick to the plan and we’ll be fine” and lance is just like “well that really startles my hens” and everyone is like what does this mean
    • pidge and hunk finally manage to find a way to set up the game pidge and lance bought at the mall in that one episode
    • lance, with tears in his eyes: you guys are the best succulent cucumbers a guy could ask for
    • everyone: ???????????
  • bonus: lance knows every lyric to every britney spears song, ever. don’t test him
    • hunk: yeah he had a phase 
    • lance: …had? bitch ill have u know,

“What a small world.”

The Golden Age of comics refers to the late ‘30s to early '50s – an era when icons like Captain America, Batman, and Superman emerged. It was a time when every problem, especially Hitler, was solved by punching it in its fucking face. And now I want to honor that radness by remembering six heroes who were far too Golden Agey to exist outside of that time. This article is the first of two parts.

Curious readers might be asking, “Besides having dead Nazi all over your fists, what makes a superhero uniquely Golden Agey?” It’s tough to explain. After all, curiosity wasn’t invented until 1956 as a vegan alternative to punching. So I did my best to narrow down the Golden Age to six distinct traits: Maniacal Awesomeness, Casual Massacre, Animal Punching, Stunning Stupidity, Double Head-Bonking, and Vintage Racism.

3 Golden Age Comic Book Heroes Who Got Left There, Part 1

((Whoops, I crumpled the paper..sorry!))

Singy: Ph-Phil-

Sinner Neko: OI!! JUST SAY IT!!

Singy: Ihysm cuz you dared me to say it!


Singy: ..Philip..W-would you be m-my..

Sinner Neko: *whispering* C'MON DUDE

Singy: V-valentine? *blushing real hard rn*

Sinner Neko: WOOOOOHOO *ded*

((Hehe I submitted this really late..fu mweh))

Singy - Mweh
Sinner Neko - Mweh (mweh sinner self)
Philip - You (Trashy-Chan)
Countrytale also ya XD (Trashy-Chan)

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sorry ish late like super late but here:


i just wanted to draw ritsu sucking izumi’s blood so now he’s dying

  • PR people: ok eliza do this interview and tell people to keep watching the show and try not talking about clexa too much and please just stay neutral and just tell them to watch okay
  • eliza: ok got it :)
  • eliza: clexa were revolutionary and one of a kind and i would have loved seeing clexa's relationship go public but its too late now lol they done fucked up
Junior Cert Higher Level Maths questions

1) Jane cycles her bike to the shop. It takes her five minutes. She stops and talks to her friend Lucy for ten minutes. How long did it take Lucy to get her Masters in English Literature?

2) Sanjay and John are playing on a football pitch that is 5m in width and 8m in length. How long will it take John’s mother to cook his dinner this evening?

3) Solve the algebraic equation above to find out y my x left me.

4) If the pattern goes red blue red orange red purple, when will I care?

5) If Sean sprays an entire can of Lynx on himself before the disco, how many people will he shift tonight? Please give your answer according to two decimal places.

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Late Nirvana/Early Foo Dave wore this reddish orange baggy sweatshirt a few times and its one of my fav looks on him & also I love your early foo tag its adorable

Thanks babe! I think that’s my favorite tag too. Maybe I’m having a memory blank, but are you talking about one of these sweatshirts?

If you find a picture you should submit it to me cause now I’m curious which one it is lol

[stuck in the middle with you plays a million times on repeat]